but i have sansa feels all day every day

I can’t believe GOT season 6 concluded over a year ago now. We’ve been in Jon/Sansa (show verse) limbo for OVER A YEAR. Season 7 is still two and a half weeks away 😩😩😩 

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This walnut is a very special spicy walnut today.

It’s Sansa’s birthday!!! Apparently!!!! I went an entire year thinking her birthday was on the 12th but it’s apparently today according to Facebook. I’m a fool and a horrible mom, whoda thunk?

Anyway, here’s some sentimental shit about this dog:
She has made my life a terrible hell, but she has brought back the joy of obscenely harsh criticism. Making fun of this dog makes my days brighter.
I have made so many new friends because of Sansa. I would not be nearly as gregarious at work as I am now without her to break the ice and make me feel at home in my new job and my new life in the post academic world.
She ate my Beyoncé CD. That’s not sentimental that just happened today and I’m still mad about it.
Sansa has given me some great freedom in the whole “what’s in a name” bullshit. This dumb toad doesn’t have a name. Some days she’s Pig, or Spicy, Salsa, Saskia, Sanrio, Santa, Sunshine, Booger, Idiot, Pup, Beastie, whatever it is she blindly responds to it all and I thank the lucky stars every day that she is so willing to accept and love me and respond to me.
Full of scabs, full of surprises.
She goes hiking with me. She also skips.
I love her very much and she is, though definitely not the dog I intended, an amazing and wonderful corkscrew in my life.