but i have regular 'intestines'

Ok, this is gross! I found it on twitter from a fellow Plexus ambassador and thought there would be no way to confirm it but Google confirms it easily and it was earlier this week. Apparently the man had a disease called Hirschsprung and has had it since youth. It was actually 28 pounds! That’s a lot of 💩! This is an unusual case of course but during all my research about gut health, I have found that it is not uncommon for Americans to have around 20 pounds of 💩 in their intestines! I struggled with regularity before Plexus and the idea of this really freaks me out! If you struggle with being “regular” message me, Plexus can help! I’ll put a couple links in the comments with one of the real stories about this guy (there are many) and another about gut health that has nothing to do with Plexus.

Reasons why I could never commit to diet
  1. Because “Diet” is a verb
  2. It means “to die, with a ’t’ ”
  3. I’m not ready to die
  4. Even if I voluntarily want to die a slow painful death, man has this natural instinct to survive
  5. Also, I love food. Food is good. So..