but i have people i can talk to about that

even though it’s disgusting and horrible that women (and men) across the world have to deal with rape and sexual assault, i’m glad that so many victims have shared their experiences in light of the harvey weinstein scandal. as a victim of sexual assault, it took me two years to tell my own mother it happened, and 95% of the people in my life still don’t know. i can’t imagine being a celebrity and telling the world. rose mcgowan, reese witherspoon, angelina jolie, olympic gymnast mckayla maroney, taylor swift, lady gaga and jennifer lawrence are just a few of the women who have come forward in the last year. gabrielle union has also spoken about her rape a handful of times in the last few years. people are coming together to talk about sexual assault and hold the perpetrators responsible. it’s finally really being talked about. i’m happy victims aren’t being silent anymore. the shame should belong to the perpetrator, not the victim.

you look ridiculous bashing choromatsu, and here’s why

disclaimer: i haven’t actually read any choromatsu discourse. i’ve just seen people talking about the discourse and i can take a wild guess what it’s about.

it’s 2017 and the western fandom is still all aboard the choromatsu hate train. do you have to love him? no, but you look dumb as hell for making a big fuss about the things he says and here’s why:

1. osomatsu is a gag/parody anime. there are countless commentaries on anime tropes and fandom that poke fun at how ridiculous the anime industry is.  choromatsu is literally a walking parody of the otaku subculture, in japan this refers to men that are proper individuals with jobs but are closeted diehard idol fans. the entire idol industry is built around girls that look underage and contractually cannot have a boyfriend to maintain the illusion that you can ‘have’ them. otaku men conceal their identity online because they don’t want their fandom to be traced back to them (if you follow japanese artists/fans on twitter, you’ll notice they are excessively private about their identity). choromatsu’s character is a direct parody of this particular group of people.

2. our culture is not japan’s culture. japan’s gender equality is not what we are used to in the western world. they have a long way to go, and women being spoken about like objects isn’t unusual nor really anything anyone makes a fuss over. if you’re throwing a bitchfit that choromatsu looks at women like meat, i hope you’re also campaigning for women’s rights in japan?

3. he’s not even the only one that does this shit. are you even watching the show?

4. what you say isn’t going to change anyone’s minds. if people like choromatsu, they’re going to keep liking choromatsu. likewise, what i say here won’t make you suddenly love choromatsu if you don’t already. but hopefully it makes other people realize why this entire thing is pointless, culturally ignorant, and plain idiotic when he was never written to be a respectable character in the first place. 

my store has an attached salon to it so as a retail worker i get a discount in the hair salon and stylists get discounts in the store. i booked my first ever appointment since it was a discount day (and there’s no way i can afford a 75$ wash/cut ALONE on a normal day) and at the end of my appointment was asked if i wanted to rebook. I said no, because again, on my min wage pt-time salary with under 18/week hours, I can’t afford it. 

I then got pulled aside by the salon manager and “talked to” about how they absolutely do not allow employees to walk out without rebooking. She said “we’re” going to be back away so we have to rebook after each appointment. Literally said we aren’t allowed to not rebook. She then compared it to getting people to use/sign up for the rewards account up at the register, and rebooking at the salon is the same thing…. like I GET that it’s important for the stylists to have rebooks but at the same time it doesn’t cost me 75$+ to use my FREE rewards account for my usual 5-10$ purchases on the retail side of our store. I had NO idea that it was like some law-binding rule that I had to make another appointment or else I would have NEVER tried out the salon on the once a year discount day (75% off of the regular price… so yeah… THAT I could afford).

I have really bad anxiety and she was hounding me for 15 minutes in front of other customers telling me as an employee I need to rebook so I stupidly agreed to make another appointment. My stomach has been in literal knots because I NEED to get out of this next appointment WITHOUT rescheduling it and I have no fucking idea how I’m going to do that without having everyone pissed off at me because we do work rather closely with the salon people, too. FML!!!

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BBC music could know Louis lost his mum some months ago, but his song not only talks about it. I can see with these lyrics that someone who doesn't know Louis so much think: oh, look, another celebrity without any real problem, complaining about how hard the fame is. The don't know about the closet, the manipulation he had and all the bullshit. I believe Louis knew some people was gonna say that. And he knows that, for be taken seriously, he has to speak up, talk directly and not between lines.

Well, he may have anticipated some people would brush over the bigger message. But, frankly, BBC Music shouldn’t be one of them. They should know better. That article was vindictive and petty –– even if the song was “only” about him, personally, they clearly didn’t care about putting a positive spin on it. 

Louis’ spoken up about a lot of things that he’s been through including his insecurities and sense of not having a place in the band, his being reprimanded by Simon in a way that very clearly (to anyone who doesn’t need to be spoon fed) showed a very clear misuse of the power imbalance that existed, and his desire to chuck it all in when his mom was dying. He’s made references to the band having been fucked over financially. What do you want from him? He so clearly CAN’T “speak up, talk directly”. He is up to his eyeballs in NDAs and image clauses. He HAS to speak between the lines. 

Release week shenanigans!!

Hey everyone!!! So who all is planning on going to NYC for release week? Or would be interested?

@jtmaster13 and I were talking last night about how we were excited for release week, but nervous Taylor wouldn’t be doing anything. But then we realized that even if she doesn’t, if enough people go it’ll still be a great week! So we were thinking: huge meetup in NYC for release week?

Jess and I want to document the whole experience. Cameras, interviews, events, everything. Make our own documentary out of it. We can plan just different little events, food, whatever throughout the week. Then have a huge listening party when the album drops at midnight?!

Obviously these plans are still very young and new, so nothing is set in plan. But if you’re interested, let me know! We can start getting an idea of how many people and what to do! :)

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Relating to an ask that was sent in about rocking: Why is "rocking is one of the stims that are more popularly associated with 'crazy' people"?? (I'm just curious now, and I can't find any information and now it's bothering me greatly because I don't understand this and I want to, so, I'm asking here since it's the only place I can think of that might have an answer-)

I’ve tried researching where this stereotype originated, but I haven’t been able to find anything. (Well, aside from a million and one articles talking about how “crazy” x, y, or z is…)

I think (though this is just speculation) that this has become such a stereotype because it’s a pretty common stim across multiple neurodivergencies. Autistic people, schizophrenic people, anxious people, and more tend to rock when not doing well. Further, rocking is a very noticeable stim that is outside the realm of social acceptability which makes it a very clear sign that someone is different. As such, we have ended up with the stereotype of “crazy” person rocking in a psych ward. 

If anyone actually knows where this originated, let us know! I’d love to find out the history behind this!


(The ask being referenced can be found here)

the thing too about complaing about adults in “fandom spaces” point blank (not specifically one with lots of kids with the intention to prey on, groom or manipulate them) is that its entirely common for said spaces to consist of all adults like. how do you think the x files and buffy became the cult giants they are… who do you think was watching and writing fanfiction in the 90s…

i remember scoring for luke/han stuff (very rare to find even back in 2015, check lucas’ anti gay sentiments; there was even a lawsuit) and like. all the fics were written by women who talked in the intro about children and a husband (gaps women are real people who can and will have lives outside of fandom… shock) and trying to balance that out with writing something she was genuinely excited about, counting down the days until the next con… the fics werent great but it was pretty sweet to read

and i know “fandom” spaces hance changed significantly with the advent of the internet and tumblr and all and i do strongly agree that adults need to be vigilent of how they talk to kids and know how to fucking behave themselves in general. but like idk its like once a woman hits 30 were expect to become matronly saints of maturity and wisdom and switch all our interests to knitting and cooking and homekeeping lol

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everyone is saying creek is a healthy relationship and here im sitting fearing that one day craigsgonna have enough, he doesnt seem to be as dedicated to the relationship as tweek is. srry i write this to you but i have no friends to talk about this to, so i thought maybe i can bother a fellow shipper srry ⸜(രᴗര๑)⸝

ohhh my godd

so many people on this site with gigantic theories on how their relationship works out and im just like
“lol they’re in love or smth”

a lot of people have pointed this out, but like
craig’s character and tweek’s character are…different, to say the least

we have apathy, and then we have empathy

craig is the type of person who doesn’t seem to care about anything really, and tweek is the type of person to care too much

so like, if craig’s not as into the relationship, or doesn’t seem as dedicated as tweek is, that should be okay? people feel differently, and even if he doesn’t show it as much, craig probably still loves tweek very much

if tweek seems more dedicated, it’s because he feels that he needs to be more expressive– tweek’s emotions are…difficult? it’s harder for him to control his emotions, as it’s harder for craig to show those

they’re different
they’re complex and difficult
emotions in general are difficult oh no

im restating myself whoopsie

bottom line is that they definitely do love each other, and even if craig isn’t as expressive of it
that’s okay, they’re

i n

l o v e—

gahh im very bad at this, y'should probably message someone who like
really really reaLLY knows what they’re talking about hngg

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Female aspiring writer here, what do you think is the best way to approach sexual humor? Just asking because I have a bisexual female MC who one of her arcs involve exploring her sexuality, and I don't want it to be played seriously all the time (my story in general is a mix of romcom and film noir).

Hello!  As I bi female author whose latest novel features heavy themes of how queer people relate to the world, I’m going to say go wild.  

You’re bisexual, meaning you’re presumably affected by the issues you’re writing about.  This is your narrative.  And in this case, you can and should set the boundaries of how it should be talked about.  Use humor when you want to use humor, and be serious when you’re talking about an issue you find serious.  

To elaborate a little, in my personal experience, sexuality – particularly queer sexuality – is only played seriously when one is first coming to terms with it.  

Once you really and truly accept that you’re queer, and you’re in an environment in which you can be open about it, it’s open season for pun-fueled comedic gold.  Personally, I’ve been cowed by the number of “goes both ways” jokes I can pull off.

Obviously, I don’t know the exact plot of your novel, so my capacity to give advice is limited.  But in a nutshell, I’m going to say trust your own judgement, don’t be afraid to use humor, and above all, have fun. 

Best of luck, and happy writing!  <3

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At some point in history ginger people were burnt alive as they were considered devilish (e.g in Egypt), and also, my blue eyes have been a symbol of the devil in many cultures as well (Sicily to name one, & there's an ancient amulet in Turkey that represents a blue eye that is supposed to protect you from us oh so devil blue-eyed whites). Can I hysterically verbally assault Kpop stars and non ginger/blue eyed people who dye their hair and wear lenses?! No because that is fucking ridiculous..

what the fuck are you talking about seriously???????????

this is the most hysterical thing i’ve ever read and i can’t believe you’re trying to justify non-black ppl wearing braids/dreads with this?????????

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you can feel free to not answer but like... the gender/sexuality stuff matters to people because of how we're affected by it. i don't have much of an opinion on the path/flower names but like, it doesn't actually make people feel more represented/feel like writers in general take their perspectives seriously when writers go "isn't it better that they don't care about this? isn't it better that it just doesn't get brought up?" bc, like... it's not. gender doesn't get brought up much in canon(1/2)

that much, at least not in the first series, but you can still clearly observe things like how erins treated female characters as opposed to the males (such as things like killing sorreltail because she had a happy romance/there being many more toms in leadership roles than mollies). and i get that romance isn’t a big thing in your universe and that’s why there aren’t lgbt characters, but “it just doesn’t matter in this universe” doesn’t make people feel any better than “they won’t be in this”

You know what? This is a very valid point. None of this ever occurred to me. 

I guess all I can say is that I myself am ace and don’t care very much about gender or romance, so it extends into my writing and worldbuilding (to the point where almost every character I write has a big ol’ ? as their sexuality). I seem to forget that I’m not holding the opinions of everyone else. 

Of course, this is my content, and y’all know I get mad when ordered to make or change something, but I totally understand where you’re coming from, anon. 


Y/N: I would never join you! You’re a crazy man with a sick plan! You have caused a lot of people to become scared of doing anything in fear that they might run into you. In fact, some would call you-

Joker: I’m not a monster. I don’t have a plan. I just do things. And THOSE people who you talk about, live in fear because Batsy can’t save them from the truth. 

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I'm a gay boy, and I'm honestly so lonely and it hurts so bad and I just cry so much about it. I don't even want a boyfriend, like I just want some cool friends but I don't have anyone since everyone judges me because I wear makeup. How do I meet people who won't judge me? I can't go to pride meet ups since my dad isn't cool with it. Love your memes by the way.

Thanks, and message me and we can talk abt it

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I am a white male dating a black girl, but my parents might not approve of me dating someone of another race since they are racist especially toward black people. How can I go about telling them? I have been keeping it a secret from them for a long time.

Talk about her to them while not stating her race. But don’t, like, say she’s white and then be like “surprise”, just talk about her without ever saying she’s black. Let them get to know her that way, and then introduce her.

And if they’re not okay with that, fuck them. Honestly at this point in 2017 I’m just like “fuck racists.” I no longer care about racists’ feelings being hurt. 

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g-d i been following you for so long despite the fact that your personality is annoyingly narcissistic combined with dramatically & performatively sjw but i can't do this anymore lol can you have conversations with people who challenge your opinions instead of using YOUR OWN transness as a get-out-of-jail-free card so you don't have to flesh out your ideas and make a valid argument? you're not the Only Valid Trans Guy just cus you have edgy(tm) opinions

isn’t it just pretty classic for someone to talk about misogyny and then men will crawl out of the woodworks to let you know that they personally haven’t met anyone like that so they don’t believe that people like that actually exist? i was addressing his assumption that i’m cis and coming from a place of transphobia (as though my point wouldn’t still be reasonable if a cis woman said it?) please though unfollow me

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I really loved your Alpha Fatgum scenario! And I was wondering if i could request something also Omegaverse please? Alpha Izuku pining after an Omega that's quiet and doesn't seem to stand out much but she's super nice to him? Honestly, you can do whatever you want with this, I just really love your writing!

Naw, sweetie, thanks so much! Here you go, here’s your request honey, have a great day and I hope you request again soon!

- Eclipse  📝📝📝

📓 Poor pure baby, he has no idea how to approach you!

📓 Having an alpha pining after you is a strange idea to you, even though you realise he likes you, you have no idea how to talk to him about it! So you remain quiet about it.

📓 Even though most people don’t notice you, Izuku always does. He can’t keep his eyes off of you and whenever you get close, all you can smell is an intense, calming scent of care coming from the tender-hearted alpha.

📓 Eventually you ask Mina for help.

📓 All of a sudden, every girl in the class knows and is working to figure out how to get you two together until eventually Izuku overhears the conversations.

📓 He avoids you for a week and you think he’s lost interest but as it turns out, he was jut trying to figure out the perfect way to ask you to be his Omega.

📓 When he finally does ask you, not only does he scent you, he gives you a gorgeous little necklace with a ladybug charm to show his affections!

📓 If you need it, Izuku is by your side protecting you, he might be an alpha that prefers to avoid confrontation but that doesn’t mean he’s not capable of keeping his omega safe!

I dislike antis because many of them are conservative, christian (a few I’ve seen are outright mormon), homophobic misogynists that use “what about the children” as a smokescreen and I honestly cannot, cannot believe people on this website are falling for “think of the children,” literally the oldest christian moralization in the book, most widely used by homophobes trying to explain why gay love can’t be expressed in public. they have stirred conservative american christian values into their perception of the world and it shines through in everything they do from “why aren’t you married with children aren’t you too OLD” to “idk I just think talking/writing/thinking about sex, ever, even between adults, means maybe something is Wrong With You”

anyway they called themselves antis first so this whole smear campaign they’re doing about how “””normal””” people are all antis, really, and anybody who uses “anti” is a degenerate – spare me. they called themselves antis. I know you really wanna be up on the current discourse trends but you’re being manipulated by actual homophobes

and I’m pretty tired of people being like “oh but some of them are survivors of course they’re upset” when the people I see who hate antis the most, the absolute most, are survivors too and have every fucking right to think that sort of purity bullshit discourse is a damaging smokescreen for homophobic misogyny, which, btw, it absolutely is

yes, I know re///////////y/lo exists and they’re all damn loud about it, but you gotta understand that is the outlier. 90% of the ships these people get het up about are gay shit (pun absolutely intended) and they use social justice as a smokescreen, the same way discourse on this hellsite always fucking does and always fucking has

if you don’t believe this is something people do think back to the days of “monosexual privilege” 

Okay but let’s talk weird mental stuff.

Like not like mental illness maybe but just weird mind stuff.

My thing is that my mind processes too quickly. I have once cried for five minutes straight over a break up, then spent half a minute calming down, then i literally carried on as normal. Like, i dont know what this is!

But another weird thing is i can pan out scenarios in my head and feel like ive spent a lifetime dreaming about everything, but only five minutes have passed!?

Is this what people mean when they say theyre matured past their age? Like, theyve mentally lived to be one-hundred and theyre just fucking 23?

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I don't really have bottom dysphoria and my period doesn't bother me THAT much but for some reason I get super uncomfortable when I'm around girls talking abt periods? But I'm like semi okay talking about it w other trans masculine people?? But I can't say the word "period" out loud when talking about my own??? Does this mean I do have some kind of dysphoria around it or is is just like an awkward subject?

That sounds like dysphoria to me. I have a hard time talking to girls about period stuff because it makes me feel like I am a girl because I relate to it, but when I’m talking to trans/nb people I’m fine. But yeah what you’re experiencing makes sense