but i have only have season 1 3 on dvd

gloomy s3 news

There are some rumblings on Twitter to the effect that Boueibu’s 2nd series BD/DVDs have only sold half what was expected, and so series 3 looks unlikely. Hmmn….

[source] “Boueibu discs 2 and 3 have only sold half what disc 1 did… Because the cutoff for deciding to make a sequel is like 5000, this really looks like there won’t be a season 3.”

Here are the figures… I’m not sure how to read them, the first column is initial sales for Bluray (and DVD). The second column looks to be later sales, and the bit at the end looks to be the overall total sold - so 6,285 discs for volume 1, 3,502 for volume 2, 3,107 for volume 3.

Anyone remember how S1 did?