but i have only have season 1 3 on dvd


1x19 & 5x15

Thanks for the gifs, @postmodernmulticoloredcloak!

… I don’t really have anything profound to say, just look at all these times Dean didn’t know what it was like.

And then I moved onto the next part of my Wayward Sisters rewatch and

mhaikkun  asked:

hello hello! ovo may I ask how many of the kurobas ng-shuu episodes have been subbed and if they're downloadable anywhere? I only have the first 9 from season 1 and I was looking forward to the next ones! thank yooouuuu! <3

Hello ;D Most of the Season 2 are scattered around but they have the same number as the DVD which is 9 per each season. Most are on youtube which has all been taken down. These are the ones left (some have advertisement before video :P) I can’t fine vol.8 Yet. Will update when I do. 

EDIT: Dead link, Updated :P