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i've been thinking a lot abt the scene where Mike puts makeup on El. and wouldn't it have been cute if the boys were all curious about makeup one day? but instead of using the makeup properly, they end up drawing stars on their faces and all write D&D on their foreheads bc they have no clue what they're doing but they think it's fun to have matching face tattoos that show that they're in the club and there's nothing weird about it at all bc makeup is just another crayon to them :D

Hello anon! This is a really sweet idea 💜  Thank you for sending it my way—you’re awesome!

Because I am a sucker for heartbreak, I want to say that Mike is missing El particularly bad one day and wanders into Nancy’s room while she’s not home. He rifles through her makeup brushes and thinks about how concerned El was when he tried to put blush on her cheeks, but how she let him do it anyways. He finds Nancy’s eyeliner as well and, after a moment’s hesitation, draws a little 011 on his wrist, right where El’s used to be.

All caught up in his thoughts, Mike doesn’t hear the doorbell ring nor the front door open and he doesn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. In fact, he doesn’t hear anything until Will (who has his own key now, because Karen says he can come over whenever and let himself in) asks him if he’s alright from the doorway of Nancy’s room. Mike sort of just sputters and Will notices the mark on his arm, frowning. In an attempt to make Mike feel better, Will offers to “give him a happier tattoo” and Mike agrees, just happy that Will’s back and acting normal. The boys take Nancy’s makeup bag into Mike’s room and sit on his bottom bunk. Will starts to draw designs on Mike’s other arm, outlining them with the black eye pencil and shading with some of Nancy’s sparkly eyeshadows (the ones she never wears).  Eventually, Will runs out of room on Mike’s arm and tentatively moves his hand up to the taller boy’s face. Mike hesitates for a moment before nodding at Will to continue. No matter what, he figures, it’ll be better than when Holly does his makeup for her tea parties. Smirking, Will writes “Dungeon Master” in block letters across Mike’s forehead, drawing little stars around the words. Just as he finishes, the doorbell rings again and, this time, they both hear it.

Both boys bound down the stairs to greet Dustin and Lucas, who take one look at Mike, wide-eyed. Dustin exclaims that he wants his D&D name in fancy letters on his forehead and Lucas, after a bit of prodding, also agrees to allowing Will to ‘tattoo’ him. Afterwards, they all participate in writing and drawing on Will—Mike scrawls out Will’s D&D name, Lucas works on a camo pattern on one of his cheeks, and Dustin draws a dragon (albeit a crooked stick figure one) on Will’s other cheek. 

They play an entire six hour campaign like this, only interrupted once when Nancy comes downstairs for a sweater from the laundry basket. If she notices the drawings on their faces (she does) and if she realizes they were done with her makeup (she definitely does—that shade of pink is from her favourite lipstick), she doesn’t say anything. But she does offer to order the boys another pizza, which they gladly accept. 

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"Secret reunion" lmao nothing about this is a secret, I mean are really there people paid to write this nonsense? If I were them I'd tear my hair out

I feel like there must be a test to ensure you have no dignity left before you join the writing staff of the DM


I was tagged by @crossedbeams to write about what female friendship means to me… again.. sorry.. this could get long.  :-O 

Well I talked back on #wewomen Wednesday and i mentioned my tribe of moms. I really can’t put into words what having a support system in place like this means. I know the person i was at 20 is nothing like the person i was at 30 and I also know the person I was  30 is not the person I became at  40 and if you find people to go on that journey with you.. you should consider yourself lucky– 

This crew has been there to help each other thru parental sickness and death, child sickness, child death, cancer, cancer scares, rape, spousal abuse, divorce, separation, IVF success and failure, birth of children, adoption, miscarriages, abortion, graduations, birthdays, job loss, job promotions, leaving the work force, joining the workforce, buying houses, selling house, moving you name it. 

They have been there when I question myself.. . am i doing anything right? are my kids gonna turn out ok or are they assholes? we ground each other.. and most importantly we are strong for each other when we have to be. We are strong so one of us can be weak. . When one of us needs to lose it, and cry and scream and say 


That is when the tribe comes in and says I got it.. i got you. I am here go ahead and fall apart. And they don’t judge or criticize or say you shoulda done this or your coulda done that.. no. They don’t try to fix it.. They listen and they cry with you and when you are ready they help you crawl out of the darkness together. 

I really never imagined that being a mother could be this fucking hard. I had no idea that I would question myself daily about every little thing.. do i spend enough time with them? am i feeding them well enough? I should read more with them? I should have helped more on her homework,..Why isn’t my kid reading yet? how come that kid has harder spelling words? Why isn’t my kid in honors classes? 

it.is.a.never.ending.fucking.battle of doubting myself. 

And if you have a group of women behind you to lift you up to, to dust you off and to say you got this.. and I got you then you are winning the battle and the war. 

I’m tagging the awesome @a-january-girl, @misshadley, @whatfallsaway, @mangokiwitropicalswirl, @edierone and @bohoartist :-D get it girls! 

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Heeeey friend! Could you possibly write “Will you let me rub your back?” with Castiel x sam and Dean's ticklish!sister with those two maybe coming into the Drabble at some point? :) I have to move out of my house for 6 weeks and I really don't want to, so am in need of something fluffy to cheer me up ;-; *cries* ~ Sherlock!anon

Ah! I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier I’ve been really busy! And aww, I’m so sorry you have to move out :( I hope it’s nothing too serious, honey. And of course I’ll write this cute prompt for you! Although idk if you also wanted Dean in this? Cuz the reader would be dean and sam’s little sis but you just wrote Dean so idk if that mean’s just clarifying orrrr you want him……… lmfao I’m thinking too much about this. I’ll just write it! XD

“Will you let me rub your back?”

A small sigh and a nervous but appreciative glance, “You would do that for me?”

You rolled your eyes, “Cas, if you’re in pain, of course I would. I’m just asking your permission. I dunno if you want me touching you or not.”

Castiel blushed and he carefully laid down on his belly on the musty motel room bed. 

“They’ll be back soon, I promise… I’m sorry this happened.”

Castiel replied, “Do not apologize. I had to save you. And when Sam and Dean told me to take you to safety, I obeyed.”

“Yeah well…. thanks,” you smiled softly, “But you still needed to leave to rest after that damn thing threw you into that brick wall….” your palms brushed over the angel’s back gingerly.

Castiel hissed when you began to knead at his back in a massage sort of way, the entirety of it sore and just pained.

You frowned, still feeling responsible. You weren’t looking when the monster went after you, so Cas had to jump in and get injured for you. You just prayed your brothers were almost done taking care of it and were on their way back.

“I’ll be able to heal myself in a bit, Y/N. It’s more difficult when the injury first happens,” he relaxed more when the rubs reached a soothing pressure.

You nodded, “Okay. I’m really sorry… and don’t tell me not to apologize.”

The angel grinned, “Fair enough.” 

You massaged your fingers and heels of your hands into the soft spots of his back, getting a sense of where he was hurt the worst. Finally after what seemed like forever, the door opened.

“Oh thank god…” Dean exhaled in relief when he saw that you and Castiel were safe in the motel room.

Sam ran in and went to Cas’s side, “Jesus, are you okay? Are you?” he reached out a hand and cupped your cheek, clearly examining you for injuries.

“I’m fine, Sammy. I barely even got a chance to do anything at the hunt. You don’t look so good, though…” you frowned, “Neither of you.”

Dean shrugged, “Comes with the job. Cas, how you doing, buddy?”

The angel sighed, sitting up with a small groan, “Well, there is a lot of pain.”

“Cas…” Sam sighed and he carded his fingers through his hair, then leaning in and kissing Castiel’s cheek. 

“He’ll be okay. He’s a trooper,” you smiled softly at Cas. 

“And she’s a very caring nurse,” the angel smiled right back at you, blue eyes shining with appreciation and love. 

You blushed. Dean sat next to you, a cut on his neck and bruises probably everywhere on his body beneath his blood-stained clothes. He ruffled your hair, “You’re a good egg. Thank god for Cas for getting to you in time. Literally thank god.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled.

Dean kissed your cheek gently, “I’m just glad everyone’s safe.”

You nodded and heard Castiel giggling softly, and you looked over to the other bed to see your big brother gently tickling the angel’s side as he kissed his neck. Or maybe nibble, you couldn’t tell. While it was kinda cute it was also probably not great for Cas’s rest.

Dean smirked, “Feel excluded, sis?”

Your eyes widened, “No!”

But it was too late, and you were being attacked with mean big brother tickles for no damn reason. Stupid siblings.

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No offense but that's why I don't care much that Zack is gone. Iris was more at CCPN in S1 (mason) and S2 (linda, scott) than ever in S3. Yet he was supposedly a journalist himself, and was going to do right by her. He wrote an episode about CS in 3x05 but couldn't fit in Iris at work....ever...even in his own episode. *eye roll*

Right, I feel the same as you. I like Zack’s writing in 2.21 and 3.11 a lot and I think he had a lot of good ideas, but they weren’t necessarily incorporated into his episodes. 

2.21′s plot had nothing to do with Iris doing her job and it easily could have. 3.05 made mention of Iris’ job, but she only had 4 minutes of screentime and her “story” in the episode didn’t incorporate her into the monster-of-the-week which it easily could have. For example, Iris could have talked to that little boy instead of Joe and then used the incident to write an article highlighting school bullying and its consequences.

I’d say ask the last one- you probably have a better chance of getting a straight answer from Grant and Candice than you do the writers.

Yeah, that’s most likely the one I will ask, lol. That’s why I made mention of journalists doing their jobs. They’re the ones who can get away with prodding questions - or at least they could before the age of Trump. I, meanwhile, can do my part in finally getting Grant to talk about Candice lmao.

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something that bothers me abt su are the way they rely (or used to? i dont watch it anymore) on anime references or jokes, it can be funny sometimes but it felt cheap. also when the storyboarders draw character that arent asian coded in japanese school uniforms has always been weird to me. im half japanese and its not flattering to have characters make anime jokes and wear school girl uniforms instead of actually writing an explicitly japanese character

ngl a lot of the anime jokes/refs go over my head bc I just don’t know anything about anime lol.

I always though the Japanese high school au was kinda weird?? It has nothing to do with the show and just seems more like an outlet for the crew’s (more specifically Hilary’s) obsession with anime and Japanese culture. Like you said, they don’t even have an explicitly Japanese character in the show, and that just makes it even more odd imo.

I don’t think it’s anything deliberately malicious, I just think Hilary got a little too into her animes, but I can totally see why it makes people with Japanese heritage uncomfortable.

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Some of C, F, H, U, X or Y? Not all of them if it's too mutch, but maybe two or three?

You kidding? It’s Saturday, I love talking about my writing, and I have nothing I need to accomplish today~

C: What member do you identify with most?

It’s a tie between Alya and Nino. Alya has all my sass and no-bullshit attitude, and Nino has my chill and fierce protectiveness of my friends. DJWiFi is my heart and spirit~

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

“…Seven years ago, my best friend was akumatized,” she reminded him, scowling both at the situation and the memory. “Hawk Moth took advantage of her when she was at her lowest point, and I knew that. Even afterwards, not once did I hold it against her. She’s such a spirited and compassionate person, always concerned with truth and justice…and if it weren’t for her, I honestly don’t think I’d be the person I am today.”

Marinette tossed bloody tissues, cotton balls, and her gloves into the trash, reaching into the first aid kit once more for a bandage with adhesive around the edges she could press around Chat Noir’s wound to keep it from bleeding any further. As she unwrapped the bandage and attached it to him, her eyes found his.

“Are you telling me someone like that deserves to die just because a supervillain used her for his own schemes, once upon a time?” She challenged him.

Chat glanced away from her, cat ears flattening against his head. This had to be the most uncomfortable she’d seen him in years.

“…Is she really so great, if she was willing to go along with the schemes of a supervillain?” He asked, the question stubborn…though it sounded like he was forcing it, like he didn’t appreciate his morals and beliefs being challenged this way. Quickly losing patience, Marinette got to her feet, standing over him with her hands on her hips.

“She was feeling trapped,” She snapped at him, rage bubbling beneath the surface, threatening to burst. “She was in a moment of weakness, with nothing and no one to turn to.” And Marinette really should have been there for her…but she had made peace with that guilt a long time ago, so she moved on. “And then someone came along and offered her power beyond her wildest dreams, the power to change her life. Are you really so arrogant that you can claim you wouldn’t jump at such at such a chance immediately?”

His Miraculous chirped once more, and Marinette glanced down, noting he was down to two paw pads. He didn’t really have the time to sit there and be lectured by her, but Marinette didn’t care; she seized his wrist, lifting the back of his own hand up to his face, her eyes burning into him.

“How can you sit there and judge anyone for wanting the power to change their life with this ring on your finger?”

- “Back To Us”, Chapter 8: Ruined

It’s long, but then again, so are most of the things that I write. XP

I’m proud of this part, because this was where Marinette developed into a no-nonsense type of character for me, one who was willing to stick to her guns, even in the face of someone she used to be close to. This conversation was the “seed of doubt” that made Adrien start questioning his new attitude towards the akuma, and ultimately helped him turn himself around. I really loved showing their development from this point~

H: How would you describe your style?

Already answered, sorry!

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

@thelastpilot, because she opened up my eyes to what a great character Nino Lahiffe is~

@siderealsandman, because his fic inspired me to create my own, when I was just tip-toeing my way into the Miraculous fandom.

And @skaylanphear, who inspired me to create my own world within this world that I love~

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.


Y: A character you want to protect.

Adrien. (Uh…it’s a fine line. XP)

Thanks for the letters! <3

A super-powered version of the FAHC is an awful, unstoppable thing. Powered humans are rare, sure, but not unheard of; the Fake’s aren’t the only group out there defying reality in broad daylight. What makes them so remarkable, so formidable and distressingly hard to combat, is the way they use those powers. The way each member has taken their gift and twisted it, pulled and torn and stretched it to unforeseen territory, used their powers in ways no one else has even dreamed. Ways most could only imagine in their worst nightmares.

Ryan might be the most obvious example, the clearest illustration of the perversion of abilities, power turned on its head and used against its intention. He’s inspired them all, one way or another, to push their powers to the limits, into shapes they don’t belong in, powerful and strange and noticeably tarnished. On anyone else Ryan’s gift would be one of healing, of hope and restoration, empathetic and inherently altruistic. Its not a power most would associate with a life of crime, outside perhaps a medic, definitely not one most would pick for a mercenary, for the infamously deadly Vagabond. Ryan though, he’s never been one to let a little thing like reason set him back, never felt constrained by expectation, and he wasn’t about to let his powers derail his goals. Ryan has taken the ability to heal and broken it down into stages, approached inexplicable magic like a scientist, methodically identifying how to extract the exact elements he was after. He has the power to heal, yes, but what can be healed may also decay, that which can be stitched back together may just as easily be disassembled; it is no more difficult to displace blood than it is to correctly route it. With a touch Ryan can stop hearts, can rend tissue and implode organs. He can push natural reactions into overdrive, can encourage minor ailments into unstoppable disease, convince various systems to shut down without exposure to extreme circumstance. The only limit is Ryan’s own bountiful creativity, and while it might not be what people expect from the Vagabond he wouldn’t swap his abilities for anything.

Jeremy can change his density at will. Becoming immensely dense has some obvious uses in their world; bullets literally bouncing off his skin and fists that can shatter bones with a single punch, but becoming unnaturally light has just as many applications. Jeremy can change his weight mid-jump to achieve inhuman distance, can fall from great heights without a parachute, can climb sheer walls and hold his entire body up on the tip of a finger. There is no weight Jeremy cannot lift, no wall or door that can keep him out, let alone cuffs or bars to contain him. If Jeremy does not want to move there is physically no way to make him, and if he sets his sights on destroying something little can be done to stop him.

Geoff can communicate telepathically. This comes in handy when getting a hold of his crew, so long as they are within his range he can speak to them comms or no, but they are not the only ones he can speak to. All it takes is some connection, long term emotional links allow for greater distance but as long as Geoff is looking at someone he can get into their mind. Can sneer at police officers, whisper threats to rivals, force unsuspecting strangers to have the most peculiar thoughts and terrify anyone who tries to stand in his way. While Geoff can only really scrape through the top level of someones mind, more emotion and direct thoughts than any deep secrets, it is no great difficulty to convince people that he sees a lot more. Let them feel him poking around, quote a few stray thoughts back at them and suddenly not only do his victims believe he sees all but they are much more likely to think loudly about the very things they hope he doesn’t notice. Geoff can push images as easily as word, useful when sharing a story but even more so as a form of torture; he can fill minds with his darkest thoughts, plague dreams with images from his nastiest nightmares, provide a personalised hell that is impossible to escape from.

Michael controls heat. It’s a power people tend to fear, think it synonymous with mastery over fire, imagine sparking fingers and raging infernos. Which, to be fair, isn’t wholly inaccurate, but is hardly the extent of Michael’s power. He can create fire sure, can raise the temperature to extremes in pinpointed locations to ignite a room, but he doesn’t need to. Michael can press heat straight into a body, can warm someone up or cook them from the inside out, can burn slowly or kill in an instant. His powers extend to objects too, he can melt metals, boil water, absorb and deflect heat, and set off explosives. While people don’t associate it with him the way the do fiery rage, what can go up can of course also go down. Michael can drop the temperature, can produce dangerous frost and sharp ice shards, freeze someone in water and induce frostbite with a simple touch. Michael is completely unbothered by extreme temperatures, can render himself undetectable on thermal imaging cameras and change the temperature of objects so suddenly they shatter. Even those who flee aren’t safe; careening into danger as roads are  suddenly coated in black ice or bubble and melt beneath flaming tires.

Ray can multiply himself, a series of duplicates capable of drawing fire and completing simple tasks. They were once mere mindless echoes of his actual self, near translucent and noticeably different if you looked closely enough, quickly giving birth to the term Ghost Ray when describing them. They didn’t stay that way though, Ray quietly practising and practising until they not only solidified but he could split his conciousness between them, could act as all bodies simultaneously and be in half a dozen places at once. It’s disconcerting, the way they all look real now. The way they all are Ray now, will fade away like they were never there when Ray lets them go, or when they die, but until then he can be in any and all of them at once. It bears thinking about, considering some die. Considering one stays. Considering the way Ray doesn’t like to talk about it, practises late at night and sends his selves off on private missions, laughs and deflects and fades away.

Jack can manipulate the wind; her jets are always boosted and her cars caught and righted before they can ever spin out, while any who pursue her find themselves shoved off the roads. She can deflect bullets, catch plummeting bodies and stir up various weather phenomena. As though this was not enough Jack’s power over the air allows her to create small vacuums, granting her the ability to suck oxygen from a room. To steal it right out of lungs, suffocating her opponents without lifting a finger to touch them. Alone she is more than dangerous, but Jack has always worked best with others. Her powers are particularly effective when combined with Michael or Jeremy; catching Jeremy up and hurling him like a canon ball and taking ice or flame and whirling them into deadly tornadoes. She can, just as effectively, force them all to calm down when things start getting out of hand; wind separating fights, extinguishing fires, airless pockets keeping anyone from storming away in a huff, and being sudden drenched by rain provides a wholly undignified end to any petty squabbles.

Gavin’s power is all about luck. It’s not the most exciting power at first glance; he can see probabilities, split-second calculations that manifest in inexplicable feelings, knowing just when to duck, when to take a detour, when to blow off a meeting and stay home instead. It’s not a power most people would associate with violent crime, rather imagine lotto winnings and effortless celebrity, but most people aren’t Gavin. It was simple intuition at first; shoot now, trust him, buy the ticket, check your phone. But Gavin, being Gavin, pressed for more. Worked out how to manipulate his own luck instead of relying on chance, concentrating on what he wants so his powers bend around him, gift evolving from simple suggestions into something else all together. When Gavin assures himself that all he needs in the world is to shoot his way out of a situation there is no way he will be unlucky enough have a gun run empty, when he needs to make a purchase he will never have the misfortune of running out of money, when he settles himself as the frontman of the FAHC none will be lucky enough to resist his charms. Now that he knows how to push, the limits of Gavin’s power are completely unknown – the least visibly impressive and yet the possibilities are as astounding as they are impossible. He needed a worthy crew, so he found one; they desired power, so they got it; it would be unlucky to die, so they don’t.


Leave Lauren Zuke alone!

If nobody has heard yet, people have started badmouthing Lauren Zuke because they wanted to write Lapis and Peridot as a couple and apparently that “wasn’t what Rebecca wanted to happen”?

You know what Rebecca would want to happen? For her writers to have fun, pitch ideas about what they would like to write about, and most of all she wouldn’t want them to be harassed over such a stupid problem as a shipping war.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Amedot, I think it’s pretty cute, but seriously get a grip. If you want to draw shipping art? Fine. go ahead. If it’s not canon who cares? It doesn’t change the original show in any way at all so all of the people hating on non canon art can stop that as well, it’s not needed.

Edit: Just read some of the comments on Zuke’s post. Anyone who sent hate should be ashamed of yourselves. Putting fictional characters over showing decency to another human being is absolutely disgusting.

Hillary and Beyoncé: or, Let's Talk About Ageism

I was trying to write an even longer post (which is going nowhere) about that thing going around where someone asks Hillary for her favorite track off Lemonade and she supposedly guessed “All Single Ladies.” Hahahaha, right? There’s Hillary knowing nothing about pop culture, she’s so sad.

But what if she really really liked Beyoncé? Or some other popular singer? What if she got into rap in the 90s, or even earlier, and still liked it and talked about it enthusiastically. Well, we saw what happened when she talked about her life long love of hot sauce and peppers. Hahahaha, right? Look at Hillary pandering to Black and/or young people, she’s so fake.

Or maybe the response would be: Hahahaha, right? She’s almost sixty-nine and she likes what? Isn’t it sad seeing a woman refusing to grow up? She’s trying to act like a teenager and that’s gross, because old.

Hillary is every woman of a certain age who comes here to tumblr wanting to talk about fandom only to be told that she’s not welcome because of her age. Nevermind all groundbreaking stuff she’s done, she’s old and it’s embarrassing. If she does talk about things younger people like, well, that’s embarrassing too, because she’s old. If she talks about stuff she did back in the day and the older, more obscure fandoms younger people aren’t into, well, who cares because that stuff’s–say it with me now–old.

Dealing with sexism is bad enough. Try adding ageism into the mix and you have what Hillary’s pushing through.

[also huge shoutouts to all of my mutuals, who have never made me feel weird about being a 53 year old fan, even when I act my age.

Rose sets up two accounts on an alien conspiracy forum. On one, she writes a bunch of posts about the unlikelihood of alien lifeforms existing, complete with citations from articles she cherrypicked off scihub. On the other, she does nothing but repeatedly claim ‘Aliens are real and I’m dating one’ while attaching blurry photos of Kanaya modeling various outfits.

Terezi also has an account that she occasionally uses to start flame wars with Rose 1 and Rose 2. 


#can we talk about this scene for a hot second #can we talk about how soft it is #how careful william is with noora #he’s just like #you’re just having anxiety #like there’s nothing wrong with it he doesn’t make her feel ashamed or more stressed out #and then he carefully gets her to calm down #and when she’s fallen asleep he lays with her until he’s sure she’s completely calm and asleep #and then he kisses her forehead very softly to make sure she doesn’t wake up #and gets up to write the last of her essay that he knows is so important to her #while she sleeps for 15 hours straight #a prince

“He still asks about you, you know.”

She gets a pang of longing and hurt in her chest. “I know.” She whispers

“Do you ever think about getting in contact again?”

She’s silent for a moment. “I would love nothing more than to run to him.” She says, smiling, thinking back to him. “But so much happened. So much hurt. I was broken after it ended. I can’t risk having to say goodbye again, it destroyed me for a long time. So would I want to? I would love nothing more. Will I? No.”

This is the last time I will write about you. I could write endless pages about you but at the end of the day you couldn’t even write a single sentence about me. So I’m putting my pen down because the ink seems to know your name all too well and I cannot keep torturing myself, I cannot keep pining after you. I have to accept reality, as harsh as it may be, that you do not want a future with me and nothing that I can write will ever change that. I do not need to be with you to be happy, I do not need to be with anyone to be happy because I am happy all on my own. So goodbye, I’m closing the book on us just like you did without any hesitation, it may have taken me longer and I may cut my finger on the corner of the pages but I’m doing it, I’m getting over you.
—  25/12/16
stay like that. love people endlessly. and when it doesn’t work out? you’ll heal and you’ll learn to love again. i know that it’s hard to give up everything and still have hope in nothing. but you are not nothing. you have a beautiful and giant heart and no matter how much you think it’s broken, you’ll find a way to love again.
—  something a good friend said to me that i think about a lot
Dating Jughead Jones would include...



Authors note:I fell in love with Riverdale in SECONDS + with Jughead also, so i decided to write a “Dating ****** would include…” imagine. I did not added any sexual things cuz as far as I know is Jughead in the comic asexual but I don´t have a clue if this is also going to be like that in the show.

PS: It´s a little bit short cuz 2 episodes weren´t enough to find more detail about him, sorry

Originally posted by riverdalesource

  • “most mysterious couple riverdale‘s” 
  • sitting all night in pop‘s (the diner)
  • “What are you exactly writing about.”
  • “Nothing relevant.”
  • he only trusts you
  • but he still won‘t tell what he‘s writing about
  • he would literally fight everyone who‘s trying to hurt you mentally and physically
  • he‘s for you an amazing advice giver
  • he hates it when you´re wearing makeup
  • you guys don´t have any nicknames for eachother
  • his lap is your all time favorite chair
  • neck kisses
  • when he´s working on his novel, you secretly drawing him
  • you use as much sarcasm as Jughead does
  • rarely holding hands
  • protective Jughead is the best Jughead
  • Reggie is you new enemy
  • knowing Jughead since the 3rd grade
  • trying to find out why Jughead and Archie aren´t friends anymore
  • Roadtrips
  • Your Mom (or Dad) thinks that Jughead´s creppy
  • stealing his hat 24/7
  • jaming together to music
  • walking thru´ the streets at night with Jughead
  • baking something when you guys are bored

Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.