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teen wolf appreciation week day two: favourite development

We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.

i got really offended today bc i found out a bunch of americans thought that year 3000 was a jonas brothers song and not a busted song like how dare you

i did not sing this song to a live audience when i was 5 to be betrayed like this

One thing I’ve been trying to learn in 2017 is I’ve been trying to learn how to put myself first.

I’ve hardly ever thought of myself before anyone else, and while that can be a good trait to have in some situations, it’s also one that can ultimately be self-destructive. It’s something that can result in an abysmal self esteem, and you hurting yourself just to make others happy.

It’s far better that I learn now to handle and manage this now than to just sit and wait around until it leads me to a situation I’ll regret for years to come.

here is a very cute commission of my sona i got from @rrredstar!!!!!!! you can probably tell by now that i really like having my sona do that double peace signs pose lol, idk why i just think it looks cute, but anyways this came out so good!!!!!!! im so happy with how it turned out and im so happy to have pics of my sona that arent just my own doodles!!! thank you so much shannon for drawing them you made them look so super adorable and i love the pic to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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who hurt you? *rolls up sleeves*

It was just one of those “white kpop stans are so annoying and don’t belong here because bla bla bla” …
It makes me so furious! I don’t care about the color of people’s skin. Seriously … it’s just so wrong. People are so much more than the color of their skin. It horrifies me that someone can think elsewise ☹️

@lctor replied to your post: “Trying to read a fic with bad internet connection like bonus:

i’m just laughing at the fact that you managed to load these images but not the fic


and I did manage to load the fic after a while :P it just took me like half an hour of clicking the reload button again and again… and again. my current internet is weird like that?? sometimes it works well enough to upload pics, sometimes it times out trying to open google :I


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again

“An Idiot” by PhemieC. Track art by the super talented moggettt!

~Spoilers for The Adventure Zone, Story and Song arc~

A new TAZ fansong, from Taako’s POV, set during Ep 67. It’s interesting how Taako’s entire arc (and early “simple idiot wizard” characterization) could be re-contextualized in light of The Stolen Century and the loss of the memory of his sister. Yeah… Ouch. Download at Soundcloud source. <3


I have lived a hundred lives
and I have died a dozen times
but the reaper hasn’t caught me yet
though his scythe is often at my neck

and I have learned a trick or two
though I’ve forgotten quite a few
and might have told a hundred lies
twice as many half as true

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never guessing what it meant

I lived adrift on luck and looks
‘till hungry hearts struck hard and took
and made afraid of what I’d done
my skills were nil, my friends were none

I could not trust my empty mind
these stolen holes of space and time
the faces, newly strange, I’d find
none of them resembling mine

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never asking what it meant

I barely cared, and rarely tried
to find some reason I should fight
but in my hand and at my side
you, my heart, my arm did guide

for I had been your long lost twin
closer than a second skin
and now I am alone again
wiser than I’ve never been

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
but now I know how I will rise
oh how on earth could I forget?
knowing you has made me wise
now I am not an idiot!


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Idk how people actually get out of warrior cats hell because let me tell you I went 3 years without touching or looking at a warriors book or any sort of warriors related content and STILL managed to think about how pissed off I am about Hollyleaf’s death every single fucking day

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot