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Dear Friend by @brionbroadway

There was a boy sleeping next to me on the tram who smelled like a campfire. He was snoring a little. I wanted to offer him my shoulder and ask him what he dreamt about.

Oh, and a shy boy with glasses I met on a walk. He needed directions to some building I’ve never heard of for a job interview. His suit was too big. I wanted to fix his tie and tell him that no matter what happens today, you are perfect.

I didn’t do anything I wanted to because I don’t think any of those boys were you. I think I’d know your smile, if you ever show it. 

 All of those boys made me realize how desperate I am to see you, touch you, talk to you. If we’re going to fall in lava, we will need to meet.

                 What do you think about that?             

                                   - Art

Isak and Even work together in a failing video store, and they cannot stand each other. Isak and Even both signed up for the Love Letters dating service, and they’re both falling for their anonymous pen pal.Or, a You’ve got mail AU (kind of, sort of).

so i’ve been thinking about another character for the household for the past few days……. short mint hair, round glasses and sharp teeth,,, possibly a chef? looks v intimidating when they grin, especially when holding a knife lmao

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Technical question: do you have a save for each story or they're all different version of themselves (for example adult santi, teen santi, baby santi) in the same save?

i do everything in the same save because i’m a f*cking mESS and didn’t realize we could even have different saves until like the middle of last year so yeah currently there’s three differently aged lou’s and santi’s walking around it’s cool tho it’s cool

Ok, but no. Seriously.


Anyone wanna start a book club about it? Cuz… I feel like a comment goblin hanging out on AO3 and hijacking people’s remarks but I WANT TO DISCUSSSSSSS THISSSSSS (like, this chapter, the ones before it, @may-shepard‘s incredible writing… all of it, all the time)

I think @fellshish is in with me ;) Who else is reading?


The most precious.

Yvonne Strahovski arrives at the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Exposition Center - January 21, 2018.


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Hi! What general guidelines do you use for drawing people? And do you have an Instagram? Thanks!

 So, I suck at teaching, I always will suck (which is why I don’t have a patreon lol) but I can show you what rules I play by a that I learned early on about drawing people. For me, the focus is always on the face, because at some point during my high-school art adventures I wanted to be a serious portrait artist, so my main focus from 14-18 was learning it’s rules before breaking them! Once you have the basics down, anything is possible so long as you have patience and the will to keep practicing! 

When people ask me about drawing people, I assume its just trying to figure out faces, so click the link to the most basic tutorials that I used from time to time as a reminder to what rules to follow :3 

Basic Face Tutorial 

Basic Face Tutorial 2

Also yes, I have instagram where I actually post my doodle progress in my story before I post anything ;D Anyone on instagram sees my latest project before I actually post it lol I record videos, progress shots and boomerangs of them :3 

As much as I’d love to give my full opinion on the latest fandom discourse … I’m sick with a slight fever, my parents are yelling at each other, and Tumblr mobile keeps eating my posts.

So for now I’m just going to say that there are always going to be toxic people, in real life and especially in the internet - people who will pretend to be one thing when they’re facing you and another when your back is turned. Sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t escape these kinds of people, that your actions always have to be aligned to what they want.

As someone who was verbally bullied often when I was younger, I speak from experience.

If you feel uncomfortable with what this person is doing, please find someone you can trust to talk to. It’ll be hard at first, but there are people who are genuinely willing to help you out. You are not alone.

Another thing: cancer is not a joke. I’ve lost a friend and cousin to cancer. I had to watch my maternal grandma painfully succumb to cancer and even if she passed away years ago it still hurts remembering the pain she went through. Cancer is not something you should fake or wish upon anybody because there are people struggling with it everyday. It is not a joke.

Lastly, if I have ever said or done anything that made you feel uncomfortable, I’m so so sorry. Please feel free to unfollow me - no explanation needed. I want this blog to be safe and as comfortable as possible for the people who visit.

Stay safe. And if you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m willing to listen.