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The Story Of A Girl Who Has A Crush On A Cute Cashier

“It’s okay, you can do this, talk to her. She’s just a girl. Just a gal. Like you. There’s nothing weird about this. She’s human, you’re human. Everything should be fine.” I whispered to myself until I noticed what I was doing and stopped. I approached the front desk and looked at the cute cashier.

I only gave her a glance but it was enough to see what I wanted to see. I saw her beautiful neon blue hair, her adorable freckles and her pink eyes. I saw the little chub to her cheeks and I saw the smirk on her face as she played a game on her phone while waiting for customers. I saw enough to know I was in love.

“Hello.” I said, and my voice cracked. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I put down my things on the counter and remained quiet.

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An Entry in the Journal of Dipper Pines

June 18, 2013

It’s our second summer here in Gravity Falls, and so far it has been VERY different from our first summer here. No big conspiracies nor mysteries popping up, no ominous hints of things to come, no great divides between family and friends. Everything has been … normal. Typical Gravity Falls weirdness, yes, but … normal. Uneventful, in the grand scheme of things. Safe.

I guess it’s to be expected - everyone’s a year older and an apocalypse wiser. Facing your fears - literally - gives you a different perspective on life.

Ford and I have gone on mystery hunts and scientific expeditions together - but more often than not, Mabel and Stan tag along too. Mabel is still just as boy-crazy as she was last summer (don’t even get me STARTED on the antics she got up to when that theatre troupe visited town last week - UGH) but … she keeps me in the loop now. She actually TURNED DOWN A DATE because ‘Friday night is family movie night, no exceptions.’ I actually checked her with one of Ford’s scanners to see if she’d been replaced by an alien. She laughed and called me an overreacting bean, whatever that means (the test came back negative, by the way).

Stan is still Stan. He makes fun of my ‘nerdiness’ a lot, just like last summer, and he still makes me do any of the difficult or dangerous chores around the Shack (Soos took two months of honeymoon leave for the summer. The wedding was the second day we got here). He’s still the same old miserly, con-artist Mr. Mystery. But … he’s closed the Shack TWICE in the three weeks since we got here. Both on Saturday! And all to have a ‘Family Bonding’ day. The four of us went fishing and hunting for lake monsters the first Saturday. The second Saturday we went berry-picking up in the mountains for strawberries. Ford and I catalogued six different winged cryptids on the hike. Stan started a ‘who can pick the most strawberries’ contest and Mabel almost fell off a cliff trying to reach as many as she could (she won, by the way). And Stan says it’s Family Bonding again this Sunday.

Ford brings his research upstairs pretty often now. Stan yells at him to “get that science junk off of my kitchen table, WE EAT FOOD THERE POINDEXTER” pretty often, but he never chases Ford back to the basement like he would have last summer. There’s no heat in the arguments any more. I think that the trip to the Arctic was a good thing for BOTH of them. They’re finally acting like - like siblings again. Like me and Mabel. And Ford is different too. He doesn’t jump every time someone sneaks up on him anymore. Whenever we go on mystery hunts or expeditions, FORD is the one to invite the others to come along. It’s fun to go on expeditions with just me and Ford, but … it’s nice to be a family.

Soos and Melody have the whole main floor to themselves (along with Abuelita) so Ford’s secret study has been repurposed as his bedroom and Stan kept his room on the second floor. Soos assured me and Mabel that we can stay in the attic “As long as you want. You dudes could move in here with me and Melody and Abuelita and the Mr. Pineses when you get old enough! If you still wanna live in Gravity Falls, that is. Ha ha!” I don’t know about Mabel, but I am seriously considering the offer.

Everything is different now, but everything is the same. I’ve done a bit of growing up this year (I know I say that every year, but it’s really true!) and I’ve realised some very important things.

About last summer.

About family.

About life.

It’s the normal, everyday things that matter most. It’s saying good morning to your sister when she jumps on your bed to wake you up. It’s getting to drink coffee with your Great-Uncle while you work on a map of the forest together. It’s earning a pat on the head from your other Great-Uncle when you split an entire cord of wood in a day. It’s you and your sister feeding her pet pig all your vegetables when no one is looking and laughing with her when you don’t get caught. It’s watching the people you helped save go to the grocery store, play in the park, eat a picnic, fly a kite, laugh with their family, go to the pool, save a kitten, fall in love.

It’s life, with all its normal joys.

Don’t get me wrong. I will never stop loving the strange, the weird, the unknown. Dipper Pines will hunt monsters and mysteries and ghosts his whole life! That is a promise! But I will appreciate the normal. I will embrace the everyday. I will cherish the known. Because life isn’t just one or the other.

It’s both.

I’ve made friends with creatures most people don’t believe in and most will never see. And I’ve seen that it’s the same for them. Behind the strangeness and differences are creatures that live lives just like us. They eat. They breath. They play. They cry. They laugh. They love. They live. All of the little things that I am learning to appreciate in my life, they appreciate in their own weird way.

There is a lot that I don’t know, and there is a lot I still have to learn. But I have people I can trust by my side. I have a place full of adventure I can always come back to. I have a lifetime ahead of me to appreciate, to learn, to grow. I have time on my side and my family at my back.

So I forge ahead with confidence into the great unknown of life. “Ad Astra Per Aspera!” as my Grunkle Ford likes to say.

(He also says that space travel in this dimension is extremely primitive and he won’t be caught dead being launched in an Earth spaceship, but we’re fixing up the UFO from last summer, so space exploration won’t be a problem soon.)

Anyway, that’s all for today’s entry. Mabel’s cooking dinner and I heard something about “experimental glitter chicken” so I should probably go do damage control. Stan doesn’t usually care as long as she doesn’t set the house on fire, and Ford will eat ANYTHING. I for one don’t want glitter coating my insides for the rest of eternity. But I’ll let Mabel eat her wacky concoctions. They haven’t killed anyone yet and they make her happy, so live and let live I guess. And as usual,


-Dipper Pines

P.S. I hear the smoke alarm going off now. This will be fun.

Dipper Pines reminds me a lot of myself when I was becoming a teenager. I shared many of his doubts and fears - trust no one and if I’m not the smart guy, then who am I? chief among them. But I also learned, like he did, that you don’t have to grow up so quickly to be smart and liked. That you can trust people, and things will still turn out okay. To love and appreciate the people you have while you have them. That there is so much more to each of us than a single defining feature. That you can be a child while you are a child, and being silly and having fun is not childish. It is living. 

This little excerpt is what I imagine Dipper’s own journal entries to be like. I drew inspiration from the introduction and conclusion to the series that Dipper himself narrated, as well as the snippet of his writing that we got to hear at the end of the first episode. I always imagined that the entire series was being narrated by Dipper either to potential readers in his own journal or to his classmates in his “Summer Report” for school. 

As always, stay lovely my dears.


Mercury Part 7

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You have been homeschooled by your uncle Tony Stark for years, suddenly you’ve decided to attend public school, more specifically Midtown High. At this public school you acquaint yourself with a cute brown haired Spider-boy and his ragtag team of friends. You must find a way to juggle your school life and your hero life!

Warnings: Fluff, bit of awkwardness, Cursing???

A/N: Ladies and Gents this is the part you have all been waiting for! I hope you guys really enjoy this part, to be honest, this might be my favorite part. Get your popcorn and soft drink because this is going to be a long one! If you guys want to be tagged please let me know and requests are open. Caio! 

“Peter! Peter where are you?!?!” You scream to a cloud of smoke. New York City was up in flames, dirt and sweat sticks to your face. You start turning in a circle searching for some sign of Peter. You’re becoming nervous, tears start pouring down your face. What have I done, you thought.

“Y/N! I’m here!” Someone calls out.

“Peter is that you?!” You yell back.

“It’s me, Y/N! You can’t be that far away if I can hear you!” Peter hollers.

“Lets both walk towards our voices!” You respond.

“Okay!” You start walking in the direction of Peter’s voice. Then you stop, in front of you, you see him, Peter. He was looking to the side trying to find you.

“P-Peter?” You shutter out, still crying. He turns to you and his harsh look relaxes.

“Y/N.” He spoke softly. You both run to each other, he takes you into his arms. You squeeze his sides so hard he thought you were going to break his ribs.

“Pete, this is all my fault.” You sob into his bedraggled shirt.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Peter whispers into your hair while petting the back of it. You look up at him, eyes glossy with tears. Peter rubs a tear away with his thumb. He closed his eyes moving closer in to kiss you. You flutter your eyes shut, leaning in.

“Y/N we have been looking for you!” A voice in the clouds announce. Then poof, you are gone. You are no longer in New York with Peter. Where is Peter? Where are you? Who took you? You were strapped to a medical examination table a white light blinding your eyes. You start shaking against the chains. Yelling for help. You then barely sit up and look to see the surroundings. You look out the window and see complete darkness, with only few planets to the right. You are in a spaceship. Oh no. You start to freak out more. Then you feel something pierce through your skin and deposit liquid to your system. Then you start to drift away.

Your body shoots up, you begin having quick breaths. It wasn’t real. But it felt so real. You graze your arm where the needle was. You then you touch your lips. Pete and I were going to kiss. Your heart starts fluttering. The funny thing is you’ve only know the kid for a day and feelings like this are starting to occur. One thing you definitely know is that Peter is going to be the death of you.

“Miss. Y/N are you okay?” F.R.I.D.A.Y inquires.

“Why do you ask.” You stand up and start making your bed.

“Because you have a certain look on your face. I did a facial scanner, and I looks as though you have a look of… love.”

“Psh, no I don’t.”

“Who is it Y/N, you know you can confine to me.” Your cheeks flame bright red.

“U-uh, I don’t love him cause I don’t know him, but his name is Peter Parker.”

“Peter Parker?” F.R.I.D.A.Y questions.


“The name seems familiar.”

“Can you tell me why that name is familiar?” You request putting your hands behind your back, giving F.R.I.D.A.Y puppy eyes.

“I am not permitted to.” You stomp your foot on the ground.

“Ugh! Well what day is it?”


“So that means I have school right?”


“Do you have the ability to incinerate someone, in particular me? You know what? Don’t answer that, I already know what you’re going to say. Can you at least pick out my clothes?”

“Yes Miss. Y/N.”

“Hey Y/N you okay?” Peter shakes your shoulder, breaking you out of your trance. Right now, Michelle, Peter, Ned, and you are sitting on bleachers facing the football field. It was your free period, and Peter suggested getting some sun. All of you weren’t opposed, except for Ned who said he’d rather “stuff his face in a pile of dog shit, than go outside”. Too bad there was no dog shit around.

You shake your head and face Peter giving him a small smile, “Yeah.”

“Okay, now tell the truth.” Michelle commanded looking up from her newest book.

“Nah, its nothing.”

“Tell me.” Michelle pried. You get up, go down a row and stand on the bleacher, facing them.

“I don’t know. I just had a really unpleasant dream last night.” You shrug your shoulders, looking up at them.

“What was it?” Ned asks.

“I’d rather not talk about it.” You whisper looking down to the ground.

“You know what we should do?” Peter disputed, making you look up to him.

“We should watch all of the Star Wars movies on Friday at my apartment! I know you’ll probably forget your dream by then but it’ll be fun! That’ll make you happy won’t it!” Peter exclaims, clearly ecstatic by his idea. Peter’s smile is contagious, so you smile and chuckle.

“Yes Pete, that sounds like a wonderful idea.” Peters eyes go wide and he smiles.

“Great! I’ll text you my address, give me your phone so I can put my number in. O-only if you want to that is!” You chuckle once more, and nod your head. You take out your cellphone and  pass it to Peter. He then types his phone number into your phone, then sends a text from your phone and to save your contact information.

“Here you go.” Peter gives you, your phone but your fingers touch each other. You felt a spark, and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart that you could get addicted to. Both of you stay in that position for quite some time, blushing like crazy.

“Well aren’t you going to take your phone back Y/N?” Ned asks innocently, you shake your head and take your phone. Michelle slaps Ned’s arm.

“What?!” He cries out holding his arm.

“For someone very smart you’re awfully stupid.” Michelle replied glaring at Ned.

You look down at your phone and see that it’s time to get going to your next class.

“Hey guys, it’s time to get going, class is starting soon.” You say as you walk down the bleachers. Then you, Peter, Michelle and Ned start walking to the school.

“Nat stop, I’m just hanging out with my friends! It’s not going to be a date, all of us are going to be there!” You exclaim while Natasha does your makeup. You both were in your bedroom. It was Friday, and being close to Nat, you told her about your “movie marathon” with Peter, Michelle and Ned. She took it as the perfect idea to dress you up.

“It doesn’t matter, you have to look amazing to show Peter what you got.” Natasha replies putting on your eyeshadow.

“But if he likes me for me, he shouldn’t care about what I look like.”

“You millennials are hysterical. If he doesn’t like you for you then he’s crazy but for now, shake what your mama gave ya.” Natasha shakes her hips and you start laughing.

“I mean it can’t hurt can it?”

“Only if the makeup is expired. Which it isn’t! But if you want, you can always take it off. Now look up.” Natasha demands, and you look up, feeling the bristles of the mascara wand against your lashes.

“Are you nervous?”

“Nat, it’s not even a date! Oh who am I kidding, yes I’m so nervous.” You respond.

“Well he better be worth it cause I’m not letting you date someone who isn’t good enough for you.”

“He’s not my boyfriend! I’m flattered at what you said, but it doesn’t matter, he likes someone else.” You look down, sadness in your eyes. Natasha lifts your chin to look at her.

“More of a reason to show him what he’d miss. Plus if he doesn’t like you, he’d be crazier than the Winter Soldier.” You smirk at her remark, and she puts lip gloss on your lips, finalizing the look.

“Done! Now I have the most perfect outfit for you. It’s not a dress, it’s jeans and a shirt but the shirt just screamed your name.” Natasha then takes out black jeans and a shirt with a red shirt with a lace up neckline and long sleeves because of that New York weather.

“Oh gosh Nat it’s so amazing!” You gush hugging her.


“No problem kiddo, now go get changed.” Nat shoos you away. Later you enter the bedroom, and you face Nat.

“How do I look? I’m not going to twirl like girls do in the movies ‘cause that’s just stupid.”

“You look fantastic. Now why don’t you check yourself out.” You turn to a mirror, and your eyes light up. You go closer, and look at how well Natasha had done on your makeup, even your hair was great.

“Nat it’s wonderful thank you!” You reply joyfully.

“I’m just doing my job.” She jokes with hands on her hips. You look at your alarm clock, it reads 7:00 p.m. It was time for you to get going to Peter’s house.  

“I gotta get going Nat.” She nods her head and walks with you to the living room where the rest of them are.

“Hear ye hear ye! Y/N has entered the living room!” Natasha announced while both of you waked into the living room. Everyone turns around and their eyes go wide with excitement.

“Y/N you look fantastic!” Steve exclaims and stands up.

“You look so beautiful!” Wanda agreed, standing up as well. Sam was silent.

“How about you bird brain? How do you think Y/N looks?” Natasha demanded folding her arms.

“She looks incredible.”

“Wow, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard from you all year.” You point out, and everyone laughs. Tony walks up to you and hugs you very unexpectedly. At first you were taken aback, but then you returned the hug. You and Tony hadn’t been talking too much since the argument. But this hug symbolizes peace between both of you.

“You’re growing up so fast I don’t think I can handle it. That’s why I didn’t want you to go, you have never been away from home. I still don’t want you to go, but I have to accept that you’re growing up. Doing adult things like right now. But if Peter breaks your heart I will snap his legs like toothpicks.” Tony says laughing. You laugh as well.

“Does that mean I get to go to Washington?!”

“I suppose it does.” Tony acknowledges.

“Thank you so much Tony! You don’t know how happy I am!” Now there was no need for you and Steve to find a way to sneak out to Washington anymore.

“Also Tony, it’s not a date so there’s nothing to be worried about.” You added and unwrap your arms.

“Happy is downstairs waiting for you, I won’t go and try to heckle Peter because it’s not a date. But if the time comes, I will.” Tony remarks. You then say goodbye to everyone and go down to Happy. You open the back car door and enter.

“Wowa Y/N don’t you look nice.”

“Thanks Happy, let’s ride.” You respond as you buckle your seat belt.

You reached Peter’s apartment, and you stand in front of his door, with great nervousness. You knock and straighten your clothes. Did I dress up too nice? Or is this not enough? Does my breath smell good, gosh I forgot to brush my teeth! I should turn back! Go before he-

“Hey Y/N!” Peter greets as he opens the door. He stops and looks at you, dumbfounded.

“Y/N, you look, I-I don’t have any words to describe it. You just look beautiful, not that you don’t look beautiful any other day! Which you do look very beautiful, b-but I don’t know what I’m saying I’m just going to shut up.” Peter marveled over you. To say you were a red hot tomatoey mess was understatement of the year.

“T-thanks Pete, you look amazing, as always.” Then Peter opens the door wider for you to enter his home. You walk in and notice how severely different it was from the tower. Being in the tower was lonely because it was so gigantic. Being in Peter’s house, you felt at home, but maybe it was Peter who gave you a feeling of comfort that a small home like this provided.  

“Is that who I think that is?!” An unfamiliar voice shouts from another room. The female walks into the living/dinning room. She looked to be in her early 40s, with glasses, and long brown hair.

“You must be Y/N! Peter has told me all about you!”

“May.” Peter whisper groans.

“Anyways, I’m Peter’s Aunt May. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you as well!” You take your hand out for her to shake, but instead she hugs you.

“I’m so excited to see you around the apartment hopefully!”

“May she just got here, don’t scare her away!” Peter cries out.

“Okay, okay fine I’ll be in my room. If you guys need anything just tell me. Don’t do anything stupid.” Aunt May winks walking away. Peter moans and slaps his forehead with his palm.

“I think I love your aunt.” You smile looking at Peter.

“She can be very, I don’t know, nosey.”

“Can’t we all. Anyways were is Michelle and Ned?”

“Oh I forgot to tell you, they both said they couldn’t make it.” Your jaw internally dropped. I’m going to be with Peter alone?!?! Oh gosh, is this a date now? Please don’t freak out.

“That’s cool.” You say nonchalantly.  

“I hope you don’t mind? On the upside there’s more popcorn for us!”


Peter’s 1st Person POV

I can’t believe I just told Y/N that we’d be alone tonight. Now she’ll probably want to leave, geez did I just mess this up? No, I got this.

“So um, why don’t you sit down on the couch and I’ll get the movie and popcorn ready?” I ask, rubbing my palms against my jeans to wipe of the sweat. Y/N walks to the couch and sits down so that means that she isn’t sick of me yet. Good. This is good. I walk to a cabinet and take out two bags of packaged popcorn, classy. I take off the plastic of the bags and shove both packets of popcorn into the microwave and set it to cook. I then went to my room and grab all three movies from the original trilogy. I can’t believe Y/N is here, sitting on my couch. Throughout this past week of her being here, Y/N and I have gotten super close. I even consider her a close friend of mine. Yet, I want more. I know, I know. I’ve only known her for a week, but hey compared to Romeo and Juliet this is a lifetime. I walk back to the living room with the CDs in my hand and I place them on the coffee table. I look at Y/N and she smiles. A smile that could light up houses in every country. A smile that could rid the world of poverty and hate. A smile that puts all the other smiles to shame. That’s Y/N’s smile. I smile back, walk to the microwave and take out the steaming popcorn bags. Then I take a big bowl and pour all the popcorn into the bowl. I walk to the couch and place the bowl on the table and shove “A New Hope” into the DVD player. I sit down next to Y/N and turn on the Tv. Y/N gets up and walks to the light switch and turns it off.

“Why didn’t you just tell me to turn off the lights?” I inquire, looking at Y/N.

“I can do things myself, for example, turning off a light.” I laugh and as she sits down, I turn on the movie. The beginning credits roll and Y/N starts humming the music. I shake my head and grab the popcorn bowl, siting an inch away from Y/N.

“Take some popcorn.” I whisper to her, handing her the bowl. She takes it and shoves a bunch in her mouth, creating a funny face. I try stifling a laugh.

“What’s wrong?” Y/N asks with a mouth full of popcorn.

“The face you made when you shoved the popcorn in your was really funny.” She smiles, still having a bunch of popcorn in her mouth. I laugh again.

“Oh just watch the movie.” She jokes.

It’s the scene with C-3PO and R2D2 on Tatooine. I have been dying to a wrap my arms around Y/N’s shoulders. So why not give it a try? Or maybe not? Or maybe I should? Stop thinking about it and just do it! I pretend to yawn and put my arm around Y/N’s shoulder. Smooth Pete. She looks at me and I smile, she smiles back and cuddles into my chest, wrapping her arm around my torso. I then rest my cheek on her head. And we stay here until the middle of “The Empire Strikes Back” in which I doze to sleep. 

My eyes flicker open, and I see that “The Empire Strikes Back” has ended. The light was also turned on, from May most likely. She’d better bot have taken any pictures of us! I look down and see that Y/N is sleeping on my lap… I’m freaking out right now. I move a bit forward making a little bit of movement trying not to wake her up.But to no avail Y/N stirs in her sleep, her eyes slightly open. She then opens them fully, she sits up, and she yawns.

“Aww man we missed the end of Empire.” Y/N whines, she then looks at her phone and her eye pop out.

“Shit it’s 12! I gotta get home.” She says while texting someone.

“It’s funny, all we did was sleep.” Y/N adds chuckling.

“Well then thats a good reason to go on a second date.” Oh shit, what did I just say. Y/N’s eyes go wide.

“T-this is a date?” She stutters.

I scratch the back of my head, “Only if you want it to be.”

“Of course I do! I-I mean, yeah that sounds cool.” Y/N smiles, I nod my head and smile back.

“Maybe for our next date we could finish the movies?” I suggest.

“I’d love that.” Y/N phone buzzes, and she looks down.

“Ugh I have to go now.” You groans. I hug her tightly.

“Don’t go! I won’t let you.” Y/N starts lightly slapping my back and she laughs.

“Pete I would love to stay but I need to go.”

“Okay.” I then release her from my arms. We both stand up and walk to the door. I open it for her and she stands outside the doorway looking at me.

“I know we didn’t really talk or watch the movie that much or even do anything for that matter. But I want to say I had an amazing night and I’m excited to do this again.” Y/N says putting a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Me too. I’ll text you the details next time.” She nods her head, leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I touch my cheek and smile.

“Bye Pete.” She giggles.

“Bye Y/N.” I stick my head out of the doorframe. Y/N then walks toward the elevator and calls it. She waits there for a couple of second then goes inside. She waves to me and I wave back, until the elevator shuts. I go back inside the apartment. I pump my fist in the air, and whoop a little while dancing.

“Aunt May I think I might have a girlfriend!”


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More Sonic boom headcannons please?

Alright then! :D

51. Love is in the air as it’s spring and the birds are singing, people are falling left and right, but what’s this? The gang receive a letter to a ball and are ecstatic to attend!!!… at least… everyone but Sonic. “I don’t do balls.” Sonic frowns, lazily laying out in the sun as Amy’s hopes and dreams are crushed. She angrily gets up, calms herself, and walks casually over to Sonic. “Well, you never know Sonic, you may just meet the girl of your dreams there.” “Eh, I don’t believe in love at first sight.” This gets Amy started, and they have a rather long discussion on ‘Love at First Sight’ since Amy truly believes in it. (she fell for him the moment she met him) Tails convinces the team that Buddy Bot’s scanner-camera picked up robotic signatures where the ball is to be held. Suspicious, the team dresses up and goes, … except for Sonic… of course. “Oh come on! You’re always saying how you feel cooped up in the hub!” “Nope.” “Sooniicc!!” Amy whines, “Pleeeassee!!” “Don’t beg, it won’t change my decision.” “Ugh! Fine! Be like that! You won’t see me in my beautiful gown and fall instantly in love with me and admit that love at first sight DOES, IN FACT, EXIST!” she stomps off, as Sonic just shakes his head and rolls his eyes. The team go to the dance where Tails and Sticks hit it off rather well, even though Sticks assumed they’d be passing around a huge ball, but rather likes the idea of dancing with Tails.(hehe~<3) Knuckles meets a wall flower (A rather ugly and nerdy one) but it’s really love at first entree as the two bond over the ball’s food, and end up dancing. (The hilarious thing about this is that the girl is REALLY SMALL and he’s REALLY BIG, so they dance with him holding her up to him and her just kinda hugging his neck xDDDDD) But Amy is depressed as she looks for the robotic activity with Buddy Bot, “I guess your my date, kiddo.” she teases, as the robot turns his head, and makes some noises of confusion, flickering his eyelights. Amy sighs, wanting help but looks in to see Tails, Sticks, and Knuckles having a good time, and not wanting to mess that up. “So… I just put my foot here right?” “Not unless your purposefully stepping on my foot… no.” “Oh, but the whole point of the game is to keep your feet down and your opponents feet up, right?” “N-no Sticks, dancing isn’t exactly a game… ^^; ” “Then what the heck is a ball? If it’s not the circular object you throw around for amusement, and it’s not stepping on others feet, then I’m stumped!” Amy giggles at Sticks and Tails and then moves on, “They’re busy, I’m sure I can handle this myself… Just cause I’m not having fun doesn’t mean they can’t..” She ends up discovering Eggman’s the one who set the ball up, and it’s really a cage! He unleashes his plan, hoping to make the citizens kneel to him and scare them into submission but Amy and Buddy Bot start fighting him. “What?! Wait… one, two, three, four….  But where’s Sonic!?” he looks enraged and upset, as Tails explains he didn’t come. “WHAT!? But-but… well, this isn’t a complete and totally victory if he’s not here… Oh! And I even bought chilidogs at a ball just to lure him! Why didn’t he come!?” He’s furious, but let’s it go. “Nevermind that! He’ll have to come if he knows his friends LIVES are on the line!” Sonic gets a message from a bulter bot that was at the ball about his friends and smiles up at the robot. “You… realize I have to destroy you now… right?” The bot begans to shake nervously, causing loose bolts to fall out of it. “Hang on, first, I need to wear the proper attire. The message did say dress accordingly…” Sonic arrives in a suit with the back split down and long as he wears a bow tie and white button up shirt underneath it. “Ohh~ Spiffy!” Amy swoons, but Sonic can’t see her through the crowd. He looks around, “Amy? Is that you?” “Ah! Sonic! You made it! I’m so glad after you RUDELY didn’t come the first time I invited you but no matter, water under the bridge, now, let me restate my whole evil monologue, ehem.” As Eggman rambles, his voice turns into distorted background noise as Sonic catches a glimpse of Amy in her gown. The moment is almost slowed up as Amy turns and her hair moves with her as she gets a glimpse of Sonic and smiles. “Ehem…Sonic? Hello?” Eggman leans down, waving a hand to try and get his attention from his eggpod. “SONNNICC!!” Sonic smiles slightly before shaking himself out of it and looking up to Eggman. “Right, party crasher, my job to stop you, got it!” “What!? No! That’s not what I said!” he groans. “Let me start over…” before he can begin again, Sonic frees his team and the citizens and then defeats Eggman. “Blasted! I really thought I had you with this elegant affair! I mean, I could of SWORN Amy would of pulled you out of that hutt of sorts. Well, no matter, next time I’ll set up a ball game…” he flees before he can be defeated, and as they walk home, Sonic steals Amy away and takes her hand and puts his arm around her waist, getting into a dancing position. “Uh…huh? What are you..?” “Eggman’s right, you really should of tried harder.” “…!?!?!? WHAT?!” “Love at first sight? Pfft, give me a break.” Sonic begins to dance with her, while teasing her, but even though she’s upset, she ends up laughing and dancing with him. (I had another headcanon about a ball, but this was that one revisioned ;) )

52. Sonic gets a distressing look at a shape-shifting demon bent on ruining his life. The reason? He has no idea… the shape-shifter ends up tricking his friend into believing Sonic’s been doing bad things, and then makes the team turn on one another as he makes them all start to distrust and loose that unity of a team they once had. (Skipping to the Sonamy moment…~) You can only tell it’s the demon through his eyes, they’re always a dark bluish purple as he shape-shifts into Sonic, and tries to flirt it up with Amy only to break her heart later. Sonic rushes in to try and stop what he knows will crush Amy if she hears, but it’s a little to late…. The Demon shape-shifts into Amy, after carefully making sure Amy’s devastated by his words and doesn’t even notice him, and walks off, attempting to trick Sonic later… Sonic sees the betrayal and runs to assure Amy that wasn’t him, but she’s so broken that his words fall on deaf ears, and she’s locked inside with her own mind… Furious, Sonic defeats the Demon and forces him to shape-shift in front of Amy, which he does, because Sonic’s got his arm behind his back and one hand on the back of his neck. Amy sees the truth and believes Sonic, but is still too shaken up to really say anything more than, “I believe you..” and look away and walk off. After the demon is sealed back away, Sonic approaches Amy, sitting seldomly on a fallen log as he starts talking, at first awkwardly, about how everything that demon said was a lie, and how he’d never hurt her like that. She still doesn’t respond, only with, “I know..” but Sonic can hear the pain in her words. Feeling his own heart break for a change, he takes a bold new approach. Sonic takes a deep breath and kneels down, taking her hand, “Amy… I would never, ever betray your trust and treat you like that. Please Amy… you have to understand, I… I really…” She cuts him off by placing a hand on his cheek, causing him to be startled and look up at her. She smiles, “It’s okay Sonic… I know you wouldn’t, I just… I just…” she starts to cry, “I really didn’t want to cry in front of you… that’s why I ran off… I’m sorry…” She wipes the tears away, as Sonic smiles, realizing she wasn’t avoiding him for the reasons he thought she was. (He thought she didn’t believe that he cared that much about her.) The two share an embrace and their relationship/friendship is stronger than ever.

53. (inspired off the picture) Sonic runs ahead of the team during one of their exploring adventures through an uncharted area on the map that Amy found, which could lead to a crystal, as she races after him. “H-hey! you can’t just run off and forget about us..!!! Sonic!!” He laughs, seeing her gaining on him as he was assigned her partner for this mission. He loosens his endless wrapping around his hand and ties the other end to the tree branch he’s currently straddling. He then tugs to make sure it’s secure, and dives down and does a whole ‘spider man’ on her as he grins from ear to ear. “I’d never forget someone with THAT loud of a voice! Haha!” he teases, as she gets flustered by his sudden drop on her. “What? Not expecting me to drop in?” he laughed, as she pouted before smiling up a evil grin. “Oh, well, I wasn’t expecting a pinata!” she brought out her hammer as he squeamishly swings back, before she puts the hammer away and leans in to kiss him instead. He quickly panics and rotates himself, causing her to get a mouth full of his quills. “Ow! Oi! Ouch! spiky!” she spits out whatever hair was left in her mouth as he crawls up, unties himself, and whistles as he walks forward as if nothing happened. “SOOONNICC!! you better say your sorry or.. or… ohh!!!” She races after him with her hammer, as the rest of the episode has them beating up an enemy monster guarding a location to one of the crystals.

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Another commission for ExtollerofTrolls! ^^ Webber and Wendy have some hot chocolate by the fire. (Colored digital sketches are still $10 for two characters! But I also have batteries in my scanner now so I can actually do the kind that aren’t digital lol)

This picture makes me nostalgic for winter and yet I know when it actually is winter I’ll just be like ‘ugh, it’s cold, why’

First time I colored hands the way I did here. I’ve never tried to incorporate the subtle glow of skin nor have I ever tried to incorporate blood vessels. XD. I hope it doesn’t look too strange. In case anyone’s curious, I colored this traditionally with colored pencils and scanned the picture (it took forever to scan correctly lol orz).

Colored version of this.

“Those two share a bond that could never be broken.”

My Coma Secret Santa for Rikamaebara. Merry late Christmas/Happy New Years!

But…ugh. I’m sorry for this. It’s lame and sloppy. I’m uncreative and couldn’t think of anything better. Well, that, and the things I wanted to draw, I wasn’t experienced enough for. I can really only draw faces, but I had trouble drawing Shinji and Satoshi’s. Believe it or not, I actually never draw fanart. And when I do, it’s actual Pokemon, not Pokemon characters. So maybe that was it.

I know it pales in comparison to everyone else’s drawings. I don’t own a tablet so I can’t draw in Sai or anything, and I don’t own a scanner so I had to just take a picture of it. I didn’t even have my colored pencils on me. Ugh. Either way, I hope you like it.

It’s Just a Vacation - Jackson (Got7) Smut

Originally posted by ughjacksonwang

Member: Jackson (Got7)

Type: Smut (w/ a lil bit of fluff (; )

Word Count: 3.5k 

A/N: Here it is. I’ve been working on this for almost three days. It’s very long. Originally I wanted this to be a short story but, I kept writing and look where we are. ANYWAYS I hope you all like & feel free to suggest and/or request things (snapchats, texts, stories, etc.) 

A vacation with the boys of Got7; sounds like a whole lot of commotion, but so fun at the same time. You’ve been waiting for this day for months and it’s finally here. You look around your room seeing if you’ve missed anything to put in your luggage.

“Okay, I think I’ve got everything.” You mumble to yourself. An incoming call makes you jump; BTS’ “Dope” playing from the other room. You walk quickly over to your living room and slide the phone icon to answer the call.

“Hello?” You say into the phone.

“Hey, you ready? We’re leaving in twenty minutes.” Mark asks.

“Oh, uh, yeah. I gotta eat. I’ll be ready. Call me when you’re here, I’ll need some help with my bags though.”

“Okay, someone’ll come help. See ya soon.” And with that, Mark disconnects the call. You walk back to your room to finish the last touches with your luggage. You leave all your things in your room; one of the boys can grab your stuff. You lay down on your bed, opening a game to occupy yourself for the remaining time you need to wait.

A knock comes from your door. You go to unlock the door to let whoever is on the other side in. “Noona!” Yugyeom almost crushes you in a tight hug. “Are you ready? Where’s your stuff?” He asks you smiling.

“Yeah, it’s all in my room. Come.” You lead Yugyeom to your room. You pick up your purse and a carry-on bag, letting Yugyeom carry the heavier things. “Thanks.” You smile back at him. Both of you leave your apartment, taking the elevator down to the van parked out front. “Here, I can put your bag in the back.” Yugyeom holds out his hand; you hand him your carry-on.

“Hey Y/N!” Everyone calls when you open the van door, all smiling at you.

“Hello, hello.” You wave your hands before getting in. The seat closest to the door is empty, which is beside Jackson. You sit down, putting your head back and closing your eyes for a moment. The ride to the airport is an hour. You want to sleep, but the boys are all loud and full of energy.

“How’ve you been?” Jackson asks you. You turn your head, so you can see the boy.

“Ah, I’ve been good. A little bit bored since I’ve been on break from work. You?”

“Oh you know, just busy most of the time. Nothing new.” Jackson laughs. “Do you know who you’re going to bunk with?”

Your eyes widen a little, actually not knowing who you’ll be sharing a room with for ten days. “Actually, I don’t. Who are you sharing with?”

“I think everyone’s picked rooms already, so I guess we’re gonna be together.” The smile on Jackson’s face grows even more. Knowing this, you get more excited. You’ve had a thing for Jackson ever since you started working as a choreographer at JYP.

“Sounds good. It’ll be fun.”


You always hated going through customs, there’s just so many people, it’s crazy. But you wait your turn, growing more impatient as the time goes by. Finally, you get through, walking down the hall to the plane. BamBam and JB on each side of you. “Hey Y/N lemme see your ticket.” JB takes your ticket from your hand. He looks over the ticket, checking the seat number.

“Hmm… You’re not sitting beside me. Hey, BamBam, what set number you got?”

“Twenty-seven F.”

JB shakes his head, “You’re not beside BamBam either. You’re probably beside Jackson like always.” JB teases. You reach the flight attendants, who are welcoming you onto the plane. You bow at the attendants and go to find your seat. Twenty-four E. You say to yourself. Walking down one of the aisles, you find your seat. You put your purse down and put your carry-on in the above head compartment. Planes have always scared you, but being a part of JYP, you’ve had to travel quite a bit.

You sit down, close your eyes, and let a long nervous breath out. It’s true, you always sit beside Jackson when you travel, he always makes you feel at ease. You hear the above head compartment open and quickly close. “Hey Y/N, you okay?” You open your eyes, seeing Jackson standing over you.

“I’m uh, you know, just a little nervous.” You say, rubbing your arms. Jackson looks at you with a concerned look in his eyes. He sits down beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders, “Hey, you’ll be fine Y/N. I’m here. If you need anything just ask, okay?”

You nod, “Thank you.”

The plane ride is pretty long. You’re traveling from Seoul to Los Angeles, which you’ve done before but, not for a well-needed vacation. You didn’t request to sit beside Jackson, usually, you never do. Then again, you’ve always liked being with Jackson, so all in all, sitting with him is a good thing.

“The plane will be landing. Please fasten your seatbelts.”  You hear over the PA. Everyone does as the person says. You reach for your belt and struggle to push it into the lock. You tap Jackson, “It’s not working.”

He looks down, taking the belt and lock from your hands and tries himself. “There, you just gotta push harder.”

You thank Jackson for his help and hold yourself tight as the plane is landing. It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine Y/N. You repeat to yourself. Jackson notices your discomfort and holds your hand. The warmth from his hand calms you down a little bit. He gives your hand a slight squeeze, holding your hand through the whole land time.

“We’ve landed. Thank you for flying with us. Enjoy your trip.” This time, a woman says this over the PA.

Jackson gets up, helping you up. You fan yourself with your hands as Jackson gets both his and your carry-on bags for the above head compartment. You meet up with the other boys and leave the plane together.

Walking down to customs, you notice you’re still holding Jackson’s hand. You smile to yourself, not letting go of his hand. “Oooo! Looks like someone’s got a girlfriend!” Junior nudges Jackson’s shoulder smirking at the both of you, before running ahead. Jackson just shakes his head and continues to walk beside you.


“Good evening. Are you checking in or out?” The hotel employee asks you.

“Hi, we’re checking in. We have four rooms. It’s under Y/N.” You tell the woman. She looks up your name on her computer.

“Ah yes, here we are. Your rooms are 306, 307, 312 and 315. They’re located on the third floor. How many room keys do you need for each room?” The woman looks up at you, waiting for an answer.

“We need eight, two for each room please.”

The woman ruffles through a few file folders and pulls out eight room keys. She hands them to you and gets you to sign a few papers. You nod and walk over to the group of boys waiting.

“Okay, so who’s staying with who? I need to give you guys the right keys.” Everyone starts answering at once, confusing you even more.

“Young Jae.” JB answers

“BamBam.”  Yugyeom says, shaking BamBam’s shoulders

“Mark.” Junior finishes.

“Wait, okay, just sit beside the person you’re staying with and I’ll give you your keys.” You command. The boys do as you say. You start to hand out the keys, telling them the rooms are on the third floor, the same way the lady told you earlier. Once you’ve handed all the keys out, everyone makes their way to the elevators. Young Jae, JB, Mark and Junior go up first.

The four of you walk down the hall to find your rooms. “What rooms do we have again noona?” BamBam asks.

“306 and 307. They should be around here.”

Yugyeom walks up to room 306 and taps the key on the scanner. “C’mon BamBam. Leave those two alone.” BamBam obeys, walking into the room and winking at you before closing the door. You shake your head while smiling. Jackson taps his room key on the scanner to your room, holding the door open for you.

Jackson closes the door, kicks off his shoes and jumps on one of the beds. “Ugh. I’m so tired. I could fall asleep right now.” He says, thinking out loud. You sit down on the other bed, “Me too. I’m hungry, though.”

Jackson turns on the bed to face you. “You wanna grab something to eat? We can go out quickly.”

You twist a piece of hair, “Sure, lemme change first. I think it’s too hot for jeans.” You get up from the bed, rummaging through your suitcase looking for a pair of black shorts. Finding them, you walk over to the bathroom to change. You start to pull down your jeans when you hear your phone ring from the other room.

“Hey Y/N! Your phone!” Jackson yells from outside. You hear a ‘hello’ come from the other side of the door. “Yeah, she’s here. I’ll give her the phone.” Jackson twists the door and opens it revealing your pants-less self. You blush, snatching your phone from Jackson. He mouths ‘sorry’ as he closes the door.

“Hello?” You say into the phone.

“Hey, Y/N. How was the plane ride? Are you feeling okay? Are you in your room? How’s the weat-”

“Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry. And yes I’m in my room.” She always asks so many questions.

“Who else in in the room with you?” Your mom asks yet another question.

“It’s just Jackson and I. We all have two to a room.” You put your phone on speaker, wanting to get your shorts on. You hear your belly grumble as you button up your shorts. “Mom, we’re gonna get something to eat. I’ll text you tomorrow. Don’t worry about me okay?”

Your mom sighs, “You know I will. Just be safe Y/N. I want you home in one piece. Have fun!”

You disconnect the call and walk out from the bathroom. Jackson comes from around the corner with a glass of water, shirtless. He’s one of the, if not the most, muscular people you know. He finishes the glass of water and sets it down on a table.

“What shirt should I wear? I can’t decide.” Jackson sits down beside three shirts he’s laid out on the bed. “Hm… Do you have any other ones, other than black?” Jackson rustles around in his suitcase, “You look. I don’t know what one to wear.”

You pull out a few coloured shirts. “How ‘bout this one?” You hold up a navy blue shirt with a white stripe all along the bottom. “I really like this one.”

Jackson takes the shirt, pulling it over his head. “Do I look good?” He asks you, standing up and turning. You run your hands down his chest, smoothing out the fabric. “Very good,” You smile at him, “okay, let’s go. I’m hungry.” You pad down to the door, phone in hand. Bending down, you slip on your white Converse. Jackson appears holding your purse.

“Forgot something?” He laughs.

“Oh my gosh. Thanks.” You take your purse and sling it over your shoulder. Jackson puts on his black Nike’s and sunglasses. “We can just walk, huh?” You ask. Jackson nods, “Yeah, we’ll just grab something from down the street and bring it back.”

You two leave the hotel, walking out in the night. “It’s so beautiful out here. There’s so many lights.” Your mouth practically drops open from the views you have. “Do you know what you want to eat?” Jackson asks you.

“I’ll eat whatever you want. I don’t mind.”

“Burritos? It’s right there.” Jackson points across the street to a burrito place. “Sure.” You say as you press the button to cross the street.

Both of you order, and wait for your burritos to be wrapped. You dig through your purse looking for your wallet but, Jackson stops you. “Don’t worry, I got it.” He pulls out his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans and walks up to the cashier. The cashier hands Jackson a bag and a receipt.

“Okay let’s go Y/N.” Jackson takes your hand in his, walking out of the shop. You and Jackson have always had your little flirting moments but, there’s been so much more lately, which you don’t mind one bit.

Once you two arrive back at your room, you let go of Jackson’s hand. You take Jackson’s wallet from his pocket, open it, and tap the room key on the door, letting yourself and Jackson in. You and Jackson have a little conversation over your late dinner. You yawn and rub your eyes. You look at your phone to check the time. 12:24 AM you read on the dim screen.

You go into the small kitchen and grab a glass of water, bringing it with you back to your bed. “Hey, Jackson?” You call out loud, not knowing where Jackson disappeared to. You don’t get an answer, so you go to the bathroom, checking if he’s there. Nope, the light’s off, and the door is open. How ‘bout outside? You go back to the main part of your room and open the door to the balcony. Jackson is leaning against the railing looking out into the dark sky.

You close the door, causing Jackson to turn around. You place your hand on his back, “Hey I’m gonna go shower then go to bed. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanted some air.” Jackson sniffles and turns to face you. You can see his cheeks are flushed pink. You raise your hand to touch his cheek; you hand is met with cold skin.

“Come inside, it’s cold out here.” Jackson follows you inside and sits on your bed. He pats the spot beside him, motioning you to sit down. Before you sit down you take one of the blankets from the shelf and wrap it around Jackson. You sit beside the boy and put your head on his shoulder. He pulls you closer, with his arm around your waist.

“Sleep with me tonight Y/N.”

“Okay but, I gotta shower. I won’t be long.” You stand up trying to hide your flushed cheeks. Jackson just asked you to sleep with him. Never have you thought this would happen. This only happened in your dreams. Right?

“Ah, shit.” You mumble. Jackson’s head turns to see what’s going on. “Something wrong?”

“I forgot the shirt I wear to bed.” You pout. Jackson bends down, pulling out a black t-shirt from his luggage. He tosses it to you, “Here, wear this.” You catch the shirt; it smells like his cologne.

The shower was so needed after today. The day felt so long. You squeeze your hair trying to get most of the water out. You pull on your undies and put your bra on; then put on the t-shirt Jackson gave you. It’s big enough so you don’t have to wear shorts under. Jackson is laying on one of the beds under the sheet. You pull up the duvet over Jackson’s body.

His eyes open. “Sorry. Did I wake you up?”

“No, I was awake. I was waiting for you.” He sits up in the bed; back against the headboard. You lay down on the other side of the bed. “Lay down.” You whisper.

Jackson does so, facing you and pulling you closer to his warm body. He puts his hand on the back of your head, planting a kiss on your forehead. “You know I like you, right?”

“I kinda guessed. I always had my eyes on you ever since I started working at JYP.” You admit. “But we never got close enough until this year. I never thought you’d actually like me but, there were always small signs that made me start to think so.”

“Well, I do. And you like me to don’t you.” He says more as a statement than a question.

“Mmm… Yeah, I do. I really like you, Jackson.” You look up at him. Jackson is beaming with happiness. He cups your face, tilting your chin up and leans into you, kissing you. He beings getting more into the kiss, as do you. You feel a stray hand sliding down your side and under your shirt. Jackson massages your back while bringing you deeper and deeper into the kiss.

You roll on top of Jackson, taking more control. His hands now lifting your shirt higher making your cold skin meet Jackson’s burning skin. You tangle your fingers in Jackson’s hair; he disconnects himself from your lips to pull your shirt completely off. You sit up, stopping Jackson from removing your shirt.

“Wait. They’ll hear.” Jackson sits up, with you still on his lap. “Who cares. It’ll be fine Y/N.” He kisses your lips, then trails down onto your neck.

“Mmm… Jackson…” You mumble as Jackson gets lower. His hands lift your shirt off; the shirt finds a new place- the floor. Jackson pushes you back, so you’re laying down. He continues to leave kisses all down your body; around your breasts, belly and down on your thighs. His hands run up your body reaching for your hands. You take Jackson’s hands, lacing your fingers together with his.

Jackson kisses close around your core, making you more aroused. You feel your panties leaving your body; your legs being spread. Jackson teases you with his tongue licking around your opening. You try to keep in your moans so no one suspects your dirty acts.

A finger finds its way inside of you, the feeling is too good and a moan escapes you. Jackson smirks at your need for him. He pumps his finger in and out; he adds another once you get too tight. Keeping your cries in is getting harder and harder the more Jackson pumps his fingers inside you.

You feel Jackson curl his fingers a bit, hitting your spot. “Ah! Ohmygosh…” You let out a cry; Jackson removes his fingers, licking what you’ve left on him. You feel around Jackson’s pants, palming his member. The zipper on his pants is already down, so you unbutton the pants starting to pull them off his body.

The bulge is very visible from Jackson’s boxers. Jackson reattaches his lips to yours; he makes fast work of unclasping your bra, as you pull down his boxers. You begin slowly pumping his member, getting Jackson even harder. He lets out a few low moans, keeping most to himself.

Jackson pulls you on top of him, placing you right where his member lurks. He licks a few fingers, preparing himself before entering you. You swing your arms over Jackson’s shoulders, holding tight and hiding your face in his neck. He positions you over his member and squeezes inside. Letting out a small whimper, you bite down on your lip and let Jackson take over completely.

You feel hands around your waist, bouncing you up and down. Jackson’s breaths speed, but his words are broken, “Hey… Jagi, you, ugh, holding up… okay?”

No words can be put together, you only manage to let out a ‘Mmm…’ as a response. You almost reach your climax, making it ever harder to hold in your cries of pleasure. Giving up, you let yourself cry out your signs of pleasure, along with Jackson’s name and some profanity.

“Fuck, Jackson-ah. It feels mmm…”

Jackson rides you out passed your climax, while reaching his. He lets you off; you both breathing heavy, collapsing on the bed. The tiredness takes over you, soon the room fading from your eyes.


Knocks coming from the door wake you from your slumber. You grab Jackson’s shirt, which happened to be the closest article of clothing closest to you, and jog down to the door. You unlock the door, opening it, revealing six boys waiting outside your room. The blood rushes to your face, being you are only in a t-shirt.

“Oh, uh hey. You guys didn’t text me.” You say, way beyond embarrassed. You half-hide behind the door, as all the boys eyes’ lock on you.

“Yeah, we did Y/N. Like five times.” Junior responds. “We are gonna go out for breakfast if you want to join. We can wait a few minutes.”

“No, it’s okay, you guys go. It’ll take me more than a few minutes to get ready.” You wave your hands, motioning the boys to go without you and Jackson.

“C’mon guys, let’s go. Y/N and Jackson were too busy having fun last night.” Yugyeom giggles, raising an eyebrow at you. The boys all laugh as they walk away.

“Hey, what was that about?” Jackson asks in a groggy voice, scratching his head.

“I told you they’d hear us.”

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Grocery Store


(I’m ringing a customer when all of a sudden my register freezes and crashes.)

Me: “Oh no. I’m so sorry. Let me get my manager over here.”

Customer: “No rush. I’ll just look at the candy.”

(The manager winds up having to reboot my system and then let it reload, which will take around ten minutes.)

Me: “Sorry about this. Unfortunately since all the information will be saved, I have to finish the transaction on this register.”

Customer: “Don’t worry about it honey. Stuff happens. I’m in no hurry.” *pause* “So do you like crime shows?”

Me: “I’m a huge Castle fan as well as NCIS.”

Customer: “I love NCIS, but I’ve never seen the other one. I’ll have to give it a try.”

Me: *trying my keycode to see if the register will work* “Ugh, still nothing.”

Customer: “Maybe you should bribe it with a candy bar.”

Me: “Butterfingers usually work on me, but unfortunately the register only replies to demands and firm smacks.”

(She laughs and reaches over to lightly hit the side of the scanner. We chat about other shows we watch and some books. We even start dancing in the aisle to the music over the intercom until my register is done rebooting.)

Me: “Victory! Have a nice day ma'am!”

Customer: “You too honey! And thank you for such a wonderful conversation.” *Slides a butterfinger over to me* “This is for you. Smack the register for me!”

(She made my day!)

Once again, failing at being productive. Drawing this instead of drawing what I’m supposed to draw for my course. Only slight regrets.

WOW I really hate my scanner sometimes. The shading looks so much better on the paper…improvement, though, there’s no cat hair this time. I think.

More: [Elsa]

hannahblumenreich  asked:

Hello! I was just thinking this morning about large format scanners and now you've posted a picture of yours, how very fortuitous. I've heard mixed things about the Mustek, so can I ask what sorts of issues it gives you? (Also are there even other brands out there besides the Mustek and the (so expensive) Epson?)

Ugh, scanners. Sadly, from what I’ve researched (and I’ve asked other cartoonists), there isn’t really any mid-level large format scanner worth buying. There’s either the low end Musteks or the really high end scanners that cost like $1,000+. Some people have recommend a couple of 3 in 1 scanners, but they’re still on the low end of things, so I don’t know if they’d be that good.

For the most part, the Mustek is great for its price. It’s reliable, works well with a Windows computer (I’ve heard they don’t play well with Macs) and scans well. I’ve scanned all my books since Friends with Boys with this scanner. My main issue with it is that my publisher First Second requires lineart to be scanned at 1200 dpi, which is the absolute maximum this scanner will scan at. So sometimes it just doesn’t want to scan and freaks out and I have to scan a page multiple times in order to get the whole page in the computer. It’s not a huge deal, just time-consuming. As far as scanners go, if you use a Windows computer, the Mustek is probably your best bet, unless you’re willing to pay a huge chunk of change. 

If you’re working with a publisher who only wants pages at 600 dpi, you probably won’t have any problems with the Mustek. It scans fine at that rate (and lower).