but i have no real talents



I can not stress enough how disrespectful this is.

I didn’t even write it and I’m embarrassed that someone in our fandom did this.

I get it, Yuzuru is an adorable cinnamon roll and to the yoi fans, like a real life yuuri. But he’s NOT Yuuri. The similarities stop at being a japanese skater and having a plush tissue box (seriously that’s it).

Yuzuru is a FOUR TIME GOLD MEDALIST, and just won gold again. He’s a clean, professional skater, and while i love Yuuri, comparing Yuzuru to Yuuri who, while being a great skater, placed last at the last gpf, and may possibly not win this one, is wrong and disrespectful. You might as well be comparing Yuuri to Victor when it comes to skating talent, and we all know Victor is ten times better.

Fans of Yuzuru are lashing out at the yoi fanbase because of this, and i cant apologize enough to them because someone in our fandom thought this was a good idea.

Thanks to the idiot who did this, because now the real skating fan community hates us. 😰😤😠😡.

Please, go watch Yuzuru skate, and you will understand why it is important that you dont compare the two. As a hardcore yoi fan myself, i found that disturbing.

I hope our fandom doesn’t start doing that to other skaters. 😓i get how fans like yuzuru bc of yoi, hell i found an interest in iceskating period bc of the show, and the show did draw my eye to him, but they’re not the same.

God why cant ppl just like both without having to do this?

-Rant over

Edit: i see that the page is back to normal thank goodness. As for ppl saying that I’m overreacting, am i really? I follow many of Yuzuru’s pages and all of them expressed nothing but hate not only towards the person responsible, but the yoi fanbase as a whole, and even the show itself. “Yoi is disgusting leave yuzuru alone” “i hate that show for doing this to Yuzuru” “anime fans have gone too far” “i knew that these two communities could not mix”….i have a screencap of someone saying that last one and it hurts my heart so badly because yuri on ice is such a flawless piece of work and so far we’ve done nothing but love eachothers communities. But they feel like yoi fans are being rude, disrespectful, and going too far because of this and that upsets me because the community we should be respecting the most is the real life community, the one with real ppl, not the one with imaginary ppl, no matter if we love one more than the other. I’d like the yoi community to keep good face as a welcoming community that’s respectful. If you dont see whats wrong here, you’re part of the problem.

So people with bpd get ridiculed for having irrational emotional responses or fearing nonexistant abandonment, but non-borderlines don’t understand how real and logical it seems to us.

Like I don’t care if it’s a minor issue, even if I know it’s a minor issue, my brain has decided its worth a full on meltdown.

Or if my friend doesn’t respond to my messages, my mind will put pieces together in such a way that being abandoned seems logical.

My brain is really talented at making me believe things and they seem real to me so don’t ridicule me for my emotions

Jordan Carlos, Comedian

What inspired you to get involved with The Ally Coalition?

The lineup itself is amazing and to be asked to do it and I was like “duh” that was my answer… I just feel like especially now after the election, things like this are so important. The forces that have been unleashed by the election need to be met in kind by standing up, by vocalizing, and not passively saying, “well looks like our side lost.” I feel like with that said, lending whatever talents I have, I’m glad to do it.

What’s a piece of advice you have for people who want to get involved post election?

Don’t miss an opportunity. It could be at home. It could be people saying things at home. You don’t have to be friends all the time with your loved ones. I’ve had plenty of kitchen table conversations with my parents about LGBTQ issues. It gets real sensitive in the African American community and just like, “hey you raised a generation of kids that don’t feel the same way, sorry.” Just knowing that there’s still love there and even though I might not have changed my parents minds to be exactly like mine, it doesn’t matter. They still respect my point of view and their mode of thinking, event though their openminded and fought for civil rights, it’s 2000 new. So that’s my own personal experience. Don’t be afraid to have your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in front of your family. I know people talk about being in a bubble in public, but really I feel like people always say that Thanksgiving dinner was awkward with my family, it’s all about your relations and your friends. And don’t just unsubscribe or unfriend people because they have different points of view, keep them on, say “you know what, I’m here too.” And just by you being here, your existence is a form of resistance. 

Stop sleeping on Yuta

can ?? we ?? talk ?? about ?? how ?? he signed with sm as a vocalist , trained as a rapper and now has the role of a dancer in nct 127 . like what is this talent , is he even real ? not only is he good with his words , he’s also a highkey sweetheart and have you seen how he takes care of the other members ?? not trying to bring up irrelevant matters but honestly i’ve seen yuta lost so many fans over his chin and he’s always getting insulted 24/7 for no reason when he deserves SO MUCH better . and not going to lie , i’ve noticed how much he stopped laughing and smiling ever since the chin incident happened as compared to when he was in ’ nct life in paju ’ and it really makes me really sad as a fan because honestly who are we to judge him and his looks ?? AND NOT FORGETTING , as compared to the previous album he’s gotten much more lines and yet i still don’t see many people appreciating his vocals . he’s improved so much as a dancer and he’s always finding ways to make nct’s broadcasts fun and entertaining . how can one not love him honestly ?? all of these was irrelevant but i just had to , i love my japanese prince so much but i feel like he isn’t getting as much love lately

what was really in genji's letter to mercy 100% real not fake

dear angela, how are you? i’m writing this letter and watching my beautiful robot husband play in the snow. haha. he’s such a nerd i love him. i hope you and fareeha are doing well in your marriage

love genji

p.s have this feather i found. it is from a bird. your wife, fareeha, who you love very much, is also like a bird. i thought you would appreciate it

p.s again i love my omnic husband we are going to make a snowman now

Merry (late) Christmas 
@l-sula-l !

Hey Bambi! I know 2016 has been a nightmare of a year, but I’m so glad I got in touch with you! You’re really funny and you always crack me up. Also, you’re very talented too!  You have a beautiful voice and your Pearl’s impersonations are hard to believe they’re not the real thing hahahaha! Well, Merry late Christmas, and I wish you and all a better 2017! Love you, be safe and take care! 💜


Got pretty inspired by @silvervictory drawing very cute art of rareships and such, so I decided to sketch these lovely dorks as spirits from my rather newborn ghost au :D

I am a straight A student.

I am not naturally gifted.

I have nothing I am exceptionally good at without having to try or study or revise.

I love my music, I am probably most passionate about that. I am not a virtuoso composer. I am not naturally able at it.

I love to write. But I only ever get two lines of words, not even poetry, at most - maybe every few months. I am not naturally talented at writing.

I am good at maths. But only years of my mother shouting at me, I’m crying in the frustration of not being able solve a problem, and I have repeated the same two levels of Kumon 3 times to get it settled in my head. I am experienced. I am not naturally good at maths.

I enjoy science, and I understand it. I do well in my class. But only after years of sitting down after school everyday for two hours and doing two pages from six study books, when I was meant to be outside in the park on monkey bars. I learnt everything beforehand. I am not naturally good at science.

These are my best subjects.

I have no natural ability. But I will be damned if I don’t make up for it in practice.

I am a straight A student.

I am not naturally gifted.

But I am still good because I work my ass off to be good.


It’s been a week since @we-all-have-a-storyyy went missing, that’s scary as hell… I keep thinking how did this happen, why did this happen…. She’s very active in the YouTube scene and known by many “fandoms”. She was one of the first supporters of Hannah, grace and mamrie that I followed on tumblr and twitter. We haven’t had a full on real convocation or anything like that but she has always been very kind and we’ve both been active on each other’s tumblr’s. And from following her for as long as I have I can tell she’s kind, warm hearted, full of life, talented, and many other things. I look at her tumblr and these photos and I can’t wrap my head around the fact she’s missing, it doesn’t seem real, I also can’t imagine how her family and friends are feeling during this time… Your friends, family and followers miss you like crazy, I pray for your safe return as soon as possible and my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends🙏🏼. Everyone remember what she looks like and keep your eyes open, if you have any information please contact the police. And Everyone keep spreading her info and face around, the more to see it the better 🙏🏼

anonymous asked:

sorry if this is annoying but did Louis and Lauren hang out in the past too I didn't know?

Hi, yes they did! Once, well at least publicly. They attended Britain’s Got Talent and left the afterparty at Libertine in London together on June 1st, 2015:

That created a lot of headlines which ofc was mutual promo for both bands. After that there was no real public interaction until Januar this year where she left a comment on his Insta post:

And now they were seen together on the 27th at Bootsy Bellows in LA having a conversation that apparently captivated them both:

Seems like they have a lot to talk about …and just because of it’s importance, let me add these:

Jay Park can do EVERYTHING ! He’s just the most talented guy ever … How can you rap, dance, sing, write/compose, be the CEO of your own company, funny (in shows and real life), super nice, have a sexy body and a baby face ? HOW ???? He’s so hard-working, he always try to improve, and i’m so happy for him ! He deserve everything he has !

Keanu Reeves when asked about River during an interview, 1991:

‘’[…] One day he will be the biggest actor in Hollywood. Actually he is the most talented young actor there is right now in Hollywood. We knew each other already from working together on I Love You To Death. This made doing My Own Private Idaho a lot easier. We made a kind of blood brother pact. River is a real good friend. He’s so uncomplicated. And we have many things in common. For example, our love for motorbikes. Every evening we don’t spend together we’re on the phone. River doesn’t really like LA, so he’s planning to move to Montana. Then we won’t be able to meet that often anymore. But luckily he’s art actor, so to work he has to come here often so then we can do all the crazy things together.’’ 

I twisted, my loose clothes sliding over my shoulders, my waist. I hadn’t realized how much weight I’d lost…..
Even that casual mention of his power failed to chill me, awe me. “But I’ll always make time for you.”
I was hungry- I hadn’t yet eaten. And that was indeed worry glimmering behind the cocky, insufferable grin.
So I motioned him to lead the way to that familiar glass table at the end of the hall.
We walked a casual distance apart. Tired. I was so- tired.

ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas

Depression is a real devastating situation, which was beautifully depicted by such a talented author @sjmaas . It is wonderful to have such illustration provided to young adults, demonstrating that they are not the only ones with such problems. They are not alone, on their lack of energy.

Not to Brag But...

(Our party is pretty deep in our cups by now and the paladin is trying to have a real moment with the NPC Kari, an enchanter who is helping us with a unique object that we ran into during our pub crawl. The ranger, who never drank before and is extremely far along, tries to subtly pitch in some insight. Very subtly.)

Paladin Bard: Well, Kari, I had a feeling that you got your talent somewhere, but I have to be honest with you.  People like you, you give me hope.

Kari: Hope?! What kind of hope? Why do I give you hope?

Paladin Bard: You give me the hope that my friends and I might actually survive this and get enough money to be financially independent and live long lives some day, and that not all adventurers end up as skeletons in a tomb–

Kari: Most do!

Paladin Bard: I’m well aware…

Ranger: (heavily drunk & slurring) Lack of skeletons’ good!

Kari: For what it’s worth, I’m kind of impressed by the crypt delving.

Ranger: Thaaaaaaat’s nothin’. (releases loud and unexpected belch)


That was harder than I ever imagined. I want to thank everyone around me and all of the amazing fans out there that made that so special!
Feeling so much love around me and my family . Mum would have been so fucking proud ( sorry for swearing mum 😝 ) love you !
Also @steveaoki , you have been such a rock and inspiration throughout this ! Pure talent and a real gent !