but i have no pictures from phoenix


take down their pictures;
delete their numbers from your phone.

{your garden is dead, my dear; stop tending to corpses.}


longing paces circles in your heart.
the want for more thrums just under your skin,
and in your veins there are a thousand wolves howling,
their necks craned back in prayer to the moon.

{you are not a monster for wanting more than what’s been offered to you.}


what-ifs are a radio silence,
a white noise,
a down-pouring of smoke that coils, serpent-slick,
around the birdcage of your lungs.

{your dreams are too young yet to be buried.}


time will make strangers of us all,
but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it.

{the sea will wash your footprints from the shore but I promise,
what matters is that they were once there.}


the future hangs in nooses around your throat.

{your doubts are not a guillotine to lay your head upon.}


you are a secret kept between cupped palms;
you are the first drizzle of spring, the first laughter-filled nights of summer.

{scrape their faces from your mirror-
the past has nothing to show you anymore.}


one day, you will wake up and be happy,
and you should be around to see it.

{darling, you don’t need to have it all figured out now.}


count the stars,
and count the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

{just because icarus fell doesn’t mean you will.}


un-stitch the sadness from the soles of your shoes;
un-sink the shipwreck of your smile.

{wring out the thoughts of yesterday
and start again.}


you are not an island;
you are the sky, and when you hurl down lightning and rainfall,
you are not hurting only yourself.

{no one said that you have to weather your storms alone.}


heavy is the head that wears the crown,
but only if you let it be.

{believe in yourself the way you believe in others.}


you are not atlas, and they are not your responsibility.

{please remember, if nothing else: 
the weight of the world is heavy enough without trying to carry other people.}

–to the signs: you are loved, you are loved, you are loved. | e.c.s

Translation from Naruhodo Fanbook

I felt like doing some translation for my own enjoyment so I grabbed my Naruhodo fanbook and picked this amazing scene out from the character blog section in the back. This was written by Takumi Shuu as promo material for the original trilogy back in 2005.

“English Version”

Mayoi: Hey, hey Naruhodo-kun! Did you hear?

Naruhodo: Hear what? You look awfully excited.

M: Apparently we’re finally gonna make our American debut!

N: Oh, you mean the English version, huh?

M: And apparently the setting is, get this, the crime capital, Los Angeles! Isn’t it exciting?!

N: …Don’t let anyone from Los Angeles hear you call their city that. They’ll get mad.

M: Well, they have a saying there: “If you toss a rock into a crowd, it’ll hit a criminal.”

N: You do realize that the second you throw a rock into a crowd, you yourself are a criminal, right?


M: You know, Naruhodo-kun. Something about you just doesn’t do it for me…

N: Wh-what do you mean?

M: It’s your face. It wouldn’t fit the image of “the crime capital.” You’ve gotta at least dye your hair blond.

N: B-blond…?!

M: Ah! Come to think of it, there’s an old saying in my village.

N: Oh, I can’t wait to hear this.

M: Let’s see, they say if you wash your hair with beer, it’ll turn blond!

N: ……..

M: It’s a saying that’s been passed down for years, but no one’s tried it out yet.

N: All you’d need is one person to try it to know whether it’s true… That’s not much of a mystery.

M: Just wait a sec, ok? I’m gonna go buy some beer.

N: ….Um, you know, Mayoi-chan, I feel like I should just give you a heads up.

M: Hmm? about what?

N: You know this doesn’t mean we’ll be going to America ourselves, right?

M: What?! No way! Seriously?!

N: The name of the main character in the English version isn’t even “Naruhodo Ryuuichi”.

M: Aw come on! What’s his name, then?!

N: Um, if I remember correctly, it’s Phoenix Wright.

M: …Your name got changed to “Feenicks”?

N: What’s that face for?

M: I mean, look at you! You don’t look like a “Phoenix” at all.

N: You don’t think so? Personally, I think I’ve got some birdlike qualities.

M: In that case, I think they should’ve gone with “chicken” for you. Chicken lawyer.

N: Mayoi-chan… You’re in a weirdly combative mood today.

M: And you’re not nearly bright enough to earn the name “Light”

N: I’m pretty sure “Wright” and “Light” are two different words. Probably.

M: What about “Rice” instead?

N: Um, what?

M: Forget Phoenix Wright. Go with Chicken Rice.

N: Who the heck would ever name their kid that?

M: Or maybe “Fried” would be good. Chicken Fried.

N: Well, what would your name be, Mayoi-chan?

M: Me? Let’s see… My name’s Mayoi, so how about “Mayonnaise”?

N: …That actually might suit you pretty well.

M: I’m a fan of mayonnaise.

N: Chicken Fried and Mayonnaise… We sound like a pretty high calorie pair.

M: More like a delicious pair.

N: Come to think of it, what do you think Mitsurugi’s name should be?

M: Let’s see… His name is Mitsurugi Reiji, so… How about “Ray G. Mituroogi”?

N: Huh. That’s unexpectedly straightforward.

M: But it gives you a sense of his pickiness, don’t you think? Especially the “Mituroogi” part.

N: Either way, I’m pretty sure they’ll make his name totally different.


M: ……………..

N: ? What’s up? You’re weirdly quiet all of a sudden.

M: I might’ve just thought of something amazing.

N: What’s that?

M: The perfect crime… in Los Angeles.

N: Perfect crime… You?

M: So there’s a lawyer who looks exactly like you over there in the Crime Capital, right?

N: I guess. Mr. Phoenix.

M: So for example, you could go to a restaurant and eat a whole bunch of food, like chicken rice and fried chicken with mayonnaise on it.

N: Yes, I can see it now…

M: Then when the bill comes, you can tell them you forgot your wallet at home. When someone from the staff grabs you by the scruff of your neck, you shout “I AM PHOENIX!”

N: …When I picture that scene, it looks like some serious carnage took place there.M: And then they’ll send the bill to that Attorney Phoenix guy, see?

N: …I feel like attempting a crime like that would get you stoned by someone.

M: And I could eat all the miso ramen I wanted too!

N: Unfortunately, I don’t think they have miso ramen in America.

M: Really? You think? …I wonder what American me’s favorite food is, then.

N: Who knows?

Voice: Excuse meee!

M: Oh, there’s someone at the door. Comingggg!

Delivery man: Um, I have something here for the Naruhodo and Co. Law Offices… Ah, for a Miss Mayoi. Is that you?

M: Y-yes, that’s me. What is it?

D: I work at the restaurant Burger Land, and I have a bill here for you.

M: “15 Triple Burgers at 4,500 yen a piece”… Th-this wasn’t me!

D: Sorry, but it was definitely you. You came to our shop, stuffed your mouth with burgers, and shouted “I AM MAYOI,” spraying food everywhere!

M: …………

N: ………..

M: They got us first, Naruhodo-kun.

N: Sounds like the American you likes burgers, huh?

⚜Admin Sam’s EXO Comeback Theory 2017 Compilation⚜

To start, here is the old compilation of my Phantom of the Opera/Mask choreography comeback theory that I’ve had for a couple of years - this concept still hasn’t manifested. I don’t know if it will never happen or if it is going to be combined with this comeback theory concept to be doubley-amazing, OR if it could possibly be the repackaged concept.

^^from MAMA 2016.

Many of you may know about the Royalty/Kings concept, and here I am going to compile what I have seen so far about it!

♛^This picture is from the old comeback theory post. People were confused by the “THTONES” but since earlier this year, similar posts started flying around saying that the title track would be called “THRONE,” which… makes more sense. cr. mydeeryo

♛There are rumors that both “Full Moon” (performed on tour) and “Phoenix” (from teaser era) will be on this album. There are also rumors that it will be a full-length album and that the repackaged has been in the works (these are looser rumors/he-said-she-said kind of stuff so take it with a grain of salt). 

♛During EXO’s fifth anniversary vlive broadcast, Jongin referenced a Korean idiom and said he’s “sharpening his sword,” which has a meaning of working hard/preparing. This led fans to believe that this is related to the royalty concept and that it could be a knightly theme or even that the choreography could be related to sword-fighting. It was an idiom but Jongin is quite book-smart and clever with his words, even though he doesn’t show it as much as Baekhyun.

@jonginssoo (view post)

♛Speaking of Baekhyun, his “it’s hot” hint - he said it again here at the Exordium dot press conference. Fans speculate that the hint was simply to say that it would be a summer concept but I’m sure it’s more than that. Some people believe that it’s wordplay, that he means “The War” in english. So sneaky~ I don’t know if it has to do with the title of the song or the song’s theme.

♛He also said SOMEWHERE something about them coming back as powerful warriors but I can’t for the life of me find that???!?! I wish I had saved it somewhere because I automatically thought of the royalty/knights concept. Please let me know if you know where this is from.

♛And then obviously, the royalty outfits:


♛Bringing back MAMA powers and/or having a song that is about the state of the world, similar to MAMA

♛A song that is not a love/relationship song.

♛I still think it could have the same vibe as my mask concept. Historical outfits, baroque architecture LOL. Knights/warriors/game of thrones/that sort of thing you know

♛That old joke Baek made about Kyungsoo doing pilates to prepare for the comeback LMFAO maybe some difficult choreography/b-boying/acrobatic formations like in Overdose

♛I think there will be a rapper-line song, kind of like Twenty Four, whether it’s Full Moon, Do it Together, or another song.

So I believe that’s all I have for now, send a message if you have any detective work that I’ve missed and I will tag everything with “comeback2017″ so you can visit /tagged/comeback2017 to see all of the posts/asks I answer about this!

Get to work, EXO-Ls 🔍🗒🖋

He was always asking questions. When I last saw him, he had all sorts of questions about how I was living my life, and about subjects multifarious. Nobody close to River could escape his scrutiny (or his sly teasing wit) and I, perhaps, represented an “Older Person’s Point of View.” We were in my funky apartment on the ocean side of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Still full of energy at 2 A.M., he asked if he could play his guitar on the deck when I said I had to sleep. I said, “Sure,” and left him looking out over the ocean and playing. I told him he could lock up after himself.

In fact, River was still there in the morning; he was sleeping on the floor with his guitar, lying on pillows he had taken off the couch. He had slept in the clothes he was wearing the night before. I woke him making coffee. Getting up sleepily, he thanked me for waking him, and drove into town to the set of the motion picture in which he was starring. 

From his clothes, from his very simplicity, you’d have thought he was homeless. Maybe he was. Maybe he’s home now.

- William Richert on River (In Search of River Phoenix).


pictures from the con (2/2)

all of these absolutely wonderful people did not have a tumblr for me to tag them in, but I still got permission to post these pictures!

there will be more tomorrow!

Lady in Red: Linda Cho’s “Anastasia” Pièce de Résistance

I was going to wait a little bit before doing a piece on one specific outfit, especially since I’ve blogged about it a couple times, but inspiration has struck and I want to try and go in-depth on one of my absolute favorite costumes of the 2016-2017 season today.

As those who follow my other blog ( @overheardinwod ) already know, I am a huge fan of the musical Anastasia and have eagerly anticipated its debut for years. Linda Cho, in doing her research for the costumes for the stage musical, clearly took some inspiration from the 1997 animated Don Bluth classic upon which the musical is partially based, but instead of doing a shot-for-shot remake of Anya’s costumes, she chose to adapt them or create entirely new designs.

One of those designs is Anastasia’s Royal Red gown, sumptuously decorated with gold filigree, beadwork, and some of the most impressive gem work I have seen on Broadway this season. It’s a showstopping gown, and the one in which Christy Altomare took her very well-deserved bow on opening night, which is where many of the stills for this review have come from. Fortunately for me, this is an eye-catching gown, and so there are a lot of high-quality stills to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what I believe to truly be Linda Cho’s greatest accomplishment from the production:

(Photo credit: JustJared)

I’d be emotional in something this fine too, so I completely understand the expression on Christy Altomare’s face (okay, it’s because of the wild reception to her performance from the crowd, but I had to). The dress is absolutely fantastic on her figure, which is both petite and slender–in some ways, that made Linda Cho’s job designing a little easier because (while a bit on the short side), Christy Altomare has a “classical” figure for a leading lady on Broadway.

The dress itself is in two parts: a rust-red and gold brocade underskirt (presumably with some kind of corsetry or petticoats beneath to provide additional body), with an outer satiny, silky red body that is richly enhanced by gold filigree, beadwork, and truly impressive beadwork. At first glance, it positively screams royalty, even without the tiara (it’s not quite a kokoshnik this time because of the lack of a solid band!) on the head of the wearer. It’s a gown that is meant to impress the audience, not only in the scene but out in the crowd as observers of the musical. It has presence and helps to make Anastasia stand out in a positive way.

Look at the background of the scene (where this dress appears, even if this is a still from the bows). The scenery is a blend of black, white, and gray, and the other figured onstage are clad either in white or in much more muted colors. The bright, vibrant red of the outer portion of the dress and the bust are designed to command the attention of the viewer; they make clear that not only is Anastasia the central character here, she is the most important figure in the building. Even from a distance, one can see how important this costume is: it’s heavy, it’s rich, it’s colorful (and in shades not seen elsewhere in the musical), and it has body that gives it substance. But beyond all of that, the detail hops out even from afar.

From afar, we can see the patterning in rough form. The fold filigree forms a geometric, almost feather-like design on the gown, while the bust sports a pattern that should be familiar to students of Russian history: it’s an homage to the Romanovs’ double-headed eagle, a symbol of Imperial Russia, the Romanov family, and the empire itself. But while typically a quite masculine symbol, here it takes on an airier, more feminine tone as befits the character. Even in a heavy dress like this, the light touch with the gold means that we are reminded that this is a princess, with all the soft connotations that word tends to conjure in our minds.

Let’s go in a bit closer, with a Broadway.com still from Christy Altomare’s dressing room (which I also first saw on @anyasdimitry‘s blog):

Up close, it’s easy to see the sheer beauty and mastery of the detail work, and the lighting lets us look even closer. We see that Linda Cho has chosen to accent the dress not only with gold filigree detailing, but with beadwork and with gem work. The way the light falls in this image, we can see that the jewels are quite a bit darker than the outer gown, but also more bright and “pure” red than the brocade that forms the inner body of the gown. That is a clever and intentional design decision; whenever you are stacking colors atop one another, you need to find ways to distinguish them. Usually you will do that by one of two means: variations in shade, or variations in texture. Linda Cho has taken both options here: she varied the texture of the brocade, silk or satin, and jewels, all the while finding complementary but quite different shades of red.

By having darker jewels on the dress, I noted earlier that there is an almost fiery effect. The jewels allow the dress to shimmer, looking like “sparks” over the more sustained flame of the satin surface of the outer body. It also means that the light will never catch on the dress the same way twice. Remember that jewels, when of a high quality (and while almost certainly rhinestones here, they will be of unmatched quality for a first-run Broadway production), jewels refract light and offer a little bit of “glow” when used in costumery.

For a better idea, Playbill provides us with a shot of Anastasia’s gown from the rear (I believe this still is from the Hartford production, but the gown itself did not change between tryouts and Broadway as near as I have been able to discern from my research):

Take a look at the sparkle and shine of the jewels on the bustle (which is the term generally used for the part of the rear of the dress that pops out a bit, offering a contrast to a woman’s bust in the front; traditionally this provided her with a bit more “personal space” on a ballroom floor, as well as flattered her figure). The darkness compared with the rich red color of the fabric gives the gown a whole new feel: the light catching on the stones almost gives a crackling effect. The gold filigree, in some ways, even takes a backseat to the interplay between the jewels and the fabric of the dress itself–but it also provides a contrast that is important.

There’s more than just color-matching at work here. Balancing a primary color with a metallic color has been a standard practice in design since the age of heraldry; colors (red, blue, yellow, and combinations thereof) and metals (gold and silver) could be mixed, but you always wanted to have a buffer between them, especially when using two different shades of the same color or tones of the same metal. Linda Cho has obeyed that relatively ancient rule by surrounding the ruby-red jewels with the gold filigree. In so doing, the jewels “pop” more and become much more noticeable than if they had merely been laid against the red body of the gown.

Another Broadway.com still offers us a better example of just how well this design works, this time as Ms Altomare emerges offstage:

Once again, we’re able to see the balance of the red tones from the brocade (the V-shape at the bottom of the frame), the silk/satin of the gown itself, and the jewels. In this light, the jewels on the bodice/bust appear dark and rich, almost crimson in color and tone, while those on the body of the dress, flaring out to the sides, are a lighter color that is just a bit offset from the red of the fabric beneath. This is one of the two images I have seen of this dress that really made me think of the phoenix idea I mentioned in another post. The other comes from my all-time favorite picture of the dress, from the New York Post’s “Page Six” blog:

Take these two previous pictures together and you can see some of what I mean by phoenix-like. The myth of the phoenix is that it is an immortal bird which ends its life in a bright explosion of flame and color, only to rise from the ashes reborn; it’s a classic mythological trope and one that I can’t help but think Linda Cho was trying to harness in this gown. Recall what I said earlier about the design elements of the gown: on the body of the dress, we see the almost feather-like filigree and jewel-work (accented with some gold beadwork), while the bust is covered with an homage to the Romanov double-headed eagle.

Doesn’t it look a tiny bit like the eagle has “shed” the feathers that float down the sides of the gown? Look at the way the eagle design “drips” down towards the open seam that reveals the brocade, jewels in every inch of the “tail.” To my mind, it’s a little like a phoenix that has shed its old feathers, burst into flame, and risen again up the bust of the gown as a new being. In many ways, that’s a great metaphor for Anastasia herself: she had an identity as the Grand Duchess, lost it, found it again, and then decided to renounce it in favor of another identity. Like the mythical firebird, she undergoes a cycle of birth and renewal over and over throughout the course of the musical.

I don’t know for certain that this is the effect Linda Cho was trying to harness with this gown, but it certainly seems plausible given how richly designed it is and how keen an eye for detail she possesses as a costume designer. This dress is rightfully the showpiece of the end of the musical, and the one that is designed to leave the audience with a key visual to take away from their enjoyment of the performance. It’s rich, heavy, and gorgeous from bust to floor and all points in between, and sits perfectly on the wearer.

Simply put, this is Linda Cho’s 2016-2017 pièce de résistance, a masterwork to end all masterworks, and one that deserves to be studied by fans of classic and modern design, the theatre, and the way in which these art forms intersect. It’s a joy to look at and a joy to analyze.

And that’s what costumery is about: bringing a sense of emotion and wonder to the viewer to complement their feelings regarding the performance onstage. In that regard, the royal red gown from Anastasia is a complete and total success.

Magizoologist 101-- Newt Scamander

Day 3: Write a 10 step list on how to be “______”

How to be a magizoologist

Words: 1223


1: Adopt all the animals. All. Of. Them.

“Awe (y/n) look! He’s all alone the poor bugger… Can we please take him in?” The two of you, being you and your boyfriend, were currently looking for new creatures, and when Newt caught word of the Bowtruckle nest, you knew he had to go.

“Newt, honey, you have a whole tree of them,” His eyes looked down to yours and silently begged you, “Of course, but I get to name him!”

“And what will his name be huh?” He laughed, picking up the little creature and resting him on his shoulder.

“I think Pickett would do quite nicely.”

“Well yes, I think it would too.”

2: Learn to live out of a suitcase. Enchanted or not.

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anonymous asked:

Anyone else like the idea of homoromantic (of course) ace Dumbledore?

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?” Harry asks, sounding so young.

“I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks,” he replies without having to think twice. 

Dumbledore, of course, lies to Harry about what he sees. He sees many things in the simple picture, none of which literally have to do with socks. For many reasons, Dumbledore uses socks to represent freedom, and he does certainly wish for freedom from such impossible desires as he sees.

Dumbledore sees Gellert, the first and only man (though they had been yet boys at the time) he’d ever let himself love. Losing Gellert had been such a heartbreaking loss, he never let himself worry of the folly of dating again. Not after it had blinded him to Gellert’s violent ambition.

Gellert and Dumbledore have aged together in the mirror. They smile at him as they hold hands and occasionally give each other a chaste kiss. It was with Gellert that Dumbledore discovered he was asexual. It was with Gellert that he found self-acceptance for being gay. Gellert had been judgemental of many people but never of powerful and ambitious Albus.

What Dumbledore doesn’t see is just as important to him.

He doesn’t see the Elder Wand. Neither of them have it, neither of them having sought it out.

But Dumbledore is very old. He’d like to think he’s wise. He’s certainly tried to learn from past experiences. He knows this is a wish that can never be fulfilled. It’s not something he wishes to dwell on either.

So Dumbledore tells Harry, “one can never have enough socks. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” 

And when he finds a rather plain pair of childishly wrapped socks waiting outside his office door on Christmas night, Dumbledore is genuinely tickled. Fawkes re-adjusts on his perch as Dumbledore’s easy laughter echoes through the room.

~Hufflepuff Mod

anonymous asked:

(1)I always believe that in re ch.86, when Eto had a talk with Ken (told him she helped his friends to escape from Cochlea, that there was no need for him to hear her last wish anymore -kill the OEK/Arima), Arima was actually the only one she thought about at that time. And she looked so sad in those panels to me. Never before have i seen such a deep sorrow like that on her face. The way she closed her eyes

(2) (and I thought I saw some tears in her eyes too, or.. maybe that’s just my imagination). About the trees she remembered, I also believe they’re the aogiri trees, which surround outside her “home”- the shrine where they fighted each other for the first time. Maybe she remembered the the day they first met and how it leaded to this date, how everything has changed, and now he is actually gone.I also saw someone on reddit (or tumblr.. I don’t remember) guessed that

(3) that (and I totally agree with him/her), it was not Furuta who “killed” Eto, but Eto herself. She’s SSS ghoul, the biggest threat to CCG ~ 10 years after all. If shuu can survive by eating his own arm, surely Eto can survive too if she truly want to live, even if she was badly damaged by Furuta. But the line “im going to die”, it likes…she just want to die.One of the reasons is probably because Eto thought she has done her job (Aogiri has fallen and the there is a new OEK now)  

God, how I wish to know more about these two and their relationship. Hope that Ishida will reveal this mystery to us oneday. If AriEto is true, it might be the most beautiful/angst couple in the manga to me

YEP. That’s how I feel, too. She was all rolling back and laughing like herself while talking to Kaneki about taking the throne…

but was totally still, looking far off before closing her eyes when it came to the memory of herself and Arima. 

Those are definitely aogiri leaves, btw. It’s easier to find pictures of them under their more common name, “chinese parasol tree”. She’s probably also thinking what they symbolize, too, since phoenixes perch on parasol trees (ie: Aogiri Tree is the throne for the phoenix: the OEK, who was “reborn” as Kaneki).

I’m still not sure about Eto dying, though. I get the feeling that maybe she wanted to, but in the end she was able to sit up and chat with Kaneki. She was also definitely weakened from being in Cochlea, don’t forget– she probably wasn’t eating well, and suppressants are pumped into the cells. I also have a theory that Furuta didn’t actually feed her Shiono, possibly not even human at all, just to kick her around and make her feel helpless in the event that she does live. 

But anyway, yeah, I really hope Ishida gives us a little more, even if it’s in omake form or whatever. That would be some wicked star-crossed lovers shit if they really gave a damn about each other… their entire lives built on nothing but hope when they themselves are completely and utterly doomed.

This is gonna sound like a dumb and weirdly specific request but if anyone has access to any of the art resources from the old 3rd edition d&d version of Legend of the Five Rings, I’m looking for pictures of Rokugan elves. Regular L5R doesn’t have any elves, but when d&d published the d20 version, of course they had elves. I think I remember specifically the Crane clan was elves in that version. It’d be even better for my (color pallette) purposes if the Phoenix clan was elves/had some elves but I’ll take what I can get and my google fu is failing me.

I want inspiration for my exodites who are basically Imperial China c. 1400 CE in terms of culture/aesthetics/technology, but it is fuckening impossible to find art anywhere of Ming Dynasty elves, so I’m fudging since there is at least a little art out there of like, 17th century Japanese elves. Maybe my exodites have neighboring kingdoms that are more like Japan, I dunno.

In my head it’s a bit more complicated than “Take picture of Ming Dynasty person: add elf ears” since I also have the notion that their weapon/armor aesthetics would be sorta… Noldor-y… like, a dao with the two-handed hilt from the movies. Or just a heavier-bladed (because fantasy) changdao tbh. Meanwhile they’re wearing overlapping Noldor banded/lamellar armor over hanfu and with bigger Chinese-style pauldrons/helms. But honestly at this point I’ll take anything I can get. Any links, reblogs with pictures, submissions, etc. are greatly appreciated.

I know someone who had a terrible childhood. Not just bad, or BAD, but genuinely terrible. The ingredients of a domestic horror novel, or the worst kind of OLIVER TWIST/Charles Dickens tale of deprivation and woe. Yet this person grew up to be not only a solid citizen, but a gem— one of the few people I know who is truly special in many ways. Is their specialness a result of having had those bad experiences when they were young but prevailing in spite of them? I don’t know. I don’t know if they know. Recently it struck me there are important people in our lives for both good things and bad. And much as we hate to admit it, the bad things-people in certain cases had more positive effect(s) on our development than the good people.

An example: A successful painter I know was the child of a highly respected artist. He had an on again/off again relationship with his father all his young life and even more so when he realized he wanted to be an artist too. In his early twenties, he made a series of paintings he was very proud of and excited about. On finishing this “cycle,” the first person he showed them to was his father. The old man looked at them for a long time and finally said “Son, they’re shit.” Then went on to criticize them unmercifully. Years later the son told me it was one of the paradigm moments in his life. It clearly demonstrated several essential, defining things that changed him forever:

   My father really is a bastard and now is the perfect time to cut certain essential chords between us permanently
   I don’t think my pictures are shit and I’m going to keep on this same “line” no matter what the old man or anyone else says.
   Despite how much people say they love or care about you, they usually have their own vision of how you should “be” in the world. If you don’t accept their vision of who you are and what you should be doing, there’s bound to be trouble between the two of you.

Whether it was my friend who had the terrible childhood but rose out of it like a phoenix from the ashes and today is a shining example for everyone who knows them. Or the artist whose father’s “gift” to him was that cruel gratuitous insult, both of these people have succeeded at least in part because they were capable of a kind of human alchemy— they discovered within themselves the capacity to transform the ‘shit’ of their bad experiences into gold.

—  Jonathan Carroll
Phoenix Comicon 2017 Saturday Pictures Change of Plans

I severely underestimated the number of pictures that I have from the con (apparently I had around 500), how hard it is to upload stuff on tumblr, and my ability to recognize what category the pictures I’m taking are in, so I’m re-evaluating how I’m going to do this. I will continue with my previous plan of tagging the photos into genres and posting those, but I do want people to search for their pictures now while the con is still fresh. I will be hosting ALL the Saturday pics that I took on Flickr, but I’m going to get to work on organizing them on both Flickr and Tumblr. Here’s the link if you want to trawl through that, but gimme a few days and I’ll get the pictures organized. Feel free to comment, tag yourselves, or anything while I’m getting things fixed. For all the con-goers, hope you enjoyed the weekend!


I’m an hour into Ace Attorney 6 and the only thing I have taken away from this game so far is that Phoenix Wright is the definition of a terrible tourist

- Almost loses his luggage at the airport
- Walks down the street taking pictures of everything and everyone he sees whilst paying no attention to his surroundings
- Does no research on the culture or customs of the country he’s visiting before he travels
- To the point that he doesn’t even know that defence lawyers are considered criminals there
Accidentally commits blaphsemy against the local religion
- Insults the country’s crown princess to her face
Manages to put himself at risk of a death sentence after being there for less than a day

Someone strip this man of his passport

catssimblr  asked:

hm, i'll tell you something i'm excited for... spending the weekend in florence, italy :) also btw, not related but i just noticed that you're from phoenix! i'm from tucson, originally! hope you're surviving the heat!!!!

Sounds go to me, I just like hearing about people’s day! :))

Oh wow, Florence! I hope you have fun! It is a beautiful place with some really really nice people! I went to Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy for my high school senior trip and it was absolutely amazing! Are you going for vacation or something else maybe? (It sounds like I am hinting at some sketchy but I promise I am not, haha!).

It is a bit cooler today, only 97F but it was like 105F the other day and it felt like a hairdryer outside. My AC is fixed so we are surviving indoors, haha!

A magazine I don’t have much respect for contacted my manager, and said it was doing a retrospective on the 20th anniversary of the death of River Phoenix. Would I be willing to talk to their reporter?

I declined, because I don’t trust them to be respectful and accurate, but since the request came in a few days ago, I have been thinking about River a lot.

Earlier today, I was looking though my office bookshelves, and I came across some teen magazines I have from the 80s, when I was on their covers. I think they cam eout of Wilhouse 13 when I cleaned up the garage, or maybe my mom gave them to me when my parents moved out of their house a few months ago.

Anyway, on the cover of a magazine from 1988, there’s a picture of River Phoenix, and it says, “Where will River be in 10 years?” I kept looking at it, past the pictures of me and Sean Astin and Kirk Cameron and Alyssa Milano and the other kids who were popular with teen girls in those days, and something about that was kicking me in the stomach, making me feel sad. I couldn’t figure out why, until I did some maths and realized that River died five years later, in 1993.

We’ll never find out what he would have been like in 1998, because he didn’t make it to 1998. Just thinking about that made me incredibly sad.

I said I Twitter that I don’t think of him often, but when I do, I miss him, and hope that we would be close if he were alive today, because he was good people. I don’t know what kind of 43 year-old he would be, if we’d have anything in common, or if we would be friends. Hell, we hadn’t been close for a few years when he died, mostly because our lifestyles were incompatible and I wasn’t especially interested in his recreational activities of choice.

But he was, in his heart, a kind and loving and caring person. He loved his family more than anyone I can think of, and he did everything for them, maybe – I think – to his own detriment.

But he was good. River was good, and he had so much talent within him to share with the world, so many characters to play, songs to sing, and stories to tell … and we’ll never get to experience any of them. That makes me sad.

Like I said, I don’t know if we’d be close, or if we’d have anything at all in common, but when I think of him, I remember the 16 year-old who I looked up to, who taught me chords on his guitar and played video games with me while we listened to music on a tiny mid-80s boom box in Oregon.

I miss him, or at least the memory I have of him. He was good people, and he left us far too soon.

- Wil Wheaton on a facebook post, June 2003.

imaginemarcothephoenix  asked:

Imagine Luffy meeting Marco again. (Hi, I had to be the one to start the pile of asks you'll be getting ^^)

Ahh thank you, I had so much fun writing this!

Luffy jumps over two fallen trees effortlessly, a hand on his hat and a grin on his face.

They’d managed to dock just in time to take shelter from a huge storm, business as usual on the Grand Line. Nekomamushi had told them that he’d heard of a small crew camping on the uncharted island they were now on, which in itself was nothing noteworthy. The blue flames the mink had also heard about, however, could only mean one thing.

This island is where they would find him. Marco the Phoenix.

Luffy doesn’t remember much about the man, and he prefers not to think about the day they met. Even if he tries, all he can recall from the War is seeing blue flames and feeling the man’s impressive strength. The rest is… Fuzzy.

In any case, Marco is a part of Ace’s crew, and they need his help to take down Kaido, so Luffy decided to brave the storm. It’s an adventure, he’d told his crew, amused by their outrage; it will be fun. And no matter how loudly his crew grumbled and griped, a captain’s word is law, so no one had really objected the order. They are all too well aware of the gravity of the situation.

So now Luffy’s running to the other side of the island; swinging himself from tree to tree and bouncing over boulders.

He hears a roaring thunderclap a split second before lightning forks above him and the sky appears to split open. Raindrops as big as Luffy’s fist begin to pelt the ground mercilessly, and the pirate captain’s laugh carries far with the whistling wind.

There’s a steep rock wall in front of him, blocking the way. The wall is moulded by elements, left rugged and worn. Perfect for climbing, Luffy thinks. He stretches his arms and takes a firm grip on two rocks, ready to fling himself up.

Luffy makes sure all of his friends are still keeping up with his pace - which, admittedly is a feat in itself - before he launches himself into the air. He lands on the ledge, briefly flailing for balance when the slippery gravel gives under his sandaled feet. He quickly jumps back on firmer ground.

Luffy shields his eyes with his hand and smiles at the storm clouds that dominate the dark sky. He’s getting close. He can feel it.

The others are still at the foot of the steep hill, preparing to climb. He can hear Usopp moaning about how unfair it was that some of them could just rocket themselves up, and Luffy lets out a little snicker at that. He’s almost tempted to jump back down to offer his sniper a ride, but he knows how that would turn out - “Are you nuts? I’ll climb!” - and Luffy doesn’t really feel like waiting, either. He doesn’t hesitate when he takes off running to the other side of the island.

After he’s ran for a while and his crew has only just reached the top of the hill, Luffy gets bored. The island is big and the storm hadn’t given them the luxury of docking close to their destination, instead forcing them to leave the Sunny to the first cove they’d come across lest the storm would damage their precious ship. There’s a long way to go before they reach the remainders of the Whitebeard Pirates.

None of that bothers Luffy. He slows down to a more leisure pace, giving his friends a chance to catch up. Raindrops gather on the brim on his hat, dribbling down on his nose, and Luffy takes his hat off his head to brush the water off his treasure.

But before he realises what’s happened, a strong gust of wind catches on the straw hat and tears it from Luffy’s hand.

“Hat!” Luffy cries in surprise, and he takes of running without thinking. The wind toys with his hat; spinning and twisting it in the air, and all Luffy can do is follow it. The wind blows the hat toward a ravine deep enough to make it seem bottomless, and Luffy runs faster against the pouring rain. He throws his hand forward and manages to grab his hat just in the nick of time.

Luffy cheers triumphantly, spinning around to see if his crew had seen him rescue his hat. In his hurry, he takes one step too many and suddenly the ground disappears from under his feet. Luffy yelps as he falls.

His crew shouts his name as he falls down to the ravine, some in exasperation and some in poorly hidden worry. He’s not too far from the ledge to get back up - he falls off the Sunny often enough to have the motion come to him like a reflex - and Luffy only grins at the danger. He’s just about to stretch his hand to get back onto the ledge when he’s enveloped in azure flames.

Luffy stiffens for a moment before his brain makes the connection, but he gets over his surprised stupor in no time. He was falling just a second ago, and somehow he’s now sitting on what looks like a giant bird’s back. The pouring rain sizzles as it hits the bird’s wings and the heat turns the rainwater into steam. And yet the flames are cool and welcoming against Luffy’s skin.

He might not remember much about his last meeting with Marco, but he still recognises him instantly. There aren’t that many phoenixes even in the New World, after all.

The phoenix is looking at Luffy with one eye, and the teen thinks that it looks amused. He grins from ear to ear and puts his hat firmly back on his head.

“Pineapple guy!” he beams. The phoenix blinks in acknowledgement. “It sure is great to see you, we’ve been looking for you! Thanks for saving me!”

He waits for an answer for a while, but none comes, and Luffy absently realises that Marco probably can’t speak in his mythical zoan form. “Oh. You can’t talk bird?” he muses, and even though he can barely even hear his own voice in the eye of the storm, he thinks he sees the phoenix roll its eyes.

“That’s fine, we can talk when we land,” he says, and he laughs with delight as the phoenix screeches in agreement. They get out of the ravine and keep going. Luffy throws his hands in the air and lets out a loud cheer.

“Higher!” he prompts, and Marco obliges him. The phoenix soars higher and higher, unconcerned and unbothered by the raging storm. Luffy waves at his crew.

The rest of the Straw Hats seem completely unfazed by the fact that their captain fell down to a ravine and has now returned unscathed on the back of a phoenix. Nami is shaking her head in disbelief and Usopp is marvelling the sight with Chopper. Luffy hears a ‘suuuper’.

They land in front of his crew, and Luffy jumps to the ground. “I found him, everyone!” he chirps and smiles widely, pointing to Marco.

Nami opens her mouth to say something, but then there’s a flash of soft blue light and the sound of crackling flames as the phoenix disappears and Marco appears. Nami promptly forgets what she was about to say.

Marco looks just like the pictures Luffy has been shown, save for the dark rings under his eyes. He gives the Straw Hats a lazy wave and an even lazier grin, but the look in his eyes is sharp and focused. “Jumping down into a ravine, Luffy?” he starts with a hint of humour. “I wouldn’t expect any less from Ace’s brother, yoi.”

“Well, the wind took my hat so I had to go get it,” Luffy reasons, like it’s obvious. “I would have been fine, but flying was really cool! Can we do it again later?”

Marco shakes his head and chuckles. “Perhaps. We have a lot to discuss.”

“Shishishi, fine, fine,” Luffy laughs. He takes on a more serious expression and looks at Marco. “I’m glad you’re okay. After all that happened and you going into hiding, I wasn’t sure.”

Marco’s smile falls by a fraction. “We’re fine. But I appreciate your concern.”

“Where’s the rest of your crew?”

“Down the hill, on the other side,” Marco replies, “I agreed to guide you to them.”

“Good,” Luffy says. “By the way, you’re going to help us kick Kaido’s ass, right?” he asks, eloquent as ever.

Marco only laughs in good humour. “Wouldn’t miss it, yoi. Can’t let myself get rusty, right?”

“Right!” Luffy snickers as he shakes Marco’s hand, cementing their alliance.

The rain’s starting to ease up as they get back on track toward Marco’s camp, and it’s down to a slow drizzle by the time they reach the base of the hill. Luffy walks beside Marco with his hands behind his head, full of enthusiasm. “I can’t wait to meet Ace’s crew,” he says with a grin. “I want to hear everything!”

Marco smiles as well. “From what I gather, you’ve had quite the exciting journey here, too. I’m sure you have a lot of stories to tell.”

“Yeah,” Luffy says proudly. They walk in silence for a short while until Luffy hums in thought. He looks up at Marco, waiting until the other turns to meet his gaze. “Hey, Pineapple? Will everyone be at the camp?”

“The other commanders are here with me, yes; along with some others. Why is that important, yoi?”

Luffy’s smile softens. “I have a message for you. From Ace.”

If Marco is taken aback by the news he hides it well, although the next step he takes is more unsteady than the last. He sounds almost wistful as he speaks. “Alright. We’d better hurry back, then.”

Luffy just grins. Later, when he recounts his brother’s last words to what remains of Ace’s crew, he grins again, knowing he’s fulfilled Ace’s last wish.

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To: Rei (@reivolutionary-penguin)

Happy holidays, Rei! I hope you’re having a great time on your ski trip! It’s a picture of Miles and Phoenix doing a pairs figure skating routine about how law brought them together.

I hope you enjoy this, because I enjoyed making it for you! You seem like a great and thoughtful person based on what I’ve seen on your blog. I would’ve started following you ages ago when I was assigned to you, if I wasn’t afraid I would give myself away as your secret santa! Also, I wish you good luck in the new year!

From: Tee (teekro)

god i could cry… just found out i’m going to have to pull some major overtime from now until who the fuck knows when. activity here is going to fluctuate a lot, and there may be days i don’t do anything because i know i’m going to be too tired to think. bear with me. buy me coffee. send me cat pictures on discord. pray i don’t murder someone. i promise i’ll get to everyone eventually. thank you

Dreams Of Estorra Theory

So as most of you have seen in the teaser and promo art for Aphmau’s upcoming series Dreams of Estorra. In the teaser and art, there have been many trees shown. In the teaser the first tree we see is this on. This tree looks quite unique, by the leaves shaped in a spiral shape go up/down and the fact it’s on ruins makes it more interesting. These types of trees will play a big role in Dreams of Estorra.

In the next picture. Aphmau, Rune, and Simon. Are all standing in front, of what looks to be, huge tree roots. In the teaser the camera moved upward so we could see the tree, but it would have been difficult for me to take accurate screenshots of the whole thing, from what I can tell the tree is humongous. I recall a few weeks back, on twitter one of the editors (I think) posted a picture of concept art of a tree. The tree (from what I recall) looks ancient and sacred.

And if we look a the recent skin teaser for Simon, what do you see in the background?

That’s right, a tree. Not a normal sized tree, but ones as big as the ones in the ruins of Phoenix Drop. But look at the bits surrounding below it. It looks like the path leads to the tree, why would this location have a tree? 

The Trees must be important, especially if they’ve been seen in so many important things. Lastly, lets look at the logo for Dreams Of Estorra. Oh, look at that. Another tree.

Trees will play a very large role in Dreams Of Estorra and it may even connect to Diaries, why you may ask? Well, I believe Dreams of Estorra will revolve around Yggdrasil. The world tree, in Norse mythology. This tree has so much potential for storytelling, and remember where Zoey from Diaries was from? She was from the Yggdrasil forest. The world tree is said to connect to the nine worlds. Each of the Divine warriors have their own dimension, how many Divine were there again? 6. But adding the nether and the over world, that makes 8. Which leaves us 1 short, but when Minecraft (the game itself) was being developed before its release, it was planned to have another dimension. A dimension that was the counterpart to the nether. It was probably going to be considered heaven since the nether is considered as hell. So we can add that to the list, and that makes… How many?…. nine… 6 dimensions for the divine… 2 dimensions for those in the afterlife… and the world where the story will take place… Dreams of Estorra is where/what happens long after Minecraft Diaries…. The story hundreds of years after the Tu’la invasion is stopped…. Hundreds of years after Zenix and The Shadow Lord are stopped….. Hundreds of years after the birth of the child of good and evil…. long after Irene’s actual death, where she decides to join the other divine in the process of reincarnation…. And now she is reincarnated into a Meif’wa…. who knows…. maybe Rune and Simon are also reincarnated versions… oh, lets say… Simon is the reincarnation of Garroth… and the child of good and evil is reincarnated as Rune…. Need more evidence? Hehehe….. It will all come together soon…. We’ll see… But, that’s just a theory. A roleplay theory. (Sorry I had to ;w;).

Side Note, before I finally post this: I will update my theory every few episodes of Dreams Of Estorra, maybe every 5-10 episodes. But only if I know people wanna see this. So do you guys wanna see more? Let me know :3