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You don't accept shitposts or reblog stuff you're tagged in, but you do seem to check it and make posts taking credit for Harry Potter shitposts other people have made and tagged you in. It would literally just be easier if you would reblog the original poster who tagged you instead of badly rephrasing and posing it like ten minutes later.

Hey! I 10000000% promise you that this isn’t the case - if we make posts similar to the ones in our tag it’s just because we’ve been running this blog for a year and a half, posting ten new shitposts a day - eventually we run out of material and will say stuff similar to pre-existing posts. Also, we definitely DO check the tag, so it’s possible that stuff we see there and it gets stuck in our head - we’ve definitely accidentally posted things we thought we made up only to later realise we remembered it from somewhere else. If you’d like, you can point out where we do this and we’ll try and track down and delete the post.

Both of us are writers - we one thousand percent want to give people credit for their content; we understand how much it sucks when that doesn’t happen so we want to make sure it doesn’t.

Olicity through the Seasons

Anon hate can get old~ the Olicity makes no sense, it can out of nowhere, it will never be endgame BS is really getting on my ever loving nerve.  So let’s look at how Olicity can to be (and will be endgame)!

The first time Oliver meets Felicity he thinks he can play her.  Well, he found out quickly that wasn’t the case.

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He thought he could charm her.  Instead he was the one charmed.

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Season 2 brought all kinds of wonderful Olicity moments! She went from IT Support to partner.

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As the show progressed so did their relationship!

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They may have broken up but their feelings for each other remain.

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So I get that Olicity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I will defend my OTP to the end~ my Sweet Badass Arrow and my Precious Badass Cupcake!!

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When Fate Intervened

Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Note: Day one of the hamwriters write-a-thon! This is actually not the fic I have had written for this day for like a week and a half. No I wrote this last night and this morning because this was a better idea than my other one. Also I’m posting this now because in my time zone at least it’s the right day for this so here we go, enjoy!

AU: Soulmate AU

Warnings: nothing? 

Word Count: 1,700

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A world without color has never particularly bothered you. Sure it would be nice to see colors the way your sister can, but really it’s never been a big thing. You watched all through high school and college as the people around you desperately tried to find the person they were destined to be with but you never really tried to look for them. You’ve always believed that when it’s time to meet your soulmate, fate will be there to make sure it happens.

“Y/N… did you know that when you reach 26 your chances of meeting your soulmate drop dramatically?” Your sister asks as you pull your gloves and scarf on in preparation for the cold winter morning air you know is waiting for you outside.

“That is bullshit. People in their 60’s meet their soulmates all the time. Not everyone get’s to meet them in the first grade like you” you grumble.

Your sister has always been like this, she’s younger than you by three years and likes to bother you about meeting your soulmate at every chance she get’s. Why you ever thought it was a good idea to live with her and her soulmate you have no idea.

“Goodbye” you call out, not bothering to turn around to face her as you grab your bag and make your way out of the apartment.

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Hiii! I wanted to ask if you have read any good fanfics about like one of them being an idol and the other is like a fanboy or something like that?

Have you read  these yet?  Some are mostly one being an idol, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


Leave Your Mark


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin (Jikook/Kookmin) (Side pairings: Namjin and Taesobe) 

Word count: Ongoing

Genre: Alpha/ Beta/ Omega dynamics. Romance. Smut. Alternate Universe: Future. 

Tags: Possessive Behavior. Smut. Fluff. Mating cycles. Sexual tension. Scent Marking. Breeding Kink. Pregnancy Kink. Mpreg. Beta turn Alpha Jungkook 


Author’s note:  Hello everyone!! I’m happy to introduce a little something that I’ve been thinking on since September of last year! I bet those who have been keeping up with my other fics are probably scared that I will abandon my other stories, but no fear!! I have a very clear plan! I will still be working on my other stories while working on this one too, so, unfortunately, this one will take longer to update because it’s only 7 chapters long! But, I still hope you will keep up with this one because this has been in the works for a while!

For betas, violence isn’t a necessity. For an omega, it’s their only solution to survival. You’re either strong or you’re either unfortunate. If you’re the latter, you’ll most likely find yourself forced on your knees in a dingy alleyway with a beta fucking you with a cock that’s gone unwashed for months. If you’re the former, you’ll land in a few punches, grab your pants before you make a run for it, and live another day before the cycle begins again

In a city where realistic goals are an intangible feat and dreams are extinct, Jimin doesn’t have many options. He doesn’t have much luck with strength or fortune, he’s a delivery boy. A delivery boy born with a small build, a pretty face, and a fully functioning womb, which apparently is the only attractive feature to betas trying to fit in alpha shoes. Strong or weak, Jimin lets no one touch him without his fucking consent. And maybe he gets into too many fights, maybe he’s looking for one, if that makes him strong, he sure doesn’t feel like it.

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How did Gladion and Lillie support each other when they still lived with Lusamine? Was it sneaking off to each others rooms to comfort the other after she blows up at them, a knowing look when she says something guilt trippy, etc? I can't imagine having supportive siblings lmao

- gladion and lillie, at first, had actually shared a room when they were younger. After mohn ‘left’, and shit went down, more often than not one of them would crawl into the other’s bed after lusamine would say or do something horrible to them. usually it was lillie crawling into gladion’s bed, but occasionally gladion would ask lillie to stay with him when he went through particularly bad shit
- once they got separate rooms, however, it was a bit harder to comfort each other. lusamine knew they’d sneak out of their rooms after ‘curfew’, so she’d lock their doors whenever they got in trouble. that wouldn’t stop either of them, however, as gladion learned how to pick locks and then taught lillie to do so. the only thing they’d have to do after that is make sure lusamine doesn’t catch them where they weren’t supposed to be
- whenever lusamine gets guilt-trippy, often enough one will rise to the defense of the other. this means possibly going without food for the night, but frankly both of them care too much about each other to really think about a night w/o dinner. wickie sometimes sneaks them food when this happens, anyway
- after gladion left with type:null, things got much worse for lillie at aether. lusamine only became more manipulative, constantly talking shit about gladion because he stole type:null and left, and sometimes guilt-tripping lillie by asking her if she would leave too. ngl this made it really hard for lillie to actually leave, but when she finally escaped, she won’t deny how good it felt to be free
- yeesh

I was talking to my dad the other day and apparently there was a retirement home being built in town years ago, but right before it was finished someone burned it completely down and they had to start over.

Now, it could have been a young hooligan, but I like to think there was an old woman somewhere who did not want to be sent to that home and decided to buy some time.  

I think it’s so great that there are sooo many people ready to fight for Magnus & Alec & the lgbtq+ rep on the show as they have been using the tag #MalecDeservesBetter on twitter but please please know what you’re talking about when you are speaking about lgbtq+ people cause some posts in the tag make me very wary. And that article that said Magnus’ characterization and reaction was wrong?? Like no, he’s falling inlove, he’s scared? His reaction was the ONLY thing they did accurately, where they went wrong was pushing him into the bedroom after that. I understand ya’ll love S1 flirty Magnus but just because a character is flirty and sexy doesn’t mean anything towards when they are ready or want to have sex?? Magnus is more then the glimpse we got of him in S1, I love seeing other sides to him because he’s SO diverse. There’s so much there. Magnus’ reaction wasn’t wrong, them continuing on and rushing him to the bedroom after that and then fading to black WAS. 

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imagine being so obsessed with being so negative over nitpicks about a cartoon that you cause actual damage to the mental health of other people bc thats every su critical blog i cant imagine that kind of life it sounds awful. who hurt you?

its not my fault that people dont know how to not post in/look at the su critical tag or use xkit to block posts with the word “su critical” in them.. whose mental health have i hurt? i literally tell people that it’s okay to like su and that media criticism has been a thing since the dawn of time. i just personally dont like all these things about it and that’s fine. what used to be criticism written in papers by critics of fine art and plays is now people on the internet expressing their opinions about tv shows and movies and that’s perfectly fine! I can’t imagine anyone back in the days of kandinsky’s avant-garde art, crytyping in a letter to the editor about how the thing they said about composition no 7 was very mean and harming people’s mental health and art is very hard for this professional artist. this is literally the same thing on a more accessible level.

i really think we aren’t hurting anyone, we arent oppressing anyone; if anything a lot of us are oppressed. lots of su criticals call out racism in the show bc they are poc. im studying to make movies and comics in school so im going to call out bad storytelling, and im an artist so im gonna call out bad art. devon writes, so he is going to notice bad narrative decisions. so it goes.

n yeah i was abused as a child which is why i…call out child abuse in this show…which i used to love…like…yes i was hurt? I don’t want people or kids thinking that’s okay and if you make fun of that then youre fucked up. pointing out pearl trying to murder steven is not nitpicking, it’s showing how this show that used to Comfort me is now kind of scary for me.

imagine not being able to take criticism about something that doesnt even affect you though lol

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HELP! Ok, so it's not an emergency, but I do need some assistance with maps and drawings for either Roll20 or a FantasyGrounds D&D campaign starting this Spring. I cannot draw worth poop, do you know anyone that might work out some standard drawings, like keeps and such on a low-price scale? I mean, I am willing to work out payment arrangements, I don't wanna free-load anyone with more talent than me. But, yeah if you know someone, could you ask them? Thanks a bunch!

Hey I just reblogged a post mentioning the maps in Dragon Magazine and I really like the work @2minutetabletop does, check out their website for some very cheap but well done maps.

Matt Colville did this video about fantasy grounds and it included directions for adding a grid and a mask to maps and has made some other FG tutorials.

I also have map and dungeon tags that may lead you to mapping blogs on tumblr.

If you do want to improve your mapping skills there are a few YouTube channels worth checking out like WASD20.

I hope these help!


I just want Keith and Lance to have this conversation and get through this. I mean, I want it to come in due time and naturally fit into the story, but I just. I want Lance to stop being mean to Keith and I want them both to understand each other better. so yeah here’s my take on what I think it might go like. 


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how do you get more people to follow you? i'm a lonely little blog :(

wowowow idk it’s so weird i was stuck at 30 for the longest time then suddenly in a span of 2 months i got 2.5k+ followers and idk how. i would say make sure your url is something creative but original, short, and catchy. try to make your theme aesthetically pleasing and talk to other people that have similar content. also try to make your own content. even if you are like me and have no talents,, just make little comments (or shitposts 👀) and tag your posts with things to get attention and soon enough you’ll gain some followers!! 💗

As some of you have probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot more about my personal experiences and thoughts recently on this blog whereas I hadn’t prior. I just wanted to say that I’m happy that they seem to be getting positive attention and helping other people out who might feel alienated or need someone to relate to, and that even though I’m still a pretty private individual, I’m always happy and willing to talk to people about stuff if they have something to add to the things I discuss, or even just ask my opinion on things.

That being said I know a lot of you came here for Undertale, be it my writing or the art I reblog, and if you don’t like seeing stuff that’s more on a personal level, I tag all of that with “daily life with skull”, and you can filter it out. Your dash should be yours, after all, and if you don’t want to unfollow me entirely but don’t want to see personal stuff, I want you to know it’s okay to block those things or to unfollow me completely if it makes you more comfortable.

I feel like making those posts is helping me sort out my thoughts, and knowing that they’re helping other people is just the icing on the cake, so you probably will see more of that in the future.