but i have never tasted them in my life

You said to me,
“We’ll never know
If we don’t try.

It’s now or never.”

I wanted to choose now.
I wanted to wrap
My arms around them
And kiss them.
I wanted to know
How it felt to have
Their lips pressed
Against mine.

But I chose never.

Because I’d rather

Never know what

I’ve been missing,

Than wish for more

For the rest of my life.

I’ll always choose never.
Because there isn’t

A greater torture

Than tasting something

For the first time,

And craving it

For the rest of your life.

—  The Unknowing
keith’s vlog

keith really sadly: it might explain why i was never really good at…connecting with people

-shows lance-

keith angrily: i still don’t understand why i wouldn’t just say voltron

keith: i’m so sorry, i guess i have a bit of a temper so…

-shows lance calming him down-

keith starting to cry: instead of accepting people into my life, i push them away before they reject me. i guess i have some walls up

Sam Cortland watching over Celaena and seeing her visit his grave. insp / some direct quotes from Queen of Shadows 

Seeing her dressed in that tunic of spring grass he knows, knows what it means for them, who were clothed far too often in black, in death, to dress in a color so full of life. So full of life, she is now, and his heart aches with the happiness of that realization. She burns with it.  

He watches her place the stones, three of them, and they sparkle in the sunlight against the grass. 

She whispers then, “Hello, Sam.”

He wants to reach out from the Afterworld and grasp her and never let go. 

“I miss you. Every day, I miss you. And I wonder what you would have made of all this. Made of me.”

His lips form the prayer that she is wondrous, he loves her. 

“I think-I think you would have been a wonderful king. I think they would have liked you more than me.”

His tears fall down his cheeks that she used to cup in her hands. They dance down across his lips that miss hers against them. He tastes salt, but he still smells lavender soap. 

“I never told you-how I felt. But I loved you, and I think a part of me might always love you.”

I love you, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, it’s the ultimate truth to him in this moment.  

“Maybe you were my mate, and I never knew it. Maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering about that. Maybe I’ll see you again in the Afterworld, and then I’ll know for sure. But until then … until then I’ll miss you, and I’ll wish you were here.” 

I’m waiting, I’m here. His words are lost to her, he knows. He misses her too, but he does not wish her here. Watching her rattle the stars and find herself, he never knew the depth of her strength or the amount of fire in her heart.

He watches the warrior approach behind her, and his heart’s ache lessens because she isn’t alone anymore.  

Gintama - Mythology Symbolism

So I saw this comment on a video and It’s an interesting observation.

Mythology references and symbolism is one of my favorite things, so naturally I wanted to learn a bit more.

So this is The Moon Rabbit & The Three Legged Crow/ also known as The Sun Crow.

Lets start with the Sun Crow.

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anonymous asked:

Random Questions Time! 1. Have you ever eaten snails? 2. Has Frisk gotten 'THE TALK' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)? 3. Have you ever made Butterscotch Cinnamon pie or any other undertale related question in real life? 4. Cinnamon or Butt(erscotch)?

1. No but my parents have, and they tell me that they don’t have much flavor on their own and the ones they had just tasted like the butter and garlic they were cooked in.

2. Yes. Aidrian informed them of the facts of life before the events of Undertale. Frisk’s reaction was basically “That’s gross.” and then a slow realization of “-_- wait, so whenever a song says ‘make love’ the really mean oUo OH.”

3. I’ve made the buttspie IRL before. I’ve never quite managed to get the custard to set correctly, but it tastes delicious anyway.

4. I realized when making butterscotch cinnamon pie IRL… The reason Toriel must have asked is because she wanted to know how much cinnamon to add to the pie. Because you can make a version of the pie that has less cinnamon, and the butterscotch becomes more pronounced resulting in a sweeter milder pie. Or you can add lots of cinnamon and make a pie that’s kind of spicy as a result. It really all depends on personal preference. …I prefer the sweeter milder version.


It was a good pie, we made our own whipped cream.


Do not ever, ever, ever, let anyone tell you that what you love is stupid. Your passions are beautiful, you are talented and that should never be restrained in order to please another person. Write and read your fan-fiction, draw your fan art, make your music, write your blogs, take your photographs. Whatever you love, do it. If someone cannot support you or makes comments to make you question yourself because they do not like the same things you do, please reevaluate why that person is in your life.

For the past several months I was in a relationship where I was made to feel that my writing was a waste of time and that it was a juvenile thing to spend time doing. My love for the “nerdier” things was constantly called into question and I felt that I had to stop doing much of what I loved to make my significant other happy. Even my love for something as simple and harmless as a four-leaf clover or my taste in music were criticized constantly. I felt attacked almost daily because someone believed different things than me and as a result I slowly fell into a dark place. I am not a person to easily change for someone else. I am not one to give in, and yet somehow I fell into that trap. Never compromise.

Do what you love and it will carry you far. If someone cuts you down for doing so, please remember that they only have the relevance you give them in your life. As for myself, I have now removed myself from that situation and want to raise awareness among others who may fall prey to this twisting of the mind. You are precious, beautiful, valuable, and talented. You were made to do whatever it is you feel called to do. Never, ever let anyone take that away from you.

I’m not one to ask for things to be shared, but if you read this please spread the word. Someone else out there may be going through what I went through in some way, and I want to make sure everyone remembers that they need only please themselves and their creator. It is not your responsibility to make others happy when it makes you miserable.

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  • for the sake of fighting
  • permanently occupied with your past
  • rolling with momentum
  • life is lonely and so am i
  • raise boys and girls the same way
  • art will survive, artists won’t
  • will nature make a man off me yet?
  • there will be a note
  • our respect ran so dry
  • life has a hopeful undertone
  • our brains are sick but that’s okay
  • i want to do all the things your lungs do so well
  • i’m dying to live
  • make art, not friends
  • thanks for the tragedy, i needed it for my art
  • i’m literally emo but let’s call it pop punk
  • raised to be stupid but taught to be nothing at all
  • we will find a destination that may only be seen with a naked mind
  • i sing of a greater love, let me know when you’ve had enough
  • life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
  • i am not afraid to walk this world alone
  • try going to war
  • a microscopic miracle
  • a mortal playing god
  • put on some war paint
  • joy bloody division that’s who
  • if it looks like i’m laughing, i’m really just asking to leave
  • i’m not like them i can’t pretend
  • i’m just the way the doctor made me
  • i can’t stand my own mind
  • a poet is a blind optimist
  • i accept lostness forever
  • when did you look at your skin and decided you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
  • well, my gun fires seven shades of shit
  • i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness
  • i don’t do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision
  • she tasted like imported sophistication and domestic cigarettes
  • love is a haunting melody that i have never mastered and fear i never will
  • great writers are indecent people, they live unfairly saving the best part for paper
  • well you can hide a lot about yourself, but honey what are you gonna do?
  • i was killing before killing was cool
  • another cog in a murder machine
  • we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school
  • it was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing
  • these bright lights have always blinded me
  • ask no questions and you’ll get no lies
  • you’re always haunted by the idea that you’re wasting your life
  • i exist too much
  • but i come to love you, am i born to bleed?
  • i must admit i can’t explain any of these thoughts racing through my brain
  • who says we have cold hearts?
  • the most heroic word in all languages is revolution
  • born from some mother’s womb (just like any other room)
  • reach the dumb to fool the crowd
  • self induced manipulation
  • tv taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal
  • if all we are is just machines let’s become a miracle and break free from these chains
  • those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it
  • what would you rather be? the poet or the poem?
  • we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge
  • he made me understand why hurricanes are named after people
  • when you look death in the eye and death blinks first nothing seems impossible
  • he pretend he’s okay but you should see him late at night 
  • nothing kills a man faster than his own head

andrew minyard: monster
∟ (youtube) || (download)

i. we are monsters // ii. you’re too mean, i don’t like you, fuck you anyway // iii. living on anaesthetic no one seems to get it, it’s too much to take and now you’re numb to the sensation // iv. all of this mess is just my attempt to know the worth of my life // v. we never lost control // vi. i want to feel the pain and the bitter taste of the blood on my lips, again // vii. don’t you ever tame your demons but always keep them on a leash // viii. god damn right, you should be scared of me, who is in control? // ix. i think i found out that i have nothing that i have nothing in this place for me // x. tell you a secret, i’m not alarmed, so what if i’m crazy? the best people are

In honor of the release of Down Among the Sticks and Bones, here are the best amusing Jack quotes (not-Jack dialogue in italics) from Every Heart a Doorway: (Bonus: guess which one is suddenly relevant in DAtSaB)

  • “Why does Eleanor let you have that much acid? Why would you want that much acid? You don’t need that much acid.” “Except it appears that I do, since I have just enough to dissolve a human body, and we have a human body in need of dissolving. Everything happens for a reason. And Eleanor didn’t ‘let’ me have this much acid. I sort of collected it on my own. For a rainy day.” “What were you expecting it to rain? Bears?” “There was always a chance we’d get lucky.” 
  • “You had milk, I had science. It’s amazing how much of culinary achievement can be summarized by that sentence. Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.” 
  • “I don’t like corpses in that way unless they’ve been reanimated. Corpses are incapable of offering informed consent, and are hence no better than vibrators.”
  • “What’s in yours?” “Three drops of warm saline solution and a pinch of wolfsbane. Not enough to be dangerous to me—I’m human, despite what Angela might say to the contrary—but enough to make it taste like tears, and like the way the wind smells when it sweeps along the moor at midnight. If I knew the taste of the sound of screaming, I’d add that as well, and never drink anything again, as long as I chanced to live.” 
  • “Honestly, I don’t blame them for thinking I could be a killer. I blame them for thinking I would have waited this long.” 
  • “If there are shovels involved, I’m the life, death, and resurrection of the place.” 
  • “Draw on what you know of me. If I had decided to start killing my classmates, would I have left a body?” 
  • “An unreported death is just a disappearance in its Sunday clothes.” 
  • “I am a genius of infinite potential and highly limited patience. People shouldn’t try me so.” 
Humans are Weird - Part 4

Here’s the fourth part! And, the second thing Xylion noticed about humans! Enjoy!

Xylion was sitting in the cafeteria with the humans, though he wasn’t really paying them any heed. He was too busy focusing on eating his food. It was his favorite. However, he was stopped when he noticed Human Fredrick take a bite of his and grimace.

“What is the matter, Human Fredrick?” He asked, turning away from his food to look at his coworker.

Human Fredrick sighed. “It’s nothing major, just…this is very bland.”

Human Isaac scoffed. “You and your fancy taste buds. This has enough flavor.”

“’Flavor’? It tastes like cardboard!’ Human Jenny cried, slamming her utensil down on the table.

Xylion didn’t know what ‘cardboard’ was, but judging by Human Jenny’s reaction, it must be bad. His shoulders slumped. Was his favorite food not good enough for them?

Human Mason sighed. “Just put something on it if you can’t handle it, you two.”

Xylion watched the two humans contemplate it for a second before nodding. Human Jenny and Human Fredrick both stood up and ran off, leaving Xylion highly confused. He looked at Human Mason and Human Isaac for answers, but they two were gone.

He sighed and continued to eat his food. If the humans didn’t enjoy it, then it meant more for him.

It couldn’t have been more than two minutes when the pounding of feet were heard. Xylion looked up to see them running back over to the table, all carrying something in their hands.

Human Jenny sat down first and set her vibrantly colored bottle on the table. Human Isaac was next, though his was tamer. Human Fredrick set his dark bottle down, and Human Mason set his neutral colored bottle down as well.
Xylion pointed at their bottles. “What are those?”

Human Jenny grinned. “This here is known as Sriracha! It’s spicy!”


Xylion watched as Human Jenny flipped the bottle over and squeezed the edges of it. He watched an orange colored substance begin to fall out of it, hitting the white paste. Xylion felt his heart shatter. They were ruining it!

Human Jenny picked up her utensil and scooped some of the orange stuff up with her food and popped it into her mouth. Xylion saw her eyes begin to mist up slightly, but she swallowed it anyway.

“Man, this is some good stuff!” She cried out, a grin spreading on her face. Xylion could feel the heat spilling out near him, even though she sat the furthest form him.

Human Fredrick grimaced. “Ew.”

Human Jenny stuck her tongue out at him, which he then copied.

Human Isaac sighed. “Ya’ll, that shit is nasty! Here, let me show you how delicious mine is!”

Xylion watched Human Isaac as he pulled a cap off his bottle and squirt the yellow substance onto his paste. He then took a bite. Human Isaac’s eyes lit up as he swallowed it. “Ah, good ol’ mustard! You’ll never fail to keep me going!”

Human Jenny seemed fearful of him. “You…you monster! Who dares eat mustard so casually?”

Human Isaac rolled his eyes. “Better than what Mason is about to put on his.”

Xylion turned his attention to Human Mason, but the sound of a horrific noise filling the air shocked him. He turned to Human Fredrick, who was squeezing the edges of his bottle too. The horrible noise filled the air again. Xylion watched as the substance dropped onto Human Fredrick’s food.

Human Fredrick scooped some up and put it into his mouth, and then began to shovel it in. Xylion was shocked at the speed he was eating it at. However, he stopped when he saw everyone staring. “What?”

“Ketchup, really? Why ketchup of all things? Please, do tell.” Human Jenny said, her tone odd.

Human Fredrick rolled his eyes. “I’m not the one putting spicy Sriracha on my food!” He cried, some bits of food flying out of his mouth. Xylion sighed. What terrible manners.

Human Mason shook his head as he squirted some of his substance onto his food. Xylion watched the brown substance easily fall out of the bottle. He glanced at the other humans and saw their schocked and horrified expressions.
“What’s that?”

“Ch-chocolate sauce.” Human Isaac stuttered.

Zellnor blinked in shock. “And what is chocolate sauce?”

“Something that should never go onto the paste. They had me try each one, and to be perfectly honest, it was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. Each one tasted of death, though Human Mason’s was the worst. Chocolate sauce is, as Human Isaac described it as, a ‘savory’ meal, not a ‘sweet’ one.”

“What else? Anything, good?”

Xylion shook his head. “I haven’t even gotten to the worst one yet, Captain.”

“Oh, Galactia help us.”

How’d you like this part? I’m having fun writing these…I hope you enjoy reading them!

Also, sorry if this post looks a little weird. I was doing some editing on my phone and accidentally posted this, so it had to be copied and I had to make a whole new post, and the spacing became weird. Anyways, hope you liked it!

Four walls crumbled when he pulled her against his skin. Four walls disintegrated with me still in them. This house of safety was no longer a home, and so I wandered hoping for his return. But it took too long and he was never coming back. It was just another fact I would have to accept like the way her lips must have tasted better than mine- her sweet liquor to my bitter wine. And that was the last time I’d let a man ruin my life. I built my own four walls and wish on stars at night for my dreams to come true with an honest man by my side.
—  Madalyn Beck

So I have never eaten pineapple fruit in my 17 year old life till today and I am shook. Why? Because I have consumed pineapple flavoring like in juices or cakes but I never did expected them to taste like the REAL thing. So I just take a bite of that forbidden fruit from that forbidden pizza and I’m like so shook like I literally stop eating and go “wtf this tastes like pineapple” and everyone is like “???? Ofc its a pineapple” but you don’t know the amount of mind Fuck happens when you eat something for the first time and you already know the taste


2017 Film Challenge: [19/50] A Movie Based on a Shakespeare Story/Play
My Own Private Idaho (1991)

I’m a connoisseur of roads. I’ve been tasting roads my whole life. This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world.

Tag game.

Thank you @ninjafairy86 for making me step into the spotlight *timidly steps in and awkwardly picks up the mic*  

1. Post the rules
2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger
3. Write 11 questions of your own
4. And tag 11 people

Her questions:

1. If you could turn any movie into a musical, what would it be?

I’m not a big fan of musicals *dodging flying tomatoes*, but I know for sure what musicals I’d like to turn into movies - eyeing Disney’s DVDs, trauma of my childhood. 

2. If you could eliminate ONE inanimate object from the face of the Earth, what would it be?

Fidget spinners. The whole category as one thing.

3. What is the most ridiculous fact that you know?

I know there are people out there who believe Earth is flat. No kidding.

4. I feel like hearing a horrendously bad knock-knock joke. What is the worst one you know?

Oh, okay. Here we go:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Etch who?”

“Bless you, my friend.”

(You did say the worst.)

5. What is the funniest wi-fi name you’ve seen?

I can’t repeat it here.

6. Would you consider a hot dog a sandwich?


7. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever sniffed?

Ha ha, not gonna answer this one.

8. Do you untie your shoes before taking them off, or do you just slide them off?

Definitely the second.

9. What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Funny story. Friends still joke about it.

Summer a few years ago, we’re at the lake, and there’s this lifeguard. He’s a young man out of a movie, attractive and ripped as hell.

Exchange of glances all afternoon, little smiles. Then it’s time to go. And here goes my moment of idiocy.

While everyone’s ahead of me on the way back to the cars, I gather all my courage, stand, and practically yell, “Goodbye, lifeguard!”.

The blond turns around and smiles.

Happy, I turn the other way and trip over the biggest boulder I’ve ever seen. And I swear, the massive bitch wasn’t there a second before.

Adonis’ reaction is fortunately wasted on me. 

I don’t remember much of the rest of the day, but I still remember the way my face flushed in embarrassment.

Why did this happen? The guy was probably in a relationship. Karma’s a bitch.

10. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Oysters. Never more.

11. And, last but not least, how do you feel about pineapple on pizza?

I’m half-Italian - as in 50% Italian, as in my father is a real Italian, and I’ve lived in Italy most of my life and- WHAT? PINEAPPLE. ON. PIZZA? COSA?

No. Effing. Way.

Unfortunately I don’t have “real friends” on tumblr, because they are all bitches and use Facebook and Instagram, except for two dear souls I know well. Very well. And they manage a blog, @theamazingdigitalart.

So I’m going to ask the dumbest questions and coerce them into answering. 

Please, don’t hate me.

1. You never say your names, preferring to hide behind your initials. So, what are your names? Let’s give your followers a taste of reality behind your Batman masks. Unless, like with Batman, the costume is the reality.

2. Favourite illustrator? This is easy. Wait, it’s not. You have to pick one for both. Happy arguing.

3. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen? Again, happy arguing.

4. If you were to choose only one thing, animate or inanimate, to take to a desert island, what would it be?

5. What’s your goal in life?

6. Cat or dog?

7. Tom or Jerry?

8. City or countryside?

9. The most beautiful book cover, any genre applies.

10. I love villains. Do you like them? Who’s the best villain in your opinion? (keep it to the fictional universe.)

11. Finally, you’re one question away from taking a sigh of relief. This is the question we artists dread and hate. Here it is: Traditional vs digital art. What’s better? 

what your favorite nbc hannibal quote says about you

“discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me”: you watch hentai

“words are living things. they have personality, point of view, agenda.”: you’ve had sex while watching game of thrones

“you’re not my friend. the light from friendship won’t reach us for a million years. that’s how far away from friendship we are.”: you watch riverdale

“insane isn’t really black or white, is it?”: you are a man. also, you proudly identify as a neoliberal

“this is my design”: you have a depression sideblog where you post teen confession quotes and halsey lyrics

“i never feel guilty eating anything”: you think you’re kinky because one time your partner asked you to choke them

“ethics become aesthetics”: you are gay

“the most beautiful quality of a true friendship is to understand and be understood with absolute clarity”: you write poetry about collarbones in a moleskine

“the tragedy is not to die, abel, but to be wasted.”: you have nietzsche’s wikipedia page open in 3 different tabs on your laptop

“a life without regret would be no life at all”: you piss in public pools

“my husband has a sophisticated palate. he’s very particular about how i taste”: you really want to have an orgy

“elegance is more important than suffering”: you think rick and morty is the next frontier of philosophical discourse

“you delight in wickedness and then berate yourself for the delight”: you were raised christian

“extreme acts of cruelty require a high level of empathy”: you really, really want to be patrick bateman

I am an all or nothing type of individual. I will love you with every part of me or not at all. I put my all into everything I do, I hate that half assed shit, I was never a fan of being teased with something and never being able to have it all. And I think it has something to do with the way my entire life has felt like a tease. I swear it feels like my life is synonymous with drowning in the ocean. I have never been a strong swimmer and wave after wave of that tumultuous yet beautiful blue green water holds me under and for a moment I’ll get a breathe of air. But it’s never for long and suddenly my lungs have to once again get used to the pain of water filling them instead of air. So maybe that’s why when I finally get the taste of good I’d rather just have all the bad because it becomes a series of motions that I can become numb to rather than the pain I feel when everything good disappears. It’s like the day I had you and you left.
How is it possible for someone to be so supportive and so damaging all at once?
I used to sleep at your house when it was too loud inside my own head for me to sleep at my own
Now I wake in a cold sweat in a college dorm room and the ghost of you drips, saline, from my skin.
You were the poison and the antidote and I guzzled them both down
as eager to kill myself as I was to get better.
I remember the way your words poured acid over anyone who dared to express their humanity through art.
I remember being confused at how you could write me the most beautiful poems,
but laughed at the song lyrics I loved because they made me think of you.
“So edgy.” “So brooding.”
Woe unto those who relied on vague lyrics to get them to sleep at night!
Death to the poets who wrote anything at all before they had fully mastered the craft!
It took months of you being gone from my life for me to enjoy myself without feeling stupid
Still even now all it takes is the slightest word from anyone, the smallest change in tone,
And doubt is all I know.
A mere taste of the self-professed insanity I used to mainline
Have you ever told someone your version of events,
what you were sure was the truth,
only to have them say you were crazy?
For the rest of your life you are never entirely sure of anything.
Your autobiography is reduced to a disjointed series of maybes.
I used to wish like hell that there was a pill I could take that would reattach me to reality,
some chemical way to ensure the accuracy of my memory.
I have no idea what happened anymore.
Sometimes I’m not sure I even know what’s happening now.
And the worst of it is I can hear your voice even as I write this poem.
“It’s good,” you’d say, “but a bit too angsty.”
The Great Perhaps // j.j.

A/N: kinda an au (basically only the fact that jug’s dad isn’t head of the serpents) and also inspired by Looking For Alaska (which is my fav book so I loved writing this)

The two teenagers sit on the roof of the projection booth, Y/N flicking her cigarette ashes onto the ground below.

“Why do you like those so much?” Jughead asks, watching as she lets out a white puff of smoke. “Don’t they taste gross?”

“You get used to it after a while,” she replies, shrugging, “dunno it just…releases stress, as cliche as that sounds.”

“Where do you get them from anyway?” He questions, watching as she takes another drag. “None of us will be eighteen for another few months.”

“My dad’s guys, got a coupla them who either lend me some of theirs or buy me my own,” she answers, blowing out more smoke, “why all the questions Jug?”

“Just curious,” he shrugs, “you always seem to have them and there’s only one store around town that sells them and I know the owners know us, and they know that we aren’t old enough.”

“You trying to get me caught Jughead?” She teases, smirking slightly. “Cause if you are let me know, I’ll do my best not to run like I was taught.”

“What’s it like?” He asks, looking up at the night sky. “Your dad being the leader of Southside and everything?”

“It’s…” she trails off, taking a long drag and blowing it out into the dark sky, “indescribable.”

“C'mon Y/N,” he rolls his eyes.

“Okay okay,” she sighs, flicking more ash over the side, “it really is hard to explain it’s…it’s unstable as hell Juggie. A lot of old men in and out of my house and my dad coming in at all hours. My mom left a few years ago and um…just been me and my dad ever since.”

“And the cigs help with that?” He asks.

“If you’ve got such a problem with the smokes you don’t have to be here Jug,” she sighs, “everyone else has already left me, it wouldn’t be a surprise,” she places the cigarette between her lips, leaning back on her hands on the roof.

“You talking about Jason?” Jughead asks quietly, watching as the girl nods. “Don’t give him a second thought, he can’t handle his own shit, much less anyone else’s.”

“He’s dead Jug,” Y/N retorts, the cigarette now residing between her fingers.

Jughead sucks on the inside of his teeth, trying to choose his next words carefully. He knew that before the summer Jason was killed the red haired boy and Y/N were completely smitten with each other, the two of them being the talk of the town for months. That is, until the so-called golden boy found out about Y/N’s life outside of school, breaking things off with the girl and spreading rumors around the entire town. The poor girl has been heartbroken ever since, so it’s no surprise that people leaving is in the forefront of her mind.

“Yeah, yeah he’s dead,” Jughead nods, swallowing a bit, “and that sucks, and I’m sorry that everything that happened to you happened, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you is going to leave.”

Y/N looks at him, finishing off her smoke and nodding.

“You’re a good guy Jones,” she says, “every once in a while there’s someone genuine born into the world and in this case that someone is you. I’m glad I met you.”

“Thanks Y/N,” Jughead smiles, “I’m glad I met you too, and I’m not going to leave you, not like anyone else. I swear to god.”

She smiles, laying her head down on his lap, looking up at him.

“I’m gonna hold you to that Juggie,” she says in a whisper, “because I have a lot of people in my life that have left, I don’t want you to be one of them.”

“I won’t be, I promise,” he replies, swallowing back his nerves, “can I kiss you?”

She smiles, like she’s been expecting that question her entire life. Never mind the fact that the two had only known each other for a few months.

“I might taste like ash,” she says, “I did just finish my third smoke of the day.”

“I don’t care,” Jughead whispers, leaning his head down and pressing his lips to hers.

She’s right, she tastes like cigarettes. She tastes like cigarettes and winter mint chewing gum and honey and some how it all works. Jughead strokes her cheek rhythmically, their noses rubbing against each other because of the awkward angle but neither of them could care less.

“Hmm, that was nice,” she says, a smile on her face still, “more of that later, yeah?”

“Much more of that later,” Jughead replies, nodding, “much more.”

“Don’t sound too excited Jones,” she laughs lightly, taking one of his hands in hers and kissing it softly, “eagerness doesn’t look good on anyone.”

“I think anything would look good on you,” he says confidently, smirking a bit, “or nothing.”

“Oh my god!” She laughs properly this time, making Jughead’s smirk turn into a smile. “Not bad Juggie, not bad at all.”

“So what do we tell people?” He asks, leaning back on his hands as the two of them stare up at the stars. “Is this like…is this a thing or something? Because I don’t want to assume that it is but I also would really like it to be.”

“This can be whatever you want it to be,” Y/N replies, “I’ve never had a serious boyfriend before though, can’t guarantee I’ll be any good at it.”

“Jason wasn’t…you and him we-”

“What we had…we were kids,” she shrugs, “we were fifteen and we just let our hormones take over, it wasn’t anything serious. Especially after what he did to me.”

“What all went down with that?” He asks gently. “I mean, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but everything was super hush hush after it happened so I haven’t ever heard the whole story.”

“He found out,” she replies simply, “found out about my dad and about what he’s done…about what I’ve done…he decided that I ruined his image, maple syrup boy couldn’t be bothered with the daughter of a Serpent, of the Serpent no less, not after everyone knew who I was.”

“That’s a stupid reason to leave you,” Jughead replies, “no it’s more than that…it’s cowardly. It’s awful and I’m sorry that you had to go through that.”

“It’s okay Juggie,” she says quietly, placing her hand on his cheek, “in some sort of weird way it lead me to you, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Jughead hums happily at her words, swinging his feet as they dangle off of the roof.

“You said um…” he licks his lips a bit, “you said he left because he found out what you did. Can I ask exactly what that entails?”

Y/N looks back at the stars, biting down on her lip. She’s silent for a few moments, Jughead too nervous to even look down at her.

“I need another smoke,” she finally whispers, sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge.

“Look Y/N I didn’t mean t-”

“No, no, it’s fine Jug,” she shakes her head, pulling her lighter out of her pocket and the package of cigarettes out of her bag, “I’ll tell you I just…I need a little courage first,” she jokes, holding the smoke between her lips as she cups the lighter behind it.

Jughead watches as she flicks the flame on, holding it to the end of the cigarette and breathing deeply as it lights.

“I really need to do better at weaning myself off of these,” she whispers, shaking her head and placing it back between her lips.

She blows the smoke out into the dark, watching it disappear as Jughead looks at her.

“I was…I was thirteen no…no I was fourteen,” she says quietly, “it was about a year after my mom left I finally convinced my dad to let me tag along on a job, it went south…” she takes another drag, Jughead staying silent as she does, “my dad gave me a gun and um…some guy from the other side came rushing up on me and a bunch of other guys and I didn’t…I didn’t shoot him. I didn’t shoot him and because I didn’t shoot him he was able to shoot three of my dads guys before someone else got to him.”

Jughead’s eyes widen, his arm automatically going around her shoulders.

“It’s my fault, three guys are dead because of me,” she says, breathing in sharply, “anyway…when Jason found out…I guess the more accurate description of detail is when I told him, he flipped. Said I was the reason these guys were dead and that I was the reason the Serpents were taking over town,” she shakes her head again, breathing in more smoke, “and he left…he left right after that. Those were the last words he ever said to me. Besides the rumors and stuff, ya know.”

“God Y/N that’s…that’s terrible,” he says, shaking his head, “I am so so sorry.”

“I think the worst part is that we were fifteen when I told him,” she says, “I mean…it happened barely a year before and I thought…he was the first person I thought I could finally trust with it and obviously I was wrong.”

Jughead pulls her closer into his side, silently cursing himself for even asking.

“Sorry I usually…” she shakes her head, wiping her face with her sleeve, “I don’t usually get so emotional about this but…thinking about the whole Jason thing on top of it…I dunno, I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize,” he says, shaking his head, “you don’t ever have to apologize for how you feel Y/N, at least not with me.”

She smiles, taking another drag and blowing it into the darkness, snuffing out the flame after she’s done on the roof and tossing the butt down onto the ground.

“I believe that’s called littering Miss. Y/L/N,” he teases, causing her to laugh a bit.

“Whatcha gonna do?” She asks, smirking. “Gonna call Sheriff Keller on me?”

“I might just do that,” Jughead says, leaning a bit closer, “gotta keep the delinquents in check somehow.”

“Hmm,” she smiles again, looking down at his lips for a second, “I’m sure there are other ways to keep me in line Jones.”

“Yeah I…I guess I could figure something out,” he whispers.

Jughead presses his lips to hers, properly kissing her as she cups his cheek. He pushes some hair behind her ear, smiling slightly as they pull away.

“I think that was a good way of keeping me in line,” she whispers, biting down on her lip, “very efficient.”

“I think I’m starting to get used to the cigarette taste,” Jughead replies, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no,” she shakes her head, “I’m already trying to quit, I’m not about to get you addicted too.”

“You’re different, you know,” he says, half smile on his face, “compared to anyone else in this stupid town. I like that. I like you.”

“I try to be,” she says, smiling properly, “and I like you too.”

Jughead smiles again, putting his arm around her as she leans her head on his shoulder.

“I wish you went to Southside,” she whispers, “actually, no I don’t. That place is hell.”

“I wish you went to Riverdale,” he replies, stifling a laugh, “it’s no paradise but it’s probably better than Southside.”

“Yeah, as if my dad would ever move us across the tracks,” she scoffs, shaking her head, “too far from his boys.”

“Yeah I know,” Jughead says, “probably better though, Riverdale sucks.”

“We’ve got more time together too, before you get sick of me,” she says, causing Jughead to sigh.

“I wish you’d stop doing that,” he says quietly, “stop referring to yourself like you’re something disposable.”

“Yeah, sorry it’s just…” she shrugs, “habit I guess.”

“Well I’m going to break it,” he says, “because you’re not disposable, not to me.”

“I’m glad you’re not from my side of town Jug,” she says quietly, “they don’t turn out boys like you over there.”

“If you ever need a place to stay,” he says, “somewhere to get away from all the drama you got going on…you’re always welcome. Always, I mean it.”

“Thanks Juggie, I appreciate that,” she says, “you know, you make it easier to not smoke.”

He smiles, kissing the top of her head.

“Glad I could be of service.”

“Stay with me, please.”


Dare To Dream

“Dare To Dream”

Dare to dream of ships and kings
Of rings of gold and pleasant things
Of skies of blue for miles long
Of finding new ways to be strong

Dare to dream of fighting sharks
On a new life which you embark
By boat or plane or haunted train
Hurry now; it leaves today

Dare to dream of huge success
Of values and money to invest
And if to you now I may confess
I have dreamed of you to ease my stress

Dare to dream of happy times
Of worlds existing without crime
Of fountains of candy spewing drops
Of exotic tastes; it never stops

Dare to dream of great adventure
That you one day will find your treasure
Hidden beneath depths unexplored
Before deciding to unlock that door

Dare to dream of future goals
Of you and me for truth betold
I have dreamed of us behind the notes
Of the perfect melody I composed

I still have dreams not yet shattered
By life or weight of any matter
I keep them in a place that’s safe
From guns or knives or losing faith

All of us; we always dream
Of randomness or suttle themes
Of winning big or love achieved
Of crazy heights or shapes decieved
We always dream; but don’t remember
To write them down from last November
To ponder them as maybe fact
To think of them as abstract

But with all these dreams it seems to me
There’s more to life than I believe
There’s more to us than meets the eye
There’s more to do so don’t be shy
Express yourself through vivid dreams
There’s more to life than you can see
So don’t be afraid to believe
In what you one day will achieve

The way they look is so beautiful, the love of my life. I cannot wait for this evening, for this night, they have given me their word. I finally get to taste the sweet flavor of their skin, warm and vaguely like chocolate. They will curl up within me, happy. And tomorrow, when it’s all over, I will see them in the sun once more, beautiful and serene, as we reminisce on memories of our days past, from our childhood to the previous evening. “I love you, so very much. I’ve never felt so happy to be with you.” That mantra repeats in my head whenever I see them. They spoke those very words the previous time they gave themselves to me. I’ve never been so happy in all my days, to have the love of my life by my side. It’s cliché, but I’ll say it:

I’ll eat you up, I love you so.