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Okay, aside from the fact that i literally stalked your blog looking for more and more bughead fics, i just wanna say that your writing is amazing! Also, a prompt (if you're still taking them) - Jughead and betty both head off to college and meet each other after being apart for quite some time! *Goes back to obsessing over bughead, and cole sprouse*

Thankyou so much! And actually I love this one I’ve been itching to do a grown up bughead, in this one they have graduated college and have careers!


Betty smiled softly as she dismissed her classroom.

“Alright my loves, I’ll see you all tomorrow! Don’t forget tomorrow is Friday, movie day! so wear your most comfortable pjs.”

The first graders, jumped from their seats, heading to the door, but not before stopping for a hug or high five from their favorite teacher.

“Bye miss Cooper!”

“Bye guys.” Sighing as her last student left she leaned against her desk, a content smile on her face.

She loved her job. Being the first grade teacher at Riverdale elementary was not what her mother had in mind, but she loved her students and she loved riverdale. Always had.

She lived in a tiny apartment, smack dab in the middle of the town, her sister lived with her husband just fifteen minutes away and Ronnie came to visit every month.

She was happy, she had everything she could have wanted.

“Except a man.”

She laughed at her inner Veronica.

Veronica was constantly trying to set Betty up, sure she had gone on dates, but no one matched up.

“You’re 25 B, don’t you want babies of your own? A husband?”

She would just shake her head and smile at Veronica. Veronica was happily married to the head of a successful building company. They lived together in California. She didn’t have kids yet but Betty was pretty sure that was in the near future.

“When the right guy comes along I’ll know, for now I’m okay. I’ve got you don’t I?” Betty would giggle.

She hadn’t had a serious boyfriend since…

Well you know who.

Jughead jones, love of her young life.

They had been going strong all of junior and senior year, but when it came time for college Jughead had gone off to Chicago, they tried long distance but with hectic schedules it just never worked out.

She thought about him a lot though. What was he doing now? Did he have a wife? Was he a father? She always thought he would be a great father. She knew he was writing, she had three copies of his first novel.

Closing her eyes for a second she smiled. It didn’t help to think of the past, but sometimes it was an easy distraction.

Turning back to her desk she started gathering her papers. She had quite a bit of coloring to grade.

Jughead stepped out of his car and took a deep breathe.


He hadn’t been back here since the summer of senior year.

The air smelt fresh, and the quiet chatter of the residents walking home from work was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

Jughead was a writer now, fairly successful if he did say so himself, he had his own magazine business.

He mainly worked from home, all of his workers emailing him their articles and photos, while he worked on writing his next novel.

Chicago wasn’t working for him not anymore.

There was nothing for him there.

Riverdale was his home, even when he had been homeless he felt safe here.

He was a loner, always had been.

In his last year of college he had met a girl. She was great, funny, smart and beautiful.

They dated three months before Jughead called it off.

Surprisingly enough , out of all her amazing attributes , she was missing one major one.

She wasn’t Betty Cooper.

He had no idea where Betty was or what she was doing, she could be living in Paris for all he knew, but being here in riverdale, it brought back all those memories, the good and the bad.

He remembered the day he left, the way he held onto her so tight, he shouldn’t have let go.

Shaking his head of all those thoughts he made his way into pops, god he missed this place.

After hugging the man in charge and pops offering him anything he wanted on the house, his eyes zeroed in on his old booth, it was empty and he was sitting in it, laptop out, before he even had the chance to blink.

Sliding the burger in front of Jughead, pops smiled

“Somethings never change.”

He smiled, taking a huge bite of his burger before returning to his laptop, suddenly the bell chimed , and his eyes glanced up to see who had come in.

He dropped his burger on the plate, eyes wide and jaw slack.

It was Betty Cooper.

And damn did she look good.

Her silky blonde hair had grown long, and was resting in beautiful waves half way down her back, the curves he had been lucky enough to explore as a teenager were enhanced and accentuated by the little yellow sundress she wore showing off her long tan legs. Her pouty smile was present showing off her dimples as she waved a graceful hand to pops.

She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

Suddenly a little boy, had run up to her and she was squatting on the ground speaking to him and tweaking his nose before squeezing his shoulder as he ran away. She was always amazing with children.

As she made her way to pops, he finally felt the nerves he had been waiting for. He wanted to hide behind his laptop, but he also wanted to grab her and carry her away forever.

She was leaning against the counter talking to pops when suddenly she had whipped around , bright green eyes connecting with his ocean blue.

Her eyes widened, and a grin broke out on her face, before she made her way over to him.

“Jughead jones.” She said laughing sliding into the booth across from him.

“Betty Cooper” he smiled , before it slipped off of his face “sorry, I don’t know if Cooper is still your last name” his eyes glanced down at her slender fingers sighing in relief when he noticed she didn’t have a ring on.

“It’s still Cooper, although these days I usually go by ms. Cooper” she laughed

His eyes brightened

“You’re a teacher!”

Smiling proudly ,she answered

“First grade, riverdale elementary! And you’re a writer, I bought your first novel, it was amazing.”

He blushed looking down at his laptop

“Thanks bets, and I always knew you would work with children. I mean you had to deal with me all through high school, you have the patience of a saint.”

She giggled

“You weren’t so bad.” She winked.

Pops placed a strawberry milkshake in front of her, smiling and walking away.

She stuck her finger in the whip cream looking up at him.

“Just like old times right?”

He looked at her and nodded, a curious expression on his face.

As Betty stuck the straw in her milkshake , she started

“So what are you doing in riverdale? Stopping in for a visit of the old alma matter?”

He laughed

“No, I think I’ll be sticking around here for a while.”

She looked up catching his eyes and staring into them

“Oh, so do you have a place?”

He nodded

“Yeah I’m shacked up in the Riverdale apartment s for now.”

She grabbed his wrist excitedly

“That’s where I live! We’re practically neighbors!”

He couldn’t help the excitement he was feeling.

“Oh yeah? Well maybe you can help me unpack, you know how I am with organization.” He shrugged sheepishly

She was nodding like a crazy person, the gorgeous smile still present on her face

“Definitely! We can do that tonight!”

He smiled, matching hers.

“It’s a date!”

She blushed and went back to her milkshake.

He wasn’t going anywhere, not this time.

He was gonna get the girl. And he was gonna keep her.

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I'm crying right now. I desperately need to focus on my two papers due tomorrow. I can't for the life of me. I'm on medications for my ADHD but I'm so overwhelmed that I'm frozen. Do you have any suggestions? It's my last semester of college and I'm starting to lose it.

Okay, deep breath.

First, assess: which paper is due earliest in the day, and which paper is worth more? This will help you decide which to complete first.

Now, if you’ve done your research, you can just start writing; if you still need to research, get thee to the library.

Whichever paper you are working on second, e-mail your prof and ask for a 24-hour extension. You may have to take a hit in the grades department, but in my experience professors appreciate it when students are up-front about struggling.

This post has a breakdown of how to approach actually writing the papers.


Feature Friday! Toadallytickles!

FF:  We’re joined by the adorable @toadallytickles​ today! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

T: Aah! Well I’m Toad, online that is, after my favourite animal, not the Super Mario character. I get asked that a lot! I just turned 20 at the start of March, I live in Ontario, and currently in college to be a Fish and Wildlife Technician as I would love to work with animals and the environment in my future career! Even though I am very tune with nature, I also do Photoshopping, graphic design, digital art, and computer program! My computer programming teacher keeps my games and programs too to show them off to his future classes as I used Photoshop to design them! I am also very big on self-love, body positivity, sex positivity, sexuality, mental health, relationships, and life in general! I am very open with these topics myself, so I love discussing them openly with others without judgment, so if you need someone to talk to about anything, you’re welcome to come to me!

FF: Wow! What a kind and caring friend we have here! And so multitalented too!
Tell me, how long have you been a part of the community for?

T: I made my blog in December 2015, a few days after Christmas! So for a year and a couple of months now I’ve been in this community and ya’ll still tolerate me, ha-

FF: Tolerate you?? We love you! Don’t we folks? Of course we do! So tell me, what inspired you to join the community?

T: Oooh stop~ I literally do nothing in this community except complain about not being tickled and flaunt how much I am a ho for them bye-
HA OKAY- So like since the summer of 2015, I’d just scroll through thebest-medicine and fluffytickles’ blogs for the amazing fanfics and art, and that’s how I found out there was a whole community! And I had to join of course! I don’t know why I did it so late though!

FF: On behalf of everyone in the community, let me say…that we’re so blessed to have you!!! We love having such a great friend as you in the community.

So what are some of your dreams and aspirations, Toad?

T: Aaww~! Well thank you very much! I love being apart of this community, and I’m so happy you all accept me for who I am! There are soooo many amazing people in this community, and I can’t believe I get to call some of them my closest friends! So pure, I would have never thought of making forever friends on here!

Ah- this may conflict with what I said earlier, though I think my biggest dream would be to be really attractive, like beautiful to the point I fully believe it and feel it. Like, I love myself right now, I think I’m pretty, but I mean I could look so much better if I worked for it. I’d love to do photoshoots too one day. I would love to be famous too, or just be known by a lot of people. I’ve had that dream since I was a kid. Most of it is to get revenge on everyone who was brutally mean to me in school, in a way of “you didn’t stop me.” It would be all for good, I swear. Like for raising awareness to stop bullying by sharing my story, or how we need to be much kinder to nature, or me being so open about my sexuality and body it inspires others. And of course if I had money, I could spoil my moms!
Those are really big dreams though. Generally, I just aspire to be amazing in my future career, whatever it may be, and be happy.

FF: Well that’s truly inspirational. You’re a beautiful, powerful person inside and out and we’re all truly grateful to know such an awe-inspiring amphibian Amazon.
And what would you say is your favorite part of the community?

T: Oh- ​( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hm, well there’s a lot to like here. Though my favourite part of the community would have to be all of the people apart of it! We are all here because we all enjoy tickling, though we are just regular people with lives and families and friends and an education and talents and dreams, y'know? It is really comforting knowing that I’m not alone feeling ashamed for it when a lot of other people have the same interest, though from the outside and from knowing them, they’re just people who you’d meet at school, or at work, or on the street. It just makes it easier for me to accept the kink and myself rather than feeling ashamed and constantly stressing over it.
Also just how friendly everyone is. Its been real easy to gain confidence and love myself because a lot of people have been so supportive and kind to me when I post personal stories or share selfies or teasy gifs. Yeah.. a lot of compliments are given out and that’s definitely helped me believe and accept them! I really appreciate it all!

FF: Awww, that’s great to hear! There’s so much to like about the community!
Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers before we hop on to bonus questions?

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who follows me and for being so kind to me through the months and being so supportive! I am really happy you guys like my blog and enjoy my company! Seriously, I would not be who I am at this very moment without your lovely compliments, support, and friendship. I suck at making friends in person and online so I am still very surprised a lot of you want to be my friend and are friends with me, though you never gave up on me and I am forever grateful for that because I have grown into a better, confident person. Thank you very very much for being so kind to not only me, but to fellow community members too. Kindness goes a long way, and I hope you are able to experience what I have experienced being in this community

I wish you the best of luck with whatever is upcoming in your lives, such as exams or job searching, or graduation, or prom shopping, or house searching, or college applications. Remember to be your very best self, though take it easy too!

FF: That’s great advice. Thank you so much.
So, an anon asks, what inspires you?

T: What inspires me? With work and self-esteem, it’s more of what drives me. I’m closer to my mum, and her side of the family lives a few minutes from us, so I grew up having to hang out with them and the cousins. Though, they are SUPER dysfunctional like- oh my god, the stories are horrible. Like my family at home is silly-crazy, we’re weird, but these people are just… ugh… I hate them. My family is nothing like them, and we’re keeping it that way. So that drives me to excel in school and go to college and get that career I want. With my self-esteem, I want to be good-looking and confident, so if I ever run into anyone from elementary and high school, revenge is served right there at the first glace.
I guess what inspires me though is my friends. I mean, I can’t believe people actually enjoy my company and friendship. I’m glad I have traits that attract them and I can make them happy. It reminds me on days where I’m down, they are always expecting to hear from me soon, or see me tomorrow in class. And if I shared my issues, they’d be there for me with open arms and be patient with me. Just thinking about how hurt and destroyed they’d be if I dropped out, or just vanished from their lives.. is devastating. They definitely inspire me to keep on living life when things are tough, and to continue being the amazing person I am!
Nature is also inspiring to me. I like all the big and little things it has to offer. It reminds me why I’m here in college and why I love it so much, that one day I’m going to be happy helping and working with it, hopefully making it better!

FF: Truly inspiring yet again!
And one last question.
What quote defines you?

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.”
— Rikkie Gale

FF: Ooh powerful!! Well, thank you for your time so much, Toad!

And if you want to be friends with this adorable amphibian aficionada, then go visit @toadallytickles!!

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Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru headcanons on how they would act when their s/o leaves on a particularly dangerous mission and after few months without news, they receive something like confirmation that you died (I'm sorry for such a sad request, but i really want some angst)

So I wrote this last night, and I literally found out my grandmother pasted away this morning – it’s just horribly ironic. She had been having heart complications for eight months before it got the best of her. But now I’m powerless to do anything since I’m four hours away from their home and I start college tomorrow. So I’ve trying to cope with it all day so far, but this whole headcanon really spoke to me on another level when I re-read it and I feel like it’s broken my heart. :(

It was a good ask though anon, and I did enjoy doing it yesterday a lot. Thank you.

How Naruto Would React to His Partner Dying

  • When Naruto first heard the news, he would be consumed by anger. He would be upset that he wasn’t there to save his s/o – in his heart he knows he could have stopped it all from happening. Naruto wouldn’t want to blame anyone for what happened, but he would definitely confront the people who were in his partner’s squad and ask them how they could let this occur. He would probably listen to them, but he just couldn’t fathom how something this tragic could happen to someone he loved so dearly, the first step to grieving for him would be anger and frustration.
  • After a day or two he would probably calm down, but no amount of friendly support would really help him cope in the beginning. Naruto would probably cry privately about it a lot and if his thoughts drifted to them in public he would have a hard time keeping it together. Nothing would look as cheery and joyous as before, even ramen wouldn’t have the same flavor if he wasn’t eating it with his s/o. His happy attitude would probably be stifled for months, and it would take him a year before he could bring himself to actually smile and mean it. 
  • Naruto would be very loyal to the memory of his deceased partner. He wouldn’t try and replace them because Naruto knows he couldn’t. He would just begrudgingly try to accept the fact that they no longer are in his life.

How Shikamaru Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Shikamaru would probably just stand there wide eyed with his jaw open in disbelief. His mind would probably be racing through all these terrible scenarios of how things played out – and how he could have stopped it from happening in the first place. Shikamaru would be in shock for a few minutes, before he would start to cry and try his best to pull himself together.
  • Grieving silently is Shikamaru’s way of trying to cope. He would bottle up all his anguish, anger and frustration for a week before he just couldn’t take it anymore. It would probably just take some tiny incident for him to just snap and start sobbing uncontrollably. He probably would compose himself again in an hour after a good cry. Try his best to accept things and move on would seem impossible, but he would make a sad attempt.
  • He would never be the same person, and for months he would he depressed and carry so much guilt in his heart because he should have been there for his partner. I don’t see Shikamaru as the type of person who would find someone else either, he just wouldn’t want to try a second time for love. For him all that effort to possibly have his heart broken a second time just wouldn’t be worth it.

How Sasuke Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Sasuke would openly deny it at first, to him it would be a bold face lie and he might even get insulted by the accusation. Not until he was presented with some proof would he realize it had some merit. He would definitely be shocked about it and wouldn’t even know what to say.
  • He would probably cry about it privately a few times, but he would quickly accept it as a reality. It wouldn’t be beneath him to hunt down the person who was responsible for his s/o’s death – getting justice is very important to Sasuke. For him any form of retribution would be bring him very close to consolation.
  • There would never be another person Sasuke would really love again. He wouldn’t see the point in getting attached to anyone else – the thought of losing another lover just sours his desire for anything romantic and intimate ever again. 
DOUG: Bluffington State University

Doug and his friends are college freshmen at Bluffington State University. In his journal, Doug describes his experiences with each of his friends since entering college.

Doug Funnie + Porkchop

Dear Journal: I can’t believe tomorrow is my first day of college. I’m both excited and a bit anxious. This feeling reminds me of the time my family and I first moved to Bluffington. It seems like it was just yesterday that Skeeter taught me how to properly place an order at Honker Burger. Or when I accidentally spilled ketchup on Roger’s suede shoes. I miss those days. Life was simpler then. The thought of moving away from home is kinda scary, but at least i’ll have my best pal Skeeter is my roommate. How bad can it be? 

Skeeter Valentine

Dear Journal: At first I thought having my best pal Skeeter as a roommate would be sweet, but man… I can’t get any studying done when he’s around! His beat boxing makes it nearly impossible to focus. He’s worse than Larvell Jones in Police Academy! I can’t even get any rest because he Honks in his sleep. Now don’t get me wrong, Skeeter’s great, but this arrangement just isn’t quite what I thought it would be. I wonder if it’s too late to share a dorm with Al & Moo Sleech?

Patti Mayonaise

Dear Journal: My roommate situation may be less than ideal, but at least I share a class with Patti. It seems i’m not the only one that’s having a hard time adjusting to college life. The thought of not being at home to help her dad worries her sometimes. I think softball helps to ease her mind. She’s still quite the tomboy. Her new hairstyle seems to reflect that also. She’s never looked better. Even after all of these years I still get butterflies when I’m around her though… 

Chalky Studebaker

Dear Journal: I think it goes without saying that Chalky is the most popular guy on campus. He’s a star student. All the girls love him. All the guys want to be him. And he’s the starting quarterback of the football team. In Bluffington State’s first game against The University of Bloatsburg Chalky threw a total of six touchdown passes. Pretty amazing stuff. What’s even more amazing to me is despite all of his accomplishments he still thinks he’s trapped in his older brother’s shadow.

Beebe Bluff + Connie Benge

Dear Journal: Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but if you happen to be Beebe and Connie it’s just a more convenient way to gossip. Since Beebe became “instagram famous” she’s more snobby than before, which I didn’t even think was possible. And Connie’s ego is even bigger than her head ever since she reached 10,000 Twitter followers. It’s not easy to relate to them anymore unfortunately… It’s like they’re completely consumed!

Judy Funnie + Porkchop 

Dear Journal: I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately. I kinda miss my family. (Even Judy but don’t tell her I told you that). I hope my buddy Porkchop is doing okay without me. He’s getting pretty old. Mom says Judy put him on a diet because he put on few pounds from all those Honker Burgers. Nothing but beets and water. That’s no way to live. I guess Judy didn’t know that beets make Porkchop gassy before she made that decision. Boy is she in for surprise!

Roger Klotz + Stinky

Dear Journal: During middle school and high school Roger gave me a hard time. So I was a bit relieved when I learned that he wasn’t going to be joining us at Bluffington State. I hear he went to Bloatsburg Tech. Ned, Boomer and Willy are here, but it seems they don’t really know how to function without Roger at the helm so they joined a fraternity. They’re relatively harmless now. Though Boomer did tell me that Roger and Judy secretly dated briefly. Ugh.. Can you imagine if they got married? That would make Roger my brother-in-law. Yikes!


Request for Anon

Imagine Sonny checking you out.

After graduating with a computer engineering degree, you joined NYPD much to the confusion of your friends and family.

You had accidentally stumbled upon a lunch lecture one day between your classes. A Captain Donald Cragen was speaking about the different departments and duties of the NYPD. You were so interested in his lecture, you missed your next class.

You spent a few years on the force, deciding which department to transfer to. Your partner suggested that you join the Information Technology Bureau for a bit before going to SVU. “They deal with a lot of cyber crimes now. If you go to ITB first, they’re more likely to accept your transfer.”

You agreed and spent another few years at ITB.

But as time went on, you were getting more and more eager to join the team that you heard Captain Cragen talk about back in your college days.

The next day, you submitted your application.

Weeks passed before you got a call from a Lieutenant Benson. “I’ve been looking over your application, and I have to say I’m interested in adding a detective with your technology skills to my team. Could you come by tomorrow? I’d like to talk to you more about your possible role here.”

You met with the Lieutenant, Olivia, just as planned. She told you how she followed up on you, calling your superiors and co-workers to ask about you. “They all said good things. And your current boss told me why it would be a good idea to add you to my team. We’ve been dealing with a lot of cyber crimes lately and to have someone in the field who can do these things quickly instead of requesting and waiting for a tech team seems like the logical choice.” Olivia took off her glasses to look you straight in the eye. “But what I want to know is why do you want to join SVU? It’s not an easy career change.”

You turned a bit shy but pushed forward with your answer. “When I was in college, a Captain Cragen told us about SVU. I couldn’t help but think if I was there working with him, I could have helped and saved people faster for you guys.”

You weren’t sure what it was about your answer, but Olivia accepted you on the spot.

Your first day was a bit of a whirlwind. Carisi brought in a guy who had a shady record but nothing major. Once he was questioned, the man let it slip that his phone may have something on it.

“Think you can crack it?” Carisi wondered curiously.

“Easy.” You responded, holding out your hand for Carisi to place the phone.

Carisi smirked, handing it over to you as you walked over to your desk. As you sat down, you saw Rollins hit Carisi over the back of the head. You looked at them confused but Rollins waved you off as Carisi tried fixing his hair while fighting off a blush.

Later, Barba asked Olivia if you could testify as an expert in a case he had that afternoon. She asked if you were up for it and you were not one to turn down your new authority. Carisi asked if he could go with you to help give you a few pointers and let you know how things worked. Olivia agreed with him as Barba rolled his eyes behind her.

While making your way up the courthouse steps, Barba let you know that you were not to speak to any reporters before, during, or after a case. Apparently there were some real snakes waiting for an officer to slip up so they could have a story.

A commotion began behind the three of you at the top of the steps. “And that would be the Defense.” Barba commented. “They adore the limelight.”

Reporters swarmed up the steps to get a few words from the counselor and his client. The lawyer was grinning ear from ear, excited to have an audience.

With your back to them, you heard Carisi let out deep breath. Followed by him a sarcastic ‘yes, counselor?’. You turned back around.

Barba quirked a brow. “Really, Carisi?”

“What are you two talking about?” You questioned.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. Shouldn’t we be getting inside too?” Sonny rushed past the both of you.

“Is he always this…” You gestured toward the tall detective, words failing how to describe the situation.

“No. He’s just a bit… excited today.” Barba smirked.

With the afternoon’s court session done, Barba told you and Carisi to sneak out. The defendant caused a scene and surely the press had already heard about the altercation. “The less they know, the better. Tell Liv I’ll call her later.”

Carisi suggested the stairs and take a back door.

By the time you reached the last flight of stairs, you went to open the door only to find it stuck. You turned back around to ask if Carisi knew of another exit but stopped yourself short when he had to look up to your face instead of your backside.

“Detective?” You asked.

“Won’t happen again, ma’am.” Sonny flushed, completely embarrassed he was finally caught.


when i was little, my mom signed me up for a sunrise mile race

i had an asthma attack

i thought to myself, i will never be able to run a mile

when i was in middle school, i ran the mile race for my track team

i’d finish winded and completely exhausted.

i thought to myself, i will never run a 5k

when i was in high school, i ran a 5k

i finished first place

i thought to myself, i will never run a half marathon

when i was in college, my sister talked me into running a half

i crossed the finish line almost in tears

i thought to myself, i could never run double this distance

last year, i signed up for my first marathon

at mile 18, i cried and sobbed “mom it hurts so bad”

i finished 26.2 of the hardest miles i have ever run with thousands of people screaming and cheering.

i thought to myself, i will never be able to qualify for boston. 

tomorrow is my day. and if it turns out not to be my day, i will try and try and try until it is. 

Pledging; part 2 C.H.

“Your face is going to stay that way, you know.”

I blink slowly, turning my head in the general direction of Y/F/N’s voice, my eyes, covered by a pair of sunglasses, giving her a once over. I let a noise slip past my lips of discontent, turning back and bringing my bottle of coke to my lips for a small sip. My head hurt, even though we had left quite early last night. Some guy named Kenny forced us to listen to Calum’s speech before we could sneak off. “I’m sure you don’t want to look any uglier.” Y/F/N sniggers and I should feel hurt or humiliated, but she always did this. I had reached a point where all of it slid off of me as soon as the words flowed from her lips.

“Ah, but who knows? Maybe I want a resting bitch face.” I let out a dry, short chuckle which fills the otherwise silent air. “What’s going on over there?” I nod my head straight forward, seeing some of the guys from last night hauling poles to an almost finished tent.

“Intro week. There’s a party tonight. Tomorrow a cantus, and like a lot of other stuff until the end of the week. To get some new members.” Y/F/N explains and I almost forget to answer when I see Calum drag a wooden pole across the grass, his shirt discarded somewhere from the harsh September sun. It was unusually warm, lately. But right now I didn’t mind the slightest bit. I still have his jacket in my shoulder bag, but when I tried to talk to him this morning, he simply passed me without granting me a second glance.

“Are we going?” I hear my friend’s voice chime again and I do my absolute best to avert my attention elsewhere, more towards her. “Isn’t it mandatory for new pledges?”
“I guess so. But you really do look like shit.”

“I’ve just been sleeping horribly lately, it’ll pass.” I shrug my shoulders and turn after immediately as I see my friend raise to her feet. “Where are you going?”
“Ah, didn’t I tell you? I can’t go to class later; I have an appointment. I’ll see you tomorrow though.” An immediate frown sets its onto my features as I mumble my goodbye and watch my only friend here walk away.

I still have three hours to fill before my last college of the day and I’m bored out of my mind. The first half an hour of me sitting on one of the lone benches in front of the school was spent by me trying to analyse every single person that passed my still frame. The next half an hour was spent by me staring Calum down as he laughed and had a few beers with his pledge mates.

“Hey, aren’t you Y/n?” A male pulls me out of my staring trance and I smile when I spot Kenny from last night. “Yeah, Kenny, right?” He hums in response as he nods his head, taking a few steps to stop in front of me. “Why are you here all alone?”
“Ah, just waiting for class to start…” I smile briefly, sinking my teeth into my bottom lip as I let my eyes flick to Calum once more.

“Girl, your always welcome in our chamber. There’s sofa’s and drinks and most of the times there’s someone there. And now we’re over there.” He points to where the tent was being put up a few hours prior behind him and I smile gratefully in his direction.

“So come on, beer is on me.” He holds out his hand for me to take and I contemplate, but only for a split second before I let my hand slip in his. He throws his arm around my shoulders as I let him guide me to Calum and a blonde, lanky guy. “Y/n, Luke, and of course, Calum.” He smiles down at me as he introduces me to Luke. Calum grants me with a once over and smiles cockily as our gazes meet, which draws a tiny smile out of myself.

Hours had passed of us just laying around on the tattered sofas, people had left and other people had joined. Eventually, only Luke, Calum and I remained. I had occupied a whole sofa for myself, forcing Luke and Calum to share one.
“Didn’t Kenny say you had class?” Luke mumbles as he raises his head to look at me and I open my eyes briefly.

“Yeah, at four.” I mumble back, letting my eyes slip closed again. Calum starts laughing loudly and then I hear a thump. A chuckle leaves my own lips as I see Calum crawl up from the floor. As he raises to his feet, he decides claiming a piece of my sofa is probably a safer choice.
“You realise it’s already half past five, right?” Calum smirks as he lifts my legs and drops on the sofa, letting my legs fall onto him too.

I shoot in an upright position and I simply stare at him. “Are you serious? Fuck, I missed class!” I try to get up to maybe see if I can catch one of my class mates in hopes of them sharing their notes with me, but one strong arm of Calum holds me in place.

“You’re too late anyways. I’ll ask someone I know for a recap. Stay.” His eyes find mine as he speaks and I see them flick back and forth, the dim lighting of the tent seeming to make his eyes sparkle.
“Well I’m off. I’ll be back later to set up, eight, right?” Luke sighs as he pushes himself upright, dusting off his black skinny jeans and he shakes hands with Calum.
“Later, small one.” He ruffles up my hair and I groan loudly while slapping his hands away, trying to fix my hair as Luke disappears through the make shift opening of the tent.

Awkward silence fills the air.
“Oh, I remember something…” I suddenly exclaim as I scamper off of the sofa and towards my shoulder bag. I hoist his jacket out of it and his eyes widen, his mouth shapes in the form of an ‘o’ as he takes it from my outstretched hand. “I wonder where I had left it. Thank you.” I smile and let myself fall back down, pulling my legs up so I’m not resting on Calum anymore.

He sighs. “Y/n…”. It feels like he is about to dump me. That thought alone makes me smile to myself and Calum cocks an eyebrow but I merely shake my head. “Yeah?”

“It’s kind of a no-go to get involved with new pledges, especially with higher positions. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s the rules. But I want to, I really, really want to.” His eyes lock on mine and at first I’m completely uncomfortable under his gaze, but when I see his gaze flick from my lips to my eyes I can’t help but let my lips sink into my bottom lip.

“Who says anyone has to know?” I whisper, lifting one of my legs and placing it between Calum’s half opened legs. In response, he shifts and opens his legs more, his upper body turning towards me. Just from his lustful gaze I can feel tingles run up and down my spine and I press my legs together.

Calum shifts his body as he sits between my legs. I follow his lead, sitting up straight so our faces are only centimetres apart.  “No one can know, Y/n. I’ll lose my title.” He whispers and as soon as I nod my head just the slightest bit, his lips crash against mine in a feverish, needing manner. His much larger body hovers between my legs as he pushes me down onto the sofa, enveloping me as his arms rest on both sides of my head.

His tongue swipes along my bottom lip and as I let out an involuntary moan, opening my mouth for him, his hips grind against my core. I tense up, my arms slithering around his neck to haul him impossibly closer to me. He keeps moving his hips along mine, my left leg raising to press against his bum to get him closer to me. I moan against Calum’s lips as his hands glide along my waist and he grips my hips. His fingers fumble with the button of my jeans and before I know it I feel his slender, warm fingertips glide along the skin of my thighs as he rids me off of my clothing.

His outstretched hand caresses my stomach as he licks his lips. His gaze meets mine and I cock an eyebrow, receiving a smirk in return as he leans down to press out lips together again. His hands fumble to rid me off of my shirt as I give him the same treatment, discarding his shirt towards the floor. His hands roam over my upper torso as I manage to unbutton his skinny jeans, cupping his growing erection through his boxers.

It draws a moan from Calum and he sinks his teeth into my neck, making my back arch as I let out a whimper of my own. This gives him the chance to unclasp my bra and throw it along the rest of our clothing. He rids himself of his jeans and crawls back on top of me, my hand immediately dipping into his boxers to grasp his member in my hand.

Calum groans against the skin of my neck, involuntary bucking up into my hand and I smile against his shoulder before leaving butterfly kisses in my wake. “I can’t wait anymore.” Calum groans as he pulls his boxers halfway down, pressing his exposed erection against my slick folds.
This draws a moan from my lips which Calum gracefully swallows with his mouth, pressing the tip against my opening.

One movement of my hips makes his enter me shallowly, Calum pushing in all the way before he tries to hold up a solid rhythm. His lips are kissing every inch of my exposed neck and jaw he can reach, heavily breathing into my ear as I softly moan, fingers trying to grasp anything to hold on to.

My teeth sink into his earlobe and Calum’s hips stutter, his breathing momentarily stopping before he starts moaning in my ear. “More, Cal – please.”
It only seems to edge him on even more. He picks up his pace, his hips thrusting roughly as I focus on the sound of skin on skin echoing through the tent where over two hundred people will be partying in a few hours. It seems to turn me on even more and I’m moaning Calum’s name in his ear as I let my nails sink into his shoulder blades.

I feel my orgasm fast approaching and Calum is near as well. His hand disappears between our sweating bodies, his thumb simply pressing against my clit as I feel myself tumble over the edge. I’m moaning his name over and over again, arching my back to press my sweaty chest against Calum’s toned one, feeling Calum’s arms curl underneath to hold me up as he thrusts himself towards his orgasm.

As his orgasm hits, Calum groans in my ear as he peppers kisses along my skin, dropping like a sack of flour on my hammering chest. After recovery, Calum leans back on his arms, smiling down at me and pressing his lips to mine briskly, his teeth sinking into my bottom lip and slightly pulling. I moan as I let my eyelids flutter closed. “Shit.” Calum chuckles against my neck as his hand glides over my naked thigh and towards my cheek to give it a firm squeeze. “I could do this all day.” I’m about to respond that I wouldn’t want anything more in the world, but we’re interrupted.

“Calum? You here?” Calum’s eyes widen within an instant as he shoots up and starts pulling on his clothes as fast as possible. I’m pulling on my jeans and I slightly panic when I can’t spot my shirt immediately. “Calum - …” He sees the ordeal I’m in and slings his jacket around my shoulders. As I stick my arms through the designated holes, he zips me up.

Ashton, the president, walks through the veil that must be considered a door and Calum raises to his feet beside me as he grins at one of his best mates. “Hey Ash, ‘sup?”
“They delivered the kegs for tonight. Think you could ring Luke and Mikey up to come earlier to help?” I see Calum nod his head in the corner of my eye as he slings his phone from his pocket and starts typing away. His other hand suddenly comes up and tucks my shirt into his jacket pocket and I almost smile widely but remember Ashton in the room. “And who are you?” Ashton smiles kindly at me as he steps forward, holding his hand out towards me.

“I’m Y/n.” I take his hand and give it a light shake. “One of the new pledges.” Calum informs Ashton and he makes a noise of acknowledgement as he lets go of me. “Amazing. Sorry lass, but I’ve got to steal Calum away from you. Hope to see you tonight.” He smiles as he motions his head for Calum to follow him and disappears out back.

Calum turns to walk away and I feel the frown already settle on my features. Suddenly he turns around again and swiftly walks over to me, grasping my chin with his thumb and pointer finger and presses his lips to mine briskly. “I’ll see you tonight, yeah? Come find me.” I can only nod as I bite my lip as Calum disappears after Ashton.

Let me know what you think! xox

Sugaring on Tinder

So, I go on Sugar Tumblr and see all these posts from other babies talking about how they made the switch to Tinder and found so much more potential. At first I was skeptical, because I know my small college town has almost nothing to offer. But low and behold, the first day I changed my age range to 45+, the POTS came rolling in! I have my first POT date tomorrow at an upscale Japanese restaurant in my town. He’s traveling from two hours away, to see if we are compatible and all that jazz. He’s not that cute, I think I he likes the idea of a “girlfriend” more than a SB but I think I can finesse something out of him.
However, the other side to Tinder is tricky. Some of these men are not familiar with sugar and sometimes I’m hesitant to tell them what it is because a lot of men are turned off talking about money so soon. It’s also hard to show men your value on Tinder because, well, it’s Tinder. I think a lot of them think it’s a quick fuck. I asked one guy how his previous relationship with a younger woman went and he said and I quote, “We meet a few times a week, get freaky, and I would give her financial assistance”. I’m not sure how to respond or if I should. I sense that there could be a lot of time wasted with guys on Tinder, but at least I can take advantage of some of these guy’s naïve-ness.

Anyone have any further tips on how to find sugar on Tinder? Also, if you’re a sugar baby in the south, or really anywhere, message me we should be friends! Some of this stuff is too exciting to not talk about with someone

XoxO brownsugarlust

{Two things! First of all, been a bit inactive thread wise here due to college so feel free to like this post for a starter or reply with your blog’s url/send me a message/reblog if your blog is a side blog. I’ll either get to these before I finish off my assignment or after college tomorrow}

{Second; small update. From the 5 April (this Wednesday) to 23 April, I’m free from college (so I have no college for about three weeks). This means I’ll be more active. Unfortunately, during the last week, I will be busy for two days (idk the date yet). First day of the two; I’ll be offline early due to having to wake up at 5AM or 6AM. Second day; once I wake up at 5/6AM, I’m at the beach with family and with basically no access to Wi-Fi (unless I go somewhere where I can get it but, knowing my family, we won’t stay there for long). After those two days, everything is back to normal for me}



Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, hopefully after today I’ll be able to write a few interesting posts! (FYI this is really just a boring look-how-pretty-my-library-is post).

It’s the deadline for my portfolio of essays tomorrow, but I have a 21st birthday to go to this evening so for me, the deadline is THIS AFTERNOON. I only need to tweak & format one essay out of three, so I feel like I am on track- feeling positive! I was the first person in Girton library this morning ~so keen~ 

Term ends of Friday, and I’m only going home for 4 days before coming back here to work on my dissertation. I can’t concentrate on work at home, and I also weirdly love Cambridge during the Easter holidays (I did the same last year). College is a lot emptier and less distracting, and I can spend days working in various cafes/libraries in town without worrying about contact time/supervisions to get to. It gives me time to chill and reflect as well as be productive. There will be a few more ‘active’ and interesting posts during Easter in preparation for revision/exam term. 

This has been a difficult term, but the end is near! 😊 



| 29-02-16 | { 05/100 days of productivity }

today was quite exhausting and stressful. i had my first ice hockey playoff game, which we sadly lost. but today was the start of track which i’m super excited about. i also finally got in touch with a d1 college coach i’ve been trying to get in touch with for the past month (damn ncaa rules -__-). in IR, we are starting a unit on terrorism so i made a mind map, and tomorrow i have this holocaust project due for history. i used one of the creative writing prompts and made a poem, and its actually really fucking sad. and tomorrow i also have a french vocab quiz which im studying for now.


100 days of productivity
I promise I’ll give you some more aesthetically pleasing pictures tomorrow, but because the psats were today and I am a senior I didn’t have to go to school until 11:40. So this morning I finished my ap lit notecards from yesterday and labeled a map of Asia for aphg. Then, once I came home from band practice, I did my book outline for aphg (pictured), did tonight’s ap stat homework, and wrote my first draft of my college essay.

How I started doing better in school

Originally posted by butteryplanet

I’ve made it a point to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses every semester, and it’s been helpful in keeping myself disciplined - this is important because I can be so inconsistent and lazy sometimes. Adjusting and making sure I’m on track with my school goals is something I’ve been moderately conscious of, and made me less prone to cramming a semester’s kembot action at the end of the sem. So far, here’s a list of changes I made that allowed me to do better in school:

1. Work hard < Work smart

I’ve grown into a habit of having a lot on my plate, and there are times that it has served as a hindrance to being fully present in all my commitments. It’s important to know your limits, and to know what tasks you should be focusing your energy on. Knowing when I should put a hold on some org commitments, applications, and number of units to take in a sem have allowed me to have an ample amount of time to do all the work that’s asked of me - it allowed for better quality output, that’s made with my full understanding, effort, heart, and energy. It’s always depth over breadth.

2. Fall absolutely in love with your professors

I really don’t mean this in a romantic or teacher’s pet kind of way, I genuinely love all my professors. Appreciating the time they put into coming to class, and seeing the class as a “meeting” or mentor-mentee kind of thing made me more motivated to study. I realized that not all students will get to experience a lecture by most, if not all, of my profs, and seeing this as more of a once in a lifetime opportunity changed the way I looked at my classes. Ewan, I’m probably a nerd. Lol.

3. Be honest in your work

I started doing a lot better when I stopped trying to impress, and just started approaching my projects and papers with an understanding that I could best express. It’s ok to not have big words or a mind-blowing insight. At times, I’d falter because of this - I’d be so engrossed with bringing a new concept to the table, with little understanding of what I’m talking about. This results to having a poorly-written paper, with lots of holes and questions you will be unprepared to answer.

Having your own take and insights are important, and greatly appreciated by professors. Just make sure you have an in-depth understanding of what you want to say, and that it is written and made with the best of your abilities.

4. Read the syllabus

I hear professors complain about this a lot, and they have a point, we should really start reading the syllabus more. Having an outline for the course and a heads-up on all the deliverables is convenient, and helps a lot when having to understand where we’re at in the course. I’m unsure of how common this is, but I used to get deductions every now and again from not reading the syllabus (on format, etc). Best to save yourself from the unnecessary mistakes and going to class unprepared!

5. At least *try* to make extra time for your subjects - consult!

I learned from my German prof that you need to study twice the number of hours of the class’ length to master the lesson properly. This means that aside from attending a 1-hour class, for example, you’ll need to allot 2 hours after that for studying/reviewing the lesson - this is the ideal way to study, according to her. 

I’ve tried applying this, though I don’t get to do it consistently. What I found helpful, though, is also finding time for consultation. It has always been helpful for me to clarify or double check my understanding of the lesson, especially when I’m unsure if I was able to comprehend it the way it should have been taken. Consultation gives room for a better and more-informed grasp of the lesson, and shows your prof that you value the subject.

It’s the first day of my summer semester tomorrow, and I have yet to sort all my readings from last sem and prepare myself for the extra early mornings ahead. 🙁 Academics have been more manageable as semesters go by, and it’s really good to see my performance progress and my work ethic develop over time. Here’s to one more year before graduation!

I have published chapter 2 of my story on wattpad! 😄 I was tired from working in college the past few days but i managed to get it done. It’s similar to chapter 1, and the titles will say the rest. The third chapter will be in progress tomorrow.

If I’m honest i wasn’t sure if i would be good at writing a story, but the support i have got from my first chapter i am greatful for….Plus i really enjoy it 😄

Go check out the next chapter on my wattpad account ‘sabezraforever56’ 😁. I hope you like it 😊

anonymous asked:

So happy that the ask box is open again! If it hasn't been done already, could you write about the Rfa+v and saeran and mc who procrastinates waaaay too much? Sorry if it's weird lol ((also, I have a 6 page essay due tomorrow morning and I just started it. It's 9 pm)) Thanks, loves!

I hope your paper went well sweetie! I hope you got an An and that you really enjoy the weekend! admin Rina ;3c


  • Zen has always been one to get his work down as soon as he can
  • So he would try and make sure they got things down in a timely manner
  • The only issues comes up is when MC is like “But Zen I want to cuddle,” or “Buy Ryuu, I want to just make-out.”
  • That man is weak to those requests 
  • But after words he would make sure that the work got done! But only after some cuddling and kissing happened


  • As you know, my boy is a college student
  • So he as become the king on bullshitting something and making it look like he had been working on it for days
  • “Yoosung I have a paper due tomorrow at 9am and it hasn’t started it yet…”
  • “Okay what is it one, how long does it need to be, do you want my help, and do you need coffee?” is normally the first couple of questions that he asks them
  • He would help them split up the work, if it was a paper he would do research and tell them what to type.
  • If they needed to have read a book he would read the spark notes for the last half of the book while MC read the first half
  • He would stay up for hours on end with MC if they needed him to
  • He just hates it when MC says they don’t want his help
  • So he does his best to keep them awake by shaking them awake and also getting them coffee whenever they needed it


  • Jaehee as always been really good at writing papers in a limited amount of time.
  • It comes with working for Jumin
  • So she would mostly sit with MC and type out the paper while they talked
  • Kind of like tag teaming it
  • Jaehee is also just a very fast typer so she can get out 6 pages in like 2 hours as long as they both know what to write
  • She also is really good at fact checking and researching!
  • So she would be able to look over MCs notes and everything to make sure that everything was right and that they didn’t try and use wiki or something like that.


  • Jumin would most likely hire an assistant for MC to help them with they stuff 
  • “Jumin I need to get this project don’t by tomorrow.”
  • Well corrections, he would try and buy the project first
  • “I’ll just have it made for you.”
  • “Jumin no, like is like ten kinds of cheating.”
  • “They will never know? So why does it matter?”
  • But he understands the importance of a good education so he would hire someone to come in and help type of the paper or do the project
  • Most of the time it’s Jaehee


  • Honestly he would try his best to help out with MC out when they leave a paper for the last minute 
  • But honestly he isn’t the best of help most of the time
  • He would get detracted very easily 
  • Most of the time he just slows down the work because one minute he will be help MC with a paper
  • The next he is trying to show them a funny video that popped up on his dash
  • Or a silly cat video on youtube
  • Or a new meme that just hit the streets
  • So most of the time MC makes him go to the other side of the room and not talk to them while they got work done
  • Or how the tables have turned


  • Like said before V is like super dad
  • He would make sure that MC never even got to the point where they have a paper due last minute
  • This is because as soon as he found out about the due date he would be on the all the time about making sure they got it done
  • “You know you are going to hate yourself the night before when you didn’t get it down and you are just trying your best to get it done.”
  • So honestly MC would work on it a little at a time just to get V off of their back
  • V also would help out with it the best that he could, but honestly MC wouldn’t really need it because he was on the so much about getting the project done before the night before


  • Would just offer up help wherever he could 
  • “Do you need coffee, MC?” if the answer was yes he would make them the best coffee the world had ever seen
  • He wouldn’t be much help with the actually project but he would just do all of the little things that will save MC just a little of time
  • He would do the shopping for them that they had to do, the cleaning, cooking, and all of that stuff
  • He feels like if he can do the little things that they had to get done for the day then that will save the enough time to work on their project!

anonymous asked:

Hi I start my first semester of college tomorrow and I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers

Hi! My top tips would be:

  • be talkative and open to people - everyone is in the same boat and probably all very nervous! Usually people are totally willing to have a chat and get to know you! Might end up with a friend for life on your first day!!
  • be prepared - get ready with all your clothes, books, backpack, etc the night before!
  • check out your colleges facilities - take time to wonder round, find the library, any food places or study spots! If you’ve found a friend, that is a great thing to do together.
  • make useful notes - whether you use a laptop or notebooks, make sure your notes are effective, full of information but brief!
  • use any free time you have in a productive way - whether it is finishing homework or doing readings, use that time for something beneficial. It just means you’ll have some extra chill time at home!!
  • organise everything from the beginning - find a way that you find to be best for organising any readings, notes, etc! I use one folder per subject and divide into topics. 

Hope that helps! Best of luck with your first semester xx