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Heyyy!! As always, I absolutely looove your fics (I'm sure you know that ;) ) I may be 100% Bechloe but I have an appreciation and respect for mitchsen too. One of my fav Mitchsen fics ATM is Got Me So Wild by my close friend @calmyourpitches , which is an amazing Harry Potter based fic. Would you ever consider writing either a Bechloe or Mitchsen fic? Whether a one-shot or multiple chapter fic? You write so beautifully, I know you'd do it justice. Xxx

I have toyed with the Harry Potter PP idea but it’s on the back burner at the moment because I feel like if I do write it, it’s gonna be a multichapter, you know? And I’ve got enough of those happening.

Short answer is Yes but not right now

Verona SLFL concert experiance

submitted by @sheeriectionieber. I love this!!! 

Okay so basically we managed to get in the front of the queue to get in the venue. We waited for hours omg it was such a long wait. Anyway. At like 6 Ashton got out on this kind of balcony thing that’s like on the external border of the venue to say hello but a lot of people were pushing and screaming and i didnt know what was going on and i also had a lamp post right in front of me so i dint see him (im a loser i know) AND HE WAS WAVING AND HE HAD HIS HOOD UP AND HE WAS VERY FREAKING CUTE AND I WAS LITERALLY FREAKING OUT I WAS WAVING BACK LIKE MAD and i was thinking “pls take your boyfriend out to say hello i know he hates the sun- But please take him out.” But then as soon as luke got back into the venue they opened the gates.

So we run like mad to be on michael’s side. And then Don Broco opened and even tho i only knew one song they were amazing and involved the crowd a lot (also, italian people are- Very welcoming in general so we tried to cheer them on as much as possible even not knowing the songs) Then basically we waited like 20 mins for 5sos to start. And it was fucking amazing. They (obviously) started with carry on and michael was playing the piano and he was so pretty and the others were very pretty too obviously so yeah.

Also, we werent even 30 seconds into the concert and muke were already eye fucking ahaha they were uncontrollable. Then they played a couple songs and then they had the first break where they speak. And they were like "verona is beautiful italy is beautiful” and stuff like that and then michael (bless him he’s such a sweet soul) goes “Verona do you know why we’re here tonight” *crowd screams* “to celebrate a gift and do you know what this gift is?” *crowd screams some more* “we’re celebrating the gift of life” *crowd makes the arena fall off with the screams* and i swear Andie, ive had a lot of suicidal thoughts this year and SGFG helped me a lot so to hear Michael, who is like my fav person ever say that was very meaningful and powerful.

Then they kept playing songs and they made a song about verona which was basically just michael on the piano screaming verona multiple times in multiple ways and then Omg yes there was a lot more lmao Okay so basically i just said that they played more songs (obviously) and im just gonna talk about the main muke moments and about my fav song they played. Okay so basically they got to the point where we have the “Sad songs” so they play jbh (where i was fucking shaking while holding up my “i am” sign) and then beside you and amnesia (where i started sheding a tear or two) and then vapor that fucking killed me bc its very personal to me and i was sobbing and basically dying. Then the other songs were just really fun and intense to see live and i danced a lot.

Okay so the muke moments. At a certain point michael made up a song about calum that was like “my name is calum. I like pizza. I like ice cream” so obviously his boyfriend Luke got jealous and went “mikeyyy youve known me for 5 years why didnt you ever write a song for me????” (Which is a lie Luke bc mikey wrote like albums for you but okay) so michael makes up a song about luke that went like “My name is luke. I like hot dogs, he doesnt like penguins anymore. He’s over penguins now” then he says “what else? Oh oh i got it” “he likes nice evenings in the park” (which i thought was fucking cute bc muke park dates) so theyre married Then you know how during castaway they have the guitar solo battle? Okay so they went to opposite sides of ths stage facing each other while doing it (so much fucking tension) and then joined at the middle to go on the catwalk together (how cute??) And when they reunited they smiled at each other in such a fucking sweet way. Like a very sweet, caring loving gaze. And others moments where them looking at each other while singing and playing guitar together while pretending they don’t love each other you know. The usual.

Then ashton said that we were a very kind a sweet crowd and wanted us to jump during end up here but not too much bc he was afraid that the arena would fall off (i mean thats cute that you worry but if its been there for Like 2 hundred years it can handle a little jumping lmao) and calum said he loved italy in general and that that was the best concert they’ve ever played in their life.