but i have feels about them HOLDING HANDS

I could write 777 stories about how you brought me from the dreariest blues to the brightest yellows but I don’t think their are words that hold that much depth or books strong enough to hold words written about you. You are enticing. You are terrifying and beautiful and I can’t stop looking at my hands because you’re holding them. And I’ve never known how to hold onto someone lightly, but I hold you delicately because I know that I don’t have to force you to stay. My hands grew tired from the weights of the lovers that never could love me correctly, but they rest now. I rest with you.
—  I rest with you

This is one of this days were my mind flies to TommyKate all over again, and I was working with some photos and just thought ‘why not?’.

So here you have two (not really good) aesthetics from one of the biggest otp’s marvel gave me.

{I chose them as FC’s because they’re always the firsts who come to my mind when I think about real life Kate and Tommy.}

Hope you like them <3

this is all for you, parabatai; @hawkeyetbh


Swan Queen + holding hands.

Okay so I feel like marichat is just them sitting together complaining about crushes, ladrien is them both just staring at each other in awe and that’s it, ladynoir is like this sassy badass power couple, and adrienette is the cute shy hand-holding going-out-for-ice-cream couple. And when you put them all together it’s just pERFECTION

Isn’t That Wizard || One-Shot

Title: Isn’t That Wizard
Rating: K
Pairing: TenToo/Rose

Summary: Of all the challenges Rose thought she would face with the Metacrisis, realizing she was dating a pseudo-version of Donna Noble was definitely the funniest of them all.

Notes: I literally just wrote this in like, twenty minutes because I was having TenToo/Rose feels. Mistake a-plenty I’m sure.

Well isn’t that wizard.”

The first time it happened was about two weeks after they’d come back to Pete’s World. They were staying at Rose’s flat – not sharing a bed yet though – they were trading off sleeping on the couch (only because Rose insisted. He would have happily given her the bed and slept on the couch every night if she let him). They didn’t go further than holding hands and kissing every now and again. They took it slow.

Rose was at work, and had been held up in meetings all day. The last one was definitely going to run late so she slipped out real quick to call the Doctor and let him know. And that’s when she heard the fateful words.

Well isn’t that wizard.”

Rose could almost hear Donna’s accent in the four words, and she had to struggle not to start laughing. The Doctor paused for a moment, then hurriedly said, “See you when you get home” and hung up.

No one understood why Rose was giggling periodically throughout the rest of the meeting.

The little bits of Donna the Metacrisis had inherited from the redhead had a habit of slipping out every now and again. Rose tried not to make fun of him too much, but it was funny. 

They’d be driving down the street and someone who cut Rose off and the Doctor would yell insults at the driver out the window. They’d be in a store and he would comment loudly on the prices.

Rose’s favorite was the first time – first. There were so many more – he called her Blondie.

“Why can’t I drive?” He complained as they got ready to go. “I drove the TARDIS just fine–”

“Twelve months.”

“Oh let that go, would you?” He pouted. “Come ooooooooooon, please?”

“Nope. First of all you need a license and second I don’t trust you,” Rose told him blithely as she started for the door.

“Oi, now you listen here Blondie–”

They both froze when they realized what he had said. And Rose burst out laughing.

Blondie? Are you serious?!”

She had to sit on the couch for a few minutes, doubled over laughing. The Doctor pouted the entire time, looking quite put out.

“It’s not that funny,” he grumbled. Rose was laughing too hard to answer.

How the Doctors would react to you asking them on a date.

Nine: He’d be surprised, he’d thought you were amazing but he never thought you’d have romantic feelings for him. He’d try to play it cool as he took you to the most amazing place, subtly holding your hand and thinking about how lucky his is.

Ten: He’d be incredibly happy but also slightly panicked. He’d end up going incredibly overboard in an endearing show of affection. In the end, he’d just take you out for dinner and a movie on some foreign planet.

Eleven: He’d be overjoyed and try to make it everything you ever dreamed of. He’d always had feelings for you but never thought to act on them. After a long night of adventures and date-stuff, you’d sit at home watching cheesy movies and eating fish fingers. (With custard)

Twelve: He wouldn’t believe you. He’d get slightly upset about you messing with him. He’d tell you you deserve someone better, but after finally drilling it into his head that yes, you do love him, he’d be overjoyed and try to go all out to be the greatest boyfriend in the universe. His callous facade would fade away as he grew more comfortable in the fact that he loves you, and you love him too.

hey :) since I just needed to draw some enjoltaire feelings (so that I wouldn’t explode) I got reminded of you:)
here’s the end result.
yea I’ll just shut up right now and won’t even start rambling about them cuddling or kissing or holding hands… I’d probably write a whole fan fiction then…
anyways, I hope you have a wonderful time ( now thinking about ‘taire gently wrapping his arms around enj after a long and exhausting meeting and enj just lying back and squeezing ‘taires hand and … ugh…) ♥
and of course you are welcome for the images in your head rn :D 

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Really bruh? My heart will explode today, for sure…

A+: OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥!!!!!! What people usually think when they see Vmin: “Friendship goals!”, what I think when I see Vmin: “Hell the fuck yeah friendship goals! the best of the best friendships I’ve ever seen and so much more! I wish everyone on this world would have something like that!” Because they are about caring for each other, support for every step of the way, making each other laugh and even cry if they feel like (happy tears ofc), there to hold hands when they need someone that understands them more than anyone could, Vmin is about always being there, no adverting eyes, no insecurity in a hold, their touches are never bruising, words are never hesitant, there are never any doubt! And that’s what I like the most about them, they seem to fear nothing when they are together and I’m sure they will take this love with them forever, through their whole lives ♥

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Send me a ship and I will grade it


Let me write about you
And how we met one day,
Of how much I love the view
When I see you coming my way.

Let me write about you
And the first time we talked,
I didn’t have the clue,
So what I did was stalk.

Let me write about you
And your sparkling eyes.
By looking through them I knew
That you’re unlike the other guys.

Let me write about you,
About your soft and delicate hands.
When we hold hands you give me a clue
That you’re the one my heart demands.

Let me write about you
And how you hug me tight.
From sadness, you pull me through
And make me feel alright.

Let me write about you,
And how lovely was our kiss.
It was the start of something new
That we never want to dismiss.

Let me write about you
And the love we share.
Astonished by how fast it grew
And I’m grateful to God in my every prayer.

Let me write about you
And how much I love you.
I hope you already knew,
That this poem is just for you.

Serendipity // Let Me Write About You

@adamsgirl42 this was super painful bc all I want is for them to be happy oh god

Who asks the other on dates: CLINT. He is very persistent about date nights.

Who is the bigger cuddler: Depends on the day. Bucky is more likely to cuddle, but when Clint initiates cuddling, he basically needs full attention.

Who initiates holding hands more often: Bucky. Clint doesn’t only because he doesn’t want to have Bucky feel like he can’t use one of his hands.

Who remembers anniversaries: “Shit, is that today?” “I don’t fuckin’ know.” (AKA Both)

Who is more possessive: Bucky. He feels lucky enough to have gotten Clint after making all the mistakes he did and now he’s trying to make sure he never loses Clint.

Who gets more jealous: Bucky. Same as above.

Who is more protective: Emotionally, Clint. Physically, Bucky.

Who initiates sexy times the most: BUCKY, DEAR LORD. He will initiate it in any situation he likes; although Clint has a habit of not saying no.

Who dislikes PDA the most: Bucky.

Who kills the spider: Bucky. With a gun, usually.

Who asks the the other to marry them: Clint. Clint has to. Bucky won’t do it because he doesn’t want to actually shackle Clint to him, he feels like he doesn’t deserve Clint, but he also wants to keep Clint as long as he can because Clint makes him feel happy.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Clint brings dumb gifts. Really dumb gifts. Like socks. Or sunglasses. Bucky’s the one who brings flowers.

Who would bring up possibly having kids: CLINT.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Uh…

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Clint. But he usually wakes up to donuts and coffee because Bucky never likes for their fights to last more than a day because who knows when one of them will die and the argument will never be settled…

Who tries to make up first after arguments: Well, I answered that one above, but it’s just a matter of Bucky knowing the value of life and death and unfinished business. He never wants to ever have that kind of shit with Clint if anything should happen.

Who tells the other they love them more often: Bucky. But it’s not usually outright. There’s the occasional murmur in Clint’s ear, but it’s usually more along the lines of coffee when Clint wakes up in the morning, taking the dog for a walk when Clint’s depression is getting the best of him, some new fletching for his arrows bc there’s a nice pattern that Clint might like that Bucky saw when he was at the store, and shit like that. Bucky just wants Clint to feel loved and appreciated.

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how do you think javik would react to finding that "prothean anatomy analysis" ? or did liara burn it before that could happen.

the comic is set when they’re kind of together but not rly??? they’re aware of  their feelings for each other but haven’t actually done anything besides quick kisses and hand holding lol

so i can imagine javik having a big shit eating grin when he finds out and then they smooch a lil but liara is rly grumpy about it because javik wont stop being a shit about this whole scenario afterwards

they’re acting like toddlers that have a crush on each other i hate them!!

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She's wearing tights. She delivered a baby one week ago and she's wearing tights. She has her hair and nails done, her make up on, and she's wearing freaking tights. She holds the baby carrier with barely one hand and she's going out, again, with a one-week-old baby. How do people believe this. This cannot be real. A mother would never behave like that. This is so gross and unhealthy and viscous and it makes me feel sick. I can't stop thinking about the message she's sending to teenage girls.

I know i know….. 

Anonymous said:are you gonna post them? and are there any pictures of her stomach?

I dont have an account to buy at fameflynet - but i posted that celebbabyscoop link a few asks down - theres 6 on there. honestly she’s thinner than i am LOL

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I know this is a bit specific, but can I request some coffee shop flirting with urie, arima, and haise? Like a s/o who works at a coffee shop and knows the characters because their sort of regulars ^.^

Arima: He was sitting in the same table that he always used to choose, drinking some black coffee and holding a book between his hands. He wasn’t reading though, his eyes were following the waiter/ress. They glanced at him but he didn’t look away, a few minutes later they appeared in his table.

“Do you want to take something else?” 

“Maybe. When does your shitf end?”

“A-at 7″

“I’ll take you to have dinner with me, if you don’t mind” 

They could feel their heart beat in their chest like it was about to come out. How could someone so handsome and with so much presence pay attention to them?

Urie: He had been waiting for his coffee for too long now, the coffeeshop was crowded, yes, but how bad could be someone at such an easy job as waiter/ress? They crossed the crowded place towards his table under his cold look. They were kind of intimidated by him, he looked like someone that couldn’t be satisfied no matter what. 

“Here you go” 

“You’re so slow”, Urie answered taking a sip of the cup.

“There’s a lot of pe-”

“Tsh. You’re cute, I can forgive you this time. But you will be quicker next time, little one”

Haise: He knew their shift, so he always tried to go to the coffeeshop when he knew they were there as long as his job allowed him to. He sat in a table in a corner. The place was quiet empty at that time of the day, maybe he could try talking to them for longer than usual. 

“Hi! How are you today?”, he smiled to them. 

“Oh, hi again, Haise. I’m fine, and you?” 

“Now that I’m talking to you I’m way better”

“Haise”, they laughed.

“It’s not my fault you insist on being so beautiful”

OK but I just realized this song I haven’t listened to in ages goes really well with Finnrey kk

“I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don’t tell anyone about the things that we have planned
Won’t tell anybody, won’t tell anybody
They want to push me down
They want to see you fall down

Won’t tell anybody how you turn my world around
I won’t tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound
Won’t tell anybody, won’t tell anybody
They want to see us fall they want to see us fall


Don’t believe the things you tell
Yourself so late at night and
You are your own worst enemy
You’ll never win the fight
Just hold on to me, I’ll hold on to you
It’s you and me up against the world
It’s you and me”


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❤ I dont have a good feeling about this


Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs from behind | Cuddling | Hand kiss | PDA | Spooning | Shared baths | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Caressing | Stroke hair | No displays of affection

Shower sex | Wall sex | Neck bites | Oral | Morning sex | Drunk sex | Public sex | Backseat of car | BDSM | No sex

Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | No dates 

Would my character…

Marry them? Yes | No 
Have sex on the first date? Yes | No
Confess their attraction first? Yes | No 
Have children/adopt? Yes | No 
Die for your character? Yes | No 
Cheat on your character? Yes | No 
Lie to them? Yes | No 
Cuddle after sex? Yes | No

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❥ Minty ❥ and ❥ Fana :3

Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs | Cuddling | PDA | Sleeping on | Sharing food | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Brushing hair | Petting hair | No displays of affection (Minty’s not super openly affectionate, but if they were alone she’d be a little more comfortable with it!)

Get Together;
Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | Your place | My place | The internet

Would my character…

Marry them for tax benefits? Yes | No
Be sex friends? Yes | No
Have children/adopt? Yes | No (I’m not sure how Minty feels about kids yet…)
Die for your character? Yes | No | ???? (Not CURRENTLY but if they were close enough!)
Steal from your character? Yes | No (Probably food /dies)
Steal for your character? Yes | No
Lie to them? Yes | No
Lie for them? Yes | No
Help hide a body? Yes | No

Perfect [ADMIN]

“You looked mad.”

“Nobody even likes you jeez!”  


“I could be using you, ya know?”



Medium pale hands worked around the bandages, fumbling with them until the owner could figure out how to do this. Their eyes were red from crying, the pupils green.

“And as long as I can feel you holding on. I won’t fall, even if you said I was wrong”

“The green eyes that glared into someone’s soul and shot them down…The eyes of a monster” They stared in the mirror, their blond-brown hair going to about their eyebrows. They missed having it hide their eyes, wishing it would grow back faster.  

“One wrap, then another, hold it in place.”

They took the white bandaging and used one hand to wrap it around the temple of their forehead, around the back of their head and under the short hair, back around again. Memories flooding their mind.

Breathing was becoming harder as each second passed, with shaking hands they tried call out for help. Tears streamed down a pale face, each breath burning inside. They knew the whole time, it was just a pity party. It was nothing but fake. They called out for help, messaging the few people who they thought cared. But nobody came. 

They cringed at the memory, stopping the wrapping and instead looking at their hands. These hands had typed terrible words and done terrible things, cringing at the thought of what they had done to others and themself. Yet they didn’t regret the latter.  

Their vision blurred in front of them, the sound of muffled voices reaching their ears as they scanned to room. “What happened?” Was their only thought before they felt ear buds in their ears and a phone in their grasp. It had a few unread messages on it, as well as a song that had been long finished. Sitting up, the monster looked around, perking their ears to hear the voices. They sounded familiar. Their breath stopped when they looked over to the other bed in the room, seeing a few bags belonging to people they knew. A certain person they couldn’t face after what they had done. Their chest convulsed, making it a bit hard to breathe. They let their muscles go slack and lay back down on their bed, turning on their phone to message someone very important to them. The voices grew louder, footsteps coming near the room. The monster laid back down, pretending to be asleep in their only means of defense. A tall figure walked through the room, grabbing something before leaving without a second thought. The monster tried to leave the room minutes later, but they were shaking too much.

“I’m not perfect but I keep trying cause that’s what I said I would do from the start.
I’m not alive if I’m lonely, so please don’t leave. Was it something I said or just my personality?”

With a shake of the head, they continued to cover their eyes. They could still see through the bandages, but at least they didn’t have to see those hideous eyes. Why couldn’t they get through this, Suicidal friends turned into people they hurt. Regular friends turned into enemies. Family turned people that made them scared. They didn’t want to hurt people, they were fine with themself being in pain, but anyone else broke their heart. It was gone really. No matter what people took them by surprise. Every time they fell down, it took forever to get back up. Silence…there was only silence afterward. When they were around they wouldn’t fall, even if sometimes a certain one caused it. Without them all they were lonely and unable to live. They weren’t perfect and while they tried their best to make everyone happy, it could be suffocating. They said they would be there after all, so why couldn’t they keep that promise.  

Admin stared at themself in the mirror, looking back at a monster. A monster who didn’t deserve any of the praise or love they got. They would hurt others with their words and sometimes physical actions. Monsters like them should burn in hell.

“I’m not perfect, I’m done trying”


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I'm definitely with you on the "saving" people from the UW being helping them move on and not bring them back from the dead. Not only would it somewhat diminish Hook's rescue (especially with Emma thinking she'll have to go to the extreme of splitting her heart to bring him back), but it would make death in general into basically just an inconvenience.

Well I don’t think it would diminish anything. They’re THERE for Killian. Nothing will ever lessen the magnitude of that. If he didn’t die, they wouldn’t be there.

But yeah… I feel like saving other people from death would be like handing out get of jail free cards haha. Plus, OUAT does bittersweet beautifully and I think it would be so poignant and meaningful for our heroes to resolve the things that have been holding them back from really and truly changing, things that have been haunting them…and at the same time, getting closure with the people they care about in a peaceful way where they can look back and smile instead of looking back with pain and regret.

It’s just been my headcanon since we found out about all of them being down there but – who knows what they’ve got planned, haha.

So about my experience being asexual

To my mother:
Keep in mind these are not everyone’s feelings, but they are mine.
So when I say I’m asexual, it has two parts. First of all, I feel no sexual attraction to others. When a ‘normal’ person would look at someone and say 'you’re hot let’s have sex’ I usually think 'you’re so pretty hold my hand/ watch a movie with me/ kiss me’ never anything sexual. I never think of other people in the sexy way, just like I want to walk with them and be with them.
Second, I am sexually repulsed. This sounds scary, but it just means that I cant stand the idea of sex. I could never imagine any other person going near my parts or me going near anyone else’s. Thinking about that makes me feel disgusting and it terrifies me too. I don’t know why, I just don’t like it. It makes me squirmy and uncomfortable.
Thanks for reading this if you did, I just had to get it off my chest. Maybe you feel the same, I am always open to talk if you want.