but i have feels about them HOLDING HANDS


Swan Queen + holding hands.

Hi, hello, have you accepted this headcanon that @jen-iii made about garnet playing/holding hands because she wonders what palms that don’t have gems on them feel like?…no?..well, I have

Going Home

Sometimes I like to think about Emma and Henry after 3x11, living their happy ending, that was given to them by a woman who they can’t remember. By a broken - some say evil - woman, who loved them so much that she gave them her own happy ending.

I like to think about Emma, who has the memories of raising Henry - Regina’s memories. His first smile. His attempt saying “mommy”. His first school day. Regina and Emma both have the memories of raising their son.

I like to think that sometimes Emma feels something’s missing. Like there has been someone else too. Their guardian angel, she likes to think. Someone who has helped her. Held out a hand for her.

And I like to think that sometimes Emma has a fuzzy dream of a woman, holding her hand, smiling warmly through her tears. Deep brown eyes, full of love and sadness. Slowly she vanishes into purple smoke, watching them; Emma and Henry. Her happy ending.

And Emma wakes up, having this strange, oddly familiar feeling she can’t quite catch. Why does this woman feel so painfully familiar?

But then she forgets. It’s time to get up and make breakfast to Henry. Emma smiles. She is something she never would have thought she would be - happy.

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would you describe what being a lithromantic is for you?

imagine being friends with someone. and then slowly realising you think you like them as more than a friend. and it just grows and grows until you’re actually daydreaming about them in your spare time and wishing you could hold hands with them and every time you talk to them you’re filled with this little bubble of joy and everything is just so HAPPY for you, you’ve never felt this way before and it makes you feel so happy to just be ALIVE, y’know? so you think hey, maybe I have a chance with them romantically?? so you decide you’re gonna ask them out. and you’re so nervous because you really want them to say yes and then you ask them and they say yes and then suddenly it’s not just daydreams anymore, it’s REAL, and now that it’s real everything is suddenly too much to handle, and instead of the satisfaction you thought you’d get, you just feel panicked and disgusted, and you don’t even want to be in the same room with them anymore because you’re so disturbed, and you’re so confused because mere seconds ago you loved them so much and now your feelings for them are just gone

in a few days you’ll get over it and your feelings of disgust will fade and you’ll think “well I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I guess I didn’t like them as much as I thought I did.” but then the feelings come creeping back and suddenly you’re in love all over again but you’ve learned your lesson and don’t say anything this time because as soon as you tell them, everything just goes away, so what’s the point

tldr: it’s frustrating and sad

Reasons to love Jaebum

1. Damn sexy forehead

2. He’s sexy af overall

3. His eye smile! That fckn eye smile just kills me

4. Can we talk about his smile? It goes straight to my already bursting heart!! And how bloody sparkly his teeth are! Like dang boy!! I’m blinded by your smile 😉

5. His hair!!! It makes me wanna run through his hair. His hair is better than mine tbh (hair envy). And the way he flips it. Uh hello shampoo cf

6. His hands!!! Idk what it is about them that I find so sexy. Especially when he’s got rings on them. I wanna have a feel for myself if his hands are soft or rough or what. I JUST WANT TO HOLD HIS HAND FULL STOP

7. IM THIGHS! Hello that farkin gorgeous thighs. Like dayummnnnnn 😍

8. His bowlegs! Ok people might think that this is an imperfection and yes it sorta is but I love him and his legs because it makes him look really endearing (thanks for pointing it out to me britt! Lol)

9. I love how he doesn’t cover up his pits when he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt. LIKE HAVE YOU SEEN HIM IN A TANK TOP??! OK BYE 😵

10. His guns!!! Fml his guns!!! and no i’m not talking about machines

11. HIS SHOULDERS AND THE WHOLE OF HIS BACK! Damn those broad shoulders are very very very fine. I could back hug him every single day for the rest of my pitiful life 😂

12. His bum. Hello bumbum! I have a thing for guys with nice bums and his is 👌🏻

13. The way he dances just unnfffff! So cute and so sexy and everything in between. Makes my mind and heart combust every single time i watch him dance. Like the flow and effortlessness and yet the gracefulness


15. He’s very aloof on the outside yet he’s a warm cinnamon roll on the inside

16. INTP HONEST! I appreciate a man who does not beat around the bush and goes straight to the point. And i appreciate honesty

17. How he thinks deeply about a lot of things

18. His sense of responsibility. He takes the role of being a leader to heart. As jackson said.. BEST LEADER!!! 🙌🏻

19. Putting got7 as his priority (you should make your health your priority too bub. Take good care of yourself and get well soon)

20. His passion about what he does! Be it singing, dancing, composing, acting

21. His very very cute reactions!! Watch v app! Haha

22. His all out laugh. I can see your uvula jb but it is very endearing haha

23. A great friend/brother to his members

24. He listens

25. He takes critiques well and is constantly bettering himself

26. His outfits! Damn boy you look like a model every single time

27. His attitude towards life in general that is to be the best person that you can be without losing who you are in the process (imo anyways of what i observe from him)

28. How he stands by his opinions

29. How he’s so strong for the sake of other people. We’re all like crying because he’s hurt and stuff and he’s the one feeling the pain yet he’s the one telling us to enjoy and don’t worry about him

30. How he would defend people from bullies. Remember yugyeom’s story?

31. How he takes care of those around him especially his dongsaengs

32. His expressions on stage. THOSE DAMN LIP BITES

33. His aegyo. Because how can you not love his cute self?

34. His habit of grabbing people’s necks you can grab mine anytime

35. His quiet side and his rage side. Like lol jb raging is so cute like damn

36. His bboying is 🔥

37. His love for food because i LOVE FOOD!! And i appreciate that in a man! Lolwut! But especially in his job where weight is kind of an issue but he doesn’t mind it because food. Who turns down food? 😂

38. His love affair with food. Like did you see him eating??? Because like yo! If jaebum looks at me the way he looks at food i’m set for life

39. His chipmunk cheeks when he eats! It’s so cute! Makes me wanna hug him and not let go! Can I keep him mum? Pretty please

40. I love how he gives off a very manly feel. Like you would think ahhh this guy will protect me (a very damsel in distress thought but yeah lmao)

41. How he’s so SHY about speaking english is so adorable

42. And when he does speak english! Like man what are you even shy about. YOU IS GOOD!!

43. His very MEME-ish ways! Meme bum ftw!

44. BODY ROLLS! Need i explain? I didn’t think so

45. ABS!

46. How he loves to read. A man after my own heart

47. He can be goofy and serious. A perfect balance

48. His funny sassy self. Like how he interacts with the fans are hilarious

49. His love for sleep! I feel you boo

50. Because jb (and no it’s jaebum and not bieber

I could write a million other things probably but i’m going to be late for an appointment so i’ll just end it here

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Pro Tip:

If your internet friend seems like they’ve gone into fight-or-flight mode (freaking out, panicking, unclear and repeating “I don’t know what to do”), tell them to do the following.

1. Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position.

2. Close your eyes. Feel the surface you’re touching. Feel the surface on your hands. On your feet.

3. Breath in slowly. Hold to the count of three. Breath out slowly. Hold to the count of three. Repeat for several minutes.

This basically makes them focus on the physical things instead of the emotional. I found it on a self-help thing for BPD when emotions are extreme and it can be used for several things. It gives you a way of actually getting them calm enough to talk about it or just to get them calm without having to be there physically. Hope this helps someone out.

Another line of dialogue I’d like to talk about! This one raises a lot of questions about how the Big & Little Sisters communicate, and how much they both know about each others mental conditioning/thought processes. In the SitS Campaign, a big and little sister are seen holding hands, and throughout Bioshock 2 game there’s several drawings of the Big Sisters by the younger girls; surprisingly none of them show Eleanor’s custom big sister suit, only the common NPC version. (Perhaps it’s just that the designers didn’t make a Eleanor version, but I prefer the idea that the Big Sisters and the Little Sisters have a more familial bond; while the Little Sisters feel more reverential towards Eleanor.) Anyways, I just like this line for adding depth to both the Big and Little Sisters.

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hey I was just wondering, why do you consider ginwarts ginhijigin? because so far it's been nothing but takagin, ginzura, and sakazura

But none of those pairings have made an appearance? They’re friends, yes, but being close friends with someone doesn’t mean you’re with them romantically. One of my best friends and I get mistaken for a couple all the time because we exchange clothing, we hold hands, we hit on each other regularly, we call each other Lover, and we talk like we’ve been married for a century, but we’re not dating, we’re just extremely comfortable with each other. There hasn’t been any TakaGin, GinZura, or SakaZura. All I’ve been writing about is a group of friends that are comfortable with each other based on what I know of having close friendships and what I feel they’d do at that age in that environment. None of them have kissed each other or anything like that, they’ve just been really good friends to one another and it’s really fun for me to explore this about them. 

I can say the fic is GinHijiGin because I know where it’s going and I know what’s going to happen. The whole thing started out as a bunch of random drabbles, but now there’s a plot and an actual story to it ((oops, but also meh – with me, it was bound to happen sooner or later)). I don’t know if you’re familiar with my work at all, but I’m not the type to be like let’s see how quickly I can get my OTP together for the yaois. PFFFTTT That’s soooo not my schtick. They’ll get together eventually and it’ll be great when they do. I’ve already written a ton of stuff for that, but I don’t want it to happen yet. I’m having fun with the Joui as the Marauders, I’m enjoying exploring their multifaceted relationships, I love being able to include Mitsuba and write about her and Hijikata ((and I will never use her as a device to make Gintoki jealous or belittle her in anyway, I genuinely enjoy her character and I’m not going to reduce her to something less in favor of my OTP)), and I’m just having a blast with the experience as a whole. It’s not a short thing of drabbles anymore, it’s a long ass epic and a lot is going to happen within the crossover. Close friendships do not equate to romantic relationships and if you’re not up for a slow burn and prefer PWP stuff, then this epic and my work in general isn’t going to be for you! I hope that answers you okay, feel free to stop by if you have more questions! 

based off of the first bullet on this list !

yoora had never been good at the whole exes thing & she’d be lying if she said that she hadn’t missed the other person. she was clingy & attached & frankly, just craved the feeling of having someone around who gave a fuck about her. ❝ i think this is everything — i even put that oversized sweater in there, the one that went past my knees. ❞ she shrugs, holding the box full of memories out towards them. almost on cue, the lights in the room flicker & shut off completely a second later. instinctively, the box falls from her hands — although she shouldn’t be surprised by the power outage, considering the fact that there was a full blown storm happening outside. ❝ aigo — that scared me. ❞ & so she bends down to begin placing the skewed items back into their rightful box, looking up at the other as she did so, ❝ maybe — well, maybe you should spend the night here. i think it’s supposed to be like that until tomorrow & i just… i don’t want you to like, get struck by lightning or something. i’ll feel responsible & — you should just stay, yeah. it’s dangerous. ❞

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"While we’re asking questions, what kind of dignity does a woman have when she only accepts her husband’s touch when there’s cameras around, but as soon as she thinks no cameras are rolling she wipes her hand on her clothes?" - also what kind of dignity does a man have to stay "married" to someone like that? Maybe one day one of them will find some dignity (or maybe courage?) cause right now I don't see any.

It depends on what’s holding that man back Nonny.

At least he has the dignity to feel bad about the way he’s drawn himself into a corner and it shows on his face…

I Just Want Someone To Hold Me

Let me absolutely clear.
I don’t want someone to grab my boobs or my ass.
I don’t want someone to aggressively kiss me up against a wall.
I certainly don’t want anyone to do anything even remotely sexual with me.
But it would be really nice to just have someone hold me.
You see, I felt really loved and safe and happy
When I was hugging someone I cared about
And they held me even tighter
And said they never wanted to let go.
The next best thing was loosening up just enough to look into their eyes
And seeing the happiness I was feeling
Reflected back in them.
So if it’s not too much trouble
I’d like someone to hold
Maybe cuddle and watch a movie
Let me hold your hand
And lean on your shoulder
While you trace patterns on my back
And draw your fingers down my arm.
Let me smile at you
And card my fingers through your hair
And bury my head in the space between your neck and shoulder
Because comfort smells like your fabric softener.
That’s intimacy.
That’s love to me.
At least, that’s what I think it is.
Am I wrong?

the only thing I truly care about doing well in is being nice to people
no matter how shitty I feel, I will always hold the door open for someone and smile or give someone a hand if they look like they need it
one of my best qualities (in my opinion) is that I will always be there for my friends and they know that they can call me 24/7 and I will try my best to help them with their problems

it’s not gonna get me through life, but I think being a decent human being is probably the most important thing

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Hiya! Sorry I know you have A TONN of request but I am a nerd in love with Elliot so I was if you could write a one shot were the reader and Elliot are in a long-term relationship and she is even shier then he is and people kinda tease them when they are out together cause Elliot is the only one who engages in conversation and they kinda just mostly smile at each other and hold hands which causes her to be insecure about his true feelings for her and just fluff!!! Please and thanks!

Of course, this sounds cute and challenging! Thank you :)

I like

walking through Bay Ridge Brooklyn
singing and laughing at the same time
holding hands
feeling close to the people I love
being there for friends
rubbing people’s backs
saying I love you without having to say it (i.e. back rubbing, hugging, holding hands, knowing tiny things about another person and mentioning them casually)

I want some comfort I miss being hugged like hug hugged like the feeling of your bodies connecting not in like a sexual way but just feeling like someone’s soul is connected with yours there have only been a few people in my life who have given me that feeling and they are all gone or for one reason or another shouldn’t. And I know I post about of cuddling horney crap but after leaving a ldr and going through a lot of change in my life all I want is someone to hug me like hug hug me make me feel like nothing else in this world ever matters except me and that person have that moment that in reality lasted a few seconds but felt like forever. I’m sure I’m rambling and no one will read this but it feels good to let it out because I’m scared of being alone again and i want to love someone and for them to love me I miss holding hands and kissing I could really use some loving right now but I know that no one will feel that way about me….. at least sometimes it feels that way

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ahh is it weird to wanna be like super affectionate with someone all the time??? bc like. i wanna hold hands and cuddle and rub their skin and like kiss em and i dOnt know what to do we hold hands but its platonic and idk what i feel for them anymore tbh i just kinda wanted to speak about it haha im not super worried bc relationships seem to not b a smart thing for me rn but i just?? dont understand my feels for this person its v confusing most of the time lmaoo

no don’t worry about that! affection does not always mean romance and you could be a major affectionate person without having a relationship. me for example I love love love affection especially from friends (although I don’t do that anymore because relationship reasons) but don’t be ashamed of that! kiss ur best friends cheeks and swing your hands when you walk with your other friends! xx

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I need help. IM IN LOVE WITH MY BEST FRIEND. (Cliche I know) I have been for a long time but I'm scared she's going to find out. If she founds out then she won't be my friend anymore:( I stopped talking to her hoping that the romantic feelings would go away but that didn't work:/ We always hug, hold hands, kiss each other on the cheek and sit on each others laps😂. We tell one another "I love you" but I mean it in a different way. What do I do?? I love her but I don't want to ruin our friendship

ok so this doesn’t sound too difficult. she/he likes you back, and if they don’t, they’re leading you on and you need to confront them about that. anyone that I have ever done that stuff with we were head over heels for each other. not saying you can’t be all cuddly with friends but if I speaking from not knowing how you two are then I’m assuming you two are lovey dovey with each other. I say you go for it, life’s too short

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Hi may I have a ship please? I'm 4'11 with my shoes on and 4'10 without them. I tend to get protective over those I care about. I love watching movies and tv shows including anything animated. I especially love cuddling and any physical affection, like nuzzling and hand holding. I love to read and draw while listening to music. :3 I hope this is enough.

I ship you with…

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I feel like you and Peter would always be holding hands when out and inside, you both would love watching animated movies/tv shows together, he would also just like to watch you draw or read, and you would always make sure he was okay after he get’s home from fighting crimes;)