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scout on christmas eve, at her parents house!

I’m seriously unhappy about the news with Glennis, but harassing him on twitter isn’t going to change his mind. I know we got out!Mac because rcg knew how disappointed their fans were by the S11 finale, but Dennis leaving the show wasn’t just some bad gag they wrote for shits; it was purposely done that way so they can be prepared to move forward if and when Glenn decides that his new show is too big a commitment to keep working Sunny. Glenn wanting to take on a new show isn’t queerbaiting, and he’s not gonna read your Tumblr meta for career advice.


Who are you marrying this time?

Count of Three

[Aka.: the big bang fic I’m working on]

Summary: Lance and Keith wake up in a cell with no recollection of who they are or how they got here. While it certainly wasn’t ideal, it was something they could deal with - that is, until they found out that their capturers were aliens (actual, real life aliens) that accused Keith of being something called a “Galra” and Lance of being his “Excazcán”. When the aliens decide to pull out torture devices and guns to make them talk, they decide that it is about time to go.

And that’s how they end up making their way across an unfamiliar planet, get chased by the alien police, steal a camel (amongst some other stuff) and accidentally become the leaders of a shady underground gang. At the end of the day it is, according to Lance, “the best date ever”.


“Just. Please stop talking,” the guy responded in a pained tone. He had his eyes closed again and lowered himself back onto the ground. Did he want to go to sleep? If they hadn’t been in this situation, he might have joined him, actually; the idea certainly was tempting with the killer-headache he was sporting. 

But alas, they were in this situation, and if the guy really wanted to go back to sleep then he was shit out of luck. He had a few urgent questions that he needed answers to. Right fucking now.

“No can do, buddy. I need to know who my cellmate is,” he said grimly. 

For a moment the guy didn’t react at all, then he shot up as if someone had thrown freezing water onto him. “We are in a cell?!” he asked with wide eyes. 

“Yep. And we are wearing matching outfits, apparently. Were we going to a convention or something? Are we divers? Astronauts? I don’t recognize what characters we are supposed to be.” The guy didn’t react at all, he just stared at nothingness, seemingly a little dazed. Growing impatient, he snapped his fingers. “Hello? Dude? We are in jail. Mind telling me how we got here? Mamá is going to kill me!”

Finally the other guy’s eyes settled onto him. “Mam- no, nevermind that. How did we end up in jail?!”

“I don’t know, that’s what I was just asking you!”

“Well, I don’t know either!”

Why don’t you know?!”

“I don’t know! I don’t fucking know, okay! Who are you even?!”

“I don’t know!” he yelled back. He had only screamed that because he had needed to scream something - but a wave of dread washed over him when he realized that he really didn’t know. “Fuck,” he whispered, eyes wide. “I don’t know who I am.”




I have so many feels right now.

[TRANS] 161107 B.A.P 'Noir' Showcase Press Conference

(compilation of quotes/text from news articles)

BAP : “We were able to have a full album release after a long time. (We) couldn’t even sleep starting from yesterday because our heart fluttered. Since it is a Korea promotion after a long while, it is an album we have prepared a lot and worked for. Please give us lots of love.”

HC: “While preparing for this album, Bang Yongguk had to stop his activities due to a chronic illess. To be honest, it is a lot of pressure. Since I now have to share some of the baggages Bang Yongguk was carrying, it is rather a lot of pressure. I am feeling a lot of pressure on the stage and even on the sides of member’s relationships while doing group activities.
HC: “It made me realize once more how great Bang Yongguk is. But he is planning to return soon after recovering so until then although it may be burdening and tiring, I will do my best to lead the team well.”
YJ: “Starting from yesterday, (we) contacted each other through SNS and he told us to ‘Do well and come back’ and also said ‘I’ll be watching.’

DH: "I wish Yongguk hyung’s condition gets better”

DH: “The genre Noir comes out a lot as videos. We needed a long movie like scenario to show the fans more of a 'NOIR’ image.”
DH: “While filming for the mv, (we) started real acting for the first time. (We) received acting lessons for the first time, this mv was the opportunity we had to try out a new challenge.”
DH: “The acting director for the mv was who taught Wonbin in the movie 'AHJUSSI’ actions. Due to that we were able to learn a lot.”
YJ: “In the mv scenario, it comes out as 'members of an organization(gang members),’ but it’s only come out as Daehyun, Himchan and the rest came out as etc and such.”
YJ: “It was very comfortable because it was a 10 min mv but (we) filmed it shorter than a 4 min filmed music video. We filmed for 3 days but they told me I was able to leave after filming for 2 hours so I was bitter.”

DH: “It has been a memory where we won’t be able to forget during our life time. If we have the chance, I think it’ll be good to meet fans all over the world to the best of my ability.” and added “Since now we are focusing on Korea promotions, we will meet domestic fans as first priorities.”

DH: “I think I’ll be able to show you a good side once again as B.A.P’s main vocal. (I will) let you listen to good songs.”

ZL: “I myself think I am lacking. I do not have a plan for solo activities yet.”

HC: “We are planning to show you our active activities through music shows. Please show our 2nd Full album 'SKYDIVE’ promotions with lots of love and support.”
ZL: “With the absence of Yongguk hyung, only the 5 of us will be doing the stages. I wish Bang Yongguk would rest fully and get better soon. Although it is true that (we) are pressured a lot, but we will show (you guys) a full stage just as if it’ll be the 6 of us.”
JU: “We will show you our much more improved, matured and pro-like images than before.”

trans by bydaehyuns ; take out with full credit.

170129 JAT Fukui

When Taemin commented that the dancer who choreographed “Kimi no Seide” was the same age as him, the audience start to buzz going “Ehh..?!”. When Key told Taemin “You just look young”, Taemin said “Ah… having cut my bangs I’m like Sarang right now”. The venue screemed seeing Minho pat Taemin’s head, after that Taemin went “Daaad” to Jonghyun and hugged him.
Cr: ayu_knoooow; tr: mredwardsanders

G-Dragon - The Evolution




“I’m tired of waiting”