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can people draw their art traditionally, scan it into the computer, put it in photoshop to edit and color it?? I don't have money for a drawing tablet but I'd like my drawings to be digital ://

That’s what I do a lot haha so, yes! If your lineart is solid then you might not even need a tablet, if you just want to at least get solid colours blocked out… like, cell shading is really easy with a mouse and a program that allows blocking out basic shapes and selections to then colour in (Fire Alpaca does this).

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      So today, my Adfly account got deleted. Someone reported it, that someone was @fortheloveofsims4 / @xajxosimsaddicted / @justanothersimplayer or whatever this girl wants to call herself. 

     She’s against adfly, like I’ve never seen before, she’s been commenting on many creators posts that use adfly, trying to create drama. She’s a pathological liar and very stubborn. She commented on my post telling me to stop posting adfly links because they are bad, or she would “make me do it”. So I sent her a very kind and peaceful message, asking her to stop commenting on my posts and trying to create drama. Her response was not so kind, she insulted me in many ways, simply because I use adfly… She said that she would expose me to her “thousands” of youtube subscribers. I tried to explain to her why I use adfly and I told her that if she doesn’t like my content, to simply just not download it! She still didn’t understand and kept insulting me, so I blocked her.
     A few minutes passed and I received a message from other account, her “friend” saying that I made the biggest mistake of my life, because she has 1.8 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS and she would expose me! (LOL) I answered telling her to leave me alone and that having 1.8 million subs was impossible, and blocked her again. So she sends me an image from ANOTHER account, with “proof” of the subs:

As you can see, she sent me a very bad Photoshopped pic, she put her name (not even with the youtube font) and her icon (completely out of the square limits the youtube icon has lololol), and it seems her 1.8 million went down to 500k…. but anyways. I replied saying that the pic was photoshopped from aviatorgamez, and this was her reply:

Of course my first thought was, “this girl is crazy!” and thought she wouldn’t actually do anything. But it seems she did. And it seems she’s the one behind all the reports on tumblr lately, every blog that got reported was probably because of her. I’m giving her the attention she wants, which I shouldn’t, but I just wanted to warn you about this person.


     My adfly got suspended because this girl reported it. I’ve lost all my earnings and all my links, I’m working at the moment in replacing them. I can’t wrap my head on how someone can do this to someone. I’ve done nothing wrong to anyone. I simply share content. I know it’s not the best way, but it’s the only way I can share it. Yes, I used 2 adfly links, which is very annoying, I understand. But earnings on adfly aren’t much, this way was a way of making a more significant amount. I am a student at University by day, I have a part time job by night, and on my free time I make cc for you, for FREE. I live alone, I need to pay rent, food, tuition, everything. The Sims and adfly have literally saved my life at times, because it was a little extra money, that helped me a lot.
     I’m not saying this for anyone to be sorry for me, I hate that, because I’m not the only one and there’s people with much less than me. I just can’t understand how someone is capable of just ruining someones work, just like that. Why can’t they just ignore and leave people alone doing their own things? If you don’t like something from a creator don’t download it. Why go to extreme measures and report them? Literally ruining a life of someone just for the sake of it. I truly don’t understand and I’m very very hurt. I’m sorry for the long text, I just hope some of you read it and understand my point of view. I’m sorry. 

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i just discovered ur blog and fell in love this mightve been asked before but how do u create ur textures in ur art? its rough and has gorgeous vibes to it!!

I use the default photoshop brushes as well as this brush pack.

I try to match the feeling of the object to the brush, so things like string and hair  may have a coarser brush than a mirror, but I don’t have set brushes for certain objects! 

I also use the opacity lock a lot, so I tend to block in shapes and worry about shading after the silhouettes look good.

Using quick gestures and trying to be as confident as you can does a long way!! Being too soft/hesitant with the brush may make the texture get lost! Contrast in your values will always help bring out the brush.

The best way to keep texture is to be willing to let the brush do what it does instead of trying to go back in with an eraser and make it super refined. Imperfections are always good

I can talk more but hopefully this helped!!

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So, this fandom being what it is, I know that there’s not a lot of love if you ship Noodle with anyone in the band. I get it. I’m not trying to make anybody deal with stuff they don’t like – I will always tag “2nu” if I upload something that is unambiguously shipping and you can blacklist. Hell, you can even block me, I won’t care. I also have no intention of putting it in the main tag. However, I’m gonna post what I want to post, so consider this your fair warning. You can respond as-needed and everybody can stay in their own lanes :P]

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what's your process for creating/designing your material? how do you get the images looking so nice and similar to the handbooks?

Thank you for the ask! I have a post on how I make my monsters, here. I use a somewhat similar process for magic items, and make my races using Musicus homebrew’s guide. 

Overall, it can be summed up in a process of coming up with an idea, figuring out what I want it to do and what other uses it should have, drafting a stat block, playtesting, and rinsing and repeating if I don’t get the desired results (though sometimes it is necessary to tweak the concept rather than the statistics). 

For example, with my Pyr Hag, my initial idea was for a desert-themed hag. I wanted it to be one of the tougher hags, like the two in Volo’s Guide, so I geared it towards a medium CR and gave it some powerful spellcasting. It didn’t exactly seem like a melee fighter (hags don’t seem to prefer hack-and-slash), so I left its close-range attacks pretty plain. It isn’t even supposed to be a creature that is fought, necessarily, because of the nature of hags. Originally, she also had the spell Earthquake and the ability to teleport. It was a bit much, so I later removed them.

As for formatting, I use the resources from this post, though I only have the background, borders, margins, and brushes. Because of this, I only use them to make monsters and races (though I make stat blocks in Genius Inc’s monster maker). 

This is what my monsters look like before I get them their own fancy pages:

My foraging guides and magic items are made with the Homebrewery and edited in photoshop afterwards. 

Hopefully this answered your questions! 

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Hi there, I was wondering what exactly you meant by drawing on grey instead of white. What are the benefits of working on a grey canvas?

Contrast! When you draw black on white and you make a mistake it feels more permanent (even if you can erase aka photoshop) and that makes it subconsciously tougher to sketch on since everything you do feels more final. Change the BG to grey and now it feels more like a wip to sketch in since you’re not creating bold, final looking lines.

Keep in mind not everyone has problems drawing black on white, but if you’re having art block it helps to change what you'reworking with if things seem to not be clicking.

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please block them they keep commenting unnecessarily on peoples interpretations of Taako the wizard from TAZ, being fat-phobic towards their designs and telling their creators that “taako would never be fat because he is so concerned about his beauty” (they even did some weird ass photoshop of somebodies art aljjhaas), despite taako’s creator, Justin McElroy, being a big man himself. hmhmhmmmm

im not like? 100% sure that they go outside cause like. i have seen Plenty of beautiful bigger people of all shapes sizes and cultures!!!! and i hardly ever interact with the outside world!!

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Thought it might be interesting to show how my Mos Eisley piece breaks down in Photoshop!  Despite technically being made up of a ton of layers (just for organization and ease of selection), the final piece breaks down into about five parts: inks, flats, shadows, bounce/atmosphere, and overlay.

  1. Sketch
    I actually blocked out a small scene in Maya to help me compose this shot – Mos Eisley has a lot of domes and ellipses and, as much as I adore drawing in perspective, it definitely helped having a basic maquette for placing the camera.  We had to get the sketch approved by Lucasfilm, so I did a quick value pass to hint at the time of day.
  2. Final Sketch
    This is where I’m finalizing the composition before inking.  This meant fine-tuning figure placement, environment details, and any text I had written on the walls.  Luke was almost entirely central in the initial sketch, so I shifted him to the left to let the piece breathe a little more.
  3. Inks
    The first stage of the final piece, and probably my favourite – I can just turn off my brain, zone out, and ink.  Since Star Wars is a notoriously “used” universe, I went for a bit of Geof Darrow vibe and let the inks do a lot of the texture work for me.  The inking is actually done over some twelve-odd layers (sandtrooper, Luke, foreground moisture vaporator, etc), but that was just to organize my file and facilitate expedient flatting later on.  The final inks are a dark green-blue, with a bit of variation in the distance to reinforce the atmospheric perspective.
  4. Flats
    This aaaalways takes longer than I expect.  This stage changes depending on my process, but I went with pretty basic local colors this time around.  Nothing fancy.
  5. Shadows (multiply layer)
    The shadows are all on 1-2 multiply layers, pretty basic.  This was a deceptively simple lighting setup, so I wanted to make sure any edges that were catching light read really clearly.  I added the warm rim of subsurface scattering to break up the edges a bit.
  6. Bounce Light and Atmospheric Perspective (screen layers)
    A couple separate layers, but they serve similar purposes.  This stage added bounce light from the sky and sand, as well as layers of atmospheric perspective to separate out the foreground, midground and background.
  7. Final (overlay layers)
    The final piece!  I used a subtle overlay layer to marry the colors, as well as some film grain and light watercolor texture to break up the swaths of flat digital color.

So that’s my jam!  I’m changing up and improving my process constantly, but this is definitely one way to get things done. :)

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screamedsooloud can choke, that hoe was throwing shade at us when that kaylor kissing lorde pic came out and wouldn't shup about how we would photoshoop kaylor kissing and guess what? we did you stupid and if that was a boy instead of karlie those binches would do too so pls she's so annoying i always make sure she's blocked

Omg this drag right now. I don’t follow her for reasons, but let’s be real; they probably photoshopped Taylor and Zayn kissing at least twice. Remember when they all *died* over Zaylor after one music video?

If you don’t like a ‘ship,’ that’s fine, but why go out of your way to shit on it, you know? Don’t you have other things to do? Like why is it such a big deal if people think Taylor and Karlie would be a cute couple? How does it affect you in any way? Oh..right….it doesn’t.
Just let people be and stop being so mean about everything.

Circle Icon Tutorial- Photoshop
  • Photoshop I use: CC 2015 but the tutorial should work for every version.
  • Knowledge needed: absolutely none.
  • The screencaps I am using are from [x]
  • Please like or reblog if this helps you!

So I learnt how to make circle icons a while ago but I was always finding that the white block around it never left but recently I figured out what I was doing wrong and decided to make a tutorial on it!.

Edit: Tumblr broke it last time I tried to post it so I just redid it.

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Hello! I've been following your blog for a while and I just wanted to say that I love your art style!! I'm a beginning artist who just kinda paints for fun on Photoshop and I was actually wondering what brushes you use and what you do to paint tattered fabric like in your gothic kylo ren piece (the one with the bright reddish-orange background and the black circle) .Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world and keep doing what you do!!

Hello there @dftbarandomdjpunk12​! Thanks for your ask and also for sticking with my blog! <3 <3

To answer your first question, Here is my typical brush set up. It’s mostly made of defaults actually, sometimes I deviate but on the whole, these 4 are my go to guys. I have a couple of customs I use frequently too, one for clouds and that sort of thing and another that’s more of a rounded texture brush. The ones I have listed here are all at your fingertips in the current version of Photoshop CC.

To answer your next question in relation to the tattered fabric. My paintings often come together with heavy edge work. I will block out a shape to start with and then gradually reduce the form with large bolder strokes. I will then begin working the edge, adding and taking away until I am happy with it. This is a rough example but hopefully it illustrates what I am trying to say :)

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adzie!! ur icon and header look v v cool, and they're lineless!! how did u make ur lineless style look so smooth?

aw thank you!!! and yess!! I’m trying to perfect it, it’s been through a lot of changes and even now it’s hard to get right (esp with noses and adding black lines??) 

i usually just take my time with it tbh! i sometimes have to clear up the edges anyway as the brush in adobe animate cc is a bit gross with no smoothing (the setting i have it on - i don’t always like how adobe animate smooths lines…) :0 sometimes i forget tho (you can rly notice in some of my other block-colour/lineless style :S…. i just kinda got lucky with the smoothness in my icon/header thanks to fiddling around with the select tool in photoshop ehehe :’)