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Sketchdump - Pines Practice, part 2.

30s, 50s-ish, Sea Grunks.  More screen-shot-redraw portraits.

Next up, who knows.  More GF characters probably.

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sheakspaere  asked:

do you have any headcanons for the characters sexuality?? i know we just assume they are all str8, but i'm not rly sure about fez and donna and even kelso and would like to read your opinion on that.

I have talked a lot about this, actually. Althought, almost no one shares my opinions. Here’s the summary of it all, lol:

- I headcanon Donna as curious about her sexuality and not sure of what she is experiencing. Because she’s a tomb boy in the 70s, when sexuality started to be truly talked about and people was tired of hiding, she may be a little bit shy about it when she was younger. Especially surrounded by boys that constantly sexualized her, even when she started to date Eric.

She may be bi. In my stories, I never truly develop this as furter to it, but she’s open to the possibility of it happening. And with it I mean falling for a girl, not just lusting after one. So, ultimately, I think she could be bi or pan.

- My older followers know I headcanon Jackie as demisexual, that is sexual attraction born from a connection with someone. No, it’s not “needing” a connection to have sex, but to feel attracted sexually to the person. I talked in depth about it here. And I also have a tag for demi!Jackie here, since I have a lot of upcoming posts in the queue about this.

- Eric, even when my closest friends don’t share this idea with me, is bisexual to me. Probably forever in the closet because of his education. I know we all love how amazing parents Red and Kitty are, but we have to also be realistic. Eric IS afraid of his parents (mostly of Red, and of disappoining both, especially Kitty), and he may find it difficult to speak out and say he is also attracted to boys and he may date one one day.

Ultimatelly, though, in an scenario where Eric is able to get over most his insecurities, especially the ones born from Red’s high specations, I think he would tell them and they would be, eventually, able to accept it and his son’s couple in case he is dating a boy.

- Fez comes to me as pansexual. I have an upcoming post talking about this on queue where I put examples of times when he has come across as such to me, and also some headcanons. I also have a LGBT Fez tag here.

- Another character I have an LGBT tag for is Kelso, althought I must be honest and said I don’t usually heacanon him as part of the community. Gender, though, that’s another thing. He may break the code, to be honest. Yet, I still feel he would identify as male and has a high preference for women.

Now, sexuality… like Fez, maybe pan. Or even bi. But he seems more like in the pam spectrum to me.

- Hyde is the one I actually think is straight. There’s nothing in the show that made me think otherwise. And at the beginning, this is something no one new until now, I was actually watching with all the intention in the world to ship Hyde/Eric because one of my best friends in the world ships them, lol.

Maybe that’s why I headcanon Hyde as straight, in part because I was looking a lot into it and couldn’t find anything, while Fez and Donna took my attention, and then Eric did even more.

In fact, I think the one I headcanon the most as part of the LGBT community, is Eric. Probably because I actually do ship Eric/Buddy, lol.

What are your headcanons?

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So we had the one confirmed hug. We have this (which looks more like him friggin’ holding her than a hug ohmyheart) and I’m still expecting/hoping for one from another scene.

But… Nggh. *Two* hugs. If nothing else, this movie gives us 1000% more physical contact than the original.


the signs as characters from that ‘70s show


aries - Donna Pinciotti : "If women don’t learn to stand up for themselves, men will always control the world.“

taurus - Michael Kelso : "You have the right to remain burned!”

gemini - Fez : "Whenever I look at naked ladies, I get really tired. Then I get my second wind, and then I want to look at more naked ladies.“

cancer - Katherine "Kitty” Forman : "Oh Red… you do care.“

leo - Bob Pinciotti : "Sparkler dogs! God bless America!”

virgo - Eric Forman : "God, I feel like I’m Luke Skywalker, ya know?“

libra - Midge Pinciotti : “Donna, your negativity is bruising our auras. Please leave.”

scorpio - Reginald "Red” Forman : “You morons just hung vacancy signs on your asses, and my foot is looking for a room!”

sagittarius - Jacqueline “Jackie” Burkhart : "Look, the sooner you realize I’m a genius, the better off we’ll both be.“

capricorn - Lauren "Laurie” Forman : "I’ll do anything for ten dollars.“

aquarius - Steven Hyde : "The government is out to get you.”

pisces - Leo Chingkwake : “So things went well with my probation officer. He even wants to see me for some additional years. He’s a great guy, man.”

puzzlingsnark  asked:

Hi I love your headcanons especially with JH but do you have any Queer Frz headcanons?

  • I believe Fez in pansexual.
  • Before he started to fee attracted to girls, he put more attention to boys and thought it was only his wish to have more friends. Eventually, he realized he had always liked all genders and so.
  • This is not something he would be vocal about, even if he wanted to. He never got around to tell his parents and he suspects his sister may know, but he certainly never said something. The first person he ever told about it was Hyde.
  • He felt attracted to Hyde for a while, ever since he took him under his wig. He told him about it the day he confessed about his sexuality, and Hyde smiled and said he knew.
  • In a way, he felt attracted to all his friends at some point, but it never got beyond anything serious. Not the way it went with Kelso, though. He has never been able to openly tell him he used to have a massive crush on him.
  • His attraction to Jackie, though honest at the beginning, was never romantic. His feelings for her came from a sense of identification since both liked most the same things, even if put in different ways and moments, and the fact that both had feelings for Kelso. His sexual attraction, though, was real.
  • In an AU where things actually make sense, he and Buddy Morgan became friends faster than Buddy became friends with the rest of the gang minus Eric. Buddy used to complain about his crush with Eric, he used to complain about his with Jackie, then Kelso.
  • Buddy encoragued him to try and date a boy, it never worked and he always wondered if it was because Fez was scared of being rejected by a prospect or being rejected by his friends.
  • Eventually, when everyone knows, even if some reactions are kind of ugly (looking at you, Kelso an Eric), things where okay and Jackie usually tried to hook him up with friends of hers.
  • Jackie once made him go out with one of her cousins that is gay as the day is bright and the night is dark, but the cousin ended up dating Buddy instead.
  • He did date a boy or two. I ship him with Caroline, so my headcanon is that he dated a few before re-connecting with her and eventually getting married.
  • He hates when people asumes his more conventionally femenine likings are because of his sexuality and will call out people about it, which will win him a “agressive” card because he also gets angry at racist bullshit. As Donna points out one time to him, he never stops in the hopes one day staight white people will shut the fuck up.
  • MOC and queer ain’t easy to be, but he has learned to survive and keep going. Sometimes he wonders if people actually realizes how shitty it is to know life is better in America and yet, it’s also a living hell.
  • He wonders if he should tell his children about it, he will eventually, when sexuality and sex comes up when they are teens, and he’ll be happy to find out he and Caroline have rised decent human beings.

cthulhu-with-a-fez  asked:

re: anakin doing padme's hair - i headcanon that on the (depressingly rare) occasions they got a quiet domestic day together, padme lets anakin braid her hair with the force. like, the v. intricate 5+-strand-in-play kind. padme says it's because she likes to change things up, and nobody braids her hair as well as he does (which is true, using the force solves any issues with tension or tangles). anakin says he'd do anything she asks of him, and he likes a challenge. (also true - there's CHARTS.)

(what padme doesn’t say is that she knows, less abstractly than most, what it costs to be a jedi in the field, and how seldom they have a chance to use the force for something other than warfare.) (what anakin doesn’t say is for all the power he feels in battle (and he does - there’s a visceral kind of pleasure in watching something explode and knowing you made it happen), he sometimes misses using it for the little things.)

(what neither of them say is how much they need those moments of reciprocal vulnerability, of taking care and letting oneself be taken care of, when both of their respective fields of war demand unflagging strength.) (… but they both know it.)

This is lovely.

Also I can easily imagine Anakin saying something as over the top as “I’ll do anything you ask of me” in response to a question like, “Can you braid my hair?”

(I mean, his tendency to pretty much always answer anything that way hurts me, but in this one case at least it’s kind of funny.)

Personally I like the idea of him actually braiding with his hands rather than the Force, though. We know Anakin likes doing fine work with his hands as a stress-relief thing, and Padme probably enjoys that kind of simple, casually intimate touch.

birdlovesafish  asked:

Thanks to you I fell down a Hyde x Jackie hole on Tumblr and im pisses over Jackie and Fez all over again. Also I now have a mighty need for a Bughead/ That 70s show crossover fic with Jug as Hyde and Betty as Jackie 😂

lol. Jackie and Fez? What are you talking about? Season 8 didn’t happen in my reality. That was just a badfic dream that somebody accidently produced and filmed and broadcast. That was just a terrible fluke. A human error.  [she says with tongue firmly pressed in cheek] 

But great, now I’m hankering for a Bughead/That 70′s Show crossover. It wouldn’t be a perfect analog but there are definitely themes. Jughead living in Archie’s basement. Betty as the girl next door. Veronica as the spoiled rich princess. Reggie as Kelso.

Alice as Red Foreman… 

Oh my god. I’m sitting here and giggling at all the possibilities already.

Somebody? Anybody? Do us all a solid and write this?  Please?

Originally posted by pizzasexnetflix

The last one to get married (but the first one to have children after Kelso and Brooke) was Fez.

When Eric and Donna announced their engagement, Fez saw in Caroline’s face maybe it was time. He has been told a million times by friends and other people that he must be careful and think about it real good if he wants that kind of comitment with someone like her, which only made him furious and willing to propose right in the moment.

So, he gets Kelso and tells him about it. His friend is still scared of Caroline but if she makes him happy, so be it. He says he should totally get her a pretty ring, though. Because if the ring isn’t as pretty as the one he got Brooke, she may as well half kill him.

Fez rolls his eyes at that, but agrees in one thing: his cherry pie deserves the biggest, most expensive ring he could find. So he gets it costume made.

Destiny seems to not want him married because everything goes wrong with it. They first don’t make what he asked for, then the arc is too big, then too small, and when he isn’t looking, it’s been a damn year since he asked for the thing and he can see Caroline has started to act weird about wedding and so.

With Eric and Donna’s coming up, he feels the preassure and this time, calls Hyde for help, who gets shit done by applying some Firm Voice™ to the employee checking these stuff and they both hope for the best.

A month goes by and nothing.

Finally, at almost two months mark, the ring comes home and– Caroline firms for it. She doesn’t know what’s in the box and has it over the dinner table. Fez sees it and he almost fainths there. Caroline thinks he’s being weird, he thinks he has to be more careful about the thing.

Like we know he would, he plans everything perfect: he makes dinner for her and prepares everything, when she gets home she knows whats going on what will happen next. Yet, when he finally asks, she acts all surprised but her happiness and excitment is real.

One month later, she wakes up to get her head to the toilet because it seems like yesterday’s dinner didn’t do her well. But Fez knows it has been happening for almost a week, and as she goes throught some maths and dates, they just stare at each other.

“Uhm,” he says, “I guess we will be having that wedding sooner”.

anonymous asked:

If you could change one thing of T7S what would would it be?

If I could change one thing it would be season 8! I definitely wouldn’t continue the series without Eric/Kelso. I would not have included Sam or Randy. Kelso would have stayed a cop, because it was something for which he could be proud of himself. He would have ended up with Brooke and Betsy. Eric and Donna would have stayed together, either eventually going off to Madison for University or even living next door to Red/Kitty. Fez would have opened his own salon and gotten back together with Laurie, because their banter was hilarious, and Red having Fez as a son-in-law was priceless! And last, but certainly not least, Jackie and Hyde would have ended up together! They helped each other grow, and season 8 completely disregarded all that growth. Jackie and Hyde was my favorite ship, and they ruined them completely.

But that is a huge thing to change so if you’re looking for the short answer it would be: Jackie and Hyde end up together. I would not have Hyde stay married to a stripper only to end up alone, and I would not have Jackie randomly get together with Fez for the most shallow possible reasons. Jackie and Hyde would have gotten married and both FINALLY had the love and security they were denied their entire lives by their shitty parents.

OUAT Emergency?

Okay so me and @fezfanatic are just walking down the street, it’s pretty busy since it’s a Friday evening and I just have this completely befuddled expression on my face.

Fez of course is like, “bruh?”

And I point, subtly I might add, at this dude standing the other side of the road in blue pinstriped pyjamas, slippers and then this badass black leather jacket over the top, undone so you can see his matching pinstriped PJ shirt.

Then Fez bursts out laughing, “it’s Killian in an emergency!”

So there we are trying to carry on walking home, giggling at the idea of Killian wearing his blue and white pinstriped PJs with his precious leather jacket over. 

Needless to say, this is a oneshot I am enjoying the idea of! :D 

@dani-ellie03 @theonceoverthinker I think you guys will appreciate Fez’s imagine :’D

anonymous asked:

Why didn't Hyde and Jackie end and endgame? I keep hearing things about directors or producers or?

Whew!  That’s a pretty big question, Anon, but I will try to answer it for you as best I can.  Let me just make the disclaimer that I don’t actually know anything for certain.  What I can tell you is based solely on things I’ve heard, read, and surmised over the years.  There are rumors about who the driving forces were behind it, but to the best of my knowledge, very, very little has ever officially been said about the decision to break Hyde and Jackie up (which is part of what makes it so damn frustrating!). 

Sometime back in S6 I believe, it was presumed that S7 was going to be the last.  Both Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher wanted to move on to other projects and, for what I can only assume was the same reason, longtime show runners Jeff and Jackie Filgo (who also wrote Moon Over Point Place and were the number one proponents of the JH pairing) announced that they would be leaving then, as well.  

It was then decided (sometime in S7?  I’m not 100% sure) that the show would go on for another season.  Since the Filgos were going to be gone by then, brand new show runners Greg Schaeffer and Steve Joe (neither of whom had been in any way involved in the series before then) were hired to run S8.  I wasn’t paying enough attention back then to have caught this, but I’ve heard that they gave an interview around that time saying that they never like the Jackie and Hyde pairing, and instead preferred her with Fez.  

(btw, I have looked EVERYWHERE for some record of this interview online, but I haven’t been able to find one.  If someone out there happens to have an 8+ year old issue of TV guide or something with this or any other S8 related interview, I will pay you all $17.43 I have in my wallet plus all the fics/gifs/edits/meta you could possibly ask for!!!  seriously.)

Based on everything that we had seen before S8, I am absolutely certain that Jackie and Hyde were meant to be endgame.  Back when the series was going to end at S7, I believe the plan was that they were going to become engaged in the finale (which was why they spent so much time on all the marriage melodrama between them that year).  My guess is that, when it was announced that there would be a S8, the Chicago/Kelso storyline was written not with the intention of breaking them up for good, but to give the S8 show runners enough material to draw out the story leading up to their engagement for another season.  If the writers had gone through with the original engagement story in the S7 finale, we might have spent S8 watching Jackie and Hyde deal with that and *gasp* might have even seen their wedding.  (Please excuse me while I go die in a corner over grief for all the missed opportunities there were.)  Unfortunately, the way the original show runners left it only gave the new show runners the opportunity to take the pairing out back in shoot it in the head.  

Now… there is also a rumor that Wilmer Valderrama only agreed to come back for S8 on the condition that he would be paired with one of the two girls.  Though I have absolutely no evidence to support this, that coupled with the interview (that I really really really need to get my hands on!!!) in which the show runners stated they preferred Jackie with Fez is the only explanation I have been able to find for why she and Hyde were broken up.  Though Fez had crush on her waaaaaaaay back in S1, 2, and 3, it never went anywhere.  Jackie and Hyde on the other hand had been building gradually since S1 and, despite their breakup mid-S7, the writers were dropping hints that they were endgame right up until the very end.  Short of his early, unrequited crush on her, there was so little evidence in the first seven seasons to support the idea that Jackie was always meant to end up with Fez that, if it weren’t so depressing, it would be downright laughable that the S8 show runners even tried to convince us of that.  

It’s ironic that Fez spoofed the Happy Days episode in which Fonzie jumped over the shark in Jackie Says Cheese since that’s precisely what his overnight transformation from lovable goofball into skeevy ladies man/Jackie’s Prince Charming did for That ’70s Show.  I totally understand (and agree with!) Wilmer’s desire to be given more to do than just the “weird foreign guy” schtick they’d been writing for him since the pilot episode, but there were plenty of other ways they could have done that for him that wouldn’t have resulted in the OOC nightmare we saw in S8.  Instead, the whole season was written with so little finesse or respect for everything that had come before it that the end result was nothing but a slap in the face to anyone who has even the most rudimentary grasp of basic storytelling.  The audience was already having to adjust to both Eric and Kelso’s absence, and so the smart thing would have been for them to have kept at least one thing relatively constant - but by breaking up Hyde and Jackie, everything was thrown off kilter.  It may have started with Wilmer’s insistence that Fez get a reboot, but no one in my opinion was written in character that year - not even Red and Kitty.

Very little has ever been said about S8 since it aired, but of the few people to speak out about it, Danny Masterson has always and still expresses annoyance that Jackie and Hyde were broken up, and in his commentary for Till the Next Goodbye, longtime director David Trainer went so far as to call the whole season AU.

As to why complete control of a long-running, highly successful TV show like That ’70s Show that was already going through a difficult transition due to the departure of two of it’s cast members was given to two complete newcomers (and not immediately snatched back when it became obvious that they were running it into the ground), I will never, ever, ever understand.  I’d like to think that creators Terry and Bonnie Turner and Mark Brazill would have had something to say about the slow motion train wreck that was happening in S8, but if you check both IMDB and Wikipedia, they had gone from being credited as both the creators and writers for the show to “creative consultants” which, according to a friend of mine in the film industry, is basically just a courtesy credit given to the original creators of something who are no longer involved with the current project.  From what I can tell, it seemed like they just dropped the ball one afternoon and never looked back.

Bottom line, though I don’t have the kind of tangible proof one would’ve needed to be in the writers room that year to have, it’s pretty clear to me that S8 was not meant to go down as it did.  Unfortunately, by the time it happened everyone was so tired of the show and ready to move on to something new that, rather than try to salvage it, they just let it fall apart.  Sad, but there ya go.  

As far as I’m concerned, S8 is not a part of the series’ canon.  Some people are able to stomach it, but in my mind (and David Trainer’s) the show lasted seven seasons with an eighth bonus season that isn’t the least bit worth watching.  Instead, I go by what I’m almost positive was meant to be the original ending, and stop watching somewhere between Take It or Leave It and just before the last 15 seconds of Till the Next Goodbye.  All three of those “alternate endings” fit in much more neatly with the rest of the series, and leave me much, much happier at the end of the day.  

Ok, I think that covers everything… I hope that answered your question!  Sorry it was so long.  You may have noticed I tend to ramble when I get on a roll, and bitching about S8 will always get me on a roll.

Thanks for the ask!


he's a snake: why Adrien Agreste sorts Slytherin.

Heavy references to @sortinghatchats and their system of primary and secondary sorts. As a rough introduction, though, the primary house is WHY and the secondary house is HOW.

There will be Origins spoilers.

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