but i have a feeling that over time she comes to realize that's what's going on with daniel

Lullaby // Happy Lowman

author’s note: I want to give a huge shout out to @crimsonheart01 and @megasadpizzazz for reading this and making sure it wasn’t total trash. I appreciate the ever loving shit out of them. ALSO I’m going to be writing regularly for multiple fandoms so feel free to ask me shit or request things! 


Here he was. Pulled over on the side of the highway and completely lost. All because of a drunk slurred comment that Chibs had made before stumbling haphazardly into his room.

“Oi ya know, I been thinkin’. Next time we got a job in Tacoma, maybe ye should stop by yer old lady’s house and see ‘er wee one.”

Admittedly, he’d brushed it off and took it at face value for what it seemed, a drunk confused idiot talking to the wrong Son. And yet as he laid in his bed the night before, he was forced to realize that Chibs comment wasn’t a mere word vomit. It had weight and it was about him, about Dani. She’d never officially been his old lady but everyone including Gemma and himself had treated her like she was. He’d meant to officially ask her long ago but he had no idea how to voice his true feelings for her; at least not verbally. She had always understood what he needed and wanted without him having to say it, she also understood how he expressed his love and appreciation for her. It had been in the gestures; the nights where he handled dinner because he knew that she’d had a bad day, the kisses on the forehead before he left the house, the surprisingly gentle hugs that he gave. But eventually those dinners turned into “I was busy today, I forgot”, the kisses turned into “see you when I get home”, and the hugs just became nonexistent. She’d tried to wait it out because she knew that things were rough with the club but at some point, she couldn’t take it anymore. So she walked out leaving a spick and span house with no evidence to where she went. Happy had looked everywhere, convinced that someone had kidnapped her. He’d looked under every rock, in every shallow grave but eventually he had resigned to the thought that whoever had taken her didn’t want anything from the club before killing her.

He’d given up trying to find any trace of her almost 3 years ago; convincing himself that there wasn’t going to be anything to find at this point, it had been 2 years since she vanished. If he hadn’t found it by now, there wasn’t ever going to be anything. But one slurred string of words and a night’s worth of miserable and inescapable over analysis here he was ready to denounce the smallest amount of faith he had in the high heavens. He slid his burner out of the pocket of his worn out jeans dialing the number of a beat cop he knew, ironically he was the nephew of Tacoma’s VP.

“Come on, kid. Answer your fucking phone.” Happy grumbled leaning against his bike. Getting his voicemail, Happy hung up and tried the kid’s home phone. “Jesus, pick up the phone.”

“H-Hello?”  A woman answered groggily.

“Kerry. Need to talk to your brother.” Happy grunted.



“Jesus, you have any idea how fucking early it is?” She questioned


“Look just tell him it’s me and remind him he owes me a favor, okay?” He gruffly answered quickly losing the little patience he had.

“Alright. Gimme a sec.” She sighed. “He’s not here, he took Jake’s kid to school since it’s his day off.”

“Shit. I’ll try his cell again.”

“Okay, bye Happy.” She chirped hanging up the phone with a swift click.

Groaning and swearing to himself, Happy redialed. “Jesus Christ, kid took you long enough.”  

“Hey, man I’m sorry! I was dropping the kid off at school.”

“Yeah, Kerry told me it was your day off. Thought beat cops didn’t get days off.” Happy scoffed.

“Well, they don’t but I’m not a beat cop anymore. Plus, when you’ve got my girl for a girlfriend, you get a day off when you need one. Swear to god she showed up to the station once when I told her I was working a double and nearly dragged me out by my ear.” He chuckled.

“Sounds like a pain in the ass, Tyler. You sure you can handle her?” Happy teased.

“I handle her just fine, Happy. So what’s up? Kerry said you needed a favor?”

“Yeah. I’ll keep it short. I just need you to see if you can find someone for me?” Happy asked warily.

“Is it for the club? Because you know I love you Hap but it’s like I told my pops, club shit is club shit. I can’t be doing shit for the club at my job. I’ll do you any favor you need, I just can’t do club shit man.” Tyler said uneasily.

“Easy kid. It’s not club shit, it’s personal shit. It’s my shit and I need your help.”

“Okay, okay. Who do you need me to find? And do I wanna know why?”

“I just need to check something that I never checked. Name’s Danielle Anderson. Middle initial is N. Got it?” Happy asked sternly his eyebrows creasing.

“Yeah, I got it, man.”

“Call me when you know something.”

“Hap, wait.”


“Danielle N. Anderson? As in Danielle Nicole Anderson?” Tyler questioned, quickly becoming very confused.

“How you know that?” Happy demanded, his voice becoming rougher than normal.

“Happy, why are you looking for her?”

“Told you, personal shit. Now answer my question, boy.”

“My partner, Jake. That’s his fiance’s name.” Tyler admitted noticing the sound of gravel crunching coming through the phone.

“The partner who’s kid you just dropped off at school? That one?”

“Y-yeah, that one. Look, Happy let me get to work and check it out for you okay. I’m sure it’s just some freak coincidence.”

“How old’s the kid?”

“What? Happy, there’s no way it’s her okay?” Tyler reasoned trying to convince both Happy and himself.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time, mijo. How old is the kid?” Happy demanded practically growling into the phone.

“She’s almost 5.”

Waste Away

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff

Prompt: You and Pietro had been each others casual one night stand type pair for a while. You two would see each other some days during briefings but never talk. You would share the occasional glance and nod during the meetings or one of Tonys lavish parties, but never actually speak to each other. One night it all becomes too much to handle…for both of you.

Warnings: Language, mentions of sexual stuff, drinking, I think thats it…

Word Count: 1,650

Song: Wasted by MKTO

Originally posted by dailywandamaximoffs

You both lay on your backs staring at the ceiling. The fan rotates slowly above you two and all you can think is how it symbolizes the relationship between the two of you. The slow endless circles that you both go through. You see each other, one of you caves into the need, you have sex, one leaves. The next week, or couple days even, its back to the start again. At first you were okay with it, hell you even enjoyed it! It really did help you feel better when you felt alone. But after awhile it just made you feel empty. You would look at him and smile, and want him to pick you up and hold you, nothing more than hold you like he did sometimes after you two were spent. You wanted to lay and gaze into his eyes and talk with him. However, you knew that couldn’t happen. He didn’t feel the same. You knew it.

“Y/N? You awake over there?” Pietro jokes as he rubs his hand down his face. You nod slightly and roll to face him. He does the same and leans up on one elbow.

“What are we doing? This? Why do we keep doing this?” you ask with a slight laugh. You were testing his waters to see exactly where he stood on the situation. He nods and slightly looks down at you.

“We are being there for each other. We are allowing each other to feel better when their down, we are being friends. We keep doing it because we don’t like to see each other sad, and I mean its pretty damn good, not going to lie.” He says. He seems less convinced than he sounds. You watch him for a moment before laying back on your back and sighing.

“Don’t think about it too much alright? I’m going to head home. You what to do if you need me.” Pietro says kissing your forehead. He stands and pulls his boxers and jeans back on before he grabs his jacket and shoes. He leaves your room and shuts the door quietly. You turn your head and look at the door.

All you wanted was to be held…and you couldn’t have that.

Pietro’s P.O.V.

Walking away from her is something I hate doing, but something I’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong it kills me every time I have to do it, but it would kill me even more if she walked away. I have no real idea of how to get this out of my system, this pain, guilt, loss? I don’t know what I’m feeling but I need it to stop, and I need it to stop now.

I walk down to my room and walk in, throwing my shoes against the base of the wall and my jacket over the couch. I slowly make my way to the cabinet above the fridge and pull down the bottle of Jack Daniels. Luckily Tony hasn’t “confiscated” this one yet. I open the top and pour a small glass. Its a long night and I only have half the bottle to get me through. Best to make it last as long as I can.

Y/N’S P.O.V.

You hold your phone in you hand and stare at the screen that shows the messages you two have sent. You have a message typed and ready to send, you just can’t seem to press that little green arrow. You lock your phone and throw it to the other side of the bed. You want to talk to him, you want to stop this feeling, you want to come to terms with how you feel for him, and you can’t do that without telling him…in person. Standing from the bed, you slip on a blue pair of pajama shorts and a white tank top that you had shed earlier that night. You slip on a pair of socks and walk out into the hallway. You walk to the end of the hallway to pietros room and knock slightly.

“Hey, Pietro you in there? I need to talk to you.” You say quietly. After a couple more knocks he opens the door and rubs his cheek before shaking his head slightly.

“Hey, what’s up? It’s only been like an hour, you want to go again?” he asks with a laugh. Your face stays straight and he stops laughing.

“Come in.” he says stepping aside. You walk in and wait for him to close the door. The room smells of whiskey, heavily. You glance to the table and see the now empty bottle you knew was at least half full when you were here last. You then look to Pietro and see that his eyes are glossed over and they are slightly red. He was drunk, for sure, but had he been….crying?

“Look we can’t keep doing this…I-I can’t, I can’t keep this up piet. It takes so much out of me every time you leave, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE what happens behind my bedroom door, I do, but it hurts too much when its over. When you leave I go right back to how I was before you came, hell I feel worse. I just can’t keep putting myself through it.” You say. You begin biting the inside of you cheek to keep yourself from crying.

Pietro has his eyes trained on your face but says nothing. He glances to the half full glass in his hands and then downs the remaining bit of whiskey. He drops the glass on the table and you’re surprised it doesn’t shatter. He pulls a chair in front of you and sits so that he is closer to face level.

“Please understand that when I say this, it is nothing against you. Y/N, we can’t be anything more than what we are now, no matter how bad either one of us wants to be…we can’t. Do you think I enjoy having to leave you behind every other night? After what we do? The way I feel after it? The love I have for watching you slowly fall asleep in my arms when I do stay for the remainder of the night? No, I can’t stand it. But I know that something will go wrong if I get closer to you than I already am…I’ve never been able to make a relationship go right, there are so many times I’ve been with someone who just wants me as a way to relieve their sexual needs and its terrible, but I didn’t mind because they weren’t anything to me. I didn’t care what they did afterwords because I didn’t care enough about them. Doing this with you has shown me that there is always that one that comes along and changes everything. I lay in bed at night and think about all the things we could have if we were more, but I also know that I could mess it all up, so easily…and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if we were something real, and we wasted away just like my past relationships.” He says. His eyes glance to the floor and he shakes his head. He looks up to the bottle and groans when he realizes its empty. You place your hand on his knee and he looks to you.

“You don’t know what will happen until you try. You can never be the sole reason a relationship doesn’t work, because a relationship is between two people. I want to try this with you. I want us to be more than just the casual fuck okay? Every time you walk out my door, it feels like my hearts getting ripped out of chest. I want you to be able to come over and we just do normal things, watch movies, eat dinner, cuddle for God’s sake I don’t care! I just want it to be US instead of whatever we are now…I want us to always have love rather than only make love. Thats all I’m asking.” You say. The inside of cheek tastes of blood and tears slowly fall down your face. Your vulnerabitly showed through and now all you wanted to do was hide away from everyone and everything. Pietro gazed into your eyes and looked back to floor. This wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m going to go.” You say softly. You quickly stand and walk to the door. You get it open just slightly before you feel the rush of his past you slamming the door shut and his eyes look into yours again.

“You’re not going anywhere Y/N.” He says. His hands cup your cheeks and his lips press against yours softly. This was the softest they had ever been against yours and you smiled into the feeling of it. He breaks apart from you and places his forehead on yours. Your eyes flutter closed and then open again.

“You have no idea how badly I want all of that with you darling. I want it and we are going to make it work. No more nights of me leaving, no more nights of three a.m. phone calls, more nights of sex, definitely more of those,” he says. You both laugh slightly. “But those nights will always end with both of us together, until morning. We are going to try this, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it works for as long as I can. I promise babe.”

“WE will make it work, both of us. Now please kiss me again damn it.” You say. He laughs and pushes his lips against yours more forcefully this time. With this, you know he was fully prepared to keep every part of his promise, and you knew it would work.


Again thank you to @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x for her help on this and on so much stuff, YOU ARE GR8

the switch up pt. 2

*Part 1*

draco malfoy x reader

word count: 720

When you finally got to the tower you found Draco standing at the railing look at the beautiful scenery below.

“Hey,” You said sneaking up on him.

“Where the bloody hell have you been?”

“I think Pansy’s getting jealous,” You quickly said.

You feared this would happen.

“Why? Wasn’t this her plan?” He ran his hands into his hair.

“Yeah, but I don’t think she thought we would actually become close and start…” You realized you said too much and Draco noticed.

“Start to…like each other,“ He moves towards you.

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“Yes and I feel guilty for lying to her and telling her that there is nothing goi…”

Draco shut you up with a kiss. As much as you hated to admit it, you liked it.

In that moment you had completely forgotten about Blaise and Pansy, all that mattered was the two of you.

When it was getting a bit heated you pulled away and rested your forehead on his.

“Draco I..”

He put his finger on your lip. “Please don’t ruin this moment by bringing them up. Y/N I like you, a lot and maybe it’s not the best time for us but I’m done hiding my feelings,”

“I like you too and thats why I’m gonna talk to Blaise tomorrow and tell him everything,”

“Try to let him down easy alright? He’s still my mate,”

You smile and gave him a quick kiss. “I’ll see you later,”

Telling your boyfriend that you have fallen for his best friend wasn’t a situation you pictured yourself to ever be in. Alas here you were in the Slytherin common room late at night waiting for Blaise to arrive.

He came in wearing the biggest smile. Giving you a bear hug he says, “Its like I never see you anymore,”

“Sorry, I’ve been very busy,” You lied.

“What did you want to talk about?” Blaise scratched the back of his neck and he only did that he was nervous.

You didn’t want to sugar coat anything, “I think we should break up,” The look on his face was exactly what you wanted to avoid but that was ultimately impossible with news like this.

“It’s Draco isn’t it?” He never made eye contact once. As if I was dementor that was gonna suck the life out of him.

You took a deep breath. “Yeah, it is and Blaise I am so sorry…”

“Save it Y/N, just save it. You said it was going to be ‘harmless fun’ but that was total bullshit,”

You were genuinely sorry it had to get like this but better it came from you than hear it from someone else.

He continued. “And bloody hell? With my best friend too?… Go ahead you two deserve each other,” Blaise stormed off on you and that was the last thing he ever said to you.

You met up with Draco the next day in the Potions classroom. While the professor was talking you two were having your own conversation.

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"How’d it go last night?” The paper read.

“I broke up with my boyfriend to be with his best friend. How do you think it went? Blaise didn’t talk to me at all this morning,” You wrote back.

You were guilty that so many people were getting hurt.

“If it makes you feel any better, Pansy gave me the silent treatment too,”

You were too into your note passing that you hadn’t noticed the classes attention had shifted over to the two of you.

“Ms. L/N, Mr. Malfoy is there anything you’d like to share?” Your professor said.

Embarrassed, you shake your head no and look back down.

‘Bloody hell’ You thought. ’This is going to be a long year.’

Originally posted by queerdraco

It was late at night and Pansy’s bed was still empty. As a best friend you were concerned until you heard the door knob turn.

You yelled even though you couldn’t see her, “Oh god Pansy, where have you been? I thought…”

“Y/N, its me,” That definitely was not a girls voice.

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“Draco,” You lept from your bed and into his arms. With your head buried into his chest you asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to spend the night with you,”

“Then come on in,” You held his hand, leading him to your bed.

Draco slid in behind you spooning you. He put his arm around you and kissed your head.

Softly rubbing your thumb on his hand, you slowly fell into deep sleep.

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Hungry Heart: Part 5 (Last one!)

Notes: alright last one! thanks everyone for reading! :) smutty, slight swearing? yeah its super short :/

Tags ( SO FAR) : @redstarstan@fifi1433@banieldryan@christiestevenson@ccallie-mariee@imanhunter@laurenxyz@canikeepit-imkeepingit@buckytheplumfairy@han35@starstar1012@a1lucidity@yellowtheremarvelfan@dipdies@piercethemelendez@skyfullofharrystyles@trashybuchananbarnes@theavengerthatbringsthesnacks@michellelynne87@sebastian-stans-thighs@slice-of-calum@allyp1023@candykittykat @krisay@re2d2 @wine-and-space-donuts @catcherintheclifford@allygabriela@wsternhaikus@animeroses318@unlikelycupcakequeen @tg1297@your-reflectionn@carabarnes13 @sebastians-thighs-of-betrayal@whiteangelheart@givemegiggles @mizzzpink @mrs-lamezec@lottieeeeeeeee@dontstopwiththelyin @slickblitz @isaxhorror@amf71010@incoherentli@buckysteetime@ashtotes@damnbuckyishot@trylenawinchester@xunicornwhovianx @isabella-alana@life-is-good101@crazychick010@anitavalija @smexy-bucky-waifu@totheendofthelinepal @mrs-lamezec @bitchy-tacos 

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The Bad Boy Experiment (10)

By Kaylee of excessivephan

Summary: Teenagers Dan Howell and Zoe Sugg work together to find out what the effects of changing nerdy invisible good boy Dan to sexy popular bad boy Dan will have on the public. Dan isn’t too excited about the experiment until the rich and popular goody goody Phil Lester notices him.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven,Part Eight, Part Nine

A/N: So this is it. This is the end. I’d like to thank everyone who’s reviewed this. It’s been a lot of fun and I loved the journey. Thank you so much for reading this and forcing me to go on!

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#5: Weddings


He wrapped an arm around your waist as you both stepped in front of the closed doors that lead into the reception. You smiled widely and looked up at him, his smile reflecting yours. You leaned up; your lips meeting his in a small yet passionate kiss. He pulled back just enough to admire your face.

“Are you ready, Mrs. Hemmings?” He inquired, smiling at the name before continuing. “Because I’m ready to show you off as my gorgeous wife.” This made you smile and blush. You nodded and took a deep breath as two men in black suits opened the doors at the exact same time. You took your new husbands hand as the people in the huge room start to cheer for both of you. Luke lead you into the reception room; circular tables were scattered around the room, each with about fifteen people standing behind the seats. Everything was covered in ivory and red - you’re decided wedding colours - and on a table beside the head table was a five tier wedding cake that matched the whole room perfectly. You smiled as you looked around, enjoying this moment while you could.

Luke took you to the middle of the dance floor, just as the first few chords of the song that you both had your first slow dance together to. You looked over to the stage that was set up on the right side and smiled as Calum and Michael began to sing and play their instruments while Ashton was banging away on his drums. You turned back to Luke and buried your face into his chest. He chuckled at the gesture and wrapped his arms around you; swaying and kissing your head. You wrapped your arms around his neck and looked up at his bright blue eyes and sighed happily as some other couples began to slow dance around you both. He kissed your nose gently and spun you around, dipping you and making you giggle softly before returning you to your original upright position. This was all you needed. Him.


You sighed and threw the wedding magazine down onto the table. This was harder than you thought, and defiantly more stressful. Of course, you were ecstatic that you were marrying your boyfriend of three years, but there was a lot more to it. You had only been engaged for three weeks and people were already asking you about what time of year you were having your wedding, what dress will you wear, what are your colours, the list goes on and on.

Your boyfriend, Michael, comes out of your shared bedroom in only his boxers and smirks as he sees you stressing.

“Careful, all your hair might fall out if you stress out too much,” He says sarcastically, sitting down on the couch beside you while tousling his hair. He observes the scatter wedding magazines that are strewn across the coffee table and laughs before continuing with his sarcasm. “And you might become a hoarder if you don’t clean up a little.”

“We both know who’s going to lose their hair first, Mr. Hair Dye,” You roll your eyes and retort. “But all of this wedding stuff is just freaking me out! Everyone keeps telling me that I have to get everything figured out right this minute!” Michael laughs.

“It’s a wedding, what could possibly be so important?” You raise an eyebrow and scoff. 

"Oh I don’t know, just a few things. Like, what colour will the cake be? What flavour? How many tiers? What decorations? What decorations for the reception room? Will the actual wedding be at a church? Outside? What time of year? Will my dress be long or short? How about your suit? Grey? Black? Oh and which of the boys will be your Best Man? How about the flowers? The transportation? Is my hair going to be up or down-” He cuts off your rambling by grabbing your face and kissing you gently. You immediately relax by his touch and sigh. He smiles and pulls back. 

“Baby, calm down. I didn’t mean it like that. I meant, we don’t have to plan anything yet. Yes, we can start planning a few things, but at the end of the day; it’s our wedding. All that matters to me, is that you will soon be Mrs. Y/N Clifford. What could possibly be better than that?”


You tucked a piece of your white t-shirt into your skinny jeans and pulled your hair back into a braid. Your dad and his girlfriend had an announcement to make, so what better way than to have a barbecue. You knew that his girlfriend of five months had three children, but you had never met any of them. You were travelling for school, so you weren’t home much. A lot of people were already there; mostly adults, but there were people your age there plus some kids. You walked outside and immediately went to the farthest corner. You sighed and leaned against a table with snacks and drinks, looking over the crowds of people. You weren’t really one for socializing, you preferred to keep to yourself.

Just then, a boy around your age came over and smiled, showing off dimples located in the middle of his cheeks. You returned the smile and sipped some water from a bottle you picked up.

"Hello, I’m Ashton, and I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful.” You blushed and looked down a little.

“Thank you… I’m Y/N.” He smiled.

“Nice to meet you, beautiful.” You laughed softly and started to make conversation with Ashton. Turns out, he was perfect. Too perfect. You two ended up talking for the duration of the party and nearly kissed; but then your dad called for the attention of the entire party, his girlfriend standing next to him. 

“Attention, everyone! Anne and I have an announcement to make,” He smiled at her before continuing. “We’re engaged!” He announced. Everyone erupted in applause, some gasping beforehand. Your eyes went wide, Ashton’s expression mirrored yours. They’ve known each other for five months. You turned to Ashton to express your doubts only to find that he was looking at you already; but your dad and Anne were heading over to you two, so you turned your attention to them.

“Honey!” Anne said, hugging you. You smiled a bit as she pulled away. “I see you’ve met Ashton! Ash, this is your new step-sister!” She said excitedly. You immediately went pale. What did she just say?


You were sat on a bench outside of the change rooms, waiting for your best friend, Calum, to come out and show you his suit. He was getting married to Danielle; a nice, sweet girl with straight auburn hair and chestnut brown eyes. She was perfect, much better than you, much prettier than you; at least in your opinion. To marry Calum she had to be perfect. You wanted the best for him, because thats what he deserved. He deserved the best. You knew that he wouldn’t get the best if he was with you. Although you had tried to convince yourself all of these years that you would confess it to him and that you would finally tell him that you have loved him ever since that party four years ago. You had tried to tell him countless time, but if you told him now it would just be cruel. To him, and to Danielle. 

You’re phone rung and you picked it up, noticing your best friends name on the screen. You greet her quietly allowing her to start interrogating you.

“Have you told Calum yet? You do realize that he’s marrying this witch in four days, right?” You sighed and nodded. 

"Yes, I know he is, but that doesn’t give me any right to ruin his marriage. Look, I’m actually with him right now, he’s trying on his suit for the wedding. I’ll call you later, alright?” You whispered, hoping Calum couldn’t hear. She groaned and answered.

“Alright, fine.” She whined and hung up. You sighed and put your phone back in your pocket. You looked back up and your breath hitched in your throat. Calum was standing there, in a black tux, half smiling.

“So, what do you think?” He stuttered. You looked him over and smiled to yourself before nodding.

“Yes, it’s perfect. You look perfect. Dani will love it.” He gives you small nod and goes back into the change room.

He changes into his regular clothes and comes out to you, you stand up and smile at him. He looks into your eyes and sighs. He pulls out his phone and puts it up to his ear, not breaking eye contact with you. The words that come out of his mouth next, make you feel terrible. Not because you didn’t want this to happen, but because deep down you did. 

“Danielle? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do this.”

You were working at your after school job at the local flower shop down the street from the video game store where BestFriend!Michael, worked. Ever since you were little it was always Y/N and Michael, Michael and Y/N.

You two were inseparable, you guys talked about everything and anything.  He was even your first kiss, granted it was Calum who dared you two to do it but Michael made sure you were comfortable with it and kissed you. It was a terrible kiss, and oh was it awkward. Anyways back to the flower shop, you were unpacking some boxes when you heard the chime of the door go off and someone scream,

“Ohh sunny, your moon has arrived”

It was Michael. He always said something different when he came to help you out; Sometimes it was a tacky pick up line like that one he said the other day, “If a fat man puts you in a bag at night, don’t worry I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.” Yeah, you hoped he actually didn’t use that on girls because they’d run away, fast. Nevertheless each weird greeting always seemed to put a smile on your face. Mara, your boss, who was a little old lady, always appreciated when Michael was there to help because not only would be help with carrying boxes and checking people out at the register but you always seemed to be a lot happier with him around.  

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work now dear?”

Mara asked poking her head out of the little office with a stern look oh her face.

“Yeah about that, I told that dick of a manager John, that my mum lost our cat and I had to go look for him because he’s very old and if he’s out for too long he’ll die.” he replied walking over to you, hugging you from behind, and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Oh dear, Michael honey, you can’t keep lying like that. I won’t tell him you lied but you have to help me a little alright?” She said after throwing an apron at him.

“Thanks Mars, you’re the best.” Michael yelled as he ran to go take out the trash.

“You and Michael make a cute couple” Mara remarked

“We’re just friends Mars, and besides I think he likes someone else” you replied before Michael came running back inside

“Was Johnny outside?” Mara asked because Michael never ran, and by never, it really was never

“No, Kelly” he panted

“I never liked the slut.“

“MARA!!” You yelled in shock

“I’m just being honest honey, Michael’s too good for her.” she replied before going into the back

“Well anyways, I can only help for an hour or so because I gotta get ready” he said walking back over to you

“Get ready for what? It’s Friday Mikey, which means pizza and binge watching Breaking Bad tonight.” You replied looking straight at him

“It’s nothing big I promise. We’ll still have movie night I swear. I just gotta do something. But I need your help” He made that stupid puppy dog face

“Fine, what do you need?” You replied going back to unpacking some flowers

“So you’re a girl-”

“Woah really? I had no idea!!”

“Oh shut up just, hmph so you’re a girl right” he stated as you rolled your eyes “What kind of flowers do girls like?” he quickly stuttered out

“Why?” You asked

“I don’t know. You’re a girl don’t you guys have some weird like telepathy or something??”

“That’s not how being a girl works stupid.” you laughed facing him after you finished unpacking the boxes.

“Well theres this girl I really like and I wanna get her some flowers since she seems to like them. At least I think.”

“How do you know she likes them?” You sulked a bit before replying

“I don’t know. I just need help please” he begged, you’ve never seen him like this before, so flustered over a girl.

“Well I like gerbera daisies”

“Well then I’d like 50 daisies.” he stated

“They’re pretty pricey Mikey… like $4 each..” you lead him towards the daisies

“Dear you can give him a discount, if he wants 50 then they’re each 50% off.” Mara yelled from her office

“It’s still really expensive Mikey, are you sure this girl is worth it?” you asked letting him choose the colors he wanted

“She’s worth it. In fact she’s worth a lot more than that. What kind of chocolate do girls like?”

“Mikey! No, if she’s really is worth it then she won’t need all this stuff. Just you.” You felt a little jealous over this girl Michael was so hung up over but you didn’t want him to spend all this money over a girl who wouldn’t love him as much as you. Yeah, it happened. You fell for your best friend. How cliche is that?

“I guess you’re right pumpkin. I gotta go after this, Ash will pick you up and bring you to mine after work alright?” he quickly said before kissing you on the cheek and rushing out the door almost dropping all the flowers he had just bought onto the floor.

“You guys would make a very cute couple.” said Mara

“We’re just friends Mars, and he just spent $100 on flowers for another girl it’s never gonna happen.” You replied going to sweep up the back of the shop.

Before you knew it, it was 2 hours later and you were finished with work. Mara talked to you a lot today about love and you were even more confused than before. Should you tell Michael how you feel? What about that other girl? Why’d he rush off so fast? And finally, where the hell is Ashton? 20 minutes later there he was with Luke and Calum smashed in the back seat of the car arguing about who got to pick the next song, if it was up to you, you would have just blasted an all time low song until they just shut up. But alas, the boys argued all the way to your house and the whole time you were gathering stuff for yours and Michaels, “bonding time” as he called it. Really, it was a sleepover but apparently only girls have sleepovers.

When you got to Michael’s house it was extremely dark inside, which was weird because you know, it’s not like Michaels totally not afraid of the dark or anything, No.. thats extremely untrue..

“Mikey?” You yelled into the house before stumbling upon a note,

‘Come around back muffin’

This was weird. Not the nicknames because well, you and Michael had always acted like a couple but never kissed or anything. People always thought that you guys were a couple and even when he had a girlfriend he acted the same around you. Except for Kelly, Michael’s ex who gave him an ultimatum, it was her or you, obviously he chose you and Kelly proceeded to cheat on him because she believed You and Michael were sleeping together behind her back. Michael was never really the same after that. You were so thankful that he chose you instead of her but he had gone into a bad state after he found out what happened. He didn’t want to get up -which wouldn’t usually be strange- but the weird thing was even when Luke and Calum said they were going to break all of his CDs if he didn’t get up, he made no attempt to move, they knew something was wrong. They called you straight away, it didn’t matter that if you left school that moment you’d miss 3 tests, your best friend needed you and damn it you were going to be there for him. When you got to his house you immediately knew something was off, it was quiet, the floor was clean and there were no pizza boxes anywhere. You quickly ran into Michaels room and your heart broke, there he was, your best friend, laying under a pile of blankets with 3 boys trying to make him feel better.

“(Y/N)?” Michael croaked when he heard his door open

“Hey, oh Mikey are you alright?” you knew he wasn’t but you didn’t know what to say; he had just found out that the girl he loved cheated on him.

“No” he sobbed which broke you even more. Immediately you crawled under the blankets and spooned him. It didn’t matter that he was a tall, lanky, teenager, he was going to be comforted by his best friend no matter what. That night you realized something, you had fallen for him and there was no turning back.

“Michael Gordon Clifford if you scare me I am going to punch you I swear…” you said as you walked through the house towards the yard. When you got to the yard you saw lights and candles everywhere, there were the daisies, lining a path which you followed towards the pool. You looked to your right and there he was in a button up, his black skinny jeans, and converse holding a spray painted gold daisy.

“What’d you do to the flower?” you asked

“Sweetums, you look beautiful.” he said ignoring you and taking your hand as you blushed and glanced down to what you were wearing, his jack daniels shirt (which was basically yours), black leggings, and some raggedy old black converse.

“What are you doing Mikey?” you were still blushing as he tilted your chin up and looked into your eyes

“Darling, I’ve known you forever and as tacky and cliche as it sounds I fell for you, and oh did i fall hard. I don’t know what’d I do without you; you’re so caring and so helpful and you dropped everything to help me when I was down. I not only want to be there for you when you’re down but I want to be there to make you smile and make you laugh. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I drift off to sleep. What I’m trying to say is that I want to be able to show you off in public, I want to be able to hug you and kiss you in public. Go out with me kitten, be my girlfriend so I can be the luckiest man on earth, so what do you say? Will you give me a chance and be mine?” He was staring right into your eyes and you were speechless

“HOLY FUCK SAY SOMETHING (Y/N)!” Luke screamed

“WAY TO RUIN THE MOMENT MORON!” Calum said as he kicked Luke

“Guys shut up!” Ashton yelled as he shoved both of them and quietly apologized for the outburst of the two idiots.

“Mikey you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that, of course i’ll go out with you.”

“I love you so much princess.” he said pulling you into a kiss, which by the way was a lot better than your guys’ first one

“I love you more” you said after pulling apart and resting your forehead on his

“Not possible.” he said pecking your lips one more time


“SHUT UP ASHTON!” you heard Calum yell and then a smack

(A/N: This is reposted old writing that i have not edited in a year. jfc its long) 

#44 - You Walk In On Your Child Having An Intimate Moment
  • A/N: The names are taken from the Family Series that was previously written! All the children are 18 years old in this preference!
  • Louis: "Louis, I just have a feeling that we shouldn't have left Gray and Marci alone tonight..." You mumble to your husband as he sat next to you in the booth of the restaurant while he played a game with your youngest child, Hayes, who sat across the table with his older sister Quincy. "Oh, they're fine." He laughs and rolls his eyes as he quickly pays for the check. You sigh and gather your things and stayed quiet the rest of the way home. As you pulled into the garage you grabbed Louis' thigh, "Why don't you go in and check...just to make sure that the kids don't see anything." You mumble, just loud enough for him to hear. He nods and moves inside while you kept Hayes and Quincy occupied in the car. "Mum, I hate to break it to you, but they're probably doing what they're not supposed to be." Quincy, Grayson's twin sister, laughed. You sighed and nodded, "Oh I know." You mumble. Meanwhile, Louis walked upstairs quietly and moved towards Grayson's room, putting his ear up to the door, hearing small moans and hushed voices. He knocked on the door with a laugh, "Just thought I'd let you know that we're all home and your mother is pissed off! So, if I were you, I'd get dressed and get out here like nothing happened." He says before he walked away. Grayson groaned and looked at Marci, "Time to get even more embarrassed." He groans as he gets up and grabs his clothes.
  • Niall: You and Niall were driving home with your oldest daughter, Sophie, after you had picked her up from college for a quick weekend visit. You had left your youngest, Addie, at home with her boyfriend Max whom you and Niall loved dearly. "To be honest, dad, I'm really surprised that you let Addie stay home...along with Max." Sophie laughs from the backseat. "I mean, you guys never let me be alone with Daniel until I was in college on my own," She jokes. "Well, I'm still not too happy about that," Niall jokes as he pulls into the driveway. "I'm sure they're behaving. I can't imagine Addie doing anything like that this young...she's a good girl." You say, just to try to reassure yourself. You didn't want to think of your little girl doing anything along those lines. You helped Sophie carry her bags in and you stopped dead in your tracks as you walked into the kitchen, spying Addie sitting on the counter with her legs wrapped around Max's waist, making out. "Whoa, okay, nope. We're not doing that!" You say quickly, making them jump and pull away completely embarrassed. "Hey...um, welcome home sis." Addie said nervously trying to change the subject as Max fixed his shirt. "Oh, don't act all innocent." Sophie laughed as she hugged her baby sister.
  • Liam: "We're going upstairs," Your oldest son, Ben, shouted as he followed his girlfriend of two years, Eloise, up the steps quickly. You glance over at Liam who was sitting next to your youngest son, Luke, on the couch watching a football game. He glanced over at you with raised eyebrows, giving you the 'you're really letting them do that?' look. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to your book, ignoring the sound of the TV that was filling the room. After a while, Liam excused himself and disappeared up the stairs. You sighed and followed him up quietly. You snuck around the corner of the hallway and froze when you heard Liam's voice, "What in God's name are you doing? Are you serious? Benjamin Joseph, Oh my God!" You heard him shout. You ran down the hall and grabbed his arm as you went into Ben's room, shocked to see him and Eloise barely covered by his sheets, completely naked. "Liam, get out. Come on." You say, yanking on his arm. "I can't believe this!" He shouted as he turned his back to them and rushed out the room. You sighed and shielded your eyes, "Get dressed you two...and get out here..." You say before shutting the door. "And you said we could trust them." Liam snapped as you looked at him. You rolled your eyes and waited for Ben and Eloise to emerge.
  • Zayn: "Zayn," You hiss, shaking your husband violently as you sat up in bed. "What?" He groaned after a few seconds, "(Y/N), it's three in the morning, what could you possibly want?" He groans loudly. "I heard the door open downstairs...I think someone is in the house." You whisper as you watched him rub his eyes. "Okay, fine, I'll go check." He mumbles as he pushes himself up out of bed and moves towards the door. "Stay here." He sighs as he leaves your room and moves downstairs. He flicked on the lights as he went, searching through the rooms one by one as he went down the hall. He made it to the stairs and heard soft voices coming from downstairs and slowly made his way down. He peeked around the corner into the living room and softly gasped at the sigh before him. His youngest son, Mason, was hovering above his girlfriend, Abbey, on the couch and both of them had their shirts off. Zayn cleared his throat and Mason pulled away quickly, looking back at him, "D-ad...Shit..." He mumbles. "I suggest that Abbey leave." He says simply before moving back upstairs. You looked up at him as he came in, "It was just Mason...and Abbey...and that's all I'm going to say." He says, crawling back into bed.
  • Harry: Your youngest child, Emmett, was spending the night at a friends house and your oldest, Olivia, had told you two to go out and enjoy a date night. So, you and Harry did just that. You two went to a fancy dinner and the movies for the first time in ages. You returned home late that night and as you pulled into the drive, you realized that Jason's car, Olivia's boyfriend, was parked there. You and Harry brushed it off because Jason was frequently at your house. They were inseparable. Harry followed you in, his hands on your hips giving you small kisses down your neck, making you giggle and feel like a teenager again. "Where's Livi?" You ask softly as you glance into the den where they usually hung out and watched movies. "I don't know...You don't think they...you don't they would be having...you don't think?" Harry stuttered, having a hard time imagining that his little girl would do such a thing. "I'll go check." You say gently and move quickly up the stairs, opening her door without warning. "Oh my god, Olivia!" You shout, closing the door as quickly as you had opening it. "Shit!" You heard Jason shout as they began to shuffle around the room to collect their clothes. "Harry, don't come up here!" You shout, not wanting Harry to get involved because you knew it would make the situation worse.
Preference 1 - He asks you out (Best Friend Michael)

Basically fluff

You were working at your after school job at the local flower shop down the street from the video game store your best friend, Michael, worked at. Ever since you were little it was always Y/N and Michael, Michael and Y/N.

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