but i have a broom

Okay so Zahra and Kashaw are a given.

Lyra and Thorbir would be awesome (also Wheaton curse in the same room as Taliesin might balance out the universe and give him his nat 20′s back)

But you know who we really need?

Besides our lord and saviour Larkin?

We need fuckin Gern.

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[Harry: I’m just sayin’ I though only witches rode brooms.
p1: (shouting) We don’t have time for your fucking hypermasculinity, Harry.] 

It's Not Delivery... Oh Wait Yeah, it is.


You can order pizza to the castle! It took them long enough.

I mean, if you have delivery guys with brooms there really isn’t any excuses. Best part is, I can assure it will all be mine because Emily has this weird (read: wrong) notion that you shouldn’t put pineapple on a pizza.

You can, you should, and I did Em.

Quidditch Practice (James Sirius Imagine)

Title: Quidditch Practice
Characters: James Sirius X Reader
Plot: You can’t seem to concentrate on Quidditch practice because of a certain Potter
Warning(s): none
Prompt; “Would you two please just go make out in a corner already and come back when you’re ready to concentrate?”
Requested?: hell naww
A/N; this one’s short

You yell as the said boy flew past you making your skirt fly up.

“What?” he innocently grinned at you as he hovered in front of you. You two were currently in the quidditch pitch, just having a quick meeting that’s why you weren’t in your quidditch uniform. You rolled your eyes before focusing back on the whiteboard in front of you as the captain drew the plans for your next game. Suddenly you felt hands wrapping around your waist before being picked up and sat on a broom.

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER PUT ME DOWN! I HAVE A SKIRT ON! WE STILL HAVE A MEETING!” you screamed while holding down you skirt with one hand and the other hooked around James’ neck. He only glanced at you with a smirk before actually putting you down.

“Would you two please just go make out in a corner already and come back when you’re ready to concentrate?”your captain asked with a smirk as the others only snickered at your blushed faces. “What do you think, babe?” James picked you up again before you could even answer.

“Don’t worry babe, just a quick snog with your boyfriend won’t hurt”

-Admin Zeus Diana Lupin

inktober day 13: marinette the witch


  • Theo: If Granger kidnaps you, kills you, then buries your lifeless body in a shallow grave in the desert where your remains lay decomposing for several decades until they're accidentally discovered by some guy on a journey to awaken his spirit at the Salinas Pueblo Missions, can I have your broom?
  • Draco: You've really thought this out.
  • Theo: I love your broom.
  • Draco: I love my broom too, and you're not getting it.
  • Theo: But you'll be decomposing.

oh my god one of my workmates has a bit of a moustache and goatee going on (and to be fair to him it suits him quite well) and this customer he served today called his facial hair a “womb broom” and I couldn’t stop fucking laughing for the rest of the day I had to hold my breath serving customers, my face was fucking twitching while I was telling old ladies to have a nice day because I couldn’t get fucking “womb broom” out of my head

The Signs As Famous Dance Moms Quotes

Aries: ‘’I cut my finger on my moms ring i hope i can still dance’’

Taurus: ‘’Abby doesn’t look like a model to me’’

Gemini: ‘’I don’t wanna go on broadway, all I wanna do is just stay home and eat chips’’

Cancer: ‘’Girls, what are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as Elton John’’

Leo: ‘’Stop eating that’s why you’re fat’’

Virgo: ‘’I would give Abby a three month trail membership to weight watchers if i were to give her a gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving’’

Libra: ‘’I have more dirt on you than a broom’’

Scorpio: ‘’This is going to cost a lot of money in therapy!’’

Sagittarius: ‘’McDonald’s has a hamburger with your name on it’’

Capricorn: ‘’When can Kendall get a solo? When does Kendall get a special part?’’

Aquarius: ‘’I don’t even like dancing i’m just here because my mom said she would buy me tacos’’

Pisces: ‘’It doesn’t matter about dance, it matters about me. I’m emotional!’’


Kiki’s Delivery Service
 Here we have and Afrocentric “Kiki” I wanted to do a little spin on one of my favorite witches this Halloween. My mom brought a dashiki and I got to thinking and boom pow here we are. I wanted take pictures including the broom and cat, but mom was hoarding tye broom and the only cat I have readily available is gray and she don’t like me that well lmfao. All makeup inspiration was taken f om youtube videos and a few African Makeup blogs I follow.

 Happy Halloween! Happy Cosplaying!

when i was really little i knew this really annoying girl who went around calling herself merlin and she made my life a living hell and one time she hit me with a broom and i should have known right then and there that would be a metaphor for the rest of my life

Fuck meeeee

So I’m a smol bby witch. I’m going to have coffee with someone I used to be best friends with, we had a falling out, and recently she sent me a text and anyway, were meeting tomorrow and I’m super super SUPER nervous about it, because I really miss this girl, her family was so good to me, and if I remember right, I was the one who who started the fight?? So me, being super smart, decided that, hey, it’s a waxing moon, I have the supplies ILL DO MY FIRST ORIGINAL SPELL, AND ITLL BE “OH LORD ABOVE, LET THIS GO WELL”
Cool right?
My parents are usually out by like, 930, so at 1030, I open my windows, set up my little baby alter, and get to work. GUESS WHOS STILL AWAKE

luckily I had time to put up all my candles, so all she saw was my “lap desk” and some rosemary, which I grow, so it’s chill, and a bible on my bed.
I dunno, maybe it was a sign? God going “yo, cut that shit out.”
Or maybe it’s just that my parents do the deed every Thursday night, and I forgot to account for that?
Either way, I had to hide my shit good, I even hid my library books, because I KNOW if she gets the chance, she’s gunna go snooping through my room now.

Hey people, little Paint Tool SAI tip.

Let’s say I have this little mistake on the broom here. I accidentally painted a spot outside the lines and I need to correct it.

Assuming I had more than just 6 layers for base colors, it would be kinda egh to find the layer I put that flat on right? Well not quite.

Put your cursor over the thing you want to reach (be it a flat color with any opacity above 0, even linearts), and press Ctrl + Shift

A little number/name will pop up over your cursor, depending if you named your layer or not. It indicates where your desired flat/color is located.

Like this.

or this

Then all you need to do is, still holding Ctrl+Shift, make a click and you’re now on your layer. Make your corrections.

You can also move your cursor while holding Ctrl+Shift and the numbers will still pop up. You can make your click more precise like this (when locating a lineart for example).

It can save a lot of time (and get rid of the “let’s make all layers visible/invisible till I find the one I’m looking for” process) if you’re on a rush or make things more automatic overall. 

Hope somebody out there finds it useful!