but i hated how i drew him

・Altean Prince Lance
[I’m sorry I don’t really like this drawing so I’m trying to post it and not delete it this time]

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


my two boys and demonic windows 64



mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting


Where Bucky turns 100

They originally got it as a gag gift but after seeing how genuinely happy he was no one had the heart to tell him it was a joke.

Steve hates everyone now because Bucky won’t let him go on a mission without it… just in case.

Teach Me How to Be Quiet


genre: smut, fluff?, tiny bit of angst but it’s not a lot

warnings: teacher x teacher, blowjobs, deepthroating, public!kink, hs!au, phil not being good at all at keeping his composure

words: 1568

read on ao3!!!

a/n: so like i rly liked this prompt so i did it ehehe. i’m tired as heck, but hopefully if things go right i should be done with most hw tomorrow and i should have tgtbatd updated for yall on thursday :) thanks for being patient and also thank you for helping me reach my next hundred!!! enjoy <3333

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So I drew this in my sketchbook, and I love it! :D This is Lanky Bendy based on @shinyzango‘s version, and how @nyrandrea portrays him. I made this as how he could appear in the dreamscape when he’s really mad. Like, more-so for something Henry does rather than the main revenge plan, such as chopping down the Bendy cutouts, cause Lanky hates that~ So if he appears in Henry’s dreaming, he could look like this, not as well held together to appear more monstrous and feral even.

And the dreamscape I like to think is basically like lucid dreaming; you know you’re dreaming, but you’re aware of the dream logic and such.

Also, I got the idea for the mouth from how Zango draws 2D Bendy’s mouth when he’s really livid sometimes, and I thought it appropriate for Lanky Bendy too. :b Hope ya’ll like him too! :D

Married Life

Derek wakes up to the birds chirping outside and the sun shining on his face, as a soft breeze blew in from the open window. Stiles must have opened it this morning to get some fresh air into the house. Derek rolls over searching for his husband only to find empty sheets that seemed to have been vacant for quite some time. He frowns sitting up, he searches around the room trying to find his better half, so he can drag him back to bed for some anniversary sex.

It was their four year anniversary and Derek intended to make love to his husband all day. He gets out of the bed slipping on his robe and stepping into his slippers. Stiles always teased him for having a robe and slippers calling Derek an old man before Derek pinned him to the bed showing him what this “old man” could do. He walks over to the open door their dog following close behind him. He notices a sticky note on the door and takes it off the door, he chuckles softly when he sees that it says, “Happy Anniversary!” on it.

Of course Stiles would do this on their anniversary. He follows the arrow on the sticky note finding another one on the bathroom door.

“Four long years we’ve been married” Derek reads. He rolls his eyes biting his lip to keep himself from smiling so hard. He follows the directions given on the note finding one on the closet door.

“I can’t believe I used to hate you!” It says. Derek laughs at this remembering how they used to argue whenever they saw each other. He goes down the stairs finding one on the banister. He picks it up reading it.

“Sorry I got you arrested…”

Derek snorts looking over at the other banister like the note told him. He finds another one picking it up.

“You make my world ten times more brighter!” he reads. He smiles looking at the little sun Stiles drew. He follows the instructions to go to the kitchen and finds a note on the toaster. He picks it up feeling giddy.

“Sorry I burn the toast…”

Derek laughs at the sad face remembering all the times Stiles attempted to make toast, but always ended up burning it. He looks at the cabinets and sees another note reading it.

“And break plates…”

He chuckles remembering when Stiles dropped a plate the other day and started crying. He made sure the Stiles felt better by buying him the biggest chocolate milkshake at their favorite ice cream place. He heads over to the counter like the instructions said and reads a note.

“And put the dent in the counter…”

Derek snorts remembering when they first started having sex and slamming Stiles onto the counter leaving a huge dent in their counter. He smiles following the instructions to go to the dining room. He sets the other notes down on their table reading the one left at the edge.

“I love it when you make pasta…” it says. He looks where the arrow on the note was pointing.

“Or make me coffee in the mornings.” he reads as soon as he finds the note. Derek grins at the blue coffee cup Stiles drew that was like the one in the cabinet right now. He continues to look in the same direction finding another note.

“You have no idea how much I appreciate you!” he reads. He feels his cheeks heat up and his chest swell. He follows the instructions of going to the living making sure to take all the notes with him. He finds a note on the back of the couch picking it up.

“I love watching those boring documentaries with you.” Derek reads. He smiles remembering how Stiles spent most of the time whining and complaining about how they were boring, but continued to watch them because he knew Derek liked them. He reads the instructions and heads over to the bookshelf and picks up another note reading it.

“You’re so peaceful when you read.”

Derek blushes and follows the arrow over to their DVD rack where they kept all the DVD’s they’ve collected over the years. He finds another note in the superhero section picking it up.

“You have a horrible taste in superheroes!” he reads. He laughs shaking his head, only Stiles would argue about that. He follows the instructions on the note and walks over to the coffee table.

“But you always make it up to me.” Derek reads. He smirks remembering the countless times he’s had Stiles on the coffee table, as Derek gave him a blowjob while they watched another Batman movie. He picks up the note looking where it was pointing at and heads over to his study. He finds a note on the door.

“I admire how hard you work.” it says. He smiles walking into the study spotting a note on the computer. He reads it’s chuckling.

“Thanks for letting me play games on here.”

He smiles following the sign that points at his bookshelf. He grabs it biting his lip.

“I love that you have an endless amount of amazing books!” he reads. He smiles looking at his bookshelf, picturing Stiles running his hand along the spines of the books as Derek works on his latest project. He follows the arrow to his desk seeing a note on one of his latest designs.

“You’re drawings are truly amazing Derek.”

Derek smiles picking the note up he looks around his desk looking for any more. He sees a note on the drawing he has been working on for years for the Hale house. He picks it up and reads it.

“Someday we’ll have the perfect house.” he reads. Derek gives a soft smile tracing a finger over the small, blue house. He chuckles at the instructions telling him to keep looking in the same direction. He finds another one next to the drawing seeing the same blue house.

“The perfect place to have children.” it says. He lets out a low growl his wolf going wild at the thought of having pups around the house. He looks at the two hearts close to the house, one heart blue and the other pink. He frowns wondering why the other one was blue, he walks out of his study following the instructions to look for the dog. He finds the note on the dog’s collar.

“You’re so loving even to the smallest things.” Derek reads. He smiles petting the dog fondly. The dog showed up at their house 2 years ago hurt and cold. He didn’t want to keep the dog, but gave in when Stiles gave him the puppy eyes Derek could never say no to. He reads the instructions and heads to the front door peeling off the note.

“And caring!” he reads. He smiles looking at the hearts surrounding the word caring. He follows the instructions to look at screen door opening the front door. He finds another note with a heart.

“Words cannot express how much I love you!” it says. He feels his chest swell at the endearing note, he walks onto the porch finding a note on the stairs.

“You’re so brave Derek.” he reads. He gives a small smile looking around for Stiles, but only sees more notes on their walkway. He walks down the stairs picking up the first one.

“You have the most amazing smile!” he reads. Derek chuckles shaking his head, only Stiles would be this cheesy. He walks over to the second note and picks it up.

“I get lost in your eyes every time I look at you!”

Derek snorts cringing a little at how corny it was. He walks over to the next note bending down.

“I love you to the moon and beyond!” Derek reads smiling fondly. It was Stiles’s favorite saying even though it was supposed to be a joke. He looks at the big stack of sticky notes in his hand smiling, this was way better than his idea. He finds the next one not too far away almost at the end of the walkway. He picks it up and reads it.

“This is where we first kissed and the moment I realized I loved you.”

Derek bites his lip remembering the day Stiles kissed him for the first time. How his heart was beating out of his chest and the way Stiles looked at him. He follows the instructions and heads to the woods finding a note on the tree that leads into the woods.

“I’m sorry your family is dead. I would do anything to them back to you…” Derek frowns as he reads the note confused on why the sudden change in the mood. He continues on finding more notes on more trees.

“I’m sorry you’ve struggled for so long…” Derek reads. His frown continues as he reads more notes.

“I’m sorry people say mean things when they see us in public…”

Derek starts to panic. He hurries to the next note trying to figure out what was going on.

“I’m sorry I can’t get pregnant.” the next one says. Derek adds it to his pile and heads for the last note smelling Stiles’s familiar scent.

“I’m sorry for ever making you cry.” the very last note says. He follows Stiles’s scent the notes balled in his fist. He’s interpret them later, but right now he needs to be with Stiles. When he finally reaches Stiles he pulls him into a hug breathing in his scent. Stiles giggles hugging him back.

“What’s wrong is everything alright?!” Derek asks checking for any cuts or bruises. Stiles laughs and pushes him away.

“I’m fine Derek,” Stiles says fixing his shirt. “What makes you think anything is wrong?”

“The notes.” Derek says frowning. Stiles laughs again and shakes his head.

“You’re forgetting the most important ones.” Stiles says. He points at the note on his shirt. Derek peels it off reading it.

“I can’t wait for you to be a father!” he reads. He looks at Stiles confused. Stiles gives him a smile and lifts up his shirt to reveal a small baby bump with a sticky note on it.

“A father to a beautiful, baby boy…or girl.” it says. Derek looks up his eyes wide. He drops to his knees pulling the note off Stiles tummy. He sets his ear on Stiles’s stomach listening to Stiles’s heartbeat and one more. He looks up tears pooling in his eyes.

“How far along are you?” Derek asks.

“Three months.” Stiles says running a hand through Derek’s hair.

“How did I not know?” Derek whispers. He rests his head on Stiles’s stomach again.

“I had Deaton help me hide it,” Stiles says. “I wanted it to be a surprise for you.”

“I thought-I thought that we couldn’t get pregnant.” Derek says. He kisses Stiles’s stomach listening to the small heartbeat again.

“Deaton found this spell book and I found something about pregnancies, so I figured I’d try it.” Stiles says. Derek continues to rub his stomach the tears flowing down his cheeks.

“I’m going to be a dad?” He asks shocked. Stiles laughs continuing to run his hands through Derek’s hair.

“Happy anniversary babe.” Stiles says. Derek stands up and kisses his husband with as much emotion he could pour into a kiss. This truly was the best anniversary gift a man could possible get from his spouse.

(Just a little thing I did yesterday nothing too important. There were also some baby hints in there see if you can try and find them except the last two they just give it away. There’s a couple!)

I want to take a second and explain why this anon situation is so important to me.

About 5/6 years ago, I was that anon. I hated Christians and Christianity. I went out of my way to tell people how much I hated Christians and everything they stood for. I was so full of hate and bitterness, and I had people praying for me too. And guess what? Jesus found me. He met me where I was and drew me out of that place, out of that hate and darkness, and towards His comfort and light. It is possible. We serve a powerful, loving God. Nothing is impossible for Him. I should know. I was that anon. I was Saul. 

I scoffed at Christians and now I’m one of them. When God says that He makes all things new, He means all and He means new. Every person can be healed by Him, and healed completely. 

I don’t even have enough words to describe the pure joy that has filled my heart concerning this situation. Jesus is alive and He is working in all of us. Rejoice, for we are serving the mighty living God!

Was working my way down stilinskisparkles fics and came across this fic and I couldn’t get the rain scene out of my mind! Ugh I giggle whenever I remember it so yeah =w=

Said scene:

“I really hate it when you call me that,” Derek cuts in, before putting a damp hand on Stiles’ face and winding the other around his waist and kissing him. Stiles tries to point out he calls everyone dude, that it’s just his way of showing affection, but he’s distracted by Derek’s lips, cold but firm and warming against his own.

bad together

Summary: Frank’s got a secret, and it’s killing him.

Pairing: Frank Castle x reader

Warnings: angst; language

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: My first fic for my beloved man. I hope you all enjoy, and please let me know what you think! I hope I did him justice. | masterlist

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sweetiesketches  asked:


Oh dude, believe, I gave up the first time I drew him. And I wasn’t even into his looks. ((Btw, thanks boo!!)

Beta is very happy as he received all the love and gifts (mostly fireworks) that you guys sent in my ask box. He loves you all.

School is being more brutal than usual i’m just so so tired ughh.. (mumbling hating on life and being sad like Salem the cat) And the inbox gotten huge again ^_^’‘ sorry about not answering them fast enough just life is draining me. For questions regarding Beta or related to him I’m try gonna answer them but I need sort them out and how to answer them. I might do another Pokemon comic after my first exams this week.

Also I wanted ask, do you like Beta’s outfit or do you prefer him in the Valor outfit I drew earlier? I like them both equally to be honest. Also for Beta’s signature Pokemon (Gogo’s is Alakazam and Go is Aegislash) is undecided but if you have a suggestions I would love to hear them (must have explosion moves).

Go: You’re really popular Beta. A lot of people want to date you apparently.

Beta: Really!? Does this mean I won’t be single anymore!?

Go: Yeah…  except for the fact you can’t date any of them due to obvious reasons.

Beta: Gah (heart breaking in pieces again)!

Go: I don’t know why you are so fixated trying get a boyfriend or girlfriend, nothing wrong being single you know.

Beta; I don’t want hear that from someone who is dating their own leader, ya goddam Instinct!

Go: Wh-! Why are you throwing Voltorbs at me while crying passionately- ARE THEY USING SELF-DESTRUCT!? CALL THEM OFF FOR ARCEUS SAKE YOU MANIAC VALOOOOR!!


And I present to you all, unnecessary angst for that Shitty Dad Zarc AU~ :D

Quick backstory I guess: Yuri admired his dad’s duels when he used violence to entertain people. Zarc stopped because that wasn’t how he wanted to duel. When Yuri started dueling in his old style, Zarc was disgusted because he only saw the part of him he hated in Yuri. This makes Yuri the most neglected of the four. Yuya was the favorite because he dueled the way Zarc always wanted to, causing Yuri to become extremely jealous of him.

dating pony - hcs

this was requested by 3 anons and @staygoldimagines !! i hear yall lmao

  • he’s vvv clingy
    • “hey wyd? u wanna hang out”
    • “it’s been 2 hours”
    • “i know but i miss u”
  • literally always taking u out to the movies
    • whether u like it or not sometimes
    • “pony you’ve seen this movie three times why are we going to see it aga-”
  • dating pony?? well expect literal nonstop cuddling
    • like pony really enjoy just lounging around on the couch under a blanket w u 
    • talking about stuff or reading or listening to the radio or watching tv
    • but he nevER WANTS TO GET UP
    • "pony i’m thirsty, i’m gonna go pour myself some wa-”
    • "nonononO, cmon five more minutes??? five more minutes”
  • he l ov es when u play with his ears while yall cuddle
    • it makes him so sleepy and he loves that and u sm!!
  • sometimes u got a problem w pony’s smoking 
    • so you’ll dead lick your fingers and put out the cigarette that he just lit between his lips
    • or if it isn’t lit yet, you’ll just break it while its in his mouth LMFAo like
    • “nice try”
  • he’s so in love w how you look when you’re contemplative and deep in thought
    • so oFC this boy is gonna always be sketching u without u knowing
  •  the gang refuses (refuses!) to leave him alone lmao
    • “awwwwww is someone in love??”
    • *kissy noises*
    • “ohhh lover boyyyy”
    • “stfu??”
    • “ok how bout u watch ur language horsekid”
    • *a bunch of whistles from the gang*  
    • “i hate u guys sm”
    • “oh, but you LOVE Y/N”
    •  *whistles continue*
    • *pony aggressively sighs*
  • pony is so full of love for u, it’s adorable man
    • he’ll write u poems or give u sketches he drew of u
    • he’s always thinking about u!!!
    • he’s also the first to say “i love you”!
    • even though he had terrible timing lmao
    • it was probably after the first time u guys actually kissed smh
  • he’s easily jealous!!
    • like he’ll get v salty w you when u hang w someone else??
    • especially steve tbh
    • “how did u get home last night? was everything okay?”
    • “yeah! steve gave me a ride, so it was fine”
    • “stEve”
    • “yeah, steve. soda’s best fri-“
    • “why didn’t u call me?? i couldve driven u home??”
    • “PONY U HAVE THE FLU - also u can’t drive??”
    • like sometimes pony would go sit down next to u
    • but steve gets there firST
      • so pony has to sit on tHE OTHER SIDE OF STEVE LMAO

Soo finally finished that one prompt of the OC thing or idk. Dema only hangs out with like 4 people and Darla is forever on her shitlist.

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