but i hate u too

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to me, ftm is rly gross because 1. i was never female??? also im not becoming male, i am a dude. 2. female and male are just pretty ???? terms 3. the whole "female and male are the two sexes" is shit and fake and that makes me hate the term ftm more

thank you im so tired of seeing ftm everywhere????? like i cant be part of any supposed trans boy anything because people always refer to it as ftm 

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Ugh I hate Maiko too. And u know, how it was written as a goth/emo romance when both partners are so UNHAPPY with everything; HOW in the world did they even start dating? Like in the flashback narrated by Iroh we see Zuko as a stubborn, but brightful and cheery young man, not this "I'm always unhappy" type of character. WHAT would a guy like him presumably want to do with a girl like Mai, who was taught to be quiet and emotionless since her childhood?! Umm, real Zuko, are Bryke hiding you in s3?

Yeah, I really have no idea what Zuko saw in Mai. Their most intimate conversation was about fruit tarts and he’s always unhappy with her. Zuko is going through one of the darkest points in his life in Book 3, and we’re really supposed to think he’d willingly choose to be around Mai of all people for comfort? The whole relationship felt so OOC to me, and it was very awkward to watch.

Zuko didn’t feel like the same character from Books 1 or 2 in his relationship with her. And I also hate how it was portrayed as this modern day emo/goth romance, too. Like he’s just a whiny suburban high school teen who is going through a phase. That is definitely not how it was in Books 1 or 2. Their relationship is God-awful. No way to sugar coat it. It really shows how the writing quality took a massive step down in Book 3 to give us this mess.

And it makes no sense. We are supposed to accept that Mai and Zuko were very close as kids. Enough to where Zuko feels comfortable immediately jumping into a serious relationship with her after not seeing her for years. But…that’s not what we see in the show. Zuko is clueless about girls, which is normal for a little boy. And Mai is too shy to even interact with him. I never once got the impression that Zuko had a crush on Mai in Zuko Alone.

Then at 13, Zuko is burned and banished for 3 years. He lives extremely isolated on a boat with middle-aged men, goes through life-threatening situations on a regular basis, then lives in exile. He would have a very difficult time relating to a privileged girl like Mai, who only fought out of boredom and he would definitely not jump into a relationship with her.

He has very poor social skills, and cannot even hold a conversation on a date. Yet, he just jumps into a committed relationship with Mai? Even though she never wants to talk to him about his feelings? They couldn’t even give Zuko a romance that was consistent with his personality, for fuck’s sake, LOL. How do you just stick a character in a romance with no build up that is diametrically opposed to all of their characterization 2/3 of the way through the story? What kind of hack writer thought of that?

So, Azula manipulates Zuko on a date, Mai flirts by throwing sharp objects at him, and then they’re automatically together? I remember thinking, “What the hell is this shit? This isn’t Avatar.” Man the writing took such a nose-dive after Book 2. This shit was made up at the last minute, no doubt about it.

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I,, lov u - have a good day/night with lots of hugs and dogs, and if you don't that's ok just know it'll get better and we all lov u v much


2017 hates me so far literally what else could go wrong with me

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Can I send anon hate too? I hate u cuz your art is so amazing 7u7 Is like. I hate you but I love you. But with your art

with all my heart, thanks.


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this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses


genre: angst 

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,567 words

careful note: explicit language and suggestive content. read at your own discretion 

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opening line: “There is nothing wrong with being wanted, but something’s wrong when you’re wanted by none other than Jung Jaehyun.” 

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favorite character meme → [2/2] relationships
↳ sanji & zoro

“Zoro doesn’t care about Sanji and Sanji doesn’t care about Zoro. They don’t get along, and they’re incapable of having civil conversations with each other. Despite being of the same age group and having joined in early on, coupled with similarities in their personalities and roles as protectors and main fighters of the Strawhats, they cannot relate to each other at all. Their friendship is literally just about rivalry. Seriously, they hate each other.” – someone who hasn’t read/watched one piece properly, probably

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s singing more

I wish people would talk about
Minghao’s amazing dancing skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s visuals more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s relationship with the other members more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cute little elf ears more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s aegyo more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cuddliness more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s martial arts skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s obvious loss in weight more

I wish people would appreciate Minghao for the true talent he possesses

I wish Minghao didn’t feel so under appreciated