but i hate the beach

this is your plot of land. until i zap you out of the game, IF i decide to.
yeah, right? it’s right next to the beach.
youre me, you know i hate the beach and the sound of the water will never let me sleep and its way too dry here. 
oh right. well theres no mountains so deal with it. 
I feel like Lemony Snicket.
right ?? walking around, checking out your characters spots. Pretty cool.
pretty weird. Youre not the one walking around here. 
Youre right. 
anyway this is where Nia and Hana broke up! You placed me on cursed grounds. I’m supposed to live here?!
Yup. Sorry. I didn’t want you to get in the way, and honestly I havent touched this place since they broke up months ago. 
-_- *huffs* fine. If anything happens to me its on you. 
Yeah yeah, start building your hut already. 

LanceLot Valentines Date: Lance’s alien boyfriend is the best and Lotor isn’t sure what the big fuss is but he could definitely could get used to these strange earth celebrations


25 favourite movies (16/25) - The way we were, 1973

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don’t you bring her for a drink when you come?

honestly the worst thing abt star wars is that i hate going on the beach and if someone asks me why i have to literally say with my mouth ‘i hate sand’ and then i have to try So Hard not to go ‘it’s course and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere’ but he’s Right anakin skywalker is 100% Correct sand is the Worst

Never quite made sense to me how there are so many headcanons wherein Murdoc goes out of his way to make 2D comfortable, like in social situations, during depressive episodes, and the like.
Murdoc locked him in a room guarded by his biggest phobia for years. Something tells me he doesn’t really care about whether or not 2D feels safe.

i can’t ever step on a beach without thinking about “steppin’ on the beach” and the “doo doo doo” that follows and i hate that…… i hate it. i’ll never be able to step on a beach in peace

Vader: [text] ok kenobi wtf r u losers up to this time????????
Obi-Wan: Good morning to you too, Anakin. 
Vader: ur best buddy bail fucking organa and his stupid friends and that SMARTMOUTH DAUGHTER OF HIS are up to SOMETHING and now i have to go to fucking SCARIF OK do u even KNOW how much i hate it there 
Vader: i am not going anywhere NEAR the beach that is for DAMN sure
Obi-Wan: Wait…what’s happening??! 
Vader: i WAS gonna get in a bacta soak 
Vader: u know because MY BODY IS BROKEN U TELL ME WHY
Vader: but NOW i have to go haul my ass allllll the way over there instead
Obi-Wan: Anakin, please: WHO is on Scarif and why???
Vader: idk a bunch of rebel randoms r trying to steal some shit and now it’s a ~whole big thing~ LIKE I NEEDED THIS TODAY

Vader: aggggggggggggggghhhh FML 
Obi-Wan: What happened???????????
Vader: FFS where do i even start
Vader: fucking krennic
Vader: i knew i should have choked that guy to death when i had the chance 
Vader: I TOLD sheev we should have cut this stupid project from the budget years ago and bought a foosball table for my room instead
Vader: im so cold and tired and this job is so BORING no one is even hard to fight anymore like ffs give me a CHALLENGE for once its been YEARS
Obi-Wan: Anakin: WHAT HAPPENED????!!!! Who did you kill??
Vader: y r u so concerned about my day
Vader: usually ur all ‘shut up anakin i don’t wanna hear about all the murdering u did im obiwan and im the perrrrfect jedi i only murder people SOMETIMES’
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Well maybe I’m taking an interest in your life. 
Vader:  😉 nice try babe.
Obi-Wan: Very well. Maybe I’ll see you soon enough. You never know. 
Vader: k see ya 😘
Vader: wait what
Vader: obiwan
Vader: obiwan???????

(For @yuneyn and her love of both Rogue One and Texting Vader.) ;)