but i hate portmanteaus!

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I really need to know you guy's fbawtft ships and why you ship them, i have an insatiable curiosity.

ahhhaha eeeh, okaaaay. also whoops, turned into a semi newt scamander character study for a second xDD;;

I’m definitely on the good ship Honeybun (which is what I call Jacob and Queenie because, uhm, pastries and she says Honey a lot. And I HATE portmanteaus and I don’t care if JK said Jakweenie for them, I refuse xD) because… because… did you see them. thats why. They’re adorable and so infatuated with each other and they have such chemistry right away and are just DRAWN TO EACH OTHER. I dunno, they were magical and too fkin cute.

and then I’m all about that Newt/Credence idgaf. People are calling it Crewt, I haven’t decided what I want to call them yet. This one is harder to explain tho… see

I’m all about Morally Gray Newt Scamander. Like he’s weird about what is and isn’t important to him and he doesn’t consciously decide to hurt people but sometimes he doesn’t give a shit about the well-being of others. Or humans at all sometimes. Or using magic in front of them for the sake of his beasts. He literally does not care about himself or others where his creatures are involved, he was down to fight the entire roomful of like, wizarding world leaders just to protect his case. And he didn’t destroy the obscurus he captured. coulda just let it go and let it die without its host and he didnt. and its definitely implied with the Jacob scene that it could attach to a new one.  Newt is absolutely batshit okay xD he’s all chill on the surface but its like hes SO CHILL he isn’t chill. He throws Jacob in some filmsy leather padding and is like, COME FACE A HORNY 12,000LB CREATURE THAT COULD EXPLODE WITH ME, WHEEE.

anyway, he knows exactly what Credence is, has seen the level of destruction his obscurus can cause, knows that he is extremely unstable and hurting and instead of letting the gov’t handle it, is like 'HERE HOLD MY CASE, PROTECT IT, IM GONNA GO HELP HIM.’ But is he helping him for Credence? Or for his own fascination? Because he clearly cares about people a hell of a lot less than he cares about his creatures. And he was in complete worshipful awe of Credence when he was obscured? in obscurus form? whatever. 

and Credence, he knows he is destruction and “wrong” and that all these people think he should be destroyed. Except for Graves, because he wanted to use him for that power, and then except for Newt who shows this incredible kindness and passion for all these crazy ass dangerous creatures that the world has decided are better off dead. Newt, who SURROUNDS himself with them and is actively working to make the wizarding world stop seeing them as something that shouldn’t exist, something that needs to be hunted and destroyed. Who spends all this time advocating that nothing in his case is dangerous no matter how much they think they are. Newt is someone who could throw himself completely into caring about and for someone like Credence.  

AND THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN ‘you are utterly fascinating’ AMORAL NEWT AND ‘he’s the only one that truly accepts what I am and how dangerous’ CREDENCE IS SOME GOOD SHIT, SUE ME OKAY BYE.

(also credence and tina in a domestic, non romantic way. like gimme those two in a comfort fic and none of that intimate healing shit either, just tuck him in and make him cocoa and buy him clothes and be his mom and protect him and make him happy then Im happppy. omg someone write me a fic where he is so so loved and as he starts to believe it he begins to stand straighter and straighter, no more bowed head and hunched shoulders, omfg creeeeddeennnccceeeee. -sobs for days-)


Anyway, is it me or is the superwholock fandom the present day equivalent of the Twilight fandom?

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I just really hate the word "fandom". It's just a portmanteau of "fan" and "random". It sounds like some desperate attempt to be quirky and different. Plus, the word "fanbase" already exists.

idk, i thought it was fan + kingdom, or fanatic + domain??

but yeah, it is a bit weird how we have ‘fandom’ when 'fanbase’ already existed? but that’s language for you, always changing all the time

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You think SH would make Betsy Ross a lesbian who were married to men (she had 3 husbands I think) or a bisexual character?

I’ve thought about this – that instead of being a love interest for Ichabod, maybe she’ll be groomed as one for Grace or, potentially even Jenny (though I STRONGLY BELIEVE she needs to stay in the damn past where she belongs). But I think we get into a weird gray area with the “twistory” (have I mentioned I hate that stupid portmanteau) thing. Because: Betsy Ross was a real person.

I think it’s one thing to go George Washington was a zombie or Thomas Jefferson was a robot, because those things are absurd on their face. But Betsy Ross is a woman who actually risked a great deal for love. She eloped and was disowned by her conservative Quaker community to marry her first husband. She loved him. She gave up everything for him. She had the terrible luck to live during a war and a period where life expectancy in general were poor, so she did indeed eventually have three husbands. When Ross was first name-dropped on the show, I wrote about how crass her characterization as an Ichabod-chasing tart was. Once again, a woman was reduced to nothing more than a prop to Ichabod, even as it countermanded the historical reality of the woman. 

While I strongly, strongly want more queer representation on Sleepy Hollow, I don’t think Betsy Ross is the right person to give it. To strip her of that fundamental part of her own story isn’t right (though I am sure that even if she is straight it will be). But again, it just proves how lazy the show was in choosing Betsy Ross in the first place. Basically, it sounds like it was “eh, she’s the only chick people know from the Revolution.” 

They could have chosen an actual historical female spy like Lydia Darragh or Agent 355, who was so badass we still don’t know who she really was. They even could have made her a woman of color since we don’t know her real identity. They could have chosen someone like Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man so she could fight. How about a Catawba woman? Or how about just making Grace the series regular? 

The historical white men on this show get to be interesting. Historical women of color get to be ignored, historical men of color get to be sacrificed for the hero, white women get to be sexy. I don’t even think making her bi/lesbian can undo the lameness of her choice in the first place.