but i hate french

Me: *eyeballs deep in French notes and vocab*

My brain: you know what would be cool?

Me: hmm?

My brain: if we learned Korean

Me: If we learn- wait what? Why would we do that I’m learning French right now-

My brain: but look at all these pretty vocab lists and tutorial videos and music!

Me: Wait b-but…but the french-

My brain: Do it.

Me: But-

My brain: DO IT

  • <p> <b>reading french:</b> i think i understand this. god i hope these aren't a bunch of false friends. wait which tense is this<p/><b>writing french:</b> oh my god i can't spell<p/><b>listening to french:</b> okay so they could have just said one of several things and none of them make sense. lmao help<p/><b>speaking french:</b> NOPE.<p/></p>
You could sketch me,” said Emma. She flung herself down onto her seat, leaning her head on her hand. “Draw me like one of your French girls"
Julian grinned. “I hate that movie,” he said. “You know I do.”
Emma sat up indignantly. “The first time we watched Titanic, you cried.”
“I had seasonal allergies,” Jules said.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows

No one was there when she failed… she doesn’t want the same for him

Let's get something out of the way here

I don’t support infantilization of autistic people.

Do we have some childlike behaviors? Sure.
Do we have some childlike interests? Sure.
That does not mean we are children. For those of us who are 18+, we are adults.

Am I innocent? More so than the average person, probably. But I’ve kinda been sheltered my whole life and I just find the idea of sex to be strange.

Am I sweet? Yeah. I like to bake cookies for my friends. I like to give hugs. I like to compliment people. I like that I have doe-like eyes. I think it’s sweet. I have childlike wonder and I think that’s sweet.

But gues what? I’m also savage AF. I know quite a few swear words, including at least one in French. If you send me hate, I’m gonna fucking call you out on it. I can scream pretty fucking loud. I’m also pretty witty at times. I will flip the bird if need be. And I’m stubborn and persistent as fuck. I took 2 years of karate and my teeth are fucking sharp. I’ve had alcohol too. I just think it tastes terrible.

I’m not bound by my innocence or savagery. I’m bound by nothing. If you try to trap me or hold me back, I will die, metaphorically, or I will fight. Because I will not let myself be bound by society.

I am sweet.
I am savage.
I am powerful.
I am an infinite galaxy.

I’m not for you to infantilize and trap and train. Most of my greatest fears involve being trapped, which is why I have such great ambitions. My dream is to make it on Broadway or the West End. My other dreams are to travel and to get published. It will happen. You know why? Because I refuse to give up.

So don’t give up on your dreams.

Unless that dream is to be a serial killer.

Reblog if you refuse to be trapped.
Reblog if you believe in your dreams and other people’s dreams.
Reblog if you are sweet, savage, and powerful.

I should see EVERYONE reblogging this.


abhorrer - to abhor sth

avoir horreur de - to hate sth - e.g. j’ai horreur de ce genre de film

avoir une sainte horreur de - to hate s.body/sth with a passion

détester - to hate

être haineux - to be full of hate

haïr - to hate

honnir - to abhor/despise/revile

mépriser - to despise sth or s.o

rempli de haine - full of hate

un amour vache - a love hate relationship

une bête noire - a pet hate

LGBT movies I recommend!

Brokeback Mountain 

(I really hope you have already seen this tho, its a classic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger plays two shepherds falling in love in 1960 Wyoming)


(Dutch, two teenage boys fall in love and deals with it) 

Freier Fall 
(German, two police officers, one with a baby on the way, develops feelings for one another. One of my favourite movies of all time) 

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hey french speaking followers
Could you recommend me movies or series which have like slow french? Something easy to understand? Or other things I should do to slowly refresh and expand my french skills? 

I had french for a long time and I hated it mostly because I HAD to learn it. Now I would like to get back into it. For English series and movies worked just fine. Sooo do you have recommendations?