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Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 3]

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Chapter 3 of Yours, Unfaithfully

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Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut/Fluff

Jaebum grabbed the keys from your trembling hand, letting go of you as he let the both of you into your apartment.

You followed closely behind, hand firmly grasping his as he led you.

“Arms out,” he requested, helping you out of your gown.

He let the gorgeous material pool at your feet, lifting out of it and into his arms. He carried you, as he had done many a time to your bedroom, cradling you against his chest.

As you crossed the threshold of your door, he gently set you down, still keeping you in his grasp.

You returned his gesture, helping him out of his jacket and tie before unbuttoning his shirt and discarding of it on the floor. Next came his pants, then your bra, his briefs, your panties.

With each item of clothing shed, a kiss was given, a touch was exchanged, all without a word. You both understood what the other wanted in that moment and that was to feel loved, to be desired by each other.

There had been many times you and Jaebum admired each other’s naked forms in this bedroom. He had thrown you up against almost every surface in here, made you cry from absolute pleasure, heard you scream his name as he did the most sinful things that made you crave more. But tonight was different. Tonight was slower, softer. Tonight, he wanted to make love.

You found yourself face up on your mattress, legs wrapped around your lover’s waist as he soft lips trailed across your jawline and down your neck.

You whimpered each time they found purchase on your skin, loving the feel of being his.

He groaned as he pushed into you with ease. Your wet walls around him felt like heaven and he never wanted to retreat.

Soft pants and heavy breathing filled the room as he continually thrust into you, kissing you deeper each time his name escaped your lips.

Your hands clung to his perfectly defined back, egging him on as your nails dug into it, begging for your climax.

“I love you,” he groaned. The feeling of your wetness pulsating drove him right to the brink.

“I love you!” you moaned, letting the sweet euphoria he always delivered take hold of you.

Your vision went blurry as he continued his movements until the both of you had endured every possible second of sweet release.

He breathed deeply, trying to pull himself towards recovery as he slid out of you.

Resting on his back, he brought you to him, kissing you over and over until he was satisfied you knew just how special you were to him.

You clung desperately to him, never wanting to be without this. You needed him. You loved him. And he felt the same.

Minutes passed as the silence remained between you. Nothing else needed to be said and honestly, neither of you wanted to ruin the serenity you had built in your own little hideaway.

In here, the outside didn’t exist. It was just you and him.

You stirred awake, restless from the nightmares that plagued you throughout the night. In each of them, Jaebum slipped away from you just as you were about to reach him. The thought alone shook you to your core.

You turned, needing him to hold you and tell you that would never happen, somehow you two would find a way to be together. But when you did, you found the space beside you void of the man you loved. Where had he gone?

His clothes were nowhere to be found and his phone wasn’t on the nightstand where he usually left it.

You rolled out of bed, searching the rest of your apartment for him. Still nothing.

Your heart sank. It wasn’t like him to leave, especially not without kissing you goodbye first.

Your focus was quickly diverted as your phone dinged. Maybe it was him telling you he grabbed coffee or breakfast.

Sadly, you were mistaken and it was just your mother telling you she was having a dress delivered for your engagement lunch. You had 3 hours to get ready.

Engagement. The word still made you sick even today. The only person you wanted to ever be engaged to fell asleep as he held you close to him last night. He was your one and only.

You sighed, typing back a quick text of understanding as your fingers moved to find his contact.

“Where did you go, my love? I hate waking up without you,” you typed.

Your driver dropped you off promptly just minutes before the party and still you hadn’t heard from Jaebum. This really was out of the ordinary. The two of you talked constantly when you were apart.

You could only think the worst as your nightmares came swimming back. Is this what they meant?

You entered your parents home, wide-eyed as you looked at how quickly they threw together such an elaborate gathering.

The decorations were stunning as to be expected and the countless pictures of you and Jackson throughout the years displayed all around only made your heart swell with an indescribable emotion.

Your life was splayed out for all to see and there he was, each step of the way. The two of you seemed like a perfect match.

“Hello, gorgeous” you heard.

You swiftly turned towards the sound, smiling for his sake as you saw your betrothed, adorned in a handsome suit that complimented your dress.

“Hi Jacks. You look nice”.

He moved towards you, linking your arms as he led you towards the party.

“I see our mothers coordinated our outfits,” he chuckled.

“Did you expect anything less from them?”

He smiled and pinched your cheek. Your sassy quips always made him light up.

“She’s here! Welcome future Mrs. Wang!” your mother squealed.

Although the gathering was intimate, the 20 pairs of eyes on you felt like a million. Future Mrs. Wang, you shuddered at the phrase.

You wanted to look away, feeling completely exposed, afraid your iron-clad resolve not to cry would evaporate if they looked at you much longer but something grabbed your attention immediately.

There he was, staring right back at you, looking just as solemn as you felt.

“I’d like to have everyone’s attention… That is if you can manage to tear your eyes away from my truly radiant bride to be,” Jackson said, garnishing ‘aww’s’ and chuckles from the room.

Everyone except Jaebum.

“I’d like to thank you all for putting this together so quickly. I hope I can speak for Y/N and I both when I say how thankful we are for your love and support. All my life, this woman has been there, growing and learning with me. My only hope is that we continue to do that for the rest of our time here on this earth. I feel very fortunate to get to stand beside someone so special”.

Your eyes watered as Jackson squeezed your hand. The fact that he was perfect in just about every way imaginable only made this living hell all the worse. He only lacked one crucial component. And that was, he wasn’t Jaebum.

“I know last night was kind of a blur for me with all the excitement and when I got home, I thought, I know there’s something missing from this scenario. Something just didn’t seem right”.

He paused, pulling something from his pocket.

“Y/N, this has been passed along through the women in my family for generations. As my wife, it would give me no greater pleasure than to see it on your finger”.

You immediately started crying the moment he slipped that engagement ring on your finger. You knew it well. Mrs. Wang had worn it for as long as you could remember and now it was yours.

“I promise to keep you safe and do my best to always make you feel loved,” he smiled.

He pulled you in for a tight hug as your tears flowed, heart beat sporadically as you tried to stop it all from hurting so bad. He kissed your cheek, wiping away the tears as he turned to show you off to the room.

An applause broke out, your mothers hugging you both as they too cried. They must have thought you were just as happy as them. For them, and for Jackson, you were going to keep it together today, even if it killed you.

You shifted your swelling face to search for him once more, needing to find some sort of solace in this emptiness you felt, but just like this morning, he had disappeared.


Fair Play - part 2

Chapter 2 (and final one)!! Sorry again it took me so long to post it, but here it is :) Hope you guys enjoy it

You can read chapter one here 

‘Are you still mad at us?‘ 

Hermione eyed him, apprehensive. She was sitting opposite him with Ron by her side, who pretended his sausages were much more interesting than the topic Hermione was trying to bring up. Honestly, Harry wished she could do the same and leave it.

'No, it’s fine' 

“S not’ Ron mumbled, eyes still fixed on his own plate. Would he ever stop blushing like that or even be able to look Harry in the eye again? Now, everytime Harry tried to talk to him, Ron would either run away or hold his breath, looking about to combust from embarassment. 

Gossip flew faster than owls, it seemed. It didn’t took a day for the whole castle to know Harry Potter had snogged Draco Malfoy, even less so for Ron and Hermione to hear the news. He blamed it on the enchanted music, on his best friends for leaving him alone, on the alcohol, everything he could think of, basically. A poor excuse that might have convinced most of his classmates; not Hermione, though, who had watched him closely through his whole 'obsessed-with-Malfoy’ phase. She knew, better than anyone,  Harry was a pinning, very much in denial, bloke. But he couldn’t stay in denial if she kept talking about Malfoy all the time, could he?

He blinked, doing his best to push away that tingling feeling burning beneath his skin. 


'I bet it was Parkinson. Or Zabini’ Hermione sighed exasperately beside him 'Or both!' 

From where Harry was he could see the Slytherin table perfectly, the blond head he’d been desperately trying to spot in the sea of heads nowhere to be seem.  

'I checked, there were no drugs-’

'He’d could have been cursed!' 

Was he even still in the castle? Harry remebered the question popping in his head that night, his dormitory umbearably silent.

And empty

Merlin, he couldn’t help wishing he’d brought Malfoy there with him that night. He could have pinned him against the closed door, teared open the already wrinkled fabric of his shirt…

’ -because Harry is crushing on him!'  

Harry’s attention snapped back to where he was. Some students were staring at them - more than usual - specially at Hermione, whose expression matched Ron’s except for the color. She’d gone so white Harry feared the girl would faint right then and there while Ron’s face was almost the color of his hair. 

Her eyes found Harry’s seconds later, a quiet apologie evident there.
'I’m not crushing on him’ he gritted through his teets before grabbing his things and heading for the Great Hall’s door alone. He wanted to hate Malfoy, hate it all. 


His toes curled again, warm from the heating air in front of them. The fire crackled lightning just the corner of the empty eighth year common room where he was hiding, a hand covering his lips so no one would know.
No one could ever know.

Draco’s moan came out muffled, his hips bucking up sinfully, fucking himself in his hand while forbidden images flew behind his eyelids. 

The taste, Potter’s tongue trailing the line of his jaw. Draco knew his cock was dripping even with eyes closed. 

Those thighs, so strong after years playing Quidditch - Draco wanted to sit on top of them, needed them around his neck while he stuffed his mouth with Potter’s cock. 

Draco let his head drop to the side to rest on the couch behind him. He rolled his bare ass against the rough carpet, aching for more heat. He twisted his fist slightly, just the way he liked while picturing Potter’s hand on top of his, whispering in his ear. 

Yes, Draco, just like that

Harry…’ the pleading escaped his lips, the name that rolled on his tongue new to his own ears.


Harry stopped, frozen, on the last step of the staircase. 

His name, he’d heard his name. And that voice, he could recognise it anywhere. 

'Like, this, Harry… ah…

The room was dark except for a distant corner. Harry tiptoed there, his heartbeat ringing in his ears. 

Harry rounded the corner to find Draco Malfoy sprawled on the carpet, hair sticking to his forehead while his hands, both of them, fisted his cock fast and hard. He still had his shirt on, the green silk fabric darker in the orange light.
Harry gasped and Draco shot his eyes open.

It all moved in slow motion, Draco’s cheeks becoming a darker shade of pink while Harry felt his cock filling inside his pants.  

He didn’t move quickly enough to stop Draco from getting up and running away again. He just stood there, too shocked to breath, too aware to be in denial anymore. 



The Slytherin snapped out of his daze, the blood rushing to his face because he’d been daydreaming about… Fuck, Draco ran his hand through his hair out of pure habit. Pansy knew that was a typical sign of anxiety coming from him, something he’d been doing for the past few days.
'What is it?’ She asked for the third time that day, tired of trying to guess the source of Draco’s distress. 

'Nothing’ he mumbled. He couldn tell her, he couldn’t tell anyone. Everyone already knew they had snogged senseless but the enchanted music had been a valid excuse for that, erasing any suspicion that they had done that intentionally. There were no excuses for him jerking off to Potter late at night and both of them knew that.

The hardest part was that Potter didn’t seem disgusted, willing to forget. It’d been three days since the party and not for a single one he hadn’t tried to reach out for Draco.

Of course Pansy was always by his side and he couldn’t do anything about that. Actually, he wouldn’t do anything about that partly because he didn’t think he was ready to whatever Potter wanted to talk about. 

'My patience’s running thin, Draco. If you won’t tell me what it is that’s making you sigh every five minutes than I’ll just let you mourn all alone, okay?’ Pansy got up dramatically, grabbing her bag from where it stood by the side of the sofa. 

'No!’ Draco reached for her hand, pulling her back down. 'Please, Pansy. Just… stay here, okay? Please?’ Draco knew Pansy loved when he was polite so he could do a little effort if it meant having more time to think. She smiled at him, apparently satisfied with his words, and dropped her bag again.

'Is it the gossip? People will forget about it sooner or later-’

'Er… Hello' 

Oh no. Not now not now not now-

'Can I have a word with Malfoy?’ Draco felt Pansy tensing by his side, her head turning slowly towards the person that stood not far from their couch but at a safe distant. 


Draco didn’t dare lift his eyes from where they were glued to the carpet. He could almost hear the pieces coming together inside his friend’s head, the fact that Potter didn’t despise him, realization hitting her seconds later and that wicked smile. Bloody hell, it would be easier to throw himself out of the window. 

'Sure’ the words contradicting her desire to stay and watch. 

Pansy got up, bending quickly to grab her bag before kissing Draco on the cheek, an innocent thing that hold a lot of meaning behind it. Pansy was delighted, Draco knew, most definitely because now he wouldn’t be able to dodge her atempts to match him with Potter. She’d been trying that for, what, three years? Ever since she caught Draco staring at Potter’s ass in that gorgeous outfit he wore during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament the bitch wouldn’t leave him alone. And now, when he needed her the most, she was leaving him.

Potter sent a weird look, almost like he expected her to come back and laugh at his face, before turning to Draco again, catching his eyes this time.

'Do you mind if I sit?' 

Yes, Draco tried to shout back. Leave, he wished he could just sneer at him like he was so used to.

'No’ he answered finally, keeping enough of his dignity holding Potter’s gaze instead of letting his eyes drop to the floor like he was dying to do.

Potter sat, the safe distance he kept driving Draco insane. 'I’m sorry’.

'Why?’ Draco said harshly, the word escaping his lips before he could think about all the things it implied. 

Potter’s eyes went wide.

'You’re not?’ Potter turned his body in Draco’s direction, placing his hand on the sofa so close to his he could feel the warmth radiating from it. They were close, but not enough to touch.

'I- ’

Draco forced his lips shut, glancing around as subtly as he could. There were some Hufflepuffs sitting by the fire at the far end of the room; two Ravenclaw girls chatting upon arithmancy books by the stairs; Lovegood braiding the Weasley girl’s hair, who slept peacefully with her head on the other’s lap on a large couch not far from them. He looked back at Harry, still too close to be safe but too far to be enough. 

'If you want to talk, I’ll meet you here later’

Draco was already turning away when a firm grip brought his eyes back. 

'Draco, do you regret it?' 

Draco lowered his voice, worried someone would notice their proximity.
'Later’ he gritted through his teeth.

Harry, unfazed, placed his hand softly on Draco’s cheek, his expression insistent. 

'I need to know now’

Draco breathed in deep, weighing how much fucked he’d be if he were honest for once. 

'Do you think I would still be here if I were sorry?’

Harry kissed him suddenly, sucking his lips lightly before backing away much too soon. 

He breathed on Draco’s lips.

'Later, then’


Anyone standing by the high stairs of the eighth year common room could say it was empty at such late hour. A small fire crackling enough to warm one of the corners but not enough to make Draco visible from where he stood curled on one old but confortable couch.

The hours passed by, his pocket watch making fun of his face everytime he opened it to check the time. He wasn’t ready, he didn’t think he’d ever be ready to have such a conversation, specially with Potter of all people. 

It was almost two in the morning when Draco heard the soft steps coming from behind him. He got up with a calmness he didn’t felt.


'Why were you avoiding me before?' 

Too soon, too soon Potter was right there in front of him and Draco couldn’t force himself to back away. No, he wanted the warmth that emmaneted from that strong body so he stayed firmly where he was. 

God, he craved those lips, his fingers tingling with the need to reach out and touch. Still, he kept his face blank, something he’d improved with time and practice, years and years of lutful feelings disguised as hate being throw at Potter.

'Draco, why are you doing this?’

He looked up, into those emerald eyes. Harry’s pupils were dilated but resentment was there too, furrowed dark brows intensifying his bright irisis. 

'I… what do you even mean?' 

Draco felt suffocated. It was hard to breath, hard to stay still when an evident electrifying field kept building up between them by the second. Harry fidgeted, closing the insignificant distance. Draco looked down, the silence around them enough for him to listen clearly to his speeding heartbeat.  

'I can’t do this anymore' 

Potter was the one to reach out, the expectation inside Draco too much for him not to moan the moment their skins touched. Harry forced his jaw open with one hand, the other coming to rest on his lower back, firmly pulling Draco’s body flushed against his.

'I couldn’t stop thinking’ Harry mouthed, brushing his lips against Draco’s, the hand still holding his jaw so Draco couldn’t even tilt his head an inch. Draco licked Harry’s bottom lip tentatively, trembling with the need to move.
Digging his fingers on Harry’s hips, Draco slid his palms down so he could grab his ass earning a low groan from the other.

Their mouths were hanging open, both of them breathing in each other’s air as their lips locked. The kiss was a hungry thing, desperation to taste each other bruising the soft skin. Harry’s hands were everywhere, squeezing his ass, messing up his hair, palming him through-

'Ah Potter… ’ Draco jerked his hips forward, rubbing shamelessly against Harry’s thigh. He was rocking hard - not that he was the only one -, knees too weak to support him any longer. He took a step forward, forcing Harry against the couch behind him.

'All week’ Harry’s hands still grabbing Draco’s ass pressed him down against him.

'What?’ Draco breathed on his neck where he’d started to leave mark after mark.  

'I’ve wanted you all week, you bastard' 

Draco shivered, letting Harry roll them around, ending up on top of him.
'Everytime I saw you in class’ Harry lowered his head enough to whisper on his lips again. 'I wanted to drop to my knees’

And fuck, he was crawling back until his mouth was right above Draco’s obvious bulge. 

'Lick you until you were dripping’ he nuzzled Draco’s crotch with his nose, inhaling deeply. 'How fucked up is that’ he talked more to himself than to Draco, a hint of shame clearly there.

Before Draco could do anything Harry’s mouth covered the bulge, mouthing the side of his cock and pressing his tongue flushed against the fabric, so hot Draco felt it immediately. 

His fingers threaded in those dark locks, painfully pulling Harry’s head up. 

'Do you even know what I have been through?' 

He sat down, ignoring Harry’s shocked expression  when he was forced away from him. 

Draco pushed Potter on his back, his head coming to rest on the arm of the couch. It took him seconds to get rid of his pants, lower half completed exposed.

Months, Potter’ he climbed on top of Harry who seemed too dumbstruck to even speak. 'And you waited for, what, a week?’ He kissed him hard,  backing away too soon.

Draco balanced his weight on his knees, positioning his swollen cock in front of Harry’s mouth. 

Almost tenderly, Draco caressed Harry’s scalp, bringing his lips closer to his cock. It all felt like one of his fantasies, the hungry look in Harry’s eyes giving him the confidence he didn’t know he had.

'Lick it from the base’ he ordered, watching disbelievingly as Harry did as he was told without  breaking eye contact.

Draco trembled, doing his best to not buck forward.  Harry reached the head, sucking it and, fuck, closing his eyes when lowering his head, taking in half of Draco’s cock in his mouth. 

It was so hot, the way Harry sucked him like he was made for that, practically begging Draco to thrust into his mouth. The heat built up faster than he wanted it to, consuming all the remaining strength he had left. Harry hummed agaisnt his cock, his hands grabbing Draco’s arse cheeks and supporting him there while forcing his hips forward, a silence plead for more.

Draco thrust, letting his eyes fall shut and mouth hang open when he came moments later. 

He let himself be pulled down to lay on top of Harry. It wasn’t fair, the way Harry treated him like he could break any minute. The kisses being placed on his temple, the hands stroking his back. He wanted to hate it all.
'Potter, we should- ’ Draco tried to get up but Harry only strengthened the grip around his waist.  

'It’s Harry' 

Draco wanted to hate it all.

Harry tilted his head so their eyes could meet, the sweetness that could be found there far from anything fair. But Draco couldn’t hate it even if he truly wanted to.

lazyinternetsandwich  asked:

So, an angsty soulmate au with Oikawa with a quiet, fem!reader who's in same class as him. She had known that he was her soulmate, but didn't approach him because she thought he wouldn't like her cos he's so popular/ dates a lot of pretty girls.

Angst for The Grand Trash King coming right up, my dear.

You had never been a popular person and you preferred it that way. You would rather be left alone to you own devices than be constantly surrounded by people, like a certain flamboyant person you knew. “He really pisses me off.” Iwaizumi grumbled to you, annoyed at the sound of the squealing girls interrupting his lunch yet again.

You couldn’t help but nod in agreement to your friend’s statement, but you completely understood why all his fans acted that way. They all wanted him to be their soulmate so they had to constantly crowd the brunet to see if his eyes would change color. Some even went so far as to get a colored contact to match with one of his eye colors, but that strategy didn’t really work since their eye color wouldn’t change no matter what they did. And it would never change because you were his soulmate.

You had recently been flipping through a sports magazine your half-brother had left at home which featured Oikawa and it had an article with the setter’s eye colors. You were shocked when you saw the colors and immediately ran to the bathroom to check. You nearly dropped the magazine when you held it up to the mirror. It was an exact match. “No no no no no-this has got to be wrong, I can’t be his soulmate.” But the more you looked at the colors, the more apparent it became that they matched your own. There was no denying it. You were, in fact, the Oikawa Tooru’s soulmate. Most people, if they found out that their soulmate was someone so famous and good looking, would jump at the chance to tell them and immediately start a relationship. But you were the complete opposite.

You spent hours mulling over the situation, trying to figure out how to avoid the brunet setter, but the two of you shared many of the same classes. Luckily, you had somehow been able to avoid his attention for the majority of the years, but now that you knew, you could only hope that you could keep avoiding him. But even if Oikawa didn’t notice you, Iwaizumi would and you knew that he would be able to tell that something was off.

There was only one solution you could think of that would help in this situation. Colored contacts. The thing that everyone did to try and get his attention, you would do in order to stay away from him. It wasn’t that you hated Oikawa or held a grudge against him; you actually thought he was quite handsome; it was because you were scared. You were scared of what his fans would do to you if you ever did try to approach him, but what scared you the most was that he wouldn’t like you back. You had seen him with so many beautiful girls and you vastly paled in comparison to them. You were just shy girl with average looks, there was no way he would even give you the time of day to even get him to look at you, let alone confess.

Luckily, you remembered that your friend had wanted you to dress up to model for her and she had given you colored contacts for the shoot. Rifling through your drawers, you found the small blue and white case and opened it up to see the small pieces of colored material still there and in perfect condition. You carefully placed one of the contacts on the tip of your finger and gently placed the colored lens into your right eye, covering up the chocolate brown color and replacing it with a deep olive green. “There, he won’t be able to tell now.”

You still had this gnawing guilt in the pit of your stomach when you showed up to school the next day and you did your best to act normal, avoiding Oikawa like you usually did. But when you got to your class, you saw a handwritten note sitting there in the middle of your desk. Opening up the piece of parchment, you found beautifully written words asking you to come to the back of the gym at the end of school. Your heart was practically beating out of your chest and you hid the note away in you notebook. You were so distracted, you didn’t even notice a certain setter watching your every move.

Oikawa had always been subtly trying to catch your attention for the past year, but you had always slipped away at the last moment when his fans crowded him. One of his fans had showed him a picture of you and he immediately noticed the similarities in eye color. If his intuition was right, and you were actually his soulmate, he would be the happiest person on the planet. But when you finally met him at the back of the gym, his hopes and heart were completely shattered.

He thought it was you. He had always thought it was you. But you weren’t. Although you were incredibly shy and never really interacted with anyone except Iwaizumi, he was so incredibly infatuated with you. Whenever you were around, he constantly felt a mysterious pull to you, but when he looked into your eyes nothing happened. No change, not even a flicker of color. Even the hue of your other eye was a completely distinct coloration compared to his own. There was no denying it then.

You, on the other hand, saw something completely different. You saw his other eye change from a shade of (e/c) into that beautiful chocolate brown that you had grown so familiar to seeing in the mirror every day. You were his soulmate and he was yours. But Oikawa didn’t need to know that. He didn’t need you as a burden for the rest of his life. You knew it was unfair of you to not tell him, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him either. “Sorry Oikawa. I’m not your soulmate.“ 

"Yeah, I’m sorry for taking up your time.” An awkward silence fell between the two of you before you spoke up to break the tension. “You should get going before Iwaizumi-san hits you again.” The setter wanted to say something, anything to try and explain his feelings to you, but nothing came out when he opened his mouth to speak.

You smiled sadly at the brunet before turning around and walking away from the down-hearted setter. The longer he watched your retreating back, the more his heart ached. Why was that? You weren’t his soulmate. He saw it for himself; your eyes didn’t match his when he looked at you. So why did watching you leave hurt so damn much?

“_________.” The familiar baritone voice made you stop in your tracks and you looked up to see your half-brother waiting for you at the gate. Immediately, a smile broke across your face and you hurried your way over to him. You almost never saw the older male due to his dedication to volleyball, so seeing him here was a real treat. “Wakatoshi! What are you doing here?”

“It has been a while since I came home, so I decided to come see you.” As you walked away, hand in hand with his arch nemesis, the uncomfortable tightening sensation spread from his heart to his entire body. That was supposed to be him. He wanted to be the one holding your hand and walking you home from school, not him. He wanted to be the one to make you smile like you were now, not him. Even now, Ushijima had taken everything he had wanted away from him and there was nothing he could do about it except to try to ignore the gaping void in his heart.

If only he knew.

Family Ties

Rating: M +18

Warning: sex

Word Count: 1593

Yixing glared at you from across the dining room table.  Your housekeeper Mrs. Xin, a older woman placed a pot of tea in the middle of you two as she shook her head.  

“You’ve two been married for two months and you’re still doing this morning dance?”  She rolled her eyes as you ate some rice.  Yixing shook the newspaper in his hands as he let out a sigh.

“I don’t see that ending anytime soon.”  He mumbled as you placed your chopsticks down and stood up.  

“I’ll be in my study, please don’t bother me.”  Mrs. Xin chased you out the door speaking about finishing your breakfast but you just slammed your study room shut, locking it from the inside.  

Back in the dining room, Yixing gave another sigh as he heard your sewing machine startup.  Mrs. Xin looked at him as he put down his newspaper picking up his own chopsticks and began to eat.  

“Did you two get in a another fight last night?”  She asked, concern on her face.  Yixing shook his head as he smiled at the housekeeper.  

“Last night we had dinner with our parents, and when two mothers gang up on you to have a child, it gets to you.”  He grabbed an egg as he smiled at her.  Mrs. Xin grabbed the bowl of rice away from him.  He popped the egg in his mouth as he looked up at her with wide eyes.  

“Just because you don’t carry the child, doesn’t mean you don’t have any responsibility in the matter.”  She walked off taking his food with him.  He swallowed the egg as he walked over to the doorway, listening to the noise coming from your sewing room.  His phone began to ring as he peered at the caller ID.  Mom flashed on the screen as he took in a deep sigh.  

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The Contest-Part 20

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After much debate, Jared and Jensen had convinced me that it would be much more fun if we surprised Nikki and Misha with the wedding reception/baby shower.  “So what cover story do we use to get them there?” Jensen had asked.

“I got it!” Jared had said.  “It’s almost Y/N’s birthday, so we can say I am throwing her a party for her birthday and because she’s staying on the show.” 

“This is good.  We can work with this.  You can ask Misha and Nikki to be the ones who get me there.,  I’ll make it REALLY hard on them. Nikki will bitch, but Jensen you can say you’re helping Jared set up.”  My mind was already whirling with possibilities.

The entire cast and crew had been sworn to secrecy.  I honestly had my doubts as to whether we were gonna be able to pull this off. Mark Sheppard couldn’t keep a secret to save his life.  Ruthie Connell was so excited she could barely contain herself.  Amateurs!

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Happy Anniversary (T’Challa X Wife!Reader)

Characters: T’Challa X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Being T'Challa’s princess? Hey - about T'Challa. I meant his queen sorry and it’s up to you about how it should be. Whatever inspires you :-) sorry it was a but vague

Originally posted by allthingsblackwidowed

You woke up to the smell of fresh flowers. You opened your eyes and looked outside the large window to see the beautiful forest of Wakanda. You heard a groan and looked down and saw your husband, T’Challa. You smiled, remembering what day it was. It was your Anniversary!

You and T’Challa had now officially being married for 8 years. 8 years of happy marriage. You had known each other since you were little, and you had started dating when you were teenagers, being childhood sweethearts. In the beginning his father didn’t approve, but after seeing you in a relationship for the whole of your school life and seeing how happy you made his son, he gave his blessing and when you were 21, T’Challa asked for you hand in marriage. A year later, you were married.

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100 Headcanons

((I’m finally done!! I’m kind of disappointed this took so long. Sorry about that. This is split into two sections of fifty headcanons: one for the Axis, and one for the Allies. Enjoy!!))

Axis: Italy (Luciano), Germany (Lutz), Japan (Kuro), Prussia (Gillen), and Romano (Flavio)
1. Luciano is in charge
2. Flavio never wanted to be part of the family business, so he let Luciano become the Don after their grandfather died, but since you can’t really get away from the mob, he became the Underboss
3. Lutz and Kuro are technically only associates of the Vargas mafia
4. Gillen used to be a badass punk and got into fights all the time
5. After seeing his little brother grow up to be just like him, he fell into the depression that is now his life (he could still kick major ass if he tried)
6. Kuro is crazy efficient
7. Lutz is less efficient
8. Luciano wears shoes with as much heal as possible without looking “too feminine”
9. He still gets mistaken for a lady
10. And sometimes a child
11. He always gets carded when he goes to bars
12. Flavio also gets mistaken for a lady, but he doesn’t get upset about it (his response is usually along the lines of “am I really that pretty today?”)
13. The Vargas boys can dance really well oh my god
14. Lutz is afraid of dogs
15. Especially big ones
16. The scars on his arm are from a big dog
17. Lutz and Gillen dress for comfort, Luciano and Flavio for style, and Kuro for functionality
18. Where does this whole “blood pasta” thing come from? Luciano’s not a vampire, my dude
19. All five of them are covered in scars, but Lutz is the only one with one on his face
20. Most of Luciano’s are on his hands and his back
21. Luciano and Flavio have way more in common than either of them would like to admit
22. Flavio bleaches his hair (it’s naturally black)
23. Lutz and Gillen are Jewish
24. Luciano and Flavio are atheists
25. Kuro is agnostic
26. Kuro and both Vargas boys have a gambling problem
27. Flavio takes care of all of their hair except Gillen’s
28. Gillen doesn’t get hair cuts
29. Lutz wants eight cats
30. Luciano has a black cat named Leonardo (after Leonardo da Vinci)
31. Lutz has broken his nose too many times to count
32. Kuro and Luciano are each responsible for a third of all the times Lutz’s nose has been broken
33. Luciano is also responsible for Lutz’s cheek scar
34. At any given moment, Gillen would rather be making a flower crown
35. Luciano is the Wine Mom™
36. He has a glass of red wine every night with dinner
37. He rarely has more than one drink a day, though
38. Flavio handles most of the family’s drug business
39. Kuro is just hired muscle and could leave at any time if someone offered him more money than the Vargas family (or for any reason at all, really)
40. Lutz, on the other hand, is the most loyal sap ever
41. He’ll be with the Vargas mafia until he dies or retires
42. Neither of the Beilschmidts can swim
43. Flavio doesn’t like swimming, but can
44. The only person stealthier than Luciano is Kuro
45. Luciano’s life relies on schedules
46. If he tried, Gillen could easily win in a fight against the rest of the team (four against one, buddy. Gillen Beilschmidt is no joke)
47. All of them like Queen except for Kuro
48. Lutz is the most likely to get more than three hours of sleep a night
49. Luciano is The Best™ at knife tricks
50. Kuro is covered in tattoos

Allies: France (François), America (Allen), England (Oliver), China (Zao), Russia (Viktor), and Canada (Matthieu)
1. Matt is transgender
2. François has a limp
3. Al has two bats and they both have names (Betty is real nice, but you don’t want to meet Marie)
4. Oliver and Allen have father-son musical nights every week
5. Ollie has a huge collection of pretty knives; his favourites are rainbow
6. He’s never used any of his knives for anything
7. If he had the option, Viktor would never leave his house
8. Al’s got a Brooklyn accent
9. Zao only does drugs he can smoke
10. And he’s surprisingly aware of what they are, where they came from, and any risks associated with any of them
11. Eleven is Viktor’s favourite number
12. He won’t listen to music that’s less than a hundred years old
13. François can’t be trusted to look out for himself
14. François and Ollie garden together
15. At any given moment, Al would rather be playing with a dog
16. Zao has horrible allergies
17. He can’t ride a bike either
18. Al has everyone (Axis and Allies) over once a month for Dungeons and Dragons
19. Everyone leaves DnD night exhausted and beat up
20. Seriously, I don’t know why they keep doing this. Everyone gets hurt every time. They all hate each other
21. Viktor writes short stories and novels all the time
22. He’s never showed any of them to anyone, even though he has several finished manuscripts
23. Al’s nose is all crooked and fucked up because he’s broken it so many times
24. He’s always a baby about fixing it though
25. Matt and Ollie have to work together to straighten it as much as possible before the bones start to set
26. Oliver has never killed anyone
27. Matt and Al are both vegan
28. Al doesn’t particularly mind when people eat meat/wear leather; hell, he’ll even wear leather as long as it’s second hand
29. Matt, on the other hand, does mind
30. None of the Allies are religious
31. If François were to realise he had a problem, he’d try to fix it
32. Matt can get a blazing fire going in three minutes flat without anything more than a few matches and some wood (and kindling because he ain’t no wizard)
33. Al and Zao LARP
34. Al fights homophobes on the street
35. Ollie is almost as good at knife tricks as Luciano
36. He sews, knits, and crochets, so Al often comes to home for help with his LARP costumes
37. Al used to play mailbox baseball all the time with his friends
38. He can’t decide if he prefers Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez
39. Al believes in Bigfoot and several other cryptids
40. Matt thinks he’s crazy
41. But who’s gonna listen to a guy who practically lives in Cabela’s
42. He did spend a year living on a boat
43. Ollie takes aesthetic pictures of his friends
44. Zao would be an excellent cook if he tried
45. Viktor is probably the best cook of the Allies
46. Ollie has the cutest earrings (usually strawberries or cupcakes)
47. François, Matt, and Viktor all hate technology
48. Matt lives in in a cabin in the middle of the woods and has a yurt on his property
49. You can never find Matt without a steri-pen; he likes river water
50. Ollie is a little bit of a badass when it comes to dealing with injuries

* ( ; verse names — masterlist of ideas !

out of personal necessity, i’ve decided to collect a ton of possible verse names for future ships of mine. most of these are from random songs by various artists, but some might be popular phrases/quotes or products of my imagination, and they are in alpahbetic order. feel free to take whichever your want, but please like/reblog if you found this helpful. there are currently 123 names on this list (UPDATES ON JANUARY 4TH, +123

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Jesus Christ, That’s a Pretty Face

Summary: Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.
Word Count: 5538
Warnings: none except for cussing
A/N: Hello lovelies! I woke up to the wonderful news that gay marriage has been legalized in all fifty states! I’m seriously gonna cry i swear. Anyways, here’s a little thing I wrote that I’m quite proud of so I hope you guys like it as well! Special thanks to my beta, whalefairyfandom12 who helped me develop the plot and kept telling me that I was doing great. Ilysm (’:
Jesus Christ - Brand New


“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT TO SEE ME TONIGHT, LONDON!” Phil screamed into the microphone, his ears nearly bursting with the chanting of the crowd before him: thousands of listeners (he refused to call them his fans) cheering for him and the rest of his indie rock band, Runaway Sky. The fact that this many people came to see them always made a warm feeling erupt in his chest.

See, Phil wasn’t the typical famous person that most people looked up to. He saw himself as an average guy who just happened to have a nice voice. He didn’t have beautiful hair like David Beckham or rock hard abs like Chris Evans. He was just Phil, a twenty-two year old with a black fringe who had a liking for skinny jeans and always wore a mask on stage.

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Beast Boy is going to be fine. Really, he’s doing great. All he has to do is not openly stare at Raven. That’s easy. He doesn’t stare at Raven all the time. Perfect. As long as he’s not staring at Raven, he doesn’t have to think about how she’s wrapped up in dark blue, and how the fabric has been tailored specifically for her, so that the clothing falls perfectly over her breasts and stomach and hips, to the long slit up her leg so every step she takes gives him a view up to her thigh. He doesn’t have to think about the heels that make the long, strong lines of her legs stand out. He doesn’t have to think of the bra she must be wearing to force her breasts up and together, so that a surprising amount of cleavage peeks out of her dress. He doesn’t have to think about how Starfire has given Raven perfect no-makeup makeup, so Raven looks as if she’s just fallen out of bed as a perfect ten.

“Dude, have you forgotten how to act like you’re in love with a girl?” Cyborg says dryly, looking at him. “Seriously, do I need to show you how it’s done?”

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Part two of a three part series of lines and dialogue taken from The IDYLLS OF THE QUEEN by Phyllis Ann Karr, an Arthurian murder mystery featuring Sir Kay and Sir Mordred as Begrudging Buddy Cops ™. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else to better suit your needs.

  • I hope you have enough magic to get this mob to _____ on the appointed day.
  • _____ is one of the chiefest of your suspect traitors, is she not?
  • It is hardly worth reading the future at all.
  • You see, sister, I have answered your invitation at last.
  • How like your mother you look, boy!
  • May I take it that we’re here under a sign of truce?
  • If you look for treachery and insist on having it, then I will oblige you.
  • My house and food are substantial, and most of my people are human.
  • Have you arranged your questions?
  • I had somehow fancied that you would have abandoned Ihesu for older gods. 
  • I did not wish marriage.
  • I wished to be Ihesu’s bride.
  • There are two ways of joining oneself with the immortal Power: the path of virginity and that of fertility.
  • I lost the path of virginity, and that not even in the arms of a man I loved, or could have loved, but in the arms of one I disliked at first meeting and soon came to hate.
  • All right, you didn’t need such an elaborate defense for the charge of adultery.
  • Not every unfaithful wife tries to cut off her husband’s head in his sleep.
  • Who was it told that tale?
  • For a dame who despises the magical arts as much as you claim to, you use them often enough yourself.
  • The world had thrown the stone at me, and I threw it back at the world.
  • You’ve hated _____ for years. You’ve tried to destroy her time after time!
  • You’re jealous of her because of _____.
  • If _____ were out of the way, you think you might yet lure the Mirror of Perfect Knighthood into your bed.
  • Come with me. I have made up my mind to show you something I have shown to very few.
  • Who can be sure whether he meant these pictures as boasting or confession?
  • You knew. Do not pretend it takes you be surprise.
  • Of course he knows. We all know except _____, who blinds himself willfully.
  • It is not willful choice, but pure foolish, doting, conceited faith that keeps his eyes and ears closed to the rest of us find so obvious. 
  • How could his best knight and his loving wife betray him, the greatest of all mortal kings?
  • His mind will no more accept such a thought than oil will accept water.
  • I needed a tender bedfellow to teach me what love should be.
  • He did have true power and true secrets, and he was a better teacher than practitioner.
  • Will you teach me some of this knowledge?
  • And for these reasons I should instruct you in the knowledge and uses of the Power?
  • Do you refuse because of my birth?
  • I refuse because of your intent.
  • You would use your skill to greater destructiveness than did the Devil’s son.
  • Is that a prophecy or a command?
  • Prove your good intent, then.
  • I’ll find my own opportunity, I’ll succeed where you have failed.
  • After years of your deeds, you expect me to believe your words instead?
  • And you pretend to love _____.
  • And you pretend not to love _____.
  • The flowers already show the full promise of summer…
  • I have never loved _____.
  • I have never even, as a mortal woman, particularly desired his body.
  • Should not the earth be plowed by the best and strongest of farmers? And should I not seek the strongest and best of plowmen for myself?
  • For all the enchantments I used to bring him near me, I never clouded his understanding at the moment of choice.
  • And now, what new trouble is it you have come to accuse me of causing?
  • I can see the past and present, but in only one place at a time, and the images move no faster than reality. It would be impossible for me to watch everything.
  • _____ read my entire life yesterday with a touch.
  • I am hardly flattered that any of you should have taken this for my handiwork. Does it bear the marks of my infamy?
  • Maybe you should be ashamed of opening yourself up to our suspicion.
  • Be careful how you continue to insult _____, lest she lose her extreme patience and turn you into a toad.
  • Forgive me, I had not meant to strike you quite so hard, but I worked very quickly.
  • What did you do to him, Dame?
  • I judged the time had come that you should stop bickering between yourselves. 
  • Did you not tell me yourself, two evenings ago, to be tender with him?
  • Am I absolved?
  • That young Satan!
  • In my opinion, you may touch him with your melancholia spell whenever you please.
  • I schooled myself long ago in how to fight the demons of melancholia and survive.
  • I weary of your suspicions.
  • Ah, so at last you trust me and my magic!
  • If your memory searching doesn’t put you under a seal of silence, you could at least blush when you scatter your victims’ secret thoughts.
  • Hated, feared, and mistrusted. But recognized as a power to be reckoned with.
  • At times I think you remember my memories better than I do myself.
  • What are you doing in the company of that Paganess?
  • Dearest darling, shall I fight him and run him through?
  • Better a good Pagan than a bad Christian.
  • I will not attend your Devil’s Vespers.
  • Brothers of the Round Table should not draw iron against one another.
  • If _____ deserved to die like that, what must the rest of us deserve?
  • How thrifty of heaven!
  • But, of course, in your pride you mistake many things.
  • Rude actions as well as rude words, _____?
  • I have something important to talk over with your wife.
  • Do you trust her alone with me for a few moments outside?
  • I would be more than your match with my head and left side unarmed and my left hand bound behind my back.
  • I’m glad one other person here besides myself can think with some wit.
  • My lady, I do not break in upon you?
  • I would not try to make peace with him tonight, if I were you.
  • This is the night for unwelcome intruders, it seems.
  • Churl to the last!
  • She was a very beautiful lady, and my wits were dulled with sleep and wine.
  • I had not meant to betray you.
  • You can go as soon as you like, Sir Most Important, and we’ll be glad to see your backside.
  • For the love of God and His Mother!
  • You might try forgiving yourself.
  • Since you will not leave my company, I will leave yours.
  • You have fallen under that evil woman’s spell.
  • I think you’d better give me that dagger.
  • You will lay down your weapon.
  • I am a bastard, do you understand me?
  • Aye I killed her — I freed her from his snares.
  • We have murdered an innocent man!
  • You killed her for jealousy!
  • The truth, you say — you bring us together to teach us the truth of ourselves, and you lie?
  • And some day they’re going to remember us as the cream of chivalry!
  • Now sleep again, and I will heal you.
Americas Favorite Couple || Calum Hood

you’ll have whatever imagine u want, anon <3

Summary: You and Calum are both famous and known as Americas Favorite Couple. You show off that love on a late night show hosted by James Corden. 

I M A G I N E 

“Hold still– your shirt is a bit wrinkled!” You hissed at Calum as you were fixing the wrinkle at the hem of his shirt. The two of you were getting ready to be interviewed on the Late Late Show with James Corden. And so while the backstage crew was attaching mics on you two, they happened to wrinkle Calums Blink-182 shirt. 

“Babe, it’s fine!” Calum said with a chuckle, playfully swatting your hand away. You pout, causing him to grab your wrists to hold you close. He wrapped his arms around your neck and began to slowly go in circles with you. “Don’t worry about my shirt, okay?” Calum murmured at your ear. 

“Alright, okay,” you said, wrapped your arms around his body to resume going in slow circles. “Stop being so large. It makes me feel super duper small! You’re literally glomping my entire body.”

“But I like being large,” Calum said, feeling him lightly attack your neck with little pecks. “It makes you seem more cute. You’re so small in my hold, I can’t help but love you more than I already do. Sorry, Y/N.” You grabbed a bit of his shirt in both hands, smiling against his chest. 

“I love you, Calum,” you say audible enough so only he can hear. 

“Now you’re really wrinkling my shirt, Y/N,” Calum said, chuckling. You immediately let go of his shirt and blush. Calum softly grabs your shoulders and detaches you from his body, making you sad from the lost embrace. “But I love you, too.” You two smiled at each other adoringly before sharing a passionate kiss. Some of the crew had given you guys “aw”s and stares of envy. 

“Welcome back to the show!” The both of you heard James say as a series of applause from the crowd. The cameras had their lights glow red and everything was back to being live. “I have two guests with us today. One of them is a good lad of mine from a band I’m no longer a part of,” James said, emphasizing his ‘anger’ jokingly. “And he came with his lovely girlfriend. Please welcome Calum Hood and Y/First/N Y/Last/N!” Calum immediately grabbed your hand and led you to the host. You shyly look away from the crowd, as you still weren’t too eager about being in public and live on TV. 

“James!” Calum cheered as James got up to hug him. They had a heartfelt, manly hug, murmuring a few things at each with chuckles at the end of it. You passed Calum to go hug James. James told you how glad he was to see you and asked how you were. You mouthed a ‘good’ with a smile before joining Calum at the love seat that the show provided as you two were a couple.

“Thanks for coming on, mate,” James said, smiling at the both of you happily. 

“It’s honestly a pleasure to be here,” Calum says for the both of you, having you nod in agreement. You had your hand in Calums, with your fingers weaved together. You didn’t want to admit that you were pretty nervous, but Calum felt you shake in his hold. 

“So, I’ve seen on Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, all those medias, that you guys have been doing well,” James starts, still smiling at the both of you. “And you guys are absolutely adorable, absolutely.” As he praises, Calum says thanks in small mumbles. “My favorite, I think, is how you take pictures or recordings of Y/N in the morning wherever you guys are and you always caption it about her natural beauty.”

“Oh yeah, Y/N hates it when I do that stuff,” Calum says, chuckling as you gave him a playful death stare. “But I’ve been on this mission to prove to her how gorgeous she is without the makeup. Don’t get me wrong– she’s lovely with makeup. But I just want her to know that she is gorgeous 24/7.”

“You still don’t believe him?” James asked you with a shocked expression. 

“Nope,” you said, giving James a small smile as the crowd laughs and claps for you. “It’s um, hard to believe when you’ve been put down most of your life. It really does a huge punch in your confidence and causes insecurity.” The crowd shares a long ‘aww’ as Calum gives you a sad face. When he met you, you were completely torn on that. You would deny every compliment and cake yourself with makeup and try your best to have that perfect body that’s plastered all over the media. But, since you’ve gotten to know Calum, you’ve loosened up and found yourself easing off the desire to be perfect. 

“But I’m gonna prove it to you, babe,” Calum says, squeezing your hand a bit. “I’m not gonna stop trying, I promise.” He gives you a small peck on the cheek, blushing furiously as James fanboyed over the two of you.

“I’m telling you– absolutely adorable!” James exclaims at the camera as the crowd gave you a loud applause. “There’s this one video of the two of you that I’m obsessed with, and that’s the one where you two sing Fight Song, and Calum just focuses on you. Can we play that clip for us? Thanks,” James gestures to the crew as the video the two of you made pops up on the big screen behind and above you guys. You were using a piano app on your phone to do the simple chords while the both of you were still in your pajamas and looking absolutely exhausted.

“Like a small boat, on the ocean,” you sang, focusing yourself on the piano app in your hands. 

“Sending big waves, into motion,” Calum sang after you, looking at you with complete adoration. 

“Like how a single word can make a heart open…” You did the next line, smiling a bit as Calum still stared at you. You then looked up and into his eyes to sing to each other the next lyric. 

“I might only have one match,” you both sang quietly, your hands removing themselves from the piano app to finish the small part of the song. “But I can make an explosion.” Once you guys finished, Calum smashed his lips on yours, causing you to giggle before the video cut off.

“Bless them!” James praised again, making you blush while Calum was giving a cheeky smile. “Anyways, there’s a sort of trend going on where people have been calling you guys ‘Americas Favorite Couple,’ d’you know about this?”

“Um, yeah, actually,” you said with a sheepish voice and a small giggle. “It’s like, all over my twitter like, #Y/Ship/N or #AmericasFavoriteCouple like, all over my feeds. And it’s like, calm down, there’s a lot of other couples who act lovey and caring like we do.”

“Except you concern yourself immensely over the wrinkle on my shirt,” Calum reminded you, snorting a bit. You playfully hit his arm, causing the audience to laugh with you guys. 

“She was concerned over a wrinkle on your shirt?” James asked, his voice sounding as though he couldn’t even believe it. 

“Yeah, before we came out here, there was a wrinkle on the hem of my shirt,” Calum said, laughing. “And she was fretting over it like a mad woman. She then proceeded to complain over how large I was compared to her.” You huffed, shifting around on your seat with discomfort. You didn’t like the couch. “Are you uncomfortable, babe?” Calum whispered to you with concern in his eyes. You gave him a small nod. He then grabbed you by the waist and sat you down on his legs, having the audience go insane. 

“I think I’m gonna explode from how cute and real you two are,” James comments, leaning his face on his hand. “Like, why can’t I have this? I try taking photos of my wife when she’s asleep and she growls like a lion at me.”

“You act like Y/N doesn’t do that,” Calum jokes, both men chuckling with each other. Calum grabs the water provided for the two of you, taking a sip before handing it to you. You sip like a little child, making Calum bite his bottom lip at you. 

“Well, we do have to take a break,” James announces. “When we come back, these two are going to sing for us.” The crowd claps as you resume sipping water. “But before we go, can I ask for something, Calum?”

“Ask away, James,” Calum said genuinely, giving him a sweet smile. 

“Can Y/Ship/N kiss for the camera?” James asked, having the crowd agree. You blushed, keeping your mouth in the cup with water waving at your top lip. The crowd began to cheer ‘Kiss! Kiss!’ as you kept blushing and sipping the water nervously. 

“C’mere, Y/N,” Calum said, chuckling lightly as he took the cup from your small hands. You continued to blush with water glistening on your lips. Calums large hands cupped your cheeks, with his thumb brushing them lightly. He then pulled your lips on his, causing the both of you to close your eyes while you shared this passionate kiss. At that moment, it didn’t feel like you were on a late night show doing an interview in front of a hundred people. It felt like it was just you and Calum, and that’s all you needed in your life to keep on. 

“Aw, Americans Favorite Couple everyone!” James announces, pointing at the two of you. You guys stop kissing and blush, waving bye to the camera with the crowd going absolutely wild. 

And during the entire break, Calum would not let go of your hand. 

k first off, i dont own the song i used the lyrics from. its a rlly good song, so like, check it outttt. anyways, hope you guys liked this imagine. like, this was actually a rlly cute request. thnx anon <3 please do send more requests n stuff <33 


REQUESTS < please send in requests or any questions you have for me or if you just wanna tell me stuff lol

I Hate You, Noah Hanifin (Day 3)

Noah Hanifin x Reader

Fandom: NHL

Warnings: Angst I guess, implied cheating

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: All of the times the reader has told Noah she hates him

Author: Cymbelline

Originally posted by nhl-canes

It was a quiet Friday night, Noah and I were sprawled on the couch in our pyjamas, watching a movie. My hair was messy, my eyes were tired, my p.j. bottoms were frumpy, and my top was one of Noah’s old jerseys, so it was oversized. I was comfy. 

My eyes were glued to the t.v. when suddenly a bright light blinded me, making me scrunch up my eyes. I turned to Noah once the light diminished. He was holding up his phone, smiling like an idiot.

“Why…?” I asked as I laughed slightly. 

“’Cause you’re cute,” Noah said as he showed me the picture. 

“Noooo,” I whined as I tried to swipe the phone from him. “Delete it!”

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We watch the demon child

Word count: 2298
Pronouns: She/Her
Pairing: Avengers/Wolverine’s daughter!Reader
Warnings: Cursing, One VERY common Star Wars spoiler
Note: This is the longest imagine I’ve ever written!

“Dad, do I really have to stay with them?” The (h/c) haired girl whined. Logan chuckled and ruffled her hair before kissing her forehead.

“Yes. Be good, okay kid? Don’t burn down the building.”

“I make no promises.” She grumbled, giving him a last hug. Logan hoped in the pickup truck that he was so fond of and gave a small wave before driving off. (Y/n) knocked on the metal door, tapping the toe of her (f/c) vans impatiently. Before long, a brown haired man appeared at the door; Tony Stark, one of her guardians for the next week.

“Can I help you?” He peered down.

“I’m (Y/n), Wolverines kid.” Tony snorted and moved back a bit, letting her enter the large Stark tower.

“You’re the mighty Wolverines kid?”

“Yeah, problem?”

“You’re so small! What, you got claws too? Is your hero name kitten?” He laughed.

“No, actually. They call me Voodoo doll (work with me I’m not good at this).” Her hands were itching to send him through the roof, that arrogant jerk.

“Voodoo doll? Why’s that?” With a flick of her wrist, the man was sent flying against the wall. He kneeled to the ground in pain and she walked past him contently.

“That’s why.” She stated simply. Yes, her power was telekinesis. Leaning against the wall for support, he wakes after the girl. She couldn’t get very far, as she didn’t know where she was going, but she would figure out the whole building soon enough. That’s just how she rolled. She handed him a letter from her dad as they walked. “So…where am I crashing while I’m forced to stay here?”

Tony stared at her, she had to be at least fifteen, maybe sixteen, so why was she staying here? He would ask her later.

“Cmon, I’ll show you.” He took her to the elevator, to a currently empty floor. “The whole floors yours, but all meals are served downstairs. Before you do anything, though, let’s set some rules. 1) Do not destroy anything. 2) Do not challenge Pietro to a foot race,”

The girl giggled at this. Like she was stupid enough for that! If she had enough trouble with her Maximoff, then this one must be twice as hard to deal with!

“3) If you upset Bruce, you have to calm him down. And 4) Whatever you do, don’t touch the suits. Got it?”

“Whatever you say, mom.” Tony sighed and stood, leaving the floor swiftly. He ordered JARVIS to keep an eye on her till dinner. (Y/n) set her clothes in drawers, sketch pads on the dresser, and her backpack of summer work at the base of the bed. For nearly an hour she sat listening to music and messing with her powers, not in the mood to do much more than that. Of course, things would be much more fun when she met the other Avengers, but till then, she would have to be bored.

“Miss Howlette, dinner is being served downstairs. Master Tony has requested your presence.” Robots? Cool.

“Kay. Be there in a sec.” She unplugged her headphones and headed to the elevator, where she soon arrived at the dining room. The table was surrounded by many people, so (Y/n) plopped herself between the cutie with the white hair and blue suit and the male Loreal model. Most of them seems to be in their ‘work’ clothes (although she wasn’t really sure what they did besides hate on the X-Men).

“Uh, Tony? You gonna introduce us to your guest?” The guy in the purple suit with the bow and arrows asked.

“She’s a big girl, she can do it herself.” Tony grunted. So that was how he was gonna go about this. Alright, may as well make this interesting!

The girl cleared her throat and stood up. “Hi, I’m (Y/n) Howlette, Wolverines daughter. I can control shit with my mind. Contrary to what I’m sure you are all probably thinking, I have no clue as to who any of you are.” She sat back down, nibbling on a french fry. The team stared in disbelief at her. How could she not know who they were?!

Everyone took turns introducing themselves, helping her to better understand what they did and who not to piss off.

“Question.” Steve stated.

“Answer.” The girl replied.

“Why is Tony babysitting you? You have to be at least fifteen!” The curious soldier asked.

The girl smirked in return. Well, they asked! “Started when I was four, they left me with Kurt and I singed off half his fur on his face. When I was seven, they left me with Scott and came back to part of the mansion burned down. I stole his glasses while he was sleeping. Then at age eleven, they decided to try a girl. They left me with Jean, and we scorched the kitchen making waffles. At twelve, Peter babysat me and I got whiplash, not my fault that time. They left me alone last year, only for three days, but they came back to me with a busted lip and black eye from a fight at school. To be fair, though, that bitch started it. So now you know. If you read the letter I had given you, Stark, you’d know I’m like ‘a puppy on a sugar high’ as Peter puts it.” She finished off, crossing her arms. That couldn’t- but she seemed nice enough! They figured that she couldn’t be that bad and laughed it off.

“Whatever you say, Lady (Y/n).” Thor chortled (I hate that word). The girl huffed and scooted her chair out.

“Fine, don’t believe me. Your mistake.” She called, leaving the room. That night nothing went wrong, but the next day would not be as lucky. The Team came down to (Y/n) munching on a pop tart (which was floating in mid air, no less) with her feet on the table. Nat pushed them off and sat down next to her, sipping her cup of coffee. Pietro ran past, causing (Y/n)s pop tart to fall to the floor in pieces. That was the first mistake. It was a good thing to note that (Y/n) was not, nor had she ever been, a morning person. She motioned with her finger towards a pan, making it float to her. She grabbed the handle and held it in the air, right as Pietro ran past her and face first into the pan. He fell to the floor unconscious. Everyone looked horrified at the girl who continued to text away at her phone. She promptly stood up and left the room, laughing at something or another.

Then, during training, the girl sat nearby watching with a bored look. It just wasn’t as cool when more than half of them didn’t have powers. So she decided to make it a bit more interesting. That is, by messing with Nat. Every once in a while, (Y/n) would throw something in the lady’s direction, then pretend she didn’t do it. She would also make comments, stop the bullets from Nat’s gun with her powers, and move the targets (all of which she pretended she didn’t do.) This went on until Natasha had enough.

“Stop or pay the consequences.” She growled, to which the girl pouted.

“Stop what?” Natasha turned and went to shoot, only to have the target move.

(Y/n) laughed until she was shot through the shoulder. She frowned and pulled the bullet out, the wound closing soon after.

“That was a waste of a bullet.” She commented, only for the red head to groan in annoyance and shoot her twice more. “You really shouldn’t waste bullets on silly old me.” (Y/n) pulled the other two out and dropped them in a trash can, running off to change shirts.

This was just the beginning. Her antics got worse throughout the week. On Tuesday, she made bird puns around Clint all day, and at one point his his bow, only to be chased with an arrow around the tower until JARVIS revealed the weapons location.

Wednesday, she messed with Thor, making comments about his brother and how terrible pop tarts were. This caused her to be placed under Mjolnir. But then, by some great miracle, she heaved it off and handed it back to him! In an attempt at an apology, (Y/n) taught him all about the magic of the grocery store and its isle of different flavored poptarts, which, of course, nearly maxed out one of Tony’s credit cards.

On Thursday, she not only refused to stop calling Steve 'Iced Americano’ but she also told him about the whole 'Luke, I am your father,’ thing, which made him nearly cry, and when Bucky comforted him, all she had to say was, “Aw, look! The star-crossed lovers! Get it?” Which then made Bucky attack her, tearing at anything he could reach.

Was Friday at least a bit better? Nope! She 'accidentally’ erased the chalk board with all the formulas that Bruce had been working on for the past three nights. He had almost found the cure to not hulking out every time he got angry, and she had ruined it! With causes him to turn green around the gills, for a very long time. Not full hulled out, just tinted green. 'Kinda like a Christmas tree’ is how (Y/n) put it.

And Saturday was just horrid. She A) challenged Pietro to a foot race, causing a sonic boom to erupt and America to think that the terrorists were attacking (whoops) and B) painted Tony’s favorite suit a bright green with a big ol’ Ben Franklin head on it (to the best of her painting abilities) 'to match his second love.’ It took three hours of scrubbing to get off, not that she did it. Nuh-uh, she hid in the closest Starbucks like the wuss she was, but at least she was a happy wuss.

Sunday was relief. Tonight, Logan would come to get his daughter and take her home (hopefully forever). They just had to get through this last day… She had pranked just about everyone except Wanda and Vision (cause she thought they were a cute couple and didn’t want to ruin their 'moments’). She couldn’t possibly cause anymore damage, or so they thought. The Avengers sat in the meeting room, listening as Director Fury talked about what they should be prepared for, but no one payed attention to the girl in the (f/c) converses and (s/f/c) baseball shirt at the next table over. In front of her was two pictures; one of Odin and the other of Fury. She stared intently at them until Fury actually bothered to notice.

“What are you doing?” He growled in his usual grouchy tone.

“Trying to spot the similarities.” Oh god, no. She wasn’t- she wouldn’t- “Here’s what I’ve got so far. They both wear eyepatches, they both oversee some sort of team whether it be warriors or heroes, and they’re both major assholes. You got anything else for me?”

“Yeah, they both have a tendency to throw people out of places. Out of my meting room! Now!” She shrugged and left, leaving a furious Fury in her wake. They all sighed, knowing they’d have to deal with him now.

Nobody understood why she loved to do this so much. Was it the influence of her father, or just on her blood? Who knew. The day seemed to drag by, but the girl didn’t pull anymore pranks. She sat quietly in her room, doing who knows what. The Avengers sat on the couch, discussing random things while watching a show in the background. When the doorbell finally rang at 7 o’ clock that evening, everyone gathered at the door. There stood Logan Howlette, in his usual flannel, jacket, and jeans. His pickup truck stood out against the dark alleyways.

“Thank god!” Tony cried dramatically.

“You’ve come to take the demon child!” Clint praised. Logan raised an eyebrow at the men’s odd behavior.

“She didn’t burn anything down, right?” He asked curiously, wanting to know just what they meant. They all shook their heads, but before anyone could speak, the girl in question came bounding out of the elevator, bags in hand. She dropped them as she threw herself at Logan in a hug.

“Dad! How was the mission? Did you kill anyone? Man, that was be so wicked if you did!” She grinned widely. Logan grabbed her bags, slinging them over his shoulder easily.

“Yes, I did kill someone. I try not to, but I did. Thanks again for watching her, Stark.”

“I’d say anytime, but that’d be a lie. Adios. Bob voyage. Goodbye!” He called, shoving them out the door. When the two were settled in the car, (Y/n) turned to her father.

“Hey dad, I’m not- I’m not actually a demon child, r-right?” She crinkled her nose at the thought. Sure, she had behaved pretty bad this week, but it’s only because she wanted attention. She wouldn’t have gotten it from them if she hadn’t done it, and she knew that for a fact!

Logan chuckled and grabbed her hand. “No bub, Stark and his friends are just idiots.” The girl hummed in response. “So what’d you do that made them so desperate?”

“It’s a long story, but I guess we have time, so…I’ll just start from the beginning!” And off she went, recounting her tales from this week, earning the occasional laugh or 'nice one’ from her father. No matter how misunderstood she was to other people, she knew her dad would always like her for her, and that was enough for her.

The Best

Lay scenario with a bit of a twist. Basically inspired by the picture below! In this fic they have nothing to do with exo, though there is a few cameo’s for some members ;) I’m sorry if there are any errors. I’ll go through it again eventually but I’ve legit been up for 26 hours so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Feedback is awesome!! Thanks everyone for reading, enjoy! XX

               Zhang Yixing; a man most debonair and compassionate to boot. Handsome and suave, he could make any woman swoon, perhaps without even meaning to. The physique of this man even caused men whom were straight as a ruler to take a second look and admire him. Never rude, he always strived to make everyone smile, his innocence only attributing to this. He was no idiot, though at times you could forget that had the mind of a genius; precise and calculating. Though he had made billions, he could be confused by the slightest detail. His doe eyes would widen guilelessly and cloud over with confusion; only to shape into heart-warming crescent moons when the answer was presented to him. Yet this man who had just yesterday poured juice into his breakfast by mistake, who had brought a box of kittens into the office that he’d found on the street, who sometimes didn’t even know how to take a social cue had somehow managed to build an empire which generated billions of dollars. Honest to a fault, though shrouded in mystery, Yixing had built his company out of nothing. No one knew where he from or how he came to be the powerful man he is now; they only knew that he was a force to be reckoned with. He had the face of a model, the heart of a saint, and the business sense to match that of the world’s finest moguls.  He strove to be the best and he was; the best looking, the best giver, the best entrepreneur. Simply, the best; and he was yours.

               When the chance to intern at the Zhang Yixing’s, or Lay as he was widely known, had cropped up, you immediately jumped at the chance. Stories were all you had heard about the man, piquing your curiosity from day one, and you were determined to see if there was any smoke to the fire. People talked; they said he was only a front for the company, that he was a mindless airhead who got lucky, but also that he was dangerous. Dangerous? You had thought upon seeing him for the first time, doodling on a piece of paper in the middle of a company meeting. There’s no way. He was the perfect boss, concerned with everyone’s affairs and always thoughtful. You needed a day off? No problem. You messed up on the report? Don’t sweat it! It was your birthday? Well, here’s a three tier cake to celebrate and a piece of jewelry just because. No one hated Lay, well except for his competitors, that is. You could still remember the first time his eyes caught yours; he had glanced up when you placed his coffee in front of him, beginning to say thank you but trailing off as his orbs raked up your body. He had looked at you dazed for a moment and then—then he smiled. Everything had started from there.

               Months passed as you ran various errands as a dutiful intern, stealing a glance at your boss whenever you had the chance, to find that he was doing the same. You watched as he made deals, spoke about the future, and spilled coffee down his shirt for the fiftieth time. From afar, you observed as he brushed off girls, never giving them the time of day but never letting them know he was blowing them off, letting sweetness be his ally. Admiring him from afar, you never got close enough to have a real conversation, though your heart throbbed and scratched at your ribcage whenever you saw the familiar slant of his shoulders arriving through the office doors, until a very special Tuesday afternoon when that all changed.

               He had been in the break room, which was rare as he usually took meals in his office so as to not be disturbed. A missing file had brought him to the room, searching for an employee when he was stopped by a co-worker, female at that. Well-endowed with terrible timing and a horrid lack of tact, you stumbled across the pair, just as she began to announce her undying love for the man. You wouldn’t have lingered if it weren’t for the way she refused to take no for an answer, pulling out every excuse in the book. Eventually though, he succeeded in his rejection.

               “I feel terrible, Sooyoung, I would love to go out with you but unfortunately, I have someone who is very ill in my life right now who needs all my attention and care.” He had said, looking as sincere as ever. “Don’t get me wrong though, you are beautiful and a lovely person. One day— perhaps one day when I’m not burdened by this, I’ll take you up on that offer, okay?”

               “Ah, I’m so sorry, Mr.Zhang. I didn’t realize.” She stared up at him with glistening eyes and you couldn’t help but think, she seriously believes this? “You’re such a kind man.”

               “Thank you,” his head dipped at the compliment, a warm smile gracing his lips. While you stood there fish eyed, seeming unnoticed by the two.

               When the woman finally gave a short nod and walked off with just the right amount of torment and hope, you muttered under your breath, “Wow.”

              Yixings head snapped to the side, still maintaining his façade, though upon seeing who was standing before him he relaxed, slumping his shoulders and breathing out a sigh of relief. “You saw all that?”

               “I gotta say, boss. You’re good.” You commented, crossing your arms and leaning against the counter of the mini kitchenette.

              “Thanks, but it’s not something I enjoy doing.” He said wistfully, staring off in the direction Sooyoung had went.

               The room grew quiet for a moment as his eyes turned to you, catching you in a game of staring when finally, curiosity had gotten the better of you and you blurted, “So, who’s ill?”

               You remember the way he had looked at you, started by your question, but impressed that you were brave enough to call him on his bullshit. For a brief moment, the honourable air that always seemed to follow him around faltered and his lips dropped into a smirk. Scratching the back of his neck, he answered honestly, “My cat.”

               The encounter had broken the ice between the two of you and left both of you open to one another. Soon enough you found yourself lingering in his office after delivering a coffee, having hushed conversations behind people’s backs and sharing simple touches. Tension seemed to build between you like a bubble, bound to pop. When it finally burst, there was no sweet first date or holding hands. There was only sex; sinful, wonderful, passionate sex. When people began to wonder why you were being called into his office so much, you knew you had to be more discrete. In time, there was almost no room in the building in the room which had been left untouched by the two of you. You could just imagine the other employee’s faces if they ever found out and admittedly, you took pleasure in knowing that the table they sat at had been close to breaking only one day before from your exertions. However, as time passed, you began to crave more and Yixing was happy to deliver. The time you spent together after pleasuring one another grew longer and longer. Lay was an excellent listener, but was an expert at diverting the conversation from him. Perhaps he liked being mysterious, or maybe he didn’t think that his life was all that interesting; you weren’t sure. What you did know of him was very little, and when he did choose to share a piece of information, you treasured it, even if it was only a story from his childhood. You fell for the man whole heartedly, which didn’t come as a surprise to you; was it possible not to?

               Today was no different than any other. You zoomed around the office, doing everyone’s petty tasks and receiving no thanks for it. Though, this didn’t bother you. They treated you well enough and you could always look forward to Yixing giving you a “present” of sorts if he saw you working hard enough. Speaking of, you heard his sultry voice call out to you from the side of the main work room, which was really a giant office space of cubicles. Lifting your head from the desk you had just placed some papers on, your heart warmed when you saw his soft expression beckoning you over as he headed to the conference room. Your heart thrummed in your chest as you shuffled toward him, wondering what corner of the building he would take you to this time. Despite the anticipation you felt, your expression remained skillfully bored for others to see.

               “Yes, boss?” You asked when you reached him.

               “Can you bring me a water?” The anticipation in you dropped like a dead weight; that was not exactly what you had been expecting. “In the conference room, please?”

              Nodding, you mumbled, “You called me over to actually work?”

               His lips twitched, daring to expose your act as he looked around him. Checking for people watching, he leaned in close to your ear to whisper, “Don’t be such a whiner.” You yelped quietly as his hand tapped against you bottom in a light slap, chuckling as he walked away and leaving you a flustered mess as you stared after him.

               “Y/N!” Yixing had long since disappeared from the room when you heard someone call out your name.

               “Yes!” Turning on your heel, you had expected to see a co-worker, probably asking you to do something else, only to see your best friend standing before you.

               “Baekhyun!” You squealed as the man beside you snatched a piece of pork off of your plate.

               “What?” He grinned with overstuffed cheeks. “It’s not my fault you eat so slowly.”

               “More like you eat abnormally fast.” Squinting your eyes at him, you motioned to his plate and carried on, “We just sat down and you’re already finished and I’m the weird one? I don’t think so.”

               “Yeah, yeah. Just be quiet and eat.” He chuckled beside you. Deeming yourself the winner, you beamed at him before resuming digging in to your food. “So, still screwing your boss?”

               Choking on your food at his frankness, you slammed your fist against your chest in an attempt to dislodge a piece of meat, sending Baekhyun in hysterics. Frantically, you gulped down a few mouthfuls of water before punching your best friend on the arm, enjoying the way that he flinched while your cheeks became painted by a light blush. “Yah! Will you shut up?!”

               “So, I’ll take that as a yes then.” There wasn’t much that Baekhyun didn’t know about your life and he wasn’t afraid to ask you anything. After all, he was your best friend; had been for years. So the moment this thing between you and Yixing had started, you immediately went to Baekhyun. The nitty gritty details were still a secret, though knowing Baekhyun, they wouldn’t be for long. Holding true to your thoughts, he dug for more information. “Did you guys do it in here yet?” To that, you chose not to reply, though your silence itself was all the answer he needed as he snickered and exclaimed, “So you did!”

               “Seriously, Baek.” You whimpered, holding your hands in your hair. “Do you have to be so loud?”

               “Y/N.” He scoffed, “We are literally the only two people in this break room.”

               Looking up at your surroundings, you found that he was correct. However, you still remained wary, unable to shake the feeling that you were being watched. “I guess so…”

               “Did you confess yet?”

               “Not yet…” You trailed off, thinking of all the ways Lay had rejected the girls before you. “It’s complicated.”

               “Why?” Baekhyun probed you with a tinge of annoyance in his voice; undoubtedly from the numerous times you had had this discussion before. “Isn’t it just you making it difficult?”

               “I don’t know, I mean I have never ever seen or heard of him saying yes to anyone when they confess. What if he just doesn’t want me that way? We never actually talked about what our relationship is so I don’t really know if I’m more than just a toy to him…”

               “Y/N. You guys have been hooking up for three months. I’m sure you’re not just some sex toy to him. Trust me, hook ups don’t last that long.” Baekhyun said earnestly, trying to build up the courage he knew you had. “Just confess, okay? I swear that if it goes wrong I will take all the blame for pushing you.”

               You chuckled at his promise but held your pinky out to him. As soon as he looked down at your out stretched finger wriggling before him, a bright smile came across his face and he hooked his own pinky with yours. “Thanks Baekhyun.”

               “It’s what I do.” He shrugged making you giggle, when you heard the familiar tune of his ring tone sounding from his pocket. Fumbling around with his jacket, he pulled out his cell phone and glanced at the screen before shooting you an apologetic look. “It’s my co-worker.”

               “That’s okay.” Standing up from your seats, Baekhyun opened his arms to you and you leaned into his embrace.

               “Good luck with your boss.” He squeezed you tightly in one arm and you enfolded your arms around his torso before detaching. Shuffling out of the room, Baekhyun gave you a brisk wave and his signature rectangle grin. Soon enough, the only trace left behind by him was an empty microwavable container and the sound of his voice fading out as he trailed down the hallway. “Hello? Yes, I’ll be there as soon as I can…”

               Left to your own devices, you sat back down at the table and began picking at the food you had left. Baekhyuns voice echoed in your mind, drowning out most other thoughts. What he had said was undeniably true. You had never heard of hook ups lasting this long, at least not without coming to a horrible end. But that’s what you were afraid of. It was Yixing. The fact that your sex friend was Lay was mind boggling in the first place and now that you had gotten to know him on somewhat of a deeper level, it was absolutely astounding to you. He had turned out to be so much more than what he seemed and you had barely scratched the surface of who he was. But would telling him how you felt shatter it all? You thought so, but you also knew that this wouldn’t last much longer, at least not with the way your feelings seem to multiply with every touch and word he graced you with. It would have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

               “Y/N? Did you hear me?”

               Snapped out of your ruminations, you flicked your head to the door way, realizing that a man who goes by Junho was attempting to speak with you. Shaking your head, you apologized saying, “Sorry, what did you say?”

               “I said that Mr. Zhang wants to see you in his office.” He replied curtly, seemingly annoyed at having to repeat himself.

               “Oh,” you replied, looking up at the clock that was fixed on the plain white wall. Perplexed as to why he would be asking for you when he was meant to be in a meeting right now, you questioned Junho. “Did he mention what for?”

               “No clue,” Junho said, growing more agitated with you. “I’d hurry if I were you. He can’t wait around.”

               “Right. Thank you.” The words rolled off your tongue politely but you struggled not to bite back at the man. You weren’t an idiot, so why treat you as such. But again, you were an intern and that means most stress related anger gets pushed on to you so you dealt with it by staying silent and letting it run its course. Grumbling under his breath, he pivoted on his heel and left you to follow his orders. Quickly picking up the garbage from your lunch, you raced out of the room, butterflies running wild in your stomach as they always seemed to do when you were about to see Yixing. Thoughts jumped around in your head as your heels tapped against the floor. It was odd for him to call you right now, so you weren’t sure what it was for. Surely he wouldn’t want to do anything right now with all of his partners in the office? It would certainly be precarious to do so, but a part of you grew excited at the thought of it. When you finally stood in front of the frosted glass door, you rested your hand on the cool metal handle and took a deep breath before lifting a fisted hand and tapping the knuckles of your hand against the handle three times.

               “Come in.”

               You pushed the door open and stepped inside, sure to shut the door behind you. Raising your head you caught sight of Yixing. He was sitting behind the desk with hands clasped together, but when he saw it was you he immediately began to rise from his chair. His black hair was perfectly styled to the side and his shirt clung to his body enough to give you at least a hint of what laid underneath. His eyes were dark, though captivating as ever as you saw lust sparking behind them. However, there was something hostile and possessive about the way he looked at you as he rounded his desk and strode toward you. “I don’t really think this is the time—“

               Words were cut short as he crashed his lips onto yours, evidently not in the mood for conversation. Despite your protest, you immediately responded; hooking your arms around his neck, you fiddled with the ends of his hair as he melded his lips with yours. It never ceased to amaze you how good he was at kissing, knowing the perfect measure of give and take as he pulled away slightly only to smirk when you chased after his kiss. Lips meshed together and you felt his moist tongue swipe along your bottom lip, driving his tongue into your mouth as soon as you gave him the opening. His tongue swirled around yours and you clutched at his hair, pulling it just enough to make a deep growl erupt from his throat. Hands groped your waist before he caught a firm hold of your curves and began to guide you to the desk. The cool edges of the desk hit the back of your thighs and Lay leaned into you, forcing you to clutch the sides of his face. You felt his jaw working under your fingers as he kissed you, an arm curling around your back and lifting you onto the edge of the desk. He kept his hold on you as he reached behind you with his free hand, pushing various objects to the side carelessly. A few things crashed to the floor and when he was satisfied with the amount of space left on the surface of the desk, he pulled away from you, bringing you upright. Your eyelids fluttered open to meet his fierce orbs. The free hand came under your thigh and he jerked you forward to sit on the edge of the desk. Standing in between your legs, your heat pressed against his groin deliciously. His mouth hovered centimeters away from you but refused to meet you as he commanded you, “Lay back.”

               Obedient to a fault, you followed his order, lowering onto your back and shivering a little as the coolness seeped through your shirt. Anticipation built inside of you; Yixing was never like this. Though sex might sometimes get a little rough, he was never cold, never demanding. You jumped when his lips met the crook of your neck, working across your jaw and into the dip, pressing moist addictive kisses. Finding your sweet spot, he sucked harshly making you cry out.  Fingers popped the first button of your blouse open and when he deemed your neck to be marked enough, he lowered his lips to your collar bone. “I don’t like it when people try to take what’s mine, Y/N.”

               His voice was dark and seductive, the words shocking you. “What are you talking about?”

               “That guy you had lunch with.” He replied kissing the valley between your breasts sloppily and pushing your shirt wide open.

               “He’s my best friend, Yixing. Nothing more. He would never try anything with me, ah-“A gasp cut through your words and he worked a hand under the cup of your bra, kneading your breast and flicking the nipple roughly. His other hand crept around your back, forcing you to arch for him so he could unhook your bra. “Besides, I don’t recall being yours.”

               Moving your back down once the bra had been successfully unhooked, your center brushed against his bulge, making a strained groan escape him. Removing your shirt and bra at the same time, he moved his ghosted his lips over your right breast before taking it into his mouth, swirling your bud with his tongue, making you writhe under him. Letting your breast leave his mouth he answered your question while looking up at your with the sincere, kind eyes you were used to, roughness long gone. “Well, do you want to be?”

               Your heart skipped a beat, and though the question was posed as casual, you knew what he meant. As it turns out, Baekhyun was right after all and you loathed yourself for wasting so much time being scared of asking about the relationship when he had done it so nonchalantly. He chuckled when you swiftly replied, “Yes.”

               “Well, since that’s settled…” His voice grew quiet as he pressed open mouth kisses to your hot skin, working his way down to the edge of your skirt. His hands moved to the zipper, quickly undoing it and placing a kiss just above your belly button before standing straight to shimmy the fabric down your legs and past your knees before throwing it to the side, leaving you half exposed to him. He caught his lip between his teeth as he stared down at your body, hands roaming along the curves of your waist before cupping your exposed breasts, causing heat to rise in your cheeks. Staring you in the eye, he kept one hand massaging your mound while the other slid down your body languorously, sending a tremor through you. Rough fingers traced down to cup the bottom of your thigh as he began to lower to his knees. Anticipation coursed through you as he lifted your leg to rest on his shoulder and his moist breath fanned against your core, but the logical part of your brain kept picking up sound coming from the office.

               “Wait, Lay.” You said hurriedly. “Stop.”

               “Is something wrong?”  He immediately ceased his movements, eyes flicking up to you with concern, no doubt wondering if he had done something wrong.

               “No, “You replied, biting your bottom lip, trying to think of excuse. You didn’t mind being reckless, but wasn’t this just stupid? His office didn’t have a lock because of his ‘open door’ policy. “I just- aren’t you supposed to be in a meeting right now?”

               “That’s what you’re worried about?” He smiled, finding your concern adorable. “Don’t worry, its lunch break right now.”

               “But shouldn’t you be eating then?”

               “Ah, my girlfriend is so doting. But,” The way the word ‘girlfriend’ rolled so easily off his tongue made your heart flip in your chest as his lips curled in to a wicked smirk and he kissed your inner thigh. “Isn’t that what I’m about to do?”

               Your lower abdomen clenched at his words and you could feel yourself getting wetter for him. He pressed a few more kisses to your thighs, working his way inward and biting softly in spots. His hand which had held your breast moved to thread your fingers together on your right hand. Just as his lips brushed against your clothed center and you arched your back off the desk in pleasure, a knock sounded from the door.

               Both of your heads raised to look at the door, then each other as you two paused, stuck in shock. After a full five seconds, you began to move in hyper speed. Scrambling to pick up your clothes, Lay began cleaning up the papers scattered on the floor, calling out, “Just a minute!”

               Hurriedly, you threw on your clothing, nearly falling over when you accidentally stepped on the hem of your skirt, much to Yixings amusement. Brushing dust off your skirt you tuck in your shirt before standing before Lay and holding your arms out in question. However, apparently you weren’t up to par as he stifled a laugh behind his hand before pointing down at your blouse. Furrowing your eyebrows, you looked down to see that in your rush to change you had mismatched your buttons so the shirt sat lopsided on your frame. Frustrated, you dropped your hands to your side before struggling to undo the buttons. “Oh mother of Christ.”

               “Here, let me help.” Yixing said, a hint of laughter in his voice as he pushed your hands away from the front of the shirt, taking over your task. One by one, he undid the buttons, before redoing them carefully, checking to make sure everything was proper before tugging you closer by the collar of your shirt.  “Perfect.” Swollen pink lips pecked your forehead softly, before moving down to peck your nose, then your mouth. You giggled softly and he smiled warmly at you before placing some random papers in your arm and returning to his seat behind his desk. “Come in!”

               A head poked into the door and you recognized the man to be a guy named Tao, a childish sort of man, but rather pleasant in your opinion. He smiled and bowed at you, not at all fazed by your presence and you suspected this was because he seemed to be the closest semblance to a best friend that Yixing seemed to have. “Sorry to interrupt sir, but there’s some information regarding Lee Minho that I think you should see.”

               The tranquil look that had been Yixings face dropped into a stony expression as he replied, “Okay. Meet me in the private room right away.”

               Tao nodded briefly before bowing to me again and exiting the room. Glancing at Lay, you felt concern fester inside you. An anxious expression was cast over his features, a stark difference from not five minutes ago. “Is everything okay?”

               As soon as you spoke, Yixing’s face changed as though he put on a mask and he was back to his smiley self. “Everything’s fine, just business stuff.”

               “O-okay.” A part of you knew he was lying, but you didn’t really want to probe him so you let it be. You pecked his cheek quickly and moved to leave the room. “I’ll see you later.”

               “Before you go, I was serious about what I said before, Y/N.” His voice stopped you cold in your tracks, making you turn back around to face him again.

               “That I’m yours?” Your cheeks flushed. “I know.”

               “No not that.” He replied, making you stare up him befuddled, only to see that his eyes had become cold all of a sudden, and not the way they had been when he was jealous. This Lay seemed much icier and gave off a tone of warning. He almost gave off a menacing tone. “About that guy from before. There are two things I simply can’t stand; when people try taking what is mine, and lying. Okay?”

               Still unsure of his meaning, you stared at him. His eyes still bore into yours, not lightening up. Realizing he expected an answer, you nodded your head and replied timidly, “Okay.”

               “Perfect.” Once again he did a 180 and his frightening glare had vanished, bringing back the laid back Lay you knew best. Walking up to you, he rubbed the side of your arms, asking you softly, “Do you want to go for dinner tonight? It’ll be pretty late cause of how busy we are but …”

               “Like a date?” The astonishment was evident in your voice, and his cold demeanor left your mind like a kite in the wind.  When he nodded frantically, you couldn’t hide the smile that domineered your lips. “I would love to.”

               “Good.” Looking at his watch, he flipped his gaze back to you and scrunched his eyes as though in deep thought before saying definitively, “Meet me behind the building at 10?”

               You nodded and he pecked your forehead one last time before setting off to speak with Tao. Sighing happily to yourself, you left his office and made your way to his cubicle, setting your stuff down and slumping in your chair. The way he called you his girlfriend rung in your head and your buried your face in your hands and shook your head back and forth, holding in a squeal. However, your joy was cut short when his cold stare invaded your mind, reminding you of the odd situation. You didn’t really know what to make of it, seeing as Yixing hadn’t shared much of his life with you. Rifling through the papers he had handed to you absentmindedly, you wondered just how much of his life you didn’t know about; you were willing to bet it was a lot. Mulling over your thoughts, you thumbed through the papers when you felt something filmy glide across the pad of your thumb.

               “What’s this?” you muttered and pulled out the paper, realizing it was really a photo.

               The picture was dark, almost impossible to be able to see the faces of the people I it. However, you could tell that whatever conversation in the picture that they were having obviously was not one that they were inclined to share judging from the setting. They had met in an alleyway and held their heads close together, faces hidden by ball caps. You flipped the picture and saw red writing on the back.

               LEE MINHO 4/26/15 2:51 AM

               Lee Minho, you thought to yourself, who is this guy? You couldn’t deny that it shook you a bit that lay had been spying on people and you found yourself curious as to why. Tearing through the other papers in the stack, your eyes searched every page, but to no avail. The picture must have accidentally gotten slipped in when he bunched them together. You were no business man though, so you wondered if perhaps it was just because he was gathering information on competitors, or perhaps they were criminals who stole from him. The prying feeling itched at you, telling you to dig deeper, but you knew to do so would be a breach of trust. Besides, it’s Yixing. For all you knew, he could be bringing down a puppy mill or something.

               Dismissing the picture, you snuck back into his office and placed it on the desk, not even giving yourself enough time in there to consider snooping. Work dragged on and you watched the clock consistently, groaning every time you looked because it seemed as though time had not been passing at all. Putting the odd picture and change of attitude in the back of your mind, you focused on what your date. You still were slightly shocked that he had asked you to go out with him. Every time you thought of him saying ‘do you want to be’ you wriggled in your office chair, unable to contain your happiness. You gained a few off looks through the day, but you paid no mind to them because you knew that if any of the other women were in the position you were in, that they’d react the exact same way, if not weirder. You found yourself looking for Yixing, peering over the cubicle whenever you heard a man’s voice footsteps passing by. When running errands, you couldn’t resist peering into his office to see if he’d returned. However, no matter how many times you looked in every which way, there was no sign of your new boyfriend. Your mind tracked back to Lee Minho, but you quickly shook the thought. He’s probably just caught up in work.

               Finally the clock hit 10 and you shut off your desk lamp, picking up your coat from the back of your chair and shrugging it on. Goodbyes passed your lips like lightening, not wanting to be held up by anyone. You smiled to yourself as you got into the elevator, looking forward to your first date with Yixing. Sure, you had seen each other out of work once or twice, but it was never for something like this. Daydreaming about what kind of place he’d take you to, you made your way out of the building, walking merrily down the alley to the back of the building where he usually parked his car. Rounding the corner, you had half expected him to be leaning on the hood of his car like in romance movies, but when you arrived he wasn’t even there. Confusion muddled your brain. This is the right place, isn’t it? Studying your surroundings, you knew you had to be in the right place. His car was right there so where else would he have meant? Maybe he got held up? If it was any other man, you would have assumed that you were being stood up, but this was Yixing; he wasn’t that type of guy nor would he ever be. So where was he? Plopping down on the hood of the car you decided to wait, shooting a quick text. Chipping at the nail polish on your fingers, you shuddered, a breeze chilling you. Seriously Yixing, where are you—

               A scream interrupted your thoughts and your head snapped into the direction that it had generated from. Debating what to do, you shuffled on your feet. But Yixing… You felt terrible for up and leaving but could you really just ignore a scream like that? Yixing was supposed to be here at 10 and yet there was no sight of him, so you wondered if you had time to run off when it hit you. It was his scream you heard.

               Your feet moved of their own accord, immediately sprinting in the direction of the scream. You ran further and further down the alley, all the while dialling the police number in your phone, prepared for the worst. You whipped your head left and right with every opening you passed, desperate to find Lay, when finally your eye caught a glimpse of the white shirt he had worn that day. Whirling down the alley, you squinted to try and see him better in the night. Panic stopped your blood cold when you saw him close to the ground, though you still couldn’t see what position he was in. Growing closer to his crumpled figure, you called out his name, slowing down as you neared him. At the sound of his voice being called, Lay snapped his head in your direction, his face unreadable from this distance. You realized he had been crouching over something as he began to rise to his full height. Standing only a mere 10 meters away from you, your eyes scanned over him, praying he was fine. Starting at his head, you saw that his hair was ruffled and sticking up in various directions. Eyes travelling down his body, you saw that he had a bleeding lip, but that wasn’t the worst of it; not by a long shot. The entire front of his black blazer was covered in a deep coloured sticky substance which you could only conclude was blood.

               “Oh my god. Are you okay—“

               Your voice caught as you looked at his hand. The entirety of his hand was smothered in blood and resting in his grip was what looked like a switch blade. It was only then that you looked down at what he had been crouching over, a wave of nausea making you stumble. Lying by his feet was a body. Not any body, but Lee Minho; the man in the picture.  You could see the whites of his eyes, even from this distance and they were rolled back so that only half his pupil was visible. His mouth hung open and his body was rigid on the pavement as blood pooled around him, touching the edge of Yixing’s shoes. The cogs in your brain sputtered and spurred as you tried to piece together the situation. But- but there’s no way that Yixing could do this… You thought, but as you looked down at the body and the knife that he held firmly in his hand, how could you come up with any rational explanation?

               “Lay, what—“

               He sighed deeply, not letting you finished your sentence as he knelt over the body again, wiping the knife on Minho’s cotton shirt to rid it of the blood before he wiped it with what looked like an alcohol wipe and folding the knife back in. Shoving the weapon in his pocket, the same cold look that had irked you earlier came over him. He flashed you his signature smile, though it wasn’t inviting as it had been before but unsympathetic and taciturn. You clutched your stomach, unable to take your eyes off of the body as your stomach threatened to upheave everything you had eaten in the past twelve hours.

               “You know what else I hate, Y/N?”

               Your name sounded foreign coming from this man’s mouth. This wasn’t your Yixing; you refused to believe it to be. Your Yixing was kind and compassionate, never cruel. Meanwhile this man was calculating and harsh, not caring that he had just taken life from a being; he was a monster. But he had the same lilt to his step as he walked slowly toward you, unfazed by the fact that he had just killed a man.  No matter how you looked at it, he wore the same face as Lay, though he was like a whole new person and for the first time in the entire time you had known him, you finally knew what they meant when they said Zhang Yixing was a dangerous man. You shook your head to say no, though it was no more than a tick. Nevertheless, he caught it and smiled sinisterly and you wished more than anything that whoever this was would stop wearing the face of the man you love.

               “Snitches. I really hate snitches.” He folded his jacket carefully over his arm, careful not to get the blood anywhere on his shirt. You wanted nothing more than to cry out, and yet as you looked in his eyes, you couldn’t deny that this was still the man that you fell so hopelessly in love with. Unable to take it anymore, you looked down at your feet, squeezing your eyes shut and wishing that this was all a terrible, awful, bad dream. He reached out to touch you, unsurprised when you flinched. But you never stopped him, as he trailed his finger down your jaw, hooking it under your chin and tilting your face upwards. “Look at me.” He said authoritatively and you obeyed, hating yourself for still feeling your stomach flip when he placed a finger on you after he had done something so dreadful. You had always thought that murderers were supposed to be unstable and cracked. Yet when you peered into Yixing’s eyes, you saw nothing but clarity; clarity and an odd sense of harmony. Holding his chin your grasp, his tone maintained a warning note, though it was mixed with tenderness, “But I don’t need to worry about you doing anything like that, right?”

               You felt tears well up in your eyes and you croaked out, “No.”

               “That’s my girl.” And just like that, the murderer was gone and Mr.Zhang was back. He smiled dopily at you and pecked your cheek, ignoring how you scrunched your face. “I know it’s hard to understand now, but one day you’ll get it, Y/N.” He said with his wide seemingly innocent eyes, and distantly you wondered what would happen if you never did get it. Walking past you he started down the alley, walking as though he was on a midnight stroll, holding out his non bloodied hand and calling to you, “I’m starved, Y/N! I promised a date so shall we be off?”

               For a moment you remained; transfixed on Minho. The blood was getting stickier and darker as it spread through the cracks and he was pale enough that you knew he had likely long since bled out. How many times has he done this? You wondered, though you knew it didn’t really matter. Obviously it was enough for him to be comfortable with it. You knew the choice that was laid at your feet, but you wondered what choice you really had. If you left him, would he kill you too? Or would his feelings interfere and inable him from that? Or did he even feel anything for you? Could he feel? Questions plagued you but as you stared at Minho lying dead on the ground, you also wondered if he had a family, whether he would be missed, or if he would even be noticed as missing. The more you thought, the more you hated yourself. Watching the life seep out of this man and knowing who did it, you thought you should feel remorse for this man or disgust for Lay, but no matter how you dealt it, your feelings for him were still there. Was it so wrong to believe in the words he said? That’d it’d make sense later? You certainly wanted to believe so. Though you detested yourself for it, you couldn’t give up on him. So, you didn’t. Turning on your heel, you raced to catch up with your boyfriend, capturing his hand which he still held out for you to take. Curling your fingers around his hand, your heart still thumped erratically in your chest when he squeezed your hand despite the bile in your throat. In that moment, you knew your fate. After all, he is the best.

this body is yours and mine | shawn mendes

requested by anonymous

word count: 1,824

author’s note: this was written in one quick sitting, but i figured you guys might want this now after shawn’s ama loss. I’m still proud of him anyway, and i hope you are too! so here’s him being cute and nervous while meeting your family. title is from “mess is mine” by vance joy. enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

“You’re shaking,” you inform Shawn, placing a hand on his chest to steady him. You’re surprised by his heartbeat practically jumping into your palm, like it is trying to escape him entirely.

“‘M just nervous,” he mumbles back. His cheeks turn pink and he grabs hold of your hand, pulling it away from his chest to lace your fingers in his.

You bite back a smile. It would not be fair to laugh at him now, especially since he didn’t laugh at your nerves a month earlier when your roles were reversed.

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Pairing: Onew/Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Dirty Talk, recreational alcohol use, You POV + Onew POV

“What is it?”

“You’re as drunk as I am, hun.” she says, grinning.

She’s approaching. Dangerously. She’s dangerous. Why loving someone that dangerous, really.

“No.” you whisper.

“Honey don’t lie, it makes me want to punish you.”

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otp tags (fall out boy edition)
  • otp: all the ways you make my stomach turn
  • otp: am i more than you bargained for yet?
  • otp: anything you say can and will be held against you
  • otp: bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints
  • otp: burn a little brighter tonight
  • otp: condemned from the start
  • otp: dance alone to the beat of your heart
  • otp: do you got room for one more troubled soul?
  • otp: don't breathe life into a monster
  • otp: don't pretend you ever forgot about me
  • otp: don't stop until your heart goes numb
  • otp: don't take love off the table yet
  • otp: get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes
  • otp: go on pick your poison
  • otp: happily ever after below the waist
  • otp: have you ever wanted to disappear?
  • otp: here to collect your heart
  • otp: hoped for your name on the ouija board
  • otp: hot to the touch cold on the inside
  • otp: how heartwarming it is inside your skin
  • otp: i bit off more than i could chew
  • otp: i don't care what you think as long as it's about me
  • otp: i don't feel a thing for you
  • otp: i don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness
  • otp: i got your love letters corrected the grammar and sent them back
  • otp: i hope your lips will taste of me forever
  • otp: i just need enough of you to dull the pain
  • otp: i love everything about you that hurts
  • otp: i need your broken promises
  • otp: i only appeared so i can fade away
  • otp: i only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me
  • otp: i said i'd never miss you but i guess you never know
  • otp: i shot true romance in the head
  • otp: i try to picture me without you but i can't
  • otp: i want to hate you half as much as i hate myself
  • otp: i want to make you as lonely as me
  • otp: i wish i dreamt in the shape of your mouth
  • otp: i wish i'd known how much you loved me
  • otp: i'll save the middle finger for you
  • otp: i'll take your heart served up in two ways
  • otp: i'm about to make your heart beat in reverse
  • otp: i'm coming apart at the seams
  • otp: i'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet
  • otp: i'm in the details with the devil
  • otp: i'm just a problem that doesn't want to be solved
  • otp: i'm just dreaming of tearing you apart
  • otp: i'm the best worst thing that's ever happened to you
  • otp: i'm two quarters and a heart down
  • otp: i've got a sunset in my veins
  • otp: i've never seen a heart i couldn't break
  • otp: if they knew how misery loved me
  • otp: if you are the shores i am the waves
  • otp: it doesn't matter how you feel
  • otp: it's our time now if you want it to be
  • otp: it's time for me to fall apart
  • otp: just a notch in your bedpost
  • otp: kick drum beating in my chest
  • otp: let me tear you to pieces
  • otp: let your body get a tolerance
  • otp: let's meet in the purgatory of my hips
  • otp: like a moth getting trapped in the light
  • otp: love never wanted me but i took it anyway
  • otp: make it easy say i never mattered
  • otp: make june feel like september
  • otp: maybe i'm a piece of art
  • otp: my conscience called in sick again
  • otp: my heart is a grenade and you pulled the pin
  • otp: nothing comes as easy as you
  • otp: now you're just a problem for someone else to fix
  • otp: one foot in your bedroom one foot out the door
  • otp: out of every miscalculation you have got to be my favorite
  • otp: pawnshop heart trading up
  • otp: put your venom in me
  • otp: remember me as i was not as i am
  • otp: say my name and his in the same breath
  • otp: seasons change but people don't
  • otp: setting fire to the sky
  • otp: shoot the sunshine into my veins
  • otp: should have left our love in the gutter where we found it
  • otp: something makes my chest stir
  • otp: strike a match and i'll burn you to the ground
  • otp: take our tears and put them on ice
  • otp: teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way
  • otp: the best of us can find happiness in misery
  • otp: the best part of believe is the lie
  • otp: the home wrecker with the heart of gold
  • otp: the lies just won't stop slipping
  • otp: the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger
  • otp: the rhythm of the rain keeps time
  • otp: the sweetness never lasts
  • otp: the truth catches up with us eventually
  • otp: there's chemicals keeping us together
  • otp: this is the road to ruin
  • otp: trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday
  • otp: trying to forget everything that isn't you
  • otp: turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
  • otp: we do it in the dark with smiles on our faces
  • otp: we don't fight fair
  • otp: we never stood a chance
  • otp: we only do it for the scars and stories
  • otp: we walk the plank on a sinking ship
  • otp: we're friends when you're on your knees
  • otp: we're the beginning of the end
  • otp: we're the things that love destroys
  • otp: we've been doomed from the start
  • otp: welcome to the demolition derby that is my heart
  • otp: when they made me they broke the mold
  • otp: wherever i go trouble seems to follow
  • otp: why can you read me like no one else can?
  • otp: would you mind if i sat next to you and watched you smile?
  • otp: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon
  • otp: you are my favorite what if
  • otp: you are the dreamer and we are the dream
  • otp: you can get what you want but it's never enough
  • otp: you can wear the crown but you're no princess
  • otp: you get scared when you look at me
  • otp: you got me all fucked up on love
  • otp: you were my versailles at night
  • otp: you were the last good thing
  • otp: you were the song stuck in my head
  • otp: you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat
  • otp: you're appealing to emotions that i simply do not have
  • otp: you're the only place that feels like home
  • otp: your best kept secret and biggest mistake
  • otp: you’re the antidote to everything except for me
The Boogie Man Translator's Notes: Electric Boogieloo

Due to my role in this game, plain old translation notes wouldn’t really suffice this time. Instead, you get translator’s notes: pretty much everything I can say about the game and its development, with the actual game script just being one part of it.

This is kind of long, and spoils everything. Make sure you’ve gotten the happy ending before reading.

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