but i hate current events

I just love it when the National Secretary of Energy/former governor of Texas takes time out of his busy day to write an op-ed about how TAMU’s student body president never should have won, months after said SBP was elected but 48 hours after the SBP publically stated he was gay in the student newspaper.

Like wow…really makes me feel special, Rick Perry. You actual sentient piece of ostrich shit. Glad you’re writing about how you’re mad a random Texas undergrad class has a gay SBP and not like trying to solve the energy crisis or something of equally minimal importance.

i sound edgy but i really hate ppl who are really uninformed about current events or just people who are really vapid. like one time me and my friend were talking about apple sales and this white girl asked what we were talking about and we told her and she was like “ew smart ppl
stuff” and it’s just like… wtf