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본보야지 ✌️

Bon Voyage ✌️ 

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Moni sketches? Moni sketches!
I think I haven’t really posted my traditional art here since like?? inktober 2015 lmao it was about a time. Curse for not having a scanner.

I totally fell in love with @finni-winter’s Mac (and so did Moni).. Big skeleton guys are my weakness (and apparently so are his).

Valentine, my rainbow prince <3

But real talk tho

The fact that Yuu trusted Yoichi even when he was possessed and tossed his sword aside. Because he fucking knew that he would come back to his senses. Because he knew that Yoichi was a lot stronger than that demon

And the little smile on his face when Yoichi finally comes to (with Guren’s words aiding Yuu’s of course) and his shot misses him just barely. This is coming from the dork that goes on about not needing a team and how he just needs to get revenge on the vampires, but he has so much faith in Yoichi and he’s so glad to see him return to the Yoichi we all know and love

And that my friends is just beautiful

Hello! I’m taking commissions!!

I’ve been doing digital art for several years and my commissions are still open! I draw nearly anything (even NSFW art of most kinds) so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Fanart, oc’s, gemsonas, you name it.

Base Prices in USD– (May be adjusted depending on complexity)

Sketch (monochrome or flat color):




Colored (simple, basic shading and lighting): 


Colored (dynamic lighting, special lighting or effects):


Digitally Painted:


Very complex backgrounds may add a lot to the price. Added character will also increase the price. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about prices! Please also ask if you want to see NSFW samples!