but i has no monies

Valentine, my rainbow prince <3

hi i just got home 2 hours ago and it turns out i don’t have time to stay up all night even though i have a 4 day weekend bc tomorrow i gotta visit houses so im upsetti

Hello! I’m taking commissions!!

I’ve been doing digital art for several years and my commissions are still open! I draw nearly anything (even NSFW art of most kinds) so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Fanart, oc’s, gemsonas, you name it.

Base Prices in USD– (May be adjusted depending on complexity)

Sketch (monochrome or flat color):




Colored (simple, basic shading and lighting): 


Colored (dynamic lighting, special lighting or effects):


Digitally Painted:


Very complex backgrounds may add a lot to the price. Added character will also increase the price. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about prices! Please also ask if you want to see NSFW samples!