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Heyyyyyoooooo love! Regarding that jogging couple yeah? So obviously Shiro exercises right? Does he force Keith to go on morning jogs with him or is it more of like Keith wanting to spend more time with Shiro? DO THEY HOLD HANDS? DO PEOPLE SEE THEM? WHERE DO THEY RUN?? I need answers sweetcheeks!! ANSWERS! Also. You better be staying hydrated and eating well. You guys should ask cathrel to go drink water. Googogoooo. 😂😂 love you

LMAO I am surprisingly staying hydrated despite being sick still. XD

[The Voltron Family] Shiro woke up when his phone alarmed at 4am. It was a Monday and he saw Keith still snuggling close to him, breathing normally. Shiro felt silly because he obviously knew they were husbands but still he felt like a sneaky lil high school boy having a crush so he leaned down and gently pressed a soft dry kiss on Keith’s lips. Keith didn’t even move so Shiro did it again just for the heck of it.

To his surprise, Keith’s hand shoved his face away.

Keith: Taking advantage of me. Even that’s low for you, Shirogane.
Shiro: *removes Keith’s hand on his face* *smiles*
Keith: *smirks* What?
Shiro: I love you.
Keith: *grumbles* Well, I don’t love you.
Shiro: *shocked* KEITH!!!
Keith: I don’t love anyone at 4 in the morning except my bed. *turns his back* Goodnight, Takashi. Go love someone else. I don’t need your lovi—*sleeps*
Shiro: *laughs* *tackles Keith* It’s Monday! We’re supposed to have our morning jog, my love. You promised! We gotta stay fit!
Keith: *turns to Shiro* *absolutely offended* Are you saying I’m not fit?! 
Shiro: *smiles fondly* I think you have a wonderful body.
Keith: Then I don’t need that morning jog. *turns back to sleep*
Shiro: *whines* *nuzzles Keith’s back* KEEEIIITH!! You said—
Keith: *groans* Fine, fine, fine. C’mere. *takes Shiro’s head and let’s it rest on his chest. *pats Shiro’s head* *goes back to sleeping*
Keith: *eyes opens* Tone it down! You’re gonna wake up our kids!
Shiro: I will if you get your ass out of the bed.
Keith: *grumbles* *gets up* I fucking hate 4am.

They got out of the house at 4:30am. 

Keith: *points at the sky* You can’t even see the sun yet!
Shiro: That’s kinda the point, sweetheart. C’mon.

They started jogging and Shiro noticed that Keith was lagging behind. He turned around only to see Keith barely awake. Shiro shook his head, clearly way too entertained. He slowly jogged back to Keith and cupped his face and kissed him. Keith kissed back sleepily and Shiro wasn’t even complaining. When they separated from each other, Keith looked dazed which made Shiro smirk.

Shiro: Are we awake already? *knowing smile*
Keith: I dunno. Maybe one more. *reaches out for Shiro*
Shiro: *takes Keith’s hand to stop him* Later. After we jog.
Keith: Oh my god. I can’t believe you’re depriving me of my morning kisses.
Shiro: I just gave you two this morning! This is the third one already.
Keith: Didn’t you get the memo? I need 10 morning kisses.
Shiro: *whistles* Well, good thing we have the time for that while we jog. C’mon, red bean. After one lap, you get one kiss.
Keith: *smiles* Yeah, okay. I can start with that. One kiss per lap.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Fine. 

They headed to the park in their village where most early risers jog at 3am. When they got there, there were about about 30 people already jogging around. Shiro saw Keith getting distracted so he took his hand and interlaced them. Keith didn’t mind this at all, in fact, he just squeezed Shiro’s hand and they jogged. One whole family took notice of them, the little twins especially.

Twin #1: Mommy! Daddy! They’re holding hands! *points at Keith and Shiro*
Mommy: Sweetheart, it’s rude to point. 
Twin #2: Can we hold hands too while we run?
Shiro: *chuckles* Of course you can. My husband’s always just getting lost. So I gotta hold his hand just so we’re still together. *shows them their hands*
Keith: *tugs Shiro’s hand* *frowns* I do not.
Twin #1: *giggles* *points at Keith* You’re funny. 

The family said their goodbyes and the two twin boys were holding hands as they jogged away from Keith and Shiro. Behind the husbands were two girls who just witnessed the whole exchange.

Girl #1: *whispers* Dude, have you ever seen this couple? *eyes Shiro and Keith pointedly*
Girl #2: I haven’t, no. They must be new? I haven’t seen them around.
Girl #1: You sure? This is our first time jogging though so maybe—?
Girl #2: I honestly don’t mind jogging every 4am if I see that. *smirks*
Girl #1: You’re such a dork. *laughs* I call dibs on pretty boy on the left.
Girl #2: Dude what the hell?! Didn’t you hear? They’re married!
Girl #1: What? That doesn’t mean I can’t crush on them?! You can take Captain America. Plus, I’m just simply admiring how aesthetically pleasing they look in those shorts and together. I’m not going to steal someone’s husband. I’m 18, Rebecca! *rolls eyes*
Girl #2: Well, if this motivates us to jog every day then I guess it’s not so bad.
Girl #1: Exactly. We’re just two girls trying to be fit. Seeing two fit men is just a huge bonus really. *smiles at Shiro and Keith* I wonder if they have kids.
Girl #2: *nods* I bet they have cute kids. They look like they have cute kids.
Girl #1: *nods* They definitely have cute kids. 

i blame @ssaravinter and everyone is cool with that. slightly nsfw

my first mchanzo collab thing with the other people from the zine

“Fancy meeting you here.”

The words were roughly pressed into his ear, with a hot breath that made Hanzo’s blood run cold and the scratch of stubble against his skin that told him just how close Deadlock was. Unnervingly close, in fact, with one gloved hand gripping tightly at his hair, pulling his head back to bare his throat. The prick of a perfectly sharpened knife against his throat was unmistakable, the blade steady and just barely cutting into him.

Just a warning, for now.

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all the girls had a different reaction to sana in this scene but only one made me furious. Vilde was visibly shook now I’m not sure if that’s guilt or the idea that anyone wouldn’t want to be a Russ. Eva was clearly upset. Chris was confused and maybe even hurt. Noora on the other hand was all fucking smug apathy. It had been important to her? Yea thanks tips, so when she’s telling you it’s suddenly not anymore, that’s your clue something fucked up is happening Nancy drew.

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I follow only one Camren blog here and lately I am just feeling like maybe Camren is not just meant to be. I love Camila so much and the love keeps on increasing. On the hand, with Lauren, my feelings are conflicted and lately they aren't just much on the positive side (if IHQ is about Lauren consider it Super negative). There are always two sides to any story but currently I feel maybe Camila's love was one sided and Lauren was hung up on Lucy to even consider her feelings. 💔

Why are you guys always changing your mind about things? It’s not because Camren wasn’t the perfect, happy, problem-free relationship that you made up in your head that you give up on it! No relationship is perfect, sometimes people who love each other very much hurt each other, it doesn’t mean they didn’t care or were too hang up on someone else, or cheated - Why are you always trying to find someone to blame? Sometimes the circonstances are to blame, not the people themselves. And even if they hurt each other, neither Camila or Lauren are bad people, they’re just girls trying to figure out their lives while being under the microscope of millions of fans and the medias. So I think you should cut them some slacks and not give up on them so easily everytime they don’t act the way you want them to. I’m sorry if I’m being blunt sweets, I’m answering your ask but i’m also answering 10 others who just like you are now disliking Lauren because they think she hurt Camila. Once again, everything I put on this blog is theory, I don’t know the girls, I don’t know their lives, I don’t know what they went through, so I don’t think I’m in any position to judge them on something I don’t know anything about, I think none of us are.

A birthday present for Amy that has slowly descended into the depths of Hell

I decided I wanted to make an art piece for Amy’s birthday. 

And then I was like, “what if I made it a meme?”

And then I was like, “what if I did that Draw The Squad Connect Four meme?”

And THEN I was like, “haha, wouldn’t it be funny if I colored it with the marker brush?”

The answer was no. It would not be funny. But then I did it anyway.

And then, as if Satan didn’t already have his hands firmly on this one, I saw Mark posting about his Polaroids, and I was like, “hey, you know what would be even funnier?

It was actually even less funny. 

Happy Birthday to our dearest Peebles, and I’m sorry for this sin.

(P.S. sorry it took me so long to get this out, you guys. I was watching the season finale of Call the Midwife, and it gave me feelings.)


Imagine: Being Scott’s mate and he’s very protective of you…

“I don’t like the way he looks at you…” Scott murmured, eyebrows furrowed in irritation. Ever since he’d found out about Stiles’ crush on you, he’d jumped into protective Alpha mode, and it was starting to get on your nerves. Maybe it was Scott’s insecurity of someone stealing you away from him that made him all the more pissed off.

“Scott, you don’t need to worry,” Your hands fell to his shoulders, arms slowly wrapping around his neck,“ You’re the only one for me.” Scott smiled sheepishly, head tucking into the crook of your neck,“ I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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For the five word prompt, 'Why do i love you' or 'Are you stupid or stupid' with Saeran, maybe? ^-^

Prompt: “Are you stupid or stupid?”

“We made it!” you exclaimed in relief as you bent over to catch your breath. Your face was flushed, stray strands of hair stuck on your sweaty face and you peeled them off one by one as you grinned smugly at the man seated next to you. He too, was panting slightly, but not nearly as much as you were. A drop of perspiration was sliding down the side of his face though, and he was fanning himself with his hand with a rather irritated scowl on his face. It was a hot day, you had to admit – you were definitely going to smell later – and he didn’t seem too pleased with being made to sprint like that earlier.

“it’s so hot today,” he grumbled under his breath, reaching up to adjust the air vent above him so that the cool air would blow directly at his hair and face.

Of course, that also meant depriving you of the much needed cold air.

You frowned a little, reaching up to adjust the air vent so you could enjoy the air-conditioning instead. That earned you yet another glower from your boyfriend, who smacked your hand away lightly and shifted the air vent back towards him.

Now it was your turn to shoot daggers at the redhead, and before long this turned into a childish game of seeing who would get the air-conditioning. The other commuters cast the both of you disapproving glances, but you couldn’t care less. It was a hot day, and you would have the air conditioning, even if it meant tackling your boyfriend to the ground and kicking him out the bus at the next stop.

Eventually, Saeran wisely gave up fighting and allowed it to face you, and settled for shifting closer to you so he could also get some of the cold air on his face. So the both of you were practically squeezing together on a single seat, your thighs pressed against each other and his chin directly behind your head. The proximity allowed you to feel the summer heat radiating from his body in waves. It wasn’t all that comfortable, but this was the best compromise you were going to get.

Besides, you couldn’t deny that you liked having him seated so close, given that the man was usually so averse to physical contact even when you begged him for it, simply because he was just so awkward and shy when it came to that.

“How long will this ride take again?” he asked, absently gazing out the window at the blur of cars, cement roads and tall buildings passing by.

“Twenty minutes,” you replied confidently. You had done your homework the night before, and this was the shortest way to get to the cherry farm that you and Saeran had been interested in visiting for the longest time. You just hoped you wouldn’t miss the stop when it came.

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Bobby + magic amulet

“Shouldn’t we see what it does?” you asked, reaching down to touch the round disc sitting on Bobby’s desk.

“It’s a magic amulet. It does bad things,” Bobby replied, catching your hand. “Leave it alone and help me research the carving on the front, maybe they will tell us the origins.

“I need a drink,” Bobby announced an hour later, slamming the book he was reading shut. “You want one?”

Nodding, you waited until he left the room. Having only been a hunter for a few months, you were tired of Bobby and the Winchesters treating you like a rookie. It was time to solve the case on your own and show them what you could do.

“I made both drinks a double,” Bobby said as he stepped back in the room, stopping when he saw the small kitten sitting in front of his desk with the cursed amulet hanging from its collar.



Finally finished my plague doctor mask for my cosplay!
I bought a kit online, and with the help of my friends I did it in one day. Completely hand sewn, hand hole punched, and I made the lenses red with some red plastic sandwiched between the acrylic lenses. I can breathe just fine with the vents on the bottom and even though it’s a little blurry with the plastic over the lenses I can still see larger texts and shapes.

You can buy the kit here on etsy, but thread isn’t included so be sure to pick up a small spool of waxed thread as well! : https://www.etsy.com/listing/476828704/plague-doctor-mask-kit-diy-leather

Missmendelsohn’s 6 Month Anniversary!

So…. I just realized that today marks the 6 month anniversary of me watching ‘Rogue One’ on 22nd Dec and seeing this guy - 

Originally posted by redderz

(no, you’re beautiful 😍😍😍) and just falling straight into Mendelhell and settling down comfortably!!! 

and I know I’ve said it a couple dozen times but I’m saying it again… all of this *waves hands around* is all thanks to @spacecapes (read: totally your fault and oh yes, @theblackwook, you’re to blame too! :p) but in all honesty, changing my url was one thing, meeting and getting to know the Mendo fam… now that… that is definitely one of the best parts of the year!!! I have made soooo many new friends, and at the risk of me making a couple if not all of you cry, I just want to say a quick thank you to the amazing people I know and love with all my heart!!! <333

@ben-mendelsohn-trash, @misspookamonga, @benmendelsohnappreciation, @jynnicsanctuary, @the-amazing-mendelsohn, @multi-villain-imagines, @ben-mendelsohn, @paulbenjamins, @mendelsin, @genmaximilianveers, @oh-nostalgiaa, @nastywomanentj, @beany-ben, @galenkrennic, @orson-bigdaddy-krennic 

(I know I did a follow forever already but still… and apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone, you are ALL WONDERFUL!!!)

This has been the most fun and exciting and thrilling and just-the-beginning of a truly life changing experience for me, we all love Ben Mendelsohn and I foresee many more adventures in store for us ahead!!!! 


Requested by anonymous

“This ones mine” you announced but before you could get anywhere near the vampire you had intended to kill Gabriel took care of it for you.
“Gave seriously?” You frowned throwing your hands in the air in frustration “I had the covered”.

“Sure you did” he replied with a smirk that made you want to punch the angel in the face. Bastard.

“I haven’t got to kill anything all night because of you” you complained placing your hands on your hips “is there a reason you’re trying to sabotage my hunt?”.

“You honestly think I’m trying to sabotage your hunt?” Gabriel questioned raising an eyebrow “no, I’m protecting you for gods sake”.


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whenever i hear the kirby or even the megaman soundtrack, i'm reminded of your old animated videos i watched when i first got internet which was like 10 years ago i still love them

aw thank :>

it’s weird looking back on how I got a handful of people into Megaman because of the sloppy MS Paint videos my friends and I made. and like, other fanart too, but mostly the meme videos. cos I didn’t grow up with Megaman or anything, I just happened upon it on the Wii Virtual Console one day and thought “wow this game is hard as hell but the music’s nice. I’m going to make doodles making fun of these characters” and somehow it spiraled out of control and I got really into the fandom

I am really embarrassed by those old videos but I have to admit some parts are still pretty funny to me. I’m glad everyone was able to enjoy them too

Date #2 went super well! We went to the river and he was very touched that I took the time to prepare some healthy snacks (literally just grapes and cut up strawberries).

At one point I was laying down on the mat and he scooted over so I could lay my head on his lap. ☺️

While we were eating he joked that he gets touchy feely when he drinks and I joked back that he could be touchy feely with me without the alcohol haha He got really shy and was like “My heart just skipped a beat just now.” We held hands as we left the restaurant. ^^ We also made plans to watch Sense8 together since he has never seen it. I’m going to get him addicted. ㅋㅋㅋ

The poor thing is going through stress of getting used to his new job and I’m going through another week of hell at my job so we are both suffering lol

Is it horrible that I’m waiting for everything to come crashing down? We all know I have a terrible track record with dating. >.>

The Park (Drabble Challenge)

36. ‘Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ + Kyungsoo

‘Where are we going?’ you whined as Kyungsoo led you down the street.

‘You’ve been inside all day,’ he said. ‘We’re going to the park.’

‘But why?’ you whined like a child.

Kyungsoo turned and firmly ensnared your hand in his so you couldn’t turn around and go back home. It was scary how well he knew you.

‘You don’t get enough sun. One day, I’ll come home and find you dying from Vitamin D deficiency,’ he said.

‘But I’m dying from sunburn right now!’

Kyungsoo huffed and dragged you along behind him.

Somehow you made it to the park in one piece and very much alive. Kyungsoo found laid a blanket down and sat down on it, pulling you down next to him. You hit the ground with an ‘Oomf!’

‘But why?’ you complained, your tailbone aching.

He giggled and brought you up to sitting, wrapping an arm around you and tucking you securely into his side. You rested your head on his shoulder as he held you.

It was quiet. He had timed it well, when there weren’t many other people at the park. The breeze blew softly, cooling down the heated touch from the sun. Kyungsoo sweetly kissed your forehead as you surveyed the landscape in front of you.

‘This isn’t so bad,’ you confessed.

‘I don’t know. Can we just go watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?’ he teased.

‘No, let’s stay here,’ you said with a hint of a whine.

You threw your arms around him and snuggled in deeper. Of course, he had been right as Kyungsoo often was. Being outside with him was good for your body, but mostly your heart.

OUAT Preference: First I love you

sarah-paulsons-bottom-lip ask: Please do a once preference for the first I love you and the first time together? Please and thank you!

warning: none

(A/N): So many ladies omg 

Emma: She drop the L word when she was looking at you while you were making her breakfast. You were using one of her shirts, your hair was a mess, and you were still a little bit asleep, a yawn was escaping from your mouth, and Emma couldn’t stop thinking how much she care about you, how damn cute you were with one of her shirts, and that she didn’t want to be anywhere else but here, with you. It hit her, she couldn’t leave without you. You were the first person that made her feel like this. She blurts it out. You hand her the plate full of pancakes and kiss her, whispering a sweet “I love you too Emma”. She couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

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Mmm, I know I already asked you for something but with that sexy new prompt list I just couldn't help myself! I'm gonna be greedy and ask for a few but with all the other requests I'd of course understand if you only wanna do one. “I can’t believe you brought that thing into my house.” -MariChat, “Come on, just take one picture with me.” -(more) MariChat and "What was your first kiss like?” -with Marinette and Alya (not the ship, just BFFs) Thank you!! :3

“Come on, just take one picture with me,” Chat Noir pleaded.

“I’m not taking pictures wearing this,” Marinette told him. She wanted to show him her Halloween outfit, which she had made by hand. Alya was dragging her to a superhero themed Halloween party, and she didn’t want to raise unnecessary suspicions by dressing up as Ladybug. Instead, she chose to be a fashionable Chat Noir.

She wore a short, strapless black dress with a flared skirt, cat ears, a leather cat tail, and black heels. There were two neon green paws on the dress, one on the top left side of the torso, and one on the bottom right of the skirt. Her fingerless gloves had green paws on the palms as well.

“Please?” Chat Noir begged. “I won’t show anyone, I promise.”

“No.” She bit her lip, trying to remain stern. Her resolve could only stand for so long when someone was begging her. She just couldn’t say no when people asked her like that.

Chat Noir could tell he was breaking her down, so he decided to sweeten the deal a little a bit. “What if I take you shopping for fabrics?” he asked. “Any kinds you want, wherever you want.”

Marinette hesitated. She was running pretty low on her sewing supplies, and she did have a lot of ideas for outfits to make. And if she had extra fabric, she could get in some good practice.

“Do I have to wear the bell?” she wondered, looking down at the bell necklace she was wearing.

“Of course you do,” he said, looking appalled. “The bell is iconic.

She rolled her eyes. “Let’s get this over with.”

She set up her phone with a timer on her desk, aiming it to get a full body photo of both of them. They set their pose, Chat Noir with an arm around her shoulders and Marinette holding up a peace sign. Just before the flash went off, Chat Noir pressed his lips against her cheek. The camera caught her surprised look perfectly.

“What are you doing?” she said, flushing.

“Just expressing my admiration,” he replied, skipping over to the phone.

“Let me see the picture,” she said, holding out her hand. “We may have to take another one if that one wasn’t good enough.”

“No way, you might delete this one,” he replied, bouncing around her room as she tried to snatch the phone. After much jostling and jumping, he finally managed to send the picture to his alternate phone number. He had downloaded a separate phone app just for purposes like these.

“Okay, you can have it now,” he told an exasperated Marinette.
“This isn’t a good picture,” she complained. “You surprised me, so my face is all weird.”
“Your face is perfect, Marinette,” he replied.

She glared at him, crossing her arms. “I hope you’re happy now.”
“I’m over the moon,” he replied, putting his hands over his heart. “But unfortunately, this cat’s gotta scram.”

She watched him go, placing a hand over the cheek he had kissed. His lips had sent her heart spluttering for some inexplicable reason. Although she didn’t like her face in the picture, she stared at Chat Noir’s kiss for most of the night that night.
This is part one of this request! I hope you liked it! :D I posted the other two parts separately to keep the posts from getting enormous, but I tagged you in both! :) 

Guide: Map Editing

Hello once again folks, it’s time for another guide because my brain said so! So today we’ll be talking about how to create maps. Now for this segment there is no need to use the database since we already got the entirety of it covered in six version not including the DS edition! So without further ado let’s get on with this.

Now since the layout for most of these is generally the same, I can now reduce these down to one image to cover all of them! So for this guide, we have the main window and two major panels we want to pay attention to. The first one is on the very left hand side, this is where your map graphics are displayed, Most of what is in this box is ground tiles, walls, other barriers and objects, and depending upon the version of rpg maker you use, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CTHULHU MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT LAYER. I’ve made the mistake before of trying to put too many things on the same layer, it didn’t work out well.

Below there is our list of maps. It’s important to have these organized as best as possible so when you go looking for specific areas of your game you’re not going into a jungle sub mapped into a desert area. It get’s really annoying really fast. Though when you right click on these, options are displayed to edit, new, load, copy, paste, delete, shift, generate dungeon, and save as image. Personally I don’t tend to need a lot of these except shift, and new. Generate is kind of fun to just play around with because of the presets. Sometimes they can boost for inspiration.

Now the area to the right that’s taking up most of the screen is your map! it’s what your characters will be walking around on. Now remember the draw tools up in the tool bar? Yeah these are where this comes handy. This allows you to change up anything in your map and swap out graphics for other graphics or erase something entirely. Need more houses? Step one: Be on the second layer. (This does not apply in MV, this part gets changed in the database( Open the database, go to your tilesets, now see the circles, circles are for things your character can walk on, click on them to change to an x if you want them to be impassible, or a star if the character can walk behind something.)) Pick your brush of choice (draw tool, rectangle or circle if you’re daring), now draw on your map. You’ve just made a thing! Play around with some of the options that are given to you. If you want to make doors and stuff like that, select a black tile and place it where you want your door to be. Now I’m going to briefly go over how to make a door using a transfer event, for the maker I use, double click on the space where you want your door, and you should get a screen that looks similar to this.

Alright so now, you’ll want to choose a graphic to place in the graphic slot. Most doors can be found in the character file, alright, now that you’ve got a door you like. It’s time to fill in the side where it says list of event commands. Double click in here and you should get a screen with some tabs that contain buttons.

Most people will have a sound effect play, so click Play SE (sound effect), choose one you like, pan it to left or right if you want, turn the volume up or down as choose. When you’re happy, we’ll move over to the options, just below the graphics. You do not want any of those checked. Move over to autonomous movement, there’s a drop menu, make that to fixed. Now move back to the list with the sound effect, double click below that, now, set the move rout to this event, wait. turn left, wait three frames, turn right, wait three frames, turn up, through on. This will be your first step. Now set move rout player, (skip,wait) 1 step forward. Alright, now your character will move through the door. From here you can add another sound effect if you want, I normally skip it because it’s usually kind of clunky and sounds out of place in my worlds. After that, create a transfer player within your list, and this will transfer your character to another place on the same map or another map. If you toy with this on the same map, you can almost create a Scooby-Doo chase sequence. 

If any of this is unclear, let me know, and I can always make a video to help out. Happy Making! :)


@bts_twt won the Top Social Artist Award for #bbmas2017 !

I am very proud of the boys for what they have achieved. It is such a historical moment for the Music Industry and the fans. Right after knowing that BTS was nominated for the category, ARMY (fandom name) rushed in voting for BTS. 

Fans from all over the world made such noise on Twitter.They trended a keyword everyday to help in their voting. One day, the fans almost–or should I say they really did–crash Twitter’s servers. Since the very beginning, BTS was number one in rankings.

The fans were shocked the day before the awards night. It was stated that the award would be handed in person. Which they never did for the past years.

The day has finally came and the award the fans have all prayed and worked hard for is finally in the hands of the rightful owner!

With humble hearts, BTS received the award.

The boys received not just an award but a standing ovation and big respect from the host and other celebrities.

Rap Monster( Kim Nam joon) , the leader of the group – delivered his speech in English – which shocked some celebrities for his English speaking skills!

“ ARMY, our fandom. Thank you. I still can’t believe we are standing in this stage of Billboard Music Awards. It’s so great to see the artists we appreciate (…) it is an honor. 

The most important thing is that this award belongs to all people from all around the world (…) please army, remember I said, ‘I love’ and ‘love yourself’ ”

 With all the feels they’ve hid inside themselves, they burst into tears of joy for the success. The boys’ and the fans’ hard work have finally paid off.

After the awards night, the boys tweeted their thanks to the fans.

Park Jimin’s tweet


Min Yoongi’s tweet


Kim Seokjin’s tweet


Kim Taehyung’s tweet


Jung Hoseok’s tweet


Jeon Jungkook’s tweet


Kim Namjoon’s tweet


bonus: apple music congratulating BTS


Start of the 707 x MC angst/sin fic….

“I’ll always be here for you… I promise, Saeyoung… I will be by your side until the day we die.” Which in a way… was true…

The sight set out before him was one almost like a nightmare.

“She’s gone, Seven. Or should I say Saeyoung?” He stared at the corpse on the ground, before glaring at the figure who had just spoke, who was holding a gun in their hand. They had a menacing sneer on their face, before the gun was facing in his direction. “Here is my final act as the agency’s boss, before it is completely dissolved… Murdering the one who made it fall apart.”

A loud gunshot echoed around the room, and Saeyoung’s jaw fell when a shockwave of pain went through his body. His eyes moved downwards, before he noticed a pool of deep red staining his shirt. Two more loud shots happened, and Saeyoung could no longer stand. He could feel himself bleeding out, but his eyes fixated upon the body at his side. A tear fell down his face as he shakily reached out and took hold of her hand.

“I’m sorry… that… we both died… because of me…”

As his eyes closed, his fingers loosened around hers, and the shooter smirked.

They ruined the agency as a couple… And they died as a couple.

Seven woke up with tears pouring down his face. He was… He was back in Rika’s apartment. It was all a dream… But why was he dreaming of being killed…? Moments later, he heard a quiet bang which sent chills down his spine. His first thought, thanks to the dream, was that it was a gun that had made the sound. The only other person who should have been in the apartment was her… The woman who Saeran had tricked into sending here… There was nobody else who was meant to be there, right?!

He then noticed her walking out of the kitchen, and he groaned loudly. “What the hell were you just doing?! I thought you had just been shot!”