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Oops!... I Did It Again

I think I did it again.
I made you believe we’re more than just friends.

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Oh baby
It might seem like a crush

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But it doesn’t mean that I’m serious.

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‘Cause to lose all my senses

that is just so typically me. 

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Oops, you think I’m in love.
That I’m sent from above

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I’m not that innocent

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im pretty sure the keith not being able to listen to his team's ideas comes from like, the fact that he's pretty stubborn on his own, decided to 1v1 zarkon and ignored lance's idea of staying low and not blowing their cover.

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Ehhhh I hate FedEx too. And I hate USPS cause they had screwed me over with one of my binders. It came and was damaged. They tried to fight me saying they received it like that when the company had proof it wasn't like that lol

Σ(゜ ᗜ ゜;) oh no i am experiencing THE ANXIETY

No Weapons at the Table
  • Setting: We find PK and her cohort at a nice restaurant, eating dinner.
  • Classmate: By the way, I've got another sharp object to show you.
  • Me: What?? No way
  • Classmate: *sneakily passes it to me under the table*
  • Me: Oh man. I don't think I'll be able to pull this out without cutting myself---that's what he said, by the way.
  • Me: *unsheathes a gorgeous dagger* !!!!!!!
  • Me: Did your wife get you this as a graduation present?
  • Classmate: Yup!
  • Me: *sighs* Marriage goals.

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Hey! When Harry talks (about everything generally, but especially about politics), he always talks in vague platitudes that manage to convey where he's coming from (like that he DOES support feminism, is anti trump, etc.) but never anything even close to specific which allows for fans to project what we want him to really mean onto him. Do you think it's intentional so he doesn't get pinpointed, or that he doesn't actually know the specifics? I love the boy to death but this just irks me idk

I think that’s a really interesting question. 

My first response is that vagueness isn’t just limited to his talking, but also his songwriting.  I’ve talked before that I’m someone who is very into specificity in storytelling and it’s a reason that Harry’s lyrics often don’t connect with me. 

I think there are a couple of different things going on here - one is that Harry probably is someone who is drawn to metaphor and ambiguity in song writing and also the way he talked.

But also, I think one of the reasons his songs are so vague is that he can’t say some of the things he has to say while he’s in the closet.  I think vagueness is a really good strategy to deal with having endless questions (although his other strategy is weird specificity - which I obviously love and hope he’ll feel more free to use in songwriting over time). It’s also a really good way of holding onto yourself when there are aspects you just can’t show.

Which is all a round about way of saying that I don’t feel like Harry’s vagueness is particular to politics so I don’t think we can deduce anything about his knowledge from it.  His odd life would shut him off from many of the normal ways people understand politics, but he has shown a real interest in learning.  I imagine he has a reasonably good grasp on the big picture of what’s wrong with Trump.  I suspect he doesn’t know the details of (for example) the ways that women’s work has been devalued and the mechanisms that has allowed that to continue.  But none of us know everything.  And in these hard times it’s important to remember you can’t hold all the horrors of the world in your head or in your heart.  

ok, so i just started working on a new oneshot: canon-compliant post-trk gansey angst, with some (not Explicitly Romantic but easily interpretable/implied) ronan&gansey! 

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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”

F**K ME.

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