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Exo as Movies. 

Yixing:  Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Chanyeol:  Elf 

Baekhyun:  The House Bunny

Kyungsoo: The Craft 

Sehun: The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Chen:  Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 

Minseok: Easy A

Kai: The Cheetah Girls 2

Suho:  500 Days Of Summer 

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Do you personally have a favorite AU? Specifically one of your own? Or if you don't have one, an AU somebody else has cooked up? (In relevance to DirkJake btw)

favourite of my own is definitely the pushing daisies one. it basically makes itself. i love sunshine alive-again jake and neurotic skittish pie maker dirk and exasperated detective jane and flirty fast talking roxy

some hairstyles I really like in BNHA

Toshinori Yagi’s hairstyle is number 1!

it looks like a sunflower mane or something! it has this fluffy feeling that literally makes me feel like petting his hair every time I see him and pulling those two long front locks of his, those front locks also happen to be my favorite part of his hair.

I love how it always looks so detailed in the back view.

his hair is so unique, but at the same time it’s pretty common, I mean there are a lot of hairstyles that are similar to Toshinori’s own in anime but something about his hair always intrigues me…  it’s probably because of the love I  have for anime blonde males

I just re-read the whole kamino arc looking for good pictures of Toshi and now I have the feels!!!! But here are some more panels with Toshi’s pretty hair.

and of course there’s Izuku. If there’s any anime hairstyle that I can call one of the most unique it’s gonna be his. Sure there are a lot of anime guys with curly hair (although I do not understand how Izuku’s hair is supposed to be curly in any way) like Leo (kekkai sensen), Gintoki, Nice (hamatora) and hinata (haikyuu). But I just love how Izuku’s hair is. It’s a bit “westernized”, like his hair is the type you see in American comics and whatnot. You really notice this when Horikoshi uses that American-styled comic art for his cover pages sometimes.

I love how his hair looks so wavy in the wind!!! XD

and I think my favorite part of Izuku’s hair is how it can look so incredibly detailed like this:

and this:

and then just go to this:

this child has some beautiful hair though…

Izuku’s hair is just so freaking awesome, especially when Horikoshi really, really, really draws those highlights in!!!! It’s one of those hairstyles that I just spend so much time analyzing on a regular basis for no reason whatsoever… *sigh* what am i doing with my life?  

in short, I just really love my son’s hair.

and then there’s Kacchan. I. CAN’T. TELL. YOU. HOW. MUCH. I. ADORE. THIS. BOY’S. HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kacchan’s hair is absolute perfection!!! Yes, the infamous spiky hairstyle for boys has been around for over a decade in anime, but Kacchan’s hair is on a whole other level compare to anyone else with blonde spiky hair (excluding naruto and all super saiyans)

His hair looks like a spiky puffball and I constantly want to pat it, because it just looks so soft and fluffy and I have a thing for poofy-like hair in anime.

His hair looks perfect in all directions, front, back, left, right, front side view, and it’s just so I don’t know, PRETTY?!

How can someone look so perfect in back view anyway?! 

I love the color of his hair too, it’s incredibly close to his skin color, but it comes out really nice to me (mainly because i have a thing for anime blondes)

and I can’t forget the most important one,

use this pretty face to help you sleep at night

I’ve also grown to like Mina’s hair too, maybe it’s because it’s similar to Izuku’s… I don’t know, but I love how fluffy her hair is.

her hair is pretty

I have a thing for well detailed hair.

Shigaraki’s hairstyle is a hairstyle I really like, I love how messy and sloppy it is. TBH, I really love anime guys with full, messy shoulder length hair.

I love this angry child’s hair ^^

the reason I love Zawa’s hair is basically the same reason I love Shigaraki’s. It’s long, wavy, and pretty. just like his face

and of course I can’t forget the bun c:

I have a deep love for Kaminar’s hair. It’s been one of my favorites since the beginning.

chapter 107 just gives me so many reason to love this boy and his hair.

and my favorite thing about his hair will forever be that black highlight…

it’s so cool!

and lastly, it’s my red headed, shark toothed boy Kirishima!

we need,

of this in the series.

however, how his hair stays up 24/7 will always remain a mystery to us fans…

Here are some honorable mentions!

I love Shouto’s hair, plus he looks adorable here (even though he’s angry), although his hairstyle is pretty common in anime.

I freaking love Hatsume’s spaghtetti hair XD

Tsuyu’s hairstyle is really unique. It’s something that really intrigued me when I started reading bnha.

I REALLY love Shindou’s hair, it’s just cute. Plus it reminds of me of Ritsu’s so yeah.


love you like fireburst (4/8)
↳ from jungkook to taehyung

The battle that won my heart. Thank you Team Chrom and Team Ephraim for that amazing Round 2!!