but i had to remake this one

brief thoughts about Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon:

not a sequel. Definitely a remake. A remake one year after the original came out. There’s some cool stuff about it but ultimately not worth the money I paid (bc pokemon owns my sorry butt).

Also if your team is not very well-balanced the game will destroy you. I had a very hard time for a very long stretch bc I desperately needed a water type and then forgot Mareanie doesn’t learn any good water type moves until a ridiculously high level. And then they took away the Scald TM until Poni Island, so. There’s that. My team consisted of Torracat, Charjabug, Rockruff, and Mareanie for a while. Ground types were a nightmare to deal with until I remembered the Celebi code on my Pokemon Gold virtual console download receipt.

However, once I added Mimikyu, Rockruff finally evolved (got that special one that has Dusk form and I kept missing my window bc 5-6 is when I get off work), that Scald TM finally showed up (and then Toxapex learned Liquidation five levels later), Charjabug evolved, and Incineroar learned the Brick Break TM, I was pretty golden. Except for the fact that this game’s final boss kept kicking my butt bc it is unfairly overpowered (unless you have one specific and very clever solution but I don’t wanna spoil the game sooooo sorry?), it was smooth sailing all the way to the end.

Currently working through the RR Episode at the end of the game and getting tickled over fighting old villains. The Pokemon Villain Roommate sitcom we’ve all been waiting for XD

it’s a stupidly insignificant detail, but one of my favorite things about the Crash remake is that i can make him walk now

the last time i played these games, i was 8 years old and playing with one of these primitive contraptions

i knew Crash had a walking animation, because i would very occasionally see it when i lightly tapped the d-pad just right, but i couldn’t make him do it on command and that drove me nuts for some reason

now that i’m replaying this 20 year old game on this $400 modern game console, i can finally live my childhood dream of making a cartoon bandicoot move at a slightly more leisurely pace

Tips on CC for ME:A

*UPDATE 8/15/2017* Bioware has updated the game and fixed pretty much all these issues!! This guide is useless unless you have a non-updated version of the game for some reason!

So we all know the facial animations in me:a can be a little…weird. BUT I’ve noticed there are some things you can mess with in the CC that seem to help make it look a little better! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Don’t choose the default for you or your twin: They just have really bad facial animations. Idk why.
  • Give your Ryder dark eyes: The way the eye shading works in ME:A makes your character’s eye’s look really wide all the time. Giving your character a darker eye color for some reason seems to help this. It also helps to choose a preset where the upper eyelids fall lower on the eye.
  • If you’re making a femryder, make the character’s mouth less wide: Someone else noted that it looks like the face scans for femryder’s presets weren’t taken in a neutral pose. This caused a lot of them to have stretched out mouths that looks pretty uncanny in cutscenes. I made my Ryder’s mouth a little less wide than I usually like to, and that seemed to help get rid of those freaky smile scenes.
  • Mess with the depthness of the mouth: Making Ryder’s lips stick out from their face less seems to help with the weird flappy lip syndrome I’ve seen some people have. Default m!ryder has this issue especially bad.
  • Remember to compare the jawline to your character’s neck: You can’t adjust Ryder’s neck thickness like you can with Shepard’s, so if your character has a wide face or a big jaw, it can make their head look too big for their body at times.
  • The funky hair colors are always that bright: Ok this is less about animation and more about aesthetic, but I had to remake my Ryder because her blue hair looked too bright compared to everything else. In my opinion, the dyed hair looks less pastel looking and more neon in-game. There are a couple hairstyles it looks ok on (the curly bob and the braids for f!ryder both look pretty nice with the dyed colors) but most were brighter than I expected.
  • The CC angles the face down and is not in a neutral position: Don’t worry about this one too much, just keep it in mind while you’re messing with the height of Ryder’s facial features bc it does mess with the perspective a bit. I moved my character’s mouth up to what looked like an ok position in the CC, but in most cutscenes her mouth looks waaay to high.

These are the things I noticed gave the animations trouble, and they’re largely femryder centric. If anyone else had a different experience/wants to share more feel free to reblog!

out of all the live action disney remakes, the lion king is the one that’s pissing me off the most. i mean. this is a movie that’s entirely about talking animals. which means that there’s no fucking way this is going to be a ‘live-action’ film. it’s not a cinderella, a beauty and the beast, a mulan, or even a jungle book. they all had fantastical elements that had to be animated, but they still starred real-life actors in real sets that could actually do a live-action performance. lion king, on the other hand, will have to be entirely animated. so it will just be the exact same fucking animated movie except the animation will make the lions and hyenas look hyper-realistic, i guess. how very necessary. hooray.


POI Appreciation Week 2016: 

Favorite Dynamic - Finch + Team Machine doing Team Machine Things and really Harold you should not be surprised at all

Cloud Strife:
“Here I met a Flower Girl.
She’s a girl with impressive eyes.
She’s around my age, or elder by one or two years.
But the innocent radiance in her eyes simply makes her suddenly look younger.
Aerith Gainsborough: ”Excuse me, what happened?”
She asked me the question, and then I bought a flower from her, which is rare in Midgar.
Maybe she’s pleased that the flower was sold, because the worried look on her face had vanished.
If this smile costs only one gil, it is a good purchase.”
~Final Fantasy VII Dismantled; Square Enix


Feelin’ how I feel about you
So ultra baba I just wanna be around you
You know how I feel inside too
I really, really, really, really like you

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B4 1 // 2

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Disney is really claiming they're having a difficult time finding a man to play Aladdin in their live action remake.

Excuse, me… but I’m not buying it for one second. They are obviously not looking hard enough.

There is NO WAY they’ve had a WORLD WIDE (as they’ve claimed) search for one of the most well known and loved middle eastern characters in western media and found not ONE man to play him. Not even one? Nah.

They have also claimed they can’t find a middle eastern man with a singing/musical background… I just doubt that completely.

Excuses, excuses.