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Some unusually smart food choices today somehow led me to be able to have pizza from a RESTAURANT tonight. Honestly this never happens so I’m enjoying every second of it.

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Request for #37 OTP. Thanks, I really enjoy your writing!

Thank you, honey! ^-^

The One - Dean x Reader

“And then I picked up your coffee by mistake. I was completely distracted. For some reason, I thought it was mine,” you said, apologetic. God, where was your head today? Not here on planet Earth, apparently.

“I don’t care,” the stranger in the fancy suit said with nothing but annoyance. “All I want is an apology.

Well, okay. You were sure you had made it clear, but whatever. “Yeah, I’m really sorry.”

The man scoffed, “Next time try to say it like you mean it.”

What? God, it’s not like you had tried to kill him or something. You had barely touched his cup. Dramatic much?

“Hey, man, no need to be a jerk,” the guy in line behind you intervened. He was wearing no suit, kind of looked like a lumberjack, a hot lumberjack from a model catalog, but he clearly had some manners. “The lady said she was sorry.”

“You mind your own business. No one has spoken to you.”

“Oh, should I apologize too?” The guy asked, not hiding his sarcasm, and making a smile crack your lips.

“Unbelievable,” the man in the suit muttered and, coffee in hand, he walked out of the shop.

“Unbelievable is right. What a jerk.”

You chuckled, “For real. Thank you for stepping in.”

“Hey, don’t mention it. That guy needs some serious lessons in communication before going out in public.”

As he talked, you grabbed the remaining cup of coffee and frowned at it. “Yeah, and he also needs a pair of glasses, cause he took my coffee. This one is his,” you said with a sigh.

“Hey, why don’t I buy you a new one?”

“Thank you, but I’m already late… I really appreciate it, though. Have a nice day, uh…” you trailed off.


“Dean,” you repeated with a smile.

“You too,” he said, smiling back, and making you regret your answer right there and then. What if he was the one and you were walking away from him? Maybe if he was you would meet him again, though, right? Really wishing for that, you rushed outside and walked to your car.

You took just a sip of coffee before opening the car door, hoping the fancy guy had at least a decent taste.

And, apparently not. That coffee was as bitter as him. Ugh.

You threw the coffee in the near trash can, then slid behind the wheel and headed to work.

That afternoon, on your way back home, a symbol popped up on your dash, bright red. The car needed oil, stat, so you stopped at the first garage you saw and walked inside.

An old man was talking to another customer, but soon enough he was giving you his attention, “Need help with something, miss?”

“Just an oil change. My car is outside.”

He nodded at you, then called out a “Dean! An oil change for the miss.”

Dean? Could it be the same Dean from this morning? You felt your heart speed up in anticipation.

And then… It was him. The same guy, walking towards you, a smile on his lips as soon as he recognized you. “Hey, I was wondering if I was gonna see you again.”

Well, your heart wasn’t gonna calm down now, but you embraced that feeling, the same one you had felt around your first crush, years ago.

Who knew, maybe he was the one after all. You certainly hoped so.

In the meantime, across the street, a guy was taking off his fancy suit and giving it to a homeless person. So what if he had to wear uncomfortable human clothes and be a jerk to do his job? The results were the only thing that mattered. Best Cupid in the world, or what?


I made this in like 10 minutes during my study hall while waiting for something to download. The clips match almost perfectly with the song imo.

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yoosung or yukimura + “Stay the night. Please.”

i chose yoosung i hope that’s okay!

It had been after the RFA party that Yoosung had returned to his dorm, MC in tow as she followed him into the room. “I-It’s not much, but feel free to get comfortable!”

His room was comfortable enough for two people, even though he had been the only one who was living there. For someone who had just kissed her earlier in front of everyone in attendance at the party, he was rather red for someone who was just introducing their home to her.

“I’m very comfortable already.” The words came easy to her as her arms wrapped around his neck, a hint of a grin presented over her features as she looked him over. Things always seemed so easy with him, and maybe it was because she already knew his intentions would be good or maybe it had been the fact that she had finally been able to see him after only being able to hear his voice. “Oh… W-well, do you want anything to drink?”

She had to stifle a laughter at how red he was getting, even if his face had been partially obscured by white bandages. He began to furrow his brows in confusion at her laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, nothing.” And oh, he was so adorably flustered as she leaned in to kiss him again with her hand pressed to the back of his skull and another clinging to the nape of his neck. Despite the dreadfulness of their situation only a day ago, the moment seemed to be calm around them and everything had managed to become background noise. The only thing that pulled her back into reality was having to break away to get some air.  “You’re a very good kisser for someone who’s never had a girlfriend before.” 

She quirked a brow at him in faux suspicion, a grin curling her lips yet again as he began to stutter out his words. It had always been a bit of a sight to see him squirm like this; she enjoyed teasing him. “N-No, I had to learn! Zen gave me some… some pointers… on how to…” He could barely finish his sentence, words trailing into nothingness as a hand poked his cheek.

“Zen must be a very good kisser, then.” This had definitely sent him straight into a heatstroke, if his face was any indication. And yet she couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his frustration as he tried to say something–anything–to deny the claims. It took him a moment to register that she was actually just joking, but the redness in his face managed to subside and had been replaced with a grin, followed by his infectious laughter. 

“Well…Can I ask you something?” He finally managed to say after the two had stopped laughing, arms intertwined with each other’s bodies as they shared the same gaze towards each other. She shrugged. “Sure, shoot.”

“Stay the night. Please?”

@mrsassafrasjeans I had to make myself stop almost as soon as I started because I hadn’t even scratched the surface. Doctor Who goes in almost every category though. And “shows I loved but will never forgive” is probably a very long list. Also I could almost fill a top 5 just with Bryan Fuller shows.

Really I should have a category like, “I watch this every week for punishment”

Message to fic-writers, tag accordingly!

Listen, I don’t want to be the person who complains in the comment section of your fic, so please PLEASE tag your biphobic!Alec shit, okay? I don’t care if he’s canonically biphobic in the books, it’s still a disgusting thing and needs to be tagged.

Also: If you write for the books (with blue eyes-kink, biphobia, clizzy hating eachother, Simon being a cheating asshole etc) , then that’s completely fine but DO NOT TAG IT AS THE SHOW. I never tag my fics as being based off of the books, because they are not and the two are seriously two completely different things! I get that you want more people to see your fic, but just don’t!

Okay, that’s it. That’s all I had for you today!

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Hi! I saw that you are sick, just wanted to ask if you feel better now? Take some pills or something, also drink water and maybe soup, and stay warm... Hope you feel better <3

awe you’re so thoughtful omg! well i was sick yesterday too and tried going to school today but ended up coming back home an hour, feeling worse than the day before. i’m still pretty rough but i’ll probably sleep and be okay so! i’ve taken a strong pill, had soup and am drinking loads or water thanks! than u so much bubba

I’m in a really persistent and aggressive hypomanic state and I feel dumb thinking that medication had fixed me

I just want to be normal and okay, idk why God is punishing me idk why I have to go through this. I just want a normal life and to be a normal person

i had the worst stydia related dream

okay, so tw invited 20 fans to watch the finale before it airs, and i was one of them and stiles fucking stilinski  was getting married to some random girl ( they spent half of the episode getting ready to the wedding ). and the last scene was him and his wife talking to scott and lydia next to the jeep ( it reminded me of the last scene in 6x10)  stiles was telling scott to take care of lydia .and after the ep we all were angry af and then jeff comes to the room and asks us about how the episode was and i swear i am not kidding all of us started to beat the shit out of jeff. and outside there was stydia shippers who still haven’t watched the episode and i remember in the dream screaming “this bitch lied” over and over again to them

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Hello, Renee! Is everything okay? Hope On the Run didn't kill you with the feels hahaha

I’m okay. I’ve just had a stressful week or so. I’ve had some stressful health problems I’ve been needing to take care of, and I only started addressing them last week. Don’t put off investigating pain kids.