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okay bUT I WASN'T READY FOR MM ZATTY!! was it hard for you to make them or did it come naturally?


It was legit like maybe 4-5am or something and I had closed my game for the night because I think I decorating Casiyah’s house or somethingggggg and I got really tired.. but I was talking to Barb too and we were talking about Zatty and sfdkjhsdfjdf.. long story short I went in game to test a mod and by accident I had clicked create a new family so I was like dammit I guess while I’m in here I’ll try out some of the newer toddler CC I had added in and then the next thing I know I had made Matt in like 6 mins. 

SIX FUCKING MINS LIKE I SWEAR I’M NOT KIDDING. I had showed Barb and we were both crying cause it looked like Matty so much and we were deciding if I should give him red hair or leave him blonde.. like lmfaoo Barb was like nope you’re on your own with that one because he looked so good in both colors.. but then asdkfhsdfkjhsdf I was like well that’s done maybe I’ll just go to sleep and then 3 mins later I had finished Zero like sdfzdkjhsdkfjsdj lemme tell you I never made sims that fast before in my entire life. Like they transferred over so well like I was so shocked by how little effort it took… like Cas I had to tweak his old file some and I still don’t think he looks that accurate enough but I deal and then Ani doesn’t look anything like her ts3 self but Zatty like nope no issues whatsoever like I didn’t even have to download any extra CC besides Zero’s glasses. LIKE IT’S A SIGN OKAY. IT’S A SIGN THAT I MUST PLAY WITH THEM THROUGH MY TS4 JOURNEY.. plus they’re just super cute to me in general ;-;;;;;;

  • tmi books: here we have clary, a girl hater who dislikes people purely for being pretty. then Jace who makes unnecessary nasty comments and is so hetero that he can't be seen drinking something pink. this is Simon, a guy who two times on girls but it's okay because "he liked them both so much, he couldn't make up his mind". oh those people, they're...um..m-ma...errr isador...lu..alejand..it doesn't matter they just stay in the background.

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Hey I was wondering if you could write a Drabble/ficlit where TFW is at a hunter reunion or something and a guy keeps hitting on Cas and he's getting all flustered and it makes dean jealous and realize how much Cas actually means to him *cough-destiel* Maybe have a little bit of background shipper!sam if possible, sorry to bug you and thanks so much!

Here there anon, here have a quick (un-beta’ed) (PG rated) ficlet.


Jody had invited them to a hunter gathering in Iowa, enticing them with the promise that Alex and Claire as well as Mary would be there as well. They all readily agreed to go – Dean and Sam because they hadn’t seen Mary since Asa Fox’s wake, and Castiel because he wanted to catch up with Claire. Dean wouldn’t admit it, but he was also looking forward to seeing the little brat again.

So here they were, in a bar that had been rented out for the occasion. There were about fifty people there, which, for hunting standards, was a big deal. If any of their more powerful enemies were to find out they were all gathered there…

The dark thought fled Dean’s mind when a beaming Jody came up to them.

“Dean, Sam, Castiel, so glad you could make it,” she said, embracing them each in turn.

“Hey Jody, glad to be here,” Sam replied. Dean grunted in response, but his smile belied his fondness for her. Castiel was looking around, his eyes flickering from face to face.

“I bet I know who you’re looking for.” Jody smiled knowingly. “Claire’s over there,” she said, pointing at the corner of the room where the young woman was sitting in one of the booths next to Alex, chatting animatedly.

“Thank you. It is good to see you again, Jody.” After a nod and a small smile at Jody, Cas walked off to join Claire. Dean wanted to go with him, but he figured the guy needed some time with his kind-of-but-not-really adopted daughter. It was complicated.

“So!” Jody exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Let me introduce you to some friends of mine who I believe you haven’t met yet.” She stepped in between them, linking her arms though theirs, and proceeded to drag them to the nearest group of hunters.

A few hours later Dean was chatting with a hunter named Dave, who was telling him about the time he’d killed not one, but two lamia’s (apparently the whole “they only show up in Greece” thing really was bullshit) and barely lived to tell the tale. Dean privately thought the guy was a bit full of himself, but he had to admit that he was a little bit impressed. He remembered how difficult they were to kill.

“I was in that hospital for two weeks, going stir crazy….” Dave was saying as Dean’s attention wandered, his eyes seeking out Castiel. He found him, talking to…Was that Max Banes, the witch-slash-hunter they’d met at Asa Fox’s wake? He was smiling at Cas, standing so close to him it made Dean grimace.

“…and I just knew I was lucky to be alive. Oh, hey Sam!” The sound of his brother’s name snapped Dean’s attention back to Dave, who was waving at someone behind Dean.

“Hey Dave,” Sam said, coming to stand next to Dean. “How’s it going? I heard about those lamia’s. Well done dude.” He lifted his beer in a salute, looking perfectly sincere. Dean could see that he wasn’t, but only because he knew Sam so well.

Dave grinned, looking very pleased with himself. “Thanks Sam, I was just lucky though. I was just telling Dean here how close I was to being a goner.”

He opened his mouth to say more, but was interrupted by a group of rowdy, drunk hunters, who yelled out his name and grabbed him, asking him to regale them with the tale of how he survived the lamia attack. Only too happy to be the center of attention once more, Dave complied without another word to Dean or Sam.

“Looks like I didn’t actually need to come rescue you,” Sam remarked, watching the group walk away.

“Thanks anyway Sammy,” Dean said, turning to his brother. “I needed a break from the guy’s humblebragging.”

“So,” Sam said, changing the subject. His teasing grin instantly put Dean on edge. “I noticed you saw Cas talking to Max Banes. Or, well, not talking, really. Flirting’s more like.”

“What?!” Dean’s head whipped around, refocusing his gaze on Cas and Max, who were in fact still talking and standing way too close together.

“Oh yeah,” Sam continued, seemingly oblivious to Dean’s distress. “Did I not mention that Max was gay? He’s very forward, too, though I doubt Cas knows he’s being flirted with, because he’s Cas.” Sam shrugged.

“He…okay, well…good for him,” Dean stammered. There was nothing he could say that wouldn’t give his frustration with the situation away (which would lead to awkward questions he did not want to answer). He was sure he wasn’t fooling Sam, though. But he could damn well try.

“Yea, I thought so. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna go anywhere, but hey maybe they can have some fun together. I’m not judging.” He sounded so blasé about the whole thing Dean wanted to punch him.

“Yeah…fun…Uh hey I see that Cas doesn’t have anything to drink. I’m gonna bring him a beer. You want one, too?” Please say no.

“Nah I’m good, still got half of mine left,” Sam replied, tapping his beer bottle.

Dean moved to the bar, signalling the bartender for two beers. After paying for them, he went to join Cas and Max, catching the tail end of their conversation.

“…You should come to our store sometimes, we have a lot of books and blessed objects you might be interested in,” Max was saying, his eyes fixed on Castiel’s. “I know it’s a bit out of your way, but don’t worry about finding a place to stay. You can stay with us. We don’t have a couch, so you’ll have to stay in my room. I hope that’s-”

“Actually, angels don’t sleep,” Dean interrupted them smugly. “So he wouldn’t have to stay anywhere.” He pushed the beer in Cas’s hands. “Ain’t that right, Cas?”

“Yes that is correct,” Cas responded, taking the beer from Dean with a small frown. “Although lately, with my grace much diminished, I have found myself tired after expending a lot of it. I have on occasion needed a short rest to recuperate.” He looked ashamed, as if admitting that he wasn’t all-powerful pained him.

Dean couldn’t help but reach out to him in comfort, placing his hand on the angel’s back. “Come on Cas, everyone has to recharge their batteries sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He glanced at Max, who was watching them both looking thoughtful.

“Still don’t mean you gotta stay in this guy’s room, though,” Dean couldn’t help but add.

“Aw,” Max said, the playful grin back on his face, “I never said we had to sleep.”

“Oh.” Castiel flushed, as if only now realising that yes, Max had been flirting with him all this time. Dean gritted his teeth, irritated and even insulted that Max would dare voice such a blatant come on to Cas when Dean was right here, dammit.

Without consciously thinking through the implications of what he was about to say and do, Dean dropped his hand from Cas’s back to his waist, squeezing the angel and closing the gap between their sides.

“Really? What were you planning on doing then?” He said casually. “And it’d better be something along the lines of ‘playing board games’, dude.” His grip on Cas’s waist tightened.

Max’s eyes flickered between Cas and Dean, his cocky grin slipping from his face.


That single syllable, one that he’d heard so many times coming from Cas’s lips, immediately dropped the enormity of what he’d just done on him like a pile of bricks.

Holy shit.

Afraid of what he’d see, Dean slowly turned his head to look at Cas, his arm dropping from Cas’s waist to hang uselessly at his side.

The warm, wondrous smile on Cas’s face took his breath away.

“Cas…” Dean didn’t know what to say. This moment felt too important to ruin it with anything else but the truth, and he wasn’t sure he could give Cas that, here, in public surrounded by hunters.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to flirt with your boyfriend man,” Max’s voice cut through Dean’s increasingly panicked thoughts. “That’s not really my style. Sorry to you both. I’ll leave you to it.”

With an apologetic look, he walked away, heading towards his sister who was all the way on the other side of the bar.

“We’re not…” Dean called after him, voice way too silent to carry over the noise of the crowd. He couldn’t even bring himself to finish the sentence, even though it would’ve been the truth.

Because he didn’t want it to be true.

He turned back to Cas, who was still looking so happy. “I am still unaccustomed to ‘being hit on’,” Cas said, and there were the familiar verbal finger quotes, “or I would have stopped him sooner.”

“You would?” Dean nervously took a swig from his beer. “Why? I mean, he’s not my type but I’ve seen the looks he gets. Dude’s popular.”

“Don’t be stupid, Dean,” Cas admonished him and, in the next moment, took his hand and laced their fingers together. Dean almost dropped his beer.

“What kind of person would flirt with another man in front of his boyfriend?”

Dean was speechless, his mouth slightly open. He looked down at their clasped hands, before slowly looking back up to meet Cas’s eyes, which sparkled in amusement.

“As I said, I don’t know all that much about human courtship rituals, but I believe this is the moment you’re supposed to kiss me.” Cas was teasing him now, obviously greatly amused by his speechlessness.

“Damn angels,” Dean managed to grumble before pulling Cas in for a searing kiss.

He could hear whooping and cheering around him, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was kissing Cas so hard he saw stars. That’ll teach him.

The loudest cheer, however, came from Sam at the back of the crowd, followed by a “Finally!”

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Nurseydex vs The Sonnets

Alright, so I’m a theater major, and this semester we have a class completely dedicated to Shakespeare, and it’s amazing and I could talk about it for hours. Anyway, we each had to pick a sonnet and memorize it, and we recited them again today and I had a little flash of inspiration.

If Nursey studied and writes poetry, he’s likely very familiar with Shakespeare’s sonnets (and others as well but we’re talking about Shakespeare here specifically). And like… Dex strikes me as someone who hated it in high school because most of his exposure to it was being forced to read Romeo & Juliet and listening to a bunch of sixteen-year-olds struggle to read and comprehend, and he probably looked at it and felt dumb. (Which is something that happens to people and it makes me So Sad.)

So. Imagine this.

  • Dex is taking an English class (yay for required courses), and they’re looking at the sonnets and he just. Hates It. This is hard language to read and comprehend, and when you go in with a bad experience that makes you assume you aren’t going to understand, you really are not going to understand.
  • Nursey walks into the Haus and sees his Adorable Ginger Boyfriend reading a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets and gets. He’s just So Excited.
  • Derek Nurse is Not Chill about his love of the sonnets and Shakespeare’s impact on the English language
  • “You’re reading the sonnets????”
  • “Yup.”
  • “What do you think???”
  • Dex is silent for a bit. He can tell Nursey’s really excited about the sonnets (he’s not being very subtle), but he just… he Doesn’t Understand and he is Frustrated.
  • “I dunno…. I don’t really… I’m just not the type of person who gets this stuff.”
  • Nursey hears the phrase “type of person” and just. Oh no.
  • “Well… first glance it’s all pretty weird to read, but-”
  • “Some people get this but I’m just not one of them, y’know?”
  • And so “Operation Fix What High School English Class Broke” is a go.
  • Nursey, like most people who have had an actually good Shakespeare teacher, knows that if someone doesn’t understand it, it’s the actor’s/speaker’s fault. Not the listener.
  • (Nursey is fully prepared for the fines he will accumulate over the next couple of weeks)

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Strangers to Suffering. | Listen

Mars - Sleeping At Last | Midnight - Coldplay | Eye Of The Storm - X Ambassadors  | I Found - Amber Run | Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran | BTSK - MS MR  | Intertwined - dodie | Flow - Shawn James

A shakarian fanmix for @shakariantrash I wish you a merry belated Christmas and a wonderful new year! :)

No More Teasing

TITLE: No More Teasing


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking up behind you and grabbing you, then pushing you against the wall while he starts rubbing your back. After that he whispers something in your ear that makes you horny as hell.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Another old Loki fic


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“We can’t make her tell us.”

“Nobody could find him.”

Okay. Okay, I had a rant written out, but then I decided to take some time and word it better so it actually makes sense. As we learned, Redbeard is not a dog, but a boy. Victor, actually, but that’s not… too important here.

What I have a problem with is the whole plot around him.

When a child goes missing, you move heaven, hell, and everything inbetween to find them. Parents and legal guardians (unless neglecting/nonexistent) will not have any other priority but to find that child. Searches. Posters. Questions. Interrogations. News stories. Vigils. Whatever.

When a child goes missing, people freak out, because that is a violation of something so much more innocent than an adult, something pure and young and everyone immediately feels protective.

When a child goes missing, those close to it will do everything in their power to find it.

So that raises my first question - what about Victor’s parents?

What about the police?

Do you really think that with Victor being Sherlock’s best friend, and that with him and even his parents knowing that Eurus was behind it, there would not have been any police involved? 

The area would have been swarming with officers following Victor’s disappearance, either contacted by Victor’s parents, or by Sherlock’s. There would have been dozens of people looking for the boy. There would have been DOGS.


There would have been rescue teams and neighbourhood search teams and parents and friends and whoever else might be concerned about a missing child looking EVERYWHERE.


The well can’t have been that far away from the estate, and if John could see the moon, it was UNDER THE OPEN SKY. And honestly, a well would have been one of the first places for people to look when a child suddenly goes missing, because gravity is a thing, and shit happens.

Even if - and I am not sure he was, but even IF Victor was unconscious and could not call out for help from down there (it really wasn’t that far, as we’ve seen with John), someone would have found him, I’m sure of it.

Also, as adorable as the Holmes parents are, I am counting this as massive failure on their part. “Oh yes, a boy is missing and our daughter hid him, but we can’t make her tell us, so… sorry?”

Punish her. Bribe her. Ask her. Do whatever. She’s your daugher, you’re her parents, “we can’t make her do anything” is no excuse for letting her get away with something like this, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW she had something to do with Victor’s disappearance. You knew, Sherlock knew, Mycroft knew, she never denied it as far as we know, she even gave you hints where he was.

And you’re telling me that, even years later, they never even found his body, just because of some twisted children’s rhyme and a code hidden in it? It’s not like you had to break into Baskerville and she was giving you the acess code. It’s not like you needed a treasure map and a shovel. It’s not like it was some sort of high-security facility that really needed a hint for you to think of it. It was… just a well.

And nobody could find a scared little boy when they KNEW who had something to do with his disappearance, when they had an area where they could search (because how far can a five year old girl really carry a boy? And if she lured him somewhere, it still would have been within a searchable area of the estate?), and when the life of the child was obviously in danger?

Nobody ever even found the bones?

His family never received any sort of closure for it? 

I’m not okay with this.

The Many Adventures of Doctor Pines


Rating: G

Summary: Stan’s not good at ignoring people when they are sick, he just has to help, even if he refuses help himself.
Luckily for him, he has family who won’t stand for that.
Based on this here amazing text post

AN: A present for @snapback-gravity-falls. Good luck friend and enjoy quite possibly an overload of cute (I had to keep stopping while I was writing it.) It’s just pure sap- so I hope it makes up for my recent angst.

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May I ask for the chocobros reacting to a happy, cheerful s/o who is always alone despite their friendliness? Like they visit them at their college or something and notice them alone? If that makes sense??? ^^"

It makes complete sense! Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! Not sure if it’s a self reflection, but if you ever walk to talk, don’t be shy - I’m here and would love to chat!

Chocobros: A Lonely S/O


Noctis would be really surprised to find his s/o sitting alone. They had no idea he was coming to visit them, so he had expected some of their friends to be around. He would immediately begin questioning the situation. Why, if they’re alone, did they choose him? It would make him feel happy yet sorrowful - his s/o thinks he’s special enough to make an effort to have in their life, yet they have nobody else around.

Noct would continue on with his plan to surprise them and sit down beside them at the table, wrapping an arm around their shoulder. They would startle slightly, relieved when they registered that it was simply the prince. He would make small talk for a short while before asking them if they had anybody they hung around with at school. When they admitted to being alone, he would very carefully creep into the territory of if it’s by choice or not. Being antisocial himself, Noct personally wouldn’t mind. But his partner is usually so friendly and full of life, so he figured it had to be upsetting to them. No matter their answer, he would come back frequently (everyday if they asked) to visit and spend time with them during their breaks.


Seeing his s/o alone would break poor baby Prompto’s heart. He would immediately rush to their side, asking if they were alone. They would have to get over the initial shock of seeing him on the university’s campus before admitting to it. He would ask nervously if they were okay, his past beginning to bubble up from the back of his mind. Not much later, Prompto would spill everything to them. He understands being alone and the pain that accompanies it. Everything about his being shy and friendless would come to light in order to try and make his s/o feel more comfortable. They have more in common than either of them thought; the initial idea that the other had tons of friends and no insecurities would finally be extinguished, drawing the pair closer together.

Prompto would move on to do absolutely everything he could for his partner. He would sit through boring classes with them, meet them for lunch, and visit them every single day, whether or not they kept telling him they were fine and didn’t him to waste his time on them. But Prompto doesn’t see any time spent with them as a waste. Do they want friends? He’ll help them make them. Need a lunch date? He’s there. His greatest joy in life is loving his babe in each and every way he can.


Sweet Iggy wouldn’t be judgemental in the slightest. He would greet his s/o, just as he does at any other time, with a hug and kiss to the forehead. The idea of being alone isn’t uncommon to Ignis. Most of his school days were rather lonely because of his duties to the royal family. Noctis was his only friend, but he used that term very loosely up until a few years ago. Ignis used to go to school, go to meetings, then cook and clean for an unappreciative prince that wouldn’t even take the time to look over the notes that had been taken for him.

Iggy wouldn’t encourage a lonely lifestyle, but he wouldn’t chastise his partner either. He would be very open in expressing his understanding if they desire to be alone, but try to gently urge them into realizing that life is better with others. Iggy would encourage his s/o to try to make acquaintances at the very least, that way they had somebody to spend time with in case he couldn’t come visit them. He would also offer to come visit them while they were at school; even if they said no, he would still show up on the occasion that he wasn’t busy with Noctis. From that moment on, Ignis would be very intentional about spending more time with his partner, but he would never tell them this directly and he would hope they didn’t catch on.


Gladio would have put together an elaborate plan to surprise his s/o on their university campus with their favorite snack and a pair of tickets to a concert later in the week. He would definitely be expecting the “look friends, this is my wonderful boyfriend Gladio!” and would be completely surprised when his s/o walked into the school courtyard alone. After they’ve run over and given him a hug, he would give them their gifts and they would have some fun and laughs.

After a while of the two of them being alone, Gladio would ask his partner if any of their friends were coming. They would end up playing it off like it wasn’t a big deal and try to change the subject, but Gladdy would be relentless in finding out the truth. Once they admitted to not having many friends, Gladio would take their hands and lean in close. He would encourage them by telling them that, as significant others, they are each other’s best friend and other half; he would promise to always be there for them and invite them to spend even more time with him. This would end in Gladdy’s s/o bursting into tears and snuggling in close to him, cuddling until they had to go to their next class. Yes, I believe Gladio is a sappy, hopeless romantic.

Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-


well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!

Alone~ Luciel Choi x Reader

(THIS IS KINDA CRAP? I’M SORRY T_T I had a rough day at school, and I just threw this together to be able to post something..I hope you can at least figure out what I was meaning? Idk. Here Ya are. Lel. I’ll do some more requests either later tonight, or tomorrow. So, continue sending them in?? :’) )


That ‘sensational’ feeling of not being able to breath..pushing yourself with every muscle..every little bone in your body to get at least one more breath..then..maybe you could make it out of the miles deep ocean that you’ve somehow been sucked into..

Just. One. More. Breath.

This..this is how it all felt for Luciel Choi.

Drowning in loneliness..his lungs feeling as if they were enclosing as he faced the harsh reality.

They say that sometimes, you can find the most wonderful people in the most unlikely places..

To him, that was you. It was always you. From the day you entered the messenger, he knew you were special.

But could he ever even have you? No..no, he couldn’t dare put you through that. He couldn’t risk for life for the sake of his own emotions. He couldn’t..he wouldn’t put you in danger.

But God..you were just so cute.


“Captain Seven!” You said, coming over to where the red head was.

“Leave me alone, (Y/N). I’m working.” He muttered, continuing to type away on his laptop. You felt yourself flinch back at his tone, but quickly recomposed yourself, ignoring his words.

“I made us lunch..! Would you like me to bring it to you?” You offered, a sweet smile tugging on your lips.

Luciel gulped, lightly grinding his teeth together as he tried to stop himself from agreeing. He was hungry, and he wanted to talk to you. However, he knew this is what was best.

“Did you even listen to a word I said? Leave me alone! I’m trying to focus!” He shouted, not even bothering to look back at you. He didn’t want to face you. Not now.

You bit your lip, stopping yourself from letting his words get to you.

'He doesn’t mean it..’ You mentally told yourself, taking a step closer to the red head.

“Luciel, please. You have to ea-”

“DAMMIT, (Y/N)! JUST GO TO YOUR ROOM OR SOMETHING. ANYWHERE BUT HERE, THANK YOU.” Luciel yelled, his tone getting harsher with every word.

'Dammit..’ You thought, as a single tear fell from your eye.

“Okay. I won’t bother you right now.” You quietly said, turning your heel, you quickly made your way to your bedroom.

Luciel listened to the sound of your door slam, placing his head in his hands.

“Dammit..dammit!” He said to himself, looking back to where you went.

Was this the right thing to do? Was it really what was best?

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a small photograph.

His breath hitched in his throat, as he fully turned his head to look at it. He stood up, walking over to it.

“Is this..” He started, reaching an arm out, he grabbed a hold of the small frame, bringing it closer to his eyes. “No..God..(Y/N)..”

Inside the frame, was a photo V had took of you and Luciel, the two of you were laughing, as he placed a flower in your hair.

Luciel tightened his grip around the photo. He knew what he needed to do, now.

He quickly rushed over towards your room, hoping it wasn’t too late. Praying he hadn’t messed everything up.

“(Y/N)?” Luciel called, lifting a hand up to knock on your door.

“Leave me alone.” You dully replied.

Luciel narrowed his eyes, before he brought his hand down to the door knob.

“If you don’t let me in, I’ll use force~” He said, twisting the knob.


“It’s locked..” You muttered, pulling your self out of bed. You wanted to let him in, but not if he was just going to continue begin an ass to you.

“Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.” He sarcastically said, leaning against your door. He was determined not to leave until you opened up.

Which wasn’t very long.

You opened up your door, causing him to lose his balance. He fell to the floor, letting out a small grunt.

“Oh my god! Luciel, are you okay?” You asked, quickly kneeling down beside him. You placed a hand on his cheek, lightly stroking it with your thumb.

“Peachy.” He chuckled, opening his arms, wide.


Before you could say something, he engulfed you into a tight hug, setting down the picture frame behind you.

“I’m tired of feeling alone, (Y/N). I’m sorry I acted the way I did. You didn’t deserve any of it..” He quietly admitted, gently rubbing your back up and down. You couldn’t help but smile, securely wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Apology accepted, captain. Just..don’t do it again.” You giggled, making his heart flutter.

“I- I won’t. I promise. Not on purpose, at least. I think I finally realized..I need you. I need you so much…(Y/N)…don’t let me go. Stay by me as long as you can…I’ll protect you…”

“I won’t leave you, Luciel. You’ll never be alone with me.”


Finally…Luciel felt like he floated back up to surface. He wasn’t alone anymore. It was as if a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders..All thanks to you.

klance fic recs pt 2

had to make a second rec list because my first one had like over 70 fics lmao rip…..i read too much fanfiction please shoot me..as i did with my first rec list, i’ll be adding new ones to this frequently until it becomes too long (new ones i add will go at the very top), then i’ll probably make a 3rd. ENJOY AND BE TRASH WITH ME!!!! PART 1 HERE

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callofthewilde  asked:

Do you have any idea why Euros would send the drone/grenade to Baker Street? She would have had no way of ensuring their survival, and if they died, she never would have been able to play Murder Castle with them. If she is so flawless and cunning, why would she pull this kind of move, one that would jeopardize her years of planning?


None of it ties to anything at all, and does a 180˚ from the original narrative. I think Something Fucky is happening here.

Celebrity Crush

Requested?: Nope.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: You are a celebrity (actress, singer, etc) and you have a crush on Sebastian Stan. While on a talk show, you get asked who your celebrity crush is and get surprised by Seb.

Warnings: None.

Word count: 1,162

A/N: I was watching Seb interviews and I got so many feels, I just had to do something about it.Most of this is actually stuff Seb said/did in an actual interview you can find right here. I really hope I captured how flirty Seb is in this, cuz damn. Also, I think I’ve seen similar things to this before, but I wanted to try it out on my own. Who knows, maybe I’ll make more Seb imagines..?? (If you want any you can request them)

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Pt. 2

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Celebrity Crush

“Tonight’s first guest is the wonderfully talented Y/N L/N!”

You shifted on Ellen’s red couch while she spoke into the camera, the crowd going crazy as you smiled and waved like a five year old child.

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Season 6, Episode 25: The Seeker

Can we take a moment to appreciate this part of the scene? So many times we see similarities between Red and Kitty and Jackie and Hyde where we see Hyde and Red having similarities and Kitty and Jackie having similarities. But here we see something a little different.

Neither Red nor Jackie seem to want to see Hyde doing any crying.And their responses while they make me laugh, I’m pretty sure aren’t very true. IF Hyde had cried in front of them, I really don’t think Red would have told anyone and Jackie seeing Hyde cry wouldn’t make her love him any less. They just say these things because they don’t want to see Hyde cry and maybe to annoy Kitty a bit.

And then there’s Hyde and Kitty. Not a huge similarity here but just look at the way they both look back at their significant other. For some reason I just love that! if you watch this gifset long enough you can see them doing it at the same time!

Something I really love from Haikyuu is the amount of small details in the animation that weren’t really that necessary. Details that probably don’t even appear in the manga at all. The small gestures, both in the faces and the bodies of the characters. Small actions that add nothing to the plot but that add an interesting layer to the animation and the story.

I mean things like this:

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There really was no reason to animate the gets his bag with such beauty and fluidity, but it is there and it’s gorgeous.

Or this:

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Just an example of the many scenes I’ve seen in which, when a character in front is doing something, there are also characters in the background actually moving and doing stuff. Here it is a meaningful action (although it could have been skipped) but many times I find characters in the background moving when there is no real need to animate them.

Haikyuu is full of these moments and as a person who had always watched rather low quality anime in the past, finding this treasure makes me feel so grateful. I could find many more examples, but I’m sure you get the point.

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i feel so bad about quitting it since i was doing so good, but i have to end the character design challenge now! i missed a day and haven’t caught up, and i’m only going to be more busy and stressed til january, so i think its best to end it now. i had a lot of fun and was happy to make designs even on days i didn’t really have a good idea, i ended up experimenting and making something. i’ll be putting them up for sale within the next few days, and when i do i’ll post a link here and on furaffinity


So, I’m in love with the Raven Cycle books by @maggie-stiefvater.  They’re big wonderful blankets of joy on me.  And I’m desperately fond of the master-apprentice relationship that forms between Persephone and Adam.  In my ultimate headcanon, Adam joins 300 Fox Way down the line as one of the psychics.  On and off.  When the occassion calls for it.  IT MUST BE.  hahaha.  

So I had to make something of them.  This is that something.  I want to do many more illustrations from these books, so here’s hoping!



An anon requested a fic from Nesta’s point of view, reflecting on Feyre and Rhysand and their relationship. It’s been a while in the making, but here it is!


I hated the fae. I always had, and I always would. No matter that I had now become one. I wasn’t a real fae, just like Elain wasn’t. We’d been forced to become this. But those around us were real fae, through and through.

And Rhysand was the worst of them.

He had this act that he put on around Elain and I. He would be polite, respectful, but not friendly. He was kind, but never overly so. It was like he was indifferent to us, but still harbored something inside that was repulsed by us.

Most likely, because fae hated humans. So now that we were fae, he had to be kind. But because we’d been mortals, he didn’t want to be.

I had made it my goal to protect Elain from these people, and to keep Rhysand from forgetting that he had no right to treat us as any less than honored guests after what his fucking cause had put us through.

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