but i had to make something!


Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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Now everything make sense. Camila unfollowed lucy when the relationship between lauren and lucy was strong and real. So, why she unfollowed lucy if she has no reason? The possible reason is because she had jealousy and feel bad to see lauren with another girl. And if you think, camila was friend whit lucy at the beginning. Something get wrong. And i think camila left the band in part for this situation, it's very difficult to be in love with someone who's in love with another.

But the way Lauren & Camila acted towards each other during this whole time doesn’t look like people who broke up and are trying to remain friends - I mean there’s some serious flirting going on - and Lauren shared her opinion on “cheating” very clearly, even if it’s only in the mind. That’s also why it’s been so hard for me to believe in Laucy, because for the past year I’ve been living and breathing Camren through this blog, so when I think about a timeline it’s made of Camren moments and none of it adds up with Lauren being in a romantic relationship with someone else - and I get that they presented the relationship as an “on/off” thing, but I don’t see Lauren two timing Camila, or Lucy for that matter. Despite what certain anon may think, I do care about Lauren being happy and if that’s with Lucy or someone else then fine, I just don’t think that that particular relationship happened the way it was told. I do have massive respect for Lauren and for Lucy for giving out that message, for coming out and deciding to represent the community - I just don’t believe that the story coming with the message is entirely true. But that’s just my opinion, which I keep strictly to this blog, without ever tagging directly the girls - so I don’t particularly like being called a “bully” or being associated with the crazy/mean part of the fandom who’s spreading hate on twitter and instagram (for you @ot5-always ) I would never be mean to Lauren or Lucy or even directly get in contact with them concerning that subject, I’m just giving out my opinion, maybe it’s completely the wrong one, maybe at some point we’ll get real pictures of Laucy as a couple, and when I say “real” I mean candid and not staged, and then I’ll believe that Laucy was indeed real, but until then I’m still more convinced by Camren than anything else because we do have images and videos, hours of it, and these are the only proofs I need.

And for the all twitter thing, it was actually Lucy who unfollowed Camila only a couple of days after liking one of her posts - a very weird thing to do.

Just watched Mark’s recent video. I’ve been proud of him. I’ve felt honored being his fan. I’ve felt support from him.

Now I feel all of that even more. Knowing that he’s proud of us just as well.

Keep it going, Mark, we’re all here for you, we all will continue making you proud.

personal opinion though it’s not easy to get into Gaia anymore and a lotta the features haven’t been updated in years so I don’t recommend it 100% if you’re looking for something fun to do [though maybe that’ll change under reinstated management, who knows]

BUT if you just want aesthetic inspiration you can make an account to check out the avi creation forums and use the inventory avatar creator module to try your hand at making your own avis! [since Tektek’s not around anymore]

I’m only occasionally on because I’ve had that account since I was a teenager and it’s hard to let go;;

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Could you possibly make a video on different perspective angles? I wanna try something different, but thought you probably had some experience with perspective. Or just tips. Tips are useful.

have you ever seen me use different perspectives?? lmao

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Years In The Making

Sorry if this sounds stupid but the joker had an old sidekick named gaggy and I was just wondering if you can do a story on how he waited years to get his revenge on the joker and he kidnappes Harley but they think she’s at ivy’s or something then the daughter goes missing at the joker goes ballistic and he gets a note saying to meet him at a certain place and they meet together or whatever you want


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I am very understanding on when Lauren stands with all of this, and she's said this — idk, feels like 2014 again lol. But I hate it when she's so rude about it. Like, if you're gonna call out shitty stans for what you see at least call all of them, not just shitty cs that make us all look bad i dont know!!!! ah!!!!! anxiety!!!! Sorry if any of this sounds selfish or whatever, but it just hurts me. I was doing just fine, but I HAd to look up camren on youtube that 2014 fml

It’s okay I get it - I think she just wanted to shut the haters down and didn’t really think about the non-crazy fans who obviously got very disappointed and felt accused of something they’re not responsible for - she put us all in the same basket without thinking that it might hurt some. The fact is, she never embraced the opportunity to make Camren something positive (I think the main reason for that is that Camren was indeed real). Lauren has always been at war with CS, not once did she say anything positive about it - even though it helped a lot of people - I mean it was understandable when she was younger and figuring herself out but now she’s 20, she’s out, and still she couldn’t find a way to end it on a better note - I get that she’s mad and probably tired of it all, and that she had to be direct and blunt, but I think she could’ve used other words.

Announcement time!

Honestly a lot of you are just gonna be like “k whatever”

Some people may unfollow me?

I hope though, that at least some of you are gonna be excited with me!

So I said this same thing when I started my blog, but then it just didn’t happen at all.

As of today, March 23,2017… I am officially vegan again!!! I’ve had a bumpy ride with being vegan and vegetarian but I’ve decided that it’s something I definitely need in my life again.  

I’m just in the mindset lately where like I’ve been thinking “why the hell am I eating this, I don’t need to be eating this meat” or “they literally make chocolate non dairy milks what am i doing?” 

Yep so that’s pretty much it, if anyone ever wants to talk or ask questions about veganism honestly please message me because talking about it just gets me so pumped up!


This outfit is something Jennie has on at the end of the Boombayah video and I wanted it in Sims(I may get rid of that extra sleeve fold though lol) so I tried making it. It has some issues so don’t expect it this week. Hopefully I can get it out next week!

Okay so my future plans of CC are below

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Headcanons of Sidon with an s/o that likes physical contact pls? No nsfw, just like casually grabbing his hand or tracing patterns over his arm. Btw I really like your blog ♥

Omigosh I am that s/o, I have so much skin hunger it’s insane.

And thank you very much sweety

S/o that loves physical contact (Sidon)

  • This should go without saying
    • Sidon is delighted
  • Sidon loves loves LOVES physical contact
    • Hand-holding is his weakness
    • So is hugging
    • And holding
    • And kisses
    • And- you get the point
  • So long as they don’t overdo it at something important- like trying to make out in the middle of a royal event, he’s cool with pda.
  • Every Zora ever has had to gag at some point or another from how sugary sweet they are with each other.
    • They love it and are happy their prince is happy
    • But still

So for all the Supergirl fans who are just figuring out that Jeremy Jordan can sing… here’s an oldie but a goodie for you to sink your teeth into. And then enjoy and make use of this playlist that I’ve had for years… there’s like 90 something videos in there to bring you up to speed. Enjoy! :)


Lance leans back in his chair and shoots Hunk a wink. “I am a man of mystery, as it were.” Hunk rolls his eyes without meaning to.
“Oh, really?”
“I’m enigmatic. I could be batman and you wouldn’t even know.
“Well, we sleep in the same bed, and I’m pretty sure I would have noticed if you had started fighting crime.”
“Well- How do you know??”
“You’d tell me first thing. You’re horrible at secret keeping. You’re like- You’re oblivious, but once you know something you make sure I do too.”
“Tsuyoshi!!” Lance punches Hunk in the arm and pouts. Hunk’s smirk drops.
“You know I love you, Lance. We’re married.”
“You could let me be flirtatious every once in a while.” Lance’s shoulders relax and he fights a smile. Hunk leans over and kisses his cheek.
“Not a chance.”

Here’s a story

I had a bunch of friends over tonight, and my ex-preacher friend learns that his friend is on tinder and starts texting her making fun of her (good-naturedly) for having “Christian” very prominently in her bio

which naturally turns into “hey Ross, did you hear that, she’s single and a Christian ;)”

She responds to my friend saying something along the lines of “yeah idk, I feel like I’m too Christian to date a non-Christian but too much of a heretic to date a super Christian dude, ya know”

Someone jokes “see, it’s a match made in heaven” and I respond “or in purgatory”

And my friend, being drunk, texts her the purgatory line, and then has to explain the context

And long story short I’m pretty sure I have a blind date

Mystery Sticky

We had Mystery Sticky in our kitchen for a couple of days.

Calm down, it’s not like that.

No, a couple of days ago I noticed something sticky had spilled a bit on the counter and floor. My husband had no idea what it was, I had no idea, and our roommate is pretty much never in the kitchen so I went ahead and assumed he had no idea either.


While making my second cup of coffee I took the milk out of the fridge and went ahead and grabbed a cleaning wipe to clean the sticky off the bottom. I noticed there looked to be actual liquid there so clearly a spill happened inside the fridge.

Set the milk down, go to clean the fridge shelf, move something aside and I see THIS SHIT

Apparently that corner of the top shelf in the fridge gets VERY cold. As in, it froze this beer. And then the beer exploded. And it was hidden by other shit so 1. Husband forgot he even HAD this beer in the first place, and 2. Despite using milk every day NEITHER OF US SPOTTED THIS


Good job on our shitty spot checks the last two days, and yay on me for finding a fridge shelf covered in sticky butterbeer and glass.


Added note: Yeah I should probably also move everything away from that corner in case something else decides it wants to explode for funsies.

[Saito Souma blog 032317] An important announcement.

Everyone, good day, I’m Saito Souma.
This time, I’d been given the honor of spreading the news myself!

Just as announced everywhere else, I, Saito Souma, shall be making my solo artist debut under SACRA MUSIC!

The first single is to be released on June 7, 2017, Wednesday!
It’s called “Fiche Story”!
Amazingly, THE Oishi Masayoshi-san had been put in charge of the lyrics, arrangement, and composition!
While there’s a lot I can’t say yet, it’s a quirky pop song, and definitely became something embodying the things I like.
I really want everyone to hear this tune I love very soon!
If you’ll grab hold of a copy, I’d be pleased!
I’ll be in your care!

It’s been a long time preparing for this, so I think I’m really happy to be finally able to convey this to you all!
To be honest, when I first started going on the path of a seiyuu, whenever there’d be talk about me going on stage, I never could imagine how the me singing songs would look like.
I’m a seiyuu until the very end, so I thought I wanted to be someone who just supports the productions I’m in.

However, as I’d challenged various things in my role as seiyuu, I’d gradually begun to think stuff like “I wanna do things like this more,” “What else should I do for the sake of broadening my range?”
If the me from that time would feel something along the lines of “becoming part of [the music industry] is a delusion!” at today’s news, now I’m boldly taking a step forward.

While it’ll take a bit longer before we can say anything more concrete, I have a lot of feelings about promoting things about me singing songs, about performing in front of everyone!
To everyone who’d been supporting me, if this new “Saito Souma” I’m conveying to you pleases you, I think I shall devote myself so that you may want to call on me!
From now on as well, the seiyuu Saito Souma will also be in your care!

Also, accompanying this turn of events, an official webpage and Twitter account had been established!
Either one is managed and updated by the staff team, and aside from this blog, they will convey various news!
Please look upon both of these kindly!

Official webpage

Twitter account

That being said, that’s the news about my debut single’s release!
Please look upon me kindly, and cheer on me continuously!
Well then, until next time!

Saito Souma

souma blog tag | my translation index | please do not reproduce this translation anywhere without credit and permission. | the original title was フィッシュストリ. i chose to take it as “fiche”, short for microfiche, where stuff was printed on really tiny-like for easy storage, cuz it fit with the “story” half and sounded like a word Souma would use? …he also could’ve meant “fish”, though. fish story. souma, why | translated 参りたい as “you may want to call on me”, but it could also mean “you would like to fall madly in love with me”…Souma pls stop reading my mind | thanks for reading!