but i had to make a choice

half-baked theory i just pulled out of my ass: atem obviously ascended the throne pretty young and even before that, being a prince is a full time, stressful gig that requires a lot of composure and entails making a lot of hard choices/dispensing justice. he probably didn’t get the chance to just be a carefree kid and play games (non-life threatening ones, anyway) the way he no doubt would have liked to.

and that’s why (or part of why) yugi, his future incarnation, is the way he is: a pretty youthful, innocent kid with a love of games and a soft heart. strong without cruelty. the person atem would have loved to have had the chance to be


can we talk about the Octanakin/Ilian sex scene being problematic now?

In discussing with @forgivenessishardforus she mentioned the following: While the sex was “consensual”, Ilian was obviously hesitant and only capitulated after hearing Octanakin beg him to “Make me feel something.” seconds after attempting to commit suicide by acid rain.

This brings up the question of dubious consent. The basic thought process here being, Ilian had just watched as Octanakin tried to kill herself, attempted to stop her and was rewarded with violence (a hit to the face) and a serious struggle. It could have seemed to Ilian as if he had no choice, sleep with Octankin or she would search for some other way to “feel something” and that way might result in her death. 

I am almost certain the writers did not intend for the scene to be taken that way, but it’s still something to consider. Especially when one considers the overall “buildup” of their relationship and Ilian’s “You spared my life. I owe you.” just moments before. 

Did Ilian have sex with Octanakin as payment for the debt he believes he owes her? And if so, can that ever make it truly consensual?

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I just saw what you wrote about the kitchen scene & I loved it! What do you think about the reunion scene in the cafeteria? Even specifically mentions Kardemomme. Like he wants to go back to when times were simple, before Isak said he didn't want to be around mentally ill people. It's not until after this scene that Even tries to reach out to Isak, by leaving him the picture in his jacket.

That meta is a bit old! It’s just resurfacing ‘cause I harassed @softnorwegians and pushed them towards my meta tag (#monstrueuse-meta), haha.

The cafeteria scene is a good one. If we see meals as intimacy, then the cafeteria scene is another reflection of Isak and Even’s relationship at the moment. Isak is having a lonely cheese toastie on a sad paper plate, the thing looking very little like the few (albeit horrible in taste) he had so much fun making with Even.
Isak is feeling lonely and we see it reflected in every direction choice: from his crossing a schoolyard peppered with small groups of friends (none of which he belongs to; a seemingly infinite and empty distance to close between him and the school’s doors) to him getting lunch alone, another huge physical gap in the queue between him and the boy he first mistakes for Even.

We already see him so lonely when he bumps into Even. Isak, who used to connect with this boy so much, now is lonely even in his presence. We all feel that, us the viewers as well as Isak and Even. They’re uncomfortable even if they try really hard not to be. The divide between them is emphasised by the toastie: Isak is holding a meal, Even isn’t.

on a side-note, talking about direction:

this is a cheese toastie you want to eat

this isn’t

Even tries to restore some of that intimacy, or at least test the waters, and he does it by talking about food: the food they used to share with joy, an in-joke even (kardemomme!), now only in Isak’s hands. It doesn’t work, of course. It feels stilted and fake. Isak really tries to make it work too, but he can’t. Intimacy is not something you can get whenever you please regardless of circumstances.

The intimacy is lost. Isak leaves with his lunch that we don’t see him eating.

So I ended up writing a whole thing, I hadn’t planned that haha. I hope you like it. I might have to write a whole thing with @softnorwegians now about food and sleep in SKAM sesong 3!

The Andromeda we got is just so far removed from the Andromeda that I saw so much potential in…

When you ship a bunch of people of multiple species (who all have a wealth of history and politics between them) to another galaxy, the baggage of their past doesn’t just evaporate. I like the idea of finding a new home for all these people, but what exactly is that going to mean when the people living there all have good reason to be suspicious of and/or hate each other?

That is the set-up for a much more interesting story in-keeping with Mass Effect’s main themes of interspecies politics and unity, with the progression of the narrative’s tone in-relation to the choices you make basically tipping the balance of whether this is a positive step forward or a much more cynical future for the Milky Way galaxy’s former-residents.

If there had to be a central antagonist to this story (and there didn’t), it should have been Alec Ryder.

I, like many others, am generally tired of how Mac Walters has plastered Cerberus over every god damn corner of Mass Effect’s lore… but this is one instance in which their involvement could really work. ME1 and 2 went into a lot of detail in explaining and showing to us just how many pies Cerberus had their fingers in - certain spoilers from the game aside, it’s a situation where it would basically be inconsistent with ME’s canon for Cerberus not to be involved with the Andromeda Initiative.

Having Alec Ryder be the face of Cerberus in Andromeda, looking to propel humanity in ways that simply weren’t possible in the Milky Way, would be a much stronger and potentially greyer conflict for the protagonist (his son or daughter) than the Archon - who has officially out-lamed Corypheus. The very least you can say for Corypheus was that he was intended to be lame, but the Archon (and the kett in general, who are literally just the Collectors without the awesome Prothean reveal) does so much to damage this game’s story by having them effectively be what turns this story that’s supposed to be about exploration and interspecies politics into another popcorn action flick.

No Archon. No kett. No long-vanished precursor race. Mass Effect already did all that shit in the trilogy.

From my perspective, thinking about what this story could have been, it’s just really hard for me to not be disappointed with this from the outset.


I feel that both sides are being shady here, on one hand you’ve got Russia selecting an artist that has broken Ukrainian law and Yulia herself accepting it knowing that’s she’s broken the law. I know that Eurovision and politics should be kept as separate as possible but let’s be honest, the EBU cannot operate above or outside the law (idk where y'all are getting the idea that they can) so in that aspect they have no choice.

Now on the other hand, you’ve got the other side playing dirty too as they’ve had plenty of time to issue a list of all banned artists/people/celebs whatever and they had plenty of time to make that available. Leaving it to the literal last minute so that Russia will have to either frantically pick another artist or withdraw entirely is obviously shady and could be an attempt to just not have Russia in the contest this year which yes, I will agree is unfair.

TLDR; both sides are shady af and this is a tricky situation but lbr this was never gonna be settled in the easiest way

I really wish they'd explored more of Regina's thoughts after splitting herself

Did she feel lighter?

Was it easier to make the right choice?

Did she feel like the person she was before Daniel was killed?

We know she regretted her actions as the EQ but even when she was whole, she felt remorse.

There’s been no real, meaty exploration and now it’s like “ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Let’s put Regina back together.”

I just wish there had been more and especially more EQ/Henry.

Or even Regina/Henry. He’s been something of a conscience for Regina but they haven’t used him as much during this arc.


I apologize for not getting to private messages sent my way yesterday. I honestly wasn’t in the best mood for them. ♥

I know people are trying to check up on me, but I just prefer to be alone sometimes when I get that depressive and not in a right state of mind. I don’t want to bring anybody else down with me, and I also feel like a majority of people don’t know how to properly listen, if I am to be honest. I know each person will have their way of approaching a situation, but most of what I get isn’t very helpful in comparison when it comes to the state of depression I have, and I am sorry; especially to those of you who say you’re trying. ^.^;;

I had to make a somber choice this morning and unfollow a few blogs to retain my sanity, and I apologize to those I unfollowed. Keep in mind, it has nothing to do with you—it has to do with me and how I don’t want to be scared to look at my dash and see what’s on it now and again whether mobile or otherwise. I am tired of seeing this one thing again and again, feeling triggered, and then wanting to scream at the top of my lungs, because I don’t see what’s so great about this part of the fandom, so to fix it, I removed myself from part of the problem. ♥

If I keep feeling triggered by some things, I will probably continue to remove people to make sure I am back in my safe haven and my little hole, but be aware, it has nothing to do with you—just something far greater. You’re still free to come to me to talk, but I cannot bring myself to re-watching some blogs right now.

I know I’ve spoken about this in detail with some people in private, and you probably know what that trigger is—others, I will outright refuse to explain what it is, because…sad to say…I do not trust the conversation will end happily between us. I unfollowed you for a reason, and that reason is, I want you to be happy with what you like, who you support, and so forth. The best way to ensure that continues with my sanity in tact is just to remove myself from the problem. ♥

I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but in the end, I do need to think of myself. If I am getting sick because of one silly thing, I need to take a step back and recollect myself. It was either do this or delete my blog and run away, and I cannot delete my blog, because then I practically surrender all of my work. I am selfish when it comes to that…so I cannot bring myself to do it.

I am sure if I delete anything, it will be my to-do list. I don’t know if I have it in me to write certain imagines anymore. xx; I apologize, dears.

In the end, regardless, thank you for understanding.

~Oreana Galena

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So, you saw the Master Sword's guardian - did you actually listen to him speak? Because I was always neutral on the GDT in past games, but in THIS one he sounds like a spoiled, entitled pissbaby and I had more than a few choice words for him considering what the first things he had to say to me (well, Link) were, and I'm curious about your thoughts. Also, you finished the Zora Dungeon completely, right? If so, I have an idea I want to share with you, but I want to make sure that it won't (1/2)

spoil anything first! (2/2)

I briefly, naively thought maybe the voice acting would improve my opinion of him generally, but no.  And his dialogue is not good.  He legit sounds like he’s mocking me, sometimes.  I don’t think it’s what they were going for, but there it is.

Oh Deku Tree.  How I loathe thee.

(And yes!  I’m completely done the Zora and Goron dungeons!  Maybe some of the side quests left, but the main quests are complete for those two!)

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The Robert we have seen in recent episodes makes me feel like giving him hugs while at the same time hitting him over the head. I love that idiot but he brings out the disappointed parent side I never knew I had in me ha

lmaooooooo anon if this ain’t exactly me

I birthed a child who is 4 years older that me and an absolute garbage heap of a human being sometimes and I love him impossibly

what a world

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This probably seems weird to ask but do you actually not have any friends?? I have like 2 but they speak to me maybe once a month so i dont really think i have friends and its so embarrassing to me. Im almost finished college and no matter what i tried (classes, clubs, etc) i just cant seem to make any actual friends.

The short version is, I had shitty friends in high school and I’m a college dropout. Any friends that I could have had I left behind too. I’ve pretty much been a recluse ever since, not by choice, by circumstance. My social skills are rusty, I’m a flawed human being. I suck at making friends.

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Why does everyone see Tom as pan?

OOC: Well, there’s a few reasons for me at least.

First of all, I write Tom as pan because I’m pan. Given the other similarities we share, I figure’d I’d throw it in. Especially since it’s what I understand.

There’s also this: 

His ice cream/snocone shares the same colors as the pansexual flag, and while I’m not really the type to scream “IT’S CANON” over something like this, I have to at least wonder if the color choice and pattern was deliberate. Especially since the episode this comes from had a titlecard designed like a romance novel.

There’s also the fact that this is kind of how I write all demon characters. Limiting sexuality or denying sexuality beyond being straight has been, until now, seen as a moral dilemma. Mainly by religious groups. I don’t think Hell’s ever had to go through that, so it makes sense that sexuality would be seen as a bit freer in universes where it exists in the capacity that it does in this show.

Going right back around to personal experiences, I grew up around goth and punk culture and most of the people I’ve met through both weren’t straight. Tom’s style seems to be a mixture of both (I mean, did you see the outfit one of the board artist’s drew him in with the fishnet shoulder showing from under his over shirt?), and while I don’t see this as any undeniable proof of canonicity, it’s enough to work with for the sake of this blog.

If you see this, post a section of your WIP

Niall stood in front of the the shop and read the modest sign.  Styles Instruments and Sheet Music.  This was the place.

He opened the door and heard the bell jingle above him.  The shop smelled of musty paper and wood.  Niall allowed himself to close his eyes and breathe it in.  Hands in his pockets, he tilted his head back and just basked in the various scents and sounds encompassed in the small shop.  Yes.  He had made the right choice.

“Good afternoon.  Can I help you find anything?”

Niall smiled to himself without moving from his position, despite the deep voice obviously wanting to assist with his shopping needs.

“Give me a minute, if you don’t mind.  Music shops are my favorite, and not many have such rich depth to them as yours does.”  After another moment or two of probably making the shop employee nervous, he finally opened his eyes and looked in front of him.  Standing there was man with his shirt sleeves rolled up, deep blue suspenders a bit lopsided, and his matching trousers looking a little wrinkled.  “Ah, you must be the owner of the shop.”

The smile didn’t waver, but a look of confusion did cross the man’s face.  “Yes, I’m Harry Styles.  Have we met?”

Niall chuckled before coming up and patting him on the shoulder.  “Very nice to meet you.  I’m Niall Horan.  We haven’t met, but I know what a man looks like when he’s been running his numbers and I’m afraid I have disturbed you from this very dry and tedious task.”

The man ran his ink stained hand through his short, mahogany hair.  More proof that Niall’s supposition was correct.  “Yes, that’s right.  I truly don’t mind the interruption.  Is there something specific you’ve come looking for today?”

“Ah!  Yes.”  Niall began walking towards the small selection of pianos the shop kept in house.  That was the main reason Niall had come here.  Not many shops in this part of town kept pianos.  Most had to order them in, but Niall preferred to touch and play an instrument before purchasing it.  Between that and others having recommended the Styles Music Shop, Niall knew it was where he needed to make the purchase.  “I am in search of a piano.”

Harry’s eyes brightened at that.  “Are you?  I’m glad to hear it.  The piano is my favorite instrument, though I also love the clarinet.  Do you play?”

“Mmm?”  Niall had already started to drift into childhood memories just touching the first upright piano that was standing in front of him.  “Oh yes.  Many good memories growing up revolve around the piano…”

Niall shook his head and pulled himself back to the present.  “Do you mind if I take some time to play around on them a bit?  Get a good feel of them.  I’ll call for you when I’m ready to talk more details.”

“Course.”  Harry smiled politely, before heading back to the office that had it’s door open to the main room to run more numbers.

Greek Pantheon Asks
  • Aphrodite: What do you love most about yourself?
  • Apollo: Do you have any talents?
  • Ares: What small thing makes you angry?
  • Artemis: What are you hunting for in life?
  • Athena: What is/was your best school subject?
  • Demeter: Do you miss anyone?
  • Dionysus: Do you drink alcohol? If so, what's your beverage of choice?
  • Eros: How do you define your sexuality?
  • Gaia: Where's your favorite place in the world?
  • Hades: Have you ever had a near-death experience?
  • Hecate: What do you think of magic?
  • Helios: Do you sunburn easily?
  • Hephaestus: What's the coolest thing you've ever made or built?
  • Hera: Are you the jealous type?
  • Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?
  • Hestia: Where's your home away from home?
  • Hyperion: Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
  • Hypnos: What was your most recent dream about?
  • Iris: What's your favorite color palate?
  • Kronos: What's the stupidest thing you've ever eaten?
  • Nemesis: What's a time you helped deliver justice?
  • Nike: What's your most recent accomplishment?
  • Nyx: What's your favorite nighttime activity?
  • Pan: What do you do for fun?
  • Persephone: What's your favorite season of the year?
  • Poseidon: What's your favorite sea creature?
  • Rhea: What's your favorite type of nature?
  • Selene: What's your favorite phase of the moon?
  • Tartarus: What's your personal hell?
  • Thanatos: Is there anyone you just really, really hate?
  • Uranus: What are your zodiac signs?
  • Zeus: What do you think about thunderstorms?
Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived, and James and Lily rocked Harry to sleep on the night of his second birthday by quietly humming lullabies to him. The moon spilled through the window and bathed his crib with a soft blue light, and Lily had never seen something so peaceful. The rest of the evening was spent slow dancing to one of Sirius’ old records. That Halloween, Harry dressed up as James’ favorite member of the Cannons. Not that he had much of a choice in the matter. 

Everyone lived, and Padfoot and Moony, known more affectionately to little Harry as “Poof” and “Moo,” took him to ice cream every Thursday afternoon. Sometimes, Sirius would put him in the sidecar of his motorcycle and fly low over the neighborhood before dropping him off (Don’t tell Lily). Harry was the ringbearer in Sirius’ and Remus’ wedding, much to James’ objection (“I would make a much better ringbearer than a toddler. Come on Padfoot.”.) 

Everyone lived, and Harry and Neville spent their fifth birthdays together. Lily and Alice thought they both looked just smashing in their matching blazers, but Neville was too busy throwing dirt at Ron to care. Molly baked a cake that was taller than Harry, and it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Lily invited Narcissa to her weekly book club that consisted of all the moms getting wine drunk and complaining about their husbands. Neville, Draco, Ron and Harry would eavesdrop and report to their dads later that day with everything they heard. Cue an unnecessary amount of shocked scoffing from James (”I do not do that, Lillian!”).

Everyone lived, and  Harry had a whole gang of people come to see him, Ron, Neville, and Draco off on their first year at Hogwarts. When Draco was sorted into Slytherin, no one made too much of a fuss because, as Ron claimed, maybe Draco and Harry would bicker less like an old married couple if they weren’t rooming together. As a group, the five of them, including Hermione later that year, broke the school record for most detentions in a month. James was angry, but only because he had been the previous record holder. Lily was angry because she was called in twice for a meeting with the headmaster to discuss Harry’s actions.

Everyone lived, and Christmases were full of light and music and shy kisses under the mistletoe. James, Sirius, and Remus all got drunk together before the Christmas party even started and by the time all the guests had arrived, there had been four proclamations of undying love made from the kitchen counter (three of them were Sirius confessing his love for James.)(One of them was from Sirius to Remus.). Molly knitted everyone a Weasley jumper. Harry stole some firewhiskey from James and shared the bottle with Draco later that night in his room after everyone left. They were both so drunk they weren’t really aware they were kissing until it was too late to take it back. Harry’s face was red, and no one could be sure if the flush in his cheeks was from the alcohol or the snogging. Fifth year was full of a series of not-so-secret makeout sessions in empty classrooms. No one said anything about it.

Everyone lived, and during sixth year when Draco and Harry finally admitted they were dating, no one batted an eye. Lucius groaned, and James winked reassuringly at the two of them, and Lily was grinning from ear to ear. Sirius and Remus were so proud. They had all seen it coming from a mile away.

Everyone lived, and though no one was able to fully escape heartbreak, or tears, or nightmares, everyone had each other. Harry’s memories were not haunted by cramped cupboards or loneliness but warmed by smiles and magic and feathery soft kisses on cheeks, on lips, on foreheads. 

Everyone lived, and Harry didn’t have to be the savior. He just had to be Harry, and that was just fine.

This sucks but I had extra time today and I keep having IDEAS so anyways! Please put any headcanons or ideas or prompts you may have in my ask! I check it very frequently and will probably start writing some of those suggestions you’ve already given me tomorrow. Love you guys xx



i’ve had a couple screwdrivers and i want to talk about colors for a sec.
so, a tip from your mom.

the tip: don’t use black and white for your shading and highlighting.

(pls forgive the quick doodle for the purpose of an example)
one of these is clearly softer and more vibrant. it can play up your palette choices, even if they’re not that exciting by themselves- but pink or brown shading makes everything look really nice.

how bout this one?

black and white values for your art won’t completely ruin it. but there’s way more you can be doing with it. low opacity black to shade an art piece is a lil bit boring. it doesn’t make any of your colors stand out, it doesn’t take much creativity on your part. won’t stretch the muscles.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use black as shading. but to work it at its best, you have to actually use black. the purpose?

contrast! it’s great for drama. black shading is used for sharp graphic styles- you’ve seen it in a lot of comics before. it commands attention for a serious situation.
imo, black should be used as its full self, or not at all. low opacity black just looks gross and boring. it’s way more fun to use other colors, i promise!

this has been a chat about shading with ur mom.

Can we talk about Finn for a minute? I keep reading that Finn gets described as “flat” or “boring” by some in the Star Wars fandom. Obviously everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But I’ll tell you, from my perspective? He’s one of the most unique, charismatic Star Wars characters out there. 

1. Finn humanized stormtroopers. Made us experience panic and terror at the terrible choices they have to make. Stormtroopers, who were practically a joke in the other movies - white plastic statutes that existed just to get shot and clatter into a pile.

2. Finn’s flight with Poe Dameron is an explosion of emotion. That scene blew me away. Both of them had so much fun with it, and you can see Finn feel the real impact of having a name, rather than being a number. 

3. Finn is profoundly empathetic and protective. Hell, I swear he cares about BB8 when he has to describe the plane crash, and Poe’s “death”, to the droid. 

4. Finn shows tremendous range in this movie. Traumatized (stormtrooper battle), jocular (”you got a boyfriend?”), joyous (”that’s one hell of a pilot”), wistful (”Take care of yourself. Please.”), angry (ligthsaber battle), I could go on. I like Luke Skywalker as much as the next fan, but I think Finn shows more range in this one film than Luke did in all three. 

5. Finn’s story arc is powerful, subversive, and inspiring. Going from a number to a name. Finding a family after being taken from his home as a child. Turning his back on the First Order and then realizing he needs to go further, and embrace the cause of the Resistance.

6. Finn’s relationship with Rey. I’m gonna get choked up about this, so I’ll just say John Boyega is an amazing actor, and I loved every scene he had with Daisy Ridley. 

Anyway that’s my fangirling contribution. To me, Finn’s amazing. 

Gif courtesy of @kit-harington