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Fanaccount of the ISEOULU Concert in Kuala Lumpur 23/5/2017 (NCT 127)

First off I just wanted to say that this concert was FREE ADMISSION, and I was able to get tickets for zone A, which was right behind the VIP seating area. Of course the ones closest to the stage were Rock Zone tickets (won by lottery) so those who were sitting in Rock Zone would provide a slightly different fanaccount (and better pictures), so this is my account of the concert from where I was standing, which is about 500m to 600 meters from the stage.

Another thing to note is that this concert was used to promote Seoul City tourism, so even if it was a two hour concert, Yesung, Red Velvet and NCT 127 were not the only performers for the whole two hours. We had local Malaysian acts, Altimet and De Fam and a speech given by the vice mayor of Seoul and a magic performance. By the time all of that was over, Yesung, Red Velvet and NCT 127 only had about an hour left to perform. They each performed 4 songs and their ment had to be sped up.

This post is for NCT 127 but I have a separate one for Red Velvet and Yesung, so check those out if you want the full fan account!

NCT 127

  • Okay this is gonna be a long one because I am a huge NCT stan.
  • I have to say I thought I was going to be the only NCT stan. I thought everyone was here for Red Velvet and Yesung but I was so wrong, because when their intro VCR played, the screaming amplified by the thousands, glasses cracked, the building shook and about 10,000 cell phones were raised up in the air.
  • They wore mostly short sleeves or sleeveless for Johnny AND THE JOHNGUNS ARE REAL AND BEAUTIFUL HOLY SHIT I DIED.

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To let y'all know Jackson was here for the SWIRL

Okay so let tell you how these guys look exactly like they do on screen in 1080p! Like I was amazed at how good they looked in real life!! (Still not over it)

Okay experience wise it was a 20/10 like that was money well spent. They made me laugh and I was just here for it all.

So on to the good stuff. As you can see from the video they came through the crowd and you were high-fiving ppl. So Mark kinda went right but doubled back around but Jackson came down and my hand was up and he looked at me and as soon as he saw the girl next to he like hurried up to go over and say hi and I was like DAMNN. So the girl next to me wasn’t really fan she just came with her younger sister and they are both super pretty she’s also darker than me! To let y'all know he was here for the SWIRL. He came and she kind of video taped it that’s where my cam gets shaky cause I was trying to get in it last minute but sidenote: after all that sweating and stuff can you believe Jackson still smelled good! Idk if he sprayed cologne or what but I was like waiiittt you aren’t supposed to be smelling like fresh laundry what is happening here?!?

Anyways I was trying to recover from the shade of Jackson ignoring me but Yugyeom saw me looked in my eye smiled and high fives me and I wasn’t a stan before but I am now like omg he was fine up close! AND TALL AS HELL! we were standing kinda on a leveled area and he was eye level on the flat grown so if I was flat he’d tower over me!

Later in Mark kinda came over and also high fived me but I was trying to do it properly and it kinda didn’t show up in the vid lol

So the HI-TOUCH!

Mind you I’m thinking Jr gonna be last and he’s my ult so I’m like i am just gonna chill and say hey when I get to him at the end. GIRL HE WAS FRONT AND CENTER when the door opened and I couldn’t handle it. He smiled at me and I just didn’t know what to do like I literally went blank lol I think mark was after but I remember he did like a head nod thing and I did the hi touch. Then I think was bam bam and he actually said hey like in a friendly way (he was supper energetic the whole show) so that’s when I snapped back in time for JB to kill me with his smile and I smiled and hi touched cause I didn’t know what words were. Mind you they were all like leaning over the table which I don’t know if it was a normal thing but they were.

Then was Yugyeom he been killing me all night and he was sitting on the actual table and he just gave me a big ol smile and I smiled back and hi touched. Then poor YJ looked soooo tired he literally just was there for a sec then he put his hand out (not leaving over the table) and I grabbed it and said I love you and his eyes got wide and he was blinking a lot LOL i think I woke him up. So then a staff member decides she was gonna try like I’m some jit and put her hand on my back to push me forward so I stopped to look at her like who do you think you are? then she just looked away. I was so mad I almost forgot to hi touch Jackson. I was getting ready to walk off and he like REACHED over the table and put his hand out and I was oh yeah and just tapped it and stomped off lol. Mind you I had the girl next to me he was dying over go in front of me so I could see and that lady made me turn around and miss EVERYTHING. I was so mad lol she said he just hi fived her but she kinda was rushing cause when I turned around she was already heading out. And we were the first ppl to go through like I WAS LEGIT THE THIRD PERSON TO HI TOUCH LOL

But I just wanna say everyone in ATL was super friendly. I met some cool people and the girls were decked out! The outfits were great like we came to SLAYYY!!

Oh and JB was sooooo extraaa! That bias wrecking thing! He was feeling the crap out If you do the body rolls were crazy!!

what i wore lol :

Someone on Twitter got us right as Jackson was comin up I was not imagining things because she was like he was so here for her!! LOL: