but i had to keep her cute blue outfit

Dayna Treasura Jones

Dayna seems to be clearanced out everywhere. I got this one at Walmart. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep her, but I’m very glad I did. Was she unpopular or over produced? I really liked the whole Shriekwrecked line. The nautical outfits were cute and had a lot of detail.

Dayna has gold skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, and bright red lips. She wears black gloves with a heart on them like Draculaura. I love her little details like freckles in the shape of stars and constellations on her arms and legs. She has gold tinsel in her hair. Personally I like tinsel. Dayna has curly blonde hair, it reminds me of Apple White. It’s soft with pretty curls but feels matted together. I wouldn’t dare to comb it. This is a frizzy type of hair but I like how it looks, wavy and very full.

She has very unique earrings. They are birds on hoops. I suppose because pirates have parrots as pets? Dayna has a two-sided dress that can be switched around. It goes from a blue treasure map pattern with a white and blue top to a black and gold diamonds and skullettes themed skirt. She has a molded on bodice/corset type body that can serve as a top also. She has a cute treasure chest headband that actually opens up. Her blue shoes with the wooden pattern also have a removable part on the bottom to reveal gold coins. The box advertises this as her hidden treasure. I think the real hidden treasure here is Dayna herself, an under appreciated Monster High doll.


Blue Sargent + cute outfits I’ve found on polyvore.


Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Blue Sargent by @maggie-stiefvater, from The Raven Cycle. :)

(Open the pictures for better quality!).

Valentine's Day

(Yet another Sonamy one-shot I thought of. Specifically for Valentine’s Day.

I want to point out that in this story Sonic and Amy have been dating for two months now. Secondly, like in a headcanon I’ve seen posted before: Sonic and Amy keep their relationship hidden from the public.

Anyway, I don’t wanna spoil the story for you all - so on with the story!)

Today was a big deal for Amy, and everything had to be perfect for tonight. The dinner, her outfit, and the gift for a certain blue hedgehog. Sure, it might’ve not been her ideal setting for a date on Valentine’s Day but… Sonic being here with her was all she wanted.

Since she had plenty of time to fix the meal, she went out into town to buy a new cute outfit. As expected, the stores were packed and all of the shoppers seem to be in a rush; at times shoving her out of the way to get to their destination. It was rude, but Amy wouldn’t allow this to ruin her day. Leaving the shop with three bag fulls of items she had purchased, Amy made her way back home. When she put aside the items that were brought home, she hung up her new dress. For a moment she admired it and thought of how Sonic’s response would be. Heck, would he even notice that she was wearing a new outfit? Amy shook her head, she needed to focus on the positive things. Sonic would be coming at 6pm and after dinner they could cuddle on the couch to watch a movie. Amy had already planned this out in her head, making her quite anxious for Sonic to stop by.

Restless now, Amy started to clean the living room. Fixing the cushions on the couch, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning off the coffee table.

Wiping her brow, she stopped to admire her work and smiled, quite pleased how organized the living room and kitchen looked.

For the next three hours, Amy sorted out the ingredients for the meal. The seasoning for the chicken she was preparing over the stove, while the chicken was cooking, she chopped up some veggies, fruit and munched on an apple and some broccoli to soothe the faint ache of hunger she was feeling. After checking on the chicken, Amy glanced at the clock to see it was now 5:30pm. Panic settled in immediately. She wasn’t done cooking yet! In haste, Amy flipped over the chicken breasts in the frying pan, to see that they were cooked thoroughly. A couple of the fillets looked a tad bit burnt, so she tossed them in the trash bin. Leaving just enough for them to have a second serving if they wanted to. In the pantry, she retrieved two plates to rest the chicken fillets, veggies and fruit on. The sight of the food made her stomach growl. It wouldn’t be much later… she noted when looking at the clock once more.

Amy ran out of the kitchen and switched out her clothes into her new outfit. It fit nicely over her curves. Returning to the living room… still no sign of Sonic, she frowned at the clock that now read 6:10. Just ten minutes late, don’t panic. She told herself. The poor girl had every right to panic due to past planned dates with Sonic. Although they weren’t dating officially then, it still hurt that he blew her off like that. Would he do it now? She shook her head, feeling disappointed in herself for doubting her own boyfriend to show for their date.

30 minutes had went by… Amy stomped over to her front door, peeking out to see if she could catch a glimpse of Sonic approaching. No one was there. Her heart sunk. “This couldn’t be happening again. No… he couldn’t have forgotten…! Maybe something happened to him?” Amy bit her bottom lip, now worried that could be true.

For the next hour Amy paced nervously, and peeked out of the window, until finally locating her communicator to contact Sonic. She hesitated on pressing the button. Amy remembered that she had vowed to Sonic awhile back that she would only contact him in emergencies. This wasn’t the case… no matter how important the date was. With a sigh, she set aside the device and settled back on the couch. By 11pm, Amy had given up and figured Sonic would never show, now. She would want an explanation the next time she saw him. The kitchen table was soon cleared. There was no point in keeping the food out, any longer. It was too cold and tasteless by now.

Once the kitchen was cleared, Amy changed into her nightgown. As she was lifting her dress over her head there was a strange noise coming from the living room.

At first, Amy was startled until a familiar voice called her name. “Ames…?” The pink hedgehog rushed out of her room, to witness her rugged looking boyfriend standing at her doorway. He gave her a weak smile, and rubbed the back of his head. For awhile, the two just stared at each other. Amy wasn’t sure what to say. Should she be mad? He was five hours late for their date! She had every right to be mad! On the other hand… Sonic’s quills looked unkempt, there was cuts all over his body, and his gloves were torn. Amy crossed her arms, and approached him. “Sonic -” He was quick to interrupt her, fearing that she would yell at him. “Don’t look at me like that, Ames. I know I’m really, really late… but…” Sonic kicked at the floor, “Egghead decided it was a good time to show off his new creation, ya’ see. I was just about to -” Amy’s finger pressed against his lips, causing him to go quiet immediately.

“It’s fine.” She sighed, glancing down. “I was just looking forward to being alone with you today…”

It wasn’t easy being in a relationship with the hero of the world. They vaguely had time to be alone, because of their foes. The fact that they weren’t dating out in public where rumors could quickly spread like a fire on a scorching hot summer day but worst of all their enemies would target Amy like a lioness hunts her prey.

They all knew that water was not his only weakness; but so was Amy. If she had been harmed in any way, Sonic would push to his limits to rescue her - whether it lead to his death or not.

They both strived to grow closer in their relationship; even though they had such a big burden to carry along. Yet, it didn’t bring them down. Amy continued to hope that one day, they wouldn’t have to hide their relationship and be able to hug, kiss, and hold hands wherever they pleased. Their strong feelings for each other was what even kept them together.

Sonic looked at Amy in the eyes before wrapping one arm around her waist, pulling her closer. “Well, we’re alone now.” He brushed away her bangs, before stroking her pink quills. “Did you wanna order a pizza and watch a movie?”

Amy blinked at him, touched by his concern. “Actually… I had fixed some dinner.” She glanced at the kitchen, before looking into his charming gaze again. “Sadly, it’s cold now.”

Sonic’s face brightened up at the mention of Amy cooking up a meal. “Oh! Really? Heat it up in the microwave and then we could dig in!” Quite frankly, her cooking sounded far more appealing than pizza. He was soon embraced tightly by Amy, before she ran into the kitchen to heat up the chicken in the microwave like Sonic suggested.

Two arms wrapped around her waist the moment she started to set up the table. His touch sent shivers down her spine, “Sonic?” she looked at him. “I’m really sorry about today… I really suck at this dating stuff, eh?” He nuzzled against her, kissed her shoulder, and played with the strap of her nightgown. Amy’s cheeks burned a bright shade of red as he did this. God… he sure knew how to apologize.

“I-I..said i-it w-was fine, Sonic.” Amy finally managed to speak. He smiled against her cheek, then planted a kiss. Amy squirmed as he turned her around to face him. They said nothing for awhile, just staring into each other eyes. Sonic rubbed her arms before leaning in for a kiss to her lips. Amy wrapped her arms around him, pressing her chest against his and closing the gap between them. The kiss lingered for what seemed like forever - until Sonic pulled away, gasping for air.

Dinner went over great, as Amy had hoped and they soon moved over to the couch after they cleaned their plates. Sonic allowed Amy to pick whatever movie she wanted to see under the condition that it wasn’t a corny romantic film. While Amy was going through the movies she owned, Sonic suddenly remembered something. “Oh shoot! I almost forgot!” Amy was startled when Sonic spoke out of the blue, and looked at him in surprise. He held up his finger and then picked up his worn out backpack he had carried along. Curious, Amy walked over to join him on the couch. “Err… Ames could I see your headband?” He asked, awkwardly.

“Sure?” Amy looked at him, skeptical. She wasn’t sure what he was up to when he slicked her quills back into a ponytail and replaced her headband with a new one. She brushed a finger along the material then got up from the couch to have a look in the mirror. Sonic walked up to stand behind her. “That flower here reminded me of you, for some reason.” He touched the cute pink flower that was attached to the side of the headband and then looked at the reflection to watch Amy’s reaction.

“Oh… Sonic… I love it.” Before Sonic could get a single word out, Amy smothered him with kisses to his cheek, jawline, neck and finally on his lips. “Thank you…” She whispered against his lips.

Sonic smiled and kissed her back, while stroking her back. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ames.” He mumbled against her lips.


(Okay I think the end could have been better… ^^; but I still hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

This prompt was sadly a pain to finish because tumblr decided it wanted to make it unorganized and it was a lot that needed to be fixed - so if you see any errors, I probably overlooked them since I was in a rush to finish. lol

Thanks for reading!)