but i had to give it up to rob

i don’t mean to be insensitive because apparently kathy griffin really put little barron trump through it with that picture of herself pretending to hold donald’s decapitated head or whatever but i can’t help but to be reminded of the hell that sasha and malia had to go through since the day their father announced his run for office

like just the coverage this is getting + the emphasis on barron’s mental state and the outcry of “think about the children” is wild because when white supremacists all over this dumb ass country were constructing puppets of barack obama so they could lynch them and set them on fire / drawing cartoons of him as a primate / making posters asking for his birth certificates and wishing death upon that man / etc. the media did not give one inch of a whole fuck! so much so that it’s even to the point where people today are saying “what if we had been this violent when obama was in office” which is either some really selective memory or (if i’m giving them the benefit of the doubt) they really had no idea this was going on

my point is that this is literally a prime example of black girls being robbed of their childhoods + being expected to be graceful about it lmao no one was thinking about obama’s children when they were stringing a dummy modeled after his likeness up a tree as a whole crowd of demons crowded around it for a hardy fucking chuckle so why am i, a good person, expected to care just because barron’s imagination ran away from him like i’m sorry that doesn’t sit well with me especially after the shit sasha and malia had to endure at the expense of some ugly racist adults

no one ever wants to protect black children and that’s just a snapple fact


You worked with Tupac Shakur a few years after that on Gridlock’d.What was your impression of him?

Tim Roth: I adored him. I initially didn’t want him for the role – it just shows my white ignorance. I was just this pasty-faced London boy who didn’t know who he was, despite the fact that he’d gone double platinum by that point, I think. But what happened was, I was attached to the project and we had another actor who was interested in the role, then backed out at the last minute. So we suddenly found ourselves without a second lead. Tupac’s name came up – “He’s a rapper, he’s a really interesting guy and he’s really up for doing this” – and I just said, “Can you get me an actual actor, for fuck’s sake? Please?” I had no idea he was an actor before he was a musician, that he’d gone to the Fame school in Baltimore, none of that.

While this was going on and they were looking for someone else, I got nominated for Rob Roy. And during one of those silly party things you have to go to while it’s Oscar season, Quincy Jones came up to me and said, “Hey, Tupac, you should really give him a chance.” And it’s like, Aw, fuck, okay. Quincy is vouching for him. Let’s set up a meeting.

So the director Vonde [Curtis-Hall] and I are sitting in this restaurant I used to go to, waiting to meet him, and in comes a security team. sweeps the place and then they go out. Then a group of women enter; they go and sit at this table in the corner. And then in comes ‘Pac, who sits down, politely says, “Hi, how are you?” At which point, he proceeded to totally lay out the character. He had it down. And I’m just thinking, This guy is fucking amazing! I want to work with this guy! What do we need to do to get him in the movie? Meanwhile, Vonde is sitting there with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face, just going “I told you so…”.

I had two issues with him. One was the fact that he was writing, he was directing and starring in music videos and recording an album. He’d show up on set exhausted, and I just told him, I need you for five weeks. Let’s make this together, concentrate on this and then you can back to doing the other things. Which he did, and he was really cool about it.

The other thing was guns. We were sitting on the back of a truck, waiting to do a scene in Downtown L.A., and I said to him, “What’s with all the guns, why is there all this drama, what have you got yourself into?” And he very calmly explained to me the world he was living in at that moment, then said, “I think there’s a bullet out there with my name on it, man.” He and I were supposed to hang out the day after he ended up getting shot; we were really excited because he was coming back to L.A. and I really missed him a lot. The joke was that he had to re-record some dialogue for the film, and since I’d already been in the Death Row Studios with him and we’d recorded stuff, it was like, “Okay, 'Pac, you’re in my territory now!” And then, you know, we got the word he was in the hospital, and then a few days after that, he had died. I still miss him.

You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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anonymous asked:

Tell me about the domestic house cat.

Long ago in a kingdom by the Nile, a people cried out to their gods in anguish. A plague of rats, rats and mice and vermin of every shape, had devoured the grain and robbed the people of their dinners.

One god heard them, Bast, and tasted the meat and smoke of their offerings. She went up into the desert and found a pride of lions.

“Give unto me your smallest cub,” said the goddess, “that I may make an end of this plague.”

“Goddess,” said the lionesses, “surely you deserve the strongest and largest of our young for this divine mission.”

But Bast paid no heed, and took with her the weakling cub, so much smaller than her brothers and sisters.

“Blessed are thee, small daughter of the lionesses, above all others. Though you are small, you shall be brave. Once thought weak, you will be made strong, and entire kingdoms will sing songs of your greatness.”

And such is the wisdom of the gods, who make their greatest triumphs out of those who seem most unworthy. The small lion became a cat, with a goddesses blessing and a hunter’s heart, and soon the waters of the Nile ran red with the blood of the vermin.

For the smallest of lions is still a lion. For a small hunter is still a hunter. And the least among us are not to be underestimated.

Thought that suddenly hit me:

Headcanon that Izuku’s crying is actually a good thing.

Now, I’m not saying that it was described as a bad thing at any point. But isn’t it true that, most likely, Izuku crying over little things could be viewed as a weakness? The term “crybaby” alone could be used negatively, and I would bet money on it that his crying and thus “showing weakness” was once used to laugh at him during the time he was bullied. And on different occasions, Izuku was told to stop being a crybaby, or stop crying.

But I think him crying his actually very good.


Because neither Toshinori nor Nana, predecessors to our little crybaby, were very good at showing their real emotions. They always kept smiling because they needed to be strong, because they needed to reassure people.

Nana kept smiling when she lost her family, had to give up her child.

Toshinori became a smiling hero after Nana, beloved mentor of his, died.

Toshinori kept smiling after sustaining his injury, trying to limb out of the hospital to keep doing his job.

He kept smiling for years after being robbed of most of his strength and told that he would die.

They always, always hid their real emotions, kept secret what troubled them, and kept smiling.

No tears. No fear. No weakness. Never saying “I’m tired. I can’t do this anymore. It hurts.” They always had to be strong.

Izuku is not like that. He cries. He sniffles and cries when he is sad, shocked, confused. He blushes and flails when he is flustered. He stutters and rambles when he is excited or nervous. He yells when he is angry.

Izuku, even though keeping All Might’s secret for approximately a year and a half, even though not sharing everything that’s troubling him with his friends and family, is still the one out of the three One for All users we know, who makes it very clear how he feels. He is the one showing “weakness”, showing when he needs help…

… and you know what? That’s exactly why so many people are drawn to him. That’s why people are touched by him and start to change, or help him, or respect him more.

That’s why it’s starting to look like there will not be a lonely Number One in the future, carrying the whole world alone, but a whole bunch of heroes, helping each other as a team.

Izuku may not know it yet, but him being a “crybaby”, or just very emotional or easy to read in general, could actually be a great help in the future.

Without even realizing, Izuku is already doing something (at least slightly) better than his predecessors.

(And that’s why one should never say crying or showing emotions is a weakness)

i. the earthquake
the day he left,
my world crumbled;
as i lay sobbing in the rubble
of everything i’d ever loved,
i looked up to the sky
and begged god to tell me why.
i stopped believing that day.
ii. the first aftershock
my heart was numb
and repairs had just begun
when a new man approached.
i melted into his touch,
pleading that he make me
feel something.
i never did, and we never spoke again.
iii. the second aftershock
i had good and bad days,
but the good ones started
outnumbering the bad;
that’s when i met him.
he looked at me sincerely
and spoke eloquently
like in an old-fashioned love letter,
but he was far too perfect to be true.
i wanted to love him
but i was still building up
a new foundation,
and i decided he wouldn’t be
there when the structure was finished.
i see him sometimes from a distance.
iv. the last aftershock
the dark clouds that had rained
down upon me for months
disappeared from sight.
sometimes i dreamt of
the initial disaster;
it haunted me only
at my weakest moments.
another man waltzed in to
rob me of my heart.
he charmed me with
well-timed compliments,
unparalleled intelligence,
and occasional awkwardness.
for a moment, i considered
giving in to him,
but i stood tall and remembered
that i didn’t need anyone else
to give me strength.
i walked away.
v. the calm
after a year and a half of aftershocks,
everything ceased.
i could listen to songs
that reminded me of the quake
and reread my happy poems
from the months leading up to it.
i learned how to love myself,
and, then, i met another man.
this one understood my suffering;
he’d been through the same.
he accepted that i was slow to trust,
and he was always considerate.
he was too cautious sometimes,
but his hands never graced my body
before i was ready.
his words were never eloquent,
but he didn’t manipulate me.
he was never a genius,
but he was naturally talented
at everything.
he left me speechless.
he still leaves me speechless.
—  the earthquake, his aftershocks, and the calm // lemonadeangelwriting

anonymous asked:

Hi there sea 😊 have u seen harry's joke about two ghost being a break up song? Don't u think its weird he said "first time"?

Harry’s joke implies that he and Rob Stringer have had a stormy relationship with more than one breakup. He’s just being Mr. Sassy.

The joke is funny for us but not for people in the room, who didn’t know 1. that Nick mentioned TG as a “breakup song” on the BBC special, nor 2. about the constant speculation about Harry’s relationship status (and relates it back to his lyrics), nor 3. about Harry’s don’t-give-a-fuck-I’m-dropping-hints way of joking with men. I love that Harry goes out there with this joke even though it’s niche. And I love love love that out of all the songs on the album, he played Two Ghosts.

Harry knows he’s there as a showcase to Rob Stringer. He knows he’s on display as the golden goose. He knows why he and Louis are where they are, and he knows there has to be complete silence about it, period. So he chooses a song that brings their history and reality into the auditorium, at an industry event honoring the Sony chairman - a song that is personally meaningful for him, a choice that will be understood by fans.

So what if the immortal Fake AH Crew chose when they would stop aging? Like they were a select few who knew they were immortal and they decided how old they would appear once they stopped aging.

Geoff chose to stop getting older when he was 38. He said he didn’t want to be 40 because “that’s when you become officially old” and Geoff Ramsey never wants to make his inner child grows up. But he also chose older rather than younger so he would have some wear and tear to give him some Edge. And, let’s be real, his decision was influenced on the fact that he wouldn’t be carded at a bar.

Jack stopped when she was 32 and her mother died. She was scared of death and didn’t ever want to be around it. She regretted her decision for months because she had to move from place to place to avoid being caught, which meant leaving her and her mother’s belongings and houses behind. After nearly two years of travelling, she settled in Los Santos when hearing rumors of people like herself living at the height of luxury there. Who cares if she is now surrounded by her once fear? Now she had an eternal family.

Ryan was 24 and no one believes him when he says it. They also didn’t believe him when he said he was a model before he became a well-known hit-man, but that turned out to be true so there wasn’t much room for the crew to argue. He tells everyone he didn’t have a reason to stop aging- he just felt like not getting older. Anytime someone in the crew (mostly Gavin) asks why he doesn’t look 24, he says that the crew aged him 10 years with stress alone.

Michael was never concerned with not aging. Every year on his birthday he would question why he would need to pick a year to stop getting older. As a kid he didn’t want to stop because it meant he wouldn’t have anymore birthday parties, and he wasn’t about that at all. Then when he was a teenager, he considered it when he got into fire and explosives because teenagers have less consequences when they set their neighbor’s trash cans on fire every garbage day for three weeks. He finally chose to stop at 27 when he was caught in the middle of an explosion he set up on a heist. He felt it was time to stop aging before he got to old to get himself out of the pain that getting caught in the explosion was. 

Gavin was 21 and did it purely for cosmetic reasons. His skin was finally clear, no wrinkles, no grey hairs, and barely any imperfections. He didn’t want to ever be old enough for his eyesight to get worse or for his body to lose the fast metabolism he currently wields. He couldn’t wrap his head around why the other waited so long because he felt fine stopping as soon as his ID said he was old enough to drink. 

Jeremy stopped also stopped at 27. He originally wanted to stop at 19, but he gave himself the extra eight years in hopes of growing a few inches. It was less of a choice and more of just giving up. He met the crew by accident while they were robbing a bank. He just wanted his paycheck, but then the Vagabond had a gun to his chest. Jeremy’s response was a blunt “can I stop aging first so I’m not stuck with a whole in my chest for the rest of my life,” and instead of killing him, Ryan pulled him into the heist vehicle and drove him to the penthouse at the end of the heist. He stopped aging to not get any scars after he became a member of the crew. 

a helping hand pt. 8

Oliver Queen x Reader

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

Your nap had been well deserved. Even when it turned from a nap into a full blown sleep through the night. You had spent hours working diligently and edited several articles without distraction. You had been very productive.

Granted the productivity had been to make up for the lack of work you’d done in the past few days. The day of the party you’d accomplished absolutely nothing and the next day had been mostly spent experimenting with sandwiches.

You had really only meant to sleep for an hour and then get up, have dinner, shower, and go to bed properly. It hadn’t worked out that way. Instead you’d just ended up sleeping straight past the hour mark and well into the middle of the night.

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Jensen’s Big Mouth

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 613

Warnings: minor swearing

Prompt: Jensen accidentally lets a big secret slip, one that was not his to share.

Beta: @taste-of-dean

Originally posted by whosaysicantbepie

You sat backstage, chatting away with Kim and Briana. Jared and Jensen were on stage doing their main panel. The nice thing about the main panel was there was nothing else scheduled during it. Fans were mainly at the cons to see Jared and Jensen so creation was always good about not doubling up on events during the main panel. Which was good news for you, because you got to sit back stage with the cast that was there.

You could hear a lot of the panel, but for the most part tuned it out. You had gotten used to doing so, having been with them to a few dozen panels now. You and Jared started dating in 2010, just as the conventions were starting to take off. He had taken you to a few, and since marrying you in 2014, you rarely missed a con. Although, that was going to change soon.

You perked up as you heard a question about the twins. Jensen and Danneel had announced their pregnancy to the fans just about a month back, and you were still so excited for them. There hadn’t been many questions about the twins, which Jensen was grateful for, but you knew the fans always loved to hear about the boys and their families. It always gave you a little thrill when fans would ask if you and Jared were planning on starting a family.

As the fan gave her congratulations to Jensen, the room erupted in congrats from everybody else. Jared spoke up as the room quieted down.

“I’ll translate,” he began. “Ha, ha, Jensen on the twins!” His comment was followed by a burst of laughter. Fans laughed as well.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing about. You’re gonna have one too, pretty soon,” Jensen argued, before his hand flew up to his mouth, realizing what he had just said.

Your jaw dropped. You had been waiting to announce your pregnancy, wanting to find out the gender before you spilled the beans to the fans. But Jensen just ruined that plan. Fans were going crazy in the crowd. Jensen was flushed red, hanging his head in his hands. Jared couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

“Uhh,” Jared began, cutting himself off with a chuckle. He clapped a hand on Jensen’s shoulder. “Dude, my wife is going to kill you.”

“I know!” Jensen yelled, running his hands over his face.

Jared shook his head, bringing his mic back up to his lips. “We wanted to wait and tell y’all when we knew the gender. But it’s true. Y/N and I are going to have a baby come March.”

“Hey assholes,” you said into the mic, coming on stage with Rob and Richard behind you. Fans started screaming congratulations at you and Jared, and then just screaming in general. Jensen got up out of his seat, coming around to apologize to you and to give you a hug.

“For the record,” you continued, moving over to your husband. “You guys wouldn’t have had to wait long for the announcement. We’re finding out the gender on Thursday.”

The crowd began cheering again, and you bent down to kiss Jared on the lips. When the crowd calmed down, you turned to the girl, who was still waiting. “I’m sorry. Jensen ruined your question. What were you going to ask?”

“It was answered,” the fan giggled. “I wanted to know if you and Jared were planning on starting a family.”

“Well the answer is yes,” Jared smiled, resting his hand on your growing belly. You shared one last kiss before excusing yourself off stage so the boys could get around to the last question.

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St. Louis

Summary: Trapped in the bunker, Dean makes one last phone call before coming to terms with his fate.
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 750
Warnings: Feels, very little dialogue. Possibly spoilers; takes place directly after 12x21. 

A/N: This is my contribution to @mrswhozeewhatsis‘s Louden Swain Mini-Bang. My chosen song is St. Louis. I don’t know why I had such a hard time putting what was in my brain onto the page; I was trying to go with the spirit of the song. Michelle, if you feel like this doesn’t fit very well, feel free to exclude it from what you give Rob! 

While Sam and Toni wasted oxygen arguing about who had caused their current predicament and came up with useless ideas on how to free them from this tomb, Dean meandered away from the war room and to his bedroom.

He went straight for the note on his nightstand, the one that he hadn’t touched or moved since he set it down after reading it the first time.

I love you, but you’re wrong. About them. The Brits will kill you and Sam, and I can’t stand back and watch it happen. I’m sorry.

She had left while he was gone. Had made excuses about staying back to research, and when Dean returned, before Ketch and not-Mary came and locked them in this “tomb” to die, she had made her escape. This place that he had called home – and when she had come along, it felt complete.

The argument they had before she left had been a big one. Dean let the angry images flow through his mind while he meandered to the closet and ran his fingers over the few items of clothing she had left hanging there. They had both said things they shouldn’t have, even if they meant them. Hell, they had always been so alike in that aspect: meant every single word, whether those words should have been spoken or not.

They yelled, she shoved chairs, Dean punched a wall. It was over all of this; she had been so sure that the British Men of Letters were playing all of them. Dean sided with Sam and Mary, and that’s what had started the fight.

They’re my family.

Honestly, it had been a heated argument up until Dean said that. Sam and Mary were his family, yes, but so was she. She accepted him for the way he was and loved him anyway. Even after dancing around it for years, after trying to stay away from each other, they had finally given up and accepted that they couldn’t be apart – that they didn’t want to be apart.

But then Dean had said that.

He moved on from the closet to the vinyls he kept in his room. He selected one and let it drop softly on the player. The opening notes of “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin played soon after. It was their song, one she had pretended to hate every time he played it, claiming that the song was far too long. Despite her protests, she would hold his hand and lean against his chest and let Dean sway her back and forth in the privacy of his room.

He had tried to apologize. He played their song and took her hand and tried to tell her everything would be fine. In turn, she withdrew her hand and got into the bed. Shaking her head and mumbling something about him spending time with his family while he could.

Dean’s normal MO was to push all of this away. To deal with it tomorrow. He snorted, thinking about how many times he had attempted to push feelings away until tomorrow.

He had run out of tomorrows.

Finding his phone, Dean dialed a familiar number. The call went directly to voicemail, as he expected it would. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but when the beep sounded, the words just poured out of him.

“Hey, it’s me. I – you were right. About the Brits. Ketch has brainwashed my mom, Lady Toni what’s-her-face and Sam are arguing in the war room – oh, we’re trapped in the bunker, by the way. They’ve locked everything from the outside, they’ve stopped the air pumps. This is it. I’m going to die in here, and we could have stopped this. We could have prevented this. I should have listened to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t. And I’m sorry for what I said. You are family. I know you and me, we say things we mean, even if we shouldn’t say it, but that was one thing I did not mean. You’re – you’re everything. When I get off the phone, I’m going back out there with Sammy and that bitchy Brit, and I’m gonna try to find a way out of this. But in case I don’t – well, there are some things we don’t say out loud, right?”

He started the record player again, set his phone next to it, and left the room. Whatever there was left to say, he’d have to let Zeppelin say it for him.

Something There

Summary: While at a convention Jensen is teasing his girlfriend Y/N about her Beauty and the Beast shirt. She tries to ignore it, but when he takes the teasing on stage during a panel, she gives him a choice; she’ll show everyone the video of him singing along to the songs, or he could sing with her on stage.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ruth Connell, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None just fluff

Word Count: 2,764

A/N: This is no way shape or form hate toward Danneel or their family. This is solely fan fiction and nothing against them. I ship the hell out of Jensen and Danneel. This is not beta read, but I had to get this up today! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by friendly-neighborhood-fan-girl

“Come on Y/N,” Jensen shouted pounding on the bathroom door, “our panel with Jared starts in like twenty minutes.”

With a final glance at yourself in the mirror, you deemed yourself ready for the busy day. Opening the door you could see Jensen’s nose turn up as you stepped out of the restroom. You looked down at yourself cocking up an eyebrow. You didn’t see anything wrong with your outfit, so why was he looking at you as if were dressed in strange attire?


“You’re kidding me right? You’re not really going to go down and do a panel dressed in that.”

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This is the most Rob centric storyline we’ve ever had.

I made a post a while back about how this intense year has showcased The Worst of Robert Jacob Sugden and not only that, has reminded us of his past in VERY clever ways…

For example, he cheated. We’re reminded of his long history with infidelity. He pretended to kill Tim, bringing back MANY parallels with Katie’s accidental death and the part he played. There was the stuff with Chrissie and her hug that reminded us of how he treated her despite their connection. Then there’s the Lawrence shenanigans reminding us that Larry has always had a thing for Rob, it’s the reason he met Chrissie and giving us a throwback to their earlier and brutal scene together where Rob tells him this straight. There’s the master being overpowered by the student aka Lachlan. Rob is definitely a factor in Lachlan’s behaviour nowadays I think. We’re constantly reminded of how he screwed up with Aaron. We get regular reminders of Liv and she brutally tells him how he has hurt her. Etc.


It’s like a little tour of the life of RJS and a reminder that he has never really owned his shit.

He has tried. He has tried hard at times and I think the only person that got him close was Aaron but Aaron had his own things to focus on, had his own issues and they weren’t strong enough to save each other. Why should they be?! They were so fractured and damaged as individuals that the thing that kept them together was the sheer force of their ridiculous love for each other and damned pig headedness. It’s why their eventual break up was MESSY AS HELL because it needed to be something huge to break their ties. Neither would do it otherwise regardless of how much they were struggling together.

Robert always needed a storyline like this. A redemption of his character could never ever be about anything other than his core. Doing it for Aaron was never going to last because it’s ingrained in him from his youth and it’s why this storyline has been so bloody great, I think.

Yeah it had been soapy and OTT at times but it was a showcase of RJS and how he operates. It was presenting his mistakes to the audience, allowing them to survey them, to see his character in full but all the way through, be reminded in little ways of who he is underneath it all, who he can be, who human!Rob is and the only ones to do that have been Aaron and Liv. Their involvements have only ever been to bring out human!Rob. Sometimes Diane does it but it’s more contrived when it’s her as we know Rob isn’t all that comfortable with some of her comments for good reason.

Tonight’s episode and the introduction of Sebastian (and I hope tomorrow’s scenes too) screamed loud as THE TURNING POINT.

- The result of his cheating was born - his son

- He faced a devastated Aaron and Rob was reminded of Aaron’s love, goodness and the faith Aaron has in him

- He faced Liv’s brutal words about how his actions impacted her when all he wanted was to help and love her and he tried so hard to support her

- He was reminded of his father, told he’d be proud and had to deal with that reality

- The Lawrence stuff came to a head with Rob, I think, actually feeling deeply moved in the end because he saw a man who believed in what he was saying and Rob knew he’d taken advantage of a tortured soul

All of that came to a head and then he was handed Sebastian and this innocent, helpless, clueless blank slate was HIS and Sebastian doesnt hate or doesn’t have any preconceived ideas. Robert is his dad and that’s all he is right now. Sebastian is a little being made to love him and need him.

So Robert leaves. Because he is faced in one day with the reality of his entire life and that’s that he has done many many bad things but who does he go back to? His father. The person who is the root of many of his issues and despite this, Robert STILL craves his respect and validation. He’s telling his father that he has ruined his own life and that by having his own son, he is faced with the reality of his lifetime, of the culmination of years of mistreatment of others, of coveting, of manipulation, of misguided focus, of making bad decisions and all of that has cost him the things that he holds dear.

There’s a reason why we get the scenes we’re getting tomorrow. There’s a reason why we’re getting a long ass Rob and Aaron scene because as I’ve been saying for weeks, Aaron is the route to Human!Rob. Aaron is the sole source of faith, unconditional love, openness, honesty he has and as he said last year, he can be himself with Aaron. Aaron will tell him straight and Robert will listen and the reason he’ll stick around and NOT listen to those words of Jack Sugden is because Aaron has faith in him and would be disappointed in him if he left.

The decisions will be Robert’s but Sebastian was the trigger and Aaron will be the one to make Rob realise that his past doesn’t always have to shape his future.

It’s the beginning of Robert becoming Human!Rob and I feel like it’ll be bumpy as hell but I am kind of smitten with the way it has been framed and even despite some of the soapiness and OTT moments, it has felt grounded by Ryan’s acting. Let it be known, I’m bloody fascinated by Rob as a character, I have grown to love him way more because of this storyline and I am so damn excited for the rest.

~Warning // Pt. 2~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! Here’s a weird fact about me; I can only write at night. Well, I mean, not only, but I write so much better at night than I do during the day; only problem is, I, like every human, require sleep. So yes, i was incredibly tired when I wrote (Insert fic name here) and yes it probably ((honestly)) sucks but one day I promise i’ll actually write something worth reading during the day. Anyway, I wrote this at 1:37 AM woot woot! Enjoy!!

T/W: implied rape, swearing, blackmail, cheating

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The calls didn’t stop.

He had gotten your number from James, who had snuck John’s phone after a meeting one day and guessed his passcode with ease.

He called almost hourly, from every number he could.

Blocking him did nothing, and the assault didn’t stop.

You still couldn’t tell your boys.

They panicked and worried and cooed over you the morning after, trying to figure out what made you feel so shitty that night, but they never would’ve guessed that the problem was buried deeper than just a cold.

You felt disgusting.

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Pen Pals- Chapter 4

Parings: Tom X Reader

Summary: You’re Pen pals with Tom but you don’t know it’s Tom Hiddleston

Warnings: None

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far and who has commented, re-blogged or liked it!  It’s because of you guys that I’m happy to keep posting.  I also was able to get this out tonight vs tomorrow..your welcome :) Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Word Count: 1578

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“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom,” you practically ran out of the room and headed towards the closest bathroom, Stacy close on your heels.

You opened the door with such force; you’re surprised it didn’t come off its hinges. ‘Shit, shit, shit,” you kept thinking to yourself.  You grabbed a stack of paper towels from the holder and pushed them under the faucet to start the water.  You rung them out and started blotting your face and neck, trying to calm your racing heart.

“Y/N, what’s going on? How do you know him?” Stacy asked, eyes wide with concern (or surprise, you weren’t sure).

“Tom and I have been writing to one another since we were in 3rd grade, only I didn’t know it was him,” you groaned.

“He’s hot!  This is a problem because..” she trailed off.

“Because I promised myself I would never meet this person, my pen pal.  I refused to exchange pictures, skype or anything.  I figured if I didn’t know who he was he wouldn’t seem real.  I’ve told him so much about my life, all the embarrassing things, past boyfriends, how I lost my virginity and how bad it was,” you chucked slightly, tears threatening to fall from your eyes.  You grabbed a paper towel and wiped under your eyes to catch the extra moisture.

“So basically he’s your best friend?  Again, I don’t see the problem with this.” You could tell Stacy was having a difficult time understanding where you were coming from.  Frankly, the more you tried to explain why it’s so bad; the harder time you were having convincing yourself.  Tom freaking Hiddleston is your pen pal.  You took a steadying breath and composed yourself before returning to the conference room.  Upon your return you were met with stares from everyone in the room.  You know they were all thinking you were crazy and what you did bordered on being unprofessional.

“I’m so sorry for running out of here; that was very unprofessional.  I want to assure you that my team will be working around the clock to make sure the marketing of this film will go off without a hitch.”  You looked around the room to see everyone nodding their heads.  When your eyes locked with Tom’s he smiled brightly at you and mouthed ‘sorry’.

The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch.  The cast stuck around for a few minutes to answer questions that your team was dying to ask (without giving spoilers of course).  Tom made his way to you and stood within an arms length distance.

“I didn’t mean to cause you distress, I’m sorry for that,” he apologized.  “When I got your email about the runner I knew it had to have been you I knocked over, so when you walked through the door I was in total shock.”

“When I got your email about a meeting with a marketing firm, I figured there couldn’t be that many companies in L.A. that have the same meeting today.  I’m just in shock.  I honestly figured we’d never meet and I could just go on thinking you weren’t real,” you blushed at your omission.  You quickly tried to cover what you just said, “Not that I ever thought you were fake, it’s just that since we hadn’t met or seen one another, you didn’t seem real.”

He hummed his understanding and gave you a thousand watt smile.  “I understand, no need to try and explain.  I would like to get the chance to get to know you, the girl who knows me better than anyone.  Would you like to get a drink?  We talked about going to Mangia Mangia, why not tonight?”

You took a deep breath and bit your lip in thought.

“Please don’t make me ask again, Darling.  If you don’t say yes Chris will make fun of me for the next week,” he leaned in and whispered, sending a chill down your spine.  As he moved closer you inhaled him; he smelled like leather and something that was uniquely him.  Your eyes fluttered closed for a moment before nodding your head yes.  You opened your eyes to see him smiling brightly, “If you give me your address I can come get you, if you’re OK with that?”

“Sure, give me your phone,” you insisted, placing your palm out waiting.  He unlocked it and you added your phone number and address to his contacts.  “Now you can call me,” you blushed handing the phone back to him.

“I look forward to using that number,” he winked and laughed.  You looked down to your feet and chuckled lightly, before looking back up into his eyes; they seemed to twinkle with delight.

“Come on lover boy, we’ve got to get going,” Chris said front behind you.

“I’ll pick you up at 7:30,” he took your hand in his and placed a chaste kiss to the back of it.

“Bye,” you all but whispered as he left the room, leaving you there with your team.

“Um, what just happened?” Joe asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It’s a long story, but the abridged version is he’s my pen pal from when I was 8 and we have been in touch ever sense,” you smiled as you told the story.

“So basically you made our lives easy then?  You have direct access to the cast, or at least one of them,” Rob chimed in.

“Think he can hook me up with Chris?” Julie laughed, but she blushed giving her thoughts away.

“You guys are all nuts. We’re just friends, and we aren’t even friends in person, this is the first time I’ve met the man.”

“Lucky you. He’s hot, wish I had a pen pal,” Nelly said.

You all walked out of the building and got back into Joe’s car to head back to the office.  As everyone else was talking about meeting the crew and work, your mind was drifting to thoughts of Tom and your date. No, it’s not a date.  It is just two friends going out to have a drink and maybe some dinner.  Your phone chimed indicating you had a message and you pulled it out of your pocket. The message was from an unknown number and it said ‘See you tonight Darling’.  You smiled as you added his number to your phones contacts and replied ‘See ya then’.

“Y/N, don’t you agree?” Rob asked.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” You asked focusing your attention on Rob.

He laughed, “Earth to Y/N. I said we should look at a few smaller venues where the cast can do talks, keep it a bit more intimate so the attendees can see that the cast isn’t just big Hollywood.  What do you think?”

“Since these actors are still pretty new, I think we need to hype up, not play down.  If it was someone like Johnny Deep or Robert Downey Jr. I would say you would be on to something.  We need to do things to hype up the movie, get them good press.  We could even do something where they show up to a hospital or school dressed as the characters and there could be a private showing.  They’re doing something to make people especially kids feel better and they get a ton of press from it, win win.”

You heard a few murmurs from the team as Joe parked the car and everyone got out and headed back into the office.  Two more hours and you were able to go home.  You tried to get some work done but your mind kept wandering to the evening. You were trying to figure out what to wear, what you were going to talk about, how he would smell.  The last one made you smile and you started getting nervous. You shook your head tried to focus on work again.

Finally, after what felt like 10 years, the day ended and you made your way through L.A traffic to your apartment.  You arrived at 6pm and headed straight to your room.  You pulled clothes down and held different outfits in front of yourself to look in the mirror.  Should you go casual in a pair of skinny jeans and a flowy top, or fancy in a knee length black dress with a scoop-neck.  

After trying on a dozen different outfits, you settled on a blue and white striped fit and flare dress with a slim hot pink belt that accented your waist.  You refreshed your make-up and added a little curl to your hair that you pinned half back.  You slipped on a pair of nude heels as you heard a knock on the door.  You looked around your room and it looked like a hurricane had hit.  You groaned as the knock on the door came again.

‘He’s not gonna come in here anyway,’ you thought as you opened the door.  The most beautiful man was standing in front of you and he literality took your breath away.  He was wearing a heather grey button down shirt, with the top button undone, showing just a small amount of chest hair and a pair of khaki’s.  He looked amazing.

“You look beautiful Y/N,” he commented, smiling and giving you the once over.

“You clean up nice yourself Tom,” you smiled back at him.

“Shall we?” He extended his elbow, allowing you to slip you arm into the crook.

“Let’s go.”

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REQUEST: sorry im back buuuut i have a request that i cant hold in: henry/reader, making out on the hood of a car.

AUTHORS NOTE: i hope i did your boy justice!! 💗💗 @nicholashamilton also i was eating a chile mango lollipop and listening to freak by lana so i was definitely feeling like an aesthetic™

Dilated pupils drenched in admiration focused on the armed teenage boy ahead of her, enjoying the view she was offered from her seat on the hood of the car Henry had borrowed from his friend, Belch — on a simple trade of ten dollars he had stolen from his father’s wallet earlier. Elbows propped along her knees and face resting in her open palm, she grabbed the large soda she had bought at the gas station for herself — knowing Henry would never dream of spending a dollar on her — and took a filling sip of cherry Coke through the red and white striped straw. Setting the cheap plastic cup down, wiping the cool condensation off of her hand and onto the denim of her jean shorts, she went back to studying the sight of her fling continuing to shoot at the empty beer bottles they had collected from their little hangout last night.

Body flinching from the sound of the bullet’s impact, the bottle messily shattering in front of their entertained eyes and falling to the pool of deserted glass on the grassy floor of the woods, she happily smiled over at Henry and and nodded, giving him the approval he secretly craved from anyone he could get it from. Clasping her hands together in a fast clap, she jumped from her seat on the warm hood of the car and watched him step towards her until he had her body trapped between him and the car. The gun loosely hung from his hand at his side, he grabbed onto the side of her face in a way that wasn’t meant to be as forceful as it turned out and brushed the pad of his thumb over the tops of her cheekbone in a manner he often saw other boys at school doing to their girlfriends.

“That was…” Her tongue stumbled over her words as she racked her brain for another compliment to give him, her bin of them running dry from all the ones she’s given his previous shots. “Wow.” She finally decided on the ambiguous one of the bunch, giving him an uncertainty that she knew he despised but hurriedly fixing it with a quick peck at his lips.

“It was, wasn’t it?”

Henry attempted to act nonchalant about the feeling of her soft lips pressed up against his once again, not wanting to break his cool exterior by letting her know that each time she did that, it drove him wild inside in ways he didn’t know how to explain. Bringing the gun up in the space between them and examining it from all its different angles as if it was his first time seeing it, he placed the heavy metal against her cheek and smirked down at her, loving the way she was giving him her undivided attention.

“You have no idea how badly I want to use this on those little shits that think they have a chance with you, always flirting with you when they think I’m not around.” Henry’s tone grew dark at the thought of all the boys he constantly had to beat up for looking at his girl a second too long or talking to her in a way he wasn’t fond of, the seriousness in his remark exciting her more than scaring her.

If Henry could bring himself to cross that line of taking someone’s life from them, robbing them of their future, he wouldn’t have hesitated on stripping the life from all those boys; hating the idea of there being someone who wanted to steal something so valuable of his. He despised them for wanting to take away the only person that bothered to shower him in adoration and praise like she did, temporarily mending the bruised ego and confidence his father gave him each time he went home. He didn’t want to fathom the idea of her being taken away by someone less deserving, leaving him all by himself once again.

“What if I like them flirting with me?” The brave girl cocked an eyebrow at him, running her tongue over her teeth as she anticipated a response from the melodramatic boy.

Snapping him out of his thoughts, his smug expression dropped into a sneer at her words, the gentle hold he had on the side of her bemused face switching to a rougher one as he pushed her back up on the hood of the car. Dropping his hand to her thigh and glaring down at the grinning girl, Henry shook his head in disbelief that she would even dare consider that thought escaping her mouth.

“You think that’s funny?” Henry gave her thigh a tight squeeze, the sharp pain she felt alerting her to expect patches of her skin there to taint indigo from how hard he was holding onto her. “I could blow your brains out right now for saying shit like that, you little whore.” The gun, previously being lovingly raked across her cheek by the lovesick boy, was pressed up against the side of her head now.

“You wouldn’t.” Y/N narrowed her eyes at him in annoyance, even though, she knew this is what she asked for with her snarky comment. “You like me a little too much, Henry.” She hesitantly placed her gentle hands against his tense jaw, pulling his angered face down to hers and locking eyes with his murderous ones.

Henry tried to ignore the way he loved hearing his name sleekly roll off her tongue, wanting to kiss the taste of his name from her flushed lips as he briefly glanced down at them. Catching what he thought was a secret look at her lips, Y/N used it to her advantage by pulling him close enough so their lips brushed up against each other’s, the fear of the — safety-locked —  weapon taking her life making her make these hasty actions; aware that she was playing with a deadly fire. Henry’s hold on the weapon loosened up when the strong scent of her strawberry lipgloss mixed with the syrupy smell of their shared beverage met his sloped nose, his hand on her thigh slowly inching up until his fingers snaked under the fabric of her shorts.

“Tell me it was a stupid joke then.” Henry softly ordered her, the edge in his tone still present as he placed the gun behind her on the hood of the car and looked down at her with hard eyes.

“I made a stupid joke, Henry. Will you forgive me?”

She dramatically sighed when he feigned deep thought at her question, looking up at him with what she thought of as pleading eyes and dropping her hands from his face to around his neck. Closing the distance between them, pulling his body in between her legs and harshly pressing her lips against his, she began to mend his ego once again in a way that was too familiar to both of them.

Feeling his once gun filled hand possessively grab onto the back of her neck and his fingers faintly trailing over the edge of her underwear, she played with the hair at the back of his neck and allowed him to roughly grab onto hers with each moment the kiss deepened.  

Ignoring the shooting pain of him tugging on her hair, her mind preoccupied with how good his lips coated in her saliva felt against hers, tasting the want he had for her in each shared lip-lock.

Just as she was fully enjoying the feeling of his mouth pressed up against hers, he robbed her of the feeling and went for her neck, sucking on the sensitive skin there with a want that made her arch her back against his body. Gently nipping at the now raw skin, he worked on leaving a visible reminder to everyone including her that she belonged to him, keen on the idea of a dark bruise there to blow off all other potential boyfriends for her.

“Please forgive me?” She breathed in between his many sloppy kisses on the same spot, desperate to move on with the situation and have him back to his normal self like this in her bedroom; her body aching to have him place his lips on more spots than just her neck.

“I don’t know, what you said kinda pissed me off a lot.” Henry coyly teased her, she felt his pink lips curling up into a cocky smile against the skin of her neck when she groaned at his stubborn attitude, knowing that he knew how badly she wanted him now that she had a taste for the day.

“But you know i’m yours.” She pleaded, inhaling a deep breath at the feeling of him roughly kissing the bruised spot on her neck. The soft feeling of his kiss against the tender skin sending ripples of pleasure down her body.

“You’re all mine.” Henry reminded her, retreating from her now bruised neck and pinching her chin, making her look up at him with those eyes he liked so much. “And if you ever joke about it again, we’ll have bigger problems than a gun up against your head.” He threatened, hastily letting go of her face and pulling her off of the hood of the car, his own body desperate to have her too as he moved to driving them back to her house for the night.

Dance With Me

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A/N: I watched Kingsman: the secret service last night and the song Give it up was stuck in my head so here’s my inspired imagine.

Gif not mine

Warnings: Slight cursing

Summary: Bucky catches reader dancing.

Bucky heard the music all the way in the kitchen. “What the hell is that girl listening to?”

When he entered the living room he couldn’t help the grin that broke out on his face. Y/N dancing away, unknown was his presence, and he was gonna keep it that way.

He hid his body half way behind the door frame and watched her dance. She made funny faces while she moved and pumped her fist. She looked like a belly dancer, the way she moved her hips was so fluid. She wasn’t trying to look good, but the joy she displayed made her look so beautiful to him.

“Are you forgetting I’m a trained assassin, and there’s no way you could get away with watching me?” She was laughing at him, but didn’t falter in her moves. Not once.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m only here for the music.”

Cocky bastard, she thought.

“Well in that case.” Y/N grabbed his hand and pulled him to the center of the room. “Come dance with me.”

Bucky didn’t move except for to look down at his toes. She wouldn’t have his shyness right now when he should be having fun. Y/N took ahold of his hand while she bounced from foot to foot, waving her hair around and trying to get him to move.

“What was the disco era like Buck? Did you grow an afro? Wear bell bottoms?” She paused to fake surprise with a gasp, “did you smoke weed?”

He chuckled. She was being ridiculous, dancing around to disco and asking questions she already knew the answer to.

“You already know I wasn’t allowed that kind of fun, but if I was I’m sure I would have been all about the flower power man.”

She laughed out loud, throwing her head back and cackling like a witch. Her laugh was so hilarious he almost couldn’t contain his. Here he was, standing in front of a deadly assassin, who could seduce men with the skill of a siren, snap necks with her bare hands, rob you blind without you ever knowing she was there, and she was acting like a huge dork. Man he loved this woman.

“Tell me about the 70′s Bucky.” She was still bouncing around but she had released his hands, finally giving up on making him dance.

“I don’t remember the 70′s Y/N I was barley huma-”

“I don’t care make it up.” She interrupted him before he could say anything self damaging.

He thought for a minute. “Everyone had flowers in their hair, and went bare foot. They loved poetry, and believed wholeheartedly in world peace.”

“And you don’t?” She had stopped dancing now. 

“No.” He answered simply. “World peace isn’t possible when greed and hate still exist.”

“Well I like to be optimistic, and I say it is possible.”

He smiled at her. “Then it is possible. As long as you say so.”

She went back to dancing and this time she had hands in hers and a partner to jump around with. Neither of them could stop smiling. Maybe there was something in the water but Bucky was having a lot of fun acting like a fool with Y/N. She brought out his inner child and it was a feeling Bucky had missed out on for 70 years.

Y/N’s heart felt weightless and like a hundred pounds all at once. She loved seeing Bucky this way. A boyish smile decorating his face, not hiding his emotions for once. Just living in the moment with her and looking like he was having the time of his life made her so happy. She really loved this man.

“Y/N look!”

When she turned around she had to double over with a loud cackle, before she joined him in dancing the disco. He laughed harder than she had, at the funny face she made. She really is a wild one.

“Get dressed,” he said, “we’ll go to an actual disco.”

“For real?”

“For real.”

She squealed. “Give me thirty minutes!”

Steve closed the door to the living room. After witnessing what he just had he definitely didn’t want to interrupt. His best friend dancing around like that, was the most fun he’s seen him have since being back, and he wasn’t going to ruin that. He smiled to himself, grabbed his coffee cup from the kitchen counter and walked back to his room.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 54: Routine

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“It seems like forever since I’ve been here!” You exclaimed, tossing your purse in its little cubby hole before sitting down on the specialized make up seat.

“It has been!” Jeannie agreed. “That break seemed long, but I’m glad we’re back and rocking.”

It was nice to be back at work. Getting back on a schedule, falling back into your old routine. You had missed your little trailer, and your friend as well. “So, tell me all the juice. What’s been going on?”

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Visiting the Past

Gif credit to @bonniebird

Finn Shelby x Reader

Prompt #3: “I’m not losing you again.” (Requested by @ireallylikeyoutoo)

“What can I get for ya, lass?” The barman asked as you sat down.

“A whiskey on the rocks please,” You smiled to him. You remembered him, Harry; though, he didn’t remember you. It had been a few years since you were in Small Heath last.

“Here you are,” He placed the drink in front of you, “Now, what’s a pretty girl like you doing drinking this early in the day?”

“I just got into town and the ride here was a pain my ass so I needed a drink,” You laughed in return as you sipped the liquor.

“Ah, train?” You nodded and he chuckled, starting to tell you about his last train ride and how awful it was because there was a sick child on board who couldn’t stop throwing up but his parents wouldn’t get off the train so the whole train car smelled terrible. You chuckled at his story and finished your drink when the doors were thrown open, gaining both of your attentions.

It was Polly. She spotted you and her eyes went wide. She ran towards you and wrapped you up in a hug, “I knew it! I had a feeling I had seen your dress this morning!” You giggled as you hugged her back gently.

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