but i had to gif this scene

just two days to snervous !! 

I think Yuri thought Victor was crying in relief.

Really. At first I was really taken aback at how cruel and cold Yuri was in this scene; not acting even a little bit flustered, worried or regretful that he made Victor cry, but instead moving his bangs out of the way to watch Victor cry in more detail.

And yet…Yuri isn’t cold, and he’s even had more exaggerated reactions to less: like in ep04, where he touches Victor’s hair and Victor pretends to feel depressed about it. Yuri even bows on the ice as an apology.

So here? I think it’s that Yuri is so so steeped in his issues he never considered Victor would take telling him to go back to skating as something negative, much less hurtful.

In fact, when Victor brushes his hand away and tells him he’s mad, that’s when Yuri finally reacts, getting emotional…but in a confused way. He really did think Victor never planned to stay with him forever. He really thinks Victor doesn’t want to be with him, so he isn’t able to comprehend this sadness.

So here, Yuri isn’t being cold to Victor’s suffering…he likely didn’t realize the tears were of pain. He probably thought Victor was crying because he was relieved and touched about the news.

I’ve already watched this scene over and over again and every time I’ve felt like I’ve missed something. I saw the arm rubbing immediately but it felt wrong to call it that. Now I know what Lukas is doing. Lukas isn’t just rubbing up and down Philip’s arm because he wants to. Lukas is caressing Philip’s arm and calming himself. At this point in the series and especially after this episode, everyone can see the impact the murders had on Lukas. The PTSD and fear of being outed consumes him. His only escape is being with Philip and knowing that he’s there. Watching this scene made me remember something Lukas said earlier when he was describing the visions he was seeing. I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding a frying pan but I can’t move. He shoots you. Guys, Lukas’ biggest fear isn’t being outed or ridiculed or even his father. His biggest fear is losing Philip. The one person who always comes back no matter how big he fucked up. The one person who not only understands him but also realizes that somethings can’t be understood and supports him anyway. The one person who loves him more than anything. And he has to remind himself that person is still sitting right beside him.