but i had to do this scene


There was fire around me; exploding among the voices of the boys and the girls, the insistent muttering and laughters, the laughters that were consumed in the night along with each log in the flame.
There was a fire and, in the middle of that fire, a light dancing to the notes of a melody that no one else could perceive, no one deigned to listen.
She danced along with the tongues of fire, along with the stars that swirled around her, and suddenly I was the fire: it was inside her and it was inside of me. I was burning, we were burning, and I did not know if my eyes were enchanted by her dance or by her beautiful figure.
Meanwhile she danced and invited me and the fire grew, crackled in me, filled my guts, reddened my skin. And I began to feel that music that was accompanying her, but I did not know what to do, how to follow it, because I was immobilized on myself, in myself.
I just burned, burned, burned.

maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but i´d argue that we´ve had basically 7 months of buildup to this reunion already, so it won´t really matter if aaron and robert don´t share scenes for another week, before things really kick off around valentine´s day. because most of the work they needed to do in order for them to have any chance of working as a couple again was work the two of them had to do all on their own anyway. 

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Hi, can I ask something...? I've read few Nakahara's poems and in one of them he wrote about Dazai (or at least I think) so I was wondering if Dazai wrote or at least mentioned Nakahara-san in his writing too, since they knew each other. Also, I'm really interested in their opinion they had of each other. In a movie (Ningen Shikkaku) there was the scene when they met for the first time and Dazai got kinda 'scolded', but I don't know if it really happened (like that).

These two, from what I understand, felt the same way about each other in real life as they do in the manga. They had to work together on one literary magazine and never wanted to work together again, ever. As far as I know Dazai-sensei never mentioned Chuuya-sensei in his writing, but that doesn’t mean he never stated his opinion about Chuuya in other ways. They worked together on a magazine called The Blue Flower, and Dazai mentioned becoming close to two people who worked on it in his story “Eight Scenes from Tokyo” who I have suspicions are Oda and Ango but I have never been able to confirm that. That was his only reference in the works I’ve been able to get my hands on (and I think I have all the English translations of Dazai’s works) so I’m pretty sure he never wrote a story that included working with Chuuya. On the Japanese Wikipedia however, there is a paragraph about a time when Dazai invited Dan Kazuo and Chuuya to work on the magazine with him. While drinking at a bar Chuuya told Dazai he looked like a mackerel and asked what flower he liked. Dazai “responded in a voice as if he were about to cry” that he likes peach blossoms because they are small (he may or may not have intended that as a jab at Chuuya’s height). Dazai later described Chuuya as a person who “gleamed like a slug” and stated he did not want to get involved with him again. After Chuuya died Dazai basically said it didn’t make a difference whether Chuuya was alive or dead because he was boring anyway. 

I really want to watch Ningen Shikkaku now (I hope this is the movie you are talking about)! And so I guess you could say that Dazai at least felt scolded by Chuuya in real life… sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one. I hope I was able to answer your question well enough even with my limited information. Thank you for the ask! 

Here is a link for the movie subbed in English for anyone who is interested. You can right click and save the movie to your computer.

Keeping Secrets - Jack Maynard

Request: Hi could you please do an imagine where the reader is secretly dating Jack but Byron likes her so they fight over her and during a video Jack kisses her ?

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


You were never good at keeping secrets. In Grade two, you told your teacher that Steven said she had a big nose. In Grade ten, you told your best friend that the guy she was dating still slept with a teddy. And on your 21st birthday, you told everyone exactly what you wanted…or who you wanted.

You’ve been crushing on Jack for two years now and despite thinking he would never have those same feelings, he did. On your 21st birthday, you got so drunk, thanks to the guys, and ended up confessing everything to him. Although, the next day he pretended like you never said a word and decided to increase the amount of flirting. It ended up working out perfectly and 4 months into your relationship, he ended up telling you what really happened. However, beginning a relationship with one of the guys was something you swore you would never do. You promised yourself they were only friends so when you started feeling something for Jack, you knew you had to keep it a secret. Keeping a 5 month relationship a secret from every single person in your life was the most difficult thing in the world.

“I think I’m going to ask (y/n) out.” Byron blurted out while you, him and Jack were filming. You had gone to the kitchen to grab the forfeit but could hear the boys in the other room.

“What?” Jack asked, confused. “Why would you do that?”

“For obvious reasons, Jack.” Byron replied, with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “Do you think she’ll say yes?”

“No.” Jack answered and you knew he was getting more and more jealous as the conversation progressed.

“Why not? We’re the closest out of the group.” Byron said and it was true. You and Byron had a lot in common which meant your friendship with him was strong, however that was before you and Jack started dating.

“(y/n)!” Jack shouted. You took a deep breath and headed back into the living room and sat on the chair beside Jack and Byron, pretending you didn’t notice the vibe in the room. “As if you think you’re the closest.” Jack mumbled underneath his breath and although you wanted to ignore it, Byron had other plans.

“I’m sorry, you guys barely speak.” Byron retaliated.

“Yeah, cause we’re too busy falling in love to do anything else!” Your eyes widened as the words left Jack’s mouth and you refused to move. You thought if you just stayed still and quiet, the conversation would go away. 

“What?” Byron asked, not believing a single word. You remained silent, hoping to ignore it but Jack quickly pressed his lips against yours.

He mumbled a silent “I love you” before turning to face Byron. “We’ve been dating for 5 months now.” You slowly turned your head to face Byron and began to wonder what he was thinking. Jack placed his right hand on your left thigh tightly, wondering the same thing.

“Bro,” He said, quietly. “All you had to do was say so.” He laughed. You finally breathed out, knowing Byron was quickly getting over the situation and Jack’s grip on your thigh loosened. “So, what’s the video?” Byron asked, changing the subject and allowing things to go back to normal.

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Could you do "Tell me you love me" by Demi for music monday? It's my fav song, and i really love your writing so pleeeeease?

I love this song!! I hope you like this one! 

Masterlist | Promptlist | 2500 giveaway

- Alright, so you and Tom would have broken up a couple of weeks ago

- You loved him, but things just didn’t work out between you. He was never there, and when he finally was you had to work.

- You were having a hard time getting over the break up.

- We’re talking throwing popcorn at the TV whenever a stupid love scene was playing

- Tonight would’ve been you 1 year anniversary, and you found that so upsetting

- It was a Friday night, so you decided to just drink whatever alcohol you had in your apartment, and just drink away the pain

- It didn’t work, and it just made you more upset and the only thing you wanted was Tom

-So your drunk ass called him, and left like 5 voicemails about how much you needed him and how you still loved him

- Tom heard every single one of them, and when he called you back, the phone didn’t even ring once.

- “Tom, I’m sorry! It’s my fault, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you. It’s the biggest mistake in my life” You would stumble over the words, and almost mumble the whole thing.

- He wouldn’t even answer, because he was already on his way to your apartment.

- When he got there, he realized just how drunk you were.

- “Y/n? What are you doing? You can’t keep getting drunk, and then call me. Do you have any idea how hard you’re making this for me?” He would just kind of glare at you. 

- You drunk called him every weekend. Every single weekend since you broke up, and tonight he had had enough. 

- “I don’t want you to be happy! I don’t want you to move on, and be happy without me. I love you, and I know i’m being a jerk, but i don’t really want you to love anyone else”

- “Then what do you want? You broke up with me, so i really don’t think you’re being fair right now” 

- “I want you! I need you! I don’t know who the hell i am without you. I can’t function right without you. Can’t we… Give it another chance? I don’t deserve it,  because i’m a selfish and jealous idiot, but… I want to try again” 

- “Why should it be any different this time? Don’t you get it? I can’t get over you. You meant the world to me, you still do, and i don’t think there’s anything i can do about it. How can i know i’m not just getting my hopes up, just to have my heart broken?”

- “I promise i’ll stick around. I can’t live without you. I hate waking up without you. Nothing is right when you’re not here, and i can’t stand it. I screwed up. I left the best thing that ever happened to me. I realize that, and i’m not going to make the same mistake twice” 

- “Then tell me you love me. If you really mean it, tell me you love me when you’re sober. I need to be sure that you really love me, and it’s not just the alcohol”

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Just finished watching Nirvana in Fire and I'm feeling wrecked. Do you have any recs for other series that good?

Not really. Nirvana in Fire is imo one of a kind. I did try a few other dramas after it - The Princess Weiyoung - and it was okay, some scenes were very nice, main character had her badass moments, but it didn’t capture my attention the way NiF did, and admittedly, there were episodes I fast-forwarded through.

So then (I basically trolled mydramalist for a while) I tried Love Me If You Dare which is a totally different genre but I gave it a watch because Wang Kai (Jingyan) acted in it, and I was specifically going for dramas without the whole love triangle trope being thrown in my face, which this one didn’t have, and I actually did enjoy it. Main characters had good chemistry, there were moments where the girl felt a little superfluous to the plot to me but overall they kept me interested (and I didn’t even skip any episodes), and the plot had some nice twists. The top villain at the end felt a little bit of a let-down for me (SPOILERS: there were three main bad dudes, and I felt like they could’ve just ended it at the second tier but they threw in one more at the end, which was acceptable, not a totally out of the blue moment and I actually guessed who it was the moment it was hinted there was one last bad guy, but it still felt like they added him in just to throw in another twist and it sort of fell flat. It didn’t detract too much from the plot though so I was okay with it.

To be honest though, the male MC’s best friend was actually who I liked most in the show, I loved how supportive he was, not even just to Bo Jin Yan (male MC) but also Jian Yao (fem MC) once she became a part of their lives. He was always good for a laugh but he’s also really dependable, great with tech, and just basically my fave character of the show (which probably isn’t a good thing I guess??). So if you want, you could give this show a try even though it’s modern, not a period drama.

I also watched Memory Lost, mostly because when I read the synopsis, the assassination organization reminded me a bit of my two assassin!Stiles fics I’ve written recently and what I have planned for them, and also I’ve never watched something with an actual evil assassin group a the bad guy before so I had to give it a try, and I really enjoyed it too. It’s a relatively long one (three seasons) and no love triangle main focus where the fem lead is torn between two guys, and the assassins actually had really interesting backstories. I didn’t like the main bad dude much but the people he gathered under him were nicely fleshed out.

As for actual period dramas I’ve watched before, I would recommend Queen Seon Duk and Jewel in the Palace, both of which had me crying buckets. Jewel in the Palace was actually the first period drama I ever watched because my parents made me sit down for it, and like… no regrets, I loved it, but seriously they took angst and backstabbing and tragedy to a whole new level. It had a happier ending than Queen Seon Duk though, and both are very, very long dramas.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal was more light-hearted but had its serious moments, and I really enjoyed it. And The Four was something a friend of mine lent me, and I remember liking it but it didn’t leave as much of an impact as other dramas did. Still good, these are all good, so I hope one of them will get you hooked :)

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I have doubt about your answer a bit ago. Where does the King say he accepts Hak as Yona fiance or husband? I was goin to translate manga... He only speaks of marrying being something Yona has to do.

(In relation to this ask)


I was going to go to bed, but I read this and realised that I hadn’t revisited this scene in a long time… It’s the part where she lies to Su-Won saying she’s had a marriage proposal from Hak, and Il comes in saying “you getting married might not be a lie.”

The way the anime framed the scene makes it look like he might also be considering Yona’s betrothal to Hak, but in the manga I just realised there’s an extra speech bubble where he says that her partner would have to be chosen carefully, implying he’s talking about Yona’s marriage in general to anyone. Plus when he says “Your marriage” it’s in singular form, not plural, which implies he’s talking just about Yona.

I correct my previous statement: it doesn’t look like Il was suggesting a marriage between them. However the ease with which Su-Won accepts the possibility that Yona has received a proposal from Hak makes me think it’s not something that is frowned upon, and that a general/tribe leader has enough political power to count as a valid candidate?

@donesses what, no counter argument? no backing up your claim? just that if monty had animated it, id be praising it?

did i type out all my issues with that fight just for it to be completely ignored because “weh, whatever, youre just mad it wasnt made by monty durr hurr”?


oh bc totally, fight scene choreography is just a term i made up. it totally does not exist. theres no reason why fight scenes in movies look the way they do. yep. they just… tell the actors to try and kill each other and film that. yep.

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There's only one true God. Plumeria. She may not have created the Universe but she's taking care of it.

                                                    ❝ 𝐈 𝐠𝐨𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮.

❥  full size | artist’s blog 

this ask took some time to answer for what i hope are obvious reasons. sent in response to a thread in which plumeria coaxed @refractedlxght​‘s necrozma into sleeping after he had too much to drink, it is to date one of my favorite asks i have ever received on this blog.

@kornflowerarts​ did an absolutely phenomenal job making my concept come to life. i really wanted to do an homage to this scene from sinbad: legend of the seven seas, where eris the goddess of discord luxuriates in her power ( which is symbolized by a celestial bubble bath ):

i thought it would be really interesting to apply the same symbolism to plumeria, a character who has power and control ( and can definitely be likened to a goddess of chaos ) and who certainly revels in it, yet who has genuine love and good intentions for those she sees as belonging to her.

GoT Season 8 Prediction #3

We will get our first ever Arya sex scene - with Gendry obviously. But think about it, each season we get new characters doing the deed. This season it was Missandei and Grey Worm. Next season I say Arya. We already had a Sansa scene (even though yes it was horrible and tragic, poor girl). But we’ve yet to see Arya get down with anyone. It’s her time. Ditto for Brienne (with Jaime please please please) or if not shown at least implied, Brienne needs that hotty in her bed.

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Hey Lee, I have a theory on the original shiro. His absence is concerning. What I think is that the galra knew shiro had the potential to be a paladin, maybe because of zarkon's survival, and his link to the black lion. Why else would they travel to a small moon and capture only 3 people? Also, they captured him, so where is he? I think he died in the arena, and they had to use what was left to try and create another champion so he could infiltrate voltron from the inside.

During Slav’s torture scene, wasn’t it alluded to they could scrape memories or something? Imagine if Keith discovers a comatose Shiro being used as the memory source for clones. Sort of like in Blade Runner when they give replicants false memories as a means to control them since they’re entirely unaware of their artificial state? It’s easier that way. But also, as you said, they only do this because they realized Shiro is directly linked to the lions.

So then clone Shiro easily falls into the team’s dynamic because he has original Shiro’s memories and fears, but as soon as Haggar or whoever flips the switch, he’s there and ready to catapult the Voltron coalition into ruin. Everyone trusts him because his memories are seemingly so authentic. Even Keith is fooled. 

I don’t know if original Shiro is dead. My heart couldn’t take it. If anything I think they’ve just chained him down and used his brain for memory harvest.

On top of this already glitzy theory, I want there to be some tie back to Earth. Like, the main reason they did this was that they discovered human DNA helixes are perfect for memory storage or there was contact between the Galra and Earth long before Shiro was put through becoming ‘champion.’ Hell – I’m 100% for the idea that Shiro is actually a replicant-esque thing to begin with.

Maybe they’re just repurposing Garrison technology. Maybe they were promised this technology or something. 

All in all, I hope this comes full circle to the power of human empathy, whether or not its constructed in a lab. I’m rambling. I’ll stop now. 

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I had a really weird dream last night where I sat down to watch Alpha and Omega again, but instead of Cas going back to the bar he did end up going with Dean against his complaints. So when Dean stood there with all of the souls, right before anything happened he reached over and grabbed Cas’s hand, and Cas looked to him and shuffled like half a step closer. But then the whole conversation bit happened and they were just kinda standing there, and Cas moved to take his hand back but dean held on

Idk I know that probably means nothing to you but I thought it was a nice scene & you might have enjoyed it

I do enjoy that scene. ;w; I wish Cas would have accompanied with Dean. It was so sad and painful to have to watch Cas let Dean go. (Also that Dean had to go to his death on his own. *tiny tears*) And I’m always pro Destiel hand-holding. ;D

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i just watched call me by your name and i can't stop crying... i mean, my friend had to hold me. i was feeling okay and just watering my eyes a little bit throughout the whole thing but right at the end, after oliver telling elio that he's going to get married and elio sitting next to the fireplace crying. that last scene displaying the credits while he was crying... it broke me for real. idk what to do but cry, i'm not even kidding

my experience was a little bit different. i started to weeping when they were saying goodbye to each other at the train station. and bawled my eyes out on the speech scene. and when they had this phone conversation i was just empty.. like i didn’t want to accept that it’s the end? like i read the book but the movie had the bigger affect on me. have you read the book? anyway i know that feeling it will stay with you for a few days for sure

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7 & 20

Lets get some NaCl-y on Munday!


7. Things that you will not tolerate?

I have already talked about how I don’t touch suicide, and self harm on this account due to the seriousness of it. Also no sexual scenes will be written because it stops at making out. (Only exception was the one drabble which was to build Karen’s reason for being nervous about physical contact, and shun don consensual things)

Besides that I do not tolerate being guilt tripped, or having people trying to forcefully make an exception to my rules for them. I have had both happen, and had to screen shot the conversation because they trashed my name on the community because I wouldn’t write a sex scene with them. Also they weren’t hitting on my character they were hitting on me as the mun. I don’t mind talking to anyone, or making internet friends, but a romantic relationship is a hard no. Especially not with sex, like I actually want to save that for who I marry thank you very much. 

-Warning religion brought up-

20. Wild card: The mun discusses any situation/problem they want.

Ok this is something that is a mix between a tumblr thing and a real world thing. If you aren’t aware I am Christian, protestant more bible thumper side, but this rant ain’t gonna be an evangelical preach. This is just a call out to Christians, and non-christians. Christians stop trying to convert everyone, you come off as scalp hunters. Really, annoying, aggressive, scalp hunters, that scare people. Yes, God is great trust me he’s a big influence on my life, and I get that the bible says ‘go make disciples of all nations’, but chill. When you see a non-christian don’t go ‘oh a person to convert’, just say ‘oh look A PERSON’ because news flash that is what everyone is, including you. Most of the time people are afraid of God, which is understandable considering the perception now a days. they don’t want to be preached to, they want someone they can talk to, that builds them up, that loves them, after all God is love, so just be there for them. Be a FRIEND! There are so few of those these days, people that genuinely just want to be kind And if God comes up, then cool talk about it, but respect people for what they believe. After all IT’S NOT YOUR JOB TO CONVERT PEOPLE, it’s literally all between them and God, so let him take it while you just be there for people. Sometimes you’ll learn more from them than from what you taught them. (Also notice the only people Jesus got physically aggressive at were people in the church.)

Secondly to non-christians I can’t rightfully apologize for my brother’s and sister’s since that’s between you and them. I can say that whatever hatred you’ve faced is awful, and I recognize that as not being appropriate behavior. The church is made for broken messed up people, and sadly you faced that part first. If you do have any questions about christianity I don’t mind answering them for you, granted I’m not a student in this, but I will give you what knowledge I do have. Or if you just want someone to listen to you I get that, and my messages are open. I also don’t mind being asked deep questions, or challenging ones as long as you do so respectfully because I will be respectful to you. 

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Do you like Jimmy’s character in Big Picture Show? Do you think he could have been in it more? Would you change anything?

I wish Jimmy and Sarah had a more development-affirming subplot in the movie, but I love the Kankers vs Sarah scenes nonetheless. The brief sections where Sarah and Jimmy are just touring the neighborhood and playing audience surrogate are a fine way to ground the movie in the same world as the show while also drawing a line between the big kids and little kids for once.  I have trouble telling if Jimmy snitching on the kids in the movie counts as development since it’s presented as pretty typical Jimmy weakness, but on the other hand, he does it to save Sarah for once and then shields her until the first Kanker scene ends, so there is kind of an element of bravery to it.  Similarly, the final act of their story is vague about whether or not Jimmy’s just acting normal and helping by mistake, but it does make a point of him being better at handling Wilfred than Sarah (keeping Jimmy valuable to her just when it’s starting to seem like Sarah has to do all the work in their adventure).  That final development could even be hinting that Rolf has a thing or two to learn from Jimmy—maybe Jimmy will join Ed as Rolf’s farmhand over the rest of the post-BPS summer vacation?

I’ve never really stopped and thought about this aspect, but I’d say one of the weaknesses to Big Picture Show is that the kids’ subplots have very little to do with the main plot…  The Eds’ story gradually becomes about how Eddy’s internal Bro issues are affecting their travels, so I would have preferred for the kids’ subplots to get away from the present issues of not getting along while hunting the Eds and being mad about the scam, and instead get more into what the kids know about Eddy and Bro, or their skewed perspectives on sibling life or just having a life as hard as the Eds’ at all.  In the series, Jimmy is really tied into the Eddy and Bro storyline, so it’s disappointing he is mostly excluded from that story in the movie.  The closest we get is Jimmy being happy for Eddy when he claims to have found Bro.  That reminds me, I also like that moment of Jimmy being the only kid happy for the Eds to get revenge, because it’s a nice tie-in to Jimmy not being as hateful to the Eds in later digital episodes. Jimmy’s pretty obsessed with seeing the Eds get beat up earlier in the movie so it’s a smart move to balance his stance again before the ending takes advantage of the kids’ malleable opinions on the Eds and makes them friends.

I accept Jetra will never happen. What I won’t accept is that Jane and Petra aren’t even friends. Yeah, they talk about being family and have their Saturday brunch, but so far in season 4, that remains to be seen. They at least had some nice moments in season 3-post timeskip. Yeah, they got into some tiffs, that’s natural for their personalities, but they always work it out. But this season it’s like they were never friends? They only talk through Rafael, rarely one on one, unless it’s ABOUT Rafael. And I know they’re all coparents, but if Petra and Jane can get all these one on one scenes with Rafael, why can’t they have scenes together that has nothing to do with Rafael?

And it doesn’t help with Jennie tweeting #jetra when 1. It’s just Gina and Yael together and 2. Jane and Petra barely spend time together. It seems really hollow. I personally don’t like Jetra being used in a non-romantic way because it feels qu*erbaity, and the combined name thing is typically used for couples. But I’ll at least accept it a little bit if they can be real friends!

boss-the-goofball replied to your post “Pyrrha… no… YOU WILL FUCKING PAY YOU FUCKING BITCH”

I am so sorry you had to see that. That scene got everyone screaming and wanting to commit murder towards a character. However, no matter what, Long Live Arkos.

They were supposed to get married and have cute metal bending sword fighting babies who had a supportive daddy to be there when they felt they weren’t doing anything right and a mama who helped them train and have that little push. They were supposed to grow old and support each other and be sweet complete dorks. 

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B k q and t for the ask meme? (Sorry it is a lot but I'm curious!)

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

Actually, I think most of them are? Especially my one-shots and drabbles. I usually get inspiration for them by what’s happening in my life at any given time and twisting into something that could be happening to the batfam (usually Dick). The Gravity of Tempered Grace is specifically me ranting about how sick I felt through fic, so yeah.

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

Already answered!

Q: Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?

There are some scenes I had to get rid of in Teach Me to Dream because they just didn’t quite fit. I had to write the “Dick tells Bruce” scene about seven times in seven different ways before I got it completely down, so there are a lot of scenes sitting in a folder that are just discarded Teach Me to Dream scenes.

Other than that, I try not to get rid of projects, and instead put them on hold to come back to someday, but I have two storylines I will probably never touch again. One of them is about Dick suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury and struggling through recovery. The problem with that one is that I’ve basically lost all the research I did on TBIs, and I’m lazy and don’t want to re-research it, so I don’t really want to touch it again in the case that I’m inaccurate because I’m too lazy to finish what I started.

The other one is a story about the Dick Grayson we all know and love from canon getting dropped into a universe where Bruce is married to Selina (I actually started this way back in July of 2017, and I can’t believe I predicted the future) and the batkids were all closer in age and raised together. Also, Dick wasn’t Robin there (instead, Bruce is Batman, but the kids don’t know that, and the only reason Dick knows is because is because he’s dropped into this strange world where nothing is the same).

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Uhhhh, ABO fics.

I don’t think this is a trope, but I kind of don’t like when people think of Jason and Dick having a great relationship before Jason dies, because it kind of paints a picture of their relationship that isn’t true, and I kind of want to write something about it to disprove everybody. Writing out of spite, as Jersey and Toni call it.

rain ⤳ p.p

Originally posted by meidedios

rain ⤳ p.p

word count: 1816

a/n: i dedicate this to tom holland’s lip sync battle because its the most important thing in my life as of forever and fvck im obsessed. also legit how the hell do you write kissing scenes im shook. i’m very happy to say that this is one of the only works i’m truly proud of, it’s just near the end that it begins to get sloppy :)) (currently experimenting with second person perspective.)


You’re waiting. Your pillow-stacked bed was untouched and perfectly made, as it was the night before, and the night before that. It had been for quite some time, having to be the longest you’ve ever gone without sinking into your mattress. Sure, you were tired, but your mind was wide awake. You were convinced that all of New York City, as the city that never sleeps, had moved into your brain–or perhaps that was just the sleep deprivation getting to you.

The rain outside was beating to a gentle rhythm against your unlocked window, almost turning into a lullaby to lure you into a well-needed sleep. You forced to open your drooping eyelids, ignoring the noticeable black bags beneath your eyes as you glanced at the full-length mirror to your right. In that, your eyes trailed off to the reflection of the window. A singular lamppost shone a bright light through the glass–alone in the dreadful weather.

You gazed longingly at that window as if you were waiting for something to happen there. You were sat on the floor of your bedroom, staring at the dark and wet world you were living in. But you were waiting for something else, other than the rustling of the trees in the wind or the sudden crash of rain to attack your home.

You were waiting for your boyfriend, Peter. The boy who stuttered his way into your heart and stole it by distracting you with science puns, and you didn’t mind. You hadn’t seen him in a few days, apparently, Peter was in Germany. When you asked him why he was, you’d never thought you would ever hear him nervously say that he was a YouTube famous, web-slinging superhero. Yup, everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man.

He came home the day before and told you everything over the phone. Peter was in Germany, wearing a red and blue spandex suit, shooting webs in an evacuated airport with the Avengers while you paced back and forth in your bedroom, wondering if he was okay. Turns out, Captain America beat him up, but he still managed to steal his shield–not for long, though.

As relieving as it was to hear his voice through the phone, you had to see him in person. You weren’t sleeping because you needed him and you had to know that he was okay. Sometimes you wonder if it was better off for your sanity if he didn’t tell you about his secret.

You were scared. What if, one day, he gets back from patrolling with more than a black eye? And God forbid, what if, one day, he doesn’t come back at all? Your throat closes up at that thought, eyes burning. You confronted him about it when he told you that he was heading to Germany, after breaking it to you that he was Spider-Man.

”No more ‘what if’s’, Y/N. Don’t bother taking the safe route–your boyfriend is Spider-Man.”

“You know, I like it when you call yourself my boyfriend.”


No more what if’s. While you recalled that moment, you heard the window sliding open from the outside. You snapped your attention to the mirror and saw its reflection. There was a familiar figure leaning against the window sill, water droplets dripping from their hair. They stepped inside and stood there, waiting for you to do something.

He’s home. Finally.

“Hey, Y/N,” he broke the silence and awkwardly waved.

You jumped to your feet and ran towards Peter, using all of your energy to jump at him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he caught you, holding you up by your thighs as your legs circled around his hips. You leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss to his forehead, gazing down to meet his gorgeous orbs you’ve been longing to look at. You two stared at each other, searching each other’s eyes. You noticed a dark, purple bruise surrounding Peter’s right eye and suddenly you felt a pang of worry strike you in the pool of excitement.

“Oh, Peter, what–”

His eyes shut, he cut you off mid-sentence, slamming his chapped lips into yours. It didn’t take long for you to react. Your eyes fluttered shut and you melted into his craving touch. With racing hearts, you slowly trailed your fingers up the back of his neck, tugging at Peter’s chocolate brown curls. He groaned against your mouth and held you tighter, pulling you impossibly closer. Peter tasted like your favourite flavoured chapstick, and the corners of your lips tugged into a small smile. You raked your hand through his messy hair, making his knees feel weak.

The two of you forgot about the rain and his bruise. You forgot that you need sleep. The world is silent for a moment, and the both of you are satisfied. This is what you were waiting for. Him and him alone.

Peter pulled away first, in desperate need of air. You sucked in a harsh breath, still staring at the boy in affection and awe. Your lips tingled, only wanting more. He met your eyes once more, grinning ear-to-ear. You felt butterflies in your stomach as you blushed, thankful that it was dark.

Peter leaned down and softly kissed you again. “I missed you, beautiful,” he mumbled against your lips.

You rested your head on his shoulder and tickled his ear with the tip of your nose. “I missed you, too.”

The two of you stayed there in silence, breathing in each other’s scent and enjoying their company. You began to whisper sweet nothings into his ear, and you smirked when you felt him tense. Peter rubbed your back soothingly, running his cold fingertips along your spine, making you shiver.

“You haven’t been sleeping,” he realised out loud, taking notice of the bags under your eyes and your drained face, “w-was it because I was gone?”

You shrugged, rubbing your eyes as he kissed your temple. You unwrapped your legs from his hips and dropped to the floor, your arms going around his waist. Peter sighed, tucking a stray hair behind your ear and cupping your cheek with his hand. You leaned into him, your eyes nearly closing.

“Let’s go to bed, okay?” Peter offered, watching your head fall onto his chest.

“No! I wanna do something with you,” you whined like a child, poking him in the side.

Peter mentally agreed. He, too, wanted to do something with you. Anything and everything. But he grew more and more concerned whenever you let out a yawn and loosened your grip on him. Peter looked out and was faced with endless rain and depressing weather. His face brightened.

“Dance with me,” he said simply.

“Here? We don’t have music,” you laughed softly.

Peter took your wrist and intertwined your hands together, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand. “In the rain,” he corrected, “and we don’t need music.”

You raised your eyebrows and followed his gaze, seeing the large storm. “What if we get sick?”

He narrowed his eyes towards you and yanked your hand towards the window as Peter stepped over the window sill. He was more than grateful that your room was on the first floor of your two-storey house, otherwise, moving down to dance in the rain would be a bit more difficult for the both of them. Also, sneaking out on secret dates from your parents–that, too.

“What did I tell you about what if’s?”

You rolled your eyes and quickly slipped into some worn out sneakers, following him. As you escaped the comfort of your bedroom, the violent wind clashed with your hair and exposed skin.

“If we get sick, it’s your fault,” you reminded him.

“Of course. My fault completely.”

The rain fell on top of you, your hair nearly entirely soaked. Peter let out a playful laugh as he raised both of your hands and twirled you around. You chuckled, skipping onto the sidewalk with him on your tail. You stood on the tips of your toes, raising Peter’s hand and twirling him as he did with you–just not as well. He snorted adorably, taking both of your hands and began shaking his hips.

“Oh my God,” you squealed, face-palming as a small smirk crossed his lips.

You tugged him closer and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. Peter smiled, running a hand through his soaking hair. He soon untangled his fingers from yours and clasped his hands around your waist, lifting you up and spinning until you both got dizzy.

“This is so cliché!” you exclaimed, shaking your head like a wet dog.

You yelped as he dropped you suddenly, your feet meeting the floor all too quickly and you fell to your butt on the wet concrete. Peter widened his eyes and fought the growing urge to laugh, but he couldn’t find the strength to and burst out into fits of giggles. You glared at him and within a second, you were up and chasing him down the street.

It was hard trying not to crack a smile. Even if you were a tiny bit pissed, this boy made it impossible to be mad at him–and he knew it.


“I-I’M SORRY!” Peter choked out, his stomach hurting from laughing so much.

He peered over his shoulder and stopped running, waiting for you to catch up. As you did, you found yourself punching Peter in the shoulder. He smiled when it had no effect on him whatsoever, and you wanted to slap that off his face when you saw it.

“Shut up,” you muttered, shaking in the cold and hiding your face in his chest, “I’m cold.”

He brought you closer to him with both arms draped across your shoulders. The rain poured over the top of you two and yet, you couldn’t be bothered moving out of it. Peter didn’t mind it at all. Just you, him, and the annoying rain that made your clothes stick to your skin. The two of you have never felt so complete and happy in a long time.

You both knew–those who say sunshine brings happiness, obviously have never danced in the rain.

“I love you,” you told him for the millionth time, smiling up at him.

Peter’s heart melted. He truly believed that your smile could light up the whole world, and maybe if the world stopped and looked at you, everything would be okay. He loved everything about you, but that smile was something else.

“I love you more.”

And he closed the distance between you two.


“How did you two get sick at the same time?” your mother had her hands on her hips, staring the both of you down.

“It was Peter’s fault.”

Peter sighed, nodding along. “Of course. My fault completely.”