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Hrllo. I was wondering why Natsu had a sort of troubled expression when Lucy was crying while hugging him. And I noticed yonkou posted only 41 pages. Wasn't it supposed to be 48?

The manga stream translation is out and that has 48 pages.

Natsu never knows what to do with an emotional Lucy. He’s always like a deer in headlights, with Erza or Gray he usually starts a fight or makes a passing quip but with Lucy he doesn’t want to hurt her and doesn’t know how to placate her. 

Natsu’s response is very similar to the scene where Lucy is telling Natsu off for leaving her and essentially hurting her.

This is one of my favourite nalu scenes, Natsu is insulting Gray for leaving Juvia and Lucy, my girl doesn’t put up with that, she basically responded with a ‘Bitch, oh no you didn’t! Your ass is sleeping on the sofa’ vibe. And Juvia knows ;) 

Natsu, once again, doesn’t give her a proper response and deflects the conversation (he’s too chicken sh*t lmao).  Natsu isn’t good with voicing intimate emotions, voicing his intent to kick ass is no problem. Telling Lucy he loves her, that’s an entirely different matter. Look at what happened after Igneel died, rather than talking about it with his friends and being emotionally vulnerable with Lucy he chose to run away. And he runs away in this scenario too. 

Natsu isn’t stupid he knows Lucy and I believe him saying “We’ll always be together” is his way of placating her. He knows she’s a hapless romantic and saying things like that will turn her into a puddle of gooey mush lol 

And she did, look at that blush, she went from livid to putty in his hands in seconds. 


No one’s really talking about it (because everyone is just talking about Tom Hardy and Harry Styles), so I’ll say it.

CILLIAN MURPHY KILLED IT; my boy really went above and beyond, and it still drives me crazy how underrated he is. Give my boy some love.

FIONN WHITEHEAD KILLED IT. I have to admit I had never heard of Fionn before Dunkirk, but I have a lot of respect for him now. He did amazingly well, and it’s extraordinarily sad how little attention he’s getting considering how well he did.

James D’Arcy was also great. The last scene he’s in was absolutely amazing.

Mark Rylance was ALSO great.

And all the young actors whose names I do not yet know were also absolutely incredible.

This film was stock full of phenomenal actor, so let’s not only sing the praises of two of them, even though the two of them were phenomenal as well.

PSA: Go see this film

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so no dubs in english? i speak only 1 language so the chinese/german/spansh/brazilian is a little workout for me :(

(* I’m not allowing dubs period, regardless of the language. The original comic is already in english, those are fan translations of the comic itself. they arent dubs. And translations besides the ones i linked are no longer allowed.)

(* I’m not allowing them because I’ve repeatedly had people upload things without asking me, and i don’t want Lyco/Rose to have actual voices. I want them to remain as neutral as possible.)

(* Not only that, I’m hoping (should time and energy allow) to do animated updates in video form for important scenes.)

(* I’m extremely finicky with my comic, and i would simply prefer not to be worrying about other people doing stuff with my art/comics right now.)

(* Maybe if my patreon grows abit more, i can take time off doing commissions and do “dubs” myself of older updates using the ut text/sound tones in a way i’m happy with.)

(* If you’re seeing actual video dubs, message me the links because they are now allowed to be up. I sure as heck didnt give permission for them.)


Nico Jr. abruptly pushes the girl off his lap, gets up and takes Diosa by the arm to a secluded corner of the club before she could make a scene. Diosa snatches her arm away, confronts him with eyes blazing.

Diosa furious: Don’t you dare pull me away, Nicky!

Nico Jr: I just did.

Diosa: Whatever. Get out of my way! I’m going to give that bitch a piece of my mind!

Nico Jr cool: Why? What does she have to do with you?

Diosa fumes: She was sitting on MY boyfriend’s lap, that’s what she has to do with me!

Nico Jr: She didn’t know I had a girlfriend. *shrugs*  I didn’t know I had a girlfriend. 

Diosa outraged: Nicky! What the hell? We’ve been seeing each other for months now! I’m pregnant! 

I have been feeling a little uninspired with my story lately. I have had plans for Venus’s trip for a while now, so I’ve been able to work on it alright, it’s just that after school ends and I get to play the sims it’s super easy and I’m really inspired and that dies down as the summer goes along.
But I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour now and couldn’t because I kept making up scenes in my head and finally I wrote them down. I feel really good about them too, and if I still do in the morning then I will get to putting the scenes together. It feels really nice to get another dose of inspiration.

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What? The actress requested it? I never heard of that!!! How do you know? :( I looked it up and apparently it was supposed to happen that way (?) (reference to your GoT post)

yeah i read that the actress requested and the creators said she’d have to wait as they were preparing a proper send off. but yeah, while it was supposed to happen that way, the actress wanted to be let go as well since she had alot of upcoming projects. and i think knowing the logistics behind the scenes and how it was a mutual decision just made me more accepting of the outcome.. and since it was actually a clever and iconic sendoff

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Lmao did you watch BTS' reaction to BTS BV S2 EP1? Jikook were subtle in that one. Am I the only one waiting for the next reaction episode so I could see their reaction to the "almost kiss" scene? 😏😏

I did!! and i agree, i love how much jimin just touched jk and jk like smiled at it. or how they just had small, but still significant moments. it makes me happy to see them happy. and tbh, i’m hoping that they do react to the “almost kiss” and act all awkward. but more than likely, they’ll brush it off and like make jokes about something else. knowing bts lmao. 

(gif cred to jikookdetails)

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Do you feel there was a lack of richonne in last season? I have seen complaints about this but, I thought it was a pretty good amount?

No, not at all. Of the many, many things wrong with S7, Richonne was not one of them for me. I mean, they actually had a storyline, which I wasn’t expecting, and it allowed Michonne to still be her own person. Plus, we got almost an entire episode of Richonne shenanigans. Of course I’m still waiting on my Richonne sex, but aside from that, I really loved their development last season. Like, that’s ALL that I loved about S7. 😄

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Aren't you worried that the Klaroline scenes in S5 will just be like CK scenes were she props him up? I'm a little worried just because of how they made it sound like at the Con. If they do that, I hope they clearly make it different, where she helps through sassiness and insulting him. I want her to have the tough love approach. Everyone in TO treated him like a baby/puppy that needs guiding. Caroline had a way of making him want to improve for himself and not because people want/expect him to

Julie’s already basically confirmed the tough love approach, JUST LIKE I LOVE MY KLAROLINE. IN ALL THEIR BANTER GLORY.

Twelve Days of Twelve Day Seven: Favorite Scene.

You cannot contain me. I refuse to be held back by your rules. I will post four favorite scenes, and even that isn’t enough because Twelve has had so many brilliant, beautiful, heart-wrenching scenes that I could go on for days. But because humans have such short lifespans, I’ll limit myself to four. Also, because I ran out of time.


Rock Star Twelve at his finest. Celebrating who he is and what it means to be alive. What does the Doctor do when he thinks he’s going to die? Throw a party, of course! 

No tears, no meditating or moaning. Life is meant to be celebrated and all of him is invited. His friends can come, too. Because where else do you feel more alive than at a rock concert? What medium more than music can make your hearts sing?


There is no stronger cure for hatred and ignorance than forgiveness and empathy. Love may be the opposite of hatred, but it’s not the cure. Love is simply what happens when you apply the cure.


What makes an unstoppable force unstoppable? Well, the fact that it never stops, of course.

Consider the Doctor. Consider the Doctor beating away at the universe, one small victory at a time. One life saved out of many. One small injustice righted. One heart healed. Small, infinitely tiny victories building up on one another over time until one day you break through.


A swansong for Twelve. What is a good man? A good man is someone who does the right thing for no reason other than it’s right. Without witness, without hope, without reward.

What, then, is good? As it turns out, good is, above all, kind.

And a man that is good for good’s sake. A man that is kind even at the end of everything with no hope of victory. What do you call that?

The Doctor.


behind the scenes for a moment here

that gif was INCREDIBLY hard to make and i almost strained my shoulder doing it LOL

i had to like. hold my phone steady at the exact right angle and also hold hide up so that i could turn him easily and steadily AND ALSO NOT CAST A SHADOW ON IT

so like my arm was in this really weird elbow turned up position while i had to slowly twist my hand around with my thumb and forefinger on the strap to show both sides

it took about 20 attempts before i perfected the motion enough to make the turn smooth and quick

rip my arm lmao i put way too much effort into making that gif

so i hope u guys appreciate it ROFL

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what's your favorite steroline scene and why? (btw I miss your metas a lot. I hope you're doing well :) )

Hey, anon! I apologize for the late reply. I’m doing well, thank you. :)

My favorite Steroline scene is Stefan comforting Caroline in the bathroom in 2x02 because it’s the moment I fell in love with Steroline.

Although I didn’t ship them romantically at that the time, I adored their friendship, and I yearned to see them together in every episode thereafter. Here’s why.

1. It’s Their Establishing Friendship Moment

Before this scene Stefan and Caroline were more acquaintances than friends. Their interactions in season 1 were limited to events concerning Elena or Damon (E.g., The double date). But this moment was about them and their relationship. It had nothing to do with Elena, or Damon, Matt, or anyone else. It was just Stefan being a friend to Caroline in a moment that she desperately needed one.

2. You Saved My Vampire Life

This scene kicked off the Mentor/Sober Sponsor aspect of their relationship. Stefan, a ripper who struggled to control his bloodlust, took it upon himself to help Caroline control hers. This is an integral part of their relationship. Stefan took Caroline bunny-hunting, and Caroline promised to be Stefan’s sober sponsor. Stefan and Caroline both had control issues, and this scene crystalizes that aspect so well.

Stefan: Look at me, look at me! Caroline, Caroline! Look at me! Look at my face, look at my face! You see that? When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you’re going to get through it, that you’re strong enough. Yes, yes, no matter how good it feels to give yourself over to it, you fight it off, you bury it. Watch me, watch me. It’s the only way you’re gonna survive this thing. Try.

3. Stefan’s Faith In Caroline

Damon thought that Caroline couldn’t make it as a vampire. Elena thought things were going to end badly for Caroline. Bonnie didn’t trust Caroline after she turned. Matt couldn’t deal with Vampire!Caroline. But Stefan? Stefan had faith in her. “When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you’re going to get through it, that you’re strong enough.”

4. Worth Having A Thing For

This moment was the first thing Caroline talked about when Stefan asked her why she had a thing for him.

“What kind of stupid question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don’t know, Stefan. Maybe it’s because I thought you were worth having a thing for, because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did.”

Think about that.  This moment is one of the reasons why Caroline loves Stefan. Stefan’s actions had that much impact on Caroline. Stefan is kind. Stefan is loving. Stefan cares. “You were the one who always cared. It’s what I liked about you.” Certainly Caroline likes that Stefan cares about everyone. However, it can’t be forgotten how unwanted, unloved, and ignored Caroline felt at this point in the story. Stefan cared for Caroline at am moment when Damon tried to kill her and Bonnie recoiled in fear. This was one of Caroline’s lowest points, and Stefan took care of her.

5. Hero Hair Stefan

Caroline: I’m a murder. I’m a monster!

Stefan: Look at me, your emotions are heightened right now. It’s part of the transformation. It’s completely normal. I promise you. Okay?

Stefan: I don’t know, I wish I did. Hey, hey, I promise you that I will not let anything happen to you. Come here. Come here.

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Krystina, the ebony goddess of Creek. Teach me the ways oh wise and powerful one. So, going back to the episode Tweek x Craig, the break up scene. Taking a read on Craig's personality, do you really think Craig is the type to cheat or betray his lover ?

I’m answering this kind of late because I took all day to think about it. .__. 

So about that scene from the episode in particular, I don’t think it’s any indication of Craig’s personality; Tweek made up the whole thing about “Michael” to make the break up scene seem more dramatic and realistic. Craig already had sort of the “bad boy” image so I imagine it was easy to set up the picture of him as being the type to “step on people and use them”. Still kind of a dick move on Tweek’s part to make Craig seem like the bad guy rather than just agreeing they aren’t right for each other and keeping it neutral, so I’m glad Craig called him out on it.

That being said, I can’t say for sure whether I think Craig would be the type to cheat. I kind of headcanon Craig as being aromantic, but that doesn’t have anything to do with cheating, really, since I think most people think of sex and not romance when they think of cheating. If I had to settle on something I think the way I see Craig is that maybe he wouldn’t actively attempt to cheat, but if the opportunity presented itself and seemed reasonable, he wouldn’t see why not. If I’m going along the lines of my headcanon where Tweek and Craig’s relationship starts with “fake it for the town” and it takes a while to establish between the two of them that they really are in a relationship, I imagine Craig messes up at some point not realizing or understanding it would be something that hurts Tweek. Maybe he’d refrain from cheating if Tweek insisted, but otherwise, it’s not like he’s especially loyal. 

I guess I see him as being more logical and not all that sentimental about things and relationships. A scene that jumps to mind is when Craig switches to Clyde’s side in Stick of Truth just because Clyde has the stick. It’s just whatever make sense to him at the time. Same deal with the fight between Tweek and Craig in Fractured But Whole. Why didn’t he walk out with Tweek right away? He doesn’t get it at all when Tweek confronts him about it too. He just talks about what makes “sense”. From his point of view it doesn’t make sense that Tweek left. Probably there are other examples but these jump to mind.

ok so there’s this Caesar movie from 2002 that I found on youtube and like, I’m not “watching” it but i did just watch a scene in which young Caesar gets told to flee Rome b/c Sulla and it ends 

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“You don’t." 

And like, that is the worst cliché in the world, and I love it so much. If I had a better memory and/or watched more movies I could tell you a hundred places it’s been used. I’m just so delighted.

eta: also Caesar is the Worst Actor, he decided that "resolute” and “wooden-faced” are the same thing

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The idol scenes in Endless Summer are getting darker. I am not going to be ready for when Jake's (or Estela's for that matter) one is revealed. Do you think his will be last because he's so popular?

right??? so far all of the idol scenes had just been implied deaths, but raj was flat out murdered?? I honestly want to send my fist into rourke’s face

as for jake…all I’m saying is that I cried over FaceTime the other day to @zahranamazi about his idol for around half an hour. part of me wants his to be last just so I could prepare myself but I also want to know now!!!!

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can i just say bless jane for knowing what to do in that moment when ben brought in uma because he was under a love spell? like everyone was so ready to turn their backs against him, and here goes precious jane running up to tell the guy to show the freaking stained glass window he had done for mal and then everyone was just like ‘oooooooh’.  yes, she did that and i am so proud of her, like thank you jane for not giving up on him.

This was posted by Dave filoni on Twitter and fb, it solves an untold tale and it’s absolutely brilliant! Instead of me telling you what it’s about, this is what Dave had to day 👌⬇⬇

“Happy Friday everyone. Since you seem to enjoy these drawings I’ve been doing, here is another tale left untold, ‘til now that is. If you ever wondered if Kanan and Ahsoka knew each other, or had met while they were younglings at the Jedi Temple, the answer is YES. They had met, though they did not know each other well, they had at least done some saber training together.

Years later when she met Kanan, Ahsoka needed to see how prepared he was for the conflict ahead. Here is a small piece of that scene, and perhaps a realization that in many ways Ahsoka was a mentor to Kanan.”

AHSOKA: Even at a young age you were gifted with a lightsaber. But without training and discipline, those skills fade.

KANAN: So it seems. (Kanan gets up again, he is a bit dispirited.)

KANAN (CONT’D): I haven’t had to fight with my lightsaber very often. For a while, I chose not to. I was… (Kanan struggles with the moment. Ahsoka helps).

AHSOKA: You were afraid to use it. I understand. (Kanan appreciates her words.)

KANAN: I’ve been teaching Ezra as best I can. I want him to be the Jedi I’m not, that I couldn’t be.

AHSOKA: And I want you to be the Jedi that you are.