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Hi! I love shifted! It's seriously the best part of my Tuesday:) I was wondering-could we see the part where Jamie and Claire find out she's pregnant with Brianna and then decide to go back to Lallybroch together? It's referenced a lot, and I'd like to see how it played out. Thank you!!

For the next few weeks I’ll be writing one-shots in the Shifted universe, filling in the blanks that we don’t see in the main story, before we resume the main action with Part 7 - The Visitor.

If there is a particular scene you’d like to see, send me an ask and I’ll see what I can do!

In Shifted, the premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Prelude - The Discovery

Inverness, February 1746

“Let’s call it a night, then – no use losing our eyesight over these  old maps. Cumberland’s men will still be there in the morning.”

“But James –”

No, Your Royal Highness.” Jamie’s voice was tired, but firm. “We’ve been arguing for hours, and still there is no agreement. We need rest – and fresh eyes. The scouts should be back by dawn, and we can go from there.”

“I concur,” O’Sullivan added, adjusting his wig – which had fallen askew over his forehead in the height of the argument.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart strode, tight-lipped, out of the room and in the direction of the kitchens.

The weary generals and advisers quickly dispersed – some to check on their men, others to review the latest dispatches from the Continent – the gold had still not arrived from France.

And still others – like Jamie – to the oblivion of sleep.

His position – and Claire’s vital role tending to the health and well-being of the troops – had landed them a drafty set of rooms on the third floor of the manor house once – still? – owned by a Jacobite on the outskirts of Inverness. The ragtag Highland army was encamped on the frozen grounds – having long overstayed their welcome in the farms of the neighboring villages.

It was February. It was cold. The cause teetered somewhere precariously between total success and utter failure.

But as Jamie crossed the top landing and rapped on the door six times – the signal he and Claire had set for each other – he knew that at least tonight he would be neither cold, nor alone.

The door flew open. Claire – clutching her arisaid around her shoulders, hair all wild.

Swiftly he slipped inside, and she was in his arms.

The fire crackled as they held each other. Savored each other. Breathed each other in.

Claire’s cold fingers wormed under his collar.

“Good evening, my beautiful wife,” he whispered against her crown. “And how was your day, since last we met?”

“Better, now that you’re here,” she whispered.

He pulled back just a bit, taking the ends of her arisaid into his hands and folding the long cloth around them both.

“Scurvy is setting in,” she murmured. “I saw at least ten men with symptoms today. It’s not bad yet, but if their food supply doesn’t improve…”

“It won’t,” he replied softly. “The damn generals canna agree on anything. They got Prince Charles all excited about a possible new strategy that I saw right away wouldna work. And now they’re angry at me for speaking the truth.”

“While the men suffer.”

He sighed. “Aye.”

She swallowed against him – and her pulse stuttered beneath his lips.

“What’s troubling you, Sassenach?”

She said nothing, but pulled back to look at him.

Christ, when had those wrinkles appeared at the creases of her eyes?

What had this life done to her?

What had he done to her?

“It didn’t come today, Jamie.”

Tears flooded her eyes. His heart leapt to his throat.

“Forty-six days. There’s only one possible explanation.”




Gasta,” he breathed.

Two weeks now they had waited. At first Claire explained that the delay could be due to any number of factors – stress, poor diet. But as the days passed, and still no sign of her monthly –

Jamie dropped to his knees and pressed his face against Claire’s belly. She wove her fingers into his hair, anchoring him.

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.” Her voice was choked – her fingers trembling.

Mo nighean donn – this is the happiest news we’ve had in a long while. As ye ken weel.”

They stayed like that for what could have been minutes or hours – thinking.

“I want to go home,” Claire finally spoke. She crossed her legs and sat before Jamie on the threadbare rug. “But I can’t leave you, Jamie. I won’t.”

He pursed his lips, still deep in thought.

“I’ve sacrificed so much already – you have, too.” His eyes watched the fire consume another log. “We’re at an impasse. It’s not too late to leave.”

“What do you mean?”

Now he turned to face her – eyes wide. “I’m saying that we leave. I resign my post, bring the men back to Lallybroch. Avoid the battle – the ruin – that we ken is coming.”

The log snapped in two.

“You’d do that?” Her voice was small. “I can’t ask you to give that up –”

“Damn it, Claire! None of it matters now. You – and the bairn – you must be in a safe place. And it’s my duty to provide ye wi’ that safe place. Enough of this damn fool prince and the generals with their heads up their arses!”

“Sshh!” she hissed.

“I dinna give a fig if they hear. Nobody will admit it – the cause is lost. The emperor – the prince – he has nae clothes on.” Jamie shifted to take her hands. “So – so we will leave. I will take ye home, and we will raise the bairn away from all this nonsense.”

“But what about Murtagh? Dougal? And what will Prince Charles think?”

“I’ll figure it out,” he vowed. “I always do.”

She shook her head. “Are we being selfish? Does this make us bad people, for just -just wanting to leave everything behind?”

“No.” His voice was strong – confident – definite. “No, Claire. We are doing what’s right for us. For our family. That canna be wrong.”

Then he abruptly stood, pulling her upright, and led he to the edge of the bed. She had been sleeping before he came in – the quilt on her side was turned back.

She reached up for a kiss.

“When do we start?”

He kicked off his boots and lay her against the pillow. “Tomorrow. Tonight, we celebrate this gift from God.”

And in the small, dark hours of the deep night, she woke to his whispers.

Her Gaidhlig was still far from perfect – but she’d recognize the words for “white dove” anywhere.

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omg wait, is that still that Roberto just tweeted a NEW Bughead kiss? And we're already expecting the hand-hold kiss at the baby shower, right? They are totally spoiling us! The other ships have had like one kiss each, and Bughead are doing a hundred cute things in the canon and deleted scenes. I love this show and these people.

It IS! He’s our King of Bugheads, and this show outta be called “Betty and Jughead solving crimes and falling in love” in my honest opinion!

Do Dreams Come True?

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 884

Warning: Pure Smut. Shameless. And I’m not sorry.

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It was your day off and you decided to camp out on the couch and read a trashy novel. Sitting on your couch in your quarters, you were completely engrossed in a particularly intense sex scene when the door chime rang. Sighing, you got up and opened the door to find Leonard McCoy standing on the other side. He had propped himself up with both hands on either side of the doorframe, his head bowed until you opened the door.

“Busy?” he asked, raising his head, not yet moving from the door.

“Nope.” you replied, stepping aside to let him into your quarters.

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this scene does so much with so little for jaha’s character, i love every bit of it. the way he simply thinks things through and connects the dots in order to make sense of everything and find answers, or how his line “because that’s what i would do” just rings true to his character and his story line (i trust him waddup).

i’m seriously psyched.

6x21 - San Diego

I loved this episode. 

First of all, I’m glad Nick and Reagan broke up. It was a mistake to make them a couple in the first place, though. Reagan’s exit was disappointing. Some of you may not like her character or Megan Fox, but she’s an amazing woman with a great sense of humor and she did her best with the material. She didn’t have much to do this season and the writers wasted so much potential. A Schmidt/Cece/Reagan storyline would’ve been so much fun, tbh. She deserved a better exit. If there’s a season 7 I think we could see her again. 

Schmidt’s name reveal was hilarious, imo. It was time for another Schmidt/Winston storyline and connecting it with Schmidt’s name was pretty great. I was hoping for Nick Schmidt, but Winston’s also good. Loved how they fought and Cece and Aly were just sitting there, watching. Had to shoot those scenes several times, lol.

Next week: NESS! And so many more great stuff is also coming next week.

typical bioware situation: i was 100% sure going to romance Jaal, but then i went to Kadara, and Reyes Vidal happened, and i’m like???! this smooth operator stole my heart, especially after he asked Sara for a dance - it was incredibly sweet, reminded me of the Winter Palace in Dragon Age: Inquisition. but for whatever reason i still decided to pursue my initial goal with Jaal, so i had to go a couple of saves back to reject Reyes in that cave scene, and it was HEARTBREAKING. you see, Jaal is precious, he and Sara are as thick as thieves now, but i can’t stop thinking about damn Reyes (STOP SENDING SARA LETTERS, REYES, YOU ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE) and i feel like i have made a huge mistake. i really think Ryder and Vidal do have chemistry, and i actually saw the sparks between them, it somehow seemed so…i don’t know, natural? god, it’s like Vakarian/Shepard/Krios love triangle i was struggling with for two Mass Effect games all over again. send help. 

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Okay so my best friend is obsessed with white haired Altean Lance and Galra Keith in a Romeo and Juliet type of scene, so I decided to send the idea your way! If you like it after all!

I. literally the first thing in my head was mercutio and tybalt which is definitely not what you mean but I had a nice good laugh

okay okay the more I think about it the more I’m actually going to draw klance as those two bc can u imagine??? they’re in a play or something and Lance had wanted the Romeo role ofc and Keith is an assistant director or smthg and. the day of auditions they’re arguing about something /really stupid/ and the director ends up watching this argument all go down

and allura (director) doesn’t even know if Lance can act (she knows keith can bc assistant director) but she’s just like. “okay congrats you guys, you’ve got the part”


3.5 mile run this morning on sore, stiff legs. They warmed up and behaved about a mile into the run…. thankfully. Daffodils are doing their thing, even in the dark morning light.

Grace had to get updated on her vaccinations this morning so off to my wonderful vets office we went! A friend of mine, Ben Mann, is an artist and was commissioned to do all of the artwork for the office. He surprised me and painted my dear, sweet Siberian Husky, McKenzie, into the scene that’s in the lobby. This vet saved McKenzie’s life when another had no idea what he was doing when she was initially diagnosed with diabetes and seemed to be guessing as to how to regulate her. He nearly killed her. Dr Johnson at Fairhaven Vet was our saviour! McKenzie died 4 years ago due to complications but I’ll always be grateful for the 10 years I had with her. I loved that I got to take a pic with Grace and McKenzie. 💜💜💜

now THIS was super fun to make. Each sequence in the final version has 15 frames. Originally the 2 Puppetry segements were like 68 frames each so I had to carefully analyze which 15 frames together had the most movement (for dramaticness

There was also some math to figure out how many frames I could fit. I did try to put 2 punch sequences one between both puppet segments but unfortunately it was too big, In order to make it work each part would have to be 11 frames which is cutting it a little too short. 

All in all these are a blast so I’m pretty much going to do whatever scene I can find that works for it. You can see my other combined gif here

Sorry for the poor photo quality, but I wanted to share this email from HER’s customer service that I received yesterday. It explains why they haven’t released any more information on MID. They aren’t updating us because they don’t want to give us misinformation, and honestly that makes quite a bit of sense. I’m not saying it is good news, but it’s an explanation for their radio silence. Take it how you will. 

Edit: if you can’t read the email in the photo this is what it says–

Hi ___, thank you for contacting us and for being such a great fan! 

We are sorry for any frustration the delay has caused; unfortunately, we do not have a release date for Midnight in Salem yet. 

Before, with our previous games, we were able to share more tidbits and behind-the-scenes news for the progress of the game. We had a regular rhythm to our game-making process, so we could anticipate what would not change and remain true once the game came out and matched the readers’ expectations. With all the changes and updates for our next game, we cannot anticipate what will stay the same and what will change along the way. The last thing we want to be is untruthful with our player’s expectations. (An example would be the anticipated release date, which originally changed after all.) Until we have more solid news to share on MID, we do not want to share things that could change later, as we are still learning a new process. Thank you for being understanding, and for being a fan of Nancy Drew. We hope to share more news with everyone in the future, even little things. 

We appreciate your loyalty and hope you continue to play and enjoy Nancy Drew games in the future!

  -Customer Service

you know the iconic sharpshooter™ scene in season 2??? well, i was just thinking about lance, you know like everyone does on a daily basis, and realized there’s actually another before that one

right before the bonding moment™, pidge and keith were fighting sendak, when lance, and i quote, “emerged from a coma and shot his arm off

okay but do you understand the fact that lance actually woke up after jumping to protect coran from the bomb and remain unconscious for god knows how long, probably not knowing where he was or what was happening, had few seconds to analyze the situation, took his bayard and made the perfect shot????

so in conclusion, lance was the team’s sharpshooter even before season 2

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Ok so I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago (I think it was on AO3) but literally all I remember is one specific scene. wade and Peter teamed up for one reason or another and they had to sneak into Peter's college after hours so Peter (as spidey I think) could do some dumb science nerd stuff and then they almost get caught by security and run from the security guard and hide then hook up. Help?

Yes! I love that scene! it’s from Controlling Chaos  by  li_izumi. Chapter 18 more specifically.

listen though I love this scene so much?

Because up until now we’ve had the very newly blind, stumbling, tentative-ish Iggy who’s doing his best with his newfound injury but there’s limitations and he has to rely on the guys and there’s no getting around that. So we see him kind of curled in on himself, walking with his hand out, tripping and falling a lot, etc

Then this scene, which isn’t even that far in time from his injury (a few weeks, I believe) and even less from the stumbling Iggy we see in the mines and yet he 

hears Noctis’s voice “clear as day” while they’re in a whole other room, which means he’s getting so much better at distinguishing sound which is going to be the sense he relies on most. He picked up on conversation on the train but this is a whole new level of being attuned and because he’s been able to improve on what he can do instead of what he can’t?

He can help?? Look at him go?? He just whirls around and takes off and gives Gladio a heart attack in the process because we haven’t seen Iggy like this since the injury?? Look at his posture, boy just turns and strides off. That is a stride. I mean it’s almost a strut. Look at that determination. Look at that purpose. No uneven gait. No fumbling in his darkness. He just goes. That stick isn’t even touching the ground. And Gladiolus is just like omg Iggy plz but Iggy is literally, 100% Gladio, I got this.

We see him start working with magic and that’s a scene on its own as far as Ignis’s progress goes, but this?? is just? so good??

yeah so here’s more meta (is this meta. it’s just my meiwhgeEGWJ screaming into the abyss really.) that no one asked for but I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT IGNIS’S ARC AND THEN VERSE 2 HAPPENED i’m so happy this scene just makes me so so happy and proud of this ray of sunshine

I know I crack a lot about how Rhodey is super protective of Tony and stuff in my shitposts and even some normal posts but do people realize that he is a character of marvelous depth as an individual? James Rhodes was never a spotless, goody two shoes, who was eternally meant to just save his best friend. To be honest, Tony wasn’t even his best friend all the time. These two had huge spats that actually ended in temporary termination of their friendship. IM2 showed us a tame version of them coming to blows in that disastrous party, but in comics they actually do have a major all-out fight. A few things if you write Rhodey and would like to get a few nuances in on his complex character (I’m borrowing from 616 here, because MCu will only be behind the scenes):

1. Rhodey isn’t always secure in his skin. He DOES get insecure and he DOES get jealous of people, even Tony at times when the suit is involved. in 616, when Tony drops into the bottle badly, Rhodey takes on the Iron Man suit and does remarkably well for a while. But Tony had built the suit with his own brain waves attuned to it and this hit Rhodey negatively (there is a BIG indicator of how Tony hates himself in this storyline but that’s for later). This leads to Rhodey becoming aggressive and hating Tony, which in the end leads to a massive fight between the two in the open. So no, Rhodey is NOT a Yes Man to Tony Stark.

2. Rhodey is not just an Avenger or a member of USAF. He also had his own business at one point, Rhodes Recovery - a marine salvaging company that he took on after retiring briefly from the superhero business. Unfortunately the company goes bankrupt over a while when he trusts a wrong accountant and becomes a little loose with money. 

3. Rhodey had to step up and become the CEO of Stark Industries once when Tony faked his death (oh Tony, you dumbass) and did it with diligence till he found out that Tony had FAKED the death, on knowing which, he became furious (naturally) and cut off ties with Tony for a while.

4. Rhodey has a family ( I know, one that isn’t just Tony, shocking?) and his niece, Lila, is one of his biggest supporters.

5. Rhodey’s sister was killed and he became a vigilante to avenge her. He was actually in a mob war for this, in Brooklyn.

I mean, I’m sure there are more, but my point is that his character is incredibly complex and wonderful to explore if you just gave it the time. Yes, he is by far the best friend of Tony Stark possibly, but James Rhodes is also his own man and you would find his potential amazing if you looked closer.

Guys… let me just say this: let’s assume that Callie and Aaron go farther into the relationship and decide to have sex. Do you know how GROUNDBREAKING that scene could possibly be ? That would literally be TV history. Just like in Season 2 when Connor and Jude kissed, and they broke the record for youngest same-sex kiss, if Callie and Aaron had Sex, it would be the first ever scene on TV where a straight person has sex with a trans person tho. I love Freeform so much guys.

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Aaaand now I keep reading/seeing posts about a possible/probable marriage for Chiam and I think I may vomit. Do you think it really might happen? Can management force Liam to do that?? I can't even fathom what's going on behind the scenes with all this. I just want him free and far far far away from her and all this idiocy

Hello my Anon and why do you wanna vomit? something you ate must not agree wiith you!!!!

Seriously now, in my time people used first to know each other, then to get married, later to get a baby and finally to divorce! Here we had the opposite: first their management introduced them, then came the baby and now we are discussing (??? or should I write that the tabloids are discussing) marriage! Gives new meaning to the “putting the horse before the carriage” expression!

I had written in my tags (where i put my comments) that Cheryl and her team will push for a wedding, and now my question is: if they needed to get married for mutually bearding reasons, why not do it all this time before the baby was born so it would simultaneously take Liam’s last name? Questions-questions…..

But don’t worry, my Nonnie, even if they have them get married, we all know how stable Cheryl’s marriages are; give it a few months and make some popcorn to watch the eruption of the Cheriam volcano. 

And should Liam need any advice about his wedding to Cheryl, he could always ask Sir Elton John who, as i recall, got married to 2 women before getting his act straight (the pan was intended) and marrying his man! After all Liam and Elton John have the same publicist, Murray Chalmrs PR; I’m sure they’d be delighted to help!!! 


This is a Drabble I decided writing a long time ago, but was never really in the mood, but today after seeing @abbo-chan​‘s beautiful artwork for Sakura’s birthday, I said I had to do it!

Please reblog the art from the original source: http://abbo-chan.tumblr.com/post/158918063353/28th-march-2017-and-we-are-still-whirling-and

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