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January Fic Rec

There might be one fic rec per month with the speed I’m reading at, so welcome to the first one of this year~

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Alright folks, as promised, here’s my gay ass in a suit 3:) this is especially for @positiveautistic

Ultimate Spicy Bis Fic Rec List

okay he(e)re we go, for the good of Rich, Jeremy, and everyone who ships them I went through their entire ao3 tag and read everything (minus some exceptions, which you can see here) to sift through and find the best ones. the first is my absolute favorite and the rest are in no particular order, so please give these a read and enjoy!

Scars to Your Beautiful by lalagirl16 - I’ve recommended this before, I’ll rec it again, I’m telling you: this is the best characterization of the spicy bis you’ll get. Am I, *ahem* BI-ased because collaborating on the Rich route of bls with Meg is how I fell in love with spicy bis in the first place (and also because I absolutely love her and her writing)? Maybe, but I am telling you, this is the gold standard of spicy bis fics and should definitely be the goal for everyone who writes for them. It’s a beautiful little one shot that showcases Jeremy and Rich’s relationship after they get together, angstier than you would think at first glance so be warned about that. But oh my god it’s for the best just trust me. I could go on and on about this fic and I still need to leave a comment proclaiming my love for it in full detail but I leave you with this: just. read it.

Mixtapes (from Rarepair Spooky Prompt Time) by SquipGrandma - Before you yell at me: don’t go into this one expecting a ton of spicy bis relationship content, because that’s not what this one is really about, but there is a little bit of it there! This one made me feel things though and I just couldn’t not include it here. It’s an au one shot in which Jeremy is the adorable ghost who lives in Rich’s car. I won’t go into detail and spoil it, but there’s a lot to love about this fic and should definitely be included in your reading list!

Digital Bond by Nymm_at_Night - Hooooly shit. Holy shit. This one is so well done, I’m still in shock (ehe, an accidental pun), it’s basically the exact content I set out to find when I started sifting through all these. Once again the actual spicy bis content isn’t that high here, a lot more implied than anything, but I love every single thing about this fic, and I think it would’ve felt out of place if there was any more. It feels like a lost chapter of Be More Chill, where squipped Rich and Jeremy hang out and play video games (that is if Jeremy had a thing for Rich in canon), and everyone, even the squip, is so in character that you almost wouldn’t know that it wasn’t part of canon. I cannot say enough good things about this fic, it comes with the highest of recommendations!

Google Search by mikey_melon - A very adorable coffee shop au one shot that had me smiling through the whole thing. Just, so much cuteness. Holy shit, my poor little heart. I particularly love the characterization of Rich in this one, he’s an annoying little shit but he’s a good boy who loves his flowers and what more could Jeremy (or a spicy bis shipper) ask for really?

Them by lohstspace - Don’t let the small word count on this fool you, it’s a short read but it packs a punch. In just over 150 words it manages to perfectly encapsulate the essence of those spicy bisexuals and why you should ship them. I swear if I didn’t already ship them this would’ve turned me. It’s a beautiful little quick read and if you only have five minutes to read anything from this list, read this one two or three times.

and finally, I have a crack rec for you!

His boyf???? A FURRY??? by trashy_chocolate - As one commenter so elegantly put it, it’s “the best worst thing I’ve ever read in my entire life”. It may be a joke fic, but when you go into it knowing that it’s honestly such an enjoyable read. I was dying through the whole goddamn thing. It’s great for once you get through one of the longer, heavier fics from above and want a laugh but you’re still in the mood for spicy bis content. 

and there you have it: the ultimate spicy bis fic rec list! I’m not telling you not to read other pieces in the tag, but these are the ones that really stuck out to me for excellence in characterization, writing, cuteness, humor, emotional impact, or a combination of a few of those! please give these a read and don’t forget to leave kudos and comments to support the creators! also, be aware that I didn’t mention any content warnings in my descriptions so please check the tags on ao3 before getting into them because one or two have potentially triggering content. enjoy!

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Thank you! You’re too kind! Hopefully more story posts soon! c:

I won’t, I won’t, this is just something I’ve been battling for a really long time but conversation with some lovely people here, who took the time to reach out to me, really helped kind of breakdown everything and find the root to some of my issue(s) here. Constantly a learning experience!

Some things I did learn are I’m blunt and honest (doesn’t excuse bad behaviors) but it can be misinterpreted as malicious intent or insensitive. The other being I take my blog really seriously and my relationships really seriously, just as seriously as if I was creating art on traditional media while sharing the room with others. Working on not being so sensitive because other people aren’t seeing situations like I do. Are theses parts of me good or bad? I mean, they have pros and cons. Luckily I have found people who appropriate these aspects of my personality.


Aren’t we supposed to be the ones blushing

a lawful soft horny gay and a chaotic machine gun gay

Actually platinum Star Platinum?

I’ve been thinking about a fully platinum colored Splat, who reflects the colors & objects around him

The reflections didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted, but I’ll give it another try in the future


Appreciation Month – Day Twenty-Four: Free Choice – Scenery/Cinematography