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Sometimes it really dawns on me the reality that Harry held onto a song he wrote 2-3 years ago 'cause he didn't feel like anyone else singing it would do it justice. It meant so much to him to have it and sing it, and now it's in his solo album. And then I remember that when he had the opportunity to release music on his own, to really say what he means, the first thing he writes is Sweet Creature ...which is about Louis. I wanna cry.

You’re so right.

I was trying to find a post I’d written about the timing of Sweet Creature. It was written in February, 2016, just after Harry’s birthday, before the end of the month. Anyway, I can’t find the post right now, but the timing is very interesting.

It was right after Freddie was “born.”

Sweet Creature is a song of reconciliation, the musical equivalent of an embrace, the first song written that Harry felt sure he wanted on the album.

Here’s a post that links it to Two Ghosts, still a great read.


Serious Moment Right Now

So tonight I went and volunteered at my old Elementary school. They were doing a 5k run for that the kids and their family could do to raise money for the school. It was glow run so there was glow-sticks for everyone and an after party. The school lives a little ways down the road from my house. My sister, Kara is an Aid at the school as well. I was doing this cause it helps my old school and for my NHS hours. On the walk there some guys in their car, cat called us. I’m going to be honest here, I haven’t had that happen to me.I’ve never been in a situation being faced with that. I’ve never had to deal with that, I know my sisters have and I’m disgusted. It happened in my own freaking neighborhood, which makes it feel even worse. I feel sorry for women who go through this each day, that have been sexual harassed and assaulted. Women shouldn’t have to put up with this shit. We should be able to feel safe, this has to stop.


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I wonder what it is about the saves themselves that causes lagging? I have had the same handful of saves since I got the game and haven't really noticed a ton of lag however I do occasionally get a bit of freezing. :/

I have never had this happen to a save before so it is all new to me. ._.
It makes perfect sense for a save to feel a little slower after a while due to all the data the game needs to keep track of, but this was ridiculous, haha. (|||❛︵❛.)

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I feel kinda shite for thinking this cause it's a bit selfish, but I can't help imagining that what Spain is doing to Catalonia is exactly what England would have done to us if IndyRef had passed

I don’t think so, Edinburgh agreement meant that they had to accept the result.

I think they would have been as incompetent as they have been with Brexit regarding the negotiations.

And that’s not to say they won’t pull some shit next time.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

as soon as dan outright said he suffers from clinical depression, my heart stopped. saying that so clearly is so hard to do, and he’s so brave for doing so. the entire video showed that depression was always there, regardless of his appearance in collabs and at events and the life he’s been given. I’m honestly so proud and close to sobbing because I’m so happy that he had the courage to share his story for such an amazing cause. his advice, like seeing a therapist and speaking to people you trust about how you feel, is so important and should be talked about and shared so much. dan howell, you’ve done a wonderful thing. i love you.

SNAPCHAT ADVENTURES 🔥🔥🔥 there was going to be other stuff to go w this image but I couldn’t find the energy to do it ATM (perhaps I will add on later!)


ask and you shall receive

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Okey but i am a sucker for angst and well i was thinking what do you think would happen if lotor wouldn't "save" keith and keith actually killed himself to save the mission... What do you think shiro would do and feel? Cause i have no idea... Well i can imagine him screaming at keith not to do it to find another way but what would he do after ?

You know the really awful thing about this? At first, Shiro would be congratulating him, saying good job. Because Team Voltron had no idea what was happening on the other end, they just knew Keith was going to try and stop the ship. And it stopped. So, mission success, right? Shiro commends him for his efforts, but the cruel irony there is that, if it was actually Keith who stopped the ship, he’d be dead. Shiro would be there smiling and telling Keith how proud he was and hearing–nothing. Dead silence. 

Keith’s comms are completely down. It could be nothing, just some interference, the others reason. But Shiro tenses, and his stomach drops. Something’s not right here, he can feel it in his gut. The few seconds between when Coran’s call is received and they open up comms are the longest of his life. It’s childish and cowardly, but he doesn’t want to answer. Doesn’t want to hear the words. And even as Coran speaks, relays Keith’s world shattering decision–Shiro hardly listens. The words are there, punctuated by sharp breaths and wretched sobs, but Shiro doesn’t need to hear. He already knows what happened, can feel it in his bones.

Keith always gave back more than the universe deserved. 

The flight back to the castle is a streak of stars and warbled static. Shiro doesn’t know how long it takes. Shiro isn’t sure when they made it back. Shiro hardly remembers sitting down until Hunk is already offering him a blanket and Allura insists he eat some food. He’s glassy-eyed and numb when everyone offers their condolences, hands reflexively clenching every now and again. The light that shoots up his galra tech arm is sheer impulse, but the flare is still enough to startle. Lance walks him back to his room and tells him he should rest. 

For the longest time, Shiro wonders why he did it. How did he do it? Was he calm and composed right up until the very end? Did he scream? Did he cry? Did he break down and steel himself with some sacred oath of duty before he blasted himself to pieces? Did he ever think about how the others would feel? How he would feel? Did he ever believe his life was worth anything at all?

And you know what else is cruel? Keith didn’t even get to say his goodbyes. Not even so much as another, “It was an honor flying with you.” He was going to die without telling his team one last time how much they mean to him, without telling Shiro. He couldn’t bare to say his goodbyes, there wasn’t time, they would’ve tried to stop him–there are a number of reasons not to, so he didn’t. It’s for the best, he must’ve told himself. If he doesn’t acknowledge it, doesn’t speak the words aloud, then this can’t be real. Just close your eyes and it’ll all be over soon. It’s a thought Shiro can’t cut loose, and he lets it close around his throat with every shaky breath. 

And it isn’t until the horrible sinking sensation creeps up on him in the midst of another sleepless night, slicing right through him like a knife–that he realizes, choking back a sob that devolves into a mindless scream. “It was always meant to be yours.”

Had Keith kept piloting Black instead, he would’ve been saved. 

Just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.” “I know you are. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

He can’t bare to set foot in Black for a long time after that.

Prodigy - Teacher AU

“Could you just close the door and come over here? You have no reason to rush out, I didn’t post your grade. I want to discuss it in person.”

You swallowed hard at his words but did as you were told, closing the classroom door and going over to his desk. He was looking through the stack of students’ sketchbooks on his desk, presumably for your own. He pulled one of of the stack and laid it in the middle of his desk, and you froze. 

You could feel all color draining from your face once you noticed which sketchbook he had pulled out of the pile. There was a Hello Kitty sticker stuck to the top right corner of it, indicating it was your sketchbook.

Your personal sketchbook.

word count: 10.1k

genre: fluff & smut (a lot of soft/domestic stuff, concludes w smut)

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I’m really happy that you think those two fit my style!! So cool! Thanks! Cause I love those two and I love those two in some rough urban style!

And I love them together, as friends! Iwaizumi is such a good senpai and Kyou respects him! I love their dynamic

Finally getting around to looking at the IT remake and Bill Skarsgard is NAILING the role of Pennywise. There’s a really subtle bit in the scene where he meets Georgie that just cemented it for me. He starts doing the popcorn impression to make Georgie trust him (”pop, pop, pop!”), and Georgie starts full-on belly-laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Pennywise laughs with him a bit too, then he just…stops. His smile kind of falls, he starts drooling a little, and most importantly, Skarsgard uses his lazy eye to make it appear as though both eyes are slowly moving in opposite directions, and the left one is staring straight into the camera.

I could be reading into this too much, but I feel like Pennywise saw that he had created joy, he’d caused this child to feel happy, and his joy-hating, human-despising alien brain completely short-circuited. He briefly drops out of character trying to comprehend what he’d just done, upset and confused by the concept of happiness or laughter, and then he snaps out of it and realizes he needs to keep up the act to fool Georgie so he goes back into the “happy clown” shtick.

In short, big ups to this guy, he’s doing Tim Curry proud

Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever


lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

So I was in the fifth grade, right, and our teacher told us that we were to write a report. I love this concept. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to prepare you for in life. Writing a report. It’s not…it’s not…a business report. It’s writing about something you feel passionate about that you that want to share with other people. I’m not sure that the rest of the world after elementary school encourages you to actually do that. But…but so I mean…I remember going, ‘Aww man, I’m going to write about dragons.’ Cause I was a young man who loved dragons. And unicorns. That’s right. Magical and mystical things. But I had a lot of experiences as I went along through late childhood and adolescence that sort of…hardened my skin a little…and put a crust around my heart. So when a girlfriend of mine, one of the sweetest people I’d ever known, gave me a coffee cup with a unicorn on it as like the first present that we had exchanged, my eighteen year old self looked at it like, 'I used to like that stuff as a kid.’ And immediately, the voice of my younger, truer self convicted me and said, “Have you betrayed the noble unicorn? Who sought only the best for you? Who wronged you in no way? Whose innocence you have turned your back on?’ But I had not entirely, and I drank from that coffee cup until it broke. This is called 'Unicorn Tolerance.’
—  John Darnielle

Mike was never a big fan of Valentine’s day. To be quite fair, it may have been his least favorite day of the whole year. It was just a dumb day where his sister would rush off to school to be all grossly romantic with her boyfriend and his parents would be out all night on a romantic dinner that left Nancy to babysit both of the younger kids (her form of babysitting consisted of strict homework time, vegetables for dinner, and early bedtime. What fun) and kids at school teased him with insulting fake Valentine’s cards. The upside, if any, was the cheap drugstore chocolate that went on sale the next day, which he raided with his friends as they pooled their allowances together. With Eleven around, naturally, she had a lot of questions, most of which her best friends answered with enthusiasm and great detail. When she asked the dreaded Valentine’s Day question, Mike Wheeler felt his cheeks burning up before his friends could even open their big mouths in laughter or light teasing. To get out of the question unscathed, he quickly threw together an explanation with hearty emphasis on its stupidity and cheesiness, though quite aware of El’s dissatisfied expression. She didn’t press the matter, to his surprise, and they all went on with their month, dreading the lovey-doviness at school on that stupid holiday. As the day rolled around and the four boys locked their bikes onto the rack, Eleven pulled up quickly afterward—little pink bows and heart hairbands that Hopper had affixed into her curls and a wrinkled paper bag in the basket of her bike. She fished through the bag and proudly handed each of her best friends the specially personalized cards she made (construction paper hearts practically dripping in glitter and lace with carefully penned cheesy poetry and sentiments) along with full sized candy bars. Rolling their eyes playfully at the dorkiness, Lucas, Dustin, and Will hugged and high-fived and fist-pumped her in thanks as they ran off to class. For some odd reason, though, Mike noticed her utterly puzzled expression as she looked for his…. “Hey, El, it’s really no problem if you forgot mine. I’m just..uh…happy to spend the day with you. We can go the arcade or something after school,” he said easily, not really paying attention to the eery smirk appearing on her face. Eleven quickly kissed his cheek, shoved a Valentine into his hands, and chased after the boys before she was late to science class. Mike Wheeler was certain in that moment that his entire brain function shut down, as he could barely focus on the heart-shaped card long enough to read the flowy script on the front— “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Eggos are very sweet, But not as sweet as you”

@People who think it’s dumb of Rick and Morty fans to wait in line hours for Szechuan sauce and then get mad/disappointed because each location only got 20 and there were literally hundreds in line, 

I bet your asses went the extra mile for Pokemon GO

People were excited about this because it’s something to do

Which, in the middle of Arkansas, let me tell you, is rare af. 

I’ve actually been really excited about it because I can actually get excited about the small things. 

Everyone’s like “oh the fandom was toxic again” 


waiting in lines for a promotion? 

are Disney fans stupid for waiting an hour in line for Splash Mountain too?

Like wtf ya’ll it’s 4am and I’m trying to understand what about waiting in a line to receive something cool is “cringy” or “toxic”. 

Like, nobody knew all the stores were only gonna get 20. I had to do some digging just to figure out WHEN the promotion started. 

Like yeah, I do feel awful for the employees ‘cause it seems like they weren’t given a lot of warning and people probably were rude to them today but like.

 don’t come at people waiting in line thinking they’re gonna get something cool when in reality the company literally screwed everyone over. 

I’m in the middle of Arkansas and the entire state had ONE store actually doing the promotion, and there were at least a hundred people in line, maybe two. 

Everybody cheered when it hit 2 pm and they actually started to give it out, only for everyone to be super disappointed minutes later. 

And like I saw some people on here like “lol did they really think there was gonna be enough for everybody” 



i did not

but I figured there’d be more than 20

Only the first 20 people got any, out of the hundreds in line.

From a business standpoint, I can’t imagine how much money mcdonalds lost today because of people leaving once they heard they were out. 

anyways 4am rant over

stop picking on people for enjoying things

cringe culture isn’t real

let people have fun

everyone dies eventually

get hyped over some fricking sauce if you want to