but i had to because this song omg

I think one of my favorite stories I’ve ever heard Mark Hamill tell is the one about how the first time he heard the score for A New Hope he got sort of jokingly offended because it seemed like every other character had a specific song for them and he didn’t and John Williams just looked at him and said “…The main theme is your song” and Mark was like “WHAT OMG” like he didn’t actually understand before that moment that he was the protagonist.

One of the Guys Part One (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 666 (omg this is everything)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part two herepart three and part four here :) This was kind of inspired by the song one of the boys by Katy Perry because that was a thirteen year old bop for me.

You had been Peter Parker’s best friend since you were both eight years old. Little eight year old you was playing on the swing when you noticed Flash from your class, he was picking on a boy who looked your age and pushed him to the ground. You were never one to see people being picked on and just look away, you always stood up for them and you still lived by that moral to this day. You remember storming towards Flash with pure determination, you weren’t going to let him get away with hurting some innocent boy. 

“Hey Flash! Leave him alone.” You stood in front of him, arms crossed as your eyes caught sight of the small boy whimpering on the ground. You sent him a sympathetic look as you bent down next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.You were lucky that Flash was still as immature back then as he is today, because the sight of a girl walking towards him sent him running away as he was scared that he was going to get cooties. 

“Are you okay?” You asked the boy sending him a friendly smile.

The boy looked up at you with his brown eyes, you noticed the tears that were trying not to escape but failed as one slid down his cheek. The boy sniffled and rubbed away his tears, shyly nodding at you. 

“My name is Y/N.” You liked his dark curly hair and the way his nose was a bit red from the cold. Maybe you could make this boy your new friend, you didn’t have many friends but this boy seemed like he was a nice person. 

“I-I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He shyly stuttered out, nervously to be talking to a stranger. You helped pull him up from the ground onto his feet, brushing off the dirt on his jacket for him. 

“Well it’s nice to meet you Peter. You know, I think we’re gonna be really great friends.” You said cheerfully causing the boy to shyly smile back at you. It was just the beginning of a great and beautiful friendship.

Six years later and you both were still the best of friends and even added another member to your duo, Ned. There was nothing the three of you didn’t know about each other since you spent practically every day together. You always had each others back, you truly couldn’t have asked for greater friends. 

All was great until you noticed Peter starting to take an interest in other girls that weren’t you. At first you were completely confused as to why you were so jealous about your best friend staring at Liz Allan every time she walked by. You were only fourteen and this was the first time you’d ever experienced anything like this. 

That night you stayed up reading hundreds of blog posts and magazines, just wanting to know the answer to your problem. And all of them said the same thing, that you had feelings for your best friend. 

At first you laughed it off, thinking there was no way that was the reason. But then you started thinking about it more and more until you came to the conclusion that it was true.You didn’t know when it started or how it happened, but it was undeniable that you were completely and utterly in love with Peter Parker. You swore to yourself that you would never tell him though, if he found out it could destroy your friendship and you wouldn’t ever want to risk that. You couldn’t lose your best friend. 

It’s been three years since you realized you were in love with your best friend and it hasn’t gotten any easier watching him talk to other girls. Mind you that was very rare since Peter was really socially awkward. But it did hurt how he looked at other girls the way you’d wish he’d look at you. But no, to him you were just one of the guys.


request: Omg a cute one about their wedding where he surprises her with a song he wrote (I JUST SAW THAT VIDEO AND I AM WRITING THIS FROM MY GRAVE)

a/n: i’m basing this off of my cousin’s wedding so fyi. also i said shawn covered a song because i literally choked when i gasped because of the best idea i’ve had

The ceremony had gone flawlessly, with you only shedding a few tears when you turned and saw Shawn standing next to the officiator. You exchanged vows, kissed, and hugged your bridesmaids for the first time as Mrs. Mendes.

Now, the reception. You and Shawn were sitting in the back of the country car you two had decided on renting. “Shawn, what if the DJ isn’t there, or if-”

“Love, calm down, everything will be fine.” Shawn smiled, rubbing his thumb across your hand. “Aaliyah’s been texting me, said the DJ was already getting set up. Nothing ot worry about.” He smiled, opening the door when the car pulled up next to the curb.

You nodded and followed your husband. “I’m really happy we got married.”

“Yeah?” Shawn asked, taking your hand.

“Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

“One of the best? What are some others?” Shawn asked, looking at his watch.

You hugged him. “Saying yes when you asked me out on that date in freshman year.” You giggled, kissing him. “Get ready for lots of kissing tonight.” You joked, taking a deep breath as Shawn opened the door to the recepion hall for you.

There was an immediate applause and cheer as you two walked into the recpetion, and you smiled, waving at your best friends and family. “Congrats!” The DJ yelled into the microphone, turning down the music. “I do believe it’s time for the first dance!”

You and Shawn took the dance floor, and you two smiled at each other as Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me began playing from the speakers. You and your husband danced, eyes locked with each other’s. You glanced over at your mother, and saw her in tears, holding your father’s hand tightly. You sent her a smile as Shawn softly sang the chorus of the song in your ear.

At the end of the song, you two blushed as the crowd cheered, filling up the dance floor. You two had your rounds to all of the guests still at the tables, thanking them. You ran over to your friends, all of them gushing about how cute you two were. “Aw! I’m totally sending you all of the photos and videos I take to you!” Your maid of honor told you, taking a sip of the cocktail she got earlier.

“Yes!” You nodded, laughing when you saw Shawn talking to some of his friends, shaking his head when they said something particularly embarrassing.

You continued onto the table with both your and Shawn’s parents and sister, hugging your mother. “Oh, I’m so proud of you! My baby girl is married! Oh! Soon you’re gonna be making babies of your own!” Your mother dabbed her eyes with a tissue, for the sake of not ruining her makeup.

Blushing, you snorted, rolling your eyes. “Mom!”

“What’re we walking about?” Shawn asked, wrapping his hands around you.

“Nothing! Nothing!” You stopped the conversation, and looked at Aaliyah, who was looking out the window. “What’re you looking at, Liyah?”

She shrugged. “Was looking at my reflection. I really like this dress.” She smiled, smoothing the material of the bridesmaid dress she had on. “Thanks for picking me to be a bridesmaid, it was really fun!”

“Aw, you’re welcome!” You smiled, hugging her quickly as Shawn pulled you towards the table set up front and center in front of the dance floor.

You two sat down as Brian, who Shawn picked as his best man, took the mic from the DJ. “Hey.” He nodded, waving to he two of you. “So you guys are married, and not gonna lie, I honestly have no idea what to say. I forgot he speech at my house.” You laughed, tilting your head when Shawn excused himself. “But I mean, think Shawn’s got a little somthin’ up his sleeve for the bride.”

He smiled, handing the mic to Shawn, who nodded. “Yeah.” He grabbed the acoustic guitar from Brain, and looked at you. “Hi, darling.” He adjusted the guitar on his lap. “So, I- I love you a lot.” He began strumming the guitar, and you almost immediately recognized the song as Photograph, one of your favorites.

A small slideshow began playing behind Shawn, showcasing photos throughout your and Shawn’s relationship. You felt your eyes water, and your hands flew to your mouth as Shawn began singing. You didn’t notice Aaliyah and your maid of honor filming, as well as Andrew taking some photos from the table he was sitting at.

By the time the song ended, you were properly crying. Shawn set the guitar on the ground, and you met him halfway, giving him a bone-crushing hug. “I love you so much, Shawn.”

“I love you, too.” He kissed you once more, spinning you around.

a/n: :D are you guys excited for the domestic series because i am 

signs as iconic seventeen project things

aries: the infamous gat. 

taurus: when mingyu gave a flower to a jeonghan stan

gemini: when s.coups and woozi had a fight but ultimately made up with many tears and hugs

cancer: when seungkwan cried all throughout their performance of shining diamond and was still sobbing at the end

leo: “OMG?? more like OTL!!!!”…until it ended up on the 2nd mini album

virgo: everyone bullying woozi on how woozi bullies them during recording time

libra: the vocal team’s performance of “because of you” (and joshua’s 10/10 chorus)

scorpio: dk crying b/c he felt useless

sagittarius: the high note contest in which dk shattered glass

capricorn: “i am working hard on the choreo!! and woozi hyung is working hard on the song!! and…s.coups hyung is just working on whatever he does” 

aquarius: the random play dance at the beginning and the ceo’s talk afterwards…the ceo in general tbh


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aaaaaa your truth or dare fic!! I like to imagine that yuuri had a reluctantly wild undergrad experience. mostly because of phichit but other times there's no one to blame but himself

omg sO TRUE

i mean if he gets so wild at a grand prix final party when he’s in his early twenties imagine what happened when he got wasted in his late teenage years

  • yuuri waking up and wondering why all of his money is gone… oh whoops he spent all of it on exclusive victor nikiforov merch on ebay
  • why is the last played song on his phone “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira?
  • how did he end up in this bathtub, in somebody’s large house, several miles away from the university? why is the bathtub filled with grass?
  • yuuri wakes up with tear-stained cheeks, five photos of victor nikiforov in his hands, all from victor’s newest photoshoot…phichit has a fuzzy memory of yuuri crying over how beautiful he is
  • why are there poprocks in yuuri’s mouth? they’re still sizzling
  • phichit is cleaning up after a wild night and is that a concoction of monster energy, coca cola, and vodka in the glass on yuuri’s nightstand?
  • yuuri’s last text to phichit, at 5:21am, was “tell me the truth about the white jacket” but neither of them remember anything about a white jacket, neither of them own a white jacket

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How'd you meet your bf omg???

i got 3 asks all asking how we met omg. it’s so dumb how we did meet, too. i had followed him because of skam and wow good blog, but the next day, he posted about how his sister had passed. and i was so #shook and wanted to tell him i felt for him, but he was literally getting dozens upon dozens of anons saying ‘sorry’ and 'i hope you feel better,’ and i just? didn’t want to send him another? so i sent him a link to a song on youtube. and he was kinda taken back, but he thought it was cool and sent me a song back. the next day, i sent him another song. then another the next day. and he kept sending me songs back. soon, it became dog pictures and memories and stories and facts and pictures and phone numbers. and this is so cheesy, but i’m gonna add it because i love him so much. i fell in love with elliot literally hours before he fell in love with me, and i can pinpoint the exact time. he had called me 'sufletel,“ and i fucking melted. he’s so sassy and kind and talkative and real. he’s so real. plus, he’s got the cutest nose

Devil’s Backbone {Frank Castle}

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Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog aka bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)

Based on; Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars

Character: Frank Castle x Reader

Plot; Frank comes to the reader to patch him up and despite knowing of all the bad things he’s done, the reader still continues to feel for him.

Note; I wrote this in fifteen minutes literally just there because I listened to the song and was immediately like ‘frank omg’ so I apologise if it’s awful! x

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The Confrontation
  • The Confrontation
  • Sunny

/ when this song from Les Mis came on shuffle i screamed tbh because it fits with when Keith takes on Zarkon, the desperation at the start echoes Coran so much. then i had an idea to make this a trio with Zarkon as this big relentless force, Keith diving in recklessly with Coran pleading for him to stop and basically i wanted to attempt and capture the intensity of that whole epic scene through this omg 

lyrics (below cut) 

Zarkon, at last
You’re on the battleplain
Now it’s my time
To fight you face-to-face…

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Characters: Jungkook X Reader X Jimin

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Word count: 3.5k

Requested by anon: Okay I’ve been listening to some music and I couldn’t stop listening to I Should Have Kissed You by Chris Brown. I was wondering if you could make a Drabble or just little scenario to this song with BTS please?

Omg i got too exited writing this for reaaalll. Forgive me for what you’ll feel. Have a nice day, take care. Seriously tho, no joke. i enjoyed writing this. Too much.


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“Since little we promised each other we’d get married. I still remember we running around my house while my parents were in the living room. You’d always throw your shoe at me because i’d win whenever we played a game. You always had a bad temper, always so stubborn. You always annoyed me, with all your guts. I hated you in reality, i hated you cause i never understood why i loved someone like you. You were mean to me, but i guess that’s what girls do when they like a boy? I know now, i know that you liked me back then. And for some reason i liked you too. i Just wish i knew about it earlier.” - Jeon Jung Kook

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alphabet tag

thank you for tagging me, @frxstguardian!!

A - Age: 23 *sobs*
B - Biggest Fear: i’m not good with people throwing up. and i hate loud noises omg.
C - Current Time: 7.33pm
D - Drink you last had: just plain ol’ water
E - Easiest person to talk to: i’m lucky to have quite a few friends i’m comfortable talking to <3
F - Favorite Song: nnooo i can never answer these questions! honourable mentions though: anything regina spektor, romulus by sufjan stevens, and lately i’ve been listening to a lot of sharon van etten!
H - Horror yes or Horror no: yes >)
I - In Love: nope
J - Jealous of people: YES OMG but i try not to be
K - Killed someone: …no
L - Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: what
M - Middle Name: Mary :0 
N - Number of Siblings: i have a brother
O - One Wish: i wanna see a dinosaur
P - Person You Called Last: i can’t remember because i…don’t
Q - Question You’re Always Asked: “why are you so quiet?” (leaving this the same because omg so accurate)
R - Reason to Smile: just…video games exist
S - Song You Sang Last: “Taking Chances” by Sharon Van Etten
T - Time You Woke Up: 8.30am
U - Underwear Color: black
V - Vacation Destination: if we’re not taking travel and fEAR into account, Japan, New Zealand, Canada
W - Worst Habit: biting my nails :[
X - X-Rays Had: i think the dentist has taken some 
Y - Your Favorite Food: ahhhh. cake, rice pudding, pasta, mangoes 
Z - Zodiac Sign: cancer!

I was tagged by lovelies @anelementofsurprise and @cathawayinspace !! Thanks!!

1. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED ON DVD: I think it was The Blues Brothers?? Or Harry Potter.

2. THEATRE: I really don’t know… I don’t watch much theater…

3. LAST SONG YOU LISTENED TO: Umm? I don’t actually remember the name because it was one of the songs from that concert/social event we went to last night!

4. LAST BOOK YOU READ: Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. It was So Sad omg I wasn’t expecting that ending at all!

5. LAST THING YOU ATE: I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I think it was chocolate at the fancy social event/concert.

6. IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU BE: I agree with @cathawayinspace and @anelementofsurprise , on holiday nowhere in particular!!

7. FIRST THING YOU WOULD DO WITH LOTTERY MONEY: Use it to pay for my and my sister’s college tuition. And then bank what was left over.

8. FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU WOULD WANT TO HANG WITH: Ooh, I think that has to be Phryne Fisher and Dot!!

9. WHAT WAS THE LAST FANDOM YOU JOINED: Probably Fantastic Beasts??

10. TIME RIGHT NOW: 9:00 am

TAGGING: Anyone who wants to try it! Please tag me so I can see your responses!

rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!   

I was tagged by @i-wanna-jump-out-of-my-skin Thanks Klaudia!!

a - age: 17
b - biggest fear: being alone

c - current time: 2:53 pm
d - drink you last had: Coffee 
e - every day starts with: getting dressed
f - favorite song: Top 5 because I’m so indecisive: Sweet Talk, Bling, Stand on the Horizon, God Only Knows, and Life Is Simple in the Moonlight  
g - ghosts, are they real: I’m pretty sure I saw something when i went on a school trip to Gettysburg in the 5th grade, so yes for now omg
h - hometown: Brooklyn, NY :)
i - in love with: music, culture, and writing
j - jealous of: people who have a positive outlook on life
k - killed someone: Nope
l - last time you cried: earlier this month when i was applying to college lol
m - middle name: Noelle, 
n - number of siblings: 1, i have a younger brother
o - one wish: for tk5 to come out on my birthday, but its unlikely 
p - person you last called/texted: my mom who asked me if i wanted a bagel form the deli 
q - questions you’re always asked: can i see your homework? 
r - reasons to smile: upcoming Killers’ album and tour, my friends on here and irl, and I’m off school this week 
s - song last sang: Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers 
t - time you woke up: 10 am
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: Cuzco, Peru and maybe D.F.
w - worst habit: twitching and hair twirling 
x - x-rays you’ve had: 2, when i broke my arm 
y - your favorite food: lasagna 
z - zodiac sign: taurus

I tage: @bronnie-shipping-on-ebay @gotlostinforeignlands @untxngledlove @cruisingthebluesupreme @frankalein

Does anyone remember what an absolute BELTING TUNE “I Turn To You” by Mel C was???

I literally forgot that song existed but then she performed it with some of the contestants on Let It Shine earlier and I was like “omg what a mAMOTH TUNE!!!!”

Like that’s a forgotten gem if ever there was one!! I think it must’ve been out in 2000….it had to have been, because the first ever concert I went to was Mel C, touring that album!! September 2000, in a theatre in Ipswich….I was all dressed up with my friends and so excited!!!

But yeah, if you’ve forgotten about that song then give it a blast because I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Has a couple days off work...

SO…this inner conversation happens.

Me: “I can get so much writing done!  And some reading, and I can finally start playing “Rise of the Tomb Raider”!

Brain: “K…which one you want to do first?”

Me: “I am a bit behind for the week on writing, so let’s start there.”  *sits at computer and pulls up first document.

Brain: “What’s that sound outside? Hey, let’s listen to that song!  OMG! I just had the perfect idea for a painting.  Speaking of painting, did you post your painting on deviantart yet, you totally shout.  Don’t you need to go to the grocery store???  Are you going to change out of your PJ’s?

Result?  Me wandering around my apartment like a lost puppy…getting nothing done.

Does this happen with everyone else?  Because I can write like three stories before I have to go to work, but somehow when I have a whole day to dedicate to it, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.


Perfect performance of ONE KISS omg. I’ve missed singer!Jae so much and he’s looking so fine like woah. All tanned and muscular.


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A - age: 19

B - biggest fear: thunderstorms and heights (yes yes laugh it up)

C - current time: 9:53 AM

D - drink you last had: water

E - every day starts with: brushing my teeth because I hate how gross they feel in the morning

F - favorite song: this is a tough one omg probably “She Will be Loved” by Maroon 5

G - ghosts, are they real? I’d like to think not ah//

H - hometown: Toronto, Ontario area

I - in love with: My bf (super cheesy) stars, art galleries and book stores, the way people get excited when they’re talking about something they enjoy

J - jealous of: people who can eat anything they want and not gain a single pound (I miss u mcdonalds)

K - killed someone: what is this question asking me??? No??

L - last time you cried: hm like two days ago I think

M - middle name: Gail (I hate it)

N - number of siblings: about 7 I think, it’s hard to tell who considers themselves my sibling and who doesn’t (lots of step family, only one blood related little brother)

O - one wish: emotional, financial, and physical stability

P - person you last texted: my mom lmao

Q - questions you’re always asked: “Are you awake? I need to talk”

R - reasons to smile: dogs exist, my boyfriend is sweet and amazing, I have a job, I’m going back to school in the fall, I have food on my table, I’m going on vacation this year with the person I love, my life is somewhat stable, my cat is cute, the sky is always pretty

S - song last sang: mambo number 5 in the car lmfao

T - time you woke up: 9:45

U - underwear color: pink and frilly with little cat head on them

V - vacation destination: JAMAICA (im going on April 30th and I could not be more excited and more broke lmao)

W - worst habit: procrastinating everything in my life and being lazy af and just not eating bcs I don’t want to get out of bed

X - x-rays you’ve ever had: dental X-rays, MRI a few times, ultrasounds

Y - your favourite food: STEAAAK (sorry vegans) I love a nice juicy steak, especially on a bun with sautéed veggies on top

Z - zodiac sign: Virgo!!

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what do you think about Bo Burnham?

LOVE HIM!!!!!! i’ve watched make happy more times than i can count. his humour is so intelligent and he’s probably my favourite comedian. 

but i also hate him because i had “straight white man” stuck in my head for like two weeks. not the song, just him singing those words over and over. i’d occasionally sing it out loud and get the weirdest looks hfdksajfha