but i had this idea in my mind and i had to do it

So can we like…start normalizing the idea that not everyone dates or has their first boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high or high school?

There are plenty of people who go into college with little to no dating experience. There are tons of people who go into college having not had their first kiss yet. It’s not wrong; everyone experiences things at a different pace, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time just because you feel like you have to fill some sort of “quota.”

The 7 Elements of a SCENE

There are few things as soul-crushing in the writing process (at least to me) than getting a bunch of characters in a room with the intention of something happening, then the characters proceed to stand around and stare at each other.  

Or worse, look at you like this. 

My characters didn’t know why they were there. I didn’t know why they were there either. I had no clue what they were supposed to be doing, so I’d start throwing random instructions at them: “Fight, characters! You guys should fight now! Maybe fighting will make this event have a purpose!” Which inevitably resulted in characters going through the motions of battle for no apparent reason, like they had all lost their minds.

What was the problem? I didn’t know how to write a scene. I didn’t know what a scene was. I had a vague definition that it was something about changing scenery, or just “something happening”.

It’s not. And once I learned what a scene was, my characters got to stop pummeling each other, while wishing they could pummel me. 

So what is a scene? 

The definition of a scene is kind of like the definition of a story. Story is change, a massive change in the life of your main character. A scene is change too, but much smaller, and part of that huge story change. You couldn’t have the BIG change without these tiny changes. Thus, a scene is not switching scenery. It’s not flipping to a new Character’s POV. It’s one segment of change, which triggers the next change, which triggers the next, which gradually build into sequences, which build into Acts, which build into story. 

So what goes into a scene? How does it work?

1. Alternating Charges

If a scene opens positive, it will turn negative by the end. If it opens negative, it will end positive. Simple. 

2. Character Goals

Everybody in a scene wants something. If they don’t want anything, they shouldn’t be in the scene. And these characters, with their often opposing goals, are going to employ different tactics on each other to get what they want. Which creates …

3. Escalating Conflict

Conflict is created when one character wants one thing and another wants something else, right? So the characters in the scene are each pushing for something different, each new tactic increasing in determination. And what are these actions called?  

4. Beats

The beats of a scene are exchanges of action and reaction. One character does something, another character reacts. All exchanges (beats) are pushing the scene onward, building tension and conflict, until finally …

5. Turns & Revelations

The scene turns. The positive has changed to negative. Something has been discovered. The story has spun in a new direction.

6. Connection to Story Objective

Every scene must be connected to the BIG goal of the story, the main character is taking small actions to reach that big goal. If it isn’t obviously connected to this big plot, it won’t make sense. Your reader won’t know why the heck they’re reading the scene. Which brings us to … 

7. Logic & Necessity  

Every scene must be necessary. It must be able to be linked with the previous scene. “Because that happened in the previous scene, THIS must happen in this scene.”

So! To see how that all works, let’s break down a scene from Tangled. (Because I used it in the last post to map out how a premise works, and my little writer heart can’t resist symmetry.)

Which scene? The one right after this happens: 

Opening Charge: Positive. She’s realized everything. 

Rapunzel’s Goal: Rise up against her mother – finally. 

Gothel’s Goal: Regain control.

Escalating Conflict: They’re fighting over who controls Rapunzel, and this battle causes them to go from “mother and daughter” to “enemies”. The conflict builds nicely in this scene, causing the story turn.

Connection to Story Objective: Throughout the movie, the big thing Rapunzel wants is freedom, she wants her life to begin, she wants to have a new dream. This is the moment she figures out how to do that; it’s not escaping the tower, it’s escaping Gothel’s control over her.

So! Here’s the scene.

Beat 1

“Rapunzel? Rapunzel, what’s going on up there?”

Ignores her. Still processing the tremendous implications of this revelation. 

Beat 2

“Are you alright?" 

"I’m the lost princess.” (Dumbfounded. Almost whispering it to herself.)

Beat 3

“Oh, please speak up Rapunzel! You know how I hate the mumbling.” (Bullying.)

“I am the lost princess! Aren’t I?” (Fighting back. She will not be bullied anymore.)

Beat 4

Gothel stares, stunned. She’s rendered temporarily speechless, because her secret’s been revealed finally, and her victim is actually fighting against her.

“Did I mumble, Mother? Or should I even call you that?” (Accusing. Drawing herself up taller. Looking down on Gothel and glaring. She’s seeing her clearly for the first time in her life.)

Beat 5

After a pause, thinking up a tactic. “Oh, Rapunzel, do you even hear yourself? How could you ask such a ridiculous question?” (Laughs. Ridicules. Attempts to make her feel childish, dumb, worthy of being mocked. Tactics which have always worked. She even begins to hug her.)

Rapunzel pushes her. “It was you! It was all you!” (Still accusing and angry, but pain is beginning to show. It’s almost like she’s giving her a chance to explain herself.)

Beat 6

“Everything I did was to protect you.” (And Gothel doesn’t say anything redeeming. She’s holier than thou, regal, bestowing kindness on an ungrateful, stupid child. Trying to control through guilt.)

Rapunzel rams her out of the way. 

Beat 7

“Rapunzel!” (Shouting. Now trying anger.)

“I’ve spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power …” (Leaves her.)

Beat 8

"Rapunzel!” (Still trying the anger angle.)

“But I should have been hiding from you.” (Throwing the truth at her.)

Beat 9

“Where will you go? He won’t be there for you.” (She’s tried everything else. It’s time to attack her heart.)

“What did you do to him?” (Fear)

Beat 10

“That criminal is to be hanged for his crimes.” (She’s keeping up the disapproving mother act, but striking her right where it will hurt her most.)

“No.” (She’s stopped. Shrinking in on herself. Staring, horrified. And Gothel thinks she’s won.)

Beat 11

“Now, now.  It’s alright. Listen to me. All of this is as it should be.” She goes to pat Rapunzel’s head, a gesture symbolic of her superiority, her physical, mental, and emotional control over her victim.

Rapunzel grabs Gothel’s wrist. “No! You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me! And I will never let you use my hair again!" 

Beat 12

Gothel wrenches free, stumbling backwards in shock and anger, breaking the mirror in the process. 

Rapunzel walks away. She’s escaped Gothel emotionally now.

Beat 13

"You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy.” (Well, now emotional control is over. It’s time to start stabbing Rapunzel’s boyfriend.)

This action has no reaction, interestingly. It leaves us hanging, a cliffhanger created with only beats. 

Closing Charge: Negative. She’s now a full-fledged villain, the motherly persona shed, and she’s determined to get what she wants whatever the cost. 

Turn: It changed from positive to negative,  and now we’ve got a Flynn-stabbing witch to deal with.  

Revelation: She’s always been evil. She has always been the bad guy. The motherly act was just that, an act. 

Logic & Necessity: This scene fits with the previous scene, and the one that follows.     

Though I’ve seen these concepts in many books, the place I first learned about it (and the best resource for scene design in my opinion) is the book Story by Robert McKee. It’s helped me countless times, is one of my favorite books on storytelling, and I highly recommend it if you write anything.

I realize that these definitions were a little vague, so I’ll be explaining things more thoroughly in subsequent posts. 

angel au

this contains a mess of ships ok

For whatever reason, imagining an AU where Ethan is a fallen angel really makes me happy? Like Ethan waking up cast down from the sky and he has no idea how to live on Earth, but he bumps into Mark n Amy n Ty n Kat and he ends up just following them around and asking questions about everything?

Ethan with fluffy wings and eyes that glow white when he’s angry? Speaking of wings, Ethan hiding behind his wings when he’s embarrassed or using them to flutter up when Tyler calls him short? Plus everyone automatically finds him beautiful at first sight and Mark has used the “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Line several times because he finds it funny

Angelic Eth not being able to lie? Ever? Which leads to him confessing a lot of things he doesn’t want to, like how he ate the last of the waffles and he doesn’t actually think that hat looks good on Mark and also he’s in love with like everyone on the team, etc.

Plus since it’s really common in mythology for angels to have healing powers? Eth lying in bed with Ty and asking about his kidney, Ty tells him and E just gets really sad and curls up against Ty’s chest? And Ethan is like “you’re okay now” and Tyler doesn’t know what that means but his health has completely improved at his next doctor’s appointment

Or if the first time Eth heals someone is when the rest of the team is super sick and struggling to make videos, Ethan goes to snuggle with them since they’re all sitting in a miserable sick circle on the floor, editing videos. Everyone is immediately like “dude no! We’re gonna get you sick” but Ethan just does it anyways because he’s a cuddle monster and heals them in the process

Bonus if Mark still has red hair when Ethan falls and Eth sees it and get super excited because he wants his hair to look like that! So after a few weeks he finally convinces Mark to take him to the hairstylist but he catches a glimpse of a girl with blue hair and changes his mind? So he comes out of the salon with bright blue hair and angel wings puffed out in happiness, Mark tells him he looks like he’s going to a costume party.

I don’t know why this is specific to this AU but Amy and Kathryn exchanging Eskimo kisses with Ethan? Because they love their blue boy

Plus any time they see a bird in public someone will point to it and say “Look Ethan your mom came back for you”


I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

So I’m about to lose my frikkin mind with animating and drawing in my style which means meME TIME!! 

Some people have noticed that I have this knack at style adaptation but this time I really wanted to put myself to the test with some great spn art styles!!

Each person here has granted me permission to draw in their style for the meme and oh my god I had a ton of fun!!!!!!

first box is mine and i hate my own style with a burning, fiery passion rn ngl it is so difficult even for me (which is why i slapped a drawing i had on hand lol)

@kamicom oh my goddd i swear ur artwork is exactly everything that i love smashed into one i’m such a sucker for cute girly pastel shoujo stuff i have no idea why my actual style is the exact opposite…!

@vinnie-cha holy shit your style made me use a SAI brush I never knew eXISTED LMAO??? This was fun bc this forced me to do some airbrush and flow brush techniques for oNCE. I think I also spent the longest time on yours homg.

@sketchydean DOING UR STYLE OF LINE ART WAS SO THERAPEUTIC YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Also it’s taken me this long to realize you shade with about 3+ colors how u do dat on a daily basis.

@consulting-mutt Your style had me think a lot it was very educational on how to nail everything down perfectly like you do ;q;

@diminuel hhhHHHH I LOVE YOUR STYLE SO MUCH???? Adapting it has been on my bucket list since forever I wish my style was like yours oh my god ;w;

@jennilah I FEEL LIKE UR STYLE IS FORCING ME TO USE RAD SUPPLIES LIKE BRUSH PENS AND SPRAY PAINT CANS idk every time I see it’s i call it the “fuq da police” style and I think that’s beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone who allowed me to do this meme I am forever grateful \o/


So your friends are throwing you a birthday party and you thought you’d invite her. She made you realize how stupid that would be though (“A Talon assassin alone and unarmed surrounded by Overwatch agents? Do you really want me dead?”) and refused your invitation. It made you sad, but you understand.

Yet she came anyway. Even after all that she said, she’s here. You’re pretty sure Jack’s losing it in the background but you already tuned everything out when she pulled you close to her.

“Happy Birthday, chérie,” she whispered and you smiled.

Yeaaaaahhh, sorry about the text, I don’t really write. ;-;  The idea hit me this morning and I had to draw it but then the drawing doesn’t really explain the whole story I had in mind so…

Yours to Hold

Jughead x Reader

Jughead is dating Betty,  and the reader is doing everything in their power to make sure that he doesn’t find out they like him. Based on the requested song: Yours to Hold by Skillet.

Warnings: Swearing (like one, again.)

Word Count: 2,240

A/N: This kind of took on a mind of it’s own as I kept writing. I had an idea for this being like super sad but like I never want Jug to be hurt ever so I let my hands write while my mind wandered. I was also thinking about doing a literal interpretation of the lyrics, but I wasn’t feeling that either. This felt right, i guess? It’s more metaphorical. I hope it’s still okay!

i see you standing here

but you’re so far away

starving for your attention

you don’t even know my name

Betty and Jughead had been an official couple for two months. Two months you had to push down your feelings you’ve had for him since grade nine. Two months you couldn’t walk down the hall without trying to avoid eye contact with both of them. Two months of your heart breaking over and over, every time you saw him climb to her window from your house across the street. You never pegged yourself for the girl next door, but here you were anyway. Although you were pretty sure that this time you wouldn’t be getting the guy.  It tore you up inside, always being the one that likes but isn’t liked back. It’s not like you and Jughead were close, you reasoned with yourself, so it’s not like he would’ve known, but you were good enough acquaintances to nod to each other in the hallway or share glances in the classroom when the teacher said something stupid.

You mainly knew Jughead and Betty and Archie through Veronica, your closest friend since she moved here at the end of last summer. You guys were a perfect fit, she needed someone spill her secrets to and you were someone who wouldn’t tell a soul. Who would you have to tell, anyway? The most social interaction you had was when you went to art club, but even then you kept to yourself and your drawings. Your drawings couldn’t hurt you.

What did hurt you, though, is that sometimes, on the best occasion, Jughead would come to you. Well, he would come sit beside you. You would draw in Pop’s diner late at night when you didn’t feel any inspiration from the school studio, so he would come and sit across from you with his laptop to write. It only happened once or twice, but every time it did your stomach started to turn and you couldn’t help but smile as your pencil hit the paper. It only hurt because it didn’t happen every day.

You were at your locker, going through the motions until you could go to the art room at the end of the day, and you were about to get books for your next class when Ronnie saunters up beside you.

“Hey girl, you hear the news?” she asks, her books wrapped in her arms, her bag slung over her shoulder in a way that only she could make fashionable.

“What?” you ask, exchanging the books in your hand for the ones on the top shelf. You grab your sketchbook, secretly filled with drawings and pictures taken of Ronnie’s gang, random kids in the hall, and Jughead. An overwhelmingly abundance of Jughead. You like to observe just like him, you just draw what you see instead of writing it. This sketch book was your version of his novel, which of course you heard about from Ronnie who heard it from Betty.

You probably knew more than you should about them, but whenever Ronnie started talking about them,  you didn’t stop her.

“The stuff about Polly!” she smirks, knowing that she’s just egging you on.

“Polly? Betty’s sister? Why would I care about her?” you ask, closing your locker, your face scrunching up just a bit, books in hand.

“Betty told me that there’s rough water in loveland.” she says, motioning for you to walk with her down the hall.

“Really?” you try to sound disinterested, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Mhmmmm. Betty has been so focused on her sister, and so now Jug has been cancelling plans, not showing up on time…” she trails off, looking over at you as she flips her hair over her shoulders.

“That must be… rough.” you say, unsure of how to respond.

“It’s your chance! I’ve been talking you up to all of them, I think you should make a real effort to get to know them.” she urges, turning to you and putting a hand on your arm. You were at your next class, her class just the next door down.

“You know what happened last time.” you remind her, remembering what happened when she tried to introduce you the last time. You could barely get two words out to any of them, fumbling over sentences and stuttering over the simplest of words. They all laughed it off, but there was definitely an awkward feel hanging in the air, and Jughead didn’t even look up from his laptop.

“I think you’re ready, you’re basically my best friend now, so they have to accept you. And beside, it’s my chance too.” she says, referencing her small crush on Betty as she blows a kiss and walks to her class. You sigh and roll your eyes, hoping that maybe this time she was right. Maybe this time you wouldn’t be the invisible girl in the corner, doodling in her notebook.

you’re going through so much

don’t you know that I could be the one to hold you?

It was movie night at Ronnie’s house. You were in your pajamas, which were just short shorts and a baggy t-shirt, ready to settle in to watch whatever she picked, since it was her turn.

“Did you hear?” she asks, walking in with the popcorn.

“What?” you ask, looking her up and down.

“Jug broke up with Betty.” she says, sitting down and crossing her legs.

“No, no way he would ever do that.” you say, shaking your head. That’s impossible, Jughead was head over heals for her just like you were for him, only difference is that he made his feelings public.

“He did. Betty told me that the reason he gave her was because there was someone else.” she smirks.

“No way, who?” you ask, wondering if it was maybe Josie, or even Ronnie herself.

The doorbell rings before she has a chance to answer.

“Be right back.” she says, setting the popcorn down and raising her eyebrows as she goes to the door.

A few minutes later she comes back with Archie and Jughead.

Your eyes grow wide as you stare down Veronica.
“I thought my boys could join us.” she says nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders as she sits down to the left of you.

Archie takes a seat next to Veronica, leaving the only spot open on the right, so of course that’s where Jug sits.

You try to give him a smile without completely embarrassing yourself, and you think you see a smile as he gives you a nod of his head, his eyes lifting to look at the screen.

“Choice of movie?” you ask Ronnie, breaking the tension that had probably only been building in your mind.

“I thought we could let them decide, since they’re new members to movie night.” she says with a smile, looking from Archie to Jughead.

“I don’t know Veronica, I think whatever you pick is probably good enough.” Archie chimes in, pulling his sleeves down as he crosses his arms. It was clear that if Archie didn’t have a crush, he definitely didn’t want to get on Ronnie’s bad side.

“Alright, Titanic it is.” she says with a small laugh, getting up to put in the movie. She then dims the lights and plops right down next to you, giving you a wink as she does.

The movie begins and you sigh in relief. There’s no more talking for at least the next three hours. You lean into the back of the sofa, ready to enjoy the movie when Jughead brushes your shoulder with his. You stiffen. Was that on purpose?

You take a deep breath and begin to relax a little. Just as you do though, Jughead puts his arm around the back of the couch, inches away from your neck.

You glance at Ronnie, wondering if she’s seeing any of this. The smirk on her face says it all. The movie isn’t even 15 minutes in and you can’t seem to stand it anymore. You get up and mumble something about getting a drink, going to her kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. You take a deep breath.

You turn around and run straight into Jughead, spilling water not only all over yourself, but all over him too.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you manage to get out, scrambling to find where Ronnie keeps her paper towels or washcloths, or anything.

“Don’t worry about it, it fits the theme.” he says, gesturing back towards the screen. You can’t help but chuckle at the comment. Sometimes you forget how funny Jughead can be.

“Yeah I guess so. ‘I’ll never let go, Jack.’” you mimic the movie in a high pitch voice, but still low enough to not disturb your friends in the other room.

“Do you wanna get out of here? I mean Titanic is great and all, but I do not want to be here when they start making out.” he scoffs.

“Who? Rose and Jack?” you question, a look of confusion on your face. You didn’t think that part was so bad.

“No, Archie and Veronica.” he corrects, a smirk playing on his lips, “dinner at Pop’s? You’re buying. It’ll make up for the water damages.”

You turn to notice that Archie has his hand on the back of the couch over Veronica, just like Jughead did with you.

He turns and walks away without another word, going out to his car, you guessed. Only then did you start to panic. Did Jughead Jones just ask you out? Was this backwards upside down reverse april fools day or something?

You grab your backpack and head for the door, only then realizing that you’re still in pajamas. You shake your head at the thought, this wasn’t a date. This was just his lame attempt at finding an excuse to get out of movie night. This would be just like the other times, where you would sit in silence.

you will see someday

that all along the way

i was yours to hold

Sitting in Pop’s on a late Friday night was like a low-key therapy session. You just hoped Ronnie wouldn’t be too mad that you left without telling her, but she seemed preoccupied and you were pretty sure she would understand.

Jughead ordered a burger and a milkshake while you just had a water. You couldn’t risk any food stains getting in your sketchbook.

You pulled out the one you always carried around in your backpack, opening to a blank page before setting it out on the table where he could see. Unlike the last few times, though, he doesn’t pull out his laptop. He doesn’t even have his bag with him.

“No novel tonight?” you question.

He shakes his head as you pull out a pencil. He might not have his novel but you sure as hell weren’t giving up your drawing.

The first pencil stroke to the page and it’s like your hand knew automatically what to do. It went directly to the curves in his hair, the lines on his face. You were just hoping he was too focused on his food to notice.

“I’m sorry about Betty.” you say under your breath, just trying to make conversation.

“Don’t be. I realized I only liked her because she was filling a void.” he states, stirring his straw in his shake. He was trying to be poetic, you could tell.

“Void?” you ask.

“I’ve had a crush on this girl since about grade eight, been real quiet about it, not even Arch knows. We haven’t had many conversations, she seems distant, nose always in a book. I just started hanging out with her more and more recently, though, so I’m hoping I at least get a date.” he explains, hope in his eyes that you don’t see. You’re too focused on the details of his beanie.

“That’s a real quick rebound.” you say, not really paying attention.

“Not if they’ve always been there.” he says. That gets your attention, and your eyes lock with his. Was he talking about you? He couldn’t be, there was no way.

You’re too caught up in your own thoughts you don’t even realize that he’s snatched your sketchbook right from under you.

“Don’t-” you say, a little too late. He’s already looking, and that one page leads to him flipping through all of them. Page after page of his beanie, his hair, his jawline. You probably knew his features better than anyone out there.

“Wow, you really did draw me like one of the french girls.” he remarks, a huge smile on his face. You liked his smile, very much so.

He meets your gaze and sets the book down. There’s something between you, something that wasn’t there before. It was the start of something, just what it was you didn’t know yet, but it was exciting, thrilling, and it made your stomach turn into knots and your heart flutter in your chest.

“I’ve always been there, Jug.” you say, finally letting it out.

“I know,” he says, leaning closer across the table, “and I’m mad at myself for taking so long to realize it.”

Closer and closer still, you close your eyes and try to brace yourself for what’s going to be the most thrilling ride of your life. Sink or swim, this ship was one you wanted to be on.   

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A Higher Education PT.1

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 4,228

A/U: No idea what I’m doing here, but I’ll be doing this into three parts and they will be coming soon. I’ve also included some things that everyone has been demanding asking for. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey excuse me?” I looked to my left to find a girl with long red hair and many freckles looking at me. When she saw she had my attention she continued on.

“I won’t be here next class would you mind if I got my notes from you?”

I put on a smile and nodded. “Yeah, sure.” I lied.

She proceeded to ask me for my email and I purposely put one letter wrong. If this first year thought she was going to get notes in a curved class she was an idiot. I had every intention to dominate everyone in here with their naivety alone. 

When I was turning back to my notepad on my small desktop I saw Shawn running through the door just as the professor was standing before it ready to start his lecture. Shawn gave a beautiful smile running his fingers through his thick hair that was loose and a looking a little damp. His cheeks were a little rosy and he looked out of breath, he must have been running outside, rather than through the pedways. He had been late for this class I concluded.  

He took a few steps into the classroom and began to walk into the middle of the lecture hall. He looked so nice.

Over the summer he had filled out so well. He looked nothing like he had when I met him last year during Move-In week. The Shawn I met last fall was a tall slender kid who wore plaid way too much. When we had seen one another in person two weeks ago at the end of August there was a considerably noticeable different in him. He had spent a little time in the sun and a lot of gym at the gym. And for the first time in our friendship, I had noticed how much I was attracted to him. I had always thought he was good looking but only in a cute way. Now he was growing and parts of him were swelling large and I couldn’t help but notice.

I waved to him as he looked at me and he smiled. As Shawn began to make his way up into the middle of seating I noticed a few girls turning and following him. I wasn’t the only one noticing him now.

As he made his way up the few rows I removed my backpack sitting in his saved seat. As he made his way through the row he awkwardly bumped into people who were sitting in our row. I smiled watching people give him dirty looks before he put out his hand apologizing. When he bumped into a guys desk almost causing the laptop sitting on it to fall I began to giggle. When Shawn wasn’t concentrating he was so lanky and had no coordination.

“Sorry. Sorry.” Shawn said putting the laptop centre before moving down more.

Shawn smiled at me when he reached the spot for him and turned quickly sitting down.

“Couldn’t have picked a spot on the edge could you?” He said playfully as he began to reach down into his backpack for his stuff.

“Wouldn’t have been an issue if you showed up on time.” I spat back.

Shawn opened his mouth to say more but quickly closed his pretty lips into a warm smile before turning to his back again. As his hands moved around inside the bag at his feet I noticed the rain drops on his black sweater, I also noticed how tightly the fabric was against his body, his shoulders looked huge and round under the black sweater.

A moment later I saw Shawn was still rummaging through his bag and he shook his head in frustration when the prof began to speak at the front of the room. As I was listening to the prof and getting the first few lines of notes on naive realism Shawn sat back in his seat frustrated.

I smiled and without a word reached for my extra pen at the top of my notebook and held it out without even looking away from my writing.

“Thank you.” He whispered before taking it from my fingers.

I grinned. It was pleasing to know him so well. First few weeks of classes Shawn was a mess. He was always too caught up with all the fun activities on campus and running into people to get his shit together for classes. By next week though when the seriousness set in he would be prepared and on time.

As the prof was speaking I turned and caught a glimpse of Shawn who was leant into his notebook, back of his brown hair turned to me and writing furiously. I smiled because he was kind of adorable but a moment later I shook my head and turned wide-eyed to the prof down at the bottom of the room.

I wasn’t supposed to look at Shawn like this so I tried to force my attention to the prof but it took a minute.

When it reached 1:48 pm rustling in the theatre began in a few seats but then steadily increased as everyone began to back up their things. Both Shawn and I tried to listen to the prof as he attempted to speak over the sound but soon the prof just gave up.

“That is all, see you Thursday.”

Suddenly there was an increase of noise from people talking, putting their things way or putting the desk into their seats and quickly running out the room.

I turned to Shawn calmly and put the lid on my pen with a smile. He smiled back and then asked for the first few lines of my notes he missed when he was looking for a pen at the start of the class. I turned my book to him and he began to write as I put away my stuff.

When Shawn was done most of the room had cleared out, this was good because we always waited in our seats for everyone to leave as we had no reason to rush out into the panic of people leaving.

“Thanks,” Shawn said handing me back the pen.

“Keep it,” I said with a smile. “you need it for the rest of your classes right?”

“But you hate when people take your pens. You pay a lot for them.”

Shawn was right, I had these particular pens I liked to write with that were slightly more expensive than the common pens so I was very particular about who I gave them to. But I hadn’t even Shawn one of my pens because I knew he was going to steal it like the thief he was.

“Ah, but I didn’t give you one of my pens.” I smiled.

He looked to the standard ball point pen and then mine.

“Did you give me a shitty pen?” He smiled almost offended.

“I did,” I giggled as I put the desktop back into the seat. “I knew you’d steal it.”

“Hey but that’s not true I just tried to give it back to you!” He said zipping up his bag.

I gave him a look as I stood up over him, however a moment later he stood up from the seat. My head slowly went from looking down to now looking up as he did.  He was so tall in comparison to me, and frankly everyone.

“Okay fine. You’re right. I would have stolen it.” He smiled as he put his back pack over his shoulders.

We both smiled a moment saying nothing before turning for the end of the aisle.

“I switched my class actually. So I have nothing for the rest of the day.” Shawn said as we began to walk down the steps.

“What? You did? The one with the funny little man?”

“Yeah. That one.” He smiled as he pulled as his backpack straps and swayed. “So now I only have one class today.”

I smiled and threw my head back. “Shawn, you’re never going to show up to this class now!”

He gave me a look almost pouting as we talked to the door. “That’s not true. You’re gonna be here so I’ll always be here!”

I raise my eyebrow because I didn’t believe him. “Or you’re just not going to come because you think you’re getting my notes.”

Shawn smiled and laughed offended. “I do not.”

“You’re not getting them by the way.” I smiled as we slipped out the door, but the truth was I probably would.

Shawn returned to my side as we entered the hall of the building.

“Doesn’t matter because I’ll have my own notes.”

I rolled my eyes at him before turning and smiling. When I looked at him as we walked he was already smiling, and I felt nice all over.

We turned away from one another and began to walk to the entrance of the pedway.

“It stopped raining,” Shawn said.

I looked to a window and saw that outside was nice and sunny.

“Aw,” I said disappointed because I loved the rain. All class I had been thinking about going to the library at my favourite spot by the window and getting a good start on my notes.

“Y/N you’re so fucking weird.”

Shawn was referring to my disappointment in no rain.

“Shut up,” I said as we began to walk through the glass pedway. Looking outside I could see how nice it was out.

“We should sit outside and study?”

“What?” Shawn said, looking up at me before looking through windows of the glass hall. I noticed how the sun was warming his brown eyes.

“No, I wanted to get food.” He countered

I rolled my eyes, with a smile. “We can get food and sit outside can’t we?”

Shawn grinned as we made our way into the next building and into the HUB so he could get food. We ran into people on our way, and I almost had to drag him along, he was Mr Popular.

When we got outside we entered onto the main quad. The air was fresh and moist from the rain but the sun was heating up the moisture making the air humid. Although I loved the rain itself, this was my second favourite thing about rain. Everything was green outside and felt healthy and with every breath of air through my nose I could smell the petrichor.

Making our way across the pavement I pointed to an open area in the grass that people were sitting in. Then we began to cut across the grass and I could feel the moisture of the grass dampening my Toms.

“Oh,” I said as the moisture from the grass dampened my bottom as I sat down in the spot we picked

Shawn smiled and put his bag with his food and his backpack on the ground. He then reached for the zipper of his sweater and removed it leaving him in a dark grey cotton shirt.  I watched and couldn’t help but see how much his chest protruded out of the simple shirt.

He laid out the sweater to protect himself from the dampness on the ground before sitting and opening his Subway.

“I want a bi-“ I began but Shawn with his mouth full of food was already handing me the sandwich. I grinned taking it and eyed it down for green peppers.

“Why do you always ask for a bite when you know I put green peppers on it?” He asked after swallowing.

“So I can annoy you,” I said with sass before taking a small bite and handing it back.

Shawn took it from my hand and I chewed as I sat better on the damp lawn.

We sat for a bit as I talked and Shawn ate. After we began to play light music as the sun came down on us and we chatted.

“Are you doing to the party on Saturday?” Shawn asked as he rolled up his garbage and placed it neatly inside the plastic bag.

“Which one?” I had not heard of any party.

“The one in Windsor House. In one of the quads?”

I gave a look and shook my head. There was no way I had been invited to this or heard of it.

“What time is it at?” I asked now interested.

“Not sure,” Shawn asked leaning back on his hand and letting the sun hit this long body. “We’re going to pre-drink at Ian’s and then go over.”

“Okay,” I said closing my eyes and letting the sun hit my eyelids making them go bright red. “I mean I’m sure I can manage to find an excuse not to come by Saturday.” I said playfully.

I felt Shawn shove at me lightly and I protested and swatted for him but missed.

“No, but really come,” Shawn said after a few seconds.

I looked to him squinting from the sun. “Okay.” I smiled. “I will.”

I looked away after a few seconds and reached into my bag pulling out sunglasses and putting them on.

“Oh shit, I wish I had thought to bring those,” Shawn said noticing my glasses.

I smiled and reached into my bad. “Shawn, you can’t even remember a pen yet alone sunglasses.”

As I finished my sentence I pulled out my extra pair and handed them to him. He smiled taking them into his fingers.

“You’ll just have to accept the style,” I said with a grin as he put on the lightly rimmed cat-eyed glasses with a pink reflection on the lens. He looked silly but good at the same time.

Shawn pulled up his phone resting on his large thigh and checked himself in the camera view.

“I look good.” He said before turning with a dazzling smile.

Yeah, he did. I thought without control.

I said nothing but only gave a smile and turned away. I didn’t like how I was reacting to Shawn anymore. It felt a little wrong and forbidden.

We sat a while longer in the sun as it dried up the grass, making the air hot and moist. 

“Y/n!” I heard some yell not too far away. I turned to the noise knowing the voice of my roommate.

“Brooke!” I called back as my head fell back in a smile. She along with a group made their way towards us. After a moment I realized it was our group of friends.

They waved and a few of the guys called Shawn’s name. Brooke came and almost fell into me with a smile.

“Well, Hello.” I smiled; she was adorable.

“Hi.” She grinned as she sat upright and next to me.

I watched Shawn greet the guys still sitting down, calling them dude and firmly gripping their hands in a shake. After a few more seconds everyone was sitting down and there was energy flowing rapidly from everyone as we chatted.

“Nice glasses Shawn,” Brooke said with a smirk.

Shawn gave a nice smile. “Thanks, borrowing them from a friend.”

Under the sunglasses, I could see he was giving me a wink and I only was able to smirk back.

Everyone sat a while longer talking and already complaining about classes. I told Shawn and Brooke about the red head from class. Shawn rolled his eyes and Brooke laughed.

“Brooke!” Ian asked over the group. “You coming to the party Saturday?”

She turned with her beautiful smile, her newly short hair make her look even cuter. “Are you asking us?” She asked in a flirtatious way as she leant into me.

Ian looked uncomfortable. Everyone knew that Ian had a thing for Brooke, even Brooke knew. We both had endless conversations about it but it just seemed she didn’t want to do anything about it.  

“I’m going.” I said into Brooke.

“You are?” She said slipping her arm away and looking at me hurt. “And you didn’t tell me?”

I smiled. “Shawn just told me.” I said looking to him still sitting next to me in the group and he nodded to confirm.

“Oh well, if you’re going so am I.” She said to me before smiling to Ian.

Ian grinned and Brooke did the same in return.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ian. Although Brooke was my best friend I disliked how she refused to cut Ian loose. Often I wondered if he liked the attention which made me want to tell Ian myself, but I told myself over and over it wasn’t my place and to keep myself out of the drama.

We talked awhile longer before a girl with deep warm skin and jewel-like green eyes came and sat next to Brooke. They clearly knew one another and Brooke introduced her as Lindsey. As she was introduced to everyone I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was.

As Brooke introduced Shawn I saw a little linger in Lindsey’s eyes and I suddenly felt upset. I didn’t like the way she looked at him, but I couldn’t show it as Brooke was saying my name next and I needed to force a smile.

We sat awhile longer and I disengaged from the conversation and watched this new girl. As I observed I noticed all the eyes on her, in particular, the boys. I didn’t blame them, but I also didn’t like it. As I watched them all consumed with her I kept watching for Shawn, wondering if he was watching her too. It was hard to tell but every time he did look to her I felt myself growing jealous.

“Hey, wanna kick around the ball,” Emir asked as he stood up with a few other guys.

“Sure,” Shawn said as he pulled up from the ground and stood up, his shadow blocking out the sun on me. He looked down at me in the pink sunglasses and I couldn’t help but smile.

I watched the four of them walk little ways away and began kicking around the ball. I watched Shawn knowing I was able to stare in their general direction under the protection of my sunglasses.

“Y/n.” I suddenly heard.

I turned to Brooke. “Yeah?”

She smiled and I noticed Ian and the new girl looking at me. It was clear they had been talking to me but I hadn’t been listening.

“Is Shawn single?” Brooke asked. Immediately I knew who they were asking for.

“Uh yeah. I think so?” I said slowly, flickering between all three of their faces as I did.

Brooke turned to Lindsey with a grin and Lindsey looked up with a smile to Shawn and the boys kicking the ball.

“Why?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“Lindsey just wanted to know.” Brooke smiled casually.

My eyes narrowed under my glasses for a moment and I was thankful they were hidden. “Well yeah, from what I know he is still. He didn’t mention anything over the summer but who knows?”

Brooke and Lindsey looked to one another and I hated it. First, because I didn’t like Lindsey and how she was already after Shawn, and second because Brooke was encouraging it. Of course, Brooke had no idea what I was feeling, I hadn’t told her so I shouldn’t be upset with her but I still was.

“He’s definitely…changed over the summer.“ Brooke said and I watched the both of them look to who I could only assume was Shawn. I followed their gaze to find Shawn kicking the soccer ball right before laughing and shaking his head because his aim was off.

Quickly I looked back to the new girl and watched her. Both her and Brooke were talking about Shawn’s dramatic change over the summer and I felt incredibly uneasy listening to them go. So when there was a pause in their conversation I sat up and said I was joining the boys.

I left quickly and made my way across the now dry grass.

“Ohhhh.” One of the guys said as I got closer. “y/n, is joining us.”

I rolled my eyes playfully as they hollered at me and I entered into the loose circle they had created before they began to kick the ball around. We fooled around a while before Shawn slowly inched his way closer to me.

“Hi.” He said when he was only a foot away.

“Hi.” I smiled back as the ball was kicked to me and I caught it with my foot effortlessly.

I kicked the ball away and it returned a few more times between myself and Shawn as we chatted.

“What do we think of the new girl?” He asked after while of silence.

I looked up only for a moment before I saw the ball being kicked towards me.

“Ugh- I don’t know,” I said reaching for the ball with my foot. “Why?”

“Just wondering what our stance is on her.”

I gave him a relaxed look. “Well, you can have a different stance on her than me, Shawn.”

He smiled. “I know.”

There was a pause in our conversation and someone kicked the ball to Shawn. He controlled it before kicking it hard and missing his target again, he called sorry before turning back to me. I knew he wanted to talk about his new girl, but I was hesitant because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what he had to say.

“Do you have a stance on her?” I reluctantly asked.

He paused a moment. “Not sure yet.”

“Well, she is pretty?”

Immediately I regretted my words. If I was trying to discourage sparking something between the two I was doing a terrible job.

Shawn turned over his shoulder and looked to them. “Yeah, she is.”

My heart hurt with jealousy. I was about to ask more questions but I forced myself not too. Last year I would have encouraged him, tell him to talk to her, ask for her number. I’d do anything to be a good friend, and I still had the urge to do so but I also couldn’t bear it now. I didn’t want to encourage it anymore because it actually hurt.

As I stood next to Shawn waiting for the ball I went into my own small world. How were my feelings developing so fast? Why after a whole year was I getting territorial over Shawn within a matter of weeks? He was my friend and suddenly I wanted him for myself. I wondered if it was because of his physical change over the summer, and began to think I was incredibility shallow. Maybe I was? Maybe all I deserved was Shawn’s friendship because I had never been able to see more when he was just the tall ass boy from last year?

We played out on the lawn a while longer as the nice mid-September air came down on my back and shoulders. Although my internal turmoil had nagged at me for a while the longer we stood around kicking the ball with everyone I slowly began to forget my worries and just enjoy the moment. Soon the ground would be covered in snow and the sun would be constantly hidden. I needed to enjoy this before it was gone.

We spend the next while running around laughing and poking fun at one another. Hanging with the guys was always a wild ride that I was down for.

“It’s three. Do you want to go study?” Shawn said looking at his watch.

I pulled the phone from my back pocket and checked the time as well. Looking up I smiled. “I guess we never did actually get to studying did we?”

Shawn smiled. “Did you really think we would?”

My smile only grew larger and I shook my head in a playful ‘No’.

We returned to our bags and picked them up.

“Where you both off too?” Ian asked.

“Library,” Shawn answered for the both of us.

Brooke grinned. “Already? It’s only the second week of school.”

We both didn’t say anything but simply shrugged. I saw Lindsey was looking up at us, and she wasn’t hiding how she was looking at Shawn more than myself.

“See you at home?” I said to Brooke.

She smiled and nodded before we began to walk away.

“See you later dude,” Shawn said as his large hand wrapped around Ian’s head and messed up his smooth hair.

“Fuck you.” Ian said reaching up to fix it.

Both Shawn and I chuckled before turning to one another and looking forward.

“Want to see if we can get our spot?” Shawn asked as our feet hit the pavement.

Shawn was referring to a small nook on the fourth floor of the library that not too many people knew of. It had a nice large place for three people to study and a large window with a great view and a lot of good lighting. And the best part was it overlooked the Otonabee River. It was more my spot for studying but Shawn regularly joined me there.

I turned and Shawn was looking at me with the pink sunglasses still on. Overly pleased at how he was now calling it ‘our spot’ I let a smile grow on my face before answering.

“Fuck yeah I do.”

The Missing Seasons

I was thinking about YOI, as I do every waking moment of my life, and I noticed something I thought was odd at first. I mean, I had noticed before but had written it off for the most part and put it in the back of my mind, but: Victor has a missing 6 seasons of skating. 

 We know from flashbacks that he was a junior world champion by the age of 16 

and that he was very well known by the age of 15/16 

(you can find a fan-translated version of that magazine here)

However, he only has 5 Senior Grand Prix medals and the same number of Senior World Champions. The Grand Prix medals at least are confirmed as consecutive in the show (but I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to extend that to World Championships)

meaning that the ages of 17-~22 are completely missing. 

(So. Do I have a point or am I just pulling out the obvious? Both.) 

 Anyway, I was running through the possible reasons for this, and my first thought was writing error, but the creators care too much about the show to make such a glaring mistake. And then I remembered a line from episode 4. A line that was brought up so casually and quickly moved past for things that were more important at the time, so I had nearly forgotten about it. 

You haven’t suffered any major injuries, and you’re younger than I am.“ I thought the wording was odd when I saw it for the first time. Victor is comparing Yuuri to himself. ”You haven’t suffered any major injuries,“ implying something kind of angsty: Victor has suffered a major injury. It makes sense. It accounts for the absent years. Maybe he had to temporarily retire to take care of it, and then work his way back up. The line from episode 4 works perfectly with that narrative. Yuuri is a major Victor Nikiforov fanboy; he would know about anything that happened to Victor during his career, so he wouldn’t react strongly to the line. 

 The only question I have left is, what happened to Victor?

Never Say Never (Part 12)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 750
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex.
Sequel: Part 12/12 of  Never Say Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn for helping so much with this every step of the way.

I have to get sappy and say thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented, reblogged, and sent asks and messages about this story.

When I wrote the first chapter as a smutty little one shot it was to indulge my fantasy and to try and sway a friend to climb in my lonely trashcan with me (it worked by the way).   It turned into a chapter story for fun.

I had no idea a chapter story about a minor character that was created to be disliked (as of right now) would do so well but the feedback has blown my mind.

People have sent me songs that remind them of this story.  People have told me I’ve inspired them to try writing.  I’ve even had several people say that this story changed their opinion on the character in the show.

I am so thankful and I don’t feel like I can properly express just how much this has meant to me. Nothing I have ever written has had this much love and feedback.

I may come back with a sequel at some point and in the mean time feel free to send in some one shot requests.

And now on to the last chapter….

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Spell me out of this

Hey hello so I’ve been making false starts on this idea for a fic for MONTHS now and I attempted maybe five different versions of it with vastly different storylines, none of which really worked, and in the end I just spent three days on this and meh okay here goes. Simon can’t deal with his feelings for Baz so he uses magic to repress them.

(Sixth year)


Agatha is upset with me, because I didn’t ask her where she’d been. I think. She’s been gone the entire day, and I just figured she had something she needed to do or she was sick or she needed a day off, and I pushed it out of my mind, and I didn’t say anything. She thinks I don’t care enough about where she is, or what she’s doing. She thinks that if I like her, those are things I should worry about.


Agatha is upset with me, because we’ve barely spent any time together over the last week. She thinks I’m too busy following Baz around to care that I’m never around her. She thinks that as her boyfriend, I should want to spend time around her. But I do want to spend time around her. I just know Baz is up to something.


Penny keeps nagging at me, because she thinks it’s weird that I don’t talk about Agatha much. I don’t think she has a problem with it, but she’s convinced that I don’t like Agatha the way I did in fourth year. In fourth year, I wouldn’t shut up about her. I told her that liking Agatha doesn’t mean I have to think about her all the time.

‘Well, no, but it’s a known symptom,’ Penny said.


Penny says it’s strange that Agatha doesn’t seem to get under my skin. The other day Agatha got frustrated with me for botching up a spell, and Penny said she was surprised when I didn’t seem really worked up about it.

‘That’s because you guys know what my magic is like,’ I said. ‘Agatha’s just frustrated, she’s not judging me.’

Penny says I used to try so hard to impress Agatha, but now she thinks I’m just going through the motions. I told her I’m trying to be a good boyfriend, and she said I’m only doing it because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

‘What are you saying, Penny?’ I finally ask. I know she’s getting at something.

‘I just don’t think you two are that into each other,’ she says. ‘What she said didn’t bother you?’

‘No. Why would I be pissed at her? She wasn’t trying to upset me. Not like when Baz says things like that.’

It does bother me when Baz insults me. (Not to mention the fact that he does it all the time. It’s his favourite hobby.)

‘You barely hang out together anymore.’

‘We do, I’m just busy…’ Following Baz. Trying to figure out what he’s plotting. There have been weeks where I barely let him out of my sight.

‘You never talk about her,’ Penny continues.

‘What do I talk about, then?’

She sighs. ‘You talk about Baz.’

I shrug, because, fine, she’s right. I probably do talk about Baz too much. I probably do think about Baz too much. A lot more than I think about Agatha.

‘Where is Baz?’ I say. ‘What’s he up to? I need to know where he is.’ I need to see him. I need to be around him.

I look at Penny. Penny stares back.

I gulp.



Well, shit.


You have to help me.

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anonymous asked:

What other Top Ten lists are you planning to write (if you are planning to write more!)?? They make me so happy, and once we really get into Victor's Suffering I know I'll be using them to remind me Victor has an actual future with Yuuri ahead of him T.T Plus the world building/character development is so much fun to read! LoVE your writing and I am out of my mind excited for Sunday!!!!

I am planning to write more :D I’ve had a lot of requests and I’m intending to do them all but it takes quite a long time to think up ideas and write them so they will be posted much slower than I answer normal asks. So far I have:

Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning/ Top 10 Viktuuri Posts that made the Fangirls Die from Nosebleeds/ Top ten Viktuuri PDA moments

10 texts/sexts 

top ten times yuuri katsuki was charming without him noticing

top ten times yuuri katsuki broke the internet

10 moments the world was certain yuri plisetsky was adopted by katsuki yuuri and viktor nikiforov

Top Ten Drunk Yuuri Moments

Top Ten Pranks in Yuuri’s and Phichit’s Prank War

Top Ten Fights between Viktor and Yuuri

Top ten times someone hit on an oblivious Yuuri Katsuki?

Top 10 surprise visits to each other while they’re living apart

top 10 vacation/travel stories

Ten times Yuuri ended up wearing Victors clothes (and one time Victor wore Yuuris)

Top 10 moments of Victor crying joy and happiness for Yuuri

Ten times Yuuri adorably fell asleep in inappropriate places.

top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri’s tell-all book 

Top ten memes inspired by Viktor “Extra” Nikiforov 

I also have requests to write a little snippet of the confession scene if the doping scandal had never happened and what would have happened if Yuuri had actually retired.

I will write all of these, it’ll just take me a little while to get through them all! 

Stefan Salvatore - I Will Always Love You

Originally posted by stefansredporsche

You have a plan, a plan to finally kill Katherine and destroy Hell. As usual, the plan doesn’t exactly go the way you want it to. You were never expecting it to end the way it did and the way it ends breaks your heart. 

Stefan x Reader

Other Characters: Katherine Pierce, Vicki Donavon, Bonnie Bennett (briefly mentioned) and Damon Salvatore

A/N: I’ve had this idea since I watched the finale and I just had to write it.

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Girls Day

So I did a thing… This idea just popped into my head, and this spilled out. Enjoy!! 

(Feyre POV)

I glanced down at the outfit I was currently wearing, wondering if it would be suitable for whatever plans Mor had in mind for girls day. My sweater dress, should be warm enough if there were any outdoor activities, but also nice enough for anything more upscale. She wouldn’t even hint at what we were going to do today, so this was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Mor had been blabbering on and on about today for the past few weeks. She had decided that while Rhys, Cassian, and Az went on their annual drunken holiday, that us girls would have fun too. She had even gotten Amren to agree to attend, how I still didn’t know.

Rhys had left this morning with his brothers, and while I missed him already I knew that this time would be good for him, good for us. We had agreed not to communicate using the bond for this weekend, if we could help it. Being separated from my mate had me a little anxious, if I was honest with myself, and I was actually glad that Mor had invented girls day, if nothing else it would be a distraction.

It turned out that Mor had surprised us all. We spent the day on a boat cruising down the Sidra, it was absolutely perfect, that was until it came time for dinner. We had docked near the Rainbow, and the view was absolutely stunning, as we all sat down for dinner. It had been an absolutely beautiful day, full of laughter and just girl talk. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much, even Nesta and Amren looked like they were having fun, which was a rare feat to accomplish and I knew that Mor was proud of herself.

Just as my plate was sat in front of me, a feeling of nausea rolled through me so strong, that it was a wonder I managed to stay up right. Standing, suddenly I turned away from the table and ran to railing of the boat, just barely making it in time to empty the contents of my stomach into the pristine water of the Sidra bellow.

“Feyre! Feyre… are you okay?” Mor was instantly by my side, grabbing my hair out of my face. Nesta, grabbed my arm and guided me to a nearby chair, while Amren stood back and surveyed me with her piercing silver eyes.

“I’m fine. I feel better now.” It was the truth, the nausea had gone as quickly as it started. Mor nodded, “Good. Perhaps it was the rocking of the boat, or the wine.” I nodded my head in response, but knew that was not the cause. The boat was barely moving, and I hadn’t had any wine today.

“Well, if you’re feeling better, is it okay if we eat? Because I’m starving.” Nesta asked from beside me. I smiled at my sister,  as she stood and grabbed her plate from the table bringing it over to where we were sitting near the railing. As soon as the smell of her food wafted into the air around me, that feeling was back, quickly I turned again and vomited over the side of the boat.

Mor frowned at me. “Perhaps we should get you home Feyre, it doesn’t look like you’re getting better.” I nodded again, unable to speak as my brain focused on keeping the contents of my stomach inside me. Amren grabbed Nesta, and Mor took my hand as we winnowed to the townhouse. Winnowing made the nausea so much worse, as soon as we landed, I emptied my stomach all over the hardwood floors. Mor cursed beside, me as her hands grabbed at my face checking me for fever.

“You don’t feel warm. How do you feel? Does anything hurt?”

No nothing hurt… and now like before I felt fine. The feeling of sickness having passed once again.

“I feel fine.”

“Feyre… you don’t look fine.” As she finished talking Amren and Nesta walked in the front door. “Are you okay?” Nesta asked me concern lacing her voice.

“I… I think so. I feel fine now.” Amren narrowed her eyes at me, but remained silent. We spent the next few minutes lounging on the couches in the living room talking, when Mor disappeared into the the kitchen and reappeared with desserts and tea.

“Oh thank goodness, I’m so hung…” My voice cut off as nausea once again grabbed hold of me. Nesta grabbed a nearby vase, and handed it to me just in time. This was getting ridiculous, I felt tears form in my eyes, and quickly wiped them away.

“Perhaps we should call for a healer.” Nesta whispered to Mor. “No I’m all right, really” I insisted, though I knew they didn’t believe me, they remained silent on the issue, and continued to talk a amongst themselves.

Rhys….  I called down the bond.

Fey — re. He dragged out the syllables of my name, his mental voice slurred slightly, with a hint of surprise. Right, he had spent the entire day drinking, and we weren’t supposed to be communicating with the bond. When I didn’t respond I felt a wave of panic, before I heard him.

Is.. are… you hurt?

I’m fine Rhys, go back to your fun. I shouldn’t have bothered you.

You’re never a bother, Feyre darling. His mental voice purred. I smiled, but was suddenly hit by another wave of sickness. I could feel Rhys worry, and realized that he must have felt it through me.

I’ll be right there. Was all I heard before, the room was filled with the smell of alcohol and three drunk Illyrians.

Multiple things happened at once. Cassian and Az were lying on the ground cursing at Rhys, who from the scene in front of us, had apparently not informed his brothers of his choice in sudden departure. Mor, Amren, and Nesta had jumped up from were they were lounging in shock at their sudden appearance.

The noise… smell… and commotion caused me to once again feel queasy, and I grabbed for the vase, vomiting once more. When I was finished I looked up to into the Violet eyes of my mate that were studying me from across the room.

Rhys had not moved since arriving, he stood unnaturally still, his eyes were widened, pupils dilated. The once noisy room was now quiet, as everyone starred between the two of us.

“What the hell Rhys!” Cassian screamed as he pushed up from the ground. “You could warn us next time…” Azril drawled as he crossed the room, giving Mor a quick kiss on the cheek. “Yeah!” Cassian added as he glared at Rhys, who completely ignored all of them, his eyes still locked on mine, body unmoving.

Rhys… I timidly voiced through the bond, but was surprised to discover that his end of the bond had been sealed against me. Odd…

“Rhys?” This time I said his name out loud. It seemed to break him out of whatever trance he had been in, as he closed the distance between us stopping only a few feet away. His violet eyes never once leaving mine.

“Will someone please tell me what the” Cassian drawled rather loudly, abruptly being cut off as Amren shushed him, casting a look that promised violence if he didn’t shut his drunk mouth. It seemed that even in his current state Cassian knew better than to mess with our small friend, and promptly closed his gaping mouth, crossing his arms in front of his chest like a scorned child.

Suddenly Rhys turned taking a defensive stance in front of me and growled at the occupants of the room, his wings shooting out protectively hiding me from view. I noticed that the members of our inner circle instinctively flinched backwards, everyones face one of confusion except for Amren who looked amused.

“Rhys darling, what in the world are you doing?” I asked my voice lighthearted and playful. A snarl was the only response that I received, effectively telling me to stay quiet. “Okay, you need to calm down, I’m fine.” My voice displayed more annoyance this time, but Rhys still did not relax his stance in front of me.

Rhys what the hell are you doing? Calm down I’m not in danger, I’m just sick.

The slight tensing of the muscles of his jaw, was the only indication that he heard me. A sigh escaped my lips. Stupid territorial Fae males.  

Suddenly Rhys turned towards me, his wings spread out behind him blocking my view of our inner circle, who were no doubt gawking at their High Lord’s ridiculousness right now. His eyes scanned over me, assessing my condition. I’m fine Rhys. I sent down the bond while offering him a small smile.

His eyes locked on the porcelain vase in my lap. You are obviously not fine, darling. He shot back causing me to roll my eyes. Rhys please, I think I can handle a little stomach bug after everything we have been through. Just relax.

His nostrils flared as he responded. I can’t… His mental voice sounded strained.

What do you mean you can’t?

I just…

“Are you guys doing that mind talky talky talk right now? Because if not then this is just awkward.” Cassian bellowed into the dead silence of the room. I heard someone smack him across the arm, probably Mor or Nesta, most likely Nesta.

Wisps of darkness, started curling around my mate, as his facial features scrunched together. Feyre, I need to get you out of here. Rhys pleaded into my mind. I narrowed my eyes at him, my lips forming a hard line. No, you’re overreacting, you drunk ass, stop it.

I watched as his fingers curled into a tight fist, but he lowered his wings, stepping beside me as he turned and faced the room, his eyes still didn’t stop watching me as he addressed everyone.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Amren’s smirk widened as she glanced between us, almost like she knew…

“Amren” Her eyes snapped to mine, the smirk still plastered across her face, as she raised an eyebrow in question. “Tell us” was all I said. She had the nerve to look confused by my question, but I only hardened my stare at her.

“Tell us what?” Cassian blurted. “I don’t think she meant us, us I think she meant them us” Az corrected pointing a finger between Rhys and I. “Ohh… I still don’t get it” Cassian slurred.

“Shut up you stupid drunks” Amren mumbled, “Isn’t it obvious what’s going on here.” She looked at me then at Rhys. “No” Rhys responded dryly. “Ugh, it really is very simple. Feyre is sick, Rhys is being an overprotective ass for no reason.” Amren paused waiting for us to say something, but she was met by a room full of blank stares, until Rhys suddenly took a step back so hard that he slammed into the wall behind us.


Amren smiled at him, “Yes” she responded. I watched as my mate fell to his knees in front of me and started crying. Crying! What the hell was going on?

“Rhys, Amren! What?” I couldn’t form the words… Rhys what is it, what’s wrong. I sent down the bond as a I knelt down beside him grabbing his face. When his eyes locked onto mine I realized that they were bright, vibrant full of happiness as he smiled down at me.

You’re pregnant darling, were going to be parents. Rhys voice caressed the bond, along with an overwhelming sense of love, shock, and awe. Rhys lips were suddenly upon my cheek kissing away tears I hadn’t even realized were falling, as my mind replayed those words. Parents… a Mom, I was going to be a Mom. Are you happy darling? Rhys asked as he placed his forehead against mine, his smile never once leaving his face.

I smiled back at him, true and genuine I’m beyond happy Rhys. He pulled me into his arms then kissing me fiercely.

“What the hell is going on!” Cassian yelled, as Rhys growled and winnowed us to our room. Tomorrow we could tell them tomorrow.

Study Buddy//Stiles Stilinski

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Can I have a stiles imagine please? I would really appreciate it I don’t have an idea in my head really other then I want it to be super cute!

(Y/H/C = your hair color)


I had always been a good student, but as soon as I hit high school the studying I had to do was ridiculous. It is currently 1 am, and instead of sleeping like a normal person, I am wide awake. Book are strewn across my floor, papers and highlighters and pens scattered around the floor. I had to get a good grade on my calculus test tomorrow or my grade would drop about 20 points.

With music playing, and the mess of numbers running through my head I almost didn’t hear my phone go off or the knocking of pebbles at my window. I checked my phone only to find multiple text messages from Stiles. Stiles was the cute boy next door and I had done everything in my power to not let my mind wander into thoughts of him while studying.

His text read “Come to your window”.

I released myself from the textbooks and binders as I walked over to the far wall of my room and opened the window, and there was Stiles, looking cute as ever. I motioned for him to come up, and watched as his body maneuvered its way through the tree that sat draping towards my window.

“What are you doing here?” I half whispered as he climbed through into my bedroom. My heartbeat is so loud that I was afraid he could hear it too.

“I saw your light on and assumed you were studying. Walters for calculus right? I had him last semester. Totally kicked my ass, but I got a decent grade. I figured I would ask if you wanted some help, or at least a study buddy..” He rambled, almost looking nervous. “I brought twizzlers!”.

I accepted his help, not only because I needed it, but because who would turn down such a cute face (plus, I mean, candy). We sat on the floor, his knee touching mine, as he explained one of the problems on the page. I couldn’t help but stare as his lips moved perfectly as he spoke every word. I tried to snap out of it and focus but it was so hard.

We both unconsciously moved closer and closer to each other until our faces were mere inches apart. The way his eyes stared into mine, it felt like an eternity, I wanted to stay there forever. His eyes dropped down to glance at my lips just as a sharp breath entered my lungs. Stiles dropped the pencil in his hands and it came up to push a strand of Y/H/C hair behind my ear. As he came closer, our lips met, perfectly aligned. His lips were soft and tasted faintly like strawberry candy. I could’ve kissed him for an eternity.

When our lips broke apart, we both sat there stunned for a second until we said “I really like you” in unison. A giggle left his mouth as my heart swelled. I glanced at the clock, and the large numbers read 3:30 am. He realized the time and said goodbye as he climbed and sat on the tree branch leading up to my window. “And Y/N?” he asked, as I turned back to him. Our lips met one last time before Stiles said “Good luck on your test tomorrow” with a wink. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing my study buddy again really soon.

Writer’s note: Hi! Sorry this is so short anon, but I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! Requests are open!! -M


Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?

Late Night Distraction

Warning: cussing, SMUT, UNPROTECTED SMUT (WRAP IT PEOPLE), i think that’s it, oh MORE SMUT

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader, Hank

Request:  Charles Xavier x Reader with the idea of “You distract him from work sometimes by sitting on his lap and trailing kisses along his jaw, down his neck until he gives in.” I just saw this somewhere sooooo kudos to that person!!!

~ anonymous

A/n: I hope you like it. I had fun with this one, its pretty much almost smut . I hope this is some what you had in mind because I took all day to do this while chasing my 3 year old daughter around. James McAvoy is sexy as fuck and I clearly wouldn’t mind having him in my bed. (-;

Tag list: @marvelismylife @the-winter-sokovian

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               It was a little past 10 and the love of your life was nowhere to be seen in the room the two of you shared. He tends to be working on something that would end up with him staying up most of the night or until you go in search for him. Well, tonight you wanted to fall asleep in his arms and you were going to do anything it takes to make it happen.

               You slid off you silk nightgown, along with you panties. You walked over to the closet and pulled out one of his button up shirts, slipping your arms into the sleeves buttoned the buttons up to the middle of your breasts. You looked at yourself in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. Once you thought you looked perfect, after adjusting the shirt a little to show off the top curve of your breast. Charles had a thing for leaving dark marks on the top and bottom of your breasts, you never minded actually you loved it.

               You walked out of the room, walking down the hall and down the stairs. You saw Hank as you made your way to Charles study. Knowing damn well he would be there, books spread over his desk. Which at the moment you didn’t mind if it was you instead. God knew you wanted to be under him so bad and tonight you were damn sure you were going to get exactly what you wanted.

               You stood at the door of his study, leaning up against the door jamb watching him. He looked so handsome as he concentrated on one of the books in front of him. You pushed yourself off the door jamb and made your way over to him. You knew he noticed your presence but he hadn’t looked at you and saw what you were and weren’t wearing. You walked around his desk and slid your hands over his shoulders, squeezing lightly which caused him to groan at the pressure.

               “Hello love.” He didn’t take his eyes off the book in front of you.

               “Hi, my sweet.” You leaned down slightly to whisper in his ear. “What are you working on tonight?”

               “Just a little something for Hank, he asked me to look up a few things for him.” His hand skimmed over the book as he looked for the information he needed. You were now starting to get annoyed that he hasn’t even looked up at you. He was so into what he was doing.

               You slid softly into his lap, wrapping your right arm around his neck and placed your head on his shoulder. He finally looked down at what you were wearing.

               “Is that my shirt, love?” His voice was a bit low but his eyes went right back to his book.

               “Yes it is. Do you know what time it is, my darling Charles.” All he did was hum, his eyes working their way across his book. “It’s almost 11 and you should be coming to bed.”

               You started to place soft kisses along his jaw. You could tell he was trying to concentrate on what he was doing but you weren’t going to give up so easily. Not while wearing his shirt, just his shirt. You started to make your way down the left side of his neck. His concentration was wearing very thin and you were becoming very aware of how hard you were making him. He still hasn’t figured out that you were not wearing any panties, well until he took his right hand and slid it up your exposed leg to the bottom hem of the shirt. The shirt barely covered your ass but you knew he loved seeing you in his shirts. As his hand slid under the shirt his head shot up and looked you dead in the eyes, conveying his shock.

               “Really, love. You came all the way down here to come fetch me for bed while you’re wearing just my shirt?” Now you had his attention.

               “Oh sweetheart. You think I would come all the way down here, wearing this and only this. Just to come get you to come to bed?” You looked at him completely innocently. You bit your lip and stood up from his lap. You started to walk towards the door before you stopped and turned to look at him. He was turned on and you could see it in his eyes. “If you want to see what else I’m not wearing, you have to come to bed.” You smirked at him before you walked out of the room. You heard his chair slide back as he stood up. You managed to get to the bottom of the stairs before you saw him walking towards you with a smile on his face. At that moment, you decided to run up the stairs and towards your room. You heard him laugh just before he started to run after you.

               You had managed to get to the room before he grabbed a hold of you. “Now that’s not nice, my love.” He was slightly out of breath from running. “You can’t turn me on like that then get away that easily.”

               “Who said I wanted to get away?” You looked at him. Your eyes conveyed love and lust for the man in front of you. “I just didn’t want the edge of your desk digging into my lower back like last time.” ‘God that was fucking amazing.’

               He leaned down, pressing his lips to the side of your neck like you did to him. “I clearly remember not complaints last time.” He bit the side of your neck softly, pulling a moan from your lips. His hands started to undo the buttons of the shirt you were wearing, revealing that you weren’t wearing a bra ether. “Fuck.” His voice was low as he placed his forehead against your, looking down at you as the shirt laid open exposing you to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands skimmed down your sides to your thighs. “Jump.” You didn’t need to be told twice. You jumped as his hands held you against him. He didn’t realize how wet you were until he grinded himself into you, causing the both of you to moan at the friction.

               He walked you to the bed and laid you down. You scooted up to the pillows as he climbed up the bed like a predator, kissing and nibbling his way up your legs. He skipped over the place where you really needed him the most. He placed a kiss on your hips before continuing his ascend up your body. He reached your breasts, one hand slid over one breast as his mouth took the other. He grazed his teeth across the nipple causing you to through your head back and moan. Your hands weaved their way into his hair, gently raking your nails against his scalp drawing a moan from him. It sent shivers down your spine as you felt the vibrations against your breast. He released your nipple with a wet pop then doing the same thing to the other. You tugged slightly at his hair, causing him to look up at you. His eyes were completely blown with lust and by god you loved it. He bit down on the tops of your breasts, leaving marks there just like he always does before making his way to your neck. He nibbled and sucked at your neck, almost like you did to him. He dragged whimpers and wanton moans from you.

               “Charles, please.” You were practically begging him, you only hoped that he would give you what you wanted.

               “Oh love. You think you could tease me like you did and get away with it.” His voice was low and husky, making his accent even more. It sent shivers down your spine and you moaned. His right hand slipped down your body until it was buried in between your legs. Running his fingers through your folds, flicking your clit from time to time. He then inserted a single finger which caused you to arch your back off the mattress, moaning his name softly like a prayer. He started work his finger inside you as his lips attached themselves to you neck, leaving small dark marks. When he was satisfied with what he had done, his lips captured yours. His tongue skimming over your bottom lip, you parted your lips allowing him to slip in. Your tongues fought for dominance but he won like always. He added another finger as he continued to work your pussy. You threw your head back against the pillow and moaned loud, he took this movement to attack your neck again.

               “Fuck, Charles. God please.” You moaned, his stubble covered chin grazing the soft skin of your collar bone. He knew you were getting close. He lifted his head and saw the way you looked, a thin layer of sweat covered your exposed skin and your hair fanned out over the pillow. To him, you were prefect. To him, you were his everything.

               “As you wish, my love.” He withdrew his fingers from you, causing you to whimper in protest. Which didn’t last long when he buried his face in between your legs.

               “FUCK!” You moaned, bordering on a scream. Your hands instantly buried themselves in his hair, keeping him in place the best you could. His tongue pushing past your folds, entering you. He started to fuck you with his tongue. His pace matched the pace that he had when he finger fucked you. You were getting closer to the edge and he knew it. He slipped his fingers back inside you as his lips attached themselves on your clit. He felt your walls tighten around his fingers.

               “Cum for me love.” Just like that, your body obeyed his order. He worked you through your orgasm, lapping at everything you offered him. He moved back up your body once he knew he got everything. His lips attached yours, you moaned at the taste of yourself on his lips. You could feel him hard and heavy against your hip. You needed him inside you, NOW.

               You slid your hand down in between your bodies, gripping him. You stroked him slightly before you aligned him at your entrance. He took this and pushed his way into you. Stopping when he bottomed out, filling you completely. Both of you moaned at the sensation.

               “Fuck, darling.” He held himself over your body with one elbow next to your shoulder as he buried his other into your hair while your arms were wrapped around his shoulders. You looked into each other’s eyes, his blue eyes were as bright as ever while being completely blown. You nodded your head, letting him know he could move. He slowly pulled out of you, leaving the head of his cock still buried inside you. With force, he slammed into making you cry out in pleasure. He kept this pace up. The sounds of skin slapping skin mixed with the sounds of your moans filled the room. Nether of you caring if anyone heard you, you were so wrapped up in each other that the world could end and you would be happy.

               He kept this pace up, fast and brutal. He was getting close and you knew it. You felt him twitch inside you, which caused you to moan louder. “Charles.” You moaned, digging your nails into his back which caused him to fuck into you harder. If that was even possible.

               “I know, my love. I right there with you. Now cum for me.” Your body shook hard as your orgasm wreaked over you. Cumming hard around him, dragging him over the edge with you. He bit down on your shoulder, causing you to scream in pleasure as he began to cum. He continued to work inside you, milking your orgasms as long as possible before collapsing on top of you. His face buried in the crook of your neck as he laid there, catching his breath. Both of you covered in sweat and it honestly didn’t bother you. He lifted his head and saw the mark on your shoulder. “I am so sorry love. I didn’t mean to bite that hard.” He looked down at you, his eyes were filled with regret for it.

               “Darling, there is no need to be sorry. I loved it and I love you.” His eyes softened when he looked into yours. Your eyes showed love, compassion, and adoration for the man above you. All he did was nod his head before getting up and walking into the bathroom and returning with a warm wet washcloth. He cleaned you up and tossed it into the laundry basket across the room. He slid under the covers and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him. You buried your face into his chest, you loved it when you cuddled after he just literally fucked you into the mattress.

               “Now, darling.” He kissed the top of your head as he started to run his fingers through your hair. “The next time you tease me remember this.” You looked up at him. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

               “Oh my Charles. You think that was teasing?” You smirked up at him. “I should show you what I do when I tease.”

Harry Potter rated by appearances of Snape
  • philosopher’s stone: too much. 2/10.
  • chamber of secrets: “…an excellent idea to show them that, Professor Snape, but if you don’t mind my saying so, it was very obvious what you were about to do. If I had wanted to stop you it would have been only too easy — however, I felt it would be instructive to let them see”..."Snape looked murderous." SHOOK. 7/10.
  • prisoner of azkaban: fuck this bitch. “Longbottom, at the end of this lesson we will feed a few drops of this potion to your toad and see what happens. Perhaps that will encourage you to do it properly.” Snape terrifies Neville so much that his Boggart takes the form of Snape. also reveals Lupin is a werewolf to the entire school and effectively ruins any shred of happiness my sweet child had. -100/10.
  • goblet of fire: besides his strangely intimate (and dare i say, erotic) conversations with Karkaroff like ??? 6/10.
  • order of the phoenix: just a huge fucking dick. goads Sirius constantly, makes fun of Harry when he witnesses Harry’s personal and sometimes traumatic memories during Occlumency lessons, calls his best friend an incredibly offensive slur. 3/10.
  • half blood prince: literally this book is named after him. 0/10.
  • deathly hallows: HE DEAD !!!! 100000000000000000000/10
  • cursed child: the fuck ??? “I know you’re a good man. Harry Potter told his son you’re a great man.” “Thank you for being my light in the darkness” “Snape looks at him, every inch a hero, he softly smiles” -59857298109033/10
i’m falling for you more and more every single day i think about you, and trust me, i can’t get you off of my mind. i never knew i could get as many butterflies in my stomach as i feel when i’m with you and i had no idea that anyone else could understand exactly what i’m thinking. i used to have the idea that love is nothing but pain, but with you i want to make sure you feel loved every second of the day. there’s so much i want to say to you, yet when we’re together i’d rather listen to you talk forever because i love the sound of your voice. i’ve had trust issues since i can remember yet i trust you with my entire life. they say people are never perfect but anyone who could make me feel like you do is obviously flawless. all i can do is hope that you feel the same and i’m not left swimming without a lifejacket in the middle of the ocean.
—  i’m taking a big leap and i just hope you’re there to catch me.
Can I Kiss You? (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: I’m sorry this isn’t chapter 5 of Our Deal! I’ve had this idea in mind for a while now and decided this should be a thing and have it out there for anyone to read. I love fics with trans Katya and noticed that I hadn’t come across one where Trixie was trans so I decided to give it a try and I hope I do it justice. I can’t take any credit for the idea as I saw this prompt post months ago and will def reblog it on my sideblog to give it credit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’d like to thank Alex for being my beta and encouraging me to write this.

Trigger Warning: Panic Attack

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