but i had this idea

i cant stop thinking about how the decision of lin manuel miranda rapping at the oscars went down

the oscars: alright lin you’re gonna sing a calm intro for how far i’ll g-

lin manuel miranda: excuse me???? no. im rapping.

the oscars: wait no but the song is not rapping i-

lin manuel miranda: I SAID I WILL RAP I W I L L RAP


I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 

If you have toxic parents, please remember:

  • Your feelings are valid
  • You don’t deserve to be ignored
  • There are people who love you unconditionally, even if they’re not your family
  • You are not them, you are you
  • Chances are, you won’t live with them forever
  • You don’t need to do anything to deserve their love
  • You are not weak for crying
  • Bad grades do not mean you’re stupid!!
  • This is not your fault
  • Arguing might not do you any good; be solid in your convictions
  • You don’t need to compare your family to other families, they don’t define you
  • You are your own person and you can succeed with or without their support

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

Moana inspired AU:

The Fairies live in the Light Fields and are forbidden to go the Dark Forest, because of the brutal monsters that life there. Also they don’t fly, since it is dangerous, too easy to be snatched away by a bird. So a Fairies wings are mostly a decorative aspect than useful.
The Bog King is told to be an immortal creature with a magic staff that ruled over the Goblins of the Forest. But one day he stole the Heartstone (equivalent to the Love Potion) from the Sugar Plum Fairy and was then beaten by a spirit of hate and got locked up somewhere. Since then the Forest became dark and dangerous and the Goblins vanished.
Marianne is the heir of the throne and wants all these things that are forbidden: Flying, going into the Dark Forest and learn how to fight. (Fairies are peaceful and the guards are more symbolism) Her father forbids it, but her mother encourages her secretly to be adventurous. 
One day a monster emerges from the Forest and attacks the Fairies. Marianne’s mother gets deadly wounded. Before she days she tells her daughter to go to the Dark Forest, the darkness wouldn’t stay just there but also spread over the fields. She gives Marianne the Heartstone and gives her directions to find the Bog King who has to help her returning the Heartstone.
On foot Marianne enters the Dark Forest and encounters a lot of problems on the ground, but she manages to track down the cave where the Bog King is trapped in. 
Marianne gets attacked by him at first and is only able to evade his slashes, since she is still an amateur with her sword. Eventually she is able to make him listen to her, but he refuses to leave his prison, since he deserved to rot here forever for what he has done. Still Marianne is able to convince Bog to come with her and undo his mistake. He demands to get his staff back first, so they set off for the Collector aka. Roland, who is some sort of High-Fae being, who once pretended to be a Fairy to marry Marianne. (but that ended up like in the movie) At first Marianne doesn’t tell Bog about her connection with Roland, but he finds out about it accidentally during their encounter with Roland.
They manage to retrieve the staff and escape Roland. Marianne is rather discouraged, so Bog shares his story, that he had been a cursed Fairy child who abandoned him, got the staff as gift from Spirits and was raised by the Goblins., that he stole the Heartstone to win the affection from a Goblin girl, but it hadn’t worked because he is so hideous. Marianne thanks him for telling, but has to disagree, she doesn’t think he is hideous. 
After that they get along much better and Bog starts to teach her how to fly, to fight and survive in the forest, while they are on their way to the Sugar Plum Fairy. During that they slowly start to develop feelings for each other, but don’t voice them out. 
They reach the place where the Sugar Plum Fairy is supposed to be, but they get attacked by the Spirit of hate. Together they fight against it, but then Bog orders her to bring back the Heartstone, he will take care of this. But Marianne finds the place empty and when she wants to return to Bog she sees how the Spirit has crushed his staff and is about to do the same with him. Love and worry activate the Heartstone and it’s revealed that the Spirit is actually the Sugar Plum Fairy. She chases the darkness in the forest away and after Bog apologizes to her, she gives him a new staff and the promise to Marianne that her people can come to the Forest without fearing it anymore.
When Marianne and Bog want to say goodbye to each other:

“You know, my people really could need someone who teaches them to fly again and how to live in the forest.” Marianne says with a shrug and crosses her arms.
Bog only chuckled and tilted his head towards her with a gentle smile. “A think they already have someone more suitable for teaching them.”
“Then how about I need a supervisor for my sword training?”
“Ye are already very skilled with the blade tough girl. Ye won’t need my instructions anymore.”
Marianne sighs and smiles, a mix of fondness and annoyance, because he doesn’t get her hint. So she decides for a direct approach.
“And what about I want you to come with me, simply because…I really like you?”
That gets his attention and he looks flabbergasted at her. Marianne bites her lower lip coyly, before she plucks up courage to grasp his collar and pull him down for a kiss. He is too surprised to react, so Marianne thinks she has gone a step too far. She breaks the kiss and lets go of him, starting to stammer an apology.
“I’m…I’m really sorry Bog. I-I shouldn’t have-”
But he cuts her of by gently taking her chin and kiss her again. Now it’s Marianne’s turn to be surprised, but she happily returns the kiss.

Otayuri Week - Day 7 - Fantasy or Soulmates

i have no idea if this is allowed but I love Skyrim and Beka in a Dragonborn armor omg (everything sketched on his face is battle damage or blood from the latest dragon slayed :3)

Yuri as a pretty High Elf (elven daggen really badly drawn just to illustrate it) waiting for the famous Dragonborn to arrive :) 

anonymous asked:

How did you start liking bttf and/or mjf?

my mom was like (to twelve yr old me) u LITERALLY HAVENT SEEN ANY OLD MOVIES and i was like (without seeing any old movies) yeah bc they are AWFUL and OLD and my mom was like ok.. no… and forced me to watch bttf and then mjf lifted up his glasses after literally being knocked out of the air and i was immediately catapulted straight into 80s hell where i fell in love with mjf and im pretty sure like the next night i hid in my room and watched the secret of my success and then i watched the rest of mjfs filmography and tried to hide it from my entire family for like a year but everyone found out and roasted the hell out of me for it so… lol its been a long road anon


MODER ASOIAF: stark children + winter sports

4.0 | acid wash jeans (the8)

a late summer, late night bonfire by the sea

w.c. 708 | fluff | listen

the bonfire was dug into the sand, secured and safe from the sea breeze.  the red and orange and yellow bits of flame crackled off and rose into the air, disappearing after a while.  the smell of fire filled the area, mixed with the sharp contrast of salty seawater.  stars hung low in the sky, side by side with the full moon.  heat rose up from the white sand but the chill of the ocean waves and winds were quick to temper the warmth down.  messy platinum locks shoved into a beanie.  your head on his shoulder, his head on yours.  one hand interlaced with the other’s.

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