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25: Train Station

Fire Emblem Fates X Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken( Great Turnabout Trial: The Adventures of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō )

(the personalities don’t match but I just wanna draw them in those outfits)

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some faculty trio (shuu+hitori+kazuaki) headcanons

-hitori and shuu are Salt Buddies and shit talk everyone. even the students (okay tbh especially the students.)

-shuu and kazuaki can’t be in the same room together for more than five minutes without kazuaki bursting into tears. these can be tears of terror or tears of laughter but the tears are a constant.

-shuu has been at st pigeonations the longest out of the trio. second longest is hitori, who applied for a teaching position after nageki was accepted to the medical center, kazuaki took an extra year to finish getting his teaching credentials.

-kazuaki still gets lost while trying to get anywhere other than his classroom, the bathroom, or the infirmary (the three places he’s in most often.)

-they all know about each other’s various mental illnesses and everyone more or less lets each other cope in their own ways.

-shuu is the only one who knows that kazuaki actually dislikes hitori’s tea (it’s too bitter.)

-kazuaki often has to drag the other two away from work long after class hours have ended, with varying levels of success.

-hitori once let miru and kaku try some of his (caffeinated) tea. there is a ban on all drinks in the infirmary except for water as a direct result of this.

-hitori is also banned from visiting kazuaki while he’s teaching, but that’s less his fault and more the fact that kazuaki gets distracted very easily.

-kazuaki is the most liked amongst the general school population out of the three (probably because he’s the most easily browbeaten.)

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explain the dan asked to punch you story?

he just walked into my house and punched me. and walked out. the end.


Two saiyan siblings, being cute and gross together :D

I like daydreaming about mine and @percyofnom girlfriends story!! All the time. And also thinking about these two growing up together as sisters. I remembered Percy imagining them getting along really well together, teasing and playing, being very protective of each other and shoving gross things in each others faces >:D

Little Bit Beastly-Closed RP with akiller-astutterer-ryandjeremy

Ian had no idea WHAT happened. One second he was inside Foxy, like always, the next he was himself again, for the first time in he couldn’t remember when. Well, kind of. 

When Ian caught his reflection, he was surprised to see that he’d turned into some weird combination of boy and fox. He looked like how he had when he was alive, when he was HUMAN-except for the red fur and yellow eyes. Red fox ears stuck poked out from his hair, and a tail was coming from his pants. Well, at least he didn’t have Foxy’s eyepatch and hook anymore. That fact, at least, gave him a little bit of relief. But if HE was like this…

“Guys?” Ian called, looking around for the others. “Hope? M-Maria?”


55. paranoia

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Title: paranoia

Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader

Genre: Mafia! AU

Summary: Sometimes feeling a lot can make you feel nothing at all.

Paranoia is new, thrilling even, as it makes it ways into someone’s body. It imprints on your skin, leaving it numb and shaking as the thought of what if becomes a bigger reality; for a moment, you don’t realize whether you’re dreaming, existing or living, you just live inside your mind with the mere hope of nothing happening to you, to your significant other or your family. Coldness is brought by said feeling, the mere seconds or minutes going on the clock seem like a never ending cycle and you don’t know if it has been seconds, weeks or months. You just don’t care…or you chose not to care.

Life becomes heavier, as well as the drink on his hand as he moves it slightly, making small droplets of the whiskey fall to the woodened material of his desk as he tries to think of a perfect opportunity, rather, an exciting thought that makes him believe she’s…okay. Seunghyun’s fingers tremble at the mere thought, his eyes closing  as he imagines the deadly hands of the rival wrapping around her neck, only giving a slight tug on that certain part before gripping lightly.

Seunghyun knew better than anyone else that murder took no longer than three steps. That is, if you’re someone who isn’t very pleased with the idea of doing so.

First step is betrayal, your mind lingering with the thoughts of other people that you care about going through this. The gun pressed to their heads, or simply a knife near their ribs, anything could happen to those you love once you do it. Karma is one thing Seunghyun always believed about. If you control your mind and can continue, then you’re already on the second step, your index finger barely grazing the trigger as you look at the victim. This step varied; some found it easier to look at their victim if they were assholes, drug dealers or people who have done wrong to society, but if it was someone nice…you felt a lump on your throat and the third step Seunghyun knows it like the palm of his hand…

Just close your eyes and you’ll be alright.

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