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Hey uhh sorry for this kind of question but honestly I'm really desperate. What did you do/say that kept you going throughout the years? It's just...everything has been really painful for me for a variety of reasons and for some reason I just had an urge to ask you of all people. Also if this is too personal or it you don't like this ask than please please ignore or something. I'd hate to send something that makes you or others uncomfortable and I can see how it could be perceived that way.

well, to be honest with you there wasn’t really anything i had like that to keep me going. i was really suicidal most of my life and i made a few attempts and probably the only reason i’m alive is that i was so afraid of burdening my family with hospital/funeral costs and with the suffering that comes from losing a loved one.

but if i can offer u one piece of comfort & hope, it’s honestly that i’m glad i’m still here. things got better for me gradually and i’m glad i get to experience it. stuff changes and that means the stuff you hate dealing with will eventually be gone. you should stick around until you have a reason to be glad you stuck around

Fill-a-Page February day 23!

I was in a Kuroo kind of mood today. His hair is such a disaster zone omg.