but i had so much fun tonight :')

What if the assasins of Black Class tried to woo you with really cheesy pick-up lines?

and they keep getting intrerrupted by their  girlfriends roommates;

(hehe, slightly inspired by moustashiri‘s "when they think of their love" post)



“Isuke-sama is here!~ ♥ What are your other two wishes? Trick question, of course~ if Isuke-sama is here, there’s nothing else you’d want or should be wishing for. Isn’t that right? or Isuke-sama will kill you~

Haruki: “Isuke-sama, you’re going to scare them away like that, you know. Wait. Actually, that’s fine! Go on.”

“That outfit is horrible. But Isuke-sama is feeling extra nice today and will take it off for you right now~ ♥”

“That’s it. Isuke-sama is starting to lose her patience. I’ll give you five seconds to give Isuke-sama your number or you can forget about it. Are you ready to countdown?”

Haruki: “Isuke-sama.” *looks into the camera like on The Office* “Nobody is ready to countdown." 

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I’m literally just blown away with gratitude. Thank you for the pic cattiehallway and of course thank you Taylor for everything 😭  Love all you guys so much, and I hope you all enjoy this tour to the fullest because it’s so obvious from all the pics, fan tweets, etc. how hard she’s worked on this for us. :)

i just came back from watching so many people oh man…. i saw ariana grande, bruno mars, the backstreet boys (this was a suprise performance everyone died), one republic, pitbull, and a few other people and honestly,,, it was such an Experience ™ this was worth skipping homecoming for