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Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post


You experienced things today you don’t understand. You’re trying to deny it, but you feel it. Nothing is random. Nothing. Is it coincidence? Everything is happening for a reason, and you have an important part to play.


Marvey Week | Day 7 ; Free Day
↳ S1; EP12 (Dog Fight)
So, this was the episode where I realized “DAMN I ship these idiots so hard, no turning back!”. For sorelh, thank you for the brilliant idea :) Wow I made it to the last day yeay~ thank you to all, I had so much fun!!

❝ And why I think you should trust him.❞

Signs as A/Z Characters
  • Aries:Asseylum Vers Allusia
  • Taurus:Rayet Areash
  • Gemini:Eddelrittuo
  • Cancer:Yuki Kaizuka
  • Leo:Cruhteo
  • Virgo:Slaine Troyard
  • Libra:Darzana Magbaredge
  • Scorpio:Koichiro Marito
  • Sagittarius:Harklight
  • Capricorn:Saazbaum
  • Aquarius:Inaho Kaizuka
  • Pisces:Lemrina Vers Envers

A/N: Here’s something to help you guys dry off the tears my last angst post gave you give you all some fluffy feels. :D Super short for the sake of time (both yours and mine), so use your imagination!

Gruvia fluff is next!

Both ideas credited to yetanothersadwriter (thanks friend ^^)

Rated: T

Genre(s): Humor

Synopsis: It’s amazing what even a small victory can do for the human ego. 

“AHAHAHAHA! Victory is mine now, puny insect! GROVEL BEFORE ME!”


“Oh, what was that? At a loss for words? Has utter defeat snatched your tongue?”

“Err, um—”

“Well, that’s only natural! Choke on your horrible loss! CHOKE ON IT AND RELISH THE TASTE, YOU PEASANT!!”

“Hey, wait a s—”

“Stay your tongue! Pitiful excuses are for the weak! FEAR MY WRATH, FOUL BEASTS! FEAR ME! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Natsu looked on in utter confusion as Lucy cackled madly some distance from him.

“Umm, Happy,” he said nervously, “I…I think I broke her.”

“It’s your fault for letting her win,” Happy pointed out, staring at his celestial wizard friend in blithe amusement. “But I didn’t think that winning against you in a toy sword fight would do so much for her self-confidence.”

“That’s not self-confidence!” Natsu blurted, jabbing his finger at Lucy in terror as he did so. “She’s totally snapped under her ego! I’m dead meat now, Happy! Dead meat!

“Got nobody to blame but yourself, Natsu~!” Happy teased him in a sing-song voice as he pranced away.

“Where are you going?!” Natsu cried desperately. “Wait a minute; don’t leave me here with her! Come back, you traitor!”

so i had a dream last night that i met alycia and i was like oh do you want to sit with us? and she was like umm okay sure and she was very nice but then my nephew (i do not have a nephew? okay dream brain, good on you) started crying and i was like oh alycia i have to look after him will you wait for me for a second and she was like yeah totally of course (i think i impressed her with my talent at looking after imaginary nephews) but then i had to buy him new clothes (and they were all like a dress and a pair of jeans and i was like no you cant have that necklace i cant afford that) and then i had to sail a small boat and i was the hand servant to this prince who didn’t know he was a prince and there was a cave and wolves/huskies i think and they sailed back with me (i have no clue where my nephew ended up) and now all i can think about is whether dream alycia is still waiting for me somewhere…

call center gothic?
  • You’re lost in a maze of cubicles. You keep walking. You swear you were just at this desk. You keep walking. You swear the call center wasn’t this large before. You keep walking. You’ll find your way back to your desk eventually.
  • You hear noises in the lines, you tell yourself its just a bad connection. It’s just a little bit of distortion, but sometimes you swear you hear whispers.
  • You’re voice echoes back at you through the phone. But it’s not your voice. Is it? Do you sound that lifeless? You aren’t sure anymore.
  • “Congratulations!” they say, “You’ve all been promoted.” They give you a five cent raise. “We expect much more from you now” they say.You work until you can’t think. “We expect much more from you now.”
  • There is always noise, always people talking. It’s so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts. But sometimes, sometimes it goes dead quiet. Not a person makes a noise. You hold your breath until the noise starts again.
  • There were 30 people in your training class. It’s been six months; there are ten of them left. It’s been a year; you’re the only one left. The call center is still full.
  • They let you pick up overtime whenever you want. But there’s a 70 hour limit. there’ a 90 hour limit. There’s a 120 hour limit. There’s a 160 hour limit. Some people work 30 hours in a row. You can’t see any life in their eyes.
  • He sits next to you and tells the same joke to every customer. Laughs the same fake laugh when he tells it. You’ve heard it so many times it has no meaning anymore. Sometimes he mutters it to himself. You catch a glimpse of his screen and it’s written in notepad more times than you can count.

getglitchywithme asked:

I wanted to know if the whole gemsona/ gem of thing has passed over. I just recently made two gem ocs, and I wanted to keep using them and interacting with others gemsonas/ gem ocs. So is the gemsona time over completely?

It’s never over.

Haha, but no! The gemsona phenomena started almost a year and a half ago and it’s still going strong! Ironically, one of the earliest people to make a gemsona (as far as I can remember) was Amber, who is now a storyboard revisionist on Steven Universe! The Gemsona trend got really popular after Gemsona Week 2014 happened, and now that Steven Universe is widely watched and now that Gemsona Week 2015 just wrapped up, even more people are making gemsonas! There’s still a lot of people drawing fusions, roleplaying, getting ready for the Order of Amulets, and participating in the Monthly Gemsona Prompts! There’s still so much you can do with your gemsona!

Actually, it was because people were concerned about having nothing to do with their gemsonas after Gemsona Week 2014 that I started Gemsona-HQ and started making the Monthly Prompts…gosh, almost exactly a year ago!

It’s been a year since I started running Gemsona-HQ! Wow, Happy Anniversary to me!



Or maybe not fun if you don’t give a fuck, whatever.

So Fantl’s dad basically took up the job as envoy for the clan and unofficial spy. He’s a merchant by trade and it was really the only skill he had to thank the clan for saving him and his daughter so he put it to use. Every few weeks he gathers up the shit the clan doesn’t need, extra blankets, materials, stuff the craftsman made with extra whatevers and takes them to the nearby towns and cities to trade for what the clan can’t get on their own. While he’s there he listens to where the wind’s blowing and keeps the clan informed on where bandits might be headed, if people are making noise about attacking the clan, or whether or not they’d be welcome here ever again.

So he was the first one to actually hear about the Conclave and reported back to the Keeper next time he hit base and since he’s hands down the most familiar with human cities and customs and has the lack of vallaslin in his favor to blend in, he was the logical choice to send to spy on the Conclave.

Except Fantl still remembers what happened to him the last time he was captured by Templars and how he took that risk for her and gave up everything and she can’t let him do this and pulls a Mulan and insists to take her father’s place by basically telling her Keeper, “I’m going and we both know nothing and no one is going to stop me so you may as well give me your blessing.”

So after dicking around in the CC yesterday to make Fantl’s parents, I actually bothered to get Luciano to a point where I can save the game and now I think I’m just gonna roll with it and make an AU where he went like he was supposed to.

This is gonna be the Cass romance run because it would be funny to have him show up back with the clan like a year later and be like “Fantl, meet your new mom!”