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The Last Jedi - A Hypothetical Breakdown

The below is a ridiculously elaborate breakdown of the hypothetical plot of The Last Jedi. I basically set myself the challenge of incorporating all of the known leaks, rumours and spoilers into a coherent plot that made sense for the characters we last saw in The Force Awakens. In other words, it is essentially informed fanfiction that should not in any way be treated as a full synopsis for the actual plot of the film. Nonetheless, I don’t think you should read on if you are nervous about spoilers, since while most of this comes from my imagination there are elements (particularly the locations and the basics of which characters are where) that are based on reliable spoilers for the film. In other words, proceed with caution!

I had lots of fun doing this, and found it very enjoyable to come up with my own version of what The Last Jedi might be. I hope you enjoy it too! I get lots of asks requesting my predictions for how I think the plot might go, so this is basically my ultimate response to that curiosity. Naturally, I’ll adjust and update this as new information comes out and my understanding of the story develops.

Do let me know your thoughts, and let me know if you’re inspired to have a stab at your own breakdown after reading this! I’d love to read other people’s takes.

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Do You Even Lift, Deku?

“Kirishima-kun look out!”

The next thing the spiky redhead knew, he was being lifted up into the air and carried out of range of the blast from the flash bomb used during training.

When he was set down, he turned to say thank you only to gape. The one who set him down was Midoriya of all people! “Dude! Did you just pick me up while I was using my Quirk?!? I weigh a whole lot in that form!”

Izuku blinked. “Really? You weigh about as much as Iida-kun though, and I wasn’t even using my Quirk…” Both boys yelped as another bomb was chucked their way, scrambling to avoid the blast.

“If you have time for talking you have time for dodging!” Aizawa called, grinning evilly as he tossed out more flash bombs. Bright little things that made a big noise, but harmless really.

It was only after training, during free time in class, that Kirishima leaned over to Izuku and poked him. “So, exactly how much can you lift without using your Quirk anyways?” He questioned once he had gotten the green haired boy’s attention.

Izuku blinked, confused. “Umm, as in total? I dunno, I lost count after the 300 kilogram weight limit at the gym. They don’t carry any lifting weights higher than that, so I’ve been stuck using old cars at a junkyard.”

The conversation was overheard by Mina and Kaminari, who scooted closer in awe. “Woah!!! Do you think you could lift me and Kirishima at the same time?!?” Kaminari demanded, eyes practically sparkling.

Izuku sweated nervously as Kirishima nodded excitedly. “Well, in theory, yes?” Izuku said, glancing between his two classmates.

Which was why when Aizawa walked back into class, he had to take a moment to fully process the scene in front of him.

It seems that after successfully lifting Kaminari and Kirishima over his head, the others demanded a turn as well. It was currently Todoroki’s turn, on his back and curled in the fetal position, Izuku easily holding him up with one hand strategically placed in the middle of the half and half boy’s back.

“Do I even weigh anything to you?” Todoroki asked, slightly curious as he stared at the ceiling.

Izuku looked up from where he was writing notes about his own strength. “Hmm, maybe like, a bunch of grapes or so? Slightly heavier than Sero but less than Kouda.” He said thoughtfully, turning back to his notes.

“Hey I have an idea! Midoriya-kun, you should lift all of us at once!!!” Mina shrieked suddenly, jumping to her feet in excitement.

Izuku nearly dropped Todoroki. “Wait what?!?” He yelped, Todoroki rolling off his palm and landing gracefully on the ground.

“Midoriya, if you’re going to lift the entire class, please do it outside. I’d rather not have the classroom destroyed.” Aizawa yawned from his new position by the blackboard, peeking out from his usual yellow sleeping bag tiredly.

“Yes!!!” Mina trilled, grabbing Izuku by the arm and dashing out the door, the rest of the class following excitedly behind. Bakugou was only going to watch. No way in hell was he letting fucking Deku pick him up.

It was only a little while after the kids left that All Might stepped into the classroom. “Aizawa-kun, where are the children? Midnight said she passed by earlier and saw that nobody aside from you was here.”

Aizawa merely yawned. “They went outside for break. Something about lifting.” All Might raised an eyebrow, but left anyways.

He really wasn’t expecting to see the entire class of 1-A climbing over one another in a huge pile, carried by none other than Young Midoriya himself!

Kirishima and Sero were currently struggling to pull a roaring, exploding Bakugou up to the top of the wriggling pile of students, Momo yelping in pain as he kicked her in the ribs and Mineta shrieking in terror as a blast got too close to his face.

Izuku merely looked pained and was stumbling around, trying to keep everyone together in one group on his arms. A few students hadn’t gotten into the pile yet, and Uraraka was currently climbing up Izuku’s back and up the pile, apologizing as she stepped on Todoroki and Iida’s heads, Iida’s eye twitching and Todoroki merely indifferent.

All Might had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop spitting blood as he laughed at the scene, absolutely thrilled at this new development. Young Midoriya looked five minutes away from activating One For All to help lift the weight, seeing how he was straining now as more weight was added as Young Kouda joined the pile.

Soon, Bakugou was crowing victory at the top of the pile, the entire class now on Izuku’s shoulders. Unfortunately, Kaminari, who was one of the first people Izuku had picked up, sneezed and accidentally activated his Quirk, electrocuting the entire human pile.

Everyone shrieked and Izuku dropped the class, everyone tumbling down into a giant dogpile on top of their strong classmate.




All Might sighed. Looks like the fun was over, better stop this bloodbath before it started.
I have no explanation for this. But I had fun writing it.


Marin on her SP music for the 2017-18 season

I actually wanted to skate to a tango for last year’s short program, but I decided not to so I could use it this season, and I waited all year for this, wanting to skate, so I had a lot of fun learning the choreograph. I was okay with anything as long as it was a tango, so I didn’t really have any specifics, but I was bored after the short program in the Junior World Championships, so I was searching through tangos myself, and the one I got to was La Cumparsita. Until yesterday, my plan was to use just La Cumparsita, but at an ice show, Arakawa skated to Tango Jalousie which I was very moved by. I was stuck between La Cumparsita and Tango Jalousie, and I decided to do both, so we mixed the two.

I had a nice day so far :)

I started my day well by waking up at 7 without an alarm, having plenty of time to have a nice breakfast (eggs and crackers with cheese, a whole bunch of strawberries). Then I had yoga with a small group and it was a lot of fun, and after that two of us went to buy a vase for a lily we’re giving someone as a present tonight from the group. I went “shopping” on my own after that, buying some fighting gear for my krav maga class (teeth and groin protection) and then got some presents for my parents :) I bought them flowers and cake ( dad drove to the hospital at 10pm last Wednesday because I forgot some papers I needed for a presentation. HERO), and also I’m wearing a cute crop top with a flowing skirt and I was walking through town with the skirt flowing in the wind, flowers and bakery goodies in my hands, smile on my face and the sun in the sky. I just watched GoT and I’m gonna eat tapas with the yoga ladies tonight. 

Today is a good day.

renamok  asked:

If you could revive/reimagine any one playline line ever, what would it be and why? For me, I'd choose the Barbie Style/Deluxe Fashionistas line, expand to all the body types with articulation at the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle and I ing the stock dimensions of the regular fashionistas. I could do without the rooted eyelashes, personally.

It would have to be Fashion Fever in its prime honestly. The idea of single packaged dolls that came with stands that FORMED the packaging, the fact all the dolls have multi-part outfits, the diversity of head sculpts, the clothing that came on displayable mannequins, the detailed accessories and display stands they came with, the furniture with real fabric, and the fact a lot of dolls had names that Mattel had archived previously made it super fun to discover they were used again (I want a Skeletor Barbie friend god damn it). 

Of course I would give them at the very least 2009 Fashionista articulation, up the male representation, use the body diversity, and give them collector sized heads.

Otherwise bring back Fashion Avenue.

999 fun

Random thoughts I had today, coming up with code names for the 999 cast if the game ever was to be translated in french. (I guess they would just keep the same names, but whatever.) 

Also, I personally don’t like using objects as code names for human characters. It didn’t bothered me in 999 because the game was in english, but in my mother tongue it would probably make me cringe a lot… ;-)


  • Aslan: Keeps the “Ace –> As” part to fit with the card theme of his name. Also, Aslan means “lion” in turkish, so it also fits with Junpei’s first impressions.


I didn’t have anything related to dices for him.

  • Dimitri: Has the “di = 2″ greek root, and it relates to atoms (Dimitri Mendeleïv) the same way Snake’s japanese code name does (from Niels Bohr). 
  • Binocles: “Glasses”, but sounds like a lame surname that doesn’t fit Snake’s sophisticated nature. It has the “bi = 2″ latin root, and it keeps the irony of “snake eyes” related to his blindness. Also in the Safe End you could say that “when it’s broken, glass gets more dangerous”, or something like that instead of the “snake and prey” analogy.


Well, Santa could work just fine given his explanation in the game, that “it comes from japanese”.

  • Troy: Just for the pun, since it can be read as “trois”, i.e. 3.
  • Tristan: Has the “tri = 3″ latin root. Also Tristan means “sad” and we all know how sour and sad the guy must be all the time.
  • Pâris: Again for the pun, he would be the prince of 3.


  • Chance: “Luck”, for the 4 leaf clover (even if we know it means more than only luck).
  • Catherine: Abbreviated it “4-ine”, quatre-ine, and it works just fine. Also it would give the Field siblings a russian theme to their names, Dimitri and Catherine.


He doesn’t even has a code name. But I would say Jupiter, because it has 5 letters in common with his real name and it’s the 5th planet. Also Jupiter is the largest planet, so you would think it reinforces the importance of Junpei as the protagonist (meaning it would be a misleading code name).


  • Harmonie: Because in numerology 6 means harmony. It would also goes well with the “nice childhood friend” impression of June during the game.
  • Neige: “Snow”, because of 6 sided snowflakes and for extra irony, given how her death is anything but freezing. Also a cue about her relationship with Santa. Could also be “Blanche-Neige”, Snow-White, to again reinforce the feeling of innoncence she gives off at the beginning of the game.
  • Sissi: Only for the “six” pun. Also a hint on the fact that she was murdered.


Yeah, “Sept”, that’s it. Or “Seth”, it sounds the same anyway.


Lotus would be a valid name even in french.

  • Octavie: For “octave”.
  • Augustine: For “auguste/August”. At first it would seems to contradicts her immodest appearance and calculating personality, than it fits as the more noble aspects of her are revealed. Also, “Augustine” is kind of an old, grandma name, so it could be played for jokes when characters refers to her as an “old women”.

9th Man

  • Pluton: “Pluto” because he wasn’t a planet participant for long. Lol.
RWBY Chibi 2 x 11


• Skit 1 and 3 have been cool. I put them together because they are the same skit, just in two separated parts. I liked how they showed the movies the characters wanted to go see. Poor Pyrrha, she’s still trying her best to get Jaune-senpai to notice her.
Zwei is always the best even when he doesn’t really do anything.

• Skit 2 was fun as well, Roman commenting on Neo’s cosplays was precious. Especially when he took out the sign - I totally wasn’t expecting that.

This episode didn’t exactly made me laugh as much as others but it was overall really cute. I like the direction Chibi is taking compared to season 1 that yes, it was indeed filled with original gags, but still had a lot of unnecessary fanservice that I did not appreciate.
So far we’ve seen it only twice in season 2 if I’m not wrong, and I’m happy about that.

Good bye

So i had this blog for more than 3 years, it was really fun and all and i sure changed a lot. However, i decided to delete my account for several reasons which i’ll include under the ‘keep reading’ part if someone’s interested. 

So yeah, thank you all for sticking with me until now. If anyone wants to keep in touch, just send me a private message c:

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more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.


The sparrow and her cub



in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you