but i had a bad week so bear with me

I LIIIIIIIVE. I am sore af and the medicine makes me dizzy sometimes, but I’m doing well in my recovery. I don’t remember what I told ya’ll from the last post, so here’s what happened:

Monday morning, I had a bad bout of food poisoning. I also got the WORST pain in my lower right abdomen. I thought it was the vomiting or period pains or wind or any number of things. I did not expect that my right ovary had twisted itself around so bad it cut off its own blood supply and died (I DID NOT KNOW THAT WAS A THING). So I went to the emergency room very early Tuesday morning and was having surgery by Wednesday night. I’m all right and since I never intend to bear children, losing the right ovary isn’t a big deal to me. (I have a functioning left ovary and COULD get pregnant, but if it is even a tenth as painful as what I just went through FUCK THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT NOOOOOOOOISE) So I spent a week near the hospital in a different town (because insurance gnomes) with my family who flew in from Florida to take care of me. I am now back in my own apartment and recovery continues.

BUT I didn’t have access to tumblr for over a week. so I beg of ya’ll, send me any Hartwin/Wincest/J2 fics that didn’t get to AO3 (I’ve been able to check that), even just little ficlets. Send me ALLLLLL the Kingsman Golden Circle stuff you got (I have seen the new promo pics though, THAT ORANGE JACKET), particularly anything that has that BS ‘teaser’ broken down into actual, you know, pictures and not just flashes that make me dizzy.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages, I adore ya’ll! :)

The Last Day. A Bear Brown story.

For a few moments you stood on the road, staring back at the man who had appeared out of nowhere.

“Oh, great.” You rolled your eyes and turned your head away from him.

The last thing you needed was to get hit on by a random guy your last day in town. Your vacation was over and you were so fed up with the men in town. You had been there for two weeks and every man you saw was either attached or weird or simply not interested. Coming to Alaska had been a big dream of yours for years. You hadn’t told anyone, but you had also hoped to find a great guy who loved to hunt and fish and who would beg you to stay with him in the wilds of the bush.

But none of that had happened. You had spent every day going out on nature hikes and orca cruises and you spent every evening in the local hangouts. And what did all of that get you? Absolutely nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. You were heading back home with too many cheap souvenirs and an attitude so snarky you were starting to get on your own nerves.

“You’re not from here, are you?” The sound of his voice made you turn around in spite of yourself.

Looking at the handsome, athletic-looking man in the red leather jacket and red boots, you suddenly felt so weary and more than a little bit mad. But if the last two weeks were any indication of how his encounter would go, you would be staring at the back of his retreating head within minutes.

“No. I’m not from here.” You said curtly and stared back at him, daring him to be nice to you. You really weren’t in the mood.

“I would have remembered you if I had seen you in town before.” He was too nice. He was already making you want to smack him.

Biting back the words “too little too late,” You gave him the tiniest of smiles. “You must not have been in town the last couple of weeks then. I was all over this place.” You said with more sarcasm than you intended.

“I can’t believe a pretty girl like you was all over the place and no one snapped you up.” He said that with a sincerity that made your mouth drop open.

“Are you for real?” You frowned.

“I think so.” He joked and patted himself with his hands as if to make sure.

“What else are you?” You challenged. “Are you married? Crazy? Or fresh off a breakup with a horrible woman who looks just like me?”

The man tilted his head to one side and eyed you warily. You could tell he was trying to figure you out.

“Are you always this mean to guys? Or is it just me?” He said quietly with a slight smile.

Your shoulders sagged and you shifted your eyes up, staring at the beautiful pink evening sky. “I’m sorry. It’s just been a really long, really irritating two weeks.”

When the man moved to stand closer to you, you met his eyes. He was so happy to talk to you that you bit down on your lip to cut back an angry sob. It was your last day in town and this man seemed mostly normal and – heaven help you – interested.

“My name is Solomon. Everyone calls me Bear.” He held out his hand and smiled. “I’d love to go to dinner with a beautiful woman and you are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Ugh.” You grunted and Bear laughed.

“Was that a yes?” He leaned his head down to look into your face.

“This is my last day in town.” You tried not to notice how handsome he was and how soft his hair looked. Where had he been the past two weeks?

“That’s ok.” He said happily and flipped his long brown hair out of his eyes. “If I can only spend one evening with you, I’ll take it.”

You rolled your eyes again and slapped Bear hard on the shoulder. “Get away from me before I start to like you.”

“Is that such a bad thing?” He laughed again and you tried to keep your eyes off of his full lips.

“Yes. Because I’m leaving town tomorrow. What if you truly are as sweet as you seem to be? I’d be so pissed!”

Bear laughed as he gestured in the direction of the small café and began walking fairly quickly. You hesitated for a half a second then hurried to catch up and walk beside him.

“I’m not just sweet.” He said with a wide smile. “I am really awesome.”

You stared at him and wondered if maybe he was crazy after all. But if you could read people at all, you could see his eyes were sincere and his smile was genuine.

“Seriously?” You asked. “Where were you the past two weeks? Do you live in the woods or something?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.” He hopped off the curb into the street and back again as he talked. He was so full of energy that you were having a hard time keeping him in your sights.

“This is my last day in town.” You repeated.

“I know.” He said and continued walking toward the cafe.

“Why don’t you care? What if you decide you like me?” You threw that out there because that’s just the mood you were in.

“I already like you.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“I only care about right now.” He said and hopped with both feet over a crack in the sidewalk.

Bear pushed open the door to the café and let you enter first. Scanning the room, he located a table in a quiet corner. He ran the rest of the way to pull out the chair for you, his happy smile still in place. You shrugged out of your coat and he did the same. The black tank top and tattoos on both arms was a sexy surprise. Your mind flew to wondering what other surprises Bear might – NO! You shook your head briskly to fling the thoughts away.

“I mean it. I’m leaving tomorrow.” You scrunched up your face and tried to look menacing.

“That’s OK.” He said as he picked up the menu.

“So, you’re fine with having dinner with a complete stranger and then scuttling back into the woods??

“It’s dinner with a beautiful stranger,” He smiled. “And yes. I’m OK with that.”

“If I’m so beautiful, why don’t you care if you ever see me again after tonight?”

Bear laid down the menu and looked into your eyes, a slight uncomprehending frown on his face.

“I don’t date much.” He confessed. “But I’m pretty sure this isn’t how dates are supposed to go.”

You blinked and stared at him and tried to think of something to say.

“Here’s how I think it should work.” He continued with a grin. “I say something nice to you then you say something nice to me. Then I tell you something about myself then you tell me something about yourself. Then we go back and forth until we either really like each other or we don’t.”

You blinked and stared at him some more and finally figured out what to say.

“You have beautiful hair.”

“Thank you.” Bear combed his hair down with his fingers and picked up the menu again.

“This is my last night in town.” There. You told him something about yourself. “Your turn.”

“I’m having a great time.” He smiled.

Once the food arrived, you watched Bear devour his burger and talk excitedly with his mouth full. He was happy and funny and he knew all kinds of things about Alaska and the ocean and hunting and fishing. You had to admit you were having a great time, too. It was your last night in town and you were leaving the next day and you were having a great time with an amazing guy. Life could be so sucky sometimes.

Dinner was over way too soon and as Bear walked you back to the lodge where you were staying, you didn’t say a word. What was there to say? The evening was over and there was no tomorrow for the two of you. As you smiled up at him and wondered how you would ever be able to say goodbye, the unexpected words slipped from your lips.

“Would you like to come in? Would you like to… stay?” You whispered.

“Are you sure?” Bear leaned close. “You’re leaving tomorrow and what if I stay and you find out how awesome I really am?”

“I’ll risk it.” You laughed and tugged him into the room behind you.

His lips quickly found yours and his hands pulled you to him. You tried to keep up with his lips and his touch but the lovemaking was a blur of high-speed passion and – oh yes – Bear was definitely, without a doubt, awesome.

The next morning, Bear was already awake and gently stroking your hair when your eyes blinked open.

“I know you have to leave today.” He said quietly with a sadness that surprised you.

“Are you trying to get rid of me already?” You joked.

“I only expected to have dinner with a beautiful woman and I got all this.” He reached under the blanket and patted your bare hip. “No, if I can get even more time with you, I’ll take it.”

You leaned your head back to look into his face. His smile nearly stole your breath away but you forced yourself to breathe and decide.

“OK. I’ll stay one more day. But I’m not going to fall in love with you and you’d better not fall in love with me.”

“I get another day with a beautiful woman?” He squeezed his arms and legs tightly around you. “Awesome.”


You sat in the open door of the treehouse with your legs dangling down.

“I mean it this time! This is my last day here. I’m leaving tomorrow!”

You yelled down at your husband as he chased the two small children around the campfire. The boys loved to wear red just like their dad and their long brown hair flew behind them as they ran and laughed. You folded your hands under your swelling belly. This one you were sure was going to be a girl.

“One more day?” His laughing voice floated up to you. “I’ll take it.”


Yuu-chan Week 2016 SUMMARY

Here’s a summary of the week leading up to Yuu-chan’s birthday!
Thanks @mikaisatop for creating/setting up the themes for each day. I had a lot of fun and seeing everyone’s creations. :D
Also thank you so much for the wonderful comments/tags! (Its been a bad week for me and it totally made my days go better!

Here’s a list of the drawings with the links I did if you missed any of them:

Day 1: Child!Yuu
Day 2: Family
Day 3: Seraph/Demon/Vampire Yuu
Day 4: Genderbend Yuu (Fem!Yuu)
Day 5:  Strawberry Shortcakes and Teddy Bears  
Day 6: Pets/Animals
Day 7: Smile
Day 8: Happy Birthday

I always wanted to do one of these week things for this series for a while but due to lack of time (which btw I still lack time) and motivation(laziness much?? OTL)…yeahhhh…that usually ends up me dropping out ahahaha…

Doing this made me want to go and work on my PokemonAU! for this series that I’ve been planning on for a while. I’ll get it out there eventually…>.>

Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Inked up.. Sammy wilk

Inked up…

“Dude y/n I’m so nervous right now” Sammy says while jumping around a bit.

He’s just taken off his shirt after sending out a snapchat of a tattoo gun. He’s bouncing on the balls of his feet whine running a hand through his hair, biting down on his bottom lip. I watch a little fascinated by his movements.

“Chill out sammy boy” I smirk.

And then the tattoo guy turns on the gun and motions for sammy to come sit after sterilizing everything. Sammy’s eyes widen and he lets out a little squeak that has me giggling. I watch as the tattoo guy places the design on each arm while sammy winces a little.

“Don’t be such a pussy Sam” I laugh running a hand through my hair while grinning at him.

“Shut up y/n it’s not like you’ve ever done this before!” He grumbles.

I roll my eyes before rolling up my left sleeve to show him a couple tattoos, before starting to lift up my shirt. When I do this his eyes widen and a smirk flits across his lips. But then I hear a door being banged open and loud giggles. Turning I see Stassie and Ems coming in. When Emily sees me she drops the bags that she’s carrying to come and give me a hug.

“Oh my god y/n! It’s been too long how’ve you been?!?” She asks.

I hug her back tightly before moving back so that she can see the smile on my face, I haven’t seen her in like a year and a half and I’m happy that she missed me.

“It really has been too long, girl we need to catch up lunch date tomorrow?” I ask not wanting to discuss my life in only a few minutes while sammy guy a tattoo but over lunch I’d missed his sister.

“Most definitely, I’ll text you the detes” she says smiling.

I nod happily before turning to look at her companion, Stassie. She’s pretty, and see a to be all for sammy like when I had left much to her pleasure, she was now sitting on his lap playing with his hair while the ink was being prepared.

“Dude stass you can’t sit there when I’m getting tattooed.”

“Why are you even getting tattoos sammy?”
She asks.

“Cause I want em besides, out of my whole crew I’m the only one not tatted.”

I can feel Stassie rolling her eyes before she’s turning to look at me. Her eyes narrow a bit as she takes me in, standing in old high waisted shorts a flannel and crop top not forgetting the high tops.

“I’m sure y/n doesn’t have any, and will agree with me” she says flipping her hair.

Oh god if I clench my teeth any harder they’ll break.

“Actually stass I do have a couple tattoos” I whisper pulling up my sleeve to show off my started sleeve.

“See I told you” Sammy laughs while Stassie huffs.

I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly as the once dim lights brighten near Sammy’s arms and the guy moves closer to his left arm.

“Oh god y/n come hold my hand” Sammy yells.

I start giggling moving towards him, when Stassie leans down and kisses him, hard. Tugging on his hair and shit, they start to get into it, and the hand that was once held out to me to come and hold, slowly goes to the small of her back.

I bite my lip, swallowing thickly I turn away and grab my bag from the chair I was going to be sitting in.

“I’ll uh, see you tomorrow em? And we’ll catch up?” I say swiftly before leaning and kissing her cheek before hurrying out of the private parlor we’d been in.

Once I’m out in the fresh air, I let out a little sigh, and then I’m seeing them together and pain crushes my heart. I wipe at my eyes before calling for a taxi, wanting to just go home and snuggle with my gigantic teddy bear. Ironically it was the one sammy had gotten me for my 18th birthday, saying it was better than boys. He’d even sprayed his cologne on it, saying so I could still smell a man without needing one.

Too bad my apartment was being renovated and I was staying with Sam until it was over, and I hadn’t wanted to haul around the big thing. I’d been staying with him for a week, and now I remembered why I hadn’t wanted to hang out with him. Because seeing him with her just hurt too much. I’d stepped back when she told me how she felt about him, but I couldn’t stick around knowing that my feelings were still strong. I thought that maybe I had gotten over it, over him. When we’d been hanging out this week, it’d been so good, and nice. But now looking back as I watched the tattoo parlor in the back window, I realized I was terribly wrong. That I still had feelings for him, and seeing them together just hurt too much.

I bite my lip as I see Sammy’s face pop up on my phone, I push it back into my bag, ignoring the vibrations and the taxi drivers curious eyes.

“Bad break up?”

“Something like that” I whisper watching as the city lit up with its lights the faster it got darker.

They all seemed to blur together while I leaned my face up against the window, hoping it would cool my warming face. My purse starts to vibrate again so i turn it off.

“You know what, can you just take me to the closest bar to where I originally wanted to go?” I ask.

“Sure miss” the old taxi man says.

A sad look in his eyes.

~ ~ ~

“Where the fuck were you and why was your phone off?!” Sammy yells after I just stepped into the front Fourier.

“God sammy please lower your voice” I say holding the side of my head.

“You went to a bar?” He asks eyebrows raised.

“Yes mother, but no I didn’t drink too much” I growl kicking off my shoes and pulling off my flannel that now smells like cheap beer and stale cigarettes.

Sammy follows after me as I make my way to the kitchen and put on a cup of coffee, before opening the fridge to look for something to eat.

“Y/n are you okay?” He asks after I’ve been rifling through the fridge for about three minutes.

Still a little tipsy, and feeling so many emotions I slam the door shut, before turning leaning up against it while glaring at him.

“I’m perfectly fine Sammy. How are the arms?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“They fucking hurt, not like you’d care you fucking left before it even started.” He says frowning.

“Thought you wouldn’t notice” I say more to myself than to him.

“Y/N what’s going on with you” Sammy asks coming closer to me.

“Nothing, I’m just tired.” I say waving it off.

Realizing that I might be acting like a jealous girlfriend, but obviously wasn’t that. Besides Stassie was sweet, Emily obviously likes her, the only problem for them at this moment was me. Not liking this, I quickly move out of the kitchen forgetting about the coffee, and just going to lay in bed.

I’d been there for about thirty minutes listening to my beats and my thumbprint radio on pandora, when I felt a warm hand on my leg. Turning I saw sammy, standing at the edge of my bed with a small tray of food and a big cup of coffee. I pull off my headphones smiling at him, taking the food off his hands placing it on my bed while patting a spot beside me for him to sit.

He smiles moving to sit right next to me, he quickly takes a piece of the sand which taking a huge bite before holding it out for me to bite into. I smile before going to, when he pulls it away taking another.

“Sammy you ass!” I laugh shoving his shoulder.

“Hey I made it” he laughs sticking it his tongue.

I roll my eyes, this time when he offers it to me I hold onto his wrist tightly before taking a big bite. When I turn to look at him smugly he has his phone out and is silently laughing.

“Sammy that better not be on your snapchat!” I hiss before moving to grab my bag and turning it on.

When i do, my phone vibrates with twenty missed calls, and fifteen voicemails just from Emily, there are twice as many from Sammy, as well as snapchats.

I frown a little opening them to see that he was a little frantic asking for where I was, and who i might be with. When I open his story I see that He’d asked his fans to tell him if they saw me. But then there was me from coming home saying he found me. And now it was me stuffing my face with a bacon sandwich.

“I’m sorry” I say shaking my head a little.

“Why y/n?”

“For not telling you where I’d gone, it’s just I didn’t want to cramp our style I mean did you see Stassie? She was obviously uncomfortable with me being there why didn’t you tell her?” I ask peaking at him.

“Because, I missed you and whenever she comes around you always leave. Why do you leave whenever she’s around y/n?”

“Because. I have to I made a promise okay, and I just I don’t know what to do anymore!” I cry.

“Hey y/n come here it’s okay I’m here for you” he whispers getting up off the bed and coming to wrap me in his arms.

He strokes the back of my neck, while running his hands through my hair, he hums my favorite song while he continues to hold me close to his bare chest.

But then I’m hearing a throat being cleared.

Peaking over Sammys shoulder I see that it’s Stassie. She’s leaning up against the door frame with a raised eyebrow.

“What’s going on here?” She ask, or more like accuses as her eyes glare at me and Sammy.

I pull away wiping my eyes with the back of my hand before clearing my throat.

“We were just saying goodbye, because I going to go stay in a hotel. And won’t see Sammy for awhile” I says smiling at Stassie while Sammy looks confused.

“What n-”

“And Sammy here was getting a little emotional that his bestfriend was leaving so yeah” I say cutting him off by sending him a warning look.

Quickly I grab my bag from the floor, quickly kiss his cheek before giving a small nod to Stassie and heading out of the room towards the door.

“Y/n wait! Hold on.” Sammy yells and I see him coming out of the room after me, he looks worried while stassie follows him grabbing his hand.

“I’ll see you around” I smile waving before going out the door and running.

Running away from him and my feelings.

Hope you like part 2 will be coming 💕


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I finished this secret santa wayyy way back like 2 weeks ago as a challenge to both a) encompass as many of the prompts that @blackberryblossoms gave and b) to finish a complete comic! like full color and everything. If anyone followed my twitter during the beginning of december i was Pretty Bad at the secret part.

things you said under the stars and in the grass

“Remind me again, why are we doing this?” Damon wiggled around, kicking at the end of his sleeping bag. “We have a house with beds and heat and–” He slapped at his cheek. “No mosquitoes!” 

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “It’s for the experience. We never do normal things. We’re always hunting down the latest bad guy and just trying to survive the week.” 

“So, we rent a nice cabin with a fireplace and and a bear skin rug. We don’t sleep on the ground.” 

“Stop whining. Look, we’re here until Sunday. Maybe if you’d put up the tent like I asked…” 

“Right because a thin layer of nylon between me and the ground would definitely make this better.” 

“We had an air mattress, but somebody didn’t bring the air pump!” 

“I’m hearing a lot of blame here, Bonnie. But we wouldn’t be out here at all if it wasn’t for you.” 

“All I wanted was for us to have a nice, normal experience. You didn’t complain when we were having s’mores or skinny dipping in the lake.“

“Yes, and now I’m in a sleeping bag, alone, cold and getting eaten alive.”

“If I knew you were going to complain this much, I would’ve invited Caroline instead. She wouldn’t have forgotten anything!”

“Yeah, but everything you did would be according to her camping itinerary. You need me around for spontaneity!”

“Spontaneously go to sleep then.” 

He sighed, long and loud, and Bonnie glared up at the star littered sky. This was not how this was supposed to go, at all. But there was no changing it, at least not tonight. Maybe she’d cut their trip short and head home tomorrow. But there was no way she was getting out of this sleeping bag. 

Five full minutes passed before he whispered, “Bonnie?”

She ignored him. 


A rustling noise followed and then– bump

Damon rolled himself over until he was pressed right up against her, bundled up to his shoulders in sleeping bag. He stared at the side of her face, and then shuffled even closer and rubbed his nose against her cheek. “I suck. I’ll set the tent up in the morning and if I have to blow up the air mattress with my own two lungs, I will.” 

She bit her lip to keep from smiling. “You do suck. I wanted this to be fun.” 

“And it is, mostly. I was a big fan of the skinny-dipping part…” 

She rolled her eyes. “Uh-huh.”

“Forgive me?” 


He grinned. “What are the chances we can zip these sleeping bags together…?

Bonnie laughed and turned to. “Fifty-fifty.” 

“Yeah?” He ducked his head down and pressed a kiss to her neck. “What can I do to increase my odds?” 

She smiled. “You’ll figure something out…”  

Sally Questions!

What is your book about?

What was Percy’s first word?

(note from Olivia: sorry it took so long to get around to answering!  I was sick with some sort of respiratory bug the last several weeks of the summer, and the semester since then has been hectic.  Thanks for bearing with me!)

Oops Day 19

Sorry for the crappy title

Taylor POV
Today was a lazy day for me and Adam. We didn’t get out of bed until 11am, and it wasn’t because we were sleeping. Adam went to take a shower and invited me with him but I told him that he actually needs to shower, not get dirty all over again.

It was a relatively new relationship, we had only been dating for a couple of weeks and we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. While Adam was showering I was just laying in bed trying to slow down my breathing rate, and my phone started ringing with the FaceTime ringtone, “Who was calling me?” I thought. The screen showed “Ginger,” oh it was Ed, he didn’t know about Adam yet but I answered the call anyway.
-Hey Tay Tay
-Ginger! What’s up
-Not much, why are you still in bed, it’s noon, and why is your hair so rumpled, and are you naked?
My face got red on the camera and I pursed my lips together. At that moment Adam decided to walk into the room and thinking it was one of the girls he yelled out “Who are you FaceTiming babe?” I threw my head down in shame as Ed began a monologue.
-Tay who is that? Did you just do the nasty nasty with someone? Who is it? Do I know him? Come on tell him to get into the camera!
-He is not getting into the camera, I was thinking we could have lunch and I could explain this to you.
-Just tell me who it is.
I flipped the camera and showed off my gorgeous almost naked boyfriend.
-Is that Calvin Harris?
-Yea it is. Ellie introduced us the Brit Awards.
-So are you guys just banging or a are you actually dating?
-Ed! Ok let’s have lunch today, I’ll explain what’s been happening.
-Ok do you want me to pick you up?
-Yea that would be great, come by around 2?
-I’m hoping you’ll put on some clothes by then?
-Ok ok I’ll come at 2

The call ended and my head went down in shame.
-So who was that?
-That was Ed Sheeran, he’s one of my best guys friends.

Adam suddenly got very quiet and turned around and walked out of the room. I got up and with only a sheer white sheet covering me I went to my closet to choose something to wear for lunch. I chose a pale blue sundress and some sandals with no heel.

I went downstairs to make a smoothie. Adam was sitting at the breakfast bar with his laptop and was very focused. I walked over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He was frozen.
-Is everything ok?
-Everything is great
He sounded tense and even a little upset.
-Are you sure? You sound a little tense?
-Are you ashamed to be with me?
The look on his face was laced with pain and I couldn’t bear to think about how I caused that.
-What? No of course not!
-Then why were you so ashamed when Ed found out that you were dating me.
-I wasn’t ashamed of you, I was ashamed of being a bad friend. Because I mean we’ve been dating for a couple of weeks already, and we’ve already had sex, and I really care about you, and Ed is one of my best guys friends, and he didn’t even know about you. Because I didn’t know how to tell him over the phone, because I was single for two years, and now I’m in a relationship, and it’s serious so I wanted to wait and tell him in person, and I was going to hang out with him this week and tell him but that happened. I want you to know that I care about you a lot, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have told my parents, my brother, Selena, and Karlie. If anything I should be the one ashamed, I haven’t met any of your friends and I’m pretty sure you haven’t told anyone.
-That’s not true, I called my sister two weeks ago and told her. I told Charlie and Burns last week. They’re all happy for me.
-Well thank you for that.
He leaned over and kissed me.
-So you care about me?
-Of course I do.
-So do I.

At 2pm Ed came over and I called Adam into the foyer to introduce both of them.
-Adam this is Ed, Ed this is Adam, my boyfriend.
-It’s nice to finally meet you, Adam.
-You as well.

We went for lunch at Otium, and after two drinks I was in the mood to talk a lot.
-So how long have you guys been together?
-Umm a little more than a month.
-And you already slept together? How did that happen? Doesn’t really sound like you Taylor.
-I mean the chemistry started off in the beginning, like the night we met, we kissed at the after party and it was like so magical. Then 2 weeks later I went to go see him in Vegas, and he was such a gentleman the whole time, and after he finished his set we went up to his room and we were just making out and something just burst in me that night, he was so careful about it he asked me a bunch of times if I was sure, and I was. I’ve just never felt like this before, and I really think this time it could be different. And since then, it’s been difficult to keep my hands off of him.
-You guys seem happy.
-We are.
-What do you think it’s going to be like when the media finds out about this?
I got very quiet for a minute.
-I don’t know. I mean we’ve already had the talk about my whirlwind of a life. He convinced me that the reason all my previous relationships ended was because all those guys haven’t been as strong as him. That he can deal with it. I hope he’s right. I mean we already went to whole foods together and to a concert together, and pictures have been posted, but so far no one is writing any mean things about us, so it’s been good.
-Well he seems like a really nice guy, whenever I met one of your ex’s I always got a weird vibe from them, but he seems very cool.
-Thanks, that means a lot.
-Ok let’s get back, I’m sure all you’re thinking about right now is how fast you can go jump on your boyfriend.
-You know me so well.

When we got back I went to change and when I got back downstairs Ed and Adam were sitting on the couch and both of them had serious looks on their face.
-What’s going on you guys?
-Oh I was just talking to Adam about his intentions.
My eyes got very wide and then Ed said
-But I approve, you have a good guy here, and you mister better treat her much better than the rest because she deserves nothing less than the best.
-Yea I know, and I will.

They both shook hands and Ed left.
-So what did he say to you?
-He was just making sure that I knew how important you are. I want you to know that I care a lot about you, and I meant what I said, that I will not let the media screw this up, I’m a lot stronger than all those other ones, I don’t care what other people say. I mean I’ve been called a lot of pretty bad things but it doesn’t affect me.
-Thank you for saying that.
Adam hesitated on saying something and I was wondering if in his head was that same L word that was in mine. I tried to move away but he enclosed me in his arms. I looked into his eyes and I saw that word in them.
-You can say it…
I whispered gently. He was debating about it and it was visible on his face.
-I’m going to say it. Don’t run.
-I won’t.
-I love you.
The grin on my face was brighter than the sun.
-I love you too.
-If I’m being honest, I think I loved you since that night.
I leaned up and kissed him deeply. He kissed me back with a fervor and I wrapped my legs around him so he could carry me upstairs.