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  • Season 1: I've never killed anyone and I kind of want to
  • Season 2: I've never killed anyone and I'm okay with that
  • Season 3: I killed someone and it is the source of literally all my problems
  • Season 4: I feel conflicted about killing but I'm pretty sure it's bad
  • Season 5: Killing is great and I'll stab anyone who tries to tell me otherwise
  • Season 6: The violence is destroying my soul

We Can Make It 2

Ughh this is um it people. Part 2 and It has a part 3 coming up. I finally knew how to tag. Yey. So yeah. Thanks for reading this people and hope you guys watch out for more. So yeah. I had deleted the first post and now this is the fourth now.

Tom Holland X Reader

Here it is again.

You sat on the on the floor as you cried. It was harder than you thought. You can’t find a proper job due to incomplete education. You cried and cried you looked at the mirror and your eyes travelled to your stomach.

“ This is all your fault! ” you said as you said over and over and began to throw things at the mirror. You began to thrash around and basically destroying everything. You then grabbed a large shard of glass from the broken mirror.

“ Everything was fine then you came! Its all your fault! Its all-” you trailed off as you caught sight of a photo. It fell from the night stand when you began thrashing around. It was a picture of you and Tom. You missed him so much.

“ Oh Tom. Its so hard. Harder than I thought. I miss you. I need you. ” you cried as you hugged the framed photo. You thought of the baby. You and Tom made this by your love and this was a blessing. This was fruit of your love. A baby is an innocent being that is made to be a gift for two souls to bind them for all eternity.

You let go of the photo and held your stomach.

“ I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Mommy is sorry. I promise you I’ll take care of you. ” you said.

When night came your mom was shocked to see your trashed room and she saw you by the kitchen cooking dinner for you and her. She knew you were struggling. She fixed your room. Picking up every shard of glass and sweeped every broken material.

“ Mom! Dinner’s ready! ” you called as you fixed the table and removed the apron from yourself. You turned to see your mom standing by the kitchen entrance holding a filled up trash bag and his eyes were red like she had been crying.

“ Sweet heart.” she said as you ran to hug her. “ Don’t worry. I’ll stay with you. I’ll help you every step of the way.” she said as she caressed your hair and hugged you tighter than before.

“ Thank you mom.” you said.

You led her to the table and setting the heavy trashbag at one side. Your opened the Television to show the news.

“ Tom Holland is now slowly recovering in what seems to be rehab. He was now able to work on set for the past days.” the news caster said.

It caught your attention and you smiled. ‘You can do it Tom. I know you can make it. You mumbled.

“ Come on Tom! Lets eat out. Everyone is coming.” Harrison said.

“Yeah bro I’ll catch up.” he replied as Harrison left with a nod.

Tom sat inside the make up room as he said to his friends to wait for him outside. He gave out a sigh. Tired from the shoot. He and his cast members were going out to eat. He opened his bag that rested on the chair. He pulled out a familiar f/c scarf. He smiled sadly and pressed it to his nose. Your scent never seem to fade.

“ I made it Y/n. I’ll still wait for you. I know you can make it too. ” he said as he wrapped the scarf around his neck.

Months past you mother handled you to keep the baby safe.

You gave birth to a baby girl name Thalia Stacy Holland. She had Tom’s brown eyes that reminded you of him.

You craddled her in your arms as your mother left to take care the bill. You had a moment with Thalia.

“Oh sweetheart. I wish you father could have seen you. Don’t worry, be happy for daddy. I’ll take care of you. I’ll Love you. Its just you and me now.” you said as you rested your forehead on Thalia making her giggle.

After giving birth, thanks to your mom’s help you got to balance your work, school and daughter. You got to enter Harvard. The school had taken consideration and helped you get through school. You still maintained humble and did all what is suppose to do.

“ You have now filed the claim. And now can someone tell me, what is next?” professor Anastacia, your teacher at your class asked. You were busy typing out your Essay to pass it. Your friend Fei was basically is slipping into dreamworld as her eyes were starting to close.

“ Ms. L/n? ” your professor called out.

You looked up. Fei’s eyes shot open and looked at you.

“ don’t you need to have evidence? ” you muttered out.

“Meaning?” your Prof asked further with a look of curiousity to you.

“ Meaning you need reasonable belief that your evidence should have … Like a evidenciary support? ” you continued.

She smiled at you moved on to discuss. You could not help but smile. “ Nice. ” you heard Fei said.

“ And what is Perverse Diminished Capacity? ” your prof asked to the class. You raised your hands along with others. Your prof pointed to you.

“ To negate mens rea.” you answered.

“ That is correct. ”

You were offered to be apart of Ms. Anastacia’s internship. Where in you won your first case even though your a student.

“ Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Graduates of Harvard Law School, class of 2015. ” Professor Anastacia stated as the crowd applauded.

“ I am Personally very honor to introduce our class elected speaker, she had a very hard start here but now she graduates today to Join One of Boston’s prestigious Law Firms. We will see great things from her. Ladies and Gentlemen, Y/n L/n.” she called.

You smiled and stood up. Anastacia greeted you in a embrace. “ I’m so proud of you my dear. ” she whispered as you thanked her and broke away from the hug and smiled at her and walked to the speaker stand.

“ I used to think that I was nothing. I thought that I would fail. I had a child at an early age. Its like a bare the weight of the world. But I was wrong. With the support of her and my mother…” you trailed and met your mother’s eyes and your daughter’s who both had a proud smile.

“ It was because of them and My Passion was the key ingridient in learning and practice of Law … And Life. It take passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps to the world. You must all ways have faith and people and most importantly to always have faith in your self. Congratulations Class of 2015. WE MADE IT!!”

Your fellow classmate made a standing ovation for you as they cheered and applauded.

You Made it Y/n.

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Oooh if the writing request is still open, could you do some ether fluffy or angsty Danny Phantom? (Your writing is awesome btw I got so excited when I saw that post :D)

Thanks for the request, anon! I hope you enjoy this. I picked angst for now but might do something short and fluffy later.

Missing: You never know what you have until it’s gone. That’s what they always say. But Danny had never imagined that phrase might apply to his sister. 

Season 3, going AU before Phantom Planet; 2.7 K

“You’re back early,” Maddie mused when Danny walked into the kitchen in the hopes of finding some non-contaminated food to eat. She was making cookies at the kitchen table, which at least meant there’d be some edible food in an hour. “I thought Jazz said you two would be out all day.”

Danny frowned. It was the first Saturday of Christmas break, and he’d planned to spend the afternoon at home. Ghost hunting had kept him up half the night again, but he’d headed out this morning to meet up with Sam and Tucker. Tucker was going out of town this year to meet up with his dad’s side of the family, and since it was out of state he’d be away most of the break. Danny and Sam had wanted to spend what time they could with Tuck before he left.

Sam figured they’d be able to sneak away to visit him at some point—he couldn’t be busy all the time, and the Spectre Speeder was almost always available—but even though her parents didn’t celebrate Christmas, they still attended a number of high society functions and dragged Sam to as many as possible. Consequently, Danny knew he’d be spending most of this Christmas stuck with his family, as he had for many Christmases in the past. As long as he made sure he didn’t get stuck in the Ghostwriter’s story again, he should be able to marginally enjoy himself.

At the very least, the Christmas Truce meant he’d actually get a real break.

But it still meant he had planned to avoid his family for large chunks of time, which meant he hadn’t made any plans with Jazz.

“When did she say that?” Danny asked. He opened the fridge, trying not to let the worry clawing at his gut explode into anything serious. Jazz was the worrywart, not him. Usually.

Maddie laughed. “You were there, sweetie. It was only this morning.”

Everything in the fridge looked suspect, either moulding or glowing or smoking, but Danny had already lost his appetite. He shut the door hard enough to rattle the test tubes on the top shelf. “Right.”

He hadn’t been there.

He hadn’t even seen Jazz today.

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I can’t believe it’s been two months since I stopped lurking and posted my first Choices fanfic here?? Somehow that little headcanon piece I had while playing TC&TF 3 led me to write another one for Hero and now I’ve written more in 2 months than I have in the last five years.

Damn. What a ride it’s been.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to thank everyone who’s ever read, liked, reblogged, or commented on my stuff. I didn’t think I would ever pick up writing again (I used to write on FF.net but life got busy), but I’m so glad I did and I wouldn’t be doing so if not for your support.

Thank you so much! ❤️

- Lexi

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Top 5 favorite moments in seasons 1-4

(I had to make it 6 because I cant choose which one to take out and even now im remembering for moments this was painful)

  1. The Dance
  3. RWBY and JNPR Vs Death Stalker and Nevermore
  4. JNR trying to cheer up Pyrrha before the PVP fight (including Jaune and Pyrrha’s talk)
  5. the food fight
  6. and because i cant allow my self to post without mentioning THE KISS

it’s sad I had to make this

@the guy that made that jerk off/orgasm to Marina thing: Don’t be what you technically didn’t draw

@the people who are thinking about posting anything explicit in any way: If you don’t care about children’s “innocence” because they’re gonna see/already know about swears and sex, care about the fact that they may have strict parents that could take Splatoon 2 away because of something you post. You wouldn’t have wanted your parents to take a game away from you when you were a kid, don’t be the reason why a kid now would go through that.

@everyone else: If you see any explicit posts in Splatoon 2, report them so no mommy blogger gives the game the wrong kind of publicity. Unfortunately I don’t know of any way to report usernames. I’ve seen someone with the name HIV+Semen and a friend said they saw someone with their name being the n word. Those usernames use alternate characters that look like the letters to spell those words so they can get away with it.

We’re all (young) adults on here, let’s act like it.

EDIT: @circulargoat made a good post showing how to report people’s usernames. It requires the official Switch app, but is otherwise pretty simple. Check it out!


Four seasons with your love, will come once again…
Four seasons with your love, will stay within me…

Some hilarious writing prompts

Alright so a few days ago I decided to look for some hilarious text posts on tumblr and I laughed so much I just had to write some prompts! (is possible to be customized)
(Send me requests with 1/1+ prompt/s. I write about a lot of fandoms and also a lot of different things : one shots/scenarios/imagines/headcanons/chats/conversations/aesthetics/alomst anything) REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

*1. Do I look like I give a fuck?
*2. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again for taking advantage of my compassionate and forgiving nature! HOw dare you.
*3. Me? Overreacting? Probably.
4. I used to be passive aggressive, but now I’m aggressively passive. Don’t mess with me kiddo. I’ll be right here. I’ll fucking forgive you.
5. A: Whar are you doing?
B: Avoiding.
A: Avoiding what?
B: Everything.
*6. This was impulsive. Probably shouldn’t have done it. WHO CARES?
*7. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.
8. A: It’s okay, I’m not mad.
    A (5 mins later): Actually? You can go to Hell.
9. I hate people who get personally offended when I’m in a bad mood, likeI’m not mad at you Susan (name), I’m mad at the world!
10. A to A: Bitch, if you actually applied yourself in like…anything, you’d be dangerous ,damn my lazy ass.
11. I don’t know what I’m feeling, but there’s a lot of it.
12. Not to dictate your life, but drop your shitty friends.
13. That sounds like responsibility and I want no part in it.
14. Why am I better than everyone? Jesus, life’s hard.
15. A: How do you make someone holy?
B: You beat the hell out of them.
16. A: I’m amazed of how insignificant we actually are.
B: Not me, I’m important.
17. If anyone can do it, then someone who isn’t me can do it.
18. In the old days of one week ago things were different. Now look at us - slightly older than we were back then, other clothes and such.
19. I’m not going to claim that I know everything, I’m simply going to act like it.
*20. You have to “see it to believe it”, so as long as I’m not looking I don’t have to believe in anything.
21. I’m visualising a powerful mystical energy at the moment.
22. If I don’t learn anything from my mistakes then I don’t have to consider them mistakes in the first place.
23. Why the hell is there always this one weak bitch in the group that isn’t down with murder? No offence though.
24. A: If you ever feel stupid, or weak, or powerless, just remember that I, am not.
B: THanks.
A: You’re welcome.
25. I wanna do dirty stuff with you like farming.
26. A: What are you reading?
B: 10 tips for beutiful hair the Government doesn’t want you to know.
A: wHAT the fuck?
27. A: I’m tired of these constant near-death experiences.
B: (opinional) don’t be a whiny bitch, bitch.
28. Man, how many eye contact until date?
29. God has a favourite comedy tv series and it’s called “my life”.
30. Sometimes all you can say is “yikes” and then just on the fuck on.
31. Why is everyone having their mid-life crisis at like 19?
32. It’s a beutiful day to give me money, honey.
33. Women aren’t complicated, you’re just dumb.
34. Well this social situation isn’t going the way I acted it out in the shower.
35. No offence, but my favourite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful.
36. I’m actually pretty cool if you give me like 5 tries to get it right.
37. Today I’m feeling cloudy with a chance of sarcastic.
38. Be prapared to add a cute emoji next to my name in your contacts list because you’re gonna love me.

*39.A: Babe, I’m not grabbing your boob, I’m grabbing your heart.
B: That’s my right boob though.
A: Babe.

40.Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough.
41.What makes me feel like a failure the most is when I can’t remember the answet to a Harry Potter trivia question.
42.I hate it when I’m really nice…And then people are just not that nice? Like what the fuck.
43.Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.
*44.Is your name candle? Because I wanna blow you.
*45. So, was that just awkward eye contact, or were we checking eachother out?-

46.You know, having feelings is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch.

47.My turn ons? Well I don’t know, maybe some fucking common sense.

48.I may seem like an angry person on the surface, but deep inside I’m actually angrier.

49.I ship me and that boat.

50.Listen. I did mean to make you upset and I do think your opinions are shit. But you’re still my friend so it’s okay.

51.Because my two moods are like glitter and death.

*52.My kink is closing the fucking bathroom door, because no one wants to see you fucking pee!

53.If I go to Hell I’m gonna constantly torture everyone by continuously asking if it’s hot in here or is it just me.

54.Oh my God are you seeing this shit?

55.Graduated top of my class from Hogwarts school of bitchcraft and misery.

56.A (shows up at your door 10 years after we had an argument): aND ANOTHER THING

57.I’ll betray all of you in the Hunger Games.

58.Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old friend, the dawing realization that I fucked up real bad.

59.I’m a screamer. Not sexually, just life in general.


60.I’m not racist, I hate everyone equally.


61.Tell me I’m cute or something, so I can roll my eyes at you, but then blush when I think about it later.


62.You know when your hair is greasy and it makes you feel so bad about yourself? And your entire life. Everything is awful because my hair is greasy.


63.True love is having a crush even when he got a haircut you know.


64.Emotions? You know, I just push my tear back into my eye and tell it “Not now, you little bastard!”.


65.Are we gonna hold hands, or what?


66.My soul leaving my body, but with one of those slide whistle sound effects.


67.A: I love you.

B: What if I got a bowl cut?


68.I should really stop planning my future around being rich or famous…but I can’t.


69.I’m aggressively thibking about having sex with you and trying to keep a straight face at the same time. Do you know hOW hard that is?


70.My opinion is no.


71.Did you fall from heaven, because so did Satan.


72.What to hear a fairytale? Once upon a time you weren’t such a little bitch.


73.Which is messier - my life or my hair?


74.How can you face the problem when the problem is your face?


75.Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to know wHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.


76.Read a girl who dates books.


77.My hands are cold let me put them in your pants.


78.I’m sorry, you must be at least level 4 friend to unlock my tragic backstory.


79.My therapist once told me that I have this obsession with seeking revenge…we’ll see about that.


80.You have lips, I have lips…interesting.


81.Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?


/170715 ; a Temporary side note: please for the moment don’t send me requests with the numbers that have a (*). I’ve received so many requests with those, I’m starting to run out of ideas :D Thank you ! / - persuasivus


When you gain an army of new followers overnight.

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When you realize you have nothing new to post because you’ve been on hiatus…